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Hai my name is Hariprasad. the name of my mom is Nanma.

My father before my bi
rtth her age of 19. After that she lived for me. now I am 21 and she is 40. bu
t she looks very very cute and she is a proud and modest women.
I got a job and am going to marry a girl that I loved before.I think about my mo
m and If she get a better half then My life would be more happy. My friends bro
ther is also a widower and he is strong and aged 38. He loved to marry my mom.
He wanted to talk to her and he approached to me for this I am readily agreed. H
e came to my house and at that time my mom was not presented there. When she ca
me I asked her about her opinion about her second marriage. she become stunned
hearing this he shouted on me I become harrassed and I also got angry on her(wha
t I think that to force her to marry that man, but she is proud women). then I h
it her on face she become unconcious and I went to my room without noticing her.
then the chandradas(my friends brother) came and take her to her room.
He removed her sarees and underwears and started fuck her. In the unconcious mi
nd she was enjoyin that very much. she produced sounds like HUmmmmmmmmm! haaaaa
a! dooooo tattttt! ayeeeeeeeeee!then suddently she become concious and tried to
resist he became mad and raped her widely.
what I heard was her helpless cries" oh son , help me help me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaHhhh
hhhhh! then he started to french kiss her! he started to enjoy the smell of her
mouth and teeth! she said kill me insred of that !when he left room she was cry
ing aloud!
I lost my self control and started fucking her she become more tired and stunned
. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what r u doing son, whe weep
ed. she cried with pain! when I jerked my cum into her vagina! she become mad an
d cried with pain oooooooo ggggoood forgive him for this ! I fucked her about 10
hours ! and she lay on bed for approximately 1 month because of my rape