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A CIP Project on

Cleaning and redecorating apartments

The Bright Home

School: Ang Mo Kio Secondary School

Class: 3A
Group Members: Yap Li Zhong
Marcus Choy
Wong Jing Yuan
Tay Chu Ying
Yeo Xin Kai
Benjamin Larin
Lau Ka Man
Hwa Hui Fern
Seah Cai Yin
Goh Jian Ying
Tee Kai Yin
Our objective of this community involvement program is to
improve the overall living conditions of the elderly and
thus enable them to have a comfortable living room to relax

The time required for such an activity would be around 6 hours

The members will be working in 2 groups; first is painting and the other one is cleaning
and reorganising.
The group doing painting will paint all the doors at the apartment with a suitable
colour.The group doing
the cleaning and reorganising will clean and tidy up the living room through sweeping
and mopping the floor.
They will organise the furniture so that the elderly will find the room cosy with sufficient
space to move around.

The following items will be contributed by group

2 Brooms-Xin Kai
Old Rags-Li-Zhong and Chu Ying
Newspapers will be collected from the school's recycling corner
Thrash Bags-Marcus
3 Pails-Chu Ying, Jian Ying and Li-zhong
1 box of Gloves and Masks-Teacher i/c
4 small brushes-Hui Fern

The following items will be purchased:

2 Mops-($5 each)
2 Tins-( To be Confirm)
3 Big brushes-(Less than $10)

Job allocation:
Painting of the door
1st IC: Hui Fern
2nd IC: Cai Yin
Member/s: Kai Yin
1st IC: Jian ying
2nd IC: Chu Ying
Member/s: Benjamin, Ka Man, Li-Zhong

1st IC: Jing Yuan
2nd IC: Xin Kai
Memeber/s: Marcus

Jing yuan and Marcus