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All rights reserved. No part of this pu li!ation "ay e reprodu!ed# stored in a retrieval syste"# or trans"itted in any for" or y any "eans# ele!troni!# "e!hani!al# re!ording or other$ise# $ithout the prior $ritten per"ission of Sorin Cerin.

translation and adaptation Alina Stan IS%N 1&'())12*1 EAN+1( ,*)1&'())12*, (


This book was translated from Romanian language Wisdom Colle!tion ha"e been #ublished for first time b$ Emines!u %ublishing &ouse in Romanian language in Romania and !ontains '()* +uotes Copyright SORIN CERIN 200, for Ro"anian version.
-oate drepturile de reprodu!ere asupra a!estei edi.ii Editurii E"ines!u/ori!e reprodu!ere# su ori!e for"0# a te1tului# f0r0 a!ordul s!ris al editurii este inter2is0. $$$.editurae"ines!u.!o"#E+"ail/ editurae"ines!u3yahoo.!o" E"ines!u 4u lishing 5ouse is a "e" er of 6orld 4u lishing Industry Coperta/ 7ARI8S COR%8 9es!rierea CI4 a %i liote!ii Na.ionale a Ro":niei CERIN# SORIN Culegere de ;n.elep!iune < Sorin Cerin. + %u!ure=ti / Editura E"ines!u# 200, IS%N ,*)+,*(+22+10)>+& )21.1('.1+1



Wisdom Colle!tion !ontains si, books-

I T&E .OO/ O0 WISDOM ?uotes 1...1'00 II T&E .OO/ O0 %1SSION ?uotes 1'01@1,,2 III T&E .OO/ O0 ILL2SIONS 1ND RE1LIT3 ?uotes 1,,(@2&0' I4 T&E .OO/ O0 RE4EL1TIONS ?uotes 2&0>@&,22 A%SOA8-E 2&0>+2&&' A%S8R9I-B 2&&>+2&*) ' ?uotes ?uotes

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION -R8-5 2&*,+2>02 7E7ORB 2>0(+2>>0 CNO6AE9DE 2>>1+2*(1 6OR9 2*(2+2)01 9ES-INB 2)02+2,)* EANI-B 2,))+(11) AONDIND (11,+(1*) DO9 (1*,+(2') EFIS-ENCE (2',+(()& 5A44INESS (()'+(&,0 EN-I-B (&,1+('0, 45IAOSO45B ('10+('20 > ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION %EA8-B ('21+(''2 -5O8D5(''(+(',) DENIAAI-B (',,+(>() DENI8S (>(,+(>'2 7IS-ACE (>'(+(>,) C5AOS (>,,+()1) IAA8SION ()1,+(,&* INGINI-E (,&)+&0*2 INS-INC&0*(+&1(& AOEE &1('+&2&> AID5?uotes &2&*+&2*2 9EA-5 &2*(+&&02 * ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION EBES &&0(+&&&2 4OAI-ICS &&&(+&&'0 7EANNESS &&'1+&&>2 REAIDION &&>(+&&,0 SA-AN &&,1+&'2* S8ICI9E &'2)+&',> 5O4E &',*+&>&) -I7E &>&,+&*10 AIGE &*11+&*'1 G8-8RE &*'2+&)'0 -5E 9REA7 &)'1+&,22 ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes ?uotes

4 T&E .OO/ O0 T&E DE1D )

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ?uotes &,2(@>1'( 4I T&E .OO/ O0 IMMORT1LIT3 ?uotes >1'&@*012


One of the "ost prestigious and sele!tive Ro"anian pu lishing house E"ines!u in the Ai rary of 4hilosophy pu lished in autu"n 200, its entire sapiantial $orHs in!luding all volu"es of aphoris"s pu lished efore and other volu"es that have not seen the light to that date# in Ro"anian language. Ro"anian a!ade"i!ian Dheorghe Eladutes!u#8niversity 4rofessor#9.4hil.#philosopher# one of the iggest ro"anian !ele rity in the philosophy of !ulture and hu"anis" elieves a out sapiential $orHs of Sorin Cerin in 6isdo" Colle!tion/I Sapiential literature has a history perhaps as old writing itself. Not only in the Middle Ancient, but in ancient Greece "wise men" were chosen as apoftegmatic ,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION (sententiar) constitute, easily memorable, to do, which is traditionally called the ancient Gree s, !aideia, education of the soul for one"s training.And in #omanian culture is rich tradition.Mr.Sorin $erin is part of it doing a remar able wor of all. %uotes & focuses his reflections of life and cultural e'perience and its o(erflow the shares of others. All those who will open this boo of teaching, li e any good boo , it will reward them by participation in wisdom, good thought of reading them.)*his consideration about cerinian sapiential wor s appeared in+ ,iterary -estiny from $anada pages ./ 0i .1, nr.2, -ecember .334,5glinda literar6 (,iterary Mirror) nr.41, 7anuary .383, page 9.4/ and Jona inter2isaKGor idden JoneLM 4u li!ations Nordlitera and Jona inter2isa K-he Gor idden JoneL re!orded first in developing this !olle!tion of $isdo"/I -he %u!harest prestigious pu lishing house re!ently released ooH entitled/ Colle!tion of 6isdo" y Sorin Cerin. Gind it on the !over of the follo$ing/I It is a referen!e edition of the !erinian sapiential $orH. *012 totaling aphoris"s. Appear for the first ti"e $orHs of aphoris"s/ 6isdo"# 4assion# Illusion and 10

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION reality and revised editions/ Revelations 9e!e" er 21# 2012# I""ortality and Aearn to die.I Revie$s and events in the press# Ro"anian Chroni!le/+ 7ore than a M6isdo" !olle!tionMAlter"edia Ro"ania N 6isdo" !olle!tion y Sorin Cerin. One of the "ost repre2entative ro"anian literary !riti!# Ion 9odu %alan# 8niversity 4rofessor# 9.Ait. !onsidered that Sorin Cerin M 7odern poet and prosiest# essays and philosophi! studyOs author on daring and a" itious the"es liHe i""ortality# ephe"erid and eternity# on death# naught# life# faith# spleen. Sorin Cerin has lately approa!hed si"ilar funda"ental the"es# in the genre of aphoris"s# in the volu"es/ Revelations 9e!e" er 21# 2012# and I""ortality. Creations that# through the language of literary theory# are part of the sapient !reation# !ontaining aphoris"s# prover s# "a1i"s et!. $hi!h Psont les e!hos de lOe1perien!eI# that "aHes you $onder ho$ su!h a young author !an have su!h a vast and varied life e1perien!e# transfigured $ith talent in hundreds of !opies on genre of $isdo".As to fairly appre!iate the sapient literature in this 11

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION t$o volu"es of Sorin Cerin# I find it ne!essary to spe!ify# at all pedanti!ally and tutoring# that the sapient !reation aphoris" is related if not perfe!tly synony"ous# in !ertain !ases to the prover # "a1i"# thinHing# $ords $ith hidden "eaning# as they are @ in the Ro"anian Aanguage and Aiterature. Standing in front of su!h a !reation# $e o$e it to esta lish so"e hues# to give the genre her pla!e in history. -he so+!alled sapient genre Hno$s a long tradition in the universal literature# sin!e 5o"er up to 7ar! Aurelius# Ro!hefou!auld# %altasar Dra!ian# S!hopenhauer and "any others# $hile in Ro"anian literature sin!e the !hroni!lers of the FEII and FEIII !entury# to Anton 4ann# C. Negru22i# E"ines!u# Iorga# I r0ileanu# A.%laga# and D.C0lines!u up to C.E. -udor in the present ti"es.-he great !riti! and literary histori!al# Eugen Aovines!u# on!e e1pressed his opinion and underlined Qthe sapient aphoristi! !hara!terI# as one of the !hara!teristi!s that !reates the originality of Ro"anian literature# finding its e1planation in the nature of the Ro"anian people# as lovers of peerless prover s.Even if he has lived a ti"e a road# Sorin Cerin has !arried# as he 12

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION tells us through his aphoris"s# his ho"e !ountry in his heart# as the illustrious poet O!tavian Doga said# P $herever $e go $e are ho"e e!ause in the end all roads "eet inside usI.In Sorin CerinOs aphoris"s# $e dis!over his o$n e1perien!e of a fragile soul and a lu!id "ind# ut also the 6eltans!hauung of his people# e1pressed through a !on!entrated and dense for".4hilosophi!al# so!ial# psy!hologi!al and "oral o servations.Sorin Cerin is a Q"oralistI $ith a !onte"porary thinHing and sensi ility. So"e of his aphoris"s# $hi!h are !on!entrated Rust liHe energy in an ato"# are real poe"s in one single verse. 7any of his gno"i! for"ulations are the e1pression of an ever+ sear!hing "ind# of a penetrating# e?uili rated $ay of thinHing# ased on the pertinent o servation of the hu"an eing and of life# ut also of ri!h ooHish infor"ation.5us# he dears to define i""ortality as Q"o"entOs eternityI and ad"its to QdestinyOs freedo" to ad"it his o$n death fa!ing eternityI# QDodOs "o"ent of eternity $hi!h "irrors for eternity in Cno$ledge# thus e!o"ing transient# thus 9estiny $hi!h is the "irror i"agine of i""ortalityI.II""ortality is desolated only 1(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION for those $ho do not loveI# Qi""ortality is the eingOs play of light $ith 9estiny# so oth of the" understand the i"portan!e of loveI.Nevertheless# the gno"i!# sapient literature is diffi!ult to a!hieve# ut Sorin Cerin has the resour!es to a!!o"plish for the highest e1igen!y. 5e has proved it in his a ility to !orrelate -he A solute $ith -ruth# 5ope# Gaith# Sin# Galsehood# Illusion# Eanity# 9estiny# -he A surd# 5appiness# et!.A good e1a"ple of logi! !orrelation of su!h notions and attri utes of -he %eing and E1isten!e# is offered y the Spleen aphoris"s fro" the Revelations 9e!e" er 21# 2012 volu"e.Ri!h and varied in e1pression and !ontent# the definitions# valued Rudg"ents on one of the "ost !hara!teristi!s state of the Ro"anian soul# -he Spleen# a notion hard to translate# as it is different fro" the 4ortuguese QsaudodeI# the Spanish QsoledadI# the Der"an Q2een2ugI# the Gren!h Q"elan!olieI and even the English QspleenI.Naturally# there is roo" for i"proving regarding this aspe!t# ut $hat has een a!hieved until no$ is very good. 5ere are so"e e1a"ples $hi!h !an e presu"ed to e Ppars pro totoI for oth of his ooHs/ P-hrough spleen $e $ill al$ays e 1&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION slapped y the $aves of 9estiny $hi!h desire to separate i""ortality fro" the eternity of our tearI# P-he spleen# is the one that thro$s aside an entire eternity for your eyes to e orne one dayI# P-he spleen is loveOs freedo"I# P-he spleen is the fire that urns life as to prepare it for deathI.KGrag"ents of the revie$ pu lished in the Aiterary 7irror KOglinda AiteraraL no. ))# Napo!a Ne$s 7ar!h 2># 200,# Ro"anian North Star KAu!eafarul Ro"anaes!L# April 200,# and Aiterary 9estinies K9estine AiterareL# Canada# April 200,LLAdrian 9inu Ra!hieru# 8niversity 4rofessor# 9.Ait. states/M...$e "ay # of !ourse# "ention $orth ?uoting# even "e"ora le $ordings. Gor e1a"ple# Aife is the Mepos of the soalM# future is defined as M the father of deathM.Ginally# after leaving Mthe $orld of dustM# $e are entering the virtual spa!e# into the Meternity of the "o"entMK$hi!h $as given to usLKGrag"ents of the revie$ pu lished in the Aiterary 7irror KOglinda AiteraraL no.), and the Ro"anian North Star KAu!eafarul Ro"anes!L# 7ay 200,..Ion 4a!hia -ato"ires!u#8niversity 4rofessor# 9.Ait states/Ma volu"e of aphoris"s# Revelations + 9e!e" er 21# 2012# 1'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION "ainly parado1es# saving the"selves through a Qrain o$I of thirty si1 Qthe"e !olorsQ N his o$n rain o$ N as a flag dangling in the sHy# in the sight of the %eing K taHing into a!!ount 4latonOs a!!eptation on the !ollo!ation# fro" 4haedrus# 2&)+ L# or fro" 5er gli"psing edge# for the author# at the sa"e ti"e poet# novelist and sophist# Qthe father of !oa1ialis"I# lirosoph# as El. Streinu $ould have na"ed hi" Kduring the period of resear!hing Au!ian %lagaOs $orHsL# Hno$s ho$ to e1er!ise thereupon !atharsis on the hori2on ar!h of the "etaphori!al Hno$ledge fro" the !o"ple"entarily of the old# eternal Gield of -ruth M or of the si1th !over of the Revelation@ volu"e# $ritten y Sorin Cerin# $e taHe noti!e of funda"ental presentation signed y the poet and literary !riti! Al. Glorin Sene/ TSorin CerinOs refle!tion are thinHings# aphoris"s or apotheg"s# ordered y the"e and alpha eti!ally# having philosophi!al essen!e# on $hi!h the $riter leans on liHe on a al!ony pla!ed a ove the $orld to see the i""ediate# through the field glass turned to hi"self# and $ith the help of $isdo" to dis!over the vo!ation of distan!e. -his ooHOs authorOs "editation e" ra!es 1>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION refle!tions that open the $ay to$ards the philosophyOs deeps# e1pressed through a prU!is and eautiful style# $hi!h is unseparated fro" perfe!tion and the po$er of interpreting the thought that he e1presses. As a $ise "an on!e said# 4hilosophy e1ists $here an o Re!t is neither a thing# nor an event# ut an idea. V.-he parado1 !ondensing of Sorin CerinOs aphoris"s in a Qrain o$I of thirty si1 Qthe"e !olorsQN as I said a ove N tried to give the Qsa!red dateI of 21 9e!e" er 2012/ the a solute KT5u"anOs a solute is only his DodVL# the a surd KT-he a surd of the Creation is the 6orld orne to die VL# the truth KT-he -ruth is the "elted sno$ of Cno$ledge# fro" $hi!h the illusion of light $ill riseVL# the re!olle!tion KT-he re!olle!tion is the tear of 9estiny VL# Hno$ledge KTCno$ledge is li"ited to not have li"its VL# the $ord KT-he $ord is the funda"ent of the pa!e "ade y Dod $ith 5i"self# reali2ing it is the la!H of nought/ the spleen of noughtVL# destiny KT9estiny is the tra!e left y DodOs thought in our soulOs $orld VL# vanity KTEanity revives only at the "aternity of the drea" of life VL# Spleen KT6ithin the spleen sits the entire essen!e of 1*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION the $orldVL# Supre"e 9ivinity < Dod KTDod !annot e "issing fro" the soul of the one $ho loves# as Aove is Dod Itself VL# e1isten!e KTE1isten!e feeds on death to give irth to life VL# happiness KT5appiness is the Gata 7organa of this $orld VL# the eing KT-he eing and the non+ eing are the t$o $ays Hno$n of Dod# fro" an infinite nu" er of $ays VL# philosophy KT4hilosophy is the perfe!tion of the eauty of the hu"an spirit to$ards e1isten!eVL# eauty KT%eauty is the open gate to$ards the heavenOs gra!esVL# thought KT-he thought has given irth to the $orld VL# giftedness KTDiftedness is the flo$er $hi!h gro$s only $hen sprinHled $ith the $ater of perfe!tionVL < genius KT-he genius understands that the $orldOs only eauty is loveVL# "istaHe KT-he "istaHe !an never "aHe a "istaHeVL# !haos KTChaos is the "eaning of the eing to$ards the perfe!tion of non+ eingVL# illusion KT-he illusion is the essen!e of eing oneself again in the noughtVL# infinity KTInfinity is the guard of the entire e1isten!eVL# instin!t KT-he instin!t is $hen the non+ eing senses the eing VL# love KTAove is the only overture of fulfilling fro" the sy"phony of a surdVL# light KTAight 1)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION is the great revelation of Dod to$ards 5i"selfVL# death KT9eath !annot dieVL# the eye < eyes KT%ehind the eyes the soul lie VL# politi!s KT-he trash of hu"anity# finds his o$n pla!e/ they are ri!hWVL# evilness KTEvilness is the asis si2e of the hu"anity# in the na"e of good or loveVL# religion KTReligion is indo!trinated hopeVL# Satan KTSatan is the greatest $ay leader for "anHindVL# sui!ide KTSo!iety is the stru!ture of !olle!tive sui!ide "ost often un!ons!iously or rarely !ons!iouslyVL# hope KT5ope is the !losest partnerVL# ti"e KT -i"e re!eives death# "aHing 9estiny a re!olle!tionVL# life KTAife is the ship$re!H of ti"e on the land of deathVL# future of "anHind and 21 9e!e" er 2012 KTGuture is DodOs agree"ent $ith lifeV < TStarting $ith 12 9e!e" er 2012 you $ill reali2e that death is eternal life !leaned of the dirt of this $orldVL# and the drea" KThe drea" is the fulfilling of the non+sense VL. KGrag"ents fro" the revie$ pu lished in -he Gor idden Jone KJona Inter2isaL fro" August (0# 200, and Nordlitera Septe" er 200,L




) -he end !an only start $ith the eginning in order to end $ith self alienation# thus e!o"ing on!e "ore itself. -his is $hy every "an is a perpetual ending. * 6hen you love you give "eaning to this $orld. 5 6e definitely !o"e fro" the sea e!ause our tears are salted and $hen $e let the" fall on the !heeH of ti"e# the sea $ithin us that has al$ays een there dri les on our fa!e. 6 6e all need the freedo" to die no le in a life that has een un$orthy of us# eing su Re!t to sin and e"ptiness. 7 Eternity is the stopped heart of -i"e. 8 If life is an illusion# $hat !an its truth eX ' No ody !an Hno$ $hat Hno$ledge really is $ithout truth. 20

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 9 -he one that lost the truth has lost hi"self. : %reathing y $ay of truth is not the sa"e as Hno$ing it. )( -ruth !an only e a solute e!ause any of its relativity also in!ludes lie to$ard the referen!e syste"s $here it e!o"es varia le. )) -he A solute -ruth is only one for the infinity of possi le truths that lie. )* Is there anyone that Hno$s the a solute truthX )5 6ho !an Hno$ $hat love "eans at the feet of the a solute truthX )6 -O %E is the dile""a of life $hen it stands in front of deathOs eternity. )7 6e !annot !on!eive death $ithout the life $ithin us that e!o"es a$are of it. )8 -he entire life does not $orth a single "o"ent of the e"ptiness of the a solute truth. )' -he gate to$ard $isdo" is to e eyond your self. )9 It is eyond our rea!h to Hno$ the value of our o$n e1isten!e $ithout the a solute truth. 21

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ): If $e $ill deny the longing of love# $e $ill lose even the last address of the stranger inside us. *( Not the "easure of $ords is ne!essary# ut their "eaning. *) 6e $ill never e "ore than $e are "eant to eW ** 6e are a eing only through our Illusion of Aife. *5 %eing is the greatest parado1 of life in front of death. *6 -o elieve in $hat you donOt Hno$ is as true as to elieve in $hat you do Hno$ as long as your life is an illusion. *7 Bour soul fountain $ill never drain until the instant of eternity $ill halt efore it to drinH the $ater of death. *8 6e are orn "ore dead than $hen $e die after $e have sear!hed death through the stor" of the instants of our entire life. *' Yust the ine1pli!a le $ants to e understood $ithin the nonsense of e"ptiness that elongs to this $orld of illusion. *9 6e have a lot of thoughts throughout our entire life# ut ulti"ately $e get all to the !on!lusion of a single thought/ 9eathW 22

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *: All the stars in the sHy !annot $orth as "u!h as yours only e!ause it elongs to you. 5( No ody !an open the gates of death $ithout !losing the" again after hi". 5) If you !o" ine the sufferingOs great !olor palette you $ill find happiness as $ell. 5* All the roads of life end in death. 55 -he one $ho did not understood that his ti"eOs root supports his life tree $as orn in vain. 56 5o$ever "u!h $e $ould adore the past it $ill forever die in the future $ith us. 57 Of ho$ "u!h light $ill "y destinyOs eyes have to e!o"e a$are until it $ill !o"e true in deathX 58 -he leaves of hopes $hi!h have destined $ords in the ody of the thought have settled to the ground. -his is the $orld. 5' 6e are a drea" of a thought $hi!h lives through the 6ord. 59 6ho !an hide hi"self fro" death or $ho !an e" ra!e the $indX 5: 9oes so"e ody Hno$ $hy the !ons!iousness of death has to dieX 6( No ody has ever een eyond his o$n Illusion of Aife. 2(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6) One $ill never find in the $aterfall of sights anything else than the Illusion of Aife# $hi!h falls in torrents on the granite ro!Hs of the souls. 6* 6e !annot !on!eive death as anything else than the afterlife e!ause $e !annot !o"prehend death unless $e live. 65 I adore you# "y greatest love# as only through you I !an find "y "o"entOs eternity. 66 I have rea!hed this $orldOs drea"s har or as devoid of truth as any other soul that drea"s it lives through Hno$ledge. 67 5o$ever deaf the ring of our love ells should striHe they $ill eventually disperse this $orldOs e"ptiness !louds. 68 -here are not $ings of drea"s that have not previously dealt $ith the flight of la!H thoughts. 6' Nothing !an e "ore painful than the !ry of the $ord $hi!h gave us the inspiration to drea" of love. 69 No one !an e alone $hen he efriends $ith the forgotten stranger inside hi". 6: %eing rave in front of faith does not "ean to e hu" le efore death. 7( 5eroes are the saints of every nation. 2&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7) Saints are those $ho "anaged to love "ore than $e did. 7* 6e !an never su!!eed in Hno$ing our o$n self $ithout holidays and anniversaries. 75 -he soul is a prolonged anniversary of our lives in this $orld. 76 5o$ "u!h soul !an in!lude the self+ salvation of sinX 77 6here else is the gate of life if not in the eyes of your soulX 78 6e are dust furro$ed y the painful plough of 9estiny to give irth to the e"ptiness of a ti"e. 7' 6hen !louds $ill e!o"e heavier than the land in us led our entire life y the steps of our 9estiny# $e $ill understand that not their "o"entsO rain has darHened the sun of our life# ut the failure to e ourselves. 79 6e are angrier $ith the sHy than $ith our a!tions. 7: -he Epistle of our eing is $ritten $ith letters full of lood drained fro" the love of DodZs 6ord. 8( 9o not e to yourself "ore that Dod "ay e to you.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8) 6hat shell did not feel the sound $aves and $hi!h ird did not fa!e at least on!e the $indX 8* No tiredness !an destroy hope liHe death !an# as the a solute fatigue of life. 85 5o$ "any truths pass $re!Hing through the Illusion of Aife# ut none of the" is an a solute truth therefore the real truthW 86 -he poetry of love is the greatest gift Dod gave us. 87 Aove# I Hno$ you efore all ti"esW 88 6ho !an say that he is not everythingX 8' -here are no na"es that do not desire fa"e e!ause $e !o"e fro" Dod. 89 6e hope that $e $ill live only e!ause $e "ust e $ith Dod# as alive as 5e is. 8: No ody $ill ever e a le to understand the "eaning of the "easure of his o$n $ords. '( 9o not ru""age through your thoughtOs dra$er e!ause you $ill e ever "ore disorientated than they are. ') 5as anyone su!!eeded in eing his o$n desireX '* 9o not $alH a$ay fro" death e!ause you !a"e out of it. 2>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '5 6ho !an elieve in illusion even if $e all live the Illusion of AifeX '6 Bour eyes $ill al$ays e !loser to your soul than to any other part of your ody e1!ept the heart. '7 9o not e1pe!t pea!e $ith the ene"y $hose $orth you do not re!ogni2e. '8 -he $orldOs grandest depravity !onsists in Hno$ing the sin. '' 6as there ever so"ething not Hno$n efore it $as re!ogni2edX '9 6ho !an e !lose to you $ithout the 9ivine Aight of his heartX ': Even the heartOs sno$ "elts# "ore than that the frugal regards of a soul !onfident in its o$n eternity. 9( 9o not $aste the "o"ent of your life $hi!h !o"es together $ith death e!ause you $ill itterly regret the alienation of your o$n self. 9) 6ho !an play $ithout $anting to su!!eed even $ith a senti"entally gainX 9* 6hat !louds "ay $et the ga2e $ithout hope of e"ptiness $ithin usX 95 5ave you ever een further a$ay than yourselfX 6hereX 2*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 96 No "atter ho$ "any sno$stor"s $ill pass through you# none $ill ring you the spring liHe love $ill. 97 Aisten to the advi!e of your o$n 9estinyW All is a givenW 98 5o$ !an you e one of the stars of heaven# $hen the stars are innu"era leX 6hat star nu" er do you haveX 9' 6hat grain of dust !an e easier !arried y your lifeOs e"ptiness $ind than the Hno$ledgeX 99 Is the sunrise superior Rust e!ause it goes efore the sunset $ith a day and sunset goes efore the sunrise $ith a nightX Could there e day $ithout night and sunrise $ithout sunset# life $ithout deathX 9: -o say that death opposes life is Rust the sa"e as you $ould say you live the a solute truth. :( -here isnOt a Dod "ore real and truer than the Dod of your Hno$ledge. :) 5o$ "any "inutes $ill still die in the s$a"p of your illusion of eing hu"anX :* Dod# listen to the a surdity $ithin us and raise us fro" the illusionW


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :5 9oes any ody Hno$ $hi!h are the thoughts of Dod# even if they are plants# "ountains# sHy# stars or $hatever elseX :6 O Aord# I a" further a$ay fro" "e than fro" BouW :7 6here I $ill find pea!e other than in o livionX :8 Can I tell to the t$ilight fro" $hi!h the $orld is uilt that I a" a sunrise in this lifeX :' 6as there so"eone a sent fro" the ta le of !reationX :9 On!e $e are a !reation# ho$ "u!h a surdity !an there e in our heart $ithout Dod the Creator. :: 6hat distan!es !an e e1plored $ithout DodX )(( I !an never feel that the Illusion of Aife is a truth as long as any illusion refle!ts unreality[ ho$ever# even an untruth is a truth in its turn. )() %lessed is he $ho elieves in the illusion e!ause thus he !an find his great truthW )(* %elieve in the hope of your Aife Illusion e!ause this is the only real thing that you possesW 2,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )(5 5o$ "u!h $eight !an !arry a thought $hi!h does not a!Hno$ledge that it is an illusionX )(6 Rain drops are not the ones $ho ring the !louds. )(7 6hat river !an flood over the "ountains of your loveX )(8 Never let the "eaning of your love light es!ape to the darH nothingness of o livion. )(' 6hat ran!h does not have its leaves and $hi!h t$ig $ill not have its flo$ersX )(9 9o not ever go out of yourself e!ause you $ill get lost even fro" your life. )(: 6hat eauty !ould e your lifeOs "ountain peaH $hi!h you !ould !li" all the $ay upX ))( 6here does the $orldOs 2ephyr striHe fro" the vie$ $hi!h let you to live the eternal "o"ent of love other than in the 9ivine Aight of sightX ))) 6ho !an e $orried $ithout the light of a "e"oryX ))* Never hide your fear e!ause it $ill e!o"e your o$n Dod# hidden inside you. ))5 Aisten to the ti"e as it !an heal everything. (0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ))6 6hi!h eternity !an e igger or s"allerX %ut $hi!h reality !an e an eternity in your "indX ))7 9onOt hope you $ill re!eive help fro" the $ords of life e!ause they all ring you to death. ))8 6ho prays at help in the Illusion of his Aife does not understand that his only aid is death. ))' Could there ever e a $ise "an $ithout the $isdo" of illusion or life $ithout the death of illusionX ))9 I elieved in the faith of faith $ithout a!Hno$ledging his ?uality of eing an a solute truth. )): Ea!h !oil has the earth?uaHe $hi!h !reated it# as every death has the life that gave irth to it. )*( Sear!h for the stranger inside you# forgotten even y your death. )*) -he elief in death leads "editating a out life[ "ean$hile# the elief in life leads you thinHing a out death. )** Aoneliness is the standard that separates life fro" death. )*5 -he only advantage of Hno$ledge is that it !an Rustify suffering. (1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )*6 %et$een $orld and ani"al are fe$er ?uestions than et$een "an and $orld. 5o$ "any su!h ?uestions are there in DodZs 6ordX )*7 No "atter ho$ "any leaves $ould the tree of your soul have in front of the intense heat in the $ords of -i"e in this $orld# they !an never shade the eternity lost inside you. )*8 Bou !an Rust e your selfOs stranger# never its friend# e!ause you are "ortal and your self is i""ortalW )*' 6ho Hno$s ho$ "any tears have flo$n in the 6ord of Dod fro" the !reation of the $orldX )*9 6e pass through -i"e fro" irth in order to have fro" $here to !o"e# together $ith death. )*: -here is no etter guide to this $orld than o livion. )5( Only in the eyes of love you !an find infinity. )5) 6ho !an Hno$ the a solute truth of illusion or e"ptinessX -hat is $hy $e feel the fulfilled sense of this $orld. )5* Are $e the $re!H or the ship of DodZs 6ordX )55 6hy is "an o liged to learn ignoran!eX (2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )56 Cno$ledgeOs surest logi! is the la!H of Hno$ledge. )57 -he $orld of an ani"al is redu!ed to its peri"eter. 5u"an $orld is redu!ed to its peri"eter# ut does the $orld of Dod have peri"etersX If it does then it is not infinite# ut if it doesnOt# it "eans that this is not a $orld. )58 -here is no longer $aiting for anyone# ut for death. )5' -he da$n of eauty al$ays !o"es after night. )59 4lease# dear god of happiness# sho$ the radian!e of your spe!tru" to our $orld# $hi!h here "eans to forget everything. )5: -he field of the soul "ust e $atered y the rain $ith tears of love[ other$ise it $ill e!o"e a desert. )6( 6ho Hno$s the life $hi!h does not urn its o$n ti"e "o"entsX )6) I""ortality goes through death efore all. )6* I Hno$ none of -i"eOs !ardinal pillar on $hi!h it says forever Rust e!ause eternity is not -i"e any"ore. )65 6hat !an $e do $ithout pain in front of happinessX ((

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )66 5o$ "any !onsu"ing fires !an there e in the $ords/ freedo"# pea!e and de"o!ra!y and ho$ easy they !an e e1tinguished y ignoran!e# stupidity and arrogan!eX )67 6ho has !hosen this Hind of $orld for us and $hyX )68 6e live ehind the !losed doors of our o$n 9estiny. )6' E"ptiness is this $orldOs greatest dis!overy. )69 6e are in the $orld $here the longing "ountains are the "ost grounded. )6: 6ith $hat !an $e feed the soul in the $orld of e"ptiness other than $ith prayerX )7( 6hy is "an the eing $ho $on in the $orld of e"ptiness# dethroning all ani"al spe!iesX Gor he is !losest to the perfe!tion of e"ptiness. )7) No ell $ill sound louder than the one of the salvation of our o$n hearts fro" the ring of love. )7* 5o$ever "u!h li22ard of "o"ents $ill pass over our 9estiny# it $ill re"ain indifferent to the sno$+drift of suffering $ithin us# destined to e fulfilled in death.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )75 If life is a $aiting roo" for the end# !ould death e a $aiting roo" for the eginningX )76 4lease Dod tell "e $hy# for $hat reason and ho$ !ould it e that the entire 6hole e1pe!ts deathX )77 6hatever freedo" flight $ould give you# fear of !ollapse restores your soul to ground. )78 %eing efore death "eans life and eing efore life irth# ut eyond that $hat else does it "eanX )7' -he footprints of great loves $ill urn forever the flaHes of "o"ents# "elting the o livion inside the". )79 6e are given to Hno$ only $hat $e Hno$ fro" the infinite of ignoran!e. -hus $hat $e do Hno$ isnOt it all ignoran!eX )7: 6e find us efore ourselves e!ause of deathX )8( -he greatest revelation of ea!h "an is the fulfill"ent of its o$n destiny through death. )8) 6e are orn alone and die so lonely. It see"s that loneliness is the "easure given y Dod for our souls. ('

