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Daily Readings Swami Sivananda (Calender)

Daily Readings Swami Sivananda (Calender)

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Published by Gregg Hill
Swami Sivananda's Daily readings. Daily readings from Rishikesh. (1 page)
Swami Sivananda's Daily readings. Daily readings from Rishikesh. (1 page)

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Published by: Gregg Hill on Aug 05, 2010
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There are three defects of the mind. They are; impurity, tossing of the mind, and
the veil of ignorance. The mind is tossed about among objects of love and hatred like a
light feather in a stormy wind. It whirls far and wide among sensual objects, far away
from the association of the wise. It is like a strolling city dog. This baneful mind whirls at
the sight of immense wealth and it follows its mate, desire, and ever preys upon
ignorant worldlings as it would on a carcass.

The mind is characterised by excessive fluctuation. It is fluctuating and confused.
It rejoices in vain. It is intoxicated with egoism. Through this fluctuation the mind
becomes a prey to fear. Remove these three dosa (defects).

To do this you should study the mind. Analyse the mind. Purify the mind.
Dissolve the mind in God, by constant and intense thinking about God. Practise the
sadhana (endeavour) of destruction of the mind. Rise above deceptions of the mind.
Rise above the temptations of the mind. This is your duty. You are born for this only. All
other duties are self-imposed, self-created through ignorance.

Mind is made pure through true, pure and virtuous actions, by constant
association with the wise. Mantra, repeated with the right feeling, produces a wonderful
effect on the mind. Right thinking, noble emotions, prayers, regular and strenuous
meditation are the means to improve the mind.

As a result of purification of the mind, the mind becomes more sensitive. It is
easily disturbed by sound or shock. It feels any pressure acutely. The aspirant must be
sensitive and yet have the body and nerves completely under his control. He must get
over this sensitivity.

O mind, you cannot be my friend now - I know your worth and nature. Till now I
was deluded by your tricks. But now we move in diametrically opposite poles. You want
fleeting sensual pleasure from objects. I want immortal bliss of the soul inside. You are
ever restless and worried. I am peaceful and tranquil. You are full of passion, fear and
attachment. I am dispassionate, fearless and unattached. You want woman, wealth,
property. I am full of renunciation. We cannot agree at all. Therefore leave me quickly
and quietly. Goodbye, friend.

Sivananda Daily Readings


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