Recruitment Policy and Procedures

Preamble NTPC subscribes to the belief that efficiency, effectiveness and success of the organisation depends largely on the skills, abilities and commitment of the employees who constitute the most important asset of the organisation. NTPC is therefore resolved to provide a framework of policies which will enable the Organisation to attract the right talent for the jobs and make it available at the right time and in right number with the ultimate objective of ensuring optimum and effective utilisation of the human resources in a climate of satisfaction, development and growth. In pursuance of the above objectives and consistent with the Company's social and national obligations, NTPC hereby makes the following policy statement to be called NTPC RECRUITMENT POLICY AND PROCEDURES to govern, regulate and generally facilitate recruitment of personnel in the Projects, Offices and Establishments of the Company. 1.0 1.1 Preliminary The policy statement and the rules and procedures made hereunder will be applicable to recruitment and selection of employee of all classes and categories irrespective of whether they are against regular, temporary, casual, or trainee posts, unless specifically stated otherwise. Classification of employees into regular, temporary, casual and trainee for the purpose of this policy will be the same as defined in the Company's Service Rules and Standing Orders. Manpower Planning and Budgeting In all Divisions and Projects of the Company, before the end of August every year, each Department will review the adequacy or otherwise of the available manpower with reference to the tasks and targets and determine the additional requirements of manpower in qualitative and quantitative terms for the immediately following financial year. Based on the requirements of additional manpower of the individual departments, the detailed manpower plan for the financial year will be prepared jointly by the Planning and Personnel Departments for the Division as a whole giving specific details of each new posts other than casual posts and justification therefor and this manpower plan containing details of


2.0 2.1


expenditure involved will form a part of the overall Manpower Budget of the Division. 2.3 The requirements of casual and other contingent staff will not form a part of the Manpower Budget as the same will be shown only in terms of estimate of expenditure to be incurred in respect thereof as a part of the Works Budget. Annual manpower plans including the additional manpower requirements along with all relevant details and estimated cost involved for all the Divisions/ Projects will be consolidated into an integrated Company Manpower Plan which will form a part of the annual budget to be submitted for approval of the Board of Directors. On approval by the Board, these manpower plans will constitute sanction for creation of posts including posts of trainees and form the general basis of recruitment during the financial year. Creation of Posts Notwithstanding the Board's overall sanction for the creation of posts as above, specific sanction for each new post from the competent authority will be necessary before initiation of action for filling the posts and the competent authority will issue the necessary sanction depending on the requirements from time to time during the year within the approved budget sanction and manpower plans subject, however, to policies and directives that may be issued by the Board of Directors and/or Chairman and Managing Directors, as the case may be. For the purpose of according sanction to the creation of regular, trainee and temporary posts in different categories within the approved budget provisions and approving appointments to such posts, the following will be the competent authorities to be referred to hereinafter as the Appointing Authority5. Posts Authority



3.0 3.1



(a) Top posts, as per Board's resolution under Agenda item 5-4, other than posts to which appointments are made by the President (b) E7 All executive posts in the level of

Board of Directors

Chairman & Managing Director


Director (HR)


(c) All executive posts including Executive Trainees other than those included in (a) & (b) above.


All non-executive posts including


GM (HR) at Corporate Centre, Head of Division at Project


In respect of casual posts for a duration of not more than 30 days. Heads of Department not below the rank of Deputy General Manager will be the appointing authority who will, however, consult the HR Department prior to the issue of such sanctions. Provided that no extension will be granted to any employee in such casual posts beyond 30 days, whether with a break of service or without, except with the approval of the Appointment Authority as prescribed in Clause 3.2.


While the authority competent to sanction creation of posts will have the flexibility to appropriate posts as between various functions under his control subject to overall provisions in the budget, no non- executive post shall be created unless such post is included in the approved budget and manpower plans except with the prior approval of the Chairman & Managing Director who may accord the necessary approval only in exceptional cases. Proposals for creation of such posts not covered by the annual manpower plan will be accompanied by full justifications and explanation of reasons and circumstances due to which the necessary provision could not be made at the time of formulating the annual manpower plan. Job Title, job Specifications, Role Outline and Pay scales Job specifications indicating the eligibility requirements in terms of minimum educational and/or professional qualifications, length, nature of quality of experience, upper age limit etc. and a general outline of the role and responsibilities will be laid down in respect of each job title along with the pay scale or consolidated daily/monthly wage rate in which the posts in the

4.0 4.1

category will be operated. 4.2 To ensure uniformity and consistency, such job titles, job specifications and role outlines together with the pay scale applicable in respect of all categories of posts will be issued by the Corporate Centre from time to time with the approval of the Chairman and Managing Director. No appointment shall be made to any post in the Company unless the person fulfills the minimum eligibility requirements and conforms to the specifications prescribed for the post except where general relaxations are made in the case of reserved vacancies for candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other backward classes, Ex-servicemen and other special categories.


Provided, however, that in special and exceptional cases appointments may be made subject to the approval of the Appointing Authority in relaxation of the prescribed specifications where the Appointing Authority is satisfied that such relaxation is essential in the interest of the Company. 5.0 5.1 Induction Levels Keeping in view the need for induction of experienced personnel during the formative stage of a new organization, recruitments in NTPC during the initial years may take place at levels of the organizational hierarchy but, while manning the positions it should be ensured as far as possible that the number inducted in higher grades within a cadre is proportionately smaller than the number inducted in the lower grades. At the appropriate stage of the growth of the organization, recruitments will be restricted by and large to the induction levels as specified in Schedule I, so as to ensure that prospects of career growth of existing employees are in no way impaired. Infusion of new blood to the executive and supervisory cadres will be through the Executive Trainee and Diploma Trainee Schemes under which training based on specific requirements of the Company will be imparted to the fresh professional graduates and diploma holders to be recruited on a regular annual basis. Agencies for Recruitment All recruitment to the executive cadres inclusive of executive trainees for all Divisions and Projects of the company will be centralized in the Corporate Center and dealt with by the Corporate HR Division.



6.0 6.1

2 In respect of recruitment to non-executive posts carrying a maximum basic pay of Rs.2 Until such time as the Company's Projects do not have their separate training facilities. 7. Provided that notifications for recruitment to reserved vacancies will also be issued to Association concerned.92) and below all vacancies will be notified to the Employment Exchanges in terms of Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act. Provided that recruitment may be made to such posts from outside the region where the appointing authority is satisfied that suitable candidates in adequate number may not be available within the region. recruitments will be done by the HR Department of the Division/Project concerned. Copies of notification may also be sent simultaneously to the Central Employment Exchange and other employment exchanges in the neighbouring district within the state and Government and Semi.per month. however. selection.6. Sources and Modes of Recruitment For recruitment of professional personnel in Company's executive cadre including executive trainees.per month (DPE OM No. preference will be given to suitable candidates sponsored by the concerned Employment Exchange.3 In respect of recruitment to non-executive posts carrying a basic pay of above Rs. 2(48)/91-DPE (WC) dt. to the condition that all things being equal.0 7.4. copies of such notifications will also be issued to the various agencies and associations as stated above.1 7. 6. . 1250/. the posts to be filled will be duly notified through press advertisements and Company Notice Boards and/or through circulars issued to Government Departments and Public Sector Undertaking where suitable candidates of the required expertise are expected to be available. will be made on all India basis and for this purpose. 2500/. 6. In respect of all other non-executive personnel.3 7. all recruitments of Diploma training scheme will be done by the Corporate HR Division.government organisations and/or the positions may be advertised in the local press subject. 1959. recruitment will be made from the region comprising the State in which the Division/Project/Establishment concerned is located and the neighboring States and for this purpose notification for filling the vacancies will be issued in the newspapers and also to the employment exchanges of the region through the Central Employment Exchange in addition to the Notice Board in the Company's premises. Provided that to facilitate recruitment to the reserved vacancies.