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )8* 5o$ever high the $ings of love $ould fly still in the soul surrounded y the dust of the ody they $ill rest. )85 No "atter ho$ i"pressive the great $onders of the $orld $ould e# they still re"ain the result of the thirst for po$er. )86 6ho has ever understood the 6ord of DodX 7any $ill say so"e. -hen $hi!h is the one fro" the infinity of 6ords of 4ure 8niversal AanguageX )87 -he traveler "ust go on his path and the "an on his death. )88 Open the $indo$ of the 6ord $ithin you[ the one that gave irth to the feeling !alled I. )8' 8nderstand that only death !an ever tell you the truth a out the Illusion of your Aife. )89 6hat does life "ean to the A solute -ruthX )8: -he real $ise "an $ill listen to the sy"phony of silen!e and drinH the $ater of forgetfulness to understand the sense of his e"ptiness. )'( 5o$ever alone $e are# $ithout the 9ivine Aight $ithin us $e $ould e infinitely lonelier. (>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )') Ea!h petal of the flo$er of your soul is an eternity lost y life fro" you. )'* -here are no steps that $ould !rush -i"e. )'5 6ho has ever !ounted the $aves fro" the o!ean of your eyesX )'6 Nothing is easier than sho$ing your pain in a $orld indifferent to any suffering. )'7 5as anyone seen a ?uiet stor" or love $ithout stor"X )'8 9onOt e1pe!t a fulfilled life# living in vanity. )'' -here is no "ountain peaH that !annot e tou!hed y love. )'9 -he perfe!t phrase is the one $ithout $ords. )': -he li"it of !o""on sense is al$ays on the s!epter of po$er. )9( 5o$ "isleading !an e the days of 9estiny drained at the feet of death. )9) Sunset is the $ail of -i"e and sunrise is its s"ile. )9* -here !annot e greater $rong than to never Hno$ the evil and good of love in life. )95 -he Illusion of Aife is the drea" of life that "aHes you live liHe in a reality[ the (*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION "o"ents of $hat you thinH should e 9estiny. )96 Could e the drea" of life an eyelash fro" the 6ord of Dod# $hi!h deeply sleeps its realityX )97 9o not even hope at death efore eing a$aHened fro" the drea" of life. )98 -he soul is the ?uill $ith $hi!h Dod $rote his 6ords of Denesis. )9' No "atter ho$ high the $aves of life $ould e# they $ill never surpass the depth of the o!ean of death. )99 Refle!tion is a lu!id drea" fro" the drea" of the Illusion of Aife. )9: 6isdo" is a ove all feeling and only after$ards Hno$ledge. ):( -he pla!e of 9estiny is eside Chan!e e!ause only through it 9estiny !an e fulfilled $ithout forgetting that the only Rando" Chan!e is Dod. ):) 5o$ "any $re!Hs have not happened in the o!ean $hi!h gave us the life of hopeX ):* 6hat is "ore har"ful or helpfulX -oo "u!h life or too littleX ):5 Only Dod !an Hno$ $hy he Hno$s. ):6 5o$ "u!h future had to endure the seed of our thought that e!a"e our past in a ()

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION flash al"ost $ithout reali2ing it# $hen traveling through the entire 8niverseX ):7 6e are a sno$ all $hi!h doesnOt even Hno$ ho$ "any flaHes of eternity every "o"ent $ithin us !ontains. ):8 5o$ "u!h past has the 8niverse !rossed in order to drea" our futureX ):' If $e $erenOt a drea" ut reality it $ould "ean that Dod $as very $rong to us. ):9 AiHe the hope !annot e1pe!t "ore than its o$n self# "an !annot e other than his soul. ):: -o e divine is to put do$n the -i"eOs shutters over the atavisti! !ons!iousness of nature. *(( -he 9ivine Aight $ithin us is the soul of our 8niverse. *() 5appiness $ill never re!on!ile $ith life. *(* If $e did not Hno$ then $e $ould not die. *(5 -he role of life is to pay its de t# up to the last "o"ent# to death. *(6 -here isnOt a "ore fero!ious predator than the Illusion of Aife. *(7 -he "ore $e feel Dod further a$ay fro" us# the "ore $e e!o"e alienated fro" death y fear. (,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *(8 -he only divine defe!t of the 6ord of Dod is in Hno$ledge. *(' -hrough understanding $e oth suffer and enRoy ourselves. *(9 -here is no station that does not stop the vain illusions of life $hi!h a$aits its death. *(: 5o$ "u!h !are should Dod have taHen of us# $hen 5e has spoHen 5is 6ord fro" $hi!h he $as not "issing the rede"ptive deadX *)( 6ithout "e"ory $orld $ould disappear. *)) Everything $e Hno$ a out the $orld is "e"ory saved on!e y Dod $ho $ould have pro a ly $anted to forget y esto$ing death to us. *)* No "atter ho$ insignifi!ant is the !ru" le of dust of our soul it !an !over the entire 8niverse e!o"ing a Dod of his o$n nature. *)5 No "atter ho$ "any autu"ns $ill pass over the tree of 9estiny none is liHe the $inter of death. *)6 6e have a strong respe!t for hierar!hy $ithout reali2ing that her legs are "ade up of the "ost fetid "ud of hu"an nature. *)7 6e $aHe up in life to live it or to dieX &0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)8 I $ould liHe to get !ast a$ay forever in the endless o!ean of your eyes together $ith the hot sun of love. *)' Gro" $orship to prayer there is only one s"all step that $ill al$ays e used y hierar!hy. *)9 6ho tries to find the logi! of love $ill die $ithout ever eing a le to love. *): 6e are orn $ith the i"age of our o$n soul# to pass $ith every "o"ent of life through !ountless i"ages in order to re"ain $ith the last i"age efore death. **( -here is no greater desert than that of life. **) 5o$ever you $ill live your life you $ill reali2e that life is a great regret of our Self. *** 6hat life does not seeH salvation through 9estinyX **5 6hat else elongs to the $orld than the e"ptiness of its o$n drea"X **6 Not sure if $ithout this $orld Dod $ould e "u!h happier ut IZ" sure "an/ 6O8A9W **7 And if $e go up eyond the stars $ill $e ever find ourselvesX **8 Any truth other than the A solute -ruth is infinite. &1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION **' Nothing is freer in this $orld eside fear. **9 -he purpose of ea!h of us is to die leaving our future. **: 6hat heart does not push the lood of $ords and $hi!h thought does understand itX *5( I donOt hope that grass e!o"es a to$ering tree in the $orld of hu"ans. *5) 4oliti!s is "ade to reaH our $ordsO read under its feet# thus feeding us $ith e"ptiness. *5* 6hat is the purpose of the $orld $hen all purposes !an e redu!ed to deathX *55 Bou are orn to die and you give irth to the sa"e death. *56 -o say that Dod $as $rong is a lasphe"y# ut to say that 5e should have "ade us fro" the eginning $ithout sin is stupidX *57 9is!over Dod inside you efore everything in order to understand the Dod of your so!iety. *58 No shout is louder than that of pea!e. *5' %reaH the !hains fro" inside yourself and let the 9ivine Aight eyond the Illusion &2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION of Aife flood your senses to understand the stranger $ithin you $ho $ere on!e you. *59 6here all points of infinite !an "eet if not in a vi!ious !ir!le of the destiny of our thinHingX *5: 6e all e" ra!e life fro" irth to !o"prehend $hat $e have held in our ar"s only on the death ed. *6( 5o$ "u!h eauty !an hide the good and the evil fro" our "indX *6) Aife is an a surd ga"e in $hi!h s!ores only the one $ho rea!hes the li"it of his o$n ?uestions in order to dis!over e"ptiness. *6* I $ill never understand $hy the $aves of -i"e !o"e fro" the future to hit the past $ith their present. *65 Even the love stories $ill get tired $hen the $orld $ill rea!h the end of its po$ers. *66 Aoneliness rains longingly over the !e"etery of our thoughts. *67 6e have to understand so"ething in this $orld $here the disease of ea!h so!iety !onsists of "aHing a hierar!hy of e"ptinessX *68 6hat !ould e si"pler than !o"pli!ating everythingX &(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *6' Aife is foreign $ords for the eyes your "ind. *69 -he greatest "istaHe of "anHind $as $hen it understood that it !an use $ords that preserve long dead feelings. *6: Ea!h spe!H of dust# no "atter ho$ insignifi!ant it is# is the $orH of DodZs 6ord as is its greatest !reation/ Aove. *7( Sin!e there is no leaf that $ill not $ilt# thus you $ill never Hno$ the a solute truth of eternity. *7) 5o$ "u!h I "iss you $hen it sno$s $ith your no$ords over "y heart. *7* %ehind us there !an only e the "o"ent. *75 5o$ different $e !an e "ost ti"es fro" ourselves. *76 -he greatest a!hieve"ent of our ti"e lies in its personality !risis. *77 -o find salvation for yourself any$here else than in yourself is a great i"possi ility. *78 -he "ost !arefree rests only on ignoran!e or self forgetfulness. *7' 9o not try to a!!use yourself of $hat you do in the Illusion of your Aife e!ause only the one $ho Hno$s the a solute truth Hno$s $hat guilt is. &&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *79 -he origin of suffering is in the Illusion of Aife# $hi!h de!eives us that $e !an truly !o"prehend Hno$ledge. *7: In love there is no age li"it# Rust definition of spa!e. *8( -he greatest loneliness is the loneliness of your o$n self. *8) 5o$ "u!h dust $e have to !arry in a lifeti"e on the a!H of our soulX *8* Only the one $ho !at!hes hori2ons $ith his hand !an understand $hy "y heart sips the "o"ent of your eyes. *85 Only eyond appearan!es "ight you "eet $ith yourself. *86 Only in the silen!e of the eyes of a hurri!ane you !an feel his "aResty liHe in the silen!e of your eyes I !an feel a great loveOs truth. *87 %e lessed "o"ent of the sunrise of love over the life of the dust that I ear to$ards death. *88 -here is no rule of the ga"e of life that does not in!lude death. *8' Only $hen you $ill understand $hy no one !an e Anyone for you# you $ill find the truth a out yourself. &'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *89 -here is no river to flo$ out into its o$n sour!e eside the -ruth. *8: -he iggest disappoint"ents in life !o"e not fro" $hat $e hate# ut pre!isely fro" $hat $e aspire at. *'( 5ope is a li erty not fully understood. *') Ei!e only su Rugate you if you defy it. *'* -he shore of your life $ill not e sprinHled $ith thorns if you $ill !o"prehend death. *'5 -he soul e!o"es a eing only $hen it e!o"es a$are of the dust $hi!h !overs it. *'6 6hy should $e $ait for to"orro$ if all our life is given to us in order to a$ait deathX *'7 -he sun of love $ill shine only $here the !louds of any ?uestions $ill disappear forever. *'8 Yust the t$ilight of thoughts !ould re!ite you their entire day. *'' If you $ant the flo$er of your soul not to fade# spray its every petal of feelings $ith love. *'9 6hy do $e feel Dod !loser only efore deathX *': 5o$ "any stars does the 8niverse have into one 9ivine AightX &>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *9( -he roots fro" your soul !an never e snat!hed a$ay y -i"e sin!e they ran!h a$ay in death through your an!estors. *9) 6e all are tra!es of our an!estors lost in the i!y sno$ of fro2en -i"e. *9* -he li"it of inde!en!y is in the $eapons of "orality. *95 6ho !an !ount the hairs of Dod or the stars of the 8niverseX 5e "ay Hno$ $hy $e Hno$ the Illusion of Aife in this $ay. *96 6isdo" is the only real i"itation of life efore death. *97 -here is no $ise "an to state that he Hno$s# ut only $ise "en to understand $hy $e do not Hno$ and ho$ "u!h $e have to Hno$n $ith ea!h ne$ thing that $e learned. *98 -i"eOs li"it is $here the Hno$ledge of the Illusion of Aife is li"ited. *9' 6isdo" is a sin that should e forgiven to the Illusion of Aife. *99 -here is no $ise of the erudites# only sage of $isdo". *9: -he unrea!ha le sHy is the $riting oard for hopes. *:( 9id so"eone su!!eeded in stealing heaven his o$n starX &*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *:) 6ho feasts $ith hopes goes to sleep $ith drea"s. 5ere is the Illusion of Aife. *:* Sadness toils you unless you feed yourself fro" the 5a2ardOs "ill $ith the rotten eans of "o"ents $ithout a!hieve"ents. *:5 Al$ays looH outside you to e happy and you Hno$ yourself. *:6 Even $hen they are !arried y the negligent $inds of autu"nOs o livion# the petals of your $ords $ill spring in the eternity $ithin "e. *:7 6hat !ould e sadder than to see a 6ord $ith the fa!e full of lood# hit y the In!o"prehensi leX *:8 Only at the ta le of silen!e you !ould understand the 6ord. *:' 6e $ill have no future $ithout "e"ory. *:9 -he strength of stone is seen only in "irror of -i"e. *:: 5o$ "u!h s$eat has the soul to endure to fulfill itself through deathX 5(( -he $ings of longing reaH the hardest. 5() 6ould it e etter for us if $e Hne$ the A solute -ruthX &)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5(* Gurther a$ay fro" you !an only e the nearest to you/ Dod. 5(5 Aove is interposed et$een profane and sa!red. 5(6 9elusion gives irth to the $orld of hopes. 5(7 -he great pea!e is not in dead ut in the a$areness of pea!e. 5(8 No "atter ho$ "any stations you $ill "eet none $ill find yourself as the dead station $ill. 5(' 6ho !an listen to the $ords of the stars $ithout $at!hing his o$n life sHyX 5(9 -he greatest oundlessness ends regardless in drea"ing and in dying. 5(: I stare at the ro!H of the Illusion of Aife and $onder $hy it is a sphin1 of deathX 5)( I elieved in oundlessness not e!ause I $as not satisfied $ith the drea" of this life ut e!ause I Hne$ that the A solute -ruth lies only there. 5)) Aife is $here great hopes are great defeats. 5)* 6e Hno$ the drea" that $e live in this $orld $ith its oundary stones Raded y e"ptiness/ life and death. 5)5 -here is no e?uality in hierar!hy. &,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5)6 AiHe any other drea"# the drea" of life has its o$n night"ares[ that is $hy you should ventilate the roo" of your soul efore understanding the "orning of a ne$ day. 5)7 Aisten for yourself in order to e a le to hear Dod. 5)8 6hat tra!e does not eventually $ipe the "e"ory tear eventually fro" the fa!e of its ti"eX 5)' Suffering is the !ondu!tor of the "o"ents fro" the opera of our lives. 5)9 If history $ere not lost in all sorts of repetitions# it !ould eventually have a su!!essful sho$. 5): I !losed the shutters of ti"e to understand the truth of 9ivine Aight fro" your soul. 5*( At the end of the road there $ill al$ays e that so"ething that $ill tell you if it $as $orth to !o"e all the $ay to get there. 5*) Sin!erity in drea"land is the Hey to night"ares e!ause tea!hes a truth that there !an never e in a drea"sO non+reality. -hat is $hy our life is honest $ith us and the understanding that $e have a out the $orld. '0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5** -he only truth of this $orld is love and faith in it. 5*5 Even if one day $e $ill rea!h the stars# the drea" of life $ill find ne$ pages that $ill sho$ us the $ay to death. 5*6 Everything is a passage through e"ptiness and pain into the $orld of ephe"eral shado$s. 5*7 6hat $ould flying do $ithout $ings and death $ithout lifeX 5*8 6herever you go you $ill "eet your o$n death that tries to understand you. 5*' 6hat !ould e "ore hidden in this $orld than the truthX 5*9 5o$ "any $ords in vain $ill pour into the s$a"p of e"ptiness until $e $ill e!o"e a$are of the gold of DodZs 6ord $ithin usX 5*: 9o not tell your heart $hy it still eats e!ause it $ill not understand you. 55( -he tear of love $ill never elong to the dust $ithin us. 55) 6hat !ould e dirtier in this $orld than to na"e the profane love that !an e soldX 55* -he dirt fro" the fa!e of the $orld !an never e $ashed even $ith an o!ean of tears. '1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 555 No "atter ho$ "any asHets $ill e filled at the self+servi!e of life# $e !an only taHe ourselves to the real" of death. 556 It there a "ore real ga"e than the one et$een life and deathX 557 9eath is the eingOs supre"e tri ute. 558 -he "easure of all things is Illusion of Aife. 55' AiHe no one !an not fill the !up of his o$n life $ith death# thus $ill not fully understand the truth a out hi" self. 559 6ithout Hno$ing $hy# $e ea!h looH for the lighthouse lost y death in the fog of our o$n lives. 55: 9estiny is the river of the A solute -ruth that flo$s through our o$n pal"sO lines !rushed y the "o"ents of e"ptiness. 56( 6hy should $e e an island of life in the eternal o!ean of deathX 56) Nothing !ould e "ore uplifting than the flight $ith the !learness of in!o"prehensi le destiny of your o$n death. 56* 5as anyone sat at the ta le of -i"e to Hno$ ho$ it $eighs every "o"ent that $e $aste $ithout any re"orseX '2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 565 Chaos is perfe!tion# thus arranged y Dod. 566 4ea!e of the "o"ents "eans ti"e. 567 All $ords eventually lead to death. 568 6hat $ould this $orld e $ithout the drea" of Hno$ledgeX 6here $e $ould find ourselves if not in reality of $hat $e and the $orld should eX 56' Is life "eant to e a rehearsal of a play staged y deathX 569 6hat !ould e "ore divine than to feel the reath of the 6ord in your thoughtsX 56: -here is no higher peaH to e !on?uered than your o$n life. 57( 5onesty is a forgetting $eapon for your o$n self. 57) No ody !an say $here death is going. 57* -he stepsO tra!e of your 9estiny $ill e lost in the sno$ of "o"ents of this "isleading ti"e. 575 It doesnOt "atter the length of life ut its "ission. 576 -i"e is an overlap of gaps et$een life and death. 577 -he $orldOs great tragi! s!his" is its separation fro" the reality of its o$n self. '(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 578 9o not tell anyone $hi!h $ay you go e!ause the "an destined to understand death $as not orn yet. 57' No ody has suffered "ore than the Illusion of its o$n Aife. 579 Cra2y is the one $ho "ourns after life ignoring ho$ "u!h he !ould e understood y death. 57: Gro" the !louds of drea"s there $ill never leaH lightning so great to urn da$n. 58( -he differen!e et$een drea" and deed is the a$aHening fro" oth. 58) 6hat $ind !an lo$ "ore profound than a heartX 58* Aife is a lottery in $hi!h $e all hope. 585 -he deepest hole is the one dug y love. 586 -here are no $alls thi!Her than the $alls of longing. 587 -he sunset differs fro" sunrise through the !ele ration of your eyes. 588 6hi!h !ross is heavierX -he one !arried y you on Calvary that linHs your irth $ith death or the one !arried y the $orld through the re!Hlessness to e1istX 58' -he "ost to$ering tree is the one $ho has the lu!H to re"ain standing. '&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 589 Silen!e is the alan!e of hu"an !hara!ter. 58: Stupidity is the li"it et$een you as an individual and $hat so!iety offers you. 5'( So "u!h has een said a out happiness that $e all should let our drea"s# hopes and $ishies aside in order to live othersO happinessX 5') Any great Roy of the Illusion of Aife e!o"es at the sa"e ti"e an insult to the $orld. 5'* -here is no pla!e in the sun $ithout $orries and no death $ithout life. 5'5 5o$ "u!h dust !an e" ra!e the entire $orld# $hi!h is a grain of dust in the 8niverseX 5'6 -he river flo$s to the o!ean and the o!ean goes to the !louds of heaven# $hi!h $ill $ash the dust Hneaded y life $ho o$es death. 5'7 6hat does it "ean to e trivial in a $orld as insignifi!ant to the 8niverseX 5'8 It sno$s $ith the stellar hu""ing of apo!alypse over the Dod in the soul of every one of us. 5'' I sa$ si!H $ords# $ithout Roints# e1pe!ted or une1pe!ted# loody or ''

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION indifferent# even dead $ords e!ause all are the"selves one of the hu"an fa!es. 5'9 6hat $ould thought e doing $ithout $ordX 5': Even the $ords have their o$n 9estiny. 59( -here is no greater ri!hness than love. 59) -he $isest advi!e that anyone !an give you is to thinHing y yourself. 59* Bou should not say the na"e of e"ptiness ut Rust to $ant to understand this $orld. 595 6hat !an e s"aller than nothing if not EverythingX 596 Silen!e is rooted in fear. 597 As the "ill of life is !reated to grind "o"ents# suffering is "ade to grind hope. 598 5as anyone ever stopped rain e!ause a grass $as rottingX 59' %efore elieving in tea!hings and dog"as elieve in your o$n senses. 599 No "atter ho$ "u!h $ater of life $ill flo$ do$n the valley# re"e" er that even the valley is dust. 59: 9esire is the eginning of ea!h illusion. 5:( -he fruits of love and the feelings of nature are our perfe!tion. '>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:) -he one $ho does not s$i" through life $ill dro$n. 5:* 6e all live our entire life $ithin our self to see fro" $here it !a"e into us. 5:5 -he one $ho Hno$s no death $ill truly love life. 5:6 No "atter ho$ itter the heaven of this $orld $ould e $e still fear to lose it. 5:7 6ho !an say $hy the entire $orld is an interse!tion of sloppy roads $ith a !o""on 9estiny in deathX 5:8 Aet the $orld e linded y her $ords# you should only ga2e at the 9ivine Aight $ithin you. 5:' -here is no greater happiness than o livion in the $orld of e"ptiness. 5:9 -he nu" er of praise verses re?uired y the Dod $ithin you $ill al$ays e infinite. 5:: Nothing is "ore i"portant in this $orld than death for $hi!h $e prepare ourselves our entire lives. 6(( -he greatest gift Dod "ade this vain $orld is that there is no ran!h that !an e roHen in the tree of e"ptiness. 6() 6ithout death $e $ould e "ore alone fro" ourselves. 6(* 6e are an angelOs $ing fallen into sin. '*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6(5 All is ased on value in the $orld our e"ptiness# ut $hat is this valueX 6(6 -here are no flo$ers "ore eautiful than those of the soul. 6(7 -he one $ho does not looH into the past $ill never understand the future. 6(8 6ithout soul there is no fulfill"ent. 6(' %e !areful $ith every "o"ent# it "ay e "ore i"portant than the entire ti"e of your e1isten!e. 6(9 -he read of happiness is "ade fro" the $heat of suffering. 6(: 5o$ever "u!h you $ill seeH eauty in the for"# re"e" er that the one $ho !onte"plates it# the soul# has no for" ut only feelings. 6)( -he highest "ountain is not the one $hi!h has the greatest height ut the one $ho !annot e !on?uered. 6)) 6hat good it is to e in the "ost pea!eful area of nature if the nature of your soul is in a perpetual stor"X 6)* Respe!t is the desired and a!!epted "odesty $ithout $hi!h the a!H one of so!iety $ould reaH.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6)5 6e all dan!e the tango of life $ith the $orld# until $e understand that everything $as a "ere illusion $ith a given purpose. 6)6 Dod is the only $ho !an understand the in!o"prehensi le rooted in Hno$ledge. 6)7 6ithout Hno$ledge you $ould not Hno$ $hat the "eaning and not even the in!o"prehensi le is. 6)8 Cno$ledgeOs guiding light lies in Dod. 6)' E1isten!e $ithout Hno$ledge $ould not e1ist# so that is $hy Hno$ledge e!o"es e1isten!e. 6)9 %eing una$are of the e1isten!e does not "ean that it does not e1ist. 6): If the root of Hno$ledge does not Hno$ the e1isten!e# it "eans that there is no Hno$ledge at all. 6*( -he li"it et$een a truth and an untruth is the Hno$ledge# and $ithout Hno$ledge oth $ould disappear. -hat is $hy neither !an e the A solute -ruth# $hi!h is eyond all understanding# eing the root of Everything. 6*) -he "ost destru!tive $ave is one that leaves the deepest "arHs on the shores of your soul. ',

