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Microsoft company prsesntation

Microsoft company prsesntation

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Published by: Waseem Azam on Aug 05, 2010
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Microsoft is a multinational computer technology corporation. The history of Microsoft began on April 4,1975,when it was founded by Bill gates and Paul Allen .


Microsoft's flagship product, the Windows operating system, is the single most popular operating system for home desktop use. Its other desktop products, namely Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player.





Corporate missions and objectives. Business Composition and strategies. Marketing strategy for each planning unit. Marketing program activities. Implementation and management

Mission statement of Microsoft ´At Microsoft, we work to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.µ objectives of the Microsoft To enable people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. 




Strengthening Economies Addressing Societal Challenges Promoting a Healthy Online Ecosystem Operating Responsibly Promoting Microsoft¶s Public Policy Agenda Technology Innovation Employees and Suppliers Workforce Development

Business composition 

Windows & Windows Live Division Server and Tool Online Services Division Microsoft Business Division Entertainment and Devices Division Aggressive policy of take-over¶s and acquisitions. Adapt quickly to market conditions,

Corporate strategies  

Strategic planning and marketing  responsibilities are clearly defined in corporate strategic planning  free rein to Steve Blamer to handle the Microsoft in whatever manner Steve Ballmer wants  setup the 50 top priority initiatives   

Strong corporate governance at Microsoft starts with a Board of Directors that is independent, engaged, committed, and effective Working with management , ensure dynamic and responsive leadership, track performance, The key member¶s power to give feedback    


The company¶s success is making strategy adapting to changing market conditions and demands Specific target market strategy for each business units They are using the niche marketing strategy for entertainment division Business class Students Home users etc   

Measureable objectives for each target market Windows Live business unit achieve its objective by maintaining excellent growth rate of 15% From year 200408 and earned the operating profit of 11% and made extra sales of $7-$9 billion per year. Microsoft typically uses what is called a "zero defects" milestone

Microsoft is using the term integrated innovation for positioning of its product Mr. Bill Gates has said that; ´Its customers perfectly legitimate choice to buy the Microsoft product and it¶s not a soft drink where you get thirsty and say; I drank my word processor, let¶s have another´

Product strategy:  Using the product specialization strategy which is one of the market coverage strategies  Applying monolithic branding Strategy for its products  Microsoft is positioning its product by attributes  Microsoft believes in innovation

Microsoft provides license software to organizations under arrangements Some of it¶s major distributors include  Ingram Micro Tech Data  Software Spectrum  Software House International  Dell  CDW    

Microsoft's pricing policy is directed at eliminating competitors by predatory pricing Microsoft is prepared to reduce its prices to a level that is below cost Pricing concessions in some isolated cases Working with governments in different countries to price its software

Microsoft is using push strategy to promote its product
GTM approach.  A broad Advertising campaign  Guides  Promotions and incentives  Measuring Success

Reputation for employing highly skilled individual Highly skilled workers, therefore, will help the company to  develop and implement strategies successfully  Reliance on highly knowledgeable staff in product development  Help in retaining its image as technology and product innovators.   

considerable gap between the planned and actual performance introduce next version of windows ´LONGHORNµ require additional study and more accurate information    

Give more concentration on issue of employee turnover rate which is increased from 6% to 7.4% in last two years Microsoft is focusing on windows and office programs More focused about the innovation Concentrates on the employee issues

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