Provided. candidates located through personal contacts and talent survey.12500 and Executive Trainees from reputed engineering/management institutions to be specified. 8.1 To fill Job Openings by Selection from within The internal candidates who fulfill all eligibility requirements may be considered along with other candidates. Subject to fulfillment of minimum eligibility requirements and other prescribed criteria. directly recruited regular employees including deputationists will be considered eligible for selection to a post in open competition with external candidates. (b) (c) 8. employees in the next lower grade only will be eligible.7. Applications of all internal candidates will be forwarded to the HR Department by the Head of the Department who should give in his forwarding statement: (a) (b) Comments on the suitability of the candidates for the post applied for.4 . that they should not have been considered for a similar position in any of the Departments/ Units of the Company and found unsuitable in the course of one year preceding the time of the current recruitment. Assessment of the performance of the candidate. 8.0 8.2 For being considered for selection from within the organization on the basis of internal circulars for a job opening in a particular grade.4 In addition to the above induction of executive and specialist non-executive personnel may be made as deemed necessary and appropriate by the authority competent to create the posts from one or more of the following sources : (a) deputation from Central/State Governments/ Electricity Boards and Public Sector Organisations where suitable personnel on terms offered by the Company may not be available at the right time from other sources where the time and cost involved in processing recruitments through open advertisements may not be justified in view of the number or nature of posts to be filled. however. campus interview and recruitment to the posts in the grade of Rs. only in respect of posts requiring specialist knowledge and expertise and/or exceptional qualification and merit subject to approval by the Appointing Authority.12000.3 8.

for executive posts. with the approval of the appointing authority who may permit applications to be entertained after the expiry of the last date in special cases if he is satisfied that there is good and sufficient cause and justification for such relaxation. Application Formalities 9.for the posts of executive trainees and Rs. Displaced Persons etc. persons uprooted from the project areas and other unfortunate sections of the society and for this purpose the directives of the Government concerning reservation of vacancies and special concession to be allowed to such candidates will be most strictly and conscientiously adhered to. . exservicemen. applications on plain paper may also be resorted to wherever necessary keeping in view the urgency for manning the post and the lead time involved. all applications for job positions in the Company will be accompanied by a Demand Draft of the value of Rs. 1 No appointment other than appointments on deputation will be made in the Company except on the basis of an application giving details and particulars as may be prescribed from time to time. there will be a last date for the receipt of application after which no application will be entertained for the posts advertised except. 10.50/. Rs.1 10.4 11. In the case of all recruitments based on open advertisements and public notifications. 1959.for non-executive posts other than those covered by the Employment Exchanges (compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act.3 10.0 1 0 . Towards the fulfillment of the Company's social and national obligations it will always be NTPC's endeavour to provide gainful employment on a preferential basis to the members of the economically backward classes.250/. for all recruitments applications should be in the forms prescribed for different categories from time to time as far as possible.Provided that candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and Exservicemen will be exempted from the payment of application fees. 9.(c) Remarks whether or not candidate can be released in case he is selected without detriment to the job currently being handled by him.0.0 Preference for Candidates Belonging to Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes/Other backward Classes/Ex-Servicemen. Unless specifically exempted by the appointing authority. 10/. Forwarding of Applications of Candidates from Government and Public Undertakings 10. Details of the directives currently in force are given in Schedule II.2 While as a rule.

despite the aforementioned guidelines from BPE. leave. that applications from candidates from public undertakings referred to above may be accepted without being forwarded through proper channels if the candidate submits a declaration along with the application stating that if selected for appointment in NTPC on terms acceptable to him : (a) of leave. and (a) he will be agreeable to forego the benefits of carry forward (b) (b) he will be able to produce a 'No Objection Certificate' and secure due release from his present organization within the stipulated notice period. gratuity etc.2 (172)/71. In respect of candidates from Government and public sector organisations who apply through proper channel. if and when called for interview. must submit a 'No Objection Certificate' from his present employer which must also state that he will be relieved in the event of his selection for appointment in NTPC. Provided. applications may be entertained directly as in the cases of candidates from private sector organizations and the requirement of proper channel will not apply.3 Applications submitted through proper channel may be processed on the basis of advance copies but the candidate. 1971 NTPC will accept applications only if they are forwarded through proper channels in respect of persons employed in the Central and State Governments and in those Public Undertakings whose rules provide for carry forward of gratuity. 11.0 12.1. provident fund and other benefits or transfer on movement to another organization in the public sector with the consent of both the organizations concerned.1 Consistent with the guidelines issued by the Bureau of Public Enterprises vide BPE's Memo No. Presently recruitment is banned except in those areas where vacancies are 11. HR department will obtain copies of the annual appraisal reports or their abstracts in NTPC's reference check forms which will be placed before the Selection Board during or after interview but before the finalisation of the panel of selected candidates.4 12. do not provide for carry forward of leave. however. 11. gratuity and other benefits even in respect of persons whose applications are forwarded through proper channel. Requisition of Manpower The respective departments will forward their manpower requirements in prescribed requisition forms to the HR Department through the respective Appointing Authority competent to sanction creation of posts indicating therein the last dates by which placement of personnel is desired for different posts keeping in view the normal lead time for recruitment.1 .11.BPE (GM) dated August 18.2 In respect of candidates from public undertakings who.1 12.

12.approved by the Director (HR) after the approval is put up justifying the requirement. application is accompanied by a certificate to that effect from the competent authority. On completion of the screening by the function concerned.3 . OBC. 13. record of surplus staff (internal) suitable for deployment. Qualifications and experience of the candidates conform to Applications have been submitted 'Through Proper Channel' (d) whenever required.2 The applications that fulfill the prescribed requirements after preliminary scrutiny as above will be listed and forwarded to the Department concerned for further scrutiny with a view to selecting for test/interview only those candidates who are considered suitable in terms of nature and quality of technical knowledge and professional expertise required for each specific post. before proceeding with recruitment. the Head of the 13. 13. executive trainees. (e) (e) In the case of candidates from Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes. if any. will verify whether the post/ posts can be filled : (a) (b) (c) out of acceptable transfer requests pending. (b) (c) those prescribed (b) (c) (d) Age of the applicant is within the prescribed limit. Ex-Servicemen etc..2 The requirements will be examined with reference to the sanctioned manpower in the budget by the HR Department who.0 13. diploma trainees and other trainees / whose completion of training coincides with the (a) (b) (c) (d) (d) apprentices requirements. recommended inter-functional adjustments of posts.1 Processing of Applications All applications received against a specific notification/ advertisement will be subjected to a preliminary scrutiny by the HR Department who will ensure that: (a) Applications are duly completed and accompanied by the prescribed application fees and were received within the permitted time.

Selection Process and Constitution of Selection Boards Various selection methods like trade tests. Relaxation in advertised criteria.0 14. it is advisable for the Head of the Department concerned to ensure as far as practicable that the scrutiny is carried out by the Officer of the Department who will be participating in the selection process as the expert member in the Selection Board representing the Department. 14.6 14. the HR Department association with the concerned Department wherever necessary will evolve and prescribe uniform methods of selection in all Units for similar jobs. trainee or casual. except appointments on deputation from Government organisations and public sector undertakings. HR Department will prepare a final list of eligible candidates in order of merit based on the criteria determined in the course of earlier scrutiny and other relevant factors keeping in view the reserved vacancies and the special relaxation for candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes etc. may be employed depending on the requirements of the job for which selection is being made and for this purpose.1 1 4. will be made only. whether regular.2 All direct appointments to every post in the Company. on recommendation of a duly constituted Selection Board/ Committee. spelling out clearly the criteria adopted for screening and the basis of rejection of applications in each case. in critical areas. group discussions etc. 13.4 While the applications will be screened at the appropriate executive level depending upon the grade of the post to be filled. 3 14. and this short list after approval by the appointing authority or the officer to whom powers in this behalf are delegated will form the basis for candidates being called for selection test and/or interview. written tests. is allowed based on the merit and requirement with the approval of the competent authority as per Delegation of Powers. All appointments to the executive and managerial cadres of the Company including Executive Trainees will be made on the recommendations of the NTPC Central Selection Board. After the applications are finally screened.4 .5 13. temporary. guidelines for the constitution of which are given in Schedule III.Department will forward to the HR Department the list of candidates considered eligible for test/interview. All appointments to posts in various non-executive categories including Diploma Trainees/Apprentices will be made on the basis of recommendations of Selection Boards/Committees constituted for the purpose which must include representatives from the following sources at the appropriate executive level depending on the posts: 13.