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6** 9o not trust anything "ore than yourself e!ause your Dod d$ells only inside you. 6*5 5appy is he $ho drinHs the $ater of "odesty e!ause nothing in this $orld !an e greater than his o$n soul. 6*6 6isdo" does not pair $ell $ith pride and opulen!e e!ause eing $ise "eans to have the $hole $orld at your feet $ithout ever feeling the need to e praised y anyone. 6*7 7any seeH the gold of happiness in the pre!ious "etal earing that na"e# $ithout understanding that self+!ontent"ent is the greatest happiness in this $orld. 6*8 E1perien!e is a t$o+edged s$ord/ Hno$ledge and forgetfulness# $hi!h instead of !utting you $ith one of the edges# it $ill sting you at !ertain "o"ent $hen you least e1pe!t it. 6*' 5as the !old ever fro2en the heat of the soulX 6*9 6hat $ould $e do $ithout the tears of loveX 6*: 6ould the $orld e etter if $e Hne$ $hy $e Hno$X >0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 65( Aisten to your soul and tell "e if it ever yelled at yourself $ithout you deserving itX 65) -he !loser you $ill find yourself to the tips of so!ial hierar!hy# the deeper $ill the gap et$een you and truth $ill e!o"e. 65* Only true loveOs anH $ill never !ollapse. 655 5o$ flo$ers fight for eauty through !olor# "an fights for eauty through hierar!hy. 656 9o not $aste your ti"e looHing for $ings $hen you !an fly $herever you $ant $ith your soul. 657 -he one that !ries after the $orld of e"ptiness rese" les it. 658 5o$ $ould this $orld looH liHe if great loves $ould not leave deep tra!es in the soulX 65' 6here else to hide fro" ti"e if not in your heart $hi!h transfor"s your past into the futureX 659 -he naHedness of drea"s is only the su stan!e of thoughts. 65: 9o not ury your o$n soul $ith pride and infatuation e!ause only these $ill re"ain after the dust fro" $ithin you $ill return to the dust of $orld. >1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 66( 9o not hide fro" fear if you $ant to "aster it. 66) Aove your fear in order to e happy. 66* 6ould Earth e as eautiful $ithout !loudsX 665 No "an is insignifi!ant. Ea!h has its o$n an!estors $hi!h are redu!ed to the sa"e !o""on an!estor. 666 -he for!e of a "an should !o"e first fro" his an!estors. 667 -he love of your an!estors is the 9ivine Aight of your soul. 668 5o$ "any souls din not e1perien!ed great loves# ho$ "any have gone through life for you to e1ist todayX Can you still e an insignifi!ant eingX 66' -he !olors of rain o$ are righter for the eliever in the light. 669 Even great thinHers had their s"all thoughts. 66: 9e"o!ra!y is the read of 5ierar!hy. 67( 9o not !onfer $ith life e!ause her only !ounsel $ill e e"ptiness. AsH death $hether it is $orth living. 67) %elieve the one $ho says that he Hno$s $hat he is doing# e!ause he has no other option. >2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 67* -he !li"a1 of en"ity lies in the one hidden hi"self. 675 No ody !an e a ove hi"self. 676 Nothing !an e "ore painful than torture of the soul nailed to the !ross of love. 677 6hen you stare at this $orld I $onder if Dod !an forget. 678 -he truest $ord is the one not spoHen. 67' -he hair of your 9estinyOs eauty is shattered y the $ind of death of a -i"e of good fortune fro" eing in this $orld $ithout lu!H. 679 -i"e has revolted fro" so "u!h Illusion of Aife that it rained only $ith vain hopes over the $isdo" $hi!h vested death. 67: 6e are !onstantly a tear of drea" eyond ourselves. 68( 4ain and 9estiny are the t$o di"ensions of this $orld transfor"ed in spa!e and ti"e y the Illusion of Aife. 68) 6ho Hno$s ho$ "any rain o$s of -i"e $ill pass until I $ill "eet your eyes fro" eyond life. 68* Aet "e e alone $ith "yself and do not insult "y disillusion any "ore $ith the rusted leaf of the love of your life. >(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 685 6e are the ash ste""ing fro" the !reation oven $hi!h urns the love of fathers for us. 686 5o$ "any flo!Hs $ill streaH the sHy of "y life sear!hing for death y the hands of 9estinyX 687 -he tra!es of drea"s are tears of a$aHening. 688 -ell "e ho$ "any $ords have you fed $ith your heartX 68' I understand you# angel of death# as you are our only destination# $here life $ill re"ain $ithout 9estiny. 689 I $ill tighten you in the ar"s of "y future to find us again in the eternity $ithout past of death. 68: I elieved in the starlight sHy of your soul a ove "ore than in "y star and I got lost fro" "yself ut also fro" our star. 6'( 6hy !an only the drea" give irth or Hill# offer or loveX 6') 5o$ !lassi!al is death for ea!h of us $hen it e!o"es a life destination pattern. 6'* %elieving in the Illusion of Aife# thus living our life. 5ere is one "agi! for"ula to happiness. >&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6'5 All your lifeOs $ords are a sno$ all that is rolling in!essantly to$ards the fiery furna!e of death. 6'6 Only your eyes are deeper than the entire 8niverse together. 6'7 I $as not $rong $hen I $anted to grasp the !igarette s"oHe saying ho$ "u!h I love you. 6'8 Only in your hand I have found the tren!hes of rivers fro" $hi!h to drinH the $ater of life. 6'' No ody and nothing in this $orld $ill su!!eed in separating the sa"e Dod pla!ed $ithin t$o souls. 6'9 Roses are "ore eautiful $hen they sting e!ause only thus you !an feel their greatness. 6': Gorget the $orld if you $ant to understand yourself. 69( -he line of "y lifeOsO hori2on lies in your heart. 69) I have reRe!ted any !onta!t $ith so"e !old $ords not to get si!H. 69* Bou donOt tell "e $here to go e!ause $e all have the sa"e path to$ard death.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 695 No ody Hno$s pre!isely $here he !o"es fro"# to e a le to find out $hy he $alHs. 696 I have drea"ed of the light of your star in the night of "y soul and this is ho$ I understood $hy I love you. 697 Even if the fire steps of the -i"e leave deep tra!es in our souls they !an never trash the "ira!le of "e"ory for $hi!h $e e1ist. 698 No !louds forgive their drops $hen they e1tinguish the fire of love. 69' 6e have re orn fro" the ashes of our o$n salvation liHe a 4hoeni1. 699 Al$ays go eyond "yself if you $ant to "eet "e. 69: Aeave the sin alone e!ause there is no fault in itself that it e1ists. 6:( 6hen our star $ill shine eyond any death# spa!e or ti"e you $ill understand that $e have never lived life ut the "o"ent. 6:) I $ill turn the fa!e of longing to the hori2on of your tired heart of the red !louds of $hat pro"ises to e $ind !louds of fulfill"ent. 6:* Allo$ "y vanity of life to run for the o!ean of death inside "e. >>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6:5 9o not $orry $hen the ran!h that unites our destinies is roHen under the $eight of our thoughts e!ause it is heading to the sa"e death as $e do. 6:6 -here is no "isunderstood "eaning e!ause even that is also a "eaning# ut $ith another sense. 6:7 6hy does the !old of your ga2e urn any $ord not !overed enough y "y soulX 6:8 5o$ does -i"e sing the ro"anti! song of eternal love $hen he "in!es eternityX 6:' 6ear the $isdo" "ap $ith you not to $re!H the $aves of regret on the lost shore. 6:9 -here is no "an truly happy his $hole life ut only a "an truly lived y life. 6:: 9o not let the i!e of the $ords flood your tear of longing. 7(( 6e all have different goals $hi!h $e $ant a!hieved in life# forgetting that life has his goal in death. 7() At first you $ill find eauty in yourself and only then outside of you. 7(* 5o$ever strong you $ill $rap yourself up $ith the eyelids you $ill never forget the !oldness of so"e feelings. 7(5 -o $ho" !an you say out of no$here a out the !learest sense of your life# if not to >*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION the !allous pal"s of the deathOs $ings flight to no$here. 7(6 6hi!h "irror !an e livelier than the gloss of a laHe of suffering as full of the s$eat of this e1isten!e as it overflo$sX 7(7 9o not $orry a out anything e!ause even this is destined to you through death. 7(8 5as anyone !o"e to understand the "eaning of the $orld stu!H in her o$n 9estinyX 7(' Ea!h train has its path and every life# its death. 7(9 -he nu" er of days of life is up to death. 7(: -he $eary to rest# the living to live# ut the dead !an still dieX 7)( 5o$ "u!h differen!e is et$een "e and the one outside "e that often I !o"e to $onder $ho I a"X 7)) 6herever you go you still have to !o"e a!H# eside death. 7)* 6hy are there !ata!lys"sX Gor even DodZs $ords to this $orld shudder. 7)5 I $ill sit in the ar"s of the light of your eyes in order to ga2e at the infinite stars $ithin you. 7)6 Never tou!h death if you $ant to live. >)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7)7 I $ould give you a ou?uet of love fro" the flo$ers of "y heart $hi!h $ill never fade. 7)8 9o you $ant to Hno$ the true "eaning of our purpose in this $orldX AooH at the loneliness and asH yourself if it is good. 7)' No one is anyone ut if he $as not orn to die. 7)9 I $andered on the shore of your ga2e and tried to understand the flight of the seagulls of so"e thoughts into oundlessness $anting to understand $hy $e live in the $orld of illusory hori2ons. 7): -he instin!t of life has the supre"e defender/ 9eathW 7*( I steer in the fateOs drift illu"inated y the light of your eyes# trying to find our loveOs great guiding lighthouse# in the night of feelings lea!hed y the s"allest hopes of eing together. 7*) -he est path is the one you love. 7** Not the feast of a !ere"ony is i"portant ut the "eaning of the holiday to !hange so"ething $ithin us. 7*5 6ithout !ele rations $e $ould e poorer and $e $ould lose our !onne!tion $ith the sa!red inside us. >,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*6 In the "o"ent of our eternal love your ga2e is a !ele ration. 7*7 -he gift is the ridge to freedo" to e $ith ea!h other. 7*8 Al$ays re"e" er your an!estors e!ause they are $ho you are today. 7*' 9o not !onfront your 9estiny e!ause you $ill fa!e yourself. 7*9 -he heat of $ords !annot e $atered $ith the rain of silen!e e1!ept through love. 7*: Aet the sun flood your heartOs $indo$# to vanish the darHness $ithin you $ith the da$n of love. 75( Dod# I $onder ho$ "any thorns $e need for you to save usX 75) 9o not s!atter the grain of the $ord e!ause it !an sprout announ!ing the spring of your purpose in this $orld. 75* 5e $ho is $ithout sin !annot e orn in the $orld of sin left y the Dod of loveW 755 9o not shout eyond yourself e!ause you $ill not e understood either $ay. 756 No "atter ho$ far you travel defying all spa!e and ti"e# inside yourself it $ill al$ays e the furthest. 757 6hi!h petal in the flo$er of your soul $ill not die in the fall of o livionX *0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 758 Never trust the !lothes of 6ord e!ause they !an e as "isleading as a "anZs !lothes. %elieve only in the soul of the 6ord. 75' 5o$ fast life sets ehind the drea" star of death. 759 -he senti"ental li22ard of life e!o"es the inner fire that urns "y soul at the gate of our great love. 75: Aet ti"e say anything e!ause all things that are his are passing. 76( So"e are Hept alive only y the envy of vanity that urges the" to revenge on fulfilled E"ptiness. 76) 6oe to he $ho does not Hno$ the e1a!t ti"e of his o$n life. 76* E"ptiness and Nonsense are the greatest peaHs of this $orld. 6hi!h is the highestX 765 AooH at a !orpse and asH yourself $here the vast grandeur of life isX 766 -he differen!e et$een "anHind and hu"anity is liHe that et$een life and death. 767 -he fello$s of "anHind e1ist# ut the fello$s of hu"anity live togetherW 768 -here are no nu" ers $hose origin !an start $ithout one# as there is no Dod $ho !annot e One and y Chan!e. 6hose *1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION loneliness should $e "ourn over DodOs or "anOsX 76' 5ear the ring of the !lo!H of your soulOs nature. 769 6hat !ould there e in the Hingdo" of death that !an e Hno$n $ith !ertainty in this $orldX 76: Everything that has a ti"e of its o$n $ill die. 77( Even -i"e is orn as any Rourney that heads into death together $ith its ti"e. 77) Only the li"it of the $ill !an openly tell you $ho you are in this $orld of sin. 77* 6hi!h sphin1 does not have his stone s!ulpted y the $ind of "o"ents and $hi!h "an is not eroded y -i"eX 775 Near -i"e you are !ertain of death. 776 Only sunrise !an ring sunset to itself and sunset !an ring sunrise again. 777 No "atter ho$ hot the su""er $ill e# it is !loser to autu"n than $inter is. 778 5o$ is it possi le that this $orld never gets tired y !arrying so "u!h vanity and sinX 77' I already "iss the "o"ent of your light# to feel the s"ell of your "e"ories hay# "o$ed y o livion. *2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 779 AsH your loneliness the reason for $hi!h ea!h of us has his o$n $orld of 9estinyX 77: 6hy does longing hurt in the $orld of sinX 78( 6ho $as "istaHen# Dod or "yself# $hen $e rea!hed the $orld of sin# that is e!o"ing also "y o$nX 78) Even the one $ho does not sear!h his $ay !an $alH the sa"e good path as the one $ho o stinately sear!hes for it. -hey oth $ill find the sa"e death. 78* It depends on death $hether you have truly lived your life or not. 785 5o$ "u!h lood $ill still flo$ into the veins of 9estiny of this sinful $orldX 786 Everything that has a 9estiny $ill die. 787 6ho is the one that has an i""ortal 9estinyX 788 -here is no i""ortal 9estiny e!ause it eventually has to e fulfilled. 78' An i""ortal 9estiny is an unfulfilled one. 789 Gor a 9estiny to e fulfilled in i""ortality is liHe one $ill a!!ept that i""ortality is a !on!lusion and thus it has an ending. *(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 78: Silen!e has so"eti"es the strongest voi!e. 7'( -he highest flight is only inside you. 7') None of the eauties of this $orld are $orth as your heart is. 7'* No "atter ho$ eautiful are the $onders of the $orld# they !an never rea!h the feet of the greatest love stories. 7'5 Illogi! is logi!s pedestal. 7'6 Dod# ho$ "u!h sHy does this sinful $orld haveX 7'7 Dod# only the prayers peniten!e !an save usX 7'8 6hat has een efore the $orld $ill e1ist after it as $ell. 7'' A solute -ruth is the differen!e et$een reality and illusion. 7'9 -ruth is the slate on $hi!h 6ord is $riting itself. 7': Only Dod !an say I to any of us. 79( 6e are orn only to tra"ple under our feet the $orld of sin our entire life# heading ea!h one in different dire!tions only to "eet together the sa"e death. 79) 4lease# love# leave "y 9estiny in your soul. 79* Gear is the reath of life. *&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 795 5o$ e"pty $ould $e e if $e did not !over our soul $ith the dust of irthX 796 Earth eing round !ould e a si"ple a!!identX 797 -he pain of the soul !an only e treated $ith a soul. 798 Nothing heart deeper than love. 79' Bou have een a hope of "y lifeOs drea"# lost in the "ist of this $orldOs vanity. 799 6hat !an e "ore i"portant than $aHing up fro" the drea" of lifeX 79: En!ountering you# I have drea"ed this life eside you# and this is $hy you have e!o"e the great love of "y life. 7:( 9o you re"e" er $hen I loved you eyond infinityX I didnOt elieve then that infinity !an e so i""ense. 7:) I "iss your eyes and the eautiful "o"ents fro" DodOs 6ord a out you. 7:* Eternity is a si"ple ghost in relation to the !lear sHy in your eyes. 7:5 -here is so "u!h !lear sHy inside "e that I al$ays hope for a great loveOs stor". 7:6 6hat $e "en $ould do $ithout deathX Or $ithout the love to sho$ us the path eyond deathX *'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7:7 -here is no greater poverty than ignoran!e. 7:8 If I did have to !hoose the "ost pre!ious gift et$een spa!e and ti"e# I $ouldnOt# ut instead I $ould thinH of the 6ord of Dod $ho thought of oth only for the Illusion of Aife. 7:' If every spoHen $ord $ould e a drop# up to $here $ould the $ordsO o!ean e and $hi!h shores of language $ould it $ashX 7:9 Only $ith yourself you !an learn to die. 7:: I have fatigued "y loneliness liHe a pie!e of paper !reased y 9estiny only to e a le to "eet so"e$here in ti"e. 8(( 6ho has given us the $ord of Dod in the $orld of sinX Aife and 9eath. 8() Could have the 6ord of Dod een "istaHen $hen he pronoun!ed the $orld of sin# !ould have Dod een "ore ignorant than the future Satan $ho $ould e orn fro" 5is !reationX 8(* -he longest life is not the one $hi!h is long# ut the one $hi!h hurts the "ost. 8(5 Nothing !an e shinier than the 9ivine Aight inside your soul. 8(6 Bour heart $ill never tell you to eat your 7o"ent# ut it $ould do it itself. *>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8(7 -he one $ho does not elieve in sunset $ill "iss the "eaning of the sunrise. 8(8 6e are a $orld of arriers $hi!h are ere!ted et$een us# ut also inside us# Heeping us a$ay fro" ourselves. 8(' 4leasure is often a pendant of "ore or less hidden horror. 8(9 Bou are the $o"an of "y drea"s fro" the drea" of life# ut I a" not sure $hi!h of these drea"s are real. 8(: Aisten to your 7o"ent and never elieve in -i"e. 8)( Aife needs "eaning and this is $hy it $ill never e1plain us death. 8)) 6hi!h flo$er !an e "ore eautiful than your eyes $hen they !ry over the light that $ashes their hopes $ith the fulfill"ent of eing togetherX 8)* I $ill s!rea" eyond "yself to e heard y the un$ords of your ga2e. 8)5 6e are a $orld of the Q6hyXI ?uestion. 8)6 I !an feel you ne1t to "e even $hen you live in the flo$ers of apples fro" "y "e"ory. 8)7 Only the stars Hno$ $hy the 8niverse of our drea"s is so darH. **

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8)8 Ne1t to you autu"n e!o"es spring# and the rust+!olor of our feelings transfor"s itself into the unspoHen uds of love. 8)' -here is no river ro!H that $as not $ashed y the river. 8)9 Aife flo!Hs !over autu"nOs hori2ons[ death !overs itself $ith the illusions of life. 8): 9rea"Os real na"e is Hno$n only y Dod. 8*( Only your heart !an Hno$ ho$ loody the hori2on of your lifeOs love is. 8*) 9o not !o"plain a out life# ut a out the sleep you live drea"ing this $ay. 8** It is i"possi le for "e to understand the stor" aroused in your soulOs o!ean $hi!h $as separated of its eternal pea!e. 8*5 Only the one $ho has never s$a" in a tear does not understand $hat love is. 8*6 6ill I ever des!end in the station $here the "eaning of "y soul livesX 8*7 Open the $indo$ of souvenir not to let ti"e !arry you eyond yourself. 8*8 Only the li erty of Hno$ledge !an reveal the sadness of not eing free. 8*' -he "ost pre!ious thought is the one that allo$s you to e $ith yourself. *)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8*9 If hope $ould disappear# $hat $ould e left to "anX 8*: 4hilosophy is a religion $here 7essiah $ill !o"e al$ays and forever $ithout rea!hing the station of this $orld. 85( Co$ardi!e is the honor of lie. 85) Gor!e is su dued to intelligen!e only if it is understood. 85* 6ith $hat else !an "an sit at his o$n silen!eOs ta le other the $ill of his Illusion of AifeX 855 6hat Christ $ould have done $ithout his CrossX 856 9id anyone asH in the station of fate $hy does the lifeOs train go around so "u!h until it finds deathX 857 -he suffering that see"s eternal is not the "ost !on!erning# ut the fa!t that $e do not Hno$ if all this suffering $ill e so"eho$ re$arded in so"e $ay. 858 9oes happiness $ithout pain ever e1istX 85' Aeave the fire in your heart urn and e!o"e an eternal star of the love fro" $hi!h it $as orn. 859 -here is no other "edi!ine for the heart than love and its reverse/ hateW *,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 85: 9id so"eone rea!h the ta le of eternity and has !o"e a!H fullX 86( -here is no language that $ill not grind $ords liHe there is no salvation that $ill not grind sins. 86) 9id so"eone find the end of his strength outside his o$n soulX 86* 7an is invin!i le through his soul. 865 -here is no greater !reation to "an than 7an. 866 If "anOs Dod $ould not have hu"an for"# "an $ould definitely e happier e!ause he $ill e for!ed to sear!h the for" of his o$n Dod# forgetting the 5ierar!hy of suffering through $hi!h "an is saved and e!o"es his o$n Savior. 867 Suffering is this $orldOs greatest erudite. 868 6riting is the art of "u""ifying $ords. 86' 5o$ far is Dod $hen you are happy and ho$ !lose is 5e $hen you are in pain. 869 If "an $ill !hange the fa!e of Dod in the future# fro" a hu"an fa!e into a nature fa!e# $ith its varied lands!ape# then he $ill !li" another step to find the path of reverting and getting !lose to his o$n self. )0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 86: -he one $ho tries to live his life no "atter $ith $hat !ost forgets that life also tries to live hi". 87( 6hat $ould Hno$ledge do $ithout truthX 87) -he true truth or false. %oth are truths. 87* A $orld so!iety $ithout ra!ial or ethni! dis!ri"inations is a too eautiful drea" for the so !alled glo ali2ation $here the ones $ho !a"e to steal# "urder# lie and $ho "ystify the truths of history $ant to taHe their share. 875 6orld is a great "ystifi!ation. 876 In the na"e of de"o!ra!y $ere !o""itted the "ost detesta le "assa!res# and in the na"e of faith the "ost s!andalous hu"an rutali2ation fro" all ti"e. 877 If hu"anHind didnOt Hno$n de"o!ra!y and religion# it $ould have een far "ore evolved that it is today. 878 -he ridge et$een Dod and the 9evil is !alled de"o!ra!y. 87' -he one $ho !ounts his years $ill never live the life of his o$n "o"ent. 879 ReligionOs $orth is that it de"onstrates "an his uselessness in front of a Dod $ho )1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION $as "istaHen to !reate a $orld $hi!h $ill Hno$ the sin and the 9evil. 87: No "atter ho$ ig $orshipers of Dod are the priests# 9evil is still the one to give the" food e!ause $ithout 9evil# the elievers $ould not give the" a di"e. 88( Dod "ade "an after 5is o$n i"age for the $ords of the $orld to e after its i"age. 88) 6hat priests $ould do $ithout a 9evil to attle against. 88* -he light of day $ould not e as shiny $ithout the "e"ory of suffering. 885 5o$ $ould this $orld looH liHe if the Illusion of Aife let us drea" $ith good and evil and their other oppositesX 6ould love still e the "ost i"portant attri ute of DodX 886 -he opportunity to e ourselves in this $orld auto"ati!ally "eans opportunis" for the ones that have long ago forgotten $ho they are. 6ouldnOt it e a sha"eX 887 -he to$er of angels $ho $at!h over the 6ord of Dod $hi!h has !reated this $orld e1ists only in the A solute -ruth. 888 If Dod understands us# $e should Hno$ $hy $e Hno$X 88' 5ar"ony is a "easure of ha2ard. )2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 889 Aisten to the $hispers of "o"ents to understand the voi!e of ti"e. 88: No one !an e in your pla!e# e1!ept yourself. 8'( %elieve in the tear of $ords e!ause these never Hno$ ho$ to lie# ut they are lied to y the ones $ho use the" to lie. 8') -he "e"ory of the senti"ental su""er gives the $ar"th of the $inter of loneliness. 8'* 6hy do $e have to $ed the da"nation $ith the sin of this $orldX 8'5 -he true $inner is often the looser not the $inner. 8'6 5o$ $ould the vault of our soul looH $ithout the 9ivine Aight of the stars of !ertain "e"ories that rise fro" the darHness of lonelinessX 8'7 -he entire $orld is "irrored in us# even if its "irror is roHen fro" the irth of the original sin# e!ause roHen glass rings "isfortune. 8'8 Suffering $ipes the "o"ents of ti"e for the "ira!le of eing in this $orld. 8'' Only for Dod there is no "ira!leW 5o$ e"pty 5e should feel. 8'9 5o$ "u!h need do $e# hu"ans# have for a "ira!le# for the unHno$n and ha2ard )(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION e!ause $e do not have the po$er to fa!e 9estiny $ith lu!idity. 8': If the inRured Hne$ that he $ould die to"orro$# $ould he still go thereX 89( If everything $as not fulfilled y 9estiny# ti"e $ould not have a past that !annot e !hanged. 89) 6here is the sHy of your heart or the path of the steps of love that $ants to e fulfilled eyond deathX 89* -he drea" drop of your life !ould not "aHe this $orldOs vanity desert fertile# even if he $atered it. 895 E1perien!e is a sa!rifi!e of this $orldOs drea" and this is $hy $e live fire$orHs urn of alienation until death. 896 Ri!hness is a "easure for insanity as poverty is for vanity[ this is $hy none is re!o""ended. 897 Can a de"o!ra!y e1!lude hierar!hy or !an a hierar!hy e de"o!rati!X 898 -he day is the supre"e attri ute through $hi!h night !an Rustify itself and re!ipro!ally. 89' -he fight et$een good and evil $ould i""ediately !ease on!e good $ill understand evilOs sorro$. )&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 899 -he stig"a of stupidity has e!o"e a royal !ro$n in this $orld full of "eaningless $ords. 89: Only evil !an tell if you did $ell. 8:( Edu!ation is a tattoo of the "ind. 8:) 7anOs freedo" never !o"es fro" s!ien!e or pra!ti!e# ut only fro" faith. 8:* Religion is an illusory path through $hi!h so"e "en try to es!ape death. 8:5 No "atter ho$ sharp a eastOs !la$ $ill e# still the lu!Hiest !la$ $ill tear "ore often the prey. 8:6 6hat $ould art e $ithout ro"an!eX 8:7 In the su""er of the heart# the sun of love urns the greatest. 8:8 6here are the !ardinal points of your soul $hi!h sails adrift in the o!ean of lifeX In deathW 8:' No "atter ho$ hard the 6ord $ill s!old you# no$here $ill you su!!eed in finding "ore "eaning that in his sense. 8:9 %eing !lose to Dod "aHes so"e po$erful and so"e !o$ards# villains and i" e!iles pre!isely e!ause they are gifted $ith a for!e not all $ould have deserved. 8:: -he origin of $orlds is in the 6ord of Dod as the origin of the "ost pitiful soul. )'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '(( -he differen!e et$een east and "an is that the east reaps its prey to satisfy its fi2iologi!al needs# and the "an reaps his prey to satisfy his never plentifully spiritual needs. '() 7an has rea!hed !os"i! spa!e e!ause he su!!eeded in surpassing the east in !ruelty and torture. '(* -he fairest Rudg"ent is the one that does not !ontain anyoneOs right. '(5 6e unRustly !onsider ourselves the lords of this $orld# elieving that if $e "aster !ertain vanities and so!ial hierar!hies $e "aster also the $orld. '(6 6hatever else is left fro" us eside the 6ord of Dod# $hi!h $e have lived $illing or not our entire lifeX '(7 6ill there e any stars left after the Illusion of AifeX '(8 I"age !an repla!e "any $ords# ut the i"age of 5is 6ord !an never repla!e Dod. '(' 6ho "any days do I still have to !arry the Illusion of Aife on the a!H of "y e"otionsX '(9 Only the oppressed Hno$ the sense of the divine for!e and I still $onder $hyX )>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '(: 6e are none happier than the other and this $as the reason for so!ial hierar!hy# to give as the title of less happy# happier# too happy and other happy lists "ore or less itter. ')( 6hat $ould death do $ithout our lifeX ')) -here is no ridge of life to unite t$o shores of death liHe there is no shore of death not separated y the $ater of life. ')* 6e are so alienated fro" ourselves that $e !onsider the Illusion of Aife as our o$n life $ithout Hno$ing $ho $e truly are# fro" $here $e !o"e fro" and $hat really is the death $ho a$aits ea!h of us. ')5 5o$ $ould the $orld of our Hno$ledge looH liHe $ithout nu" ersX It !ould not definitely e ri!her or "ore prosper for the !hosen or da"ned y faith. ')6 -he one that reigns over the Illusion of Aife reigns over the $orld. -his is $hy there is a need for a greater sho$ in $hi!h nu"erous ethi!s and illusory $ell eing "agi!ians !an evolve. ')7 Even if in the future there $ill e only a nation on Earth $ith the !urrent Illusion of Aife# that nation $ill e the "ost "isera le in the entire history e!ause it $ill not Hno$ )*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION any other nation $here to evade y asHing for politi!al asylu". ')8 If the Illusion of Aife disappeared# together $ith it life and death# happiness and sorro$ $ould disappear# eing repla!ed y other pheno"ena that !ould rese" le to the" or not. ')' SHill is the art of Hno$ing ho$ to arrange your pillo$ on $hi!h your past !an sleep freely. ')9 6e are at the da$ns of a ne$ $orld $hi!h does not Hno$ the night fro" $here $e Rust !a"e. '): Re ellion is lifeOs se!ond nature after illusion# through $hi!h life $ants to ?uen!h its 9estiny. '*( E1perien!e sho$s us the path of illusion. '*) -he deepness of a ga2e is not "easured in Hilo"eters ut in profoundness. '** -he sa"e autu"n !o"es over the "ost vigorous grass as over the frailest. '*5 %eastOs instin!t opposes su sisten!e# and "anOs $isdo" to assure his su sisten!e. Could $isdo" e "ore evil than the eastX '*6 All the flo$ers in the $orld do not $orth "ore than an autu"n that Hills the". ))

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '*7 6ithout saints $e $ould e "ore alone# and $ithout us $e $ould e "ore sin!ere. '*8 -ruth !an never e $an at the fortuneOs or e"ptinessO roulette e!ause it divides the" oth. '*' 6hat else $ill re"ain fro" us ut the truth $e never understoodX '*9 6hat $ould $e do $ithout the s"ile of the happinessO angel $ithin our soulsX '*: 6hat else !an this $orld e if not an erudite that lost his Rudg"ent# Rudging the forever insuffi!ient li erty of the soulX '5( Bou $ould never e alone if the Dod inside you understood you. '5) 6ithout elief the entire $isdo" $ould e a shado$ of thoughts. '5* So great is the eauty lost inside us that no "atter ho$ "u!h eauty Earth $ould give us# $e $ould not e happy and $e $ill have to invent original sins or other things aliHe in order to redis!over the Illusion of the Aife that $e live. '55 No one !an Hno$ the truth e!ause $e invented the lie. '56 -he purpose e!a"e a target only $hen life e!a"e a fight. ),

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '57 -he one $ho re"ains near Dod $ants to get !loser to his o$n self. '58 9o not defy the 9ivine Aight of the stars# even if they are fro" the darHness of o livion e!ause neither you !an shine differently in front of the 6ord of Dod. '5' 9o not postpone today for another day e!ause even death does not postpone the date and ti"e dedi!ated to you. '59 -he one $ho distorts the 6ord of Dod is the one $ho has al$ays so"ething to o Re!t to the "otion of this $orld. '5: Never say ho$ hard your life Calvary see"s to you e!ause no ody else !an !li" it in your pla!e to Hno$ ho$ it feels. '6( 6hat else !ould $isdo" e than a dialog $ith the Dod of the 9ivine Aight inside youX '6) Soul# $here do you run# you that have your o$n ti"e in the death that you !an never outrunX '6* Aife is a un!h of thoughts given to a ga2e of this $orld. '65 Aife is a truth that helps us read the pre!ise hour on the dial of deathOs $at!h.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '66 -he post"an of happiness is none other than -i"e# no "atter ho$ "any $rinHles it $ill ring you $ith his re ellious years. '67 I a" no$ "ore lost in thought $hen I $ant to get rid of thoughts then I $as $hen I $anted the". '68 E1isten!e is a dust in the eyes of eternity. '6' Only tears !annot have their o$n tears $hen they !ry. '69 4lease tell "e $here does happiness goes e!ause if it goes so"e$here else other than death I $ould liHe to follo$ it. '6: 6ithout the eauty of your ga2e the 9ivine Aight e!o"es a urnt !inder at the edge of !ertain $ords forgotten even y their !reator. '7( -here is no s"ile that has not laughed efore. '7) -he !are for our selves "ust start $ith !hara!ter. '7* -he hungriest $olves are the ones surrounded. '75 -aHe !are of lifeOs e"ptiness e!ause you $ill never Hno$ $hat Hind of e"ptiness you $ill find eyond it. '76 Age is "easured in feelings. ,1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '77 7e"ory is longingOs "ost pre!ious aura. '78 Never trust in life# ut in death e!ause is the only one that has never lied. '7' If "an never Hne$ ignoran!e# he $ould never have Hno$ledge. '79 Aisten to your heartOs voi!e $hen you listen to love. '7: Reason is not !o"pati le $ith love# liHe neither !an Hno$ledge stay at the sa"e ta le of happiness $ith ignoran!e. '8( In order to e happy first you have to Hno$ your happiness# and e!ause Hno$ledge is ased on truth and $e $ill never Hno$ the a solute truth# it is easy to understand $hy $e $ill never Hno$ true happiness. '8) Never get to far a$ay fro" your soulOs eyes e!ause you "ight get lind seeing $ith so"eone elseOs. '8* -o e a stranger to you "eans efore everything to reali2e ho$ "u!h you have to Hno$ in order to travel through the entire unHno$n. 6ill $e then ever find the stranger lost inside usX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '85 -he li"it of Hno$ledge lies in ignoran!e and the li"it of $isdo" in the pea!e et$een soul and suffering. '86 -here !an never e "ore hopes than the ones !reated y your o$n needs. '87 6hi!h serenity $ill not re!eive its !louds so"e day and $hi!h life its deathX '88 Stop the "o"ent and try to understand the sense of your o$n e1isten!e. 6ill you ever su!!eed $ithout loveX '8' 4rophet is the one $ho speaHs the "ost profound sense of the 6ord through silen!e and not the one $ho $ill speaH "any $ords# $hose A solute -ruth you $ill never understand. '89 6isdo" is a urden for your o$n self. '8: If suffering never e1isted# $e $ouldnOt surely need nu" ers and listings. ''( AiHe there is no sunrise of the ga2e that $ill not set# there is no da$n of happiness to hide ehind the o livion "ountain forever. '') 6hi!h star is greater than the grain of sand efore eternityX ''* 6e all "issed at the distri ution of the eternity $hen $e $ere gifted $ith life. ''5 No$here else $ill there e a "ore po$erful light than in the heart of darHness. ,(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ''6 -here is no righter soul than the one $ho aspires to the 9ivine Aight of his love fro" the "ost profound darHness of despair. ''7 6here $as DodOs ethi!s $hen 5e left sin into this $orldX CouldnOt it have een etter to !reate a $orld $ithout sins and $ithout the possi ility to e !heated y 9evilX 9idnOt 5e Hno$ $hat $as to !o"eX -hen this is serious. ''8 -he $ise ploughs the field of Hno$ledge on the land of the Illusion of Aife to plant the seeds of ignoran!e# and the s!ien!e "an ploughs the land of ignoran!e to plant the seeds of Hno$ledge. 6ho is !orre!tX ''' 6hat star $ill eternally shine fa!ing the death of its o$n 8niverse fro" the 6ord said $hen resurre!ting the thought of DodX ''9 Only happiness !an Hno$ the suffering of in!arnation. '': 9o not thro$ your suffering e!ause you $ill never Hno$ $hat happiness you $ill re!eive in e1!hange. '9( 9id anyone Ru"p further than his o$n thoughtX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '9) 7ad is the one $ho $ants a solute happiness not Hno$ing that a solute suffering is ne!essary to have it. '9* Only $hen having the last it of hope you $ill thanH your o$n 9estiny that he left the Dod inside of you free. '95 If ti"e $as a "irror to reaH in a thousand pie!es# $hi!h one !ould e your "o"entX -he one in $hi!h you $ill re!ogni2e yourself or the one in $hi!h you !ould not looH at your o$n i"ageX '96 6e all $ant to get on top of the "ountain na"ed hierar!hy $ithout Hno$ing that fro" there $e $ould not have any$here else to go and $ill e for!ed to des!end. '97 6hat drea" !an paint the reality of the "o"entX '98 6here do the $ings of eternity taHe "e"oryX '9' -here is no po$erful fire that the Hiss of longing. '99 AifeOs greatest fulfill"ent is the death it $as orn for. '9: -here is too "u!h !old fro" ourselves in this $orld. ':( 5ope is food for the drea" of life. ,'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ':) -he $orld ends $ith every one of us if $e forget everything. ':* Courage al$ays drives you to e yourself# ut the reality of your lifeOs drea" taHe you further a$ay. ':5 9onOt sell your s"ile for the o livion "oney e!ause $hen you $ill thinH $hy you lived in this $orld you $ill not re"e" er anything. ':6 6hat flo$er does not $ant eautyX ':7 Aisten to ti"e $hen it steps over the "e"ories and tell "e $hose footsteps are sightingX 7e"oriesO or -i"eOsX ':8 At the ta le of Aife no 9estiny has een predestined to understand itself. ':' 9o not forget# the $ar"th of ga2es $as given to "elt the i!e in the $ords often spoHen $ithout reason. ':9 -he differen!e et$een a $ord and a say is the Dod that "ade the 6ord. ':: -he ga2eOs true loneliness is $hen it does not find itself in AoveOs 9ivine Aight. 9(( All passes# even the $orld of your drea"s $ith all e1isten!e# and your Illusion of Aife that here $ill al$ays e so"ething is all that is left. ,>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 9() 5appiness is the drea" you leave and fro" $hi!h you $ill $aHe up dire!tly into the death liHe fro" a night"are or liHe an unforgetta le drea". 9(* An eyelid of drea"ing over an eyelash of light of the in!arnated 6ord of Dod. -his is $hat you are. 9(5 No one !an e a ove the Dod fro" hi"self. 9(6 -he senses are the de!aying gate of lifeOs drea". 9(7 I adore you# angel of eauty !alled 9eath# you $ho give life all its shining. 9(8 Bou $ill find pea!e no$here else than in death e!ause lifeOs essen!e is its o$n an1iety. 9(' 6hat $ave $as not roHen and $hi!h future does not have a pastX 9(9 Our loveOs "oon has e!o"e the sun of the night fro" $hi!h $e re"e" er the silver of Hisses under the gate of a 9estinyOs s"ile. 9(: Nothing !an e sadder than even the 6ord in $hi!h $e have hidden the deaf hopes of our hearts is free2ing. 9)( Ro"an!e is hu"an soulOs $orld seven $onder. ,*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 9)) Original sin !a"e only $hen $e $ere lost fro" feelings. 9)* Aord# ho$ "u!h ti"e has the 6ord in!arnated fro" Bou to endure in this $orld of e"ptinessX 9)5 I prefer a single glan!e instead of a thousand $ords. 9)6 -he "ore "aterial $ealth you $ant# the "ore you fill yourself $ith spiritual poverty. 9)7 Dra!e is the gift of DodZs 6ord. 9)8 AifeOs instin!t is all that separates us fro" ourselves as souls of a solute and infinity. 9)' 6ho !an understand $hy $e need a irth and a life efore deathX 9)9 6hat differen!e !an it e et$een the nature of the soul and the nature that surrounds usX 9): I elieved in the a solute of your ga2e until I understood that even loveOs 9ivine Aight !an e !hained y the dust of the ody $ho so often $ants to e profane. 9*( If $e didnOt live et$een the li"its of good and evil# $ould $e then still live Hno$ing DodX 9*) If Dod is uni?ue# is he aloneX ,)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 9** Could this $orld elong to the Dod of "anX 9*5 6e live in the vain $orld of !o"pro"ise. 9*6 6hat other than the highest step of perdition !an "ean the top of hierar!hy in this $orld of perditionX 9*7 -he one that has e" ra!ed even on!e a $hisper of love $ill lose the darHness of his soul forever. 9*8 5as anyone !aught in his fists at least a splinter of his lifeOs ti"eX 9*' %eing ne1t to your heart "eans to e ne1t to Dod. 9*9 9o not hide fro" yourself e!ause you $ill never find yourself any$ay. 9*: 9esperation is a ad "arH re!eived y your o$n 9estiny at the s!hool of $isdo". 95( 5as there ever een a desperate eruditeX 95) 9o not elude yourself and do not elude the illusions of this $orld e!ause they are already eluded y the death that a$aits you. 95* As you $ill never Hno$ $hat the first or the last "eans in the 8niverse# you $ill never find out $hat you really "ean. 955 -here is no sno$ of hopes that $ill not "elt fro" the heat of the ti"e of o livion. ,,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 956 -he solitude of sadness !an often e the only real "easure of the unHno$n inside you. 957 5o$ "any $ings have !rossed the sHy of your heart and ho$ "any there are still insideX 958 Every flo$er has its autu"n. 95' 5o$ is the dust of your ody "ore different than the dust of $ords that are lost in the distan!e of the alien soul fro" inside youX 959 Only eyond life !an there e the greatest re!overy of yourself. 95: -o not elieve in happiness "eans to have no sense in the $orld of our vanity. 96( Aife $ants to e a poe" of happiness $hose verses are !ertainly lost only in death. 96) 6hat $ould this $orldOs entire happiness do $ithout deathX 96* If $e havenOt Hno$n the possi ility to say \noO $ould $e have ever su!!eeded to agree $ith anythingX 965 Could $e all e DodOs "artyrs only e!ause $e $ere orn into su!h a $orldX 966 6ithout vanity and suffering $ould there e san!tityX 100

