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Daily Readings Swami Sivananda (Calender)

Daily Readings Swami Sivananda (Calender)

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Published by Gregg Hill
Swami Sivananda's Daily readings. Daily readings from Rishikesh. (1 page)
Swami Sivananda's Daily readings. Daily readings from Rishikesh. (1 page)

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Published by: Gregg Hill on Aug 05, 2010
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Birth and death, bondage and freedom, pleasure and pain, gain and loss - all are
mental creations. Transcend the pairs of opposites. You were never born, you will never
die. Thou art the immortal self always, O Prem. Thou art ever free from the three
periods of time. It is the physical body that goes and comes. The self is all-full,
all-pervading, infinite and partless.

Recognise, O Prem, that you are the living truth. Realise that you are always
inseparable from the one essence that is the substratum of all these illusory names and
forms. Get yourself firmly established in Brahman. Nothing can disturb you now. You
have become invulnerable. Feel this through intuition when you enter into deep samadhi
(the supreme silence), my child.

The god of death will tremble before you now. By your command the sun shines,
the fire burns and the wind blows. Thou art beyond time, space and causation. Just as
the clouds hide the sun, so also the darkness of ignorance, the clouds of the vasanas
(mental conditioning) and egoism, are hiding the jnana surya (sun of wisdom) that is
ever shining in the chambers of your heart.

Through meditation and attainment of self-knowledge (atma-jnana) you will dispel
the dark clouds of ignorance. Now you will shine in Brahmic splendour and glory.
Proclaim this truth everywhere.

You must not be afraid of maya (illusion) now. She is under your perfect control.
Stand firm like yonder rock. Be adamantine. Now move about in the world like a lion.
Now go and lift up the young struggling souls out of the mire of samsara (worldly life).

Disseminate knowledge of the self. Love all. Be kind to all. Expand thy heart.
Have space in thy heart for all, even for the man who is trying to poison you.

Do not come under the influence of sudden impulses. Do not be carried away by
the force of emotions, no matter how noble they may be. Be ever vigilant. Be ever
diligent. Be not troubled. Be not anxious. Be not idle. Wait coolly. You are bound to
succeed. Develop courage by feeling you are the atman. Deny the "I am the body" idea.
Practise meditation. All difficulties will come to an end. You will enjoy unalloyed bliss.

Sivananda Daily Readings


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