6 NOTE: 15.2 All candidates called for interview who come from places beyond a distance of 32 kms will be reimbursed actual expenses incurred on travel to and from the place of interview on production of money receipt. 14.(a) (b) (c) (a) (b) Concerned Department/Function HR Department (c) District/Local Administration at appropriate level but not below the rank of Deputy collector/Sub-Divisional Officer/Magistrate. limited to : I class/ACC I class return rail fare/return air fare by the shortest route For all executive posts in the salary grade of Rs.25600 and above I class/II class AC Sleeper return rail fare by the shortest route For executive posts in the salary grade of Rs. Interviews and Role of Selection Board The candidates included in the short-list of rated applications referred to in Clause 13.0 15. Honorarium and reimbursement of boarding and lodging expenses may be made to Members of the Selection Boards/ Committees from outside the organisation as per rates and rules in this regard laid down by the Corporate Centre from time to time.19500. or 14. or (c) an elimination test and/or group discussion followed by an interview before the Selection Board of only those who qualify in the test and/or group discussion.1 (a) (b) (b) a test and/or group discussion followed by an interview of all candidates before the Selection Board. It should be ensured while constituting selection committees that the members of the selection committee are not related (close or distant) to the candidates appearing in the interview.5 above will be called upon to undergo a prescribed selection process which may consist of: (a) an interview before the Selection Board.5 The Selection Boards/Committees will be constituted by the HR Department in each case with the approval of the Appointing Authority. or any other supporting documentary evidence in respect of the onward journey. 15.12000-17500 and above .

Appraisal reports and comments of forwarding authority in the case of internal candidates. Bio-data of each candidate. and other Trainees under company's Training Scheme The shortest route for this purpose will be from the place to which the interview call letter was mailed to the appointed place of interview or the place from where the actual journey commenced.executive posts including Diploma. inter alia state clearly the post and the grade/grades for which the candidate will be considered and other formalities that he will be required to comply with prior to the interview. Applications in original. Annual appraisal reports wherever available in the case of candidates from Government and public sector organizations whose applications have been forwarded through proper channel. whichever is nearer.Second class return rail fare by the shortest route For executive posts in the salary grade of Rs.3 The call letters to the candidates for appearing for interview before the Selection Board. not later than ten clear days before the date of interview should. In the case of recruitment for vacancies reserved exclusively for the Scheduled Castes/Schedule Tribes and OBC separate interviews exclusively for candidates belonging to these communities will be held before the Selection Board which should include.5 HR Department will make available to the members of the Selection Board the following documents and particulars regarding the candidates called for interview : (a) A copy of the advertisement/notification together with the specific requirements and the duties and responsibilities of the posts. to be issued by registered post or under certificate of posting. 15.10750-16750 Including Executive Trainees and all non.4 15. whenever possible. a member of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes or a Manager of the Corporation belonging to any of these communities as required under the Presidential directives issued in this regard. 15. (b) (c) (d) (e) .

and furnish relevant information regarding allowances.7 Keeping in view the qualifications. service rules and other allied matters if and when asked for by any candidate. He will assist the Board in the negotiation of the terms including starting salary. career prospects. starting salaries. grade. if any.(f) interview. the representative of the HR Department in the Selection Board will have the following specific responsibilities: (a) At the commencement of the proceedings of the Selection Board he will brief the members generally on the specific requirements. (b) (c) (d) (e) At the end of each interview he will review and seek feedback on availability/non-availability of adequate number of proper kind of candidates for the particular job and the need for development and training of such personnel internally. experience. the Selection Board will assign a final percentage marks to each candidate considered suitable and recommend a . professional competence and overall personality factors as assessed from the candidates performance in the interview. seniority. status and seniority keeping in view the existing position with the organization and comparative position prevailing generally in the open market and particularly in similar organizations in the government and public sector. relevant to Selection regarding any candidate 15. if any. status. results of tests/group discussion. skill expertise and technical and professional competence. time allowed for joining etc. While the specialist/technical members of the Selection Board will be primarily concerned with the suitability of the candidates in terms of knowledge. approximate number of suitable candidates to be selected and empanelled for immediate and further requirements and any other matter relating to the Selection.6 Apart from participating generally in the selection process. (g) (f) Results of Tests/Group Discussions held prior to Special information. He will ensure consistency in the selection standards. amenities. responsibilities and remuneration for each post. if any and other relevant facts vis-a-vis the specific requirements of the posts and on the basis of the standards of technical skill. motivational and personality aspects relevant to the job requirements. benefits. it will be the primary responsibility of the HR representative to call the attention of the Board to the attitudinal. 15.

Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Classes. Provided that when two or more candidates secure equal marks they will be empanelled in the chronological order of their dates of birth./PSUs FOLLOWING CDA PATTERN: The pay is arrived at by adding the intended joining benefit as above with the existing basic pay and fixing at the stage available in the relevant scale of pay of NTPC. DA. Provided also that in respect of the reserved vacancies. Basic Pay. the pay fixation norms for new entrants being followed are as under : FOR CANDIDATES FROM PSUs FOLLOWING IDA PATTERN : The pay being drawn in the previous organisation is protected and a joining benefit. Next annual increment in the previous organisation. the oldest being placed first among them. The difference of DA is taken care of by allowing Personal Adjustment.8 While making its recommendations of names of suitable candidates. is allowed. No joining benefit is allowed. and (ii) consolidated pay.e. 15. the amount on which provident fund deductions are made is protected by offered basic pay + Dearness Allowance. FOR CANDIDATES FROM PRIVATE SECTOR : Two types of salary payments are resorted to by the private companies (i) Pay structure clearly defined i. if due within next six months. is also accounted for. HRA etc. FOR CANDIDATES FROM GOVT. upto a maximum of amount equivalent to 2 increments at the minimum of the scale the offer to be made.panel of names of all such suitable candidates in order of merit on the basis of the marks so assigned. up to 80% of consolidated salary is protected by basic pay + Dearness Allowance. (ii) . However due to problems of anomaly in pay fixation arising out. The practices evolved to deal with such cases are : (i) For candidates joining from organizations where defined pay structure is available. For candidates joining from organizations where consolidated pay system is prevalent. the Selection Board may make special mention of the following wherever appropriate : (a) The amount of starting basic salary in cases where initial pay is to be fixed above the minimum of the grade. the Board will draw up and recommend a separate panel of names of suitable candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes.

3 16. the model roster prescribed by the Government (see Schedule IV Appendix I & II) will be followed while making offers of appointment. the candidates are placed on the panel at appropriate level. The minimum qualifying marks required for placement in panel for different categories of candidates are : General Category OBC Category SC/ST Categories 55% 50% 45% 16. Based on the panel as recommended by the Selection Board. Area/areas of specialization and strength where the candidate would be best suited. Any other recommendation/remark considered relevant and necessary in respect of any candidate. The functional panel of selected candidates will normally remain valid and operative for a period of six months from the date of approval and on expiry of this period it will cease to operate unless decided otherwise by the appointing authority for reasons to be recorded in writing. Offers of Appointment HR Department will issue the offers of appointment in the prescribed form in 17.0 17. 0 Operation of Panel of Selected Candidates The Central Selection Board. Separate panels are drawn for General. Based on fulfilling the criteria for length of service advertised for each level and also on the marks awarded by the CSB.4 Where there is a separate panel of selected candidates from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in respect of vacancies exclusively reserved for them.(b) Any remarks regarding accelerated promotion to the next higher grade subject to satisfactory performance in exceptional cases of candidates who are too senior to start afresh in the grade to which they are selected but not senior enough for selection to the higher grade for reasons of internal company policy. 16.2 16. SC/ST and OBC categories. awards marks to them by consensus. based on the merit and performance of the candidate during the interview. on approval by the Appointing Authority. (c) (d) 1 6. HR Department will issue offers of appointment to one or more candidates in the order given in the panel depending on the number of posts as sanctioned by the appointing authority from time to time. will form the basis for issue of offers of appointment.1 .1 The panel of candidates in order of merit as recommended by the Selection Board.