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 967 I elieve that any other thing $ould have een etter instead of this $orld of e"pty illusion. 968 6hat fire does not have its life and $hat life its o$n fireX 96' Aet the $orld dri22le its e"ptiness at the "ill of the a surd e!ause it is starving after the nothingness dough. 969 6hat thought $as not thought# $hat life had not lived or $hat death had not died in the 6ord of DodX 96: Never looH for your happiness e!ause even this is $ritten efore you lived in your destiny so that you !an die $ithout ever Hno$ing $hy. 97( -ell "e a nu" er that is not part of a listing in a hierar!hyW 97) Aife is an a surd repetition efore the sho$ given y death to E1isten!e. 97* 9o not fight the $ind"ills of your ti"e if you do not $ant to eat only the read of vanity sieved y the". 975 Ea!h ti"e I see the !louds urned y the fire of the day I asH the" $hy they !annot !ry $ith the tears of the rains inside the". -hey see" to e the i"age of an o tuse pain 101

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION that any tear $ill have the !ourage to flood the "e"ory of a dried out love. 976 Aet the sHy pour his entire serenity in your ga2e if you $ant to understand $hat love is. 977 Never looH for a sense in love. 978 Never forget that even the "ost fulfilled day $ill end $ith a sunset. 97' A!!ept your 9estiny e!ause et$een you and Dod "ust e an understanding. 979 Se1 !an never e love e!ause love is the supre"e for" of sa!red# is its san!tity liHe se1 is the san!tity of profane. 97: -he petals of depth that spring fro" the light of your destiny urge "e to understand even the unHno$n in the love that e1isted until no$. 98( Bour loneliness is the only !oin that on!e given $ill !hase a$ay the otherOs solitude. 98) Are you tired of the "any "o"ents you $ere "eant to !arry until no$ $ithout eing a le to es!ape in any of the"X -his "eans that you live in vain. 98* -ear off the pages fro" the past !alendar of your "e"ories and thro$ the" 102

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION into the future to ring the" a!H in the present. 985 Oh Dod# $hat shall $e do $ith your heaven if $e are lind to see it and deaf to hear itX 986 6hat $ould $e do if all our $ishes $ere fulfilledX 6ould $e e happier $ithout $ishing anythingX 987 4atien!e is one of the !oins that have to e paid to fulfill"ent. 988 7ost ti"es sadness $ashes a$ay the dirty $ater of the original sin $ithin us. 98' 6hat $ould $e do $ithout original sin and !hur!hes# $ithout priests and sluts[ $ould $e e "ore pureX 989 6e ea!h taHe our 9estiny on its !hosen Calvary# and not the one $e $ould !hoose. 98: 5o$ "any stars e1ist $ithout ever rising on the sHy of our soul# in great love lost y us and ea!h starX 9'( No "atter ho$ deter"ined are you in $hat you do# the de!ision $ill al$ays e "ade y your 9estiny. 9') Aet the star of Aife Illusion rise over all the sighs of this $orld e!ause deathOs sunrise $ill follo$ soon and shine on its vault. 10(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 9'* 6hy e afraid if all that is happening is de!ided efore eing here. 9'5 -he $orld is the "irror of $hat has een efore it. 9'6 %elieve only in the light of love. 9'7 5o$ long $ould $e e1ist if 9estiny $as a sent fro" our lifeOs ta leX 9'8 A life $ithout 9estiny is liHe a sHy $ithout an ar!h# a star $ithout light or a Hno$ledge never Hno$n. 9'' Aet your 9estiny fulfill until the end and do not try to Hill yourself es!aping fro" your o$n $orld. 9'9 5o$ $onderful !an e the "irror of your thoughts laHe# $hi!h refle!ts itself in the lightOs $ater lilies of loveOs unstained $hite. 9': 9estinyOs hostile $ind rings the $aves that erase the entire sa!redness of the i"age of our feelings. 99( -he eauty of the $orldOs hopes is s!attered y the ti"e of !ertain stories that are often un$anted. 99) -he i"age of this $orldOs 9estiny al$ays see"s strange and "ispla!ed. 99* -he $orld is a flag for a surd. 995 -i"e is "issing right fro" eternity. 10&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 996 -he song is the !orolla of i""ortality. 997 -he spell of the $orld disintegrates only through deaths !har"s. 998 6hat life does not !arry its pain and happiness# despair and hopeX 99' Nothing is "ore !ertain to you than your o$n 9estiny. 999 Even the "ost eautiful eyes fade $ithout the 9ivine Aight of Aove. 99: 9o not s$i" against the $ave of your life if you do not $ant to dra$n at the feet of your o$n death $ithout understanding $hy you ever lived. 9:( 6hat $ould $e reathe if air of hope disappeared fro" this $orldX 9:) -ry to deprive you fro" yourself# $ill you su!!eedX 9:* Gorgetting is the healthiest disease. 9:5 -o respe!t life "eans also to respe!t its original sin re!eived y DodOs "istaHe for trusting Satan. 9:6 If you do not respe!t life you $ill never understand Dod. 9:7 A "istaHen# na]ve Dod is still a DodX 9:8 6ould there e a Dod as "anOs i"age if he $erenOt "istaHen $hen !reating "anHind 10'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION he did not anti!ipate that he $ould e de!eived y the future SatanX 9:' AiHe there is no path $ithout a destination# there is no Dod that is the head of everything# e1!ept evil e!ause it $ill e al$ays an e1!use for 5i". 9:9 Even no$here is so"e$here. 9:: %e!ause you are light do not ever e afraid of the darH# ut shine into it. :(( Respe!t your life if you $ant to understand your death. :() Only the hori2on !an Hno$ if so"e ody ever tou!hed it. :(* If you do not sear!h the Dod inside you# you $ill never find 5i". :(5 7any $ant to run fro" the"selves into death $ithout understanding that death liHe life is inside the". :(6 A!!ept the tra!e you left to the past e!ause no future !an $ash it. :(7 6hat $heal $as not "ade to spin and $hat death $as not pre!eded y irthX :(8 6hat $ill you gather fro" the pie!es of your lifeOs "o"ents roHen y 9estiny in front of deathX :(' Is there ti"e or passing $ithout deathX 10>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :(9 6hat root of life $as not !reated fro" the seeds of passing and $hat seeds of love does not have its roots in deathX :(: 9eprive yourself of everything e1!ept love e!ause no "atter ho$ inhu"an Dod $ill e!o"e to you# $hen you $ill understand that 5e !reated love you $ill not e a le to refrain fro" loving 5i". :)( If $e all are nothing in front of Dod# then $hy $ere $e !reatedX :)) I adore the "e"ory of your eyes# $hi!h I thought are the soul of the 9ivine Aight. :)* Only the longing that hurts is longing. :)5 On the shore of hopes# fulfill"ent al"ost never do!Hs. :)6 9o not try to repeat the ti"e of an ended love e!ause it long ago left together $ith the eternity $here love $as hidden. :)7 6hat should I to do to you if you "issed the station of your lifeOs feelings $hen a great loveOs train has stopped at the platfor" of your heart. :)8 6hat $ill e left outside of us in the pla!e of love e1!ept for a dusted "e"ory so"e$here in a !orner of the !e"etery of hopes that $ant to e vain and $ill pass $ith the day of this $orldX 10*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :)' 9o not tell anyone $hat love is e!ause it "eans you never "et it. :)9 Al$ays tell yourself ho$ lonely you are $ithout the Dod of Aove and thus you $ill "eet 5i". :): 9o not delude yourself in elieving in the $orld that does not elieve only in itself# e!ause it $ill never elieve in you. :*( 6hat o!ean does not have its depth and $hat soul does not have the 6ord of Dod fro" $hi!h it $as in!arnatedX :*) No one $ill ever Hno$ $hy he is orn a no ody to die the sa"e $ay. :** AooH at the $ind of "isunderstood $ords ho$ it dissipates the $hirling hair $ith the events of this $orld and understand your hope. :*5 5as anyone defeated hi"self $ithout dyingX :*6 No "atter ho$ "u!h you $ould $ant to e!o"e different after death you $ill still e the sa"e# even $ith the "e"ories of your o$n past. :*7 9id anyone ever !hange his past in order to say that he is deter"inedX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :*8 9o not $aHe the east in "an e!ause it $ill e fier!er than any ani"al haunted y the nature of this $orld. :*' -hro$ a$ay anything hu"an in you to e understood y Dod. :*9 -here is no greater fight than in the oso" of a great love. :*: 6ho $ants to lose a lifeOs earning to understand death that $el!o"es you as naHed as you $ere ornX Only the one $ho is truly !lose to his !reatorOs light. :5( 6hat do you Hno$# $andering soul# ho$ "any "o"ents does your 9estiny spend only to get drunH $ith the $ater of your lifeX :5) Not even your o$n 9estiny elongs to you. It is the tra!e DodOs 6ord left only for you. :5* 6hat are $e other than the dried river ed of DodOs tears trough $hi!h he e1pressed his love "isunderstood y eternityOs void. :55 Gare$ell dear soul $ho elieved in the life of death as I stay in the life $here there is death. :56 Can you stop the $orld fro" its !ra2y RourneyX 10,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :57 6hy $as I orn under the sHy $here the path of paths is deathX :58 Even the soulOs spring e!o"es autu"n $ithout you and the uds of drea"s e!o"e rusty leaves that fall over the !over of a "e"ory "ore and "ore painful. :5' -here is no greater !o"edian than the $orld $e live in. :59 Bouth should e the real old age of the soul and old age its !hildhood. :5: Aove is the 9ivine Aight of death for $hi!h $e $ere orn. :6( Aisten to the voi!e of your heart and asH yourself $hy every "o"ent striHes your 9estiny that should have e!o"e your o$n eternity. :6) 6hat drea" is the truerX -he one of $orldOs hierar!hy or of its salvationX :6* Bou are a petal of ti"e# torn fro" the flo$er !alled Aonging# on!e held in DodOs hand. :65 Could there e "ore stars than "o"ents in the sHy of DodOs 6ordX :66 I do not urge you to elieve in anything# ut if you did not hope $hat $ould e left to youX 110

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :67 6hat opposite does not have its sense and $hat death its o$n lifeX :68 Every drea" sho$s us the i"age of reality fro" $hi!h $e get to understand the illusion as every illusion sho$s us the drea" fro" $hi!h $e understand reality. :6' Ea!h a!!o"plish"ent is a ver that has a su Re!t ehind# as any su Re!t e!o"es the "asterpie!e of a ver . Neither the 6ord of Dod !ould e alone $ith 5is ver . :69 Although $e elieve ourselves to e the "asters of this $orld# $e are only patheti! !reatures e!ause every !reature has its o$n $orld. :6: 9id anyone live this $orld $ith at least a hair fro" the ody he has nourished his entire lifeX :7( 6hat ending did not appear to e its o$n eginningX :7) Bou are the only one $ho !an e the furthest a$ay fro" yourself# as you !an e the !losest. :7* -he proof of e1isten!e is the Illusion of Aife and thus the e1isten!e e!o"es y itself the ody of this illusion. :75 6hat et !an repla!e deathX 111

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :76 At the aptis" of the day never ring stars no "atter ho$ eautiful they are. :77 6hat $ould your eyesO "e"ory do $ithout the angels of the ga2e that virtually a!!o"panied defeating the void of o livionX :78 6hat root $ill not support its treeX :7' I sa$ ho$ !har"ing you are# eautiful fairy of death# you !hase a$ay every pain and past to the asHet of so"e desperate "e"ories that $ill e $ashed y the life $hi!h gave irth to the". :79 Sigh is the frontier et$een the light of hope and the possi le darHness of its unfulfill"ent. :7: 6ho !an understand the in!o"prehensi le $ill Hno$ $hat Hno$ing is. :8( -o elieve "eans efore all to re"e" er. :8) Aisten "ore to the truth of death than to the lies of life. :8* If good and evil did not e1ist# $ould there still e the fight and the life that $e liveX :85 Nothing has value efore death that a$aits you so that life !an fulfill its destiny. 112

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :86 9o not get sad $hen you see the o!!asional runners of this $orldOs opportunis" e!ause they all run to the sa"e destination/ 9eathW :87 Ri!hness is the drug of the Illusion of Aife. :88 Aife is the "adness through $hi!h "ad "en elieve the"selves healthier that the death $ho a$aits the". :8' -here is no opinion that !an e roHen y this $orldOs lie na"ed truth. :89 4raise is the "easure that sho$s you ho$ "u!h it taHes $orld to e!o"e etter. :8: 5o$ "any ri!Hs $ould DodOs 6ord need to add to this $orldOs edifi!e for it to e truly understood y "enX :'( Only the one $ho fights Hno$s he is alive. :') -his $orldOs greatest drea" is the truthW :'* 6ho !an $ash the !ri"es fro" the $orld of DodOs 6ordX :'5 Oh dear Aord# $hat !an $e learn fro" this $orld of the Illusion of Aife# $here truth al$ays re"ains the great unHno$nX :'6 6hat $ould san!tity do $ithout angels and sa!red $ithout DodX 11(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :'7 Dod# Bou are everything# and for us the others fro" outside Everything there is nothing leftX -his is $hy $e are so e"pty and alienated fro" ourselvesX :'8 Ea!h void is a 6hole of its o$n. :'' 5as anyone find the "easure of loveX :'9 -he house of the heart is the only that !an never lo!H the $indo$s of ga2e. :': 6aste is a for" of filling $hat is "issing inside of us. -his is $hy $e are so prodigal. :9( Nothing !an e sadder than seeing the 6ord of our Aove lie in ruins leaning on the o livion fen!e. :9) Any $onder is a hu" le ray fro" the truth that $e should have Hno$n a out us in the Illusion of Aife. :9* Only the one $ho $anders $ill Hno$ ho$ "u!h he does not Hno$. :95 4ain is a !o""a that appears eternal after a ?uestion $ithout ans$er. :96 6hat $ould life do $ithout an intrigue and oth of the" $ithout the 9estiny to te"per the" through deathX :97 6orldOs saying is the IllusionOs of Aife dis!harge# a$are in its su !ons!ious that everything is e"ptiness. 11&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION :98 E"ptiness is Everything that is eyond the Dod $e !onsider to e Everything. -hat "eans usW :9' 6hi!h sno$ of love has not een $hite at the eginning# efore eing a foa"y torrent that destroys everything in its pathX :99 All the EarthOs languages do not e?ual the single 6ord of Dod# that of -o %eW :9: -here is no greater ene"y than your o$n life. ::( Dod !an only e found in you liHe death !an# this is $hy eing afraid of death you are afraid of yourself and Dod. ::) Never de!eive the 6ord of Dod fro" $hi!h you $ere "ade if you do not $ant to de!eive yourself. ::* Aistening to Dod "eans to looH at yourself in the "irror of the $orld and asH yourself if you liHe $hat you see. ::5 -o e "ust e for us to love. ::6 No ody !an stay ehind death. ::7 Only y sa!rifi!e !an $e !o"pare ourselves $ith divinity. ::8 -he "ost terrifying "ust e the unHno$n and nothing "ore# ut the $orld $ould e!o"e hell right a$ay. 11'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ::' AiHe death !an only e defeated through death# the drea" of life !an only e defeated through a drea". -his is $hy the one $ho does not drea" $ill never $in his fight $ith life. ::9 Stay $hat you are e!ause Dod $ill not re!ogni2e any ody else $ith your na"e. ::: %eauty is our o$n ego refle!ted on the eternityOs stars sHy. )((( 6hat !an e "ore eautiful than feeling the i"age of your ody in har"ony $ith your egoX )(() -he for" is the lighting of the Illusion of Aife that refle!ts a tiny pie!e of the truth of light. )((* -he ga2e of the light $ithin us !an e shado$ed only y the de$ of the $ords of love. )((5 6hat else !an the $ater of life e than a tear of this $orldX )((6 Only the drea" !an tell the story of the reality of the light fro" love. )((7 -he one that !an not drea" $aists his lifeOs "o"ents in vain. )((8 No "atter ho$ "any lives you $ere gifted you $ill still need one to !hose your eternal "o"ent of death if you do not love. 11>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )((' Aife is the greatest $aste of $ords. )((9 9eathOs purpose is to die# thus resurre!ting. )((: -he tear of the $ord is the la!H of understanding and this is $hy I asH you not to "aHe $ords !ry. )()( Only the !louds of drea"s !an shado$ the sun of hopes that $ill fall fro" the heartOs sHy into the dust that is left of our tired $ords fro" the age of ea!h 9estiny. )()) 6ho !an asH the lightning of the heart to light the truth of lifeX )()* 6ho !an asH the ?uestion Qto eI to o tain an ans$er for hi"selfX )()5 9o not !over your sight $ith the future that $ill ring death to you# ut see the past that forgets your life. )()6 6hi!h feather does not have its $ing to fly a$ay fro" any itter thought of this $orldX )()7 6hat $ould $e do $ithout the ver to $ant in this $orld $ith an illusory $illX )()8 -he one that loosed the "e"ory of his forgetfulness looses hi"self. )()' 6hy do the steps of !louds e!o"e the rain of drea"s that $ashes the hori2on of this $orldX 11*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )()9 5o$ "u!h need do I have of the roseOs petal "oistened y your ga2eOs tear that has sprouted in the heart of our loveX )(): Aeave all thoughts ehind $hen the soul speaHs to you. )(*( Stor" $as !reated to $ash a$ay ti"e of DodOs "istaHe to !reate this dirty $orld. )(*) Any Hind of life "eans having li"itations e1!ept for love. )(** 4oetry is the fruit of the 9ivine Aight $ithin us. )(*5 -he Hiss is the heart that $ipes a$ay the tear of the distan!e et$een t$o souls. )(*6 6hat train does not have its o$n tra!Hs or $hat 9estiny its o$n lifeX )(*7 -he pea!e of the heart lies in its fortune. )(*8 -he for!e of the $ater of life lies in the $aterfallOs tu" le that !as!ades $ith us to$ards death. )(*' 9ou t is the "o"ent roHen y ea!h of us. )(*9 -he tear is the urning pyre of feeling. )(*: -he entire life $as orn fro" the stor" of eing ourselves ut !onde"ned to al$ays sear!h for us. 11)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )(5( Only the longing !an Hno$ ho$ long !an the "o"ent e. )(5) StriHe "y o livion $ith the "e"ory of the light $ithin you to redis!over "y lost eing. )(5* 7adness is the s"ile of the only truth that !an e1ist in this $orld. )(55 9o not annoy DodOs 6ord $ith ?uestions a out 5i" and the !reation e!ause 5e $ill not ans$er you any$ay. )(56 Chase a$ay depression# a surdity and e"ptiness fro" the $orld and see $hatOs left ehindX NothingW )(57 6ould there e pre!ious stones if love never e1istedX )(58 Nothing is $orth $ithout truth. )(5' 6hat truth !an stand at the ta le of this $orld# the one of life or the one of deathX )(59 Aie is the only Hno$n truthW )(5: 6hat street does not have its steps and $hat steps donOt have their $orldX )(6( -he e" ra!e is the salvation of the stellar dust $ithin us. )(6) -he divine $ithin us has his o$n soul "ate. 11,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )(6* -hrough 6ord and Dod I have "ade the pledge $ith the dust inside us for $hi!h $e $ere orn to die. )(65 No one !an lose anything in this $orld eside illusion e!ause the great loves $ill al$ays e $ith hi". )(66 No s!ulptors in the $orld !ould s!ulpt the $orld liHe Dod did. )(67 7y love# you are a poe" of light $ritten in the se!ret of our love and given to the star in $hi!h $e $ill find eternity. )(68 -o live "eans to e passive or to love. Chose so"ethingW )(6' Fenopho ia is the art of stupidity raised to the ranH of perfe!tion e!ause no one !an e "ore alienated fro" you than your soul. )(69 -he ooH is the odyssey $hi!h the $ord !an go through. )(6: Au!H is the un!overed fa!e of 9estiny. )(7( Ai erty is the "easure tra!ed y death to life. )(7) Nothing is "ore i"portant on this earth than the heart of the "o"ent in $hi!h you $ere "eant to die.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )(7* 6e live in a si!H $orld# si!Hened y the pri!eOs disease e!ause it i"peratively $ants to e pre!ious. )(75 6hat love !an e $ithout the sHy of the feelings pier!ed y the starry nights of !har"X )(76 If you $ere the infinite I $ould stay until I !ontain it for you. )(77 9o you happen to re"ain $ith your life foreverX )(78 Aoneliness is li"it of !o""on sense given y Dod. )(7' Ethi!s is the thing that you should not do fro" $hat the "aRority $ants to do. )(79 Stop ti"e and feel its "o"ent e!ause Rust you live only inside it. )(7: %et$een the na"e and the fa"e lies the Illusion of Aife. )(8( 6ho Hno$s $hat !hur!h is !loser to DodX )(8) 9o not li"it yourself to $anting to Hno$# ut pass eyond to $anting to fell is you truly $ant to Hno$. )(8* 5ate is the slapped fa!e of love. )(85 -he differen!e et$een an illusion and another is only the drea" that $ill vanish $ith the !o"ing of the da$n of death. 121

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )(86 Aisten to the rain of the starOs souls that leave their sHy to get orn here# listen ho$ they hit against the !on!rete of our in!apa!ity to e eternal. )(87 Only death !an Rustly evaluate life. )(88 Only Dod !an profit fro" all the e1!uses e!ause he is everything. )(8' Autu"n# please leave "y "e"oryOs spring to flood the rust of your o livion. )(89 -o e "eans to re"e" er. )(8: 6hat hope in ruins has not een on!e a stately edifi!eX )('( Any attle $ith nature of this $orldOs e"ptiness is a greater $orthlessness. )(') Only sleep !an tell you that real drea"s e1ist too. )('* Re"ain outside the $orld and donOt taHe her serious if you do not $ant to e!o"e as "ad as it is. )('5 -he $orld is a hospi!e $here every "ad"an !an enfor!e his nor" of reality. )('6 Chur!hes are the a surd sy" ol of hu"ility. )('7 7an "ust really sear!h a savior# no "atter is he is taHen at an e1aggerated pri!e# for ho$ "any sins are done every day. 122

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )('8 6here are you# angel of re"e" ran!e and pain# you $ho tell "e that I a!tually live through youX )('' 6hat !ould Dod "iss or $hat !ould $eX -his is $hy $e need 5i" so "u!h e!ause 5e does not need anything. )('9 Any a andon is a late re!overy of so"ething else. )(': -he day is nightOs a surd and the night is the sleep in $hi!h the day drea"s life. )(9( Gulfill"ent is a s"all pie!e of $hat should e!o"e a truth. )(9) 6ithout $orH the $hole drea" of life $ould !ollapse under the heavy do"e of reality. )(9* Rela1ing is a spa!e et$een to reaths of the Illusion of Aife. )(95 Only the one $ithout fortune !an say he $as fortunate. )(96 4ea!e is a dou t a!!epted y oth parts. )(97 -he fight is an atte"pt of salvation for the sin of your o$n irth. )(98 A nationOs language is the pathos through $hi!h the souls of that nation !an s!rea" their longing# happiness and despair in front of life. 12(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )(9' -he soul is a s"all pie!e of DodOs helplessness. )(99 4ain is the "irror through $hi!h $e should see our a ility to !hange so"ething on this $orldOs $rinHled fa!e. )(9: Gire is the "ost superior for" of the purity of the dust $ithin us that $ill e!o"e ashes. )(:( 4o$er is a $orn+out peaH y the sno$stor" of sin# until it disappears forever. )(:) 4ride is lind o edien!e in front of hope. )(:* Eanity is a thoughtOs une"ploy"ent. )(:5 7oney is the $ay $e per!eive the $orld. 6ithout any spiritual or sa!red value ut only profane and "er!antile. )(:6 A surdity is the only !olored stain of a solute truth left to this $orld. )(:7 Anger is an out of tune note of thought. )(:8 -he ga"e is the !ause for $hi!h life is the $ay it is# e!ause it plays $ith us fro" eginning to end. )(:' -he ?uarrel is a staged hysteria on unfulfilled $ishesO "usi!. )(:9 Stupidity is the only dis!overy $orth taHen into a!!ount of the Illusion of Aife. 12&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )(:: If $e found out that hope is Rust a vegeta le# $ould $e still $ish to !ultivate itX ))(( Could life e $ithout sin in the sleep of thoughtX ))() Not resisting the one $ho fights against your hopes "atters ut the 9estiny that $as long ago given y Dod on the e"ptiness "arHet of this $orld. ))(* -he tear is the $orld taHen fro" under the "asH of hope under $hi!h it hides. ))(5 -he $rinHles are river eds dug y the river of this $orldOs sufferings. ))(6 6hat stor" does not have its !har" and $hat 9estiny its sno$stor"X ))(7 -he roundness of the egg "ade the $orld spin forever around a surd. ))(8 -he sparH is a star not understood y the eternity of its o$n "o"ent. ))(' A $orld $ithout steps $ould e forgotten in ti"e. ))(9 If !hur!hes disappeared# the sin for $hi!h they are ne!essary $ould disappear tooX ))(: -he future is the $orldOs ga"e of light $ith our i"aginary $ill. 12'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )))( -he $all re"inds us that $e live sho$ing our lifeOs essen!e. )))) -he pea!e of our soul has al$ays een a train $ithout tra!Hs that !a"e fro" no$here and $ent fro" $here it !a"e. )))* -he feeling is a 9estiny !olor that "arHed our soul. )))5 -he iron is the "etal $ith $hi!h $e so"eti"es !o"pare ourselves $hen $e forget that is rusting. )))6 -he for!e is a reath of re"orse of $hat Dod $ould have $anted fro" us efore giving us the $orldOs greatest sin# doing the "istaHe of !reating the 9evil. )))7 -he spell is a !heap painting ought y !reation at the argains "arHet of painful $orlds. )))8 Nature is the i"age of Dod seen y the Illusion of our Aife. )))' 6hat $ould the sHy do $ithout the !anopy of heaven or $hat $ould the $orld do $ithout loveX )))9 -he !inders are the lost soul of fire. ))): Could the horseshoe still ring fortune if it did not striHe the dust $ithin usX ))*( -he i"print is an interrupted phrase of 9estiny. 12>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ))*) Cindness is the hidden striHe given to separation. ))** -he sHy is the tear of -i"e $ho re!ogni2es his $orthless e1isten!e efore the eternity of the $orlds. ))*5 Nor"ality "eans to e as a nor"al as anyone else. ))*6 Aight is the identity of thought. ))*7 Rush is a "easure of forgetting $here you started and $here you $ill end. ))*8 Se!ret is a tor!h of 9estiny. ))*' Sedu!tion is the s$ord of the soul pulled out of e"ptinessO s!a ard. ))*9 9a$n is the sleeping eyelash of the light inside us. ))*: Gor" is the !lothing of the Illusion of Aife. ))5( %eauty $ithout a for" is liHe life $ithout thought or illusion $ithout its !lothing. ))5) Orna"ent is e"ptinessO ta!ti! to prove its $orth. ))5* 6hat is the purpose of life than a rush that !an never find itOs paint to paint the i"age of truthX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ))55 Ealue is a sound in the delusionOs solfeggio sang y Dod at the ti"e of !reation. ))56 5onor is a ruin of a "e"ory that "ust e valua le. ))57 Cindness is the i"age $hi!h $e long ago sold to Dod for the happiness of !reating us so a surd. ))58 Non!halan!e is a page of self o livion unre!ogni2ed y any ody. ))5' 7oderation is a gift of a surdity. ))59 -he event is a ti"e that forgets its o$n horologe at ho"e. ))5: So!iety is a re"nant of $hat ea!h of us is. ))6( -he history that does not repeat itself is not history any"ore. ))6) 5istory is a su!!ession of "e"ories that had the fortune to e !hosen y the Illusion of Aife. ))6* 6hat heaven has forgotten its hell at ho"e and is still fre?uented y DodX ))65 Offering is a $ay of ri ing Dod for sins. ))66 9istan!e is a tear of pro1i"ity. ))67 Drief is the rain o$ of happiness of Hno$ing the $orldOs sorro$. 12)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ))68 -he sorro$ is a !ra!H of 9estiny $hose pie!es !an e gathered only y a stinen!e. ))6' Only rust !an Hno$ $hat iron "eans. ))69 No "atter ho$ "u!h leaves of re"e" ran!e $ould the tries of souls lay in the dust# these $ill al$ays e!o"e dust and not a tree. ))6: -here is no longer or shorter road than the one to Dod. ))7( -he !louds of the soul spill their rain of tears to !ool do$n the heat of feelings fro" this $orldOs e"ptiness desert. ))7) 6hat shade of 9ivine Aight fro" inside you is not the $ar"est $hen you loveX ))7* -here is no greater darH than in the soul that !annot love. ))75 -he gap et$een longing and pain is the depth of a si"ple $rinHle on the ti"eOs s!or!hed fa!e after $aiting. ))76 Only the $ave Hno$s ho$ painful raHes the ro!H of the !han!e of eing the $ater that e1tinguishes its o$n soulOs fire. ))77 6ho !an understand his naughtiness $ith hi"selfX 12,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ))78 -he one that thro$s his elief in the river of o livion is the "ost unfortunate y the shado$ of his o$n irth truth. ))7' Nothing is "ore i"portant to life than death. ))79 -here is no order of "orality $ithout a hierar!hy of pain. ))7: Only the one that !onfronts "orality !an Hno$ ho$ enefi!ial it !an e. ))8( 7orality is the "ilestone of the li"it et$een happiness# suffering and revenge. ))8) 5opelessness is su!h a si!H hope that it !an arely "aHe the steps of 9estiny. ))8* -he eingOs re"e" ran!e of life is the essen!e of $hat $e are today. ))85 -he soul is a "e"ory of its o$n past $ho al$ays $ants to e in the future# e!o"ing longing and thus $hat soul does not !arry its o$n longingX ))86 4unish"ent is "oralityOs revenge. ))87 Only the one $ho Hno$s !an Hno$ ho$ "u!h he does not Hno$. ))88 Ga"e is a na"e on $hi!h ti"e has glided leaving the "arH of its patina. ))8' If it $erenOt for the flo$er of your heat $hat $ould eauty doX ))89 -he steps are !reationOs idols. 1(0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ))8: 6hat $ould e left of us if $e re"oved DodX NothingW ))'( Culture $ill al$ays e the "irror of "orality# $hi!h $ants to e different fro" $hat it is no$. ))') -he drea" is $hat $e elieve $e !annot e. ))'* 6hat !loud does not have its rain and ird its $ingX %ut $hi!h "an does not have his 9estiny and $hat life its deathX ))'5 7aHe pea!e $ith yourself so that life does not i"pose its o$n pea!e. ))'6 If the origin of sin has Dod as !reator# is it still a sin or a $onderful !reationX ))'7 Even if Dod $ere the "ost sinful in this $orld# $e $ould e a$are of 5i" only as the est and the purest# and 5is sin $ould i""ediately e!o"e only ours e!ause if $e lose the illusion of the "ost po$erful in $hi!h $e elieve and $ho is Dod# $e $ould not have anything. ))'8 No "atter ho$ trivial $ere the spring# it is the o!eanOs !reator. ))'' 6hat !an this $orld "iss the "ost e1!ept DodX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ))'9 -he purpose of da$n is to $ipe the drea"s $ith the sponge of forgetting ourselves. ))': 9isillusion is a natureOs lost reply. ))9( Care is a duty of life sin!e it orro$ed fro" 9estiny thinHing that it !an pay a!H everyone of its feelings. ))9) Dreed is an a surd for" of prayer through $hi!h it $ants to e "ore than enough. ))9* Envy is the li erty of eing !hained $ith your o$n !hains. ))95 7ali!e is a for" of petty sado"aso!his" that often $ants to e "oral. ))96 -he flatterer is the eing unsure of itself that often $ants to feed $ith the for!e of others. ))97 5o$ "u!h spa!e does an eternal "o"ent needX ))98 -he pla!e of the soul is in longing# "e"ory and hope. ))9' 6el!o"e light of "y love e!ause I a" so tired of the petty darHness of so!iety. ))99 So!iety is the supre"e for" of sado"aso!his" that the $orld !ould dis!over. 1(2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ))9: Only the one $ho sear!hes $ill Hno$ $hy he !annot find. )):( -he $ild $ater lilies of the heart float only on the river of life in $hose $aves shine the eyes of death. )):) Elegan!e is a theft of the regard of the light $ithin us. )):* Ro"an!e is the art of the heart. )):5 So riety is a petal that Hno$s it $ill fade on!e plu!Hed fro" the flo$er of its eyes. )):6 6hat !an e "ore versatile than lifeX )):7 9elusion is the very slippery path of the steps of $orld that you !an lose yourself and fall in the ar"s of a !lose 9estiny ut unHno$n to you. )):8 Dra!e is a ga"e of divine lights of the souls. )):' Ad"iration is a s$an $hose gra!e "irrors in the laHe of the Rade eyes of fulfill"ent. )):9 Aoneliness is a page often torn fro" us that $e lost at our ga"e !alled Aate. )):: A"a2e"ent is the nature in a state of inno!ent drunHenness at the infantile pu of our hope. 1((

