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Daily Readings Swami Sivananda (Calender)

Daily Readings Swami Sivananda (Calender)

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Published by Gregg Hill
Swami Sivananda's Daily readings. Daily readings from Rishikesh. (1 page)
Swami Sivananda's Daily readings. Daily readings from Rishikesh. (1 page)

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Published by: Gregg Hill on Aug 05, 2010
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People put the question: "How can we love God whom we have not seen?" Live
in the company of saints and hear of the divine sport of God, study the sacred
scriptures. Worship Him first in His several forms as manifested in the world. Worship
any image or picture of the Lord or the guru. Recite His name, sing His glories. Stay for
a year in Brindavan or Ayodhya, Chitrakute, Pandharpur, Benares, or Ananda Kutir. You
will develop love for the Lord.

Every act must be done that awakens the emotion of bhakti. Keep the room of
worship clean, decorate it, burn incense, light a lamp, keep a clean seat, bathe and
wear clean clothes. Apply ash and kumkum (sacred red powder worn on the forehead
by devotees). Wear a rosary, either that made of beads symbolising the third eye of
Siva or that which is made from the stalks of the holy basil. All these produce a benign
and elevating influence on the mind inspiring it and generating piety. They help to create
the necessary attitude or feeling to invoke the deity that you want to worship. The mind
will be able to concentrate easily.

Practice of right conduct, keeping company with the holy, repetition of God's
name, remembrance, singing of the names of the Lord, prayer, worship, service of
saints, residence in places of pilgrimage, service of the poor and the sick with divine
feeling, observance of duties, offering of all actions and their fruits to the Lord, feeling
the presence of the Lord in all beings, prostrations before the image and saints,
renunciation of earthly enjoyments and wealth, charity, austerities, and vows, practice of
ahimsa (non-violence), truth and celibacy all these will help you to develop devotion.

Desire obstructs the growth of devotion. Devotion to the Lord increases in
intensity when mundane desires are renounced. Renunciation is the very essence of
devotional love. Divine love has no element of desire in it.

Devotion cannot co-exist with desire of any kind, not even the desire for
liberation. The devotee wants God and God alone, and His loving service. The devotee
loves God and serves Him and His creation. He does not strive consciously for
liberation which God confers on his devotee unsolicited.

Sivananda Daily Readings


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