subject to the condition that in the case of persons coming from Semi-Government Organizations and Public Sector Undertakings.3 18. 17. immediately prior to the appointment in NTPC. that such verification of antecedents may not be insisted upon in the case of persons employed in the Government/Semi-Govt. after approval of the competent authorities. temporary.1 19.0 19. for release from the present employment as indicated in the application form or during interview and depending on the urgency of filling the vacant post. Upon approval by the competent authority.0 18. 17. Provided.3 .1 19. However. the offer of appointment will state the last date by which the candidate must join the Company failing which the offer of appointment will be deemed to have been withdrawn unless an extension of the last date has been granted by the appointing authority prior to the expiry of the joining time as indicated in the offer appointment. prescribed application blanks will include a column for the candidates to give names of two references to whom. Organizations and Public Sector Undertakings. as the case maybe. the District authorities concerned will be requested to verify and report on the antecedents of the person in the prescribed attestation form. extension in joining upto four months based on the merit of the case. trainee or casual unless he is declared physically fit as per the medical fitness standards prescribed for the post after a medical examination by the Company's authorised medical officer/officers at the time of appointment in the Company's service.2 Based on the length of notice period. Medical Fitness Nobody will be appointed to any post in the Company whether regular. however. In case of recruitment to executive and supervisory posts. in terms of directives issued by the Government from time to time in this regard. reference will be made in the prescribed form for eliciting their views and opinions on the suitability of the candidate for employment in the Company. satisfactory evidence is made available in support of the fact that due verification of antecedents was made at the time of their appointment to the SemiGovernment Organization or Public Sector Undertaking. is also allowed. On appointment of a person in the Company. in the event of selection of the candidate. Joining Formalities Employees on the first appointment to the Company's service will furnish to the HR Department copies of documents and other details and particulars as given in Schedule V.2 19. offers of appointments are sent by Registered Post giving 30 days time for joining.duplicate and the contract of appointment will be completed on receipt of the letter of acceptance along with the copy of offer duly signed by the candidate.

For appointments on ad-hoc basis done from Corporate Center in executive cadre the Competent Authority is Director (HR) With respect to the cases not covered above. 1.f. Appointment on Ad-hoc Basis Despite our efforts to induct personnel through regular employment. The Competent Authority for appointment in Projects is Executive Director of the concerned region for ad-hoc posts in executive cadre and for nonexecutives General Manager of the Project.1 The rate of compensation to the persons engaged on ad-hoc basis is fixed by Corporate Center with the approval-of the Competent Authority. CMD would be the Competent Authority.4 21.5. in exceptional circumstances. engagement on ad-hoc basis beyond a period of two years can be made with approval of Director (HR). The present rates of compensation (w.1 Interpretation and Amendments In case of any doubts arising with regard to any of the provision in the Recruitment Policy and Procedures and in the cases not covered by these rules.4. need arises in critical areas to induct personnel on ad-hoc basis to meet the shortfall of personnel in exigencies of work.e. MGR and Sociologist.2 21. requirement is not likely to continue for a long time. final authority of interpretation will vest in the Chairman and Managing Director whose decision will be final.3 21.1 Duration of Employment The appointment on ad-hoc basis is done initially for a period of six month to one year and can be extended upto a maximum period of two years on merits of each case with the approval of the Competent Authority. However.4.6. by Advertisement or notification to relevant Institutions.1 Sociologists engaged on adhoc-basis .5 21. Compensation Package 21.0 21.2001) are as under : 21.3 21.2 21.8.0 20.6. The main areas to meet the requirement of short durations are Medical. 21.4. Resettlement and Rehabilitation.e.6 21.1 21.e. In areas where requirement of personnel is not of regular nature i.20.1 21. Selection Procedure Doctors/Sociologists/IGS Facilitators on ad-hoc basis are inducted through selection process as done in cases of regular employment i.

12000/-p.m. Or MBBS + PG Dip. 1973 with 2 years post internship experience. MD/MS in relevant Specialty 2.Sl.15. Rs.m 3. 4.m. Rs.) Rs. No.) Adhoc-post Compensation (Rs.1000-1100per half day visit* (Max. Rs. In relevant specialty.625-700/-per half day visit* (Max.625-700/-per half day visit* (Max. QUALIFICATION/ EXPERIENCE PAYMENT FOR AD-HOC DOCTORS (P.9500/-p. Rs. Medical consultants engaged on ad-hoc / visit basis: Sl. .9500/-p. Ayurvedic Degree/Diploma of not less than 4 years duration as Rs. Homeopathic Degree/Diploma of not less than 4 years duration as included in the II schedule of Homeopathic Central Council Act. PAYMENT FOR VISITING DOCTORS (PER VISIT BASIS)* Rs.9500/-p. --- 1.) limited to 15 half day visits in a month.15000/p.) limited to 15 half day visits in a month. medical facilities for self and rent free accommodation (bachelor's accommodation at Projects) is also admissible.m.000/-p.9500/-p.m. Rs.) limited to 15 half day visits in a month.M. Valid license to practice is essential.000/- Remarks 1 Sociologists engaged on adhoc-basis In addition.m. Rs. MBBS + 1 year Exp. Rs.

. SCHEDULE -1 Induction Levels : Non-Executives Unskilled Group Skilled Group & equivalent Secretarial and Clerical Staff Supervisory & equivalent Categories W 0 level W3 & W4 levels SI & W7 levels Executives Executive SCHEDULE-II E1 / E 2 level Concessions To Candidates Belonging To The Scheduled Casts/Tribes: . Valid license for practice is essential. • • MD/MS doctors or Homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctors having established practice of 8 years and above shall only be engaged as a visiting consultant. with 2 years post internship experience.prescribed for appointment as Medical Officer in the Govt. Doctors engaged on ad-hoc basis may also be given medical facilities for self and rent free accommodation (bachelor’s accommodation at Project) • • 22.0 Delegation of Powers Relating to Various Activities in Recruitment Delegation of Powers relating to recruitment shall be as per relevant clauses of Section VI & VII-A of the DOP.

if the prescribed standard is a first class degree. 1. No application Fee is required to be paid by candidates belonging to SC/ST categories provided a copy of caste certificate is enclosed with the application. Concessions To Persons Displaced From The Areas Acquired For the Project: In lower scales preference should be given to persons displaced as a result of setting up new units. 2. the degree of attainment in these qualifications shall be lowered.Reservation of posts. The upper age limit will be enhanced by 5 years in case of all cadres/groups for SC/ST categories and by 3 years for OBC Categories. 2. Otherwise Scheduled Casts 16 2/3%. Though the level of qualifications shall not be lowered. In case of written test and interview. b) ii) For direct recruitment made on local regional basis.e through UPSC or by means of open competitive test held by any other authority) Scheduled Casts 15% Scheduled Tribes 7 1/2 % and OBCs as per the roster given in Appendix-I. 10% relaxation in marks is allowed to candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC categories. as in the roster given in Appendix III. it will be relaxed to a degree. Reservation of vacancies : For direct recruitment 141/2% of the vacancies in each of the categories of class III posts and 241/2% of vacancies in each of the categories of Class IV posts. particularly in backward and tribal areas specially to SC/ST. Under no circumstances will the units exceed these limitations unless the Chairman & Managing Director directs to alter these limitations depending on whether or not the possibilities of fulfilling obligations in this regard are remote. for SC/ST categories only e. For SC/ST categories the experience will be relaxed by : - a maximum of one year if prescribed-experience is 3 to 5 years. Reservations Of Posts For Ex-Servicemen And Dependents Of Those Killed In Action 1.g. Schedule Tribes 7 1/2% and OBCs as per the roster given in Appendix II. as per the rosters prescribed by the Government i) For direct recruitment on all-India basis: a) By open competition (i. a maximum of two years if prescribed experience is 6 to 10 years. Relaxation regarding age limits and educational qualifications will be as per the .

