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"Religion" vs.

The Gospel
Growing to
GOSPEL GOSPEL understand who
Theology God is and what
He is doing in the
theology world, who Jesus
separate from life shapes is and what He has
accomplished for
us, and who the
Spirit is and what
Obedience to
Life the Spirit is working
in us SHAPES our
lives and results
means shapes
results in "obedience" as
to because of
in order to in the most natural
expression of who
we are in Christ.

Life "obedience"

• Motivation: guilt/fear & pride/self-righteousness • Motivation: gratitude & God's glory

• Results in frustration • Results in fruitfulness
• Feels like bondage/condemnation • Feels like freedom/no condemnation

• Repentance: for specific, surface sins only • Repentance: confession of the sin, but even
more—the sin under the sin—of not giving
God His rightful place as God in my heart.

• Effort required: trying harder; praying more • Effort required: remembering the gospel
• Possible apart from the Spirit • Impossible apart from the Spirit
• True of either legalistic fundamentalism or • The same way many of the classic Christian
principle-centered application authors and theologians thought about life:
Edwards, Tozer, Mueller, Murray, Packer,
Stott, etc.
• Prayer consists mostly of petition—to get things • Prayer consists more of praise & adoration.
from God & control my environment. My main purpose is fellowship with Him.
• Spiritual disciplines are the means to discern • Spiritual disciplines "create space" in our
God's will and discipline myself to live like a busy lives to reflect on & rejoice in what
Christian—that is, I do in order to be. God has provided for us in Christ.
• Will-focused • Heart-focused
• "Verse"-directed • Gospel-directed