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )*(( Reproa!h is a s$ord gilded $ith rusted feelings. )*() Intrigue is the nature of life. )*(* Oppression is the "aHeup put on so"e souls $ho are o ligated to $ear it. )*(5 -he $inner $ill re"ain only the one that $ill su!!eed in defeating hi"self. )*(6 6hat house does not have its $allsX )*(7 -here is no fen!e for the soul that hopes. )*(8 No "atter ho$ ig $ould a "isfortune e# donOt forget that there !an e other even igger# and this is $hy your "isfortune !an e a great Roy for the ones that live $ith even igger "isfortunes than you. )*(' If $e Hne$ only happiness it $ouldnOt have "eant anything $ithout pain. )*(9 -he verse of the stor" $ithin us $ill al$ays start $ith/ I hopeW )*(: 9og"a is a drifting ship that instead of seeing salvation in the shore that appears at the hori2on# sees sinHing as the only hope of salvation. )*)( 6aste is an ideal of the $ish# often hidden under the "asH of non+re!ognition. )*)) Se1 is an insult to love. 1(&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )*)* 6ar is a ig unfulfill"ent of so"e hopes at a so!ial level. )*)5 6hy do $e live in the !old of $ords instead of feeling the $ar"th of their heartsX )*)6 Ea!h !olor is a desperate s!rea" of nature after the strange in us# and all these s!rea"s together give us the har"ony of the for" to e happy. )*)7 Rush is an atte"pt to "utilate ti"e. )*)8 Intuition is a reaH in $hi!h $e let the strange in us speaH. )*)' %alan!e is lieOs pedestal in the Illusion of Aife. )*)9 %e$ilder"ent is the stair!ase that you $ould $ant to taHe you into the sHy of truth# ut it only rises you $ith a hand of illusion a ove you. )*): -he $all is the first ridge to freedo" e!ause $ithout it you $ill never Hno$ it. )**( 6hat !lo!H truly Hno$s your love ti"eX )**) 5ave you lost a attle# a $arX 5ave you lost a life# a deathX -hen you lost the loss. )*** Only the one $ho forgets the roHen flight of life !an re"e" er its re irth in death. 1('

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )**5 -he la$ is the river ed through $hi!h !ri"es "ust flo$. )**6 Doodness is often a provin!ial for"ula of vanity. )**7 -he infinite is in!o"prehensi le ne!essary to understand. )**8 -he !reation of the $orld should e gathered pie!e y pie!e y our prayers to eli"inate our sins# after it $as roHen y Dod in a "o"ent of !arelessness. )**' -he prayer is a for" of !o"pletion of the Illusion of Aife. )**9 6e often hope for etter $ithout reali2ing that the etter is often an even greater evil. )**: Spa!e is the $aste ground !reated y Dod to play $ith us. )*5( -he greater is the happiness# the "ore linding it e!o"es until you !an al"ost not see it. )*5) If the ?uestion $as not orn# neither the $ish $ould have e1isted. )*5* Only in the te"ple of ti"e is our life and in its shado$/ death. )*55 -he ruin of a love is al$ays !alled "e"ory. 1(>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )*56 On the road of life dusted y drea"s $e learn that a single thing is true/ the death. )*57 A silen!e no "atter ho$ ig# if it e!o"es oppressive# it is still !alled stor" and hopeless !ry. )*58 -he purpose of ti"e is to pass life# and lifeOs is to e a le to !at!h its ti"e that $ill !ross it to$ards death. )*5' 9o not thinH of the sand of the lost steps of passed ti"e e!ause they long enough are a "e"ory in the hourglass of the future. )*59 Childhood is a !apri!e of 9estiny# through $hi!h it $ants to e "ore serious than the sin through $hi!h he is for!ed to pass. )*5: -here is no return that $as not separated at least on!e in order to have fro" $here to !o"e as the life that al$ays needs to find its death. )*6( Nor"ality is a state of spirit of the Illusion of Aife. )*6) If Dod $ere to lose so"ething# that $ould e the !reation lost in sin. )*6* Reality is a dra"a of an illusion $ith a happy ending in death. 1(*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )*65 6ould the flo$ers e so eautiful if the !louds did not !ry for the"X )*66 Silen!e is a ait of life through $hi!h it $ants to e respe!ted. )*67 Is there a forest of happiness $ithout the trees of loveX )*68 6hat !athedral of the heart does not have its !ross and its eliefX )*6' Indifferen!e is the tear of 9estiny. )*69 Dreatness is a !onstru!tion of papier+ ":!hU of the Illusion of Aife. )*6: Re"orse is the $inning ti!Het of the heart in front of o livion. )*7( 6hat are $e e1!ept a greater $onder that asHs itself/ $hyX )*7) -he anner of glory is al$ays painted in the !olors of the endured suffering in order to o tain it. )*7* -here is no greater disease than the o livion of a great love. )*75 9isease is a di!tionary in $hi!h there is the 6ord of Dod that "ade the $orld $e are in. )*76 Yusti!e is the unsolva le enig"a of this $orldOs sin. )*77 -he reply is the other part of the fa!e that has to e turned to e stri!Hen for the 1()

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION forgiveness of the sin "ade through the 6ord. )*78 6eather is the alley on $hi!h ti"e $alHs its "oods. )*7' Suspi!ion is a feather plu!Hed fro" the $ing that !o"pleted a desire. )*79 In!ertitude is ti"es ?uarrel $ith its o$n age. )*7: Gading is an illusory leftover that $alHed the path of o livion. )*8( Suggestion is the a ility to !heat your o$n thought. )*8) 9elusion is traffi! of feelings. )*8* Gright is a dirty stain of spiritual !olor. )*85 Gailure is pro1i"ity of the e"ptiness of this $orld. )*86 Ai erty is a !ollapsed ridge et$een the t$o illusions of good and evil. )*87 -he $ater is the "irror of the Illusion of Aife fro" $hi!h the "o"ents of -i"e that taHe it to death drinH. )*88 I"itation is a tra!e of died happiness. )*8' -he eyes are the "irror of love that I never $ant !hipped. )*89 -he edge of the s$ord is the threshold et$een good and evil. 1(,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )*8: -he hori2on is the honor to !at!h the distan!e of oundlessness. )*'( -he shore is a de au!hery of the $aves that go to$ards perdition. )*') Sa!red is the !oin asHed y the Dod of profane. )*'* Even the sin has its o$n san!tity. )*'5 -he sole of the $orld $ill never step on its o$n death. )*'6 -he good and the evil live in this $orld under the sa"e roof. )*'7 Even ugliness !an e a "arH of eauty. It depends fro" $hat angle you looH. )*'8 Opti"is" is an ignored pessi"is". )*'' -he run is the se!ond round of vanity after ignoran!e. )*'9 Respe!t is often a defeat hidden under the "asH of good$ill. )*': 5ate is loveOs !onsort $ithout $hi!h neither $ould e1ist. )*9( 6eapon is one of the na"es of pea!e. )*9) 6hat sno$stor" of the regard does not have the $ind of its o$n e"ptinessX )*9* -he $orld is a ra!e to$ards death seen $ith the slo$ "otion of the feeling. 1&0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )*95 -he "ountain of vanity is a re ellion of the field !alled "orality. )*96 -he language is often a lo$ elo$ the elt given to 6ord. )*97 Care is a !ons!ious fear that rought the Hno$ledge $e Hno$ and $ith it the Original Sin and death. )*98 %anality is ignoran!eOs se!ond nature. )*9' Intelle!t is the sour!e of Hno$n ti"e and spa!e. )*99 Ealue is an a nor"ality of intelle!t in the $orld of e"ptiness $ithout $hi!h $e $ould never e1ist. )*9: -o uild "eans first of all to !reate a irth that $ill die. )*:( Clairvoyan!e is the only that sees the hidden $inHles of Hno$ledge in the "irror. )*:) -he vol!anoes of feelings are an eternal ?uestion "arH of lie that says that it Hno$s everything. )*:* -he eauty of a "ountain is in its steepness. On its top it e!o"es a !on?uered past. )*:5 6hat else !an you defeat in this $orld through death other than ti"eX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )*:6 -he role played y life in the theatre of a surdity $ill e the one of va"p and death $ill play an inno!ent. )*:7 7any "ore atro!ities happen on the stage of the $orld than $e find in the eauty of nature. )*:8 5appiness is a hospital of the Illusion of Aife. )*:' -he thought is the for" of spa!e filled $ith ti"e. )*:9 -he !han!e is a grain of drea" that !an "ature through night"are or unforgetta le i"ages. )*:: Nothingness $as orn in "anW )5(( Repression is a pie!e of $ish that !annot step in the vie$ of the $orld $ithout stealing fro" its !lothes. )5() Regret is the revenge of !han!e. )5(* Revenge is the hypo!risy of li erty to re!ogni2e the li"its you $ant to e1tend. )5(5 5ypo!risy is the $heel of appre!iation that spins its o$n su Re!t until it gets di22y. )5(6 E"ptiness is a fa!e of the $edding et$een spa!e and ti"e. )5(7 7arriage is often a for" that e!o"es latent for happiness. 1&2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )5(8 -ransien!e is the for!e of this $orldOs reality. )5(' Eoyage is lifeOs "eans of e1isten!e. )5(9 Cruelty is the !han!e re!eived y ti"e fro" spa!e that for!es it to pass e!ause other$ise it $ill end. )5(: Only the stor" of love !an Heep the house of the heart $ith open $indo$s. )5)( -here is no "ore po$erful voi!e than the one of thought. )5)) -he s$an song of life is forgetting love. )5)* A andon is a far!e "ade y ti"e to spa!e. )5)5 5eaving is a $ay through $hi!h $e try to Hno$ "ore than it $as allo$ed for us to drea". )5)6 Sleep is a daily ride through death. )5)7 Aonging is the li"it et$een e!stasy and pain. )5)8 7oderation is the !onne!tion point that ties hope to its freedo" pla!ed outside the $all of life. )5)' 6hat star does not have its longing after its o$n light that !rosses the ti"es of re"e" ran!eX 1&(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )5)9 If ti"e did not overfill fro" the $orld of eternity $ould $e still Hno$ deathX )5): Oath is the no le for" of appre!iation that long ago lost its !hevron in the e"ptiness of our $orld. )5*( 6e sear!h for the sa!redness to satisfy our lust of profane e!ause one $ithout the other !annot e1ist. )5*) -he !hur!h is a $hisper of light of the sa!redness inside us $ith the help of $ho" $e sear!h the profane in the darHness. )5** 6ithout the lost ro"an!e $e $ould have never found love. )5*5 9o not o lige yourself to faith if you donOt $ant to pay your life to die. )5*6 6e are a sea $hose $aves $ant to find their long ago lost shores in the an!ient o livion. )5*7 -o e thirsty of the $ater of life efore death is a great original sin that you $ere for!ed to live. )5*8 Co"passion is the passing "arH given to hope. )5*' 6hat does the $orld represent eside the o ligation to dieX )5*9 Oh Aord# ho$ !an death e!o"e o ligation in the Illusion of AifeX 1&&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )5*: 6hat lo!H of pain did not !lose on the soul of ti"eX )55( 6hat is hierar!hyX AooH at the flo$er of a surdity and asH $hy it dies $hen your eyes $ash their light $ith its ga2eX )55) %efore the 6ord you $ill Hno$ Dod. )55* 5ave you ever seen a Dod tired# drunH# stupid or s"art Rust e!ause it is a ove any other intelligen!eX )555 5o$ "u!h $inter $ill pass to $ash the su""er of a "e"oryX )556 6ho does not try the ro!H of his soul $ill never Hno$ ho$ long it $ill hold a ove the a yss of this $orld. )557 No sea is a ig in front of the infinite pettiness. )558 9o not lean on the soul if you !annot hope. )55' 6hat road of your thought is $ithout holesX )559 -he $eather that does not re"e" er !louds it is no longer the daughter of -i"e. )55: -he drea" $ithout sleep never e!o"es true. )56( -he tear is a regretta le salvation. )56) Aight is a darHness of ignoran!e. 1&'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )56* 9eath# $hat $ould $e do $ithout youX )565 6hat ray of love !an transfor" a rain o$ $ithout youX )566 -he one $ho $ants to Hno$ "ore than the $orld did is in loveW )567 6hat longing hurts the "ost $ithout loveX )568 5ave you ever seen ti"e $ithout day to value its "o"entsX )56' Can re"e" ran!e e an un!ut ran!h of presentX )569 It !annot !ontain you $ith the heart e!ause the lood of your $ord is an in!o"prehensi le. )56: 6isdo" is an oasis of pea!e for thought. )57( 6hat love has forgotten ho$ to s"ileX )57) -here is no for!e "ore po$erful than thought. )57* 4ain !annot e ut a al" given to life for insensi ility. )575 9aydrea"ing is a drop of har"ony in the "e"oryOs tur"oil. )576 4ea!e is a s"ile fro" the gra!e of !o"ing to ter"s $ith yourself. 1&>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )577 Eoid is Everything that $as left oundless fro" DodOs Everything. )578 -he a!t is a polish of $ill over the itterness on $hi!h is poured the illusory s$eetness of 9estiny. )57' 9evotion is the dia"ante of $ill. )579 Aogi! is a rusted road indi!ator that no ody Hno$s $hy it $as put pre!isely there. )57: No "atter ho$ long $e $ould venerate ti"e# it $ill al$ays re"ain the thief of our "o"ents. )58( Aa2iness is a $ay of running faster to$ards death# Ru"ping !ertain steps that should have een "ade. )58) Intuition is a $ay of telling the things $ritten for you to fulfill. )58* 6hat da$n of love does not have its share of de$ of salvation fro" the original sinX )585 -he $orld should e !alled/ No ody# Aove and Eoid. 6hat $ould you !hoseX )586 Are $e tired of al$ays eing the ones redee"ed $ithout eing a le to redee"# in our turnX )587 Supre"a!y is the flag of a solute. 1&*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )588 -hrough "agi! -he Illusion of Aife e!o"es harassed. )58' 6here do you hurry# Angel a andoned y deathX )589 -he order of nature lies in death. )58: -he respe!t is a for" of de au!hery of "orality. )5'( Only the one $ho $alHs !an arrive so"e$here else. )5') 9oes the angel of death also dieX )5'* -here is no deeper gorge for the one that flies on the $ings of $isdo". )5'5 -he ver is a $ay to e of thought. )5'6 5o$ "u!h !an a $ord taHeX )5'7 -o uild !an often "ean to de"olish. )5'8 If $ord $as the ri!H fro" $hi!h the $orld $as uilt then suffering definitely has e!o"e its roof. )5'' No "atter ho$ hard you $ill !onde"n Dod# he !an never e punished and thus it e!o"es our "ost valua le friend. )5'9 6e all elieve in life forgetting that its purpose is to restore us to the death fro" $hi!h $e $ere orn. )5': 6hat eginning does not have its end and $hat end its eginning e1!ept the godliHe love inside usX 1&)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )59( Oppression is the grey e"inen!e of the Illusion of Aife $ithout $hi!h the $hole !ard oard pyra"id of hierar!hy $ould !ollapse. )59) Confor"is" "ust flo$ through the tren!hes dug y "orality and non!onfor"ity through the ones dug y love. -his is $hy the ones that love !annot al$ays o ey "orality. )59* 6hat death hasnOt got its lifeX )595 6e are strangers fro" ourselves Rust e!ause $e !onsider Dod e1!hangea le for all our fulfill"ent and unfulfill"ent. )596 6e all are in de t to Dod in the end# no "atter ho$ "u!h $e $ould pay ea!h de t. )597 4iety is a plague of this $orldOs e"ptiness in front of the presu"ed A solute -ruthOs honor. )598 Intuition is a alan!e that has its !ounter$eight in the ase"ent of un!ons!ious. )59' Cruelty is a hu" le re!ognition of the untruth of the Illusion of Aife. )599 6e all are a "asH "ore or less !olored y feelings# ut al$ays a usively used at the !arnival of life. 1&,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )59: 5o$ "any of us are trees $ithout forestX )5:( -o define so"ething "eans efore everything to give irth again to that so"ething. -his is $hy $e are re orn $ith every "o"ent in $hi!h $e define our o$n e1isten!e. )5:) Spa!e is a shovel $ith $hi!h 9estiny digs its river ed. )5:* Opinion is the !ry of vanity. )5:5 6hat $ould e"ptiness do if it lost its veil !alled !li" ing under $hi!h it hides its ina ilityX )5:6 6hat soul has found out the a solute truth a out the hospi!e !alled $orldX )5:7 -he hospi!e is a s$ing in $hi!h one of the truths of illusion plays. )5:8 -he !o""and is a false s"ile of vanity. )5:' Dood is a for" of evil $hile evil is a for" of good. )5:9 -e"ptation is the fruit of the $o" that $ill feed $ith the fruit of thought# until it $ill e!o"e addi!tion. )5:: Origin is the !rossroad of di"ensions. )6(( 6hat $ould the $orld e liHe $ithout the orgy of sinX 1'0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )6() If $e forgot evil and its good at the sa"e ti"e $hat $ould $e have leftX )6(* -he feeling is the light of thought. )6(5 6ithout eros the $orld $ould e an eternal pathos. )6(6 At the "arHet of life donOt go $ith the truth e!ause you $ill not re!eive any "o"ent. -aHe ho$ "any illusions you desire and you $ill e a le to uy anything. )6(7 -he tear is a sparH of light in the arid desert of illusion. )6(8 Ne1t to your eyes I feel liHe $eather $ithout ti"e. )6(' 6hat $ould ti"e do $ithout the light of "o"entX )6(9 Sleep is the nature of freedo" to !on?uer your o$n li"its. )6(: Glight is a roHen $ing of the Illusion of Aife that the A solute -ruth $ants to !ure. )6)( 5o$ has sa!redness e!o"e a trau"a for so "any peopleX )6)) 4ride is a $indo$ to the prison of thought. )6)* Ealue !an only e re!ogni2ed y truth and sin!e $e do not Hno$ the A solute -ruth $e donOt Hno$ the essen!e of value. 1'1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )6)5 -he paths are "ade for the steps to follo$ the" to death. )6)6 Only ne1t to happiness you $ill find out $hat suffering !an e. )6)7 9o not tell anyone ho$ itter life !an e e!ause every ody is !onde"ned to taste it. )6)8 -o get out of life $ith the te"ple of your thoughts raised to$ards paradise you should not looH for the truth in this $orld# e!ause it $ill never let you to find it out. )6)' 5appiness and suffering are t$o introspe!tions of the lie of the Illusion of Aife. )6)9 6hat disposition $as not appointed y the sin that represents the essen!e of hu"an eingOs thoughtX )6): 5u"anis" "eans efore all estiality or fero!ity gilded $ith the lie of sa!redness. )6*( -he pla!e of future $ill al$ays e so"e$here in the past this is $hy $hen you $ant to see for$ard looH ehind. )6*) -e"ptation is the straight Ra!Het of the illusory $ill. )6** 6e have risen fro" the void of !reation and $e $ill set in the sa"e void 1'2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION $ith the differen!e that $e have loved in et$een. )6*5 5o$ distur ing !an the odyssey of heart# $hi!h looHs for its death loving the vivid ga2e of the eyes of a great love. )6*6 Only love !an !ontain the hori2on of eternity. )6*7 4oetry is a tear of 9estiny tri!Hled on the heart of your eyes. )6*8 6ithout ro"an!e $e $ould e $ithout ourselves. )6*' Ayri!is" is a gate to$ards the $isdo" of heart. )6*9 6hat "easure !an "easure loveX )6*: -o e a re el "eans to love passionately in the 6orldOs Illusion of Aife. )65( -he "e"ory of the eauty of your heart is a ree2e taHen y eternity to the great !rossroad of our 9estinies that $ill unite lessed y the Infinite of Aove. )65) Suffering is a "er!hant of "o"ents at the "arHet of life. )65* Every "an is a "ountain peaH at the foot of $hi!h are its an!estors. )655 Although it "ay see" trivial to see so "u!h people in a !ro$d# thinH that every "an is the result of so "any love stories 1'(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION trough $hi!h his an!estors have passed. -his is the reason for $hi!h he is spe!ial. )656 No "atter ho$ trivial "an is# he sees his entire $orld "aHing the $orld see its o$n "an through his "ind. )657 Energy is a $aste of the initial divinity that is at the origin of !reation and is !onstantly dissipating. )658 If every 6ord has its o$n life in this $orld# it "eans that it also has its death# as $e doX Could there e a $orld for "an and one for the sa!red 6ord of DodX )65' 6hat di!e !an e thro$n to your ti"eX -he loaded di!e y sin or the sa!red of the divinityX )659 Silen!e is often the "ost heart reaHing !ry said to this $orld. )65: Aord# $hy donOt you heal the eyes of the $orld that no longer see the truth# eing si!H $ith the lindness of sinX )66( Everything that has a "easure is li"ited liHe spa!e and ti"e or other di"ensions. -his "eans that every di"ension is a $hole so ti"e and spa!e have their odies liHe $e do. 7ay e $e are di"ensions too in other $orlds. 1'&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )66) 6e all suffer in a $ay or another y the ti"e lost fro" inside us. )66* 8ni?ue "eans true. 6hat !an e true in the Illusion of AifeX -he thing that does not report to its truth/ Aove. )665 No ody !an pass eyond hi"self. )666 9elusion is a !asta$ay "o"ent in the $aterfall of thoughts !ontained y the torrent of unfulfilled $ishes. )667 Gear and !ourage is the sa"e person. 9epends on ho$ you provoHe it# $hat fa!e you approa!h. )668 6ho !an say !orre!tly the 6ord of Dod fro" $hi!h $e !reated ourselves# ut "ostly $ho Hno$s its "eaningX )66' -he $hirl of hope is the unfulfilled $ishX )669 -ear is the de"iurge of purity. )66: -he !anons of eauty are given y $hat is left divine in sin. )67( Nothing !an e "ore e1pensive than the pa!e fro" the 6ord of DodOs Creation si!Hened y sin. )67) Dod needed seven days to !reate the $orld# ut $e needed seven days to "aHe Rust a $eeH full of illusions and delusions. 1''

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )67* 6hat thorn does not prote!t its flo$erX )675 5o$ "u!h respe!t Dod had for his 6ord on!e he did not suspe!t it fro" a possi le# future# original sin. )676 6herever you $ould go you $ill still end up no$here ne1t to death. )677 -he pride of life restores the nostalgi! i"age of death. )678 -he "ost pre!ious pri!e is the one pri!eless. )67' -he !oldness of the 6ord !o"es not fro" the !old outside ut fro" the one inside you. )679 6e $ould live in a perfe!t $orld if value $ould e love instead of "oney. )67: 6e are for!ed y the so!iety of "asHs to $ear a "asH on ea!h senti"ent e!ause other$ise $e $ould not e "oral. )68( Spirituality e!o"es an Oedipus !o"ple1 in a si!H and defeated so!iety. )68) 8topia is the na"e of the so!iety developed y the original sin. Could Dod e utopianX )68* Repentan!e is a for" of a surdity of an1iety. 1'>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )685 Altruis" is a for" of understanding "ade $ith the pea!e of the stranger inside of you. )686 A $orH that does not $orH anything is not a $orH any"ore. )687 -o !o"ply "eans to alienate fro" yourself. )688 6hat re"arH does not have its "arHX )68' -he spe!ies is the !orridor on $hi!h run the genes of eing. )689 Dod says 5is point of vie$ through genes. )68: Splendor does not lie only in eauty# and eauty only in illusion# ut all sit a ove all in love. )6'( -he "irror of your s"ile in $hi!h I see "y future is the spell of the heart of Dod. )6') 4assion is the art of loving. )6'* Chan!e is the rusted Hey of the 6ord of Dod on the e"pty ground of life. )6'5 -o e defeated does not "ean to e roHen. )6'6 -he one that argues $ith Dod is the greatest helpless. )6'7 4ea!e is a "issing linH in the !hain of sin. 1'*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )6'8 -he "ost urning fire is the un!ons!ious longing of death that supports life. )6'' 9o not $aste the fire of life on the "isleading instin!t of the !old in your heart. )6'9 -hinH if you donOt $ant to e!o"e the senti"ental ash shattered y the $ind of e"ptiness to no$here. )6': If Dod is the eginning and the end# you $ill never e the eginning or the ending for no one and nothing in this $orld esides love. )69( Art is the ridge "ade fro" the $ood of death on $hi!h no ody !an pass in this life. )69) Co"parison is the art of un!ons!iously su stituting yourself to the in!o"para le Dod. )69* 6here $ould the $orld arrange its sins if it did not looH at itself in the "irror of Hno$ledgeX )695 6e often asso!iate the good of life $ith the evil of death only e!ause $e understand evil less. )696 -e"ptation is a $ay of re"orse i"posed y faith. 1')

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )697 O livion is the !ure of lifeOs sufferings that is a great "e"ory of a past in $hi!h the future has re"ained still. )698 -or"ent is all that is orn in the $orld of sin. )69' -he rush to get so"e$here "aHes you live# ut donOt forget that as long as you live you $ill not get any$here esides death. )699 A lie that lies e!o"es a truth. )69: 6ithout sorro$ the $orld $ould not e a le to !ure fro" itself. )6:( Aie is the "ost pre!ious !ure of this $orld e!ause it lets you hope. )6:) It "eans $ar if every stand $ants its pea!e. )6:* Only trough pride the one $ho does not even have the !loths of $ord $ill !over his naHedness. )6:5 6ithout sHy the $orld $ould e only dust $ithout the 6ord. )6:6 Only Dod# the only one o!!urring !an Hno$ the o!!urren!e. )6:7 6hat light does not have its shine and darHness its lightX )6:8 All egins and ends $ith Dod inside ourselves. 1',

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )6:' -here is no star that does not have its 8niverse. )6:9 All the ending of the heart starts $ith the eginning and all the eginning starts $ith the end that deter"ined it# this is $hy a true love !an never end. )6:: -here is no paradise $ithout freedo". )7(( 6hen freedo" fights !onstraint and $ins# freedo" is !alled paradise# if not it is hell.