Chairman of the Corporation or any of his nominees not below the rank of Deputy General Manager. b) c) d) e) SCHEDULE -IV APPENDIX -I MODEL ROSTER FOR POSTS FILLED BY PROMOTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Points in the Roster Whether Unreserved or Reserved Points in the Roster Whether Unreserved or Reserved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 2 Scheduled Caste Unreserved 21 22 Unreserved Scheduled Caste . He could be appointed on a part time but continuing basis as Consultant or on a fee and-expenses basis. Head of the Division concerned. SCHEDULE III NTPC Central Selection Board will be set up with the following constitution : a) One member from amongst persons of eminence and integrity with a suitable background in selection of personnel such as retired members of UPSC or former Chief Executive/Heads of reputed organizations. Appointing Authority or any of his nominees from amongst officers in senior-most managerial cadres in the Corporate Office.directive of the Governement. Representative of HR Department Chairman of the Board will be the member from (a) above or in his absence in special cases. General Manager/Head of the Unit or Division concerned or in the case of Corporate Office. Not less than one specialist Adviser in the concerned specialization whether from within or outside the Corporation.

not more thanone may be treated as reserved and if there be only one vacancy. If. APPENDIX -I (A) MODEL 200 POINT ROSTER FOR THE POSTS FILLED BY DIRECT RECRUITMENT ON ALL INDIA BASIS BY OPEN COMPETITION Points Whether Unreserved or Reserved in the roster Points Whether Unreserved or Reserved in the roster Points Whether Unreserved or Reserved in the roster . If there are only two vacancies to be filled in a particular year.1A).3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Unreserved Scheduled Tribe Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Schedule Caste Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Unreserved 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Scheduled Tribe 32 33 34 35 36 Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Unreserved Schedules Caste 17 Scheduled Tribe 37 Unreserved 18 Unreserved 38 Unreserved 19 Unreserved 39 Unreserved 20 Unreserved 40 Unreserved --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE : 1. the reservation may be carried forward to the subsequent three recruitment years. Model roster at (APPENDIX. on this account a reserved point is treated asunreserved. it would betreated as unreserved. 2. For direct recruitment on All India basis through open competitive examinationa 200 point roster has been introduced affording reservation to SC (15%). 2. ST(7'/2%) and OBCs (27%).

Other Backward Classes 12. Scheduled Castes 2. Scheduled Tribes 18. Unreserved 7. 62. 51. Other Backward Classes 6. 108. 105. 39. 50. 72. 38. Unreserved 17. 80. 89. 88. 52. 75. 81.1. Scheduled Castes 28. Other Backward Classes 34. Scheduled Castes 14. Scheduled Castes 36. 53. Other Backward Classes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Tribes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Tribes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Tribes Unreserved 73. 47. 92. Unreserved 15. Unreserved 13. Unreserved 25. Unreserved 11. Scheduled Caste 22. 49. 60. Other Backward Classes 20. 66. Unreserved 9. Unreserved 23. Scheduled Tribes 32. 46. 55. 61. 45. 96. 78. Scheduled Caste 8. Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Tribes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Tribes Unreserved Other Backward Castes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved MODEL 200 POINT ROSTER FOR THE POSTS FILLED BY DIRECT RECRUITMENT ON ALL INDIA BASIS BY OPEN COMPETITION . 79. 100. 68. 98. 59. 94. 74. 90. 86. 76. 84. Unreserved 29. 58. Unreserved 33. 70. Unreserved 27. 67. Scheduled Tribe 4. 63. 54. 82. 91. 107. 48. Other Backward Classes" 30. 77. 95. 93. 103. Unreserved 5. Unreserved 35. Other Backward Classes 24. 85. 41. Other Backward Classes 10. Unserved 3. 42. Unreserved 19. 57. 71. 64. Unreserved 37. 44. 83. 101. 97. 43. Other Backward Classes 16. 65. 56. Other Backward Classes 26. 99. 40. Unreserved 21. Unreserved 3 1 . 106. 87. 69. 104. 102.

181. Unserved 1 1 3. 152. 162. 194. 160. 156. Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Castes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Tribes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Castes Unserved Other Backward Classes. Unreserved 135. Other Backward Classes 110. 153. 185. 172. Unserved 119. Unserved 129. 196. Scheduled Castes 130. 141. 165. 158. 166. 142. 197. Other Backward Classes 128. 169. 182. 148. 184. Scheduled Tribes 138. 170. Unserved 123. 159. 163. 193. 144. 199. Scheduled Tribes 112. Other Backward Classes Points Whether Unreserved or Reserved in the roster 140. 145. Other Backward Classes 120. Unserved Scheduled Castes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Castes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Tribes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Castes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Castes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Tribes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Castes Unserved Points Whether Unreserved or Reserved in the roster 1 71 . 189. 161. 188. 183. Unserved 127. Other Backward Classes 136.Points Whether Unreserved or Reserved in the roster 109. 143. 173. Other Backward Classes 1 18. 151. 168. 154. 149. Scheduled Castes 116. 146. Unserved 125. 200. 174. Unserved 115. 175. Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Castes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Tribes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Scheduled Castes Unserved Other Backward Classes Unserved Unserved Unserved . 155. Other Backward Classes 132. Unserved 1 1 1 . 198. 147. 164. Scheduled Castes 122. Unserved 1 3 1 . Other Backward Classes 124. 179. 177. Unserved 133. 192. 195. Unreserved 1 1 7. 167. Scheduled Castes 134. 176. 157. Other Backward Classes 1 14. Unserved 137. 190. 187. 150. Unserved 139. 180. Unserved 121. 191. 178. 186. Scheduled Tribes 126.

APPENDIX -II MODEL ROSTER FOR THE POSTS FILLED BY DIRECT RECRUITMENT ON ALL INDIA BASIS OTHERWISE THAN BY OPEN COMPETITION Points Whether Unreserved or Reserved in the roster Points Whether Unreserved or Reserved in the roster Points Whether Unreserved or Reserved in the roster .

71. 58. 80. Unreserved 13. 69. 75. 50. 55. 95. Scheduled Caste 20. Unreserved 31. 61. Other Backward Classes 6. 52. Unreserved 23. 103. 42. 70. 76. 64. 91. 66. 63. 111. 44. 67. 99. 60. Other Backward Classes 12. 93. Unreserved 29. Other Backward Classes 36. 116. 87. Other Backward Classes 40. Unreserved 3. Scheduled Caste 8. 83. 49. SCHEDULED TRIBES AND OBCS IN A 100 POINT ROSTER WHERE RECRUITMENT IS MADE ON A LOCAL OR REGIONAL BASIS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ . 53. 117. 114. 45. Scheduled Tribe 4. 97. 115. 54. Unreserved 37. 56. 118. 88. Other Backward Classes 10. 119.1. 106. 68. Unreserved 7. Unreserved 15. 46. Scheduled Caste 32. 108. 79. 74. Scheduled Tribe 30. 105. 101. Unreserved 27. 98. 82. 59. 96. 85. Scheduled Caste 38. Unreserved 41. 57. Scheduled Caste Unreserved Scheduled Tribe Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Tribe Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Tribe Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved APPENDIX-III ROSTER SHOWING THE POINTS TO BE RESERVED FOR SCHEDULED CASTES. 109. Unreserved 17. Other Backward Classes 34. Unreserved 19. Scheduled Caste 26. 47. 90. 43. 62. 72. 92. 89. Unreserved 39. 113. 100. Scheduled Tribe 18. 120. 110. Other Backward Classes 24. Other Backward Classes 28. Unreserved 9. Unreserved 21. 51. 86. Unreserved 35. Scheduled Caste 14. 94. Other Backward Classes 22. 78. 65. 73. Scheduled Caste Unreserved Scheduled Tribe Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Castes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Tribe Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Tribe Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved Scheduled Caste Unreserved Other Backward Classes Unreserved 81. 84. Other Backward Classes 16. Unreserved 33. Unreserved 5. 102. 107. Unreserved 1 1 . Unreserved 25. Scheduled Caste 2. 104. 77. 112. . 48.

