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Daily Readings Swami Sivananda (Calender)

Daily Readings Swami Sivananda (Calender)

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Published by Gregg Hill
Swami Sivananda's Daily readings. Daily readings from Rishikesh. (1 page)
Swami Sivananda's Daily readings. Daily readings from Rishikesh. (1 page)

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Published by: Gregg Hill on Aug 05, 2010
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When you repeat the Lord's name you must evince unflinching devotion from the
bottom of your heart devotion to God, without love for any other object. You must drive
off all worldly thoughts from your mind. Fill the mind with thoughts of God and God
alone. You must struggle. You must exert hard. Remain absorbed in him.

If you love Krishna then love Him alone till the end. Just as you see wood alone
in the chair, table, bench, stick, cupboard etc., see the antaratma (the hidden indwelling
self) Krishna alone in flowers, trees, fruits, tumblers and all objects. This is ananya
bhakti (total devotion). This is para (supreme) bhakti.

Just as you remember all the qualities of your son when you think of his name,
so too you should remember the qualities of God - omnipotence, omniscience etc.,
when you think of his own name.

When you repeat the mantra, have satvic bhava or shuddha bhava (the pure
mental attitude). Bhava comes slowly when the purification process goes on. Even mere
mechanical repetition has an effect, a very great effect. The vibration in the mind set up
by the repetition purifies the citta (mind-stuff) and brings citta shuddi (purity of mind).

A beginner should have a japa-mala or rosary. Later on he can take recourse to
manasika japa (mental repetition). If a man repeats his mantra for six hours daily, his
heart will be purified quickly. He can feel the purity. Have great faith in your guru-mantra
(the mantra learnt from your guru) and keep it a secret.

Constant repetition of the mantra with faith, devotion, purity and one-pointed
mind awakens the mantra caitanya (the dynamic consciousness of the mantra), latent in
the mantra, and bestows mantra siddhi (perfection or psychic power inherent in the
mantra) on the aspirant- illumination, freedom, peace, eternal bliss and immortality. The
repetition of the mantra again and again generates a great spiritual force and
momentum and intensifies the spiritual samskaras or impressions.

Sivananda Daily Readings


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