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Giving it another shot

BP is planning a “static kill” to permanently halt the flow of oil leaking on the seafloor. It says because of the new
tighter-fitting cap it will not have to pump mud into the well at as high a rate and pressure as the unsuccessful
“top kill” attempt in May.

1 Drill mud will be pumped from 2 The mud will then be pumped
the ship Centerline to another through the Q4000 oil platform and
vessel, the Blue Dolphin into a pipe leading to the seafloor


Blue Dolphin

5,000 ft.
(1,524 m)

Relief Relief New cap

well well 3 Mud from
the Q4000 will
be funneled
through the
pipe and into
the manifold
Remotely 4 From the manifold,
operated mud will flow through
vehicle the choke and kill lines,
into the blowout
10,000 preventer and then into
(3,048) the well

Mud at first
will flow up
with oil and
gas Free-
5 riser

preventer Manifold

Diagrams not to scale

6 Mud will then push oil Mud 7 Cement might then be

back into the reservoir pumped through the same
below the seafloor path to kill the well

Oil reservoir Well

Oil reservoir

Source: BP, news reports Graphic: Julie Sheer, Lorene I. Elebee © 2010 MCT