)7() -he $orld is DodOs greatest passion. )7(* 6ithout passion the $orld $ould e a desert $ithout art and !ulture. )7(5 %et$een art and passion there $ill al$ays e a !o""a !alled love. )7(6 -he first !oat that the 6ord of Dod has taHen $as !alled passion. )7(7 4assion is the lu!H of 9estiny and the ending of !urse. )7(8 4assion arises "ore suspi!ions than anything# Rust e!ause it has done "ore in this $orld than anything else. )7(' 4assion is the sHy of love on $hose !anopy every ody sear!hes his star. )7(9 4assion destroys only $hen it is "istaHen $ith help# $hi!h is totally different. )7(: 4assion is the first step on $hi!h the Illusion of Aife has tripped. )7)( If $e Hne$ ho$ to respe!t passion the entire $orld $ould have thro$n a$ay its !urrent !oat of e"ptiness. 1>1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )7)) Ignoran!e lies et$een passion and e"ptiness. )7)* Not passion "aHes you forget a out yourself ut your ignoran!e through $hi!h you despise the for!e that $as "eant to lift you eyond the i"poverished ani"al that has no spirituality and is !alled/ 4assionW )7)5 4assion is the ailiff that rought hu"anity to the shore of spirituality. )7)6 6ithout passion spirituality $ould not have e1isted. )7)7 4assion is the only thing $hose features refle!t the hu"an eing in its ense" le. )7)8 4assion is the for!e that lighted the fire of love. )7)' 4assion separates the good fro" evil so that you !an find it in oth of the" y uniting the" at the sa"e ti"e. )7)9 Not on!e passion has e!o"e religion. )7): -he one that $ill live ehind the "eaning of his o$n passions $ill al$ays live hidden fro" hi"self. )7*( 4assion has Hilled "any e!ause they never understood it. )7*) 8nderstanding passion is liHe understanding longing. 1>2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )7** 4assion is the "other of sin ut is also its savior. )7*5 5o$ever revolted against sins $e are# ho$ $ould a $orld $ithout passions looH liHeX )7*6 4assion e!o"es sin only for the one that taHes it fro" the oso" of love and puts it at the oso" of hate. )7*7 7an is 4assion# 5ope and Aove. )7*8 -he "ost often $e "istaHe passion $ith $ill# this is $hy $e elieve the "an !an have a $ill in the illusory drea" of life. )7*' 6hat $ould love of hope do $ithout passionX )7*9 4assion is the only daughter of the eternity of DodOs 6ord that !an never hide its love and hope in this $orld or in your eing. )7*: Even in the furthest !orners of !urse you $ill eventually find/ 4assionW )75( -here !annot e !urse $ithout passion ut you $ill often find passion $ithout !urse in love. )75) 6hat else !an su!!ess "ean in the eyes of passion than a perpetual sear!h# a ne$ attle that $ill never endX )75* Curse is the son of passion. 1>(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )755 Curse goes eyond spirituality in a trans!endental of hate to al$ays !o"e a!H $ith even greater po$er !haining the sins of e"ptiness that live in the o livion fro" inside us. )756 4assion often rests on !urs in the $orld of sin. )757 5o$ "u!h !urse !an hide a "onu"ental $orH $ritten $ith passionX )758 5ave there ever een longing# love and !urse $ithout passionX )75' 9eath is the passion of life liHe life is the passion of death. )759 No "atter ho$ "u!h passion $ould hide the "an thro$ing the di!e# they $ill still land on the !olor of this $orldOs e"ptiness. )75: 6ithout passion $e $ould not Hno$ anything. )76( All the relative truths in this $orld $ould lose their "eaning $ithout passion. )76) 5o$ Dod $ould e seen if it $erenOt for passionX Could 5e still e lovedX )76* -here is only the !anopy in the sHy# on $hi!h there are DodOs passions for the $orlds of the ones that feel dou t and happiness. 1>&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )765 A surdity is the passion of salvation. )766 Bou !annot love $ithout passion# ut you !an suffer $ithout loving. )767 5o$ "any drea"s have dissolved forgetting a out the passions that "ade the"X )768 All $ill infuse in the o!ean of this !reationOs passions to save the"selves fro" their o$n self through death. )76' Nothing !an e "ore ru""aging and "ore uplifting than the passion that !reated all the $onders of this $orld. )769 6ould poetry still e1ist $ithout passionX )76: 4assion is the !hain that never rusts for the one that elieves in the "o"ent and in love. )77( -o e passionate rather "eans to suffer "ostly for a elief fro" $hi!h you hope to find out the other side of passion# !alled happiness. )77) 5o$ $ould the eyes of happiness looH liHe if they $erenOt $ashed y the tears of passionX )77* -he sunset is the history of passions and the da$n is their "other in the $orld of the drea" destined y sin. 1>'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )775 -he passion of reality is the drea"# the passion of illusion is reality and thus passion has this $orldOs drea"s !hained y the A solute -ruth. )776 Not the $ill to define our !ons!ien!e ut passion stays ne1t to Hno$ledge and affe!tivity. )777 5o$ "any loody $aves have poured over historyOs !heeH e!ause so"e$here# so"eti"e passion $as "isunderstoodX )778 4assion is the ride of this $orldOs destiny. )77' Only in the soul of passion you !an gli"pse the A solute -ruth. )779 -he pla!e of passion is only in our hearts. )77: Can you looH at the future or the past $ithout the passion to hope or re"e" erX )78( AooH for your purpose at the feet of your passions and you $ill find it. )78) 5o$ "u!h passion is hidden in pea!e and ho$ "u!h pea!e in $ar. )78* 4assion is the fire that Heeps the fla"e of life alive. )785 In the $orld of passion the sun of love or the hurri!ane of hate !an never set. 1>>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )786 Bou $ant to Hno$ the truthX -hen looH for it in the pie!es of your passions $here you have !ut yourself so "any ti"es. )787 4assion is the ridge on $hi!h life $ill step at its $edding $ith death. )788 -he "o"ent of truth elongs first of all to your passions. )78' Dod left passion in order to Hno$ the sin of the "istaHe for $hi!h $e $ere destined. )789 I re"e" er your eyes lost in the passion of the ti"e of eing al$ays evanes!ent. )78: 6e suffer e!ause $e are "ade to love not to sin. )7'( -here is no greater sa!rilege than "istaHing passion $ith sin. )7') 4assion has !reated this $orld after it $as !reated y the passionate Dod. )7'* 6hat "an does not have the passion of his love or of his hateX )7'5 5o$ lonely $e $ould e $ithout the passions of our loves. )7'6 Dod !ould not have "ade hi"self understood $ithout the passion of eing loved. )7'7 -he passion of patien!e is the death gli"psed through the $indo$ of life. 1>*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )7'8 -he passion of love is the o!ean "ade of the salty tears fro" your eyes# lost in the $ord of the eternity of a single "o"ent on $hi!h is $ritten $ith letters of fire/ I love youW )7'' Salvation is the passion of suffering. )7'9 5ope is the passion of happiness. )7': -he passion of hope is passion itself. )79( 7eaning is the passion of a surdity. )79) -he passion of longing is the tear of the sHy aroused fro" the !louds that !an unite the distan!e into a single heart. )79* -he passion of "e"ory is the fear of not forgetting. -his is $hy $e live $ith an atavisti! fear of the original sin# e!ause every one of us is a great "e"ory of the Dod inside. )795 9eath is the passion of life. )796 -he passion of li erty is the infinite in!o"prehensi le inside us. )797 E"ptiness is the passion of the $orld. )798 4rogress is the passion of e"ptiness. )79' Dod is the passion of passion. )799 -he passion of light is its o$n darHness and the passion of darHness# the light inside its self. )79: Creation is the passion of !haos. 1>)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )7:( -he greatest !reations of "anHind are its greatest passions. )7:) 8nderstand your passions to Hno$ yourself. )7:* 6e live through passion e!ause our Dod has suffered through 6ord for us. )7:5 -hrough passion $e understand $hat is good and evil. )7:6 7anHindOs spirituality $as uilt e!ause of the passion to Hno$. )7:7 Our spiritual universe !ould not have e1isted $ithout passion. )7:8 Our entire spirituality leans on the sHy of our passions. )7:' 6hat $e truly live in this $orld is the passion that $ill leave $ith us in death. )7:9 -he differen!e et$een life and death is passion. )7:: 4assion is the altar of perfe!tion. )8(( AifeOs o!ean passions are the $aves of re"orse for the !reation of the eing and together $ith it the death through the passion of Hno$ledge. So# our tears are salted e!ause they !o"e fro" the $aves of this o!ean.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )8() -here is no harder fight than the one led y the passions of pea!e in this $orld of pain. )8(* %eauty is the fa!e of our loveOs passion. )8(5 6hat passion does not have its star on the sHy of drea"sX )8(6 4aradise is the Hingdo" of passions and hell the $orld forever deserted y passions. )8(7 A $orld $ithout passions $ould e first of all a $orld $ithout love. )8(8 4assion is the spring that fills the Rar of the drea" of the Illusion of Aife. )8(' 4assion is the self salvation of drea". )8(9 4assion is the "ira!le through $hi!h "an learned to love. )8(: 4assion is the lure of the e"ptiness of this $orld. )8)( Bou $ill never find "ore flo$ers of $ords than in the soul of passions. )8)) 4assion is the o sta!le that o stru!ts the ti"e of our destiny. )8)* 9o you $ant to see ho$ the $orld really looHs liHeX AooH at the fa!es of its passions. )8)5 4assion is the sparH that lighted the fire of Hno$ledge# urning the 6ord of Dod $ith love. 1*0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )8)6 4assion is the !ry through $hi!h $orld e!o"es a !hild. )8)7 4assion is the eing of 9estiny and the nothingness of death. )8)8 4assion "aHe even o livion hurt. )8)' -here is no deeper passion than the one inside the soul of the 6ord of the Dod through $hi!h $e e1ist. )8)9 -here !annot e salvation or sin# happiness of pain $ithout passion. )8): 4assions "ade religion and the sin through $hi!h "an $ith the sa"e passion has loved# hated or Hilled to save hi"self. )8*( Aove suffers only $ith the truth. )8*) Religion sees "any passions as lust e!ause it e1ists y !overing love $ith the !hastity elt# leaving "an to adore the divinity a solved y the fault of these passionsO e1isten!e. )8** 6hat art does not have its passionsX )8*5 -hrough passion eauty has e!o"e a $ay that leads eyond the "ist of this $orldOs e"ptiness. )8*6 -he passion of divinity !annot e anything else than the a solute. )8*7 A divinity $ithout passion is liHe a Rug $ithout $ater. 1*1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )8*8 Only the one that does not suffer does not live. )8*' -o re!ede fro" the "eaning of passions "eans to re!ede fro" ourselves# !hoosing the road of $andering on lands alien to our souls. )8*9 4assion is the por!h of longing. )8*: 6hat passion does not have its eauty of its "iseryX )85( 4assion is the "eaning of life. )85) 4assion is pastOs self ru""aging that often sits on the future !overing it $ith nostalgia and purity. )85* 4assion is a $hirling river of this $orldOs drea" that falls in the $aterfall of life s!rea"ing frightened the i""ortality on!e rea!hed in fa!e of death. )855 4assion is the shore of the 6ord on $hi!h $e $ere !ast a$ay y loving. )856 4assion is the "e"ory of eing ourselves. )857 5o$ "any passions did loves loose on the darH street of no odyOs steps that hurriedly pass past us every dayX )858 4assion is the "eaning of 6ord. )85' A soul $ithout passion is $ithout itself. 1*2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )859 Aeave your passions tell you all they $ant to say and then looH into your soul if you $ant to Hno$ yourself or re!ogni2e yourself. )85: 4assion has saved y loving the original sin through itselfW )86( 4assion is the "ost valua le gift re!eived fro" Dod# $ith the !ondition that $e Hno$ ho$ to use it# loving. )86) Only the one $ho $ill love the passion out of love $ill live forever. )86* 4assion is the pa!t that Dod "ade $ith the $orld to learn ho$ to love# e happy even if $e instead learned to hate suffering. )865 %ehind our passions there is nothing interesting left fro" us. )866 7an is efore all the passion and the "ystery of this $orld. )867 5appiness is a spe!ial $ay of looHing at the passion of your o$n eing. )868 5as anyone $on or lost ypassing his o$n passions that refle!ted his $illX )86' 6e are a flight of our passions that $ill !ollapse together $ith death in the $ater of this $orldOs o livion. )869 5o$ "u!h passion Dod "ust have put in its !reation sin!e $e !an love this $orld. 1*(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )86: Only the fire of passion !an light the su li"e of passion. )87( 6hat s"ile does not have its passionX )87) In the soul $ithout passion d$ells the "ost lonely and lost desert. )87* 4assion is the shado$ of the 9ivine Aight. )875 A $aiting $ithout passion forgets its love at ho"e. )876 I !an feel the passion of love in the reath of your thoughts. )877 Can there e true love $ithout passionX )878 -he one $ho did not e" ra!e his o$n passions $as orn in vain. )87' In front of passion never lean asha"ed# ut understand the reason $hy it s!olds you e!ause in that "o"ent it firstly s!old itself and that self should e youW )879 5o$ "u!h passion !an a prayer in!lude to e heard y DodX )87: Chur!hes are the hospitals of passions# the pla!e $here they "ust e understood the $ay they are or the $ay they should e. )88( In the $orld of passions# love should e ?ueen if not the "ost novi!e passions of love $ould e elevated to prin!esses. 1*&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )88) -he one that rises a ove the passions of love denies his o$n life. )88* 5istory is the di!tionary of passions through $hi!h "anHind has suffered. )885 -he dust of our love passions has elonged to the stars of the 8niverseOs eternity. )886 -he passions of !louds are the rains in the stor"s fro" $hi!h they !an understand that they revive life. )887 -here is no passion that !annot suffer. )888 -he past is the passion of the future through $hi!h it $ill e!o"e present. )88' 6hat ti"e does not suffer $ith the spa!es of its passing to$ards no$here# losing itself in the infinite of eternityX )889 Not the hard $orH is the Hey of su!!ess# ut the passion fro" its lood. )88: -he passion of defeat often gives irth to su!!ess and the passion of su!!ess to defeat. )8'( Autu"n is the season of the passions of leaves that elieve in i""ortality and spring the one of passion of so"e losso"s that elieve in death. )8') Every faith has its passion. 1*'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )8'* 5o$ "u!h passion is in the "agi! of a HissX )8'5 -ears are often the stars $here the passions of the great loves shine. )8'6 5o$ "u!h i""ortality d$ells in the passion of ea!h "o"entX )8'7 -he i""ortals only Hno$ one passion/ the one of eternityW )8'8 5o$ "u!h passion !an there e in the !old eyes of death that have for al$ays forgotten the life of this dying $orldX )8'' In the soul of passion you $ill never find lie. )8'9 -he A solute -ruth !an e found only in the sufferings of our passions. )8': Can so"ething e "ore alive and "ore painful than the passion of sufferingX )89( Aife is efore all passion and death. )89) -he essen!e of $orld is in the passion of love. )89* Only the one that not suffer has no 9estiny. )895 Every !li" has its o$n passion that often has to e paid at the des!ent. )896 6ould ti"e still run on its patina if he did not re!eive the passion of patina of his o$n eternal "o"entX 1*>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )897 -he passion of tiredness is self+ !ontent"ent. )898 5o$ "u!h did the passion of short!o"ing suffered if it !ould not see the a soluteX )89' AooH at the $orldOs $onders if you $ant to see the fa!es of passion. )899 Aife is a alan!e of passion that al$ays transfor"s itself fro" hate to love and re!ipro!ally. )89: -he gates of death open $hen life trips on its o$n passion to live. )8:( If you $ant pea!e "aHe it first $ith the passion of $ar. )8:) In the heart of passion you $ill find love and hate# "ystery and agony# ut never e"ptiness. )8:* 4assion $ithout despair loses its o$n truth of life. )8:5 Aove is an approa!h of passion to !onsolidate its i""ortality. )8:6 -he $eather $ithout passion loses the patina of its o$n respe!ta ility. )8:7 5o$ "u!h "ystery !an there e in the !haos of love and ho$ "u!h passion in the "ystery of !haos. 1**

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )8:8 9eath is the gate of our passionOs i""ortality. )8:' It does not "atter ho$ "any years have you lived# ut ho$ "any love and hate passions have stepped on the eternity of the "o"ents through $hi!h you passed. )8:9 Aife $alHs ahead through the passions of hopes. )8:: Ne1t to death passion e!o"es an a solute "eaning that has elonged to the lie of an illusory life. )'(( %et$een us and our passion interposes the Illusion of Aife. )'() 4aradise and hell are t$o $ays to looH at the sa"e passion !alled love. )'(* 4assion is the oldest ne$s of this e1isten!e through $hi!h $e Hno$ the $orld sinning and suffering. )'(5 5o$ "u!h passion is in the deaf !ry of great loveOs eyesX )'(6 AooH at the dit!hes in the hands of the ones that suffer and you $ill find out $here their river of the passion of hope. )'(7 Even the $ords so"eti"es sleep at night# ut not the passions of flo$ers fro" our souls that hope of i""ortality even in autu"n. 1*)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )'(8 6e are the fla"e of the divine passion that !reated us. )'(' In the ash of passion you $ill never find a $inner. )'(9 Ai erty is efore all thoughtOs passion !onverted to hope and drea". )'(: Re"e" er that the passion of i""ortality is eternity. )')( -he passion of hori2on is the $ill to never e !o"prised y the !old ga2e of death that $ill turn it to stone for!ing it never to run. )')) In front of this $orldOs passion to live# never hope in i""ortality ut in illusion# death and 9estiny. )')* -he ga"e of passions is the "ost dangerous ga"e of the Illusion of Aife e!ause it is the !losest to the truth and $ith it to reality. )')5 Our self is redu!ed to our passions and the void. )')6 -he "arH of passions of Dod is the 6ord liHe the thoughts are the "arHs of our passion. )')7 -o refuse to understand passion "eans to refuse to revert to eing yourself. )')8 In the $orld of passion# sin is the Hing. 1*,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )')' -he sa otage of passion d$ells in the uni?ueness of the original sin and the sinOs sa otage in the uni?ueness of the pri"ordial passion of loveW )')9 If you $ant to understand the "eaning of your e1isten!e Hnee at the feet of your o$n passions. )'): 4assion is por!h fro" $here the drea" !an see the A solute -ruth e!o"e the Illusion of Aife. )'*( Even ti"e suffers y $asting ti"e at the passionate ga"e of di!e of faith# o$ing a death. )'*) In the soul of passion# the ga"es lost y -i"e at the ha2ard roulette have no pla!e to e. )'** 6ould there e angels $ithout the passion of loveX )'*5 After passion# the Illusion of Aife re!eives "eaning dis!overing love. )'*6 Ei!tory is often the passion of e"ptiness. )'*7 In the heart of longing only passion !an e understood. )'*8 4assion $ill never apologi2e e!ause Dod should e forgiven. 1)0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )'*' -he passion of love and hate is the ?uintessen!e of the $orld. )'*9 4assion is a flash of 9estiny in the lost eyes fro" the loneliness of the -i"e lost in us. )'*: If there $as an agree"ent et$een passion and death the $orld $ould not e a ig e"ptiness any"ore. )'5( 4assion is the pulpit fro" $here life sings the song of love and hate# dying $ith every "o"ent in the eternity of death. )'5) Nothing and no one !an taHe passion a$ay fro" the lood of the original sin e!ause passion gave life to it. )'5* 9o not $aste the passion of the "o"ents of your life suffering through forgetting yourself. )'55 Guture is the passion of hope. )'56 A solute is the passion of love. )'57 Gulfill"ent is the passion of happiness. )'58 -he passion of purity is the sHy $ithout the !louds that ring the stor". )'5' 4oetry is the passion of lyri!is". )'59 Ne!essity is the passion of irth. )'5: O livion is the passion of death. )'6( 7e"ory is the passion of life. 1)1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )'6) -he angels of truth are the passion of divinity. )'6* -he passion of tiredness is the uilding of a past. )'65 4assion is the passion of passion. )'66 -he passion of eauty is the separation fro" all that e!o"es old and o solete. )'67 -he stranger inside us is the passion of great love stories. )'68 -he passion of aspiration is the "e"ory of its o$n future. )'6' -he passion of da$n is the sunrise of the future asleep y death. )'69 -he passion of the day d$ells in the night often nestled in its soul. )'6: -he passion of night is the ti"e that re"e" ers the darHness of "eaning of its o$n eternal "o"ents. )'7( -he passion of ti"e is the stor" of re"e" ran!e that !an s!atter its entire future. )'7) -he passion of spa!e d$ells in the e"ptiness of its o$n distan!es fro" inside our souls. )'7* Endlessness is the passion of the road.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )'75 -he passion of the "usi! lies in the suffering transfor"ed y love into a great happiness. )'76 -he passion of $isdo" is the instin!t. )'77 -he passion of passion is the pea!e $ith yourself. )'78 %alan!e is the passion of freedo". )'7' -he tear of happiness is the passion of s"ile. )'79 -he passion of thought is DodOs $ord that even 5e thinHs it. )'7: -he passion of so!iety !onsists in hierar!hy. )'8( I""ortality is the passion of hierar!hy. )'8) Aife eyond any other life is the passion of i""ortality. )'8* -he transparen!e of the heart is the passion of the eyes. )'85 -he passion of fulfill"ent if the longing of forgetting a out oneOs self. )'86 4ain and happiness are the passion of alan!e. )'87 -he passion of the traveler is the road that never ends in his heart. )'88 6orld is the passion of de au!hery. )'8' -he 8niverse is the passion of e"ptiness. 1)(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )'89 -he passion of drea" d$ells in the eyes of 9estinyOs great love. )'8: -he passion of re"orse is the longing after the suffering of eing alan!ed e!ause happiness $as oring. )''( -he passion of the stranger inside you is the love of your life. )'') -he passion of sin is the perfe!tion of good ut of evil as $ell. )''* Ignoran!e is the passion of perfe!tion. )''5 -he passion of loving flo$ers lies in the !olor of the senti"ents of a golden autu"n full of fruits that she $ill Hill. )''6 -he passion of a !ry of pain is in $hat the 6ord of Dod $ould have $anted to forget to re"e" er. )''7 -he passion of earth is the e"ptiness of its dust grounded y the passionate ti"e to e s$allo$ed y deathOs o livion e!o"ing stardust eventually. )''8 -he passion of light is the ga2e in the eyes of a great love. )''' -he passion of darHness is the revelation of the "e"ory of the spiritual light of divinity. )''9 -he passion of the senti"ental !olor is the divine $ithin us. 1)&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )'': -he passion of "anOs salvation is in his original sin. )'9( -he passion of "e"ory is the transfor"ation of the past in future. )'9) -he passion of evil d$ells in its o$n good. )'9* -he passion of value is in the tra!es that have stepped on everything# even the sin# to $in on e"ptinessO podiu". )'95 -he passion of the "eaning is its o$n nonsense $hen it e!o"es a$are of Hno$ledge that relies on the eternal ignoran!e. )'96 In the passion of a s"ile lies the entire "eaning of this $orld. )'97 -he passion of ?uietness is the loody silen!e of the pre"onition of death. )'98 Internal pea!e is the passion of retrieval. )'9' Ei!tory is the passion of hu"iliation. )'99 5ierar!hy is the passion of vi!tory. )'9: -he passion of the ody is another dust liHe hi"# as "u!h dust as possi le. )':( -he passion of se1 is the illusion of fantasy. )':) 7ira!le is the passion of fantasy. )':* 7ystery is the passion of "ira!le. 1)'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )':5 -he passion of "ystery is the alan!e et$een "ira!le and disappoint"ent. )':6 -he passion of read is in the $heat that $ill give irth to the thought and the $ord. )':7 6hat !an e "ore profound than understanding the passion of a ne$ dayOs da$n that Rust !onfronted the o livion night of a great loveX )':8 -he $ord is a ove all passion# thought and 9estiny. )':' 5o$ "u!h passion urns in the fire of a great loveX )':9 -he passion of fa"e is i""ortality sear!hed only y "ortals e!ause the i""ortals do not Hno$ $hat it is. )':: Could there e tears $ithout their passionsX )9(( -he passion of deepness is in the tear of the !ontinuous present. )9() -he passions of the senses are the stellar fires inside you. )9(* -he passion of the heart is the e" ers of longing. )9(5 -he great hopes of longing have al$ays suffered at the i""ortality gates of the loves forgotten y the stor" of the present. 1)>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )9(6 A $orld $ithout passion $ould e a $orld $ithout itself. )9(7 -he lightOs pea!e lies in the passion of its passing over ti"e and the e"ptiness spa!e. )9(8 5o$ "any passions and hopes $ere lost at the gates of !e"eteriesX )9(' Nothing !an suffer "ore than 9estiny. )9(9 8nderstanding the passions of salvation you $ill Hno$ $hy even the ti"e has !hosen to leave this $orld. )9(: 6hat $ould e left of us $ithout passionsX )9)( AsH your o$n passions if they a!!ept or not your o$n present and you $ill Hno$ $ho you are. )9)) All the $ords and their "eaning have their o$n passions. )9)* -he passion of the suffering is the "ost sa!red "eaning of this $orld. )9)5 6hat passion does not have its original sinX )9)6 5o$ $ould the original sin looH liHe $ithout the passion of love or the passion of love $ithout the original sinX )9)7 Even insta ility e!o"es sta le in the heart of the passions. 1)*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )9)8 6ould the tears still Heep their depth and shine $ithout their passionsX )9)' 6e are a tear of passion and feeling. )9)9 6hat $aves of longing do not have the ro!Hs of theirs passionsX )9): No$here else $ill you dis!over "ore depth and truth that in passion. )9*( 4assion is an original sin and !annot re!ogni2e the superfi!ialityOs half "easure that $e should have a!!epted on!e. )9*) If passion e!a"e superfi!ial $e $ould have roHen free of the original sin# ut then $e $ould not have loved. )9** -he one that does not suffer out of love does not live. )9*5 6ithout the original sin $e $ouldnOt have lived e!ause $e $ouldnOt have Hno$n the passion of love. )9*6 Oh saviors# save "e fro" anything else esides the passion of loveW )9*7 4assion is the flight of the oundless truth over the self salvation of the past that thus e!o"es present. )9*8 4assion is the "ost pre!ious gift of the angels that !an love a solutely.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )9*' In passion lie our hori2ons of salvation through $hi!h $e $ill redis!over the passionate stranger lost inside us. )9*9 4assion is the only great truth of the Illusion of Aife. )9*: 4assion is all a heart of a great love !an give "ore. )95( 6hat !an e greater than the passion of love fro" the !athedral of your soul# "y loveX )95) -here is no greater pea!e than in the !athedral of a passion that is in love. )95* -he greatest fight is given in the pea!e of a passion. )955 -here is no reason in love. )956 Could a love e pre!ious in front of eternityX )957 6hat sin $ould e1ist $ithout love or hateX )958 6hat life !ould e1ist $ithout loveX )95' 6hat longing $ould e fulfilled $ithout its loveX )959 Is there a good or ad angel that !annot loveX )95: Only the steps of love !an let the eternity of their o$n tra!es for $hi!h $e ea!h e!o"e a tra!e of our soulOs eternity. 1),

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )96( A life $ithout suffering $ould e liHe a longing that never "eets the love of its life. )96) Aife "eans y itself the fight of i"perfe!tion $ith the a solute. )96* 5o$ "any pages should $e $rite to understand the only $ord left y the Dod that !reated $orldX )965 Nothing !an e "ore !onde"na le than DodOs "istaHe. )966 %ehind Dod there is nothing left. )967 Could there e a Dod that !ould not do everythingX )968 6e are a re"nant of the pain of thought fro" the pri"ordial 6ord. )96' 6here !ould $e go fro" this $orld if $e donOt have $here to Hno$ the unHno$n of the eternityX )969 6hat faith does Hno$ its "istaHeX )96: If $e did not elieve in Dod $ould $e ever e a le to hopeX )97( -he i"age of !haos "ust e!o"e perfe!t to understand the i"perfe!tion. )97) 6hat "istaHe !an the ignoran!e haveX )97* 6here !an $e "eet the a solute of love for $hi!h $e e1istX )975 So"eti"es# in the heart of suffering you !an "eet neither Dod. 1,0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )976 Aet the "e"ory dri22le its o$n o livion if you $ant i""ortality. )977 -here are no nothing people# ut eings that lost the stranger inside the" in the $orld that "ade the" strangers fro" the". )978 -he $orld is the !athedral of the "ute !ry. )97' In happiness you $ill find the greatest suffering. )979 6hat 9estiny has found out in this $orld $hat it $as looHing for $ithout Hno$ing the a soluteX )97: 6here do you run love if you donOt Hno$ $hy you loveX )98( In the $orld of love you !annot refuse longing. )98) 6hat star does not have its fulfill"ent in the death of this di"ension of Hno$ledge although it lightens our eternityX )98* 9id so"e ody $at!h Dod outside 5is soulX )985 6ould $e die if $e never Hne$ the love that "aHes us i""ortalsX )986 6hat does life re!eive $hen it sells us to deathX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )987 Could $e ever talH a out the unHno$n of death as $e talH a out lifeOs sin!e death itself is a ig unHno$nX )988 9oes pity elong to sa!redness or to profane as long as all is sa!red !annot e dese!rated y the pain or the "isery of this $orldX )98' Aoneliness is the greatest vi!e of a solute. )989 5o$ "u!h light $ould darHness need to drea" a out da$nX )98: 9o not $ander if in the $orld of passion you $ill suffer. )9'( 9oes passion in itself suffer or it leaves us this vi!e of hersX )9') I donOt thinH I $ould ever learn to suffer. )9'* If $e $ere not the longing of DodOs passion# 5e $ould never have dis!overed the love for us. )9'5 In the heart of longing you $ill dis!over the passion of love. )9'6 6ould $e still have guardian angels in different religions if it $erenOt passionX )9'7 Aife "eans a ove all the fight $ith the inertia of our o$n passion. 1,2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )9'8 6hat passion does not have its eginning and end in the suffering that gave irth to salvationX )9'' 7ost ti"es it is terri le to suffer# ut ho$ $ould e1isten!e e $ithout itX 6ould $e still love or e happierX )9'9 -he passion of passions is the soul of love. )9': DodOs greatest revelation is 5is passion to dis!over 5i"self. )99( %ehind DodOs passion are the 9evilOs. )99) -he one $ithout passion is a stranger to hi"self e!ause the "an is passion# love and 9estiny. )99* A $ord $ithout passion is a "eaning !overed $ith a "asH. )995 -he pea!e of sta ility of a so!ial syste" lies in the pro and !on passion for its preservation. )996 Nothing !an e !loser to the A solute -ruth than the passion of this $orld. )997 Never surrender to the passion that asHs not to e hu"an# ut al$ays respe!t the passions that "aHe you a "an. )998 5o$ "u!h li erty is in the passion of sufferings and ho$ "any !onstraints in the ones of happinessX 1,(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )99' 6e are a pie!e of passion in an o!ean of o livion of death that al$ays surrounds us the "e"ory of the Dod a out us. )999 Every passion is uni?ue in its o$n $ay liHe truth is. -his is $hy the great truth orn y the Illusion of Aife is passion. )99: AiHe there !annot e t$o a solute truths# so there !annot e t$o identi!al passions. )9:( 6e are uni?ue through our passions. )9:) If one fra!tal !hanges and the $hole stru!ture $ill follo$ hi"# the sa"e $ay !hanges every passion its o$n 8niverse. )9:* 4assions have een oth the saviors and the in?uisitor of hu"anHind. )9:5 6e are orn in the do$n of passion to die !ru!ified at the feet of sunset that $ill deliver us fro" our o$n self. )9:6 6e !an speaH a out the a solute truth forgetting a out the passions and suffering of our o$n e1isten!eX )9:7 6e are no higher than our o$n passions. )9:8 In front of death only the passions !an speaH. )9:' 4ea!e $ith the passion !an e "ade y suffering. 1,&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION )9:9 A $orld $ithout passion $ill forever lose its salvation $hi!h $ould e pointless. )9:: Could so"e$here e "ore passion than in the passion of salvationX ):(( Can there e a li"it to passionX ):() 4assion is the ridge that unites the Illusion of Aife $ith the a solute truth through its uni?ueness. ):(* In the great "asterpie!es you $ill en!ounter the great passions. ):(5 4assion transfor"s the drea" of life in the illusion of reality. ):(6 In the soul of passion even a surdity !an e!o"e the god of the "ost fulfilled "eaning. ):(7 If you $ant to Hno$ yourself asH your passions. ):(8 -he one that does not re!ogni2e his passions is a stranger fro" hi"self. ):(' So!ial alienation has started $ith the hiding of its o$n passions. ):(9 6e live in the $orld of a surdity and e"ptiness e!ause the passions of our truths are the Cinderella of so!iety instead of e!o"ing their ?ueen. ):(: Only in passion you $ill find freedo". ):)( -he plenitude of life lies in its passions. 1,'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ):)) -he one that does not understand the "eaning of passion $as orn in vain. ):)* -he root of salvation fro" yourself lies in passion. ):)5 -here is no -i"e to fly on the $ings of passions. ):)6 5o$ $ould a love that forever lost its o$n passion looH liHeX ):)7 6ould there still e the flo$ers of s"ile in the $orld of e"ptiness if the passion of eauty disappearedX ):)8 Aust is $here passion is. ):)' -he passion of salvation !onsists in the sin fallen at the feet of our sufferings. ):)9 A ti"e $ithout passion is a ti"e $ithout life. ):): -o !reate the $orld# Dod had to !reate passions efore all. ):*( 5o$ $ould the shrines of passion looH liHe $ithout the flo$ers of sufferingsX ):*) A $ord undressed of passion !annot even e sad. ):** -he passion of happiness is in the suffering of doing happiness. ):*5 AooH ho$ the fire of souls urn so"eti"es and understand $hy the passions suffer even through happiness. 1,>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ):*6 6hat $ould the $ise do $ithout the passion of dou tX ):*7 Noting !an e harder than a passion# ut also nothing !an e "ore uplifting. ):*8 6e are the s"ile of a passion of longing $hen our "others s!rea"ed our irth suffering for our life. ):*' 6ithout the passions of !reation life $ould not have anything uplifting. ):*9 No "atter ho$ poor a "an $ould e he al$ays $ill e ri!h in passion and suffering. ):*: 5ope $ill e the last that $ill su!!eed to land a hand to passion that $ill lose any hope to su!!eed. ):5( Bou $ill never e defeated as long as you have your passions ne1t to you. ):5) AsH your longing a out its passion and you $ill Hno$ you. ):5* 5o$ lonely the tears $ould e if it $erenOt for the passions to navigate on the o!eans of their salvation. ):55 In the passion of the !louds of our love hides the truth fro" the $ater of life that $ill dri22le throughout the future together $ith the rain of the ne$ irths. ):56 4assions are liHe angels# ad and evil. 1,*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ):57 -he sleep of passions lets life pass y you $ithout you living it. ):58 Bou !an live the true life only eside passions. ):5' 6hat $ould e left of us if $e lost all our passionsX ):59 6ithout passions $e !annot even find the pea!e of death. ):5: 5o$ "u!h truth !an a lie tell through its passionsX ):6( 6e are the "easure of our passions. ):6) -here is no other gate to life or death than the gate of our passions. ):6* %anish your passions fro" your destiny and it $ill disappear. 6ill you ever su!!eedX ):65 Even the e"ptiness has its passion through $hi!h it dou ts truth as the a solute truth dou ts it. ):66 -hrough passion e"ptiness has e!o"e the "other of the Illusion of Aife# $hi!h she !alled/ Reality. ):67 -he passion of !reation is in holiness. ):68 A holiness $ithout passion is liHe a !reator $ithout !reation. ):6' 5o$ "u!h passion put the "an in his prayer to DodX 1,)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ):69 Religions are the di!tionaries of passions and suffering. ):6: -hrough salvation fro" the original sin $e have let the Christ suffer in our pla!e even if $e suffer $ith every "o"ent stolen to eternity y the -i"e of vanity and our e"ptiness. ):7( -here !ould not e a life $ithout its original sin e!ause it $ill "ean to thro$ a$ay all its passions. ):7) Even the passion that !reated the "ost "onu"ental $orHs !an e!o"e sin as the passion of holiness. ):7* Religions have taHen "ans passions and have assigned the" to divinities thus alienating "an fro" his o$n self# !reating an alienated so!iety. ):75 7anOs true religion should re!ogni2e the passions that raise hi" to holiness or that lo$er hi" in the inferno of his senti"ents. ):76 5o$ "u!h passion is in the "o"ent of our passing into eternityX ):77 %efore all# $e are the passion of our lood. ):78 Only the passion of your eyes !an sho$ "e the 9ivine Aight that !reated the holiness of this $orld y loving. 1,,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ):7' -he "ira!le of love is found in passion. ):79 I passionately elieve in Dod e!ause 5e is the A solute -ruth $ho suffered for us $anting to e free of 5is o$n self# !reating the Illusion of Aife# $here every "eaning has its passion. ):7: 6hat $ould e left fro" the 6ord if the !oat of his passions $ill disappearX ):8( 6e are !lose to Dod through the passions of the divinity inside us. ):8) I love you Dod e!ause I have understood the sense of the passions of this $orld. ):8* Bou are not alone e!ause there is no passion through $hi!h so"eone did not suffer so"eti"e efore you. ):85 -he passion that !reated it in any pheno"enon or thing is hidden. ):86 6e live to pass through passion suffering. ):87 Only the passions lift you or get you do$n in this $orld. ):88 Aife is efore everything dyna"is" of its passions. ):8' -he passion of resurre!tion is the one that gave irth to !reation and Dod had it $hen he drea"ed a out our $orld. 200