19.23. 21.91(14) Points ST/27 OBC OBC 55.41.99(27) Points ROSTER SHOWING THE POINTS TO BE RESERVED FOR SCHEDULED CASTES. 83.11.69. Assam ST 1.93(9) Points 3.89(6) Points SCHEDULED TRIBES AND OBCS IN A 100 POINT . Andhra ST Pradesh OBC 15 SC/6 ST/27 OBC (27) Points 6.77. SC 3.17. Points 15 SC/9 ST/26 OBC OBC Actual points to be reserved in a 100 point roster for SC/ ST/OBC SC Points. 49.93(5) Points ST/27 OBC OBC 5.81. 95(27) Points SC 1.69.9. SC 1. Gujarat 7 SC/14 ST 1.21.81. 5.33. Bihar ST 49. Karnataka SC Name of State/Union Territory Percentage of reservation of SC/ST/OBC 1.87.69. 37.31.53. Himachal SC Pradesh ST 25 SC/5 OBC ST/20 OBC 7. Points SC 3.63.61.Sl.19.29. 59.33. 85.79.97(13) Points Points 7.79.65. 33.7.89(15) Points 15 SC/5 ST 17. Points 6 SC/1 1 ST/27 OBC OBC 5.23. 29.61 51. 55.81. 11.83.35. Points 3.85.71. 85.87.17. 41. 95.89(15) Points Points 15.45. Jammu & SC Kashmir ST 9 SC/13 OBC ST/27 OBC 1.35. 57.43.37. Haryana 19 SC/Nil ST Nil ST/27 OBC OBC 3.53.79. 25.47.99(27) Points 4. Points 5. Points. Points. Points 87.55. Points 67.37. OBC 7.59. Madhya Pradesh 14 SC/23 ST/13 OBC (5) Points 3.25. 95.7.9. 99(23) Points SC SC Points 87(14) Points Points 3 (1) Points 1. Points OBC 89(23) Points OBC Points. Points 7. Meghalaya 1 SC/44 ST/5 OBC SC ST 3(1) Points Mizoram Nil SC/45 ST/5 ST OBC Maharashtra 7 SC/9 ST/27 OBC 3.93. Manipur 1 SC/27 ST/22 ST OBC OBC 13.75. 89.41. 97(44) Points OBC 89(23) Points. Orissa 15 SC/23 ST/12 OBC 51. SC ST 99 (45) Points OBC 99(22) Points SC 12.39. 99(27) Points Punjab 27 SC/Nil ST/23 OBC . Points SC ST SC 3. Points ST Nil OBC Points ST 1.25. 71.53.15. 85.9.81. SC 1.13. Points 11.63.13. Kerala 10 SC/1 ST/27 ST 3(1) Points OBC OBC Points Nil 1. 4.ROSTER WHERE RECRUITMENT IS MADE ON A LOCAL OR REGIONAL BASIS 1.

61.SC Points. 15.49.29. 5) Points. Points 99 (21) Points 3 (1) Points 7.17.91(19) Points 3 (1) Point Sikkim SC 3. 15.65.97(27) Points .95. OBC 99(21) Points ROSTER SHOWING THE POINTS TO BE RESERVED FOR SCHEDULED CASTES. SCHEDULED TRIBES AND OBCS IN A 100 POINT ROSTER WHERE RECRUITMENT IS MADE ON A LOCAL OR REGIONAL BASIS (17) Points 17.9.29. Tamil Nadu 19 SC/1 ST ST/27 OBC OBC 20.21. 17. Tripura SC 15 ST SC/29 ST/6 OBC OBC 1.89.93 (6) Points 6 SC/23 ST Points 18.35. Uttar SC Pradesh 21 SC/1 ST ST/27 OBC OBC 1.77. (12) Points OBC 5.69.71. Points ST/21 OBC OBC SC 51.75.99(6) Points Rajasthan 17SC/12ST/21 ST 4.39.11. ST 1.19.79. 87.89. Dadra and Nagar Haveli 2 SC/43 ST/5 OBC 4. 1.77.69. 85.99(27) Points SC ST OBC SC"27. Points Points ST Nil OBC the reservation rosters will be the same is given in respect of the Union Territory of Daman and Diu.85. 77.35.65. Chandigarh 14 SC/Nil ST/27 OBC Points OBC 3.29.69. In respect of Arunachal Pradesh. Points N.17.11.53(2) Points 47.29.33. .67.33.31. the rosters as prescribed for recruitment on all-India basis is to be followed. For Delhi. Points Pondicherry 16 SC/Nil ST/27 OBC SC Nil . (27) Points SC ST OBC 1.21.79. Andaman Nicobar Islands Nil SC/12 ST/27 OBC 31.93(16) Points Nil 3. 87 . 25.23.99(27) Points.31.73.13. 75.37.49(2) Points ST 3 (1) Points OBC Daman & Diu 2 SC/1 ST/27 OBC 57.99 (27) Points SC 1.67.35. West SC Bengal 22 SC/6 ST ST/22 OBC OBC 1.91. SC 2.65. 69.57.37. 9 1(22) Points 3. For Goa. 99(22) Points Union Territories 'l.55.89. 59. Nagaland and Lakshdweep there is no change in the existing reservation rosters.

Those appointed as Trainees will be required to execute and furnish bonds. OBC—Other Backward Classes SCHEDULE -V Joining Formalities: In case of appointments to regular scale of pay the employees jointing the Organization will report to the HR Department of the Unit he is joining and will furnish the following: i) ii) a) Joining report ii) A written undertaking regarding his: b Home-town Marital Status c) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) Immovable property ) Spouse in any d) Embassy or Foreign mission Medical fitness certificate Attested copies of bio-data Attested copies of certificates and testimonials A character certificate from a gazetted officer Release and pay certificates in case if employees from Government / Public Sector Undertaking s. . viii) Attestation Forms for verification of the antecedents.—Scheduled Castes. ST—Scheduled Tribes. undertaking to complete the training course and thereafter to serve the Company for a minimum period as laid down in the bond.

3 3. Finance Trainees & HR Trainees. ADVERTISEMENT 1. Satellite Communications. This Advertisement will be a small insertion while the comprehensive Advertisement will be issued in the 'Employment News’. subject to obtaining a critical size for the trainee batches by bunching requirements. Civil. 2. group tasks along with the normal selection method of personal interviews will go a long way in strengthening the objectivity and fairness of recruitment efforts. 2. Also the professional management systems and styles introduced by the organization requires. . The Advertisement will be issued in major National Dailies covering all the Regions of the country for wide circulation.1 Advertisement for Executive Trainee Schemes will be released by Executive Trainee Recruitment Group of the Corporate Personnel Division. PREAMBLE 1.1 PROJECTION OF REQUIREMENT The requirement of trainees to be inducted in different disciplines will be projected by the Industrial Engineering Group of Corporate Centre. 1. post graduates in different disciplines in response to the existing and emerging needs of different functional areas on a long-term basis. it would be desirable to initiate company's own Executive Trainees Scheme. 3. Chemistry etc.RECRUITMENT UNDER EXECUTIVE TRAINEE SCHEMES 1. NTPC subscribes to the belief that a personnel Selection Programme combining the different types of tests. While finalising the requirement the overall vacancy position.2 It is felt that in areas where the experienced personnel from other organizations meeting the needs of potential assignments on the job cannot be recruited.1 The magnitude of Executive Manpower requirements along with the imperatives of highly sophisticated technical and professional know-how pioneered and utilized by NTPC necessitates induction of fresh graduates. attrition rate. for furtherance and sustenance a core of home-grown professionals. 3. Trainees in various other areas like EDP.Engineering Executive Trainees.1 1. internal promotions through Departmental Promotion Committee and the future requirement for projects on the anvil will be kept in view. The Company has got three broad training schemes . 1. Depending on the needs identified by the Corporate HR department on a long-term basis and based on responses to the feedback as to the availability on the recruitment front. equipped with the requisite rolerelated skills and imbued with a sense of commitment. may also be inducted.

3 3.3. MGMT.5 In order to give a fair chance to deserving internal talent for improving cadre and prospects. C&I Civil. Art pull of the ET advertisement will be sent to SC/ST agencies also so as to enlist a large response from candidates belonging to SC/ST categories.4 Along with this. Candidates) Engineering (Electrical Mechanical.4 3.E with 65% marks in Aggregate* Age 27 Years as on 1st January No Age Bar 50% Marks./MSW/MBA with 60% No Age Bar marks.) HR AMIE with 50% marks B. Age-27 years CA / ICWA /MBA Finance Age-27 years 50% Marks. 3. Science.2 In view of the computerized application processing ET Group will ensure that the advertisement proforma is such as to render application processing amenable and easy for computerization. A fresh graduate on the threshold of embarking upon a career must be provided with sufficient and correct information about goals. HR Department at the unit level will verify the entries made by such candidates in their applications. Attracting correct responses and image building of the organization through such advertisement are of special importance in case of ET schemes. Comp. 3. No age bar Finance . Sat. The minimum qualifications required and the relaxation given to internal candidates in eligibility criteria will be as follows : Area Qualification (General Candidates) Qualification (Dept.5 3. achievements and perspectives of the organization. full time PG in Pers. 2 Yrs. to attract more talent and enlarge choice of selection ET Group will approach colleges of repute in relevant fields to display advertisement prominently in their campus. Com. a circular will be issued to all Regions/Projects for forwarding application of suitable internal candidates who wish to apply for ET schemes.

