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The Hon’ble Prime Minister,

Government of India
New Delhi

Hon’ble Prime Minister,

On behalf of 42% of our population, the Children and Youth of India, we seek your
commitment to raise the flag of ‘Fair Play for All’ as the tallest flag that will flutter at
the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games of 2010.

Chak de India!!!
We want to hold our heads high. The Games symbolize for us a vision of –
• energy, health and vigour
• fair competition, life skills and high endeavour
• camaraderie and bonding across the nation and the rest of the world

All is not well!

While our 9% rate of GDP growth and the increasing presence of Indian names among
the global rich, the Booker/Nobel Prize winners and the Oscar nominations tell us what
we are capable of, our crowded cities tell another story: crumbling schools, garbage
littered narrow lanes where children play, broken hand-pumps where children line up for
water, countless workers who work for a pittance to build our stadiums, our metros and
service our city. The vast numbers of our brothers and sisters, who are denied their basic
rights, give us no pride.

“I want to play” Campaign

Please turn around Mr. Prime Minister. Take on board the demands of this campaign:
- Mandate safe, green spaces in every big city where children can play
- Ban forever the broken walls of impoverished schools which lack libraries,
gymnasiums and science labs
- Prioritize playing fields and create opportunities for students for competitive
- Cleanse Sports Bodies and encourage transparency
- Insist on fair wages for those who toil to give their children a fair chance in life

We want to hold our heads high: we want to be counted amongst those countries that
aspire to achieve a level playing field for all.

Therefore, let the Commonwealth Games be a turning point in our history. Our
Common pursuit, not mega events, but Wealth and Wellbeing for the Aam Aadmi:
Worker, Woman and Child. Let India Play!!!