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Oil spill by the numbers

206 million 10.8 million 240 million

Latest U.S. government Gallons (41 million Upper estimate of
estimate of gallons liters) spilled gallons (908 million
(780 million liters) by Exxon Valdez liters) spilled in
spilled into Gulf in 1989 Persian Gulf War

31,400 1.8 million 3.2 million 4,900

People Gallons Feet Vessels
deployed (6.8 million liters) (1.0 million m) of deployed
of dispersant* boom** deployed
*Surface and sub-sea **Containment and absorbent

827,000 35% 33
Barrels of oily Highest proportion of Suspended
water skimmed federal waters in the deepwater exploratory
Gulf closed to fishing wells in the Gulf

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Source: Oil Spill Intelligence Report, BP, NOAA, Department of the Interior
Graphic: Julie Sheer, Raoul Ranoa, Los Angeles Times