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Trees, bushes and birds in La Rioja (Spain)

Trees, bushes and birds in La Rioja (Spain)

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Names of trees and birds you can find in La Rioja in three languages: Latin, English and Spanish
Names of trees and birds you can find in La Rioja in three languages: Latin, English and Spanish

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Published by: Zoe00mop on Aug 05, 2010
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Trees and birds in La Rioja Latin name Pinus unciata Pinus nigra Spanish name Pino negro de montaña

Pino negral English name Mountain Pine Black pine Where? In Sierra Cebollera (high and cold areas) Lower areas (reforestation/ pinares de repoblación)

Pinus sylvestris Pino albar o rojo Scots pine Note: When you go up Piqueras, you can see the best examples of pine trees, and in Ortigosa and Villoslada. Latin name Quercus faginea Quercus canariensis Quercus ilex Quercus pyrenaica Latin name Castanea sativa Aesculus hippocastanum Illex aquifolium Taxus baccata Tilia platyphyllos Fraxinus angustifolia Fraxinus excelsior Populus alba Populus nigra Alnus glutinosa Fagus sylvatica Ulmus minor (campestris) Cupresus sempervirens Cistus ladanifer Juniperus communis Spanish name Roble quejigo Roble quejigo encina Rebollo, melojo Spanish name castaño Castaño de Indias Acebo Tejo (note: it is toxic, poisonous) Tilo Fresno de hoja pequeña Fresno común (de hoja grande) Álamo blanco chopo Aliso haya Olmo ciprés Jara, jara pringosa Enebro English name Portuguese oak Mediterranean oak Holm oak Pyrenean oak English name Sweet chestnut, Spanish chestnut Horse chestnut Holly Yew What? Where?
In Ribabellosa (near Torrecilla)

(smaller leaf) In la Rioja, in sun areas (zonas de solana) Not typical in La Rioja, only in Leza valley, dry areas.

Valgañón (conífera) Sierra Cantabria, Anguiano, and going up Urbión.

Large-leaved lime, broad-leaved lime Narrow-leaved ash Riverside of rivers,
above all in the Najerilla

Common ash, Ash White poplar Black poplar Common Alder Beech Smooth-leaved elm Italian cypress, Funeral cypress Gum cistus Common juniper
In La Grajera Riverside of rivers Riverside of rivers

Bush (arbusto): white flowers


Juniperus sabina Juniperus phoenica Crataegus monogyna Prunus espinosa Erica arborea

Sabina común (conífera parecida al ciprés) Sabina negra Espino albar (majuelo) endrina brezo

savin Phoenician juniper Common hawthorn Blackthorn, Sloe Tree heath

(Para pacharán)
You can see it in Moncalvillo and going up towards Las viniegras. You can see it in Moncalvillo and going up towards Las Viniegras. Parque del Carmen, Espolón Parque Chiribitas This is the only kind in La Rioja. Here there is neither wattle (mimosa) nor white sallow (acacia blanca)

Erica scoparia


Green heather

Cedrus atlantica Cedrus deodara Robinia pseudacacia

Cedro Cedro (de hoja más larga) Falsa acacia

Atlas cedar Deodar cedar False acacia

Platanus hybrida

Plátano común, plátano de Londres

London plane

(En parques)

BIRDS in LA RIOJA: Alimoche: Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) Buitre leonado o buitre común: Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) Buitre negro: Black vulture Azor: Goshawk (Accipiter gentiles) Gavilán: Sparrow hawk (Accipiter nisus) Halcón (peregrino): Peregrine (Falco peregrinus) Cernícalo vulgar: Kestrel (Falco finunculus) Águila real: Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) Águila perdicera: Bonelli’s eagle (Hieraetus fasciatus) Aguilucho pálido: Hen harrier (Circus cynaneus) Aguilucho lagunero: Marsh harrier (Circus aeroginosus) Aguilucho cenizo: Montagu’s harrier (Circus pygargus) Perdiz común o roja: Red-legged partridge Perdiz pardilla: partridge Búho real: eagle owl. Búho chico: long-eared owl Mirlo: Blackbird Urraca: magpie Abubilla: Hoopoe Jilguero: Goldfinch


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