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ):89 No$here $ill you find a igger range of passions than in love. ):8: Should death e the sleep of our passionsX ):'( 4assions get you do$n only $hen you !annot understand the ig revelation that Dod had $hen !reating the passions of love. ):') Nothing is no ler than to suffer fro" too "u!h love# ut nothing is "ore painful too. ):'* -hrough the passion of love# Dod !o"es alive in us. ):'5 8nderstand the passions of !reation# e?uili riu" and love and you $ill never e taHen do$n y other passions. ):'6 If holiness finds itself in the passion of love# divinity is in the passion of !reation. ):'7 5o$ "u!h passion !an there e in the "anOs self salvationX ):'8 4assions !an e the gates of "anHind that separate a surdity fro" a solute. ):'' 4assion $ill al$ays e the alan!e that $ill tell you $ho you are. ):'9 O livion is a s"ile $ithout passion. ):': 6hat hori2on of the heart does not have its passionsX ):9( Every $ing has the passion of its flight. 201

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ):9) Aonging is the passion of "e"ory. ):9* No$here $ill you find a igger fier!eness than in the fire of passion. ):95 -he eyes of the soul see life through the light of passions. ):96 Instin!t is the soul of passions. ):97 6e are the dust of our o$n passions taHe y the $ind of destiny to$ards death. ):98 -he entire $orth of the $orld lies in its passions. ):9' -here is no good that did not reathe through the passion of the evil inside it. ):99 -he path of love is paved $ith passion. ):9: A sHy of love $ithout passion $ould never have a hori2on. )::( 6e are dust# passion and longing. )::) Every age has the age of its passions and suffering. )::* 4assion is the divine fire of the eternity of the a solute truth.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION T&E .OO/ O0 ILL2SIONS 1ND RE1LIT3 )::5 Everything that is left in the $orld of illusion is the elief in hope. )::6 -he illusion is a reality that lost its !ardinal points on the dial of its o$n !o"pass. )::7 Illusion is a reality turned upside do$n. )::8 Illusion e!o"es reality only $hen it is Hno$n. )::' -o Hno$ illusion is a reality liHe to Hno$ reality is an illusion $ithout the a solute truth. )::9 -here is no reality that !an e Hno$n $ithout the a solute truth. )::: -he $orld is an illusion guarded y the hope of reality. *((( If the a solute truth is "ore !on!rete then it does not allo$ reality# and if it is not !on!rete it e!o"es relative. -his is $hy $e live the illusion# only to e freeX *(() Only the drea" !an Hno$ $hat reality is. 20(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *((* 6hat da$n does not $ant its o$n day and $hat illusion does not $ant its realityX *((5 6ould $e ever Hno$ happiness is if $e did not have the freedo" to a!?uire itX *((6 Ai erty is the essen!e of illusion and the Hno$ledge its reality. *((7 Illusion is the sure re!ipe for happiness. *((8 If $e did not live the reality of the illusion $e $ould never e happy. *((' Only the one that hopes !an Hno$ $hat he $ants. *((9 Illusion is the pennies of Hno$ledge revealed to a drea" !alled life y the a solute truth. *((: Only on the death ed you $ill understand the good or the evil of the Illusion of Aife. *()( -he fa!t that even the illusion Hno$n as su!h is a reality reveals us the !hara!ter of the a solute truth that is $inning even $hen it loses. *()) Only spa!e !an give ti"e the for" of its $ord# liHe the illusion gives to li erty the for" of its heart. *()* -he a solute truth hides in our destiny e!ause no "atter ho$ "u!h freedo" $ould 20&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION the Illusion of Aife give to you# it !an e Rust one. *()5 6hat destiny does not have its "asH under the for" of illusionX *()6 6ithout illusion $e $ould never e happy. *()7 Illusion is the essen!e of this $orld. *()8 If reality "eans the li"it# the !on!reteness and the un!hanging a solute# illusion "eans freedo"# relativity and the la!H of any li"its. *()' Dod is the a solute truth at $hi!h $e all relate our li erties# happiness and drea"s. *()9 Illusion is the hypnoti! state of reality $here even that eliefs it is free and happy. *(): -he nu" ers are the !on!reteness of the a solute truth that s$i"s in the $aters of illusion. *(*( 5o$ "any hopes# happiness and dyna"is" hide the illusion and the dra"ati! nature of its truthX *(*) 9ra"a# fulfill"ent# happiness and hope are si"ple "etaphors $ritten y the illusory truthOs Illusion of Aife. *(** 5o$ $ould the stars looH liHe $ithout the illusion of Hno$ing the eautyX 20'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *(*5 -here !annot e love $ithout illusion# and sin!e Dod represents love it "eans that 5e !an only e per!eived y us through illusion. *(*6 No "atter ho$ "u!h truth life see"s to hide# $ithout the a solute truth that $e donOt Hno$ everything is a ig illusion. *(*7 6hat relative truth !an lie a solutely or $hat a solute truth !an lie relativelyX -his is $hy there !an e relative truths only in illusion# and the a solute truth is one and insepara le. *(*8 -he a solute truth $ill al$ays stay ehind illusion. *(*' Only the $ar !an Hno$ $hat pea!e is# the truth $hat lie is# and the illusion $hat reality is. *(*9 9eath is the "ost pre!ious truth of illusion. *(*: In a $orld of reality# the lie "ust e!o"e the supre"e truth. *(5( -he one that does not drea" does not live. *(5) 5o$ "u!h struggle for an illusion and ho$ "any truths for a lie are uilding this $orld. 20>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *(5* 6ithout illusion neither the heart of flo$ers $ould e given to love. *(55 -he great ?uestion is ho$ true !an an illusion e that lies in the $et eyes of the longing for truthX *(56 Reality is a lie Hno$n y the a solute truth of Hno$ledge. *(57 If it $asnOt leaning on lie# neither the truth $ould e1ist. *(58 Aife Hno$s ho$ to lies its o$n truth to itself# eside death. *(5' Only the one that sear!hes for a sense of e1isten!e $ill dis!over the Illusion of Aife in front of death. *(59 6ho are you# stranger# you $ho elieve in the $orld of the drea" hunted y lifeX *(5: -o the Illusion of Aife# the iggest liar is the a solute truth. *(6( 6hen Illusion $ants to e perfe!tion it e!o"es poetry. *(6) Only the one that !heat the lie of the $orld $ill Hno$ the truth of e1isten!e. *(6* No "atter ho$ !orre!t $e are $e !annot a!!ept the !on!reteness of the a solute truth. *(65 Aove is the truest lie on $hi!h the a solute truth relies. 20*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *(66 6ithout love even the a solute truth $ould !ru" le liHe a !astle in the sand. *(67 -he truest pea!e is the one "ade y you $ith your self. *(68 6hat illusion does not de"and its right to its truth and $hat truth does not run a$ay fro" illusionX -his is the !ause of this $orldOs e"ptiness. *(6' -o elieve "eans lying to the a solute truth that relies on lie in order to e!o"e true. *(69 If the a solute truth $ould rely on another truth to e!o"e true then it $ould not e a solute ut relative# thus a relative lie to the other truth. *(6: Our $orldOs truth is love !overed in longing and hope# in sin and pain. -he heart reaHing sy" iosis of !os"i! destiny of the star that "ade us. *(7( Every truth of the illusion has its o$n ti"e# $hile the a solute truth has eternity. *(7) Illusion is the only truth of reality. *(7* 5o$ "u!h sand the ti"e of heart $ill dri22le in the hourglass of $ord through $hi!h Dod has drea"ed the $orld of loveX *(75 -o e free of your self "eans to e dead. 20)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *(76 6ithout pain the $orld $ould e a sea $ithout $aves that $ill never Hno$ the shores of happiness. *(77 -he $ord e!o"es the soul of illusion in this $orld. *(78 6ithout illusion# the truth of reality $ould have een so alone that it $ould have got lost in the void of none1isten!e forever. *(7' Illusion "eans rhyth"# !olor and vi ration efore everything# all for a elief# a hope and a drea". *(79 Reality is an i"age ga"e of illusion. *(7: Reality is the one $ho gives dura ility to the illusion. *(8( Only the one $ho dou ts the Hno$ledge $ill dis!over its la!H of re"orse in front of life. *(8) -he iggest values of the Illusion of Aife do not !onsist in the su Re!t of our hopes ut in the hierar!hy that al$ays linHed the". Another ig e"ptiness. *(8* If hope is a truth it "eans that the Illusion of Aife is a lie sin!e $e all hope for a $hole life. *(85 -he $orld is a flash of love and sin soiled in the dust of e"ptiness. 20,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *(86 Ealue is the pedestal that Hno$s ho$ to lie so good to the truth so that it e!o"es true. *(87 -he "isunderstood "istaHe y the IllusionOs of Aife truth is !alled forgiveness. *(88 6ithout illusion# the $orld $ould e a star unseen y no one. *(8' Illusion is the supre"e revelation of the self. *(89 -he li"it et$een illusion and reality is in love and fear. *(8: 6ho !an really understand the illusion $ithout passing it trough realityX *('( 6e are "ade to suffer the failure of reality in front of the illusion of our hopes for !o"pleteness Rust to progress. *(') 7anOs iggest dis!overy is in redis!overing his o$n self. *('* -here is no "ore real illusion and no "ore illusory reality than our o$n life. *('5 Aet ti"e dri22le your reality e!ause he is also an illusion. *('6 6ho !an !o"pete $ith his o$n Illusion of AifeX *('7 6e live realis" e!ause no$here else an illusion !an e "ore real than in our e1isten!e. 210

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *('8 Our life is a pie!e of e!stasy garnished $ith the e1altation of eing and forgetting that oth !an e "easured y the Illusion of Aife. *('' -he nu" er is the order of illusion. *('9 S!ien!e is an understanding of our illusory senses $ith the illusion lived in our o$n self. *(': 6ho !an Hno$ $hy reality Hno$s a out the e1isten!e of its o$n illusion as $ell as the illusion Hno$s a out of the e1isten!e of her o$n reality. *(9( 6ithout fear the illusion $ould e $ithout reality and love# the reality $ould e $ithout illusion. *(9) A reality $ithout illusion is a reality orn dead. *(9* -he great s!his" et$een reality and illusion has happened $hen "an $as "ore afraid than he $as a le to love and thus the Original Sin $as orn. *(95 Can so"eone i"agine li erty $ithout illusionX *(96 No hope $ould have halted fro" the flight of her drea"s in the soul of reality if it $erenOt for illusion. 211

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *(97 Only the one $ho $ill des!end in the deepness of illusion $ill understand the profundity of his reality. *(98 Not the drea" is the one that drea"s ut you# this is $hy do not ?uestion its reality. *(9' In our $orld there $ill al$ays e suffi!ient fear and not enough love# this is $hy $e live the reality of fear. *(99 -he odyssey of love is for us the roHen destiny of an illusion# if $e do not $ant to forget the e1!ru!iating pain found in our o$n Original Sin. *(9: Si!Hness is a reality for us and this is $hy it !o"es fro" the fear $hi!h is the ody of reality# ut $e should not forget that fear is the reality of an illusion. *(:( 6ithout a heart# love $ould not understand the ti"e that eats the a surd hours of reality. *(:) Guture is the fortune of love fro" the ti!Het unopened y the fear that e!o"es past. *(:* -here $ill never e too "u!h love# ut fear $illW *(:5 -o elieve in the reality of the Illusion of Aife "eans to e" ra!e fear and to elieve in its illusion# this is liHe e" ra!ing love. 212

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *(:6 Gear is the tool of the Original Sin that "aHes us live the reality of illusion and not the illusion of reality. *(:7 Bou !annot love $ithout fear. *(:8 A perfe!t love $ould e a perfe!t e?uili riu" et$een love and fear# et$een reality and illusion e!ause fear $ill al$ays represent the reality and the love $ill represent the illusion. *(:' Gear deter"ines love and love deter"ines fear. *(:9 Could our an!estors have loved so "u!h that they gave us their fear of not loosing loveX Could this e the !ause for $hi!h $e live this "isera le reality of e"ptinessX *(:: 6hat !an e truer in this $orld than fear and "ore false than the fulfilled love and "ore honest than the one unfulfilledX *)(( 4ea!e is the pause et$een t$o fears. *)() If the Original Sin is fear it "eans that his origin lies in loveW *)(* Dod# !ould $e have loved "ore that it $as given to usX -his is $hy $e $ere gifted $ith the Original Sin as a ridge et$een reality and illusionX *)(5 At the origin of the Original Sin lies the fear raised fro" love. 21(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)(6 On!e the realis" of fears floods the ro"an!e of love over!o"ing it greatly# it "eans that hu"anity is heading again to$ards loveX *)(7 6hat $ing of love does not $ant the flight to the a soluteX *)(8 If the realis" of fears distinguishes its reality through $hi!h you $ill never rea!h a solute# the illusion of love distinguishes the hope for you# that !an lead you to a solute[ to tra!e a oundary et$een these the Dod gave us the original Sin# in order to understand through sa!rifi!e the i"portan!e of fears. *)(' -he eing is an e1altation of your o$n illusion. *)(9 -here is a li"it only in fear. *)(: Opportunis" is an anne1 of fear of yourself. *))( Co$ardi!e e!o"es !onvenient only in front of fear. *))) -he savior and the salvation never e1isted $ithout fear. *))* 6hat !hur!h and $hat religion $ould e1ist $ithout fearX *))5 Glood the soul $ith the light of love that $ill re"ove the darHness of your fears. 21&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *))6 -here is no $i2ard or spell# ut only alienation of our self that e!o"es love. If $e $ould e!o"e "asters in the house of our soul all the e"ptiness of this $orld $ould i""ediately disappear. *))7 -he season of our life is the one of love. *))8 5o$ "u!h spa!e $ould ti"e need to give eternity a ho"eX *))' 6ithout fear there $ill not e the Original Sin# the reality of the Illusion of Aife# the fi1ed ti"e# nu" ers# "oney# profane# "adness# lie# e"ptiness and "any "ore. *))9 -here is no argu"ent $ithout "o"ent. *)): -he li22ard of e"ptiness !an never haunt a great love. *)*( 6e are river stones $ashed y the $ater of -i"e that desperately sear!h their o$n identity lost y Dod on the path of death. *)*) Nothing !an "at!h -i"eOs loss of un"easured "o"ents than the passion of love to e eternal. *)** At the ta le of longing you never go full of fears e!ause you $ill e driven a$ay to the road of o livion.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)*5 Stop# stranger of yourself# at the !athedral of your soul and pray to e lessed $ith the "e"ory of the Dod inside you. *)*6 Aet the $orld !arry its !ross and re"e" er that salvation !o"es fro" fear. *)*7 -he !ourage is the eli1ir that $ill open the first gate of the love inside you. *)*8 9o not e angry if the $orld see"s "ore nor"al than any other reality of illusion e!ause only "adness !an de!ipher the right $ay to the illusion of reality. *)*' %e !ra2ier than the nor"ality "ade y this $orldOs 9estiny !an# if you ever $ant to understand $hat the Illusion of Aife is and its illusory reality. *)*9 Not even a "illstone !an e tied at the ne!H of the reality of this $orld eside love. *)*: Only the one $ho s$eats the "o"ent !an e gifted $ith the gra!e of ti"e. *)5( -o fight $ith the e"ptiness of e1isten!e is the sa"e as to striHe the $ind fro" the "eaning of the 6ord love $ith the fists of the one $ho !annot re!ogni2e ro"an!e. *)5) -he gate to paradise is guarded y the thorns that give gra!e to the paradise "aHing it a privileged pla!e. 21>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)5* Although ig e1pe!tations are often ig disappoint"ents# $e play at the lottery of life until death# ne!essarily sinning as to need salvation and the Savior on duty that gives us the !hips of the Original Sin in the !asino of this $orldOs "o"ents. *)55 6ithout steps $e $ould all e a!es# ut $ithout a!es $ho $ill e the a!e hidden in the sleeve of 9estiny $ho sho$s us death in its every !olorX *)56 On!e "o$ed# the grass of "e"ory rings the season of death to the 6ord of your !reation. *)57 E?uality is a value put the other $ay around. *)58 5o$ "any fingers of your 9estinyOs $ays has the pal" given to you y the ti"e of your lifeX *)5' Ro"an!e is the na"e of the stranger inside us that $aits to e dis!overed. *)59 Any freedo" has its o$n li"its. *)5: No ody !an Hno$ ho$ free Dod is in 5i"self e!ause if 5e is perfe!t 5e e!o"es straitla!ed y 5is o$n perfe!tion# and if 5e is i"perfe!t 5e !annot e the Dod of perfe!tion any"ore# ut the Dod of i"perfe!tion. 21*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)6( -he uni?ue !an never e free e!ause all the paths are 5i". -his is $hy I elief that Dod "ade the $orld of sin Rust to e free through us. *)6) No "atter ho$ "u!h $ould $e desire this reality# still through illusion it $ill e ruled# relating to illusion. *)6* 6hat illusion is "ore realX -he illusion of reality or the reality of illusionX *)65 Reality !annot e $ithout illusion liHe good !annot e $ithout evil# eauty $ithout ugliness and life $ithout death in the dualis" of the so !alled Hno$ledge of ours. *)66 -he differen!e et$een illusion and reality is in the $ay of looHing at illusion. *)67 -o deny reality "eans to a!!ept illusion# ut denying the illusion does not "ean to a!!ept its reality ut to denigrate it. *)68 Illusion never ends ut reality# as illusory as it is# doesW *)6' 5o$ "any drea"s are lost at sunrise# hopes in death and loves in o livion looHing in vain for the reality of the i""ortal heartX *)69 Reality !an e1ist only in i""ortality e!ause only there it !annot end to start all over again $ith another drea". 21)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)6: Only eternity !an e real e!ause it does not die# it is not forgotten and it is never re"e" ered. *)7( All that is passing is illusion# e!ause it needs a "e"ory# the "e"ory needs forgetting and o livion needs void. *)7) Only the elief !an give the aura of reality to an illusion. *)7* 6ithout elief the entire $orld $ould e a long lost "e"ory# not having the for!e to gild its o$n illusion $ith a halo of false reality so ne!essary to hope. *)75 -here is no pain that does not elieve itself real. -his is the pri!e paid y us to reality and the hope arose fro" it. *)76 -he for!e is the palliative of the illusionOs de au!hery in front of its o$n "irror in $hi!h it looHs at the thoughts given to Hno$ledge. *)77 6e are a pie!e of thought in a sea of illusion. *)78 6hat spe!tru" is "ore e1tendedX -he one of death or the one of lifeX -he one of the Hno$n or the one of the unHno$nX *)7' Never say no e!ause you e1ist in an affir"ation of Dod through the 6ord of !reation. 21,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)79 Infinite is the sa"e as eternity# they !an only have a single path !alled reality[ instead illusion has infinite paths on $hi!h the only $ay of reality !an $alH. *)7: Never asH yourself $hy e!ause the ?uestion does not elong only to the illusion# having "any "ore options than the uni?ue option of infinite that is in all and Hno$s all. *)8( 6hat ti"e does not !arry its ti"es after itX *)8) 4ani! is a tiara of i"possi ility. *)8* -he fire of your 9estiny is lit to lighten your eternity in death and not in life. *)85 Reality does not have ran!hes[ it is uni?ue# $hile illusion is the tree $ith the roots deeply e" edded in DodOs heart# given through the 6ord to the !reation of the love in us. *)86 6hat shore does not have its $ater and $hat death its lifeX *)87 No "atter ho$ !lear $ould e the drea" of this $orld# in the end it $ill still athe in the $ater of the lost thoughtX *)88 7ay e even Dod is desperate a out the night"are $ith us drea"ing a out the 6ord of !reation. 220

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)8' -here !annot e a eing $ithout drea"s. *)89 -he drea" is the essen!e of our e1isten!e. *)8: -he infinite of the heart d$ells only in the eternity of the "o"ent of your eyes. *)'( -he sun of truth !an never get you lind. *)') -he fire of the $ords $ill urn you only if there is !old in your thoughts. *)'* 6hat $ave does not have the shore of its drea"sX *)'5 Bou are uni?ue e!ause there is a uni?ue "o"ent Rust liHe you in this illusion of ti"e lost inside us. *)'6 6hat heart ever re"e" ers the "o"ent $hen it has eaten the e"ptiness of feelingX *)'7 -he sea of hopes $ill never sho$ its hori2ons $here it sleeps its distan!es. *)'8 -he one that forgets the instant of its ti"e y !hoosing the "o"ent $ill never find his pla!e in the li"ited ti"e of e"ptiness et$een a surd and agony. *)'' Only the one that sits at the hungry thoughtOs ta le $ill understand its purpose.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)'9 -he te"ples of thought never e!o"e $hite e!ause they are al$ays darHened y the sin of $ishes. *)': -he ne!essities and the hardships of life have orn the iggest s!ale of sins. *)9( In the infinite of illusion# everything "ust have a point# ut not in the infinite of reality# e!ause only the paths of finite !an e infinite as nu" er and never the only $ay to the infinite. *)9) Illusion is the thread that !an never !ontain the reality of the infiniteOs only $ay. *)9* 5o$ far a$ay is the illusion fro" the infinite and fro" the only its reality. *)95 Cno$ledge is the land of illusion. *)96 Reality is the eternal unHno$n# and illusion is the passing Hno$n. *)97 6orH is the food of illusion. *)98 -he ideational de au!hery is the gate through $hi!h illusion Hno$s its o$n $orld leaving the sa!redness of the a solute and the infinite for the e"ptiness and the profane. *)9' 5o$ "any illusions are orn and die in this $orld to for" the so!iety of illusion $ith its hierar!hi!al stru!tures full of a surdityX 222

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *)99 -he only truth and the one "isunderstood fro" this $orld is the love that e!o"es the gate that taHes you fro" illusion to reality and a solute# that !annot e understood ut only felt e!ause the Hno$ledge elongs only to illusion. *)9: Aive your har"ony of the drea" that you !ould have lost at the lottery of your 9estiny# the only ridge to the a solute of your entire life. *):( 9o not $ipe the tear of the "o"ent that gave irth to you e!ause is your truth that $ill return you to death $ith your entire future. *):) 6hat har"ony !an e superior to deathX *):* Only the orderless spa!e of your ga2e Hno$s the e1a!t hour at $hi!h ti"e of the love that he felt "ust arrive. *):5 I a" e"pty of "yself $hen I $onder $hy I Hno$ the ?uestion $hose ans$er $ill surely e!o"e a ne$ ?uestion# to finally find death. *):6 5o$ "any 9estinies did not $ash ti"e to e not !harged y DodX *):7 -he e" ers of the 6ord that lit your star are !alled love# $ithout $hi!h you $ill 22(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION e1tinguish in the !old of the $ords of this 8niverse. *):8 Only a tear of hope did Dod need in order to !reate. *):' Could the Illusion of our Aife e one of the "e"ories of DodX *):9 Only the flo$ers of the soul !an rea!h at the love on $hi!h 9estiny leans. *):: 6hat $onder is for us to Hno$ that $e !an forget everything !on!erning $hat $e donOt Hno$ anything a outW **(( -here is no greater lo$ than feeling the flo$er of the love of your soul $ithered. **() Gro" $hi!h thought !an the pea!e $ith yourself !o"e if you do not Hno$ the !ause of your irthX **(* At the "arHet of thoughts# so!iety sells history on the dusted stand of unfulfill"ent of a si!H ti"e fro" the disease of its o$n days that !annot e fi1ed only $ith the art of eing learned ho$ to die. **(5 Stop the infinite fro" the $ish of your self longing to e a pie!e of a heart eat and see if you still $ant this $orldOs e"ptiness so ad. **(6 -he rain of your soulOs $ords !an never over!o"e the desert of the so!iety in $hi!h 22&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION you $ere orn# even if it $ashed the entire agony of this e1isten!eOs a surdity. **(7 And if you $ill $in in life did you ever asHed yourself $hat else you $ill $in than the agony of a "edio!re and desert a surdity of itselfX **(8 In this $orld $inner is the one that learns to forget a out the painful "e"ory of life only to e!o"e a failure of death. **(' 6hat longing doesnOt Hno$ ho$ to hurt# ut $hat "an does Hno$ ho$ to dieX **(9 -here is no sun of longing that $ill not shine in the darHness of your heart. **(: 6hen longing# it is liHe even the "o"ents !annot raise your 9estiny to a ne$ day. **)( -he Hiss is a $ing of an angel that found the endless of his spa!es et$een the t$o hearts. **)) 6e have fallen into the sin of death liHe in a passion to su!!eed in forgetting life that has $aited for us at the end of the roadX **)* Only the 2ephyr of an e" ra!e !an Hno$ $hy the $ind that gave it to the desert of this $orld !annot e !aught in the hands of an eternal "e"ory. 22'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION **)5 -here is no rillian!e of Hno$ledge that has lost the hori2on of illusion of $anting so"ething spe!ifi!. **)6 Bou are orn to leave the tra!e $ithout a tra!e of "ortality. **)7 Only the one that !a"e in Hno$ledge finds out a out the la!H of Hno$ledge. **)8 -he illusion of an i""ortal e!o"es a solute truth through its eternity. **)' No ody !an understand $hy even illusion is a truth and the truth is a reality. **)9 If it $erenOt for the truth# illusion $ould never $ant to e real# ut instead to e reality. **): -hrough truth the illusion not only e!o"es real# reality ut even "ore# the reality e!o"es illusory. ***( -he truth is the ridge through $hi!h any reality e!o"es an illusion and illusion e!o"es realty# this even the truth e!o"es a s"all pie!e of a real illusion. ***) -he truth is the illusionist that transfor"s the illusion in reality. **** 6ithout truth# not even illusion $ill e1ist. ***5 -he A solute -ruth is the "irror that refle!ts all the relative truths that lie and are 22>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION divided in t$o/ the ones that refle!t the reality of illusion that !an e true or the illusion of reality that !an still e true. ***6 Bou $ill never find truths that "irror reality $ithout it eing e" ellished y illusion. ***7 -here are not one or "ore truths regarding a su Re!t that !an pretend it is real e!ause reality !annot e defined through a single truth. ***8 -he differen!e et$een illusion and reality is that illusion !an e defined y "ini"u" t$o truths up to infinity of truths# ut reality !an e defined y a single truth. ***' An infinite e!o"es again a unity thus uni?ueness and thus infinity of truths !an e!o"e a single truth again that $ill transfor" the illusion $ith infinity of truths in the reality of the only truth. ***9 -he a solute truth !ontains in its self infinity of possi ilities that !an e relative truths that develop their illusions that "irror the reality of the A solute -ruth. -o the infinite# the su" of all these illusions !an uild a uni?ue reality# refle!ted y the A solute -ruth# ut no su!h illusion !an uild its reality only liHe illusion. 22*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ***: 8ni?ueness KrealityL is refle!ted y the A solute -ruth and the "ultitude KillusionL y the relative truths that lie. **5( E1isten!e is uni?ue in its ense" le and "ultiple in its stru!ture# thus# the ense" le of the e1isten!e is a reality# ut not stru!tural entities that define the pheno"enology as su!h and elong to relative truths# thus to illusion. In the !ase of our $orld# the Illusion of Aife. **5) -here is no for" of reality $ithout the !ontent of its illusion for e1isten!e. **5* E1isten!e is a !o"pro"ise et$een the reality of for"Os uni?ueness and "ultitudeOs illusion of its !ontent. **55 If the for" of e1isten!e $as not filled $ith the illusion of the !ontent refle!ted y the lying relative truths# then its reality as a $hole $ould e put to dou t. **56 Any for" that is "ultiple and not uni?ue !annot e true e!ause it !annot e refle!ted in the A solute -ruth $hi!h is uni?ue. **57 -he for" !annot e true ut as a uni?ue $hole and not in as a stru!ture together $ith other for"s that in!lude it or in!ludes in its turn any other for"s. Only liHe this it !an e 22)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION defined y the A solute -ruth $hi!h is uni?ue. **58 Our soul is the uni?ue infinite fro" everyone# is the invisi le for" that refle!ts the diversity of illusion and $hi!h is refle!ted y the A solute -ruth living the Illusion of Aife the relative truths raised fro" this $orldOs diversity. **5' As long as $e $ill not understand that ea!h of us are uni?ue# a solute and infinite in the depths of our soul# that $e are the for" that in!ludes the entire 8niverse in a heart that !an love# $e $ill never su!!eed to e" ra!e the forgotten stranger inside us that is pre!isely this for". **59 Every "an is a Dod# no "atter ho$ good or evil e!ause is a uni?ue and infinite for" through its soul. **5: -o say that "an is a part of Dod "eans that only Dod is real e!ause 5e is uni?ue and "an is illusionX As the for" of everyone is uni?ue it "eans that "an is also real# ut the "ultitude a$are of this is illusion. **6( 5o$ does the $orld looH liHe $ithout the Illusion of AifeX 6ould it e a $orld $ithout diversity e!ause only in diversity 22,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION there is a "ultitude of relative truths that in its totality lie $ithout eing the uni?ue A solute -ruthX **6) Any uni?ue truth that refle!ts its uni?ue for" is an A solute -ruth. A "ultitude of uni?ue for"s refle!t a single A solute -ruth e!ause no uni?ue for" !an e "ore of less uni?ue depending on the relative truths. **6* No uni?ue for" !an refle!t to another uni?ue for" to e real than through uni?ueness and not in the ense" le. **65 -he relative truths of illusion are orn $hen the uni?ue for"s report trough their ense" le to ea!h other# $hi!h deter"ines illusion and diversity. **66 As every $ord is uni?ue in its o$n $ay# so the "an is the sa"e even if a lot of "en give irth to so!iety and the $ords to language. **67 Aanguage is the refle!ted i"age of the Illusion of Aife# !hara!teristi! to a so!iety on a !ertain s!ale of its develop"ent. **68 Reality is in the for"s that# taHen as an ense" le eside others they e!o"e illusions that separate# split or "ultiply senti"ents and feelings. 2(0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION **6' Aove is the "ost po$erful illusion at the eginning fro" the Illusion of our Aife# eing uni?ue# fa!t for $hi!h it $ill e!o"e real. **69 Aove is the only illusion that $e !an transfor" in reality# to $hi!h $e give a uni?ue for" to e defined y the A solute -ruth e!o"ing an infinite soul that $ill last forever. **6: %y loving $e give irth to the $orld of a ne$ soul fro" illusion# $hi!h $ill light $ith its star the eternity. **7( -he great loves e!o"e reality e!ause they are uni?ue for the angels of their hearts. **7) 6hat $ould a $orld $ithout drea"s e liHeX 6ould it not e a star $ithout light or an angel $ithout $ingsX **7* AetOs transfor" the drea"s in reality through love. **75 6hy did $e dis!over !hur!hesX Only to pray our ina ility to loveX **76 7usi! is the already "ade path on the portative of illusion to e follo$ed y love. **77 Even the A solute 8ntruth is still a truth liHe lie and illusion# and as a solute as the A solute -ruth# $ith the differen!e of $hat it represents is its reverse. 2(1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION **78 -he "ost e1pensive thing in this $orld of e"ptiness !annot e Rust the Illusion of Aife. **7' Infinite !an never !ount its days and !annot e inti"idated y its si2e e!ause all are inside hi" and he is inside all. **79 -he iggest fight is not $ith your death ene"y# ut $ith the death inside you that you !annot understand. **7: %et$een death and eing there is a single pledge/ the Illusion of Aife. **8( Not death is to la"e e!ause life is "istaHen to$ards you. **8) Gor the infinite inside you# any illusion !an taHe realityOs shape# $hi!h you live liHe the Illusion of Aife e!ause in its uni?ueness all !an e in!luded# ut espe!ially the things that you donOt Hno$ they !an e. **8* -he hu"an psy!he is the energeti!ally dis!harge or the uni?ue for" of the soul through the refle!tion in it of other for"Os diversity# taHen as a $hole. **85 -here is nothing that $as not drea"ed to e uni?ue and indivisi le y Dod# and $e# the people# instead of per!eiving the e1pression of the infinite uni?ueness that refle!ts that inside it# $e per!eive it in an 2(2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ense" le of a stru!tured syste" on interfa!es and net$orHs that e!o"e rightful and po$erful. -hus the la$# the for!e or any other $ay that "aHes the uni?ue net$orH $ith another is the pri"ary sour!e of illusion. **86 5o$ "u!h illusion is in po$er e!ause eing po$erful "eans to do"inate the finite ense" le of a syste" and not the infinite uni?ueness of the for" $hose po$er is !alled "editationX **87 6ill is the atte"pt of for" to trans!end fro" uni?ue to "ultiple through the a!tion of other for"s !reating the ense" le# eing the first step of illusion. **88 -he !ons!iousness is an ense" le of Hno$ledge# $ill and affe!tivity# a trinity on $hose feet relies the Illusion if Aife. **8' -here is no $eaH "an ut only a "an that has forgotten ho$ to drea". **89 6e all defeat our death only after $e are dead e!ause our death has died $ith us as $ell. **8: Spa!e and ti"e are the t$o uni?ue for"s that in their ense" le e!o"e the stru!ture of the Illusion of Aife e!ause spa!e $ithout ti"e and ti"e $ithout spa!e 2((