Giving registration numbers Sending postal orders to Finance for necessary action. 6. Verification of data entry. Screening and registration will involve the following steps : (i) Opening applications & Segregating on basis of General/SC/ST/OBC/ Departmental categories. (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) 5.1 5. Such candidates will be exempted from payment of application fee also.2 Call letters will be despatched in such a manner that those for farther areas are despatched first and gradually the nearer areas are covered.1 Screening and registration of applications will be done by the ET group.1 6. Second class rail fare/bus fare (to and fro) for appearing in the test will be paid restricted to the nearest test center from the mailing address by the shortest route. RELAXATION TO SC/ST CANDIDATES Relaxation in age and marks will be allowed to candidates. NATURE OF THE TEST Objective Type Test (OT) The OT will have 170 multiple-choice questions with four alternatives against each. belonging to SC/ST. 4. on selection. 6. allocation of roll numbers and preparation of admit cards after screening against eligibility criteria. Generation of rejection list. Sending all applications received for data entry. The amount admissible shall be paid immediately after the test. Screening and registration of Applications 5. The duration will be regulated in such a manner that not more than 1 minute is given for attempting a question.1 For Engineering Executive Trainees : . 5. is allowed to join only after his final year results have been declared and he has secured not less than the prescribed marks).1.(A candidate.

(ii) Executive Aptitute Test: abstract reasoning. numeracy.The test will have two parts : (i) Technical Knowledge Test (TKT) consisting of 110 questions specific to the discipline of engineering and 10 questions common to all disciplines The questions will have standard of a bachelor's degree course in engineering in any recognised university/institute. The paper will have the standard of the paper set for GATE (General Aptitude Test in Engineering) conducted by the IITs. in Management (i) Finance Knowledge Test (FKT) consisting of 120 questions covering all aspects of Financial EAT will have questions on English vocabulary. while TKT (common part) will seek to test the candidate's knowledge of the general principles/laws/axioms of mathematics. chemistry and mathematics as subjects. . verbal comprehension. statistics. The questions common to all disciplines of engineering will be of the standard of higher secondary examination with physics. physics and chemistry. data interpretation and inferential reasoning. The emphasis in TKT will be on gauging the candidates knowledge of the fundamentals of the respective disciplines. Efforts will be made to cover as broad a spectrum of the syllabus as possible. EAT will have the standard of the Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by IIMs for admission to the postgraduate programmes.

IR. (ii) (ii) Executive Aptitude Test As per the details given in item 6.4 HR Executive Trainees (i) HR Knowledge Test (HRKT) will consist of 120 questions covering all aspects of HR Management like Manpower Planning. 8.1. Recruitment. The questions in HRKT will have the standard of an MBA examination of a recognized University/Institute.1 (ii) 7. Cost control.1. Audits.1 (ii). 6. TEST VENUES . Budget. QUESTION BANK Question Bank in respect of each of the disciplines will be maintained by the dealing officer under strict secrecy. Welfare.4 6. the year in which the particular question was used. the source and if used.Management like Balance sheet.1. Profit & Loss.1. Company Law etc. Labor Laws. The questions in FKT will have the standard of CA /ICWA / MBA Finance examinations (ii) Executive Aptitude Test (EAT) will be as per details given in 6. OB and General Management. The question bank will give indication against each question. HRD.

1 11. 9. APPOINTMENT OF CHIEF TEST CO-COORDINATORS AND ASSISTANT TEST CO-COORDINATORS: ET Group will identify Chief Test Co-coordinators and Test Coordinators for venues for ET selection tests. Coordinators will be handed over bundles of question and answer sheets as well as other test material to be carried to test venues. after segregation into disciplines.3 10. 10. for the test as soon as the Advertisement is released. The general principles to be followed in this regard are as under : 1. for test invigilators have been framed which shall be strictly followed in each venue.e. EVALUATION AND SHORT LISTING FOR INTERVIEW All the test material will be returned to the ET Group along with the used answer sheets by the Chief Test Coordinators for various venues.00p. The merit lists will be drawn discipline wise and cut-off scores will be marked for determining the number of candidates to be called for Interview. 10.4 To ensure uniformity in the conduct of test clear guidelines along with announcements etc. Test Coordinators' Manual will be issued to them containing all necessary information and guidelines to conduct the test in desired and effective manner. The weightage ascribed to the answers will be as follows : 110 11.m. the test booklets will be bilingual. All questions carry equal marks. The test will be administered both in Hindi and English i. to 12.The ET Group will approach various institutions for using their infrastructure such as building.m. roll number summary and 50% advance. ET Group will communicate its requirements and on finalization of center allocation of candidates enrolled send confirmation to the venues along with .2 10. The duration of test for answering 170 questions will be 2 hours from 10.1 SELECTION PROCEDURE : The All India Selection Test will be held in various cities as decided depending on the previous years enrolled numbers. The answer sheets will be opened and counted.00 a. 10. These Coordinators will be informed of their functions in detail at the Corporate Center before test. staff etc.2 .

By and large. 5. The CSB will specifically allot marks for individual personality traits and the total aggregate will constitute the marks obtained by a candidate. ExDirector of NTPC. The traits identified for ETs are as under : 1. It consists of: . 2 internal experts in the relevant discipline 1 HR representative 1 SC/ST/representative Members The CSB members will be provided inputs on interviewing techniques with special emphasis on assessment of Personality Traits identified for ETs. for SC/ST candidates this criterion will be relaxed to the tune of 25% relative to that for general category candidates.Chairman of PSU/SEB. The total marks alloted to the Interview will be 30. of India. CONSTITUTION OF THE CENTRAL SELECTION BOARD : Constitution of the Central Selection Board (CSB) for the Chairman An eminent person of the level of Ex. 2. 3. Those securing less than 40% in TKT/FKT/HRKT as the case may be and 30% in EAT will be eliminated from the zone of consideration for interview. 4. subject to the provison laid down in point number 3 above. Effective Intelligence : The capacity to handle practical situations. The cut off point in each discipline will be determined keeping in view 5:1 ratio and the number of drop outs from the zone of eligibility on account of a score lesser than the threshold scores.(iii) (iv) (i) (ii) (i) No response (ii) Correct response Wrong response Multiple response 0 +1 -1/3 -1/3 *Candidates indicating more than one response to a particular question. Merit list of candidates to be called for selection interviews will be determined by order of their merit of both TKT/FKT/HRKT. and EAT scores. 5 candidates will be called against each identified vacancy for the different trainee schemes. 12. Ex-Secretary to Govt. as the case may be.

Social/Team Building: It comprises of: (a) (b) Networking ability with colleagues Ability to influence and direct the activities of the team towards achievement of the goal. 6. 5. Physical Agility : (a) (b) Willingness to exert physically in the interest of work instead of resorting to convenient (chair borne) short cuts Physical and mental stamina to withstand long and monotonous working hours. 13.(a) Analytical Ability . INTERVIEW FEEDBACK The candidates will be asked to give a feedback of the interview they had with the CSB. (c) (d) 3.The ability to grasp the essentials to formulate effective plan of action.The capacity to innovate and improvise in unforseen situations. (b) Resourcefulness . It includes anticipation of exigencies and initiating appropriate action without being prompted. (a) (b) 2. It comprises of logical presentation of ideas and capacity to put across ideas precisely and convincingly 4. (c 2. Initiative: Ability to originate action of one's own. highlighting the major facets probed and offering a self-critique of their .The capacity to anticipate situations and develop effective action. Ability to form a purposeful and cohesive team Ability to develop and encourage team members Communication Ability to put across one's ideas adequately with ease and clarity. Planning . Learning Capabilities : Ability to gather information from a wide variety of sources : identifying and actively looking for relevant data for a work situation.

as may be decided by the competent authority. Basic pay of the internal candidates who have become eligible to be offered appointment will be fixed as per relevant provisions in pay fixation rules. 3. the service agreement bond Proforma (cyclostyled on Rs. In case a candidate is declared temporarily unfit.performance. (2) 15 ISSUANCE OF OFFERS The number of offers of appointment that will be issued will bear a relationship to the past years figures regarding acceptance of offers and final joining status. Company's Medical Officer An ophthalmologist ENT Specialist The pathological tests and X-Rays will be arranged to be done by a Hospital/ Clinic empanelled for this purpose. Along with the offers of appointment. he will be allowed to join only 16. 16. the order will be determined on the basis of their scores in Objective Test. 2.non judicial stamp paper and water mark paper) will be sent with detailed guidelines on how to fill up the bond. 16. the order will be determined on the basis of dates of birth or the percentage of marks secured at graduation. or at one of NTPC's hospitals in the plant. his offer of appointment shall stand cancelled and withdrawn.1 1. SC/ST candidates will be given a relaxation of 25% relative to that of General category candidates. for their information. 14.3 . 100/. The feedback will be passed on to the CSB. 3. if the tie still persists. The non-judicial stamp paper will be bought in the name of the individual trainee for the purpose of executing service agreement bond with NTPC Proforma is given in Annexure.2 MEDICAL EXAMINATION Constitution of the medical examination board will be as follows : 1. PRINCIPLES OF EMPANELMENT (1) No candidate securing less than 40% marks in the interview will be empanelled. 2. In case of a tie in the overall score. The final place of posting after successful completion of training will be mentioned in the offer of appointment based on the vacancies at various projects / stations given by the Industrial Engineering group of Corporate Center. In case a candidate is declared permanently unfit by the Medical Board. 16.

The Medical Board's verdict in case of each candidate shall be final and binding.4 In case of any doubt on the part of the Medical Board as to the conclusive ness of its findings. the candidate will be referred to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences/ Guru Nanak Eye Center for a final opinion. Marginal variations from the standards and norms for medical fitness. condoned by Medical Board.after he undertakes corrective treatment/therapies including surgery and is declared fit by the Medical Board later on. 16. will be approved on caseto-case basis by competen .

DATA BASE ON THE PROFILE OF THE TRAINEE Depending on the requirements specified by Management or envisaged by the ET Group. JOINING 17. On completion of Induction and Orientation programme. The training programme will commence with a formal inauguration by the Hon'ble Minister of Power followed by one week of Induction and Orientation module at Corporate Center to acquaint the trainees about the Corporation's aims. a reliable and adequate data base on the Trainee characteristics over the years will be maintained by the ET Group. Maintenance. trainees will be divided in small groups based on the total joined to undergo further training at various Project Training Institutes like Singrauli. Koba. Farraka. The design of modules will be done keeping in mind the specific requirements of different functions like Operation. after issue of appointment orders indicating the employee numbers of trainees. 20. Training Kits. The service agreement bond will be accepted by the dealing officer with proper witnesses and will be passed on to the Establishment Group. 17. Finance etc. All efforts will be made to computerize such information so that data interpretation can be obtained in various forms.2 18. the trainees report at the Power Management Institute and on joining they will be given a detailed briefing about the training plan. 19 INDUCTION After completing all the recruitment formalities. plans and functions of various departments.t authority. objectives. The personal files of the trainees issued appointment order will be passed on to the Training Group at PMI.1 Personal files for each trainee will be created by the ET Group with the original bio-data form seen by the CSB and other forms including attestation form submitted by them at the time of joining. The training inputs shall consist of a mix . Vindhyachal and PMI which are fully equipped with necessary infrastructure for training. Erection and service functions like HR. ties/scarves will also be distributed. Ramagundam. 17. STRUCTURE OF TRAINING SCHEME The total training scheme will be in a modular form.

5 weeks (A minor variation from the above in the period of modules for HR & Finance) 21. Mid Term Appraisal and Final Appraisal. one more opportunity will be given for reappearing in the modules he has failed. If he does not clear even after re-appearing or fails during the Final Appraisal.0 weeks (iii) Directed-on-job training 15. If the trainee does not clear the modules (common/specific) in first attempt. METHODOLOGY OF TRAINING Depending upon the module objectives and contents.2 (ii) The trainee has to secure a minimum of 50% marks in each of the modules. a suitable evaluation will be suggested for every module.. . the methodology consists of: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Lecture sessions Group exercises (iii) (iv) Case studies Site training (v) (vi) (v) Workshop Practical (vii) 22.1 (i) 22. the training will be extended by a minimum of 3 months.5weeks 21. The various types of evaluation methods to be used are : (i) Written test (Objective/Descriptive) Viva Voce 22.of both formal and on-the-job components. Elect.. The three components of the training scheme are : (i) Common Modules (Mech. & C&I) (ii) Modules specific to individual disciplines 15. (vii) Project work EVALUATION SYSTEM Depending on the type of module and the related instructional techniques.

23. Engineering and Projects (HR and Finance for PETs and FETs respectively) to decide their area for Directed on Job Training. 22. 22. The ranking of the trainees will be done discipline wise on merit determined by marks obtained in various modules. members from OS. enabling him to have a site exposure. Engineering and Projects (HR and Finance for PETs and FETs respectively).1 23. Directed on Job Training and Final Appraisal.6 Directed on Job Training provides valuable hands-on experience for building job confidence in the trainee. The grading system will be as follows : (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Above 70% 61 to 70% 50 to 60% Below 50% A Grade B Grade C Grade F Grade 22.2 23.3 . The trainees will be appraised by the Interview Committee headed by GM/ AGM.22. 50% of the requirement will be met by ETs belonging to the same Region and the rest 50% will be met by ETs of other Regions.5 months of the initial training.4 The total marks evaluated in the entire training period is 2000 and the broad breakup of these marks under different components are : (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) Common Modules Specific Modules Mid Terms Appraisal DOJ Training Final Appraisal 950 marks 575 marks 150 marks 225 marks 100 marks 22. PRINCIPLES REGARDING POSTING OF TRAINEES On successful completion of training no ET will be posted to Corporate Centre for a minimum period of 3 years from the date of his absorption as executive. The trainees will be given specific assignment/ project work to complete during the DOJ training and their performance will be evaluated during the above period. There will be no mutual transfer for 3 years or till next promotion whichever is later.7 23. wherein ETs will be appraised by a Board consisting of GM/AGM and members from OS. for each project.5 Mid Term Appraisal will be conducted after about 6. The trainees will be informed about their performance (Rank) after the Final Appraisal in the respective discipline before issue of the Absorption Orders as executives in their relevant disciplines. In order to have a balanced mix of ETs.3 The feedback of performance will be intimated to the trainees after every module in terms of Grades.

the total marks scored by them out of 2000 will be aggregated. Training on this account can be extended for a period of 6 months. If a trainee avails of Extra Ordinary Leave on medical grounds his training will be extended by an equal number of days of EOL taken. In cases where EOL is availed on grounds other than medical the training period will be extended by double the EOL period. 24. the training period can be extended at the Discretion of Management on grounds of misconduct. Gold and Silver medals will be awarded to the Best and 2nd Best trainee of the group. For selection of merit holders amongst the trainees who have been regularised as executives. The first ten. in case the total number of trainees is more than 100 and first five in case the number is less than 100 (not more than 2 ETs from one group) will be selected and evaluated based on performance rating.1 25. While requesting for EOL the trainees will have to submit all the medical treatment papers. SELECTION OF GOLD AND SILVER MEDALLISTS To generate healthy competition amongst the trainees.2 24. 2 4. In terms of Appointment Order issued to trainees and in terms of para 1 at page 2 of the Bond executed by the trainee. group discussion followed by an interview by the Committee of Directors.24. 1 Extension of training If the trainee does not secure minimum marks as mentioned in para 21 above the training will be extended by a minimum of 3 months.1 24.3.3. 25. The trainees assessed to be Best and 2nd Best will be eligible for awarding Gold and Silver medals respectively and the remaining merit holders will be awarded merit certificates.2 . Other meritorious trainees will be awarded with merit certificates.1 25.

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