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION e!o"e infinite. Could our $orld e the ig love of these t$o di"ensionsX **'( 6ithout drea" even its illusions have felt the pain of destiny "u!h "ore atro!ious# eing si!H $ith the thought full of the original sin of the Dod in us. **') 6e are a !ontinuous sunset of the drea" of life that hopes to rise. **'* Even eauty has its ugliness. **'5 Every eauty has its share of i"perfe!tion liHe ugliness has its perfe!tion. **'6 -he $ise $ill dis!over eauty even in the i"age of the "onsters# $hilst the one that does not thinH $ill not find it even in the iggest !reations of "anHind. **'7 9o not hide ehind the day that told you a out this $orldOs life e!ause the eyelids of its future are still athing sin!e then in the !old $ater of death. **'8 6hoever found the tear of eternity on the eyelids of -i"eX **'' 6hat rise $ishes to e!o"e a forgotten sunsetX **'9 6ho elieves in love athes in the eternity of the a solute truthOs "o"ent.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION **': 6e are !reated to feed $ith our lives the "o"ent of eternity in $hi!h you $ill lose ourselves for ever. **9( -here is no soul that has his eternal "o"ent in $hi!h he !an die. **9) 9id anyone ever !reated i""ortality any$here else than in the "o"ent of his o$n deathX **9* If even the stars die# if the 8niverse $ill also die# if ehind us $ill never e anything# if no ody and nothing $ill re"e" er us# did $e ever really e1istedX **95 5o$ "any lives $ill a "an need to understand the illusion of his nature# esto$ed fro" the Har"i! hypnosis re!eived fro" DodX **96 -he entire splendor of i""ortality $ill turn pale if it $erenOt for hope to elieve in it. **97 Not happiness is the one that Heeps you alive# ut the fear of death. **98 9id $e ever learned $hat love is and ho$ !an it fa!e the fear of deathX **9' -he one $ho has $ashed the leeding heart of love $ith the $ater of life $ill understand its nonsense. 2('

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION **99 6here are the eaten hands of "o"ents# $orn out y the ti"e of the "e"ory in usX **9: Even the one that $ants i""ortality !annot let the ti"e that eats its "o"ents in its heart for love die. **:( If $e did not Hno$ happiness# $e $ould still Hno$ that eyond life is death and eyond illusion# realityX **:) Dod has tried long efore you to !reate# this is $hy anything you $ould do or say is Rust an illusion of the ne$ e!ause there is nothing ne$ that did not !o"e fro" the old that on!e has een ne$er than your novelty. **:* If Dod forgot# nothing $ould e1ist. **:5 -he entire $orld $ith its illusions leans on the Dod that is efore everything the ig "e"ory of everything# $ithout $hi!h all di"ensions $ould e!o"e void. **:6 Only the li erty of illusion "aHes the "an $ise. **:7 -here is not pea!e ut $ith yourself. **:8 -he li"it et$een superior and inferior is only in you and dies $ith you. **:' -he ti"e of death is i""ortality and the ti"e of life is death. **:9 AoveOs iggest gift is death. 2(>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION **:: -he one that elieves in love $ill never forget that the entire eternity !an hide in a single "o"ent. *5(( 5o$ ig !an e the happiness of the one that has fulfilled his "ost urning $ishes and no$ he doesnOt hope or drea" any"oreX *5() 9o not !ount the years you live# ut !ount the "o"ents. *5(* Al$ays "easure your happiness $ith your soul and never rationally e!ause in this $orld nothing !an e rational $ith the e1!eption of illusion. *5(5 9id anyone "aHe pea!e $ith loveX *5(6 6orldOs iggest eauty is not in its $onders ut in the drea"s that al$ays sear!h to e fulfilled in the da$n of e1perien!e. *5(7 Can there e a "an "ore oppressed than the one that !annot drea"X *5(8 %y striHing the pea!e of a heart you $ill arouse the stor" of your pea!e. *5(' 9ig deeper in the dust of your ody if you $ant to turn it into a fertile field that has no $eeds. *5(9 Gear is seldo" a re"edy and often a !ure. 2(*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *5(: 6hat roots donOt have their earth $atered y the tears of ti"eX *5)( 7ad"an is the one $ho regrets death. *5)) 6hat happiness does not have its share of sufferingX *5)* %eauty e!o"es a standard only if others also elieve in it. *5)5 6hat star does not have its rays and $hat drea" its $orldX *5)6 5o$ far !an the infinite e on!e you are a pie!e of a "o"ent fro" this infiniteX *5)7 Other than Aove# 9eath# Aife and 9estiny# $hat other saints do you thinH you $ill find in your selfOs !athedralX *5)8 -he universe inside you is not inferior to the one outside you. -his is $hy your loneliness is Rust an illusion. *5)' -he silen!e of dusH taHes all the struggle of the day in its heart# $hile the noisy Roy of the da$n has the entire ?uietness rought fro" nothingness in its heart. *5)9 Only the one that elieves in lu!H $ill e unfortunate. *5): -hrough !han!e life e!o"es a rando" event and death an as!ertain"ent. *5*( 6orry is lifeOs ti"epie!e. 2()

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *5*) Only the $ater of life $ill $ash the fa!e of death. *5** 6hat good does not have its evil# $hat eauty its ugliness or love its hateX Only 9estiny does not have its opposite any"ore e!ause it is the essen!e of its o$n Illusion of Aife around $hi!h our drea"s are $eaved. *5*5 No "atter ho$ eautiful $ould the house of our drea"s e# 6ord is in its foundation. *5*6 Gear is the heartOs gate to the unHno$n. *5*7 5ope is the e"press of the Illusion of Aife# $ithout $hi!h the entire $orld $ould fall apart. *5*8 -he hypnosis of our o$n genes is at the origin of our iologi!al !lo!H. *5*' -eas are the fruits of the eyes. *5*9 6ithout aspirations $e $ill never understand death. *5*: -he one that !annot e thought does not e1ist. *55( -hought is the pedestal of the e1isten!e. *55) In the end# $hat flight does not lose the $ings of its drea"s. 2(,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *55* 6ithout ?uestion no life $ill re!ogni2e its death. *555 Aife is a ?uestion of death and death a ?uestion of life. *556 -here are no stops for the ?uestion that hopes. *557 Aife is a !ontinuous li"it at the feet of the unHno$ing# lost in the $ater of death. *558 6ithout the hori2on of the soulO pea!e# all the $ars of the hearts $ill !ollapse into the Dod inside us# driving 5i" ever further a$ay fro" the hopes of our drea"s. *55' -he fla"e of the drea" of life urns the da$n of the death $ith its "e"ory. *559 Even ignoran!e elongs to e1isten!e liHe all that does not e1ist# as long as the e1isten!e is the produ!t of a thought and e1ists through a$areness. -o e a$are of the ignoran!e or the ine1isten!e "eans to give the" to the e1isten!e. *55: 6hat so!iety does not have its roots in lie# "urder# theft and disappoint"entX *56( -o e !apa le "eans to re!ogni2e your vi!tories in the lost attles. *56) Re ellion is the nature of reason. 2&0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *56* Oppression "aHes you $in "ore than any other in!entive. *565 -here is no deeper hy"n than the one "ur"ured y your selfOs Dod. *566 4rayer is the re ellion of the heart in front of ina ility. *567 -here is no grater ene"y than the vi!tory that !hoHes the fire of hope. *568 Gaith al$ays $anted to e a ridge et$een life and death. *56' 4aradise is infernoOs se!ond nature and inferno it the se!ond nature of paradise. *569 -he terri le dis!overy of "anHind is not "ass destru!tion $eapons or $ars and perfidious viruses# ut hu"an so!iety in its !urrent state. *56: 7anHind has "oved to spirituality $hen it firstly e!a"e a$are of death. *57( 4aradise is the hope $here the arro$s of longing !annot Hill the "o"ent of eternity. *57) 5o$ "u!h re"orse did Dod have for our original sin that no ody $antedX *57* 5o$ deep !an the silen!e of death e in front of lifeX 2&1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *575 9ivinity is a s!rea" of pain at the Dod that $as $rong to live us the original sin. *576 5o$ "u!h san!tity "an needs to redis!over the stranger lost inside hi"selfX *577 -he $orst fight is $ith yourself. *578 All that has a $ay $ill die in the end. *57' -he fruit of thought is the $ord fro" the $ind of e"ptiness that ho$ls at the feet of death. *579 -he liveliest $ish al$ays leans on death even if its purpose is i""ortality. *57: -he one that sear!hes the tra!e of the light $ill never get tired in the Illusion of Aife. *58( 9o not aspire eyond yourself e!ause you $ill $ander in the infinity of your o$n 8niverse inside your soul. *58) 9id the light of love ever $ander in the darHness of e"ptiness until it !annot see the lightX *58* A hu"an Dod $ould e "anOs DodX A Dod that !an lie# Hill or possess the entire range of negative ?ualities together $ith the positive onesX *585 A Dod that $e $ill never Hno$# a $orld that $e $ill never Hno$ and an 2&2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION Illusion of Aife that never e1isted $ould e the real paradise of the A solute -ruth to $hi!h Hno$ledge !annot e1ist e!ause it !ontains a "ultitude of relative truths that relate to one another. -he A solute -ruth !an only e one. *586 Co"plete pea!e !an never e1ist in the fight of life. *587 Aisten to your heart as it eats every "o"ent that $ants to !ross the gates of your soul to e!o"e the sole eternity Hneeled at the !old feet of death. *588 Ani"als have not des!ended $ith hu"anHind in hell e!ause they never dis!overed their o$n spirituality. *58' Aife is a sno$ fall of drea"s that !overs irth in the happenings sno$+ anHs o$ing a death. *589 6hen you $ill su!!eed to !ontain the hori2on# you $ill e passed in the $orld $here the light does not shado$ and the darHness linds you $ith the sin!erityOs gra!e of the A solute -ruth of death that !an only e one/ DodOs "e"ory of you. *58: 5o$ "any hearts of tears did not reaH the !liffs of this $orldOs 9estinyX 2&(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *5'( Illusion is a rain o$ on $hi!h life !li" s. *5') Aife is an e?uili riu" that !an never e rea!hed y its o$n illusion. *5'* On the fa!e of illusion the tear of reality $ill drop only $hen the drea" itself $ill see" real as our life is liHe. *5'5 -he happiness of illusion is al$ays !ornered y realityOs A solute gift. *5'6 4ossi ilities are infinite in illusion and this deter"ines the possi ility of the apparition of Hno$ledge# $hile in reality it !an only e a possi ility# that of the A solute -ruth $hi!h is uni?ue and indivisi le. *5'7 All the $orlds of illusion donOt value as "u!h as the only A solute -ruth. *5'8 6hi!h truth that elongs to the illusion !an e a soluteX NoneW Or relativeX -hey all !an eW *5'' 5o$ is it possi le that there are stars that !ross the thresholds of ti"es in the $orld of illusion and $hat are these !o"pared to the A solute -ruthX *5'9 Not the distan!e of the stars gets you do$n ut the one of the souls near you. 2&&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *5': -he eyes are $hat it is left inside us fro" the pri"ordial sea[ they are the oundless hori2ons $ith $aves of hopes and longing !liffs on $hi!h love stories reaH. *59( Dod# $hy did you gave us so "u!h sHy in the $orld of sufferingX *59) Only the spatter of this a surd lifeOs rain $ill su!!eed in understanding the !louds of te"ptations that $ill pour in the 4arnassian valleys of love. *59* Can illusion hide the truth of your eyesX *595 Aord# it is too !old in the $ords sno$+ drifted $ith sin. *596 9oes only illusion Hno$ happinessX *597 5o$ lonely $ere you# Aord# if you $anted the drea" of this life. *598 -he infinite is the only truth at the oso" if illusion that $e $ill never Hno$# Rust e!ause it !annot e ut uni?ue. *59' 6e are a longing that hurts under the sun. *599 Could your ga2e e a "organati! ga"e of the Illusion of AifeX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *59: Only love !annot e illusion e!ause it d$ells in the uni?ue infinite of the 7o"ent. *5:( -he sHy of your ga2e is lost in the dust of "y ody to give irth to the hori2on of love fro" the $orld of hopes. *5:) 6e are a fire of the destiny that $as e1tinguished y the Illusion of Aife that $idely opens the gates of death. *5:* Can so"e ody endure "ore suffering than the happiness of loveX *5:5 If everything $as not evanes!ent# the Illusion of Aife $ould e!o"e reality. *5:6 -he A solute -ruth never passes e!ause it is a ove all the infinite eternity $hile the illusion is the finite passer+ y. *5:7 6ithout Dod# the eing !annot e evanes!ent e!ause it feels and the feeling in!ludes a "ultitude of finite "arHs. *5:8 An infinite and eternal eing that refers itself to the finite !an e ut uni?ue e!ause the infinite is uni?ue and it is Dod. *5:' In the ody of the illusion you $ill never find !o"plete pea!e e!ause the self of illusion is a !ontinuous fight. 2&>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *5:9 Only death !an understand the eauty of the illusion in the "o"ent of passing to$ards the truth of its eternity. *5:: Can so"ething e "ore pre!ious than the illusion of salvation in the $orld of e"ptiness and sinX *6(( Could the original sin e Rust an illusion of e"ptiness or in reality !ould it e the !ause of !reationX *6() Could illusion e the "irror of Dod or the s!reen ehind $hi!h hides the 9evilX *6(* -here is not an illusion that is not li"ited to 9estiny. *6(5 Could Dod have learned $hat love is through illusion and !ould the 9evil have learned $hat salvation isX *6(6 Only illusion !an have its ti"e and ephe"eralness. *6(7 9eath# I asH you# $hat $ill e left of us $hen the veil of this $orld of the Illusion of Aife $ill dissolveX




1.SOL2TE *6(8 Is there an a solute of a solutelyX -hat definitely is the nothingness or the unHno$ing. *6(' -he a solute of stupidity is a truth. *6(9 -he a solute of truth is unHno$ing it. *6(: 5ope is the a solute of life. *6)( -he a solute of e"ptiness is oundlessness. *6)) -he a solute of love is non+e1isten!e. *6)* -he a solute of se1 is depression. *6)5 7anOs a solute is his Dod. *6)6 -he 6orld is the a solute of !reation. *6)7 -he a solute of eauty is the hope in another eauty. *6)8 -he a solute of stupidity is its ignoran!e. *6)' -he "o"ent is the a solute of ti"e. *6)9 -he a solute of Hno$ledge is the ignoran!e. *6): Gaith is the a solute of philosophy. *6*( -he a solute of faith is self salvation. *6*) 9eath is the a solute of sin. 2&)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *6** *6*5 *6*6 *6*7 Sin is the a solute of salvation. Aie is the a solute of !reation. -ruth is the a solute of 9eath. -he Illusion of Aife is the a solute of irth. *6*8 Nonsense is the a solute of the Illusion of Aife. *6*' 5u"ility is the a solute of religion. *6*9 -he $orldOs E"ptiness is the a solute of a solute. *6*: -he a solute of a solute for the Infinity is perfe!tion. *65( -he a solute of a solute for Cno$ledge is Ignoran!e. *65) -he $aHing is the a solute of drea". *65* 9esperation is the a solute of a undan!e. *655 E1tre"e greed is the a solute of poverty. *656 5u"ility is the a solute of virtue. *657 Nor"ality is the a solute of a stinen!e. *658 -he a solute of a use is !onsisten!y rought to paro1ys". *65' -he a solute of a!!ident is the uni?ue and rando" pri"ordial o!!urren!e/ Dod. 2&,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *659 -he vi!tory of defeat is the a solute of $ar. *65: -he a solute of alpinist is the $ish to es!alade oneOs death. *66( -he a solute of a surd is the e1a!tness in an illusory $orld. *66) -he a solute of $ish is the end of hope# liHe the a solute of hope is the end of $ish. *66* -he a solute of infinity is nu" er one/ QAn infiniteI. *665 -he a solute of de!en!y is the understanding of every sin. *666 9eath is the a solute of $aiting. *667 4overty is the a solute of greed. 1.S2RDIT3 *668 -he a surdity of truth is the $ord# liHe the a surdity of $ord is a truth# no ody Hno$ing the A solute -ruth. *66' -he a surdity of lie is to Hno$ the Illusion of Aife. *669 -he a surdityOs a surdity is a -ruth. *66: 9eathOs a surdity is the resurre!tion of the living. 2'0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *67( AifeOs a surdity is salvation fro" the E1isten!eOs sin. *67) -he a surdity of E1isten!e is the li"it fro" $here the Hno$ledge of the Illusion of Aife egins. *67* -he a surdity of 9estiny is its fulfill"ent through the ignoran!e to$ard 9eath. *675 -he a surdity of a tearOs purity is in !rying. *676 -he a surdity of hope is finding its o$n hori2on. *677 -he a surdity of pity is to elieve in salvation. *678 -he a surdity of pea!e is the !ry of the loneliness inside you. *67' -he a surdity of !reation is the 6orld orn to die. *679 -he a surdity of eauty is its illusion. *67: -he a surdity of drea" is to drea" eing truly a$aHe that you are drea"ing your o$n $aHing up that is our live. *68( -he a surdity of "elan!holy is the "e"ory of a possi le future. *68) -he a surdity of "e"ory is the fa!t that it happens in a present $hose si2e 2'1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION !annot e defined at the order of past and future. *68* -he a surdity of a solute is the a!!eptan!e of the ver -O %E. *685 -he sense is the a surdity of the $ord. *686 7e"ory is the a surdity of i""ortality. *687 -ruth is the a surdity of Hno$ledge. *688 -he a surdity of longing is the longing of the stranger inside you. *68' -he a surdity of happiness is its fulfill"ent# $hen it e!o"es a si"ple nor"ality. *689 -he a surdity of i"perfe!tion is its perfe!tion. *68: -he a surdity of desperation is liHe $hen it e!o"es nor"ality# and thus it $ins. *6'( -he a surdity of i"possi ility is politi!s. *6') -he a surdity of death is life after death. *6'* -he a surdity of !reation is the !reation of sin. *6'5 -he a surdity of 9estiny is in salvation. 2'2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *6'6 -he a surdity of o livion is that even it has its o$n truth through its "e"ory. *6'7 -he a surdity of the eing is the nonsense of its o$n e1isten!e in sin. *6'8 -he a surdity of ne!essities is the $ish for saturation. *6'' -he a surdity of hu"anHind is in its seven $onders# "ade through the Illusion of Aife. *6'9 -he $orld !an never have an end e!ause it never had a eginning in the eternity of DodOs thought. -he end !an e only in Hno$ledge. TR2T& *6': Aife is a lie forgotten y every truth. *69( Even the void is a truth. *69) 6e $ill never find a truth $ithout rea!hing the shore of 9eath. *69* 9oes anyone Hno$ $hat a truth is $ithout Hno$ing the essen!e of Hno$ledgeX *695 -here is no truth $ithout Hno$ledge# liHe there is no life $ithout death. *696 %ehind a truth is al$ays another truth. 2'(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *697 -ruth is the itterest ene"y of self li erty. It $ill never turn fro" his $ay. *698 -ruth is the Hingdo" of Hno$ledge $hile Hno$ledge is truthOs slave. *69' -ruth $ill never understand Aife e!ause of 9eathW *699 -ruth is liHe the $illo$ on the shore. It losso"s only if it is $atered $ith this $orldOs e"ptiness# re!ogni2ed as su!h. *69: -ruth $ill al$ays e first at the ta le of 9eath and last at the one of Aife# e!ause the first taHes it and the se!ond denies it. *6:( -ruth is the ordeal of s!ien!e. *6:) -ruth is the Hey to i"posture. *6:* -ruth is the guardian of Aife and the supporter of 9eath. *6:5 -ruth is the "irage of the one that is sear!hing. *6:6 6hat "eaning $ould Aife have if it did not Hno$ 9eath is hiding ehind a great truthX *6:7 -ruth is the di!e that never falls in the ti"e of Aife. *6:8 -ruth is the veil that !hoHes s!ien!e. *6:' -ruth is the !loud that $ill !over the sun of Hno$ledge in this $orld. 2'&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *6:9 -ruth is the only s!rea" heard y "an# the one that elongs to 9eath. *6:: -ruth is the utton that never !loses the shirt of 9estiny. *7(( -ruth is the sunrise that appears as sunset to the one $ho pretends he Hno$s. *7() -ruth is the deepest urro$ in the soul of the sear!her. *7(* -ruth la!Hs any re"orse# Rust e!ause it !annot have it. *7(5 -ruth is the greatest i"postor of 9estiny. *7(6 -ruth is the "ill that grinds stupidity. *7(7 -ruth is the instin!t to understand the lie of life. *7(8 -ruth is the sHy on $hi!h leans the Illusion of Aife. *7(' -ruth is the "elted sno$ of Cno$ledge# fro" $hi!h the illusion of the $orld $ill rise. *7(9 -ruth is the $hisper heard y a deaf and said y a "ute. *7(: Is there so"ething ?uieter than truthX *7)( -he truth $ill never athe in the "ud of Hno$ledge. *7)) -ruth is the hand on $hose fist !reation is running against. 2''

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *7)* -ruth is the light of lights that $e al$ays per!eive as e1tinguished. *7)5 -o open the door to truth is liHe you $ill a!!ept the end of the $orld. *7)6 -ruth is a tongue that is silent $hen it says a $ord and is s!rea"ing $hen it doesnOt say any. *7)7 -ruth is the pal" re!eived y this $orld on the !heeH of DodOs pro"ise. *7)8 -ruth is the father of sin. *7)' -ruth is the her"it of 9eath and the e1e!utioner of Aife. *7)9 -ruth is the silen!e efore the stor". *7): -ruth never re!eives guests at the ta le of its Hno$ledge. *7*( -ruth has never e" ra!ed "ore than a single Hno$ledge. *7*) -ruth $ill al$ays run a$ay fro" you e!ause it doesnOt Hno$ you. *7** -ruth !an never reaH in "ore than one pie!e e!ause it !an only e one. *7*5 -ruth is the flo$er $ith a single petal/ the real one. *7*6 -ruth is the !han!e of this $orld to understand nonsense. *7*7 -ruth in this $orld is ignoran!e. 2'>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *7*8 All "ust report to truth# thus the entire Hno$ledge to ignoran!e. *7*' -here !annot e a greater truth than the nonsense of e1isten!e. *7*9 In this $orld# truth prays only at the e"ptinessO !hur!h. *7*: -ruth never !ounts the years# ut the "o"ents. *75( -ruth is the lu!Hy ti!Het of e"ptiness. *75) -ruth is the station $here the train of Hno$ledge never stops. *75* -ruth is eyond the li"it of inde!en!y of saying that you Hno$ it. *755 -ruth is the pure stupidity in $hi!h the entire $isdo" of the $orld refle!ts and also the opposite. *756 -ruth is the fen!e on $hi!h leans stupidity. *757 -ruth is the hori2on of Hno$ledge that you $ill never e a le to rea!h. *758 -ruth is the $heel of ignoran!e that taHes this $orldOs 9estiny to nonsense. *75' -ruth is a ro!H that needs to e polished so "u!h that it disappears. *759 -ruth is the star that $ill shine only in the night of 9eath. 2'*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *75: -ruth is the "ountain that !an never e !li" ed y the Illusion of Aife. *76( -ruth is the death of illusion and the irth of reality. *76) Bou $ill never Hno$ the truth in a $orld $here the only truth is the lie of !reation. *76* -ruth is the only shore on $hi!h the ships of Hno$ledge sinH. *765 -ruth is the "agi!al eye of the !han!e to Hno$ ho$ "u!h $e lie. *766 -ruth is the sunrise of the hope to Hno$ $here 9eath egins and $here Aife ends. *767 -ruth is the !han!e to Hill the inertia y stressing it. *768 -ruth is the s"oHe that $ill never float in the air of reality# Rust in the one of the Illusion of Aife. *76' -ruth is the error li"it of s!ien!es. *769 -ruth is the Hilling error of thought. *76: -ruth is the diso edient of the Illusion of Aife and the Hing of ignoran!e. *77( -ruth is the only supporter of death. *77) -ruth is the un!ut grass fro" the after$orld# $ith $hi!h only the horses of this $orldOs "o"ents feed. 2')

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *77* -ruth is the open ene"y of s!ien!e and the friend of Deniality. *775 -ruth is the spring of stupidity and the desert of Hno$ledge. *776 -ruth is love. *777 -ruth is your eyes that $ant to hide in the tear of an eternal "o"ent. *778 -ruth !annot say never# ut it !an only feel. Anything you say !an e disputed. *77' -ruth is the 4ri"ordial Dod# the only thing "issing fro" Everything and the Everything ehind Everything# eternal# infinite. *779 -ruth is the ri!H that supports the entire !onstru!tion of lie. It $ill reaH do$n $ithout it. *77: -ruth is the only "eaning of nonsense. *78( -ruth is the a!id rain that dries the desert of life even "ore. *78) -ruth $ill never lighten the eyes that do not love. *78* Aove is this $orldOs only truth. *785 -ruth $ill forever s$i" in the o!ean of life# a!!epting no !o"pro"ise fro" no ody and nothing.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *786 -ruth is the ro!H on $hi!h the $ave of Hno$ledge hits# e!o"ing a dust in the infinite of eternity. *787 -ruth is the "e"ory of i""ortality. *788 -ruth is the path of hope that !an find 9eath. *78' -ruth is DodOs forgotten drea" in the eyes full of tears of a great love. *789 -ruth is the funeral silen!e of the $ord of !reation that !annot ear the lie of e1isten!e. *78: -ruth $ill al$ays e the one that $ill lose the train of every love. *7'( -ruth is the tear of the hope of eing together in a $orld of separations. *7') -ruth is the one that $ashes 9eath $ith the 6ater of Aife. *7'* -ruth is the distan!e fro" the eyes that are looHing for it. *7'5 -ruth is the relentless of thought of eing orn in this $orldOs lie. *7'6 -ruth is voidOs !ons!ien!e and the only lie of this $orld that possesses so "any false truths. *7'7 -ruth is the ran!h on $hi!h the lieOs 9estiny of this $orld rests. 2>0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *7'8 -ruth is the ird $ith roHen $ings fro" the drea" of Hno$ledge. *7'' -ruth is as uni?ue as death. *7'9 -ruth $ill al$ays e at 9eathOs ar" in a Aife of illusion. *7': -ruth $ill understand only the things that !annot e understood. *79( -ruth $ill al$ays elieve in the dis elief of illusion. *79) -ruth al$ays dries first in the sun of o livion. *79* -ruth has thorns only $hen $e looH for it. *795 -ruth est Hno$s ho$ to lie the lie. *796 Even the "ost a solute false is a truth. *797 6ho !an !hose the truth of falsity instead of life and e deeply religiousX *798 -he truth of religion is a!!epting the supre"a!y of truth of the lie fro" the !reation. *79' -ruth $ill never asH for a ne$ lie at AifeOs ta le# ut the lie $ill al$ays eg for a ne$ truth# hoping that in the end it $ill find a suita le one. *799 -ruth is the roHen $ing of ea!h love. *79: -ruth is the pea!e et$een sense and nonsense. 2>1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *7:( -ruth $ill al$ays run after the $ord to give it a "eaning. *7:) -ruth is e"ptinessO to$el on $hi!h Dod has dried his hands in the "o"ent of this $orldOs !reation. *7:* -ruth $ill al$ays e a !hild of Aove in $hi!h it $ill never elieve. *7:5 -ruth is the la!H oard on $hose death the $ord is $ritten. *7:6 -ruth is the instin!t of love that fights $ith the tear of an eternal "o"ent in the $orld of e"ptiness. *7:7 -ruth is the !loaH under $hi!h is hidden the a solute of a love. *7:8 -ruth is the unfortunate flight fro" $hi!h senti"ents are falling into a great love. *7:' In a great love you $ill have to a!!ept that supre"e truth is the lie of this "o"entary $orld. *7:9 -ruth is the only one that $ill Hno$ ho$ to love a great love# y fighting it. *7:: No $ave fro" the o!ean of life $ould e true# if it didnOt rea!h death in the end. *8(( -o listen to the truth in this $orld is liHe finally understanding the i"portan!e of sui!ide. 2>2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *8() -ruth is the only that !an never !li" the "ountain of Hno$ledge e!ause it has its roots in it. *8(* 6hat !an e "ore untrue in this e"pty $orld than a truthX MEMOR3 *8(5 -he entire $orld is a great "e"ory fro" its o$n 9estiny that in its turn is the "e"ory of DodOs i"age. *8(6 7e"ory is the hope of eing in the eyes that get lost fro" s!rutini2ing loveOs hori2on to no$here. *8(7 7e"ory is the freedo" that !annot re!ogni2e the only free ti"e/ the future. *8(8 7e"ory is the longing of happiness. *8(' 7e"ory is the tear of 9estiny. *8(9 7e"ory is the only river of $ish that floods in the fulfill"ent o!ean of a 9estiny. *8(: 7e"ory is the !hain of so"e "o"ents that $ant to tie eternity fro" the pole of Chan!e. *8)( 7e"ory is the fire $heel of ti"e that spins the other $ay around in our eternal 2>(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION "o"ent# lighting and ringing the past into the future. *8)) 7e"ory never reaHs the page the past fro" the !alendar of a love. *8)* 7e"ory is the great retrieval of 9estiny through itself. *8)5 7e"ory is the su""er rain of "o"ents rought fro" the past to $et the future. *8)6 7e"ory is the grieving happiness of Hno$ing that you are al$ays inside "e and no$here ehind "y tra!e as a falling star in the "o"ent of our eternal 9estiny. *8)7 7e"ory is the only drea" through $hi!h your eyes !an e!o"e an eternal future. *8)8 7e"ory is the light of the self freedo" of spirit. *8)' 7e"ory is this $orldOs only freedo" that taHes you in the future $here every $ill is possi le to$ards the petrified and un!hanged past. *8)9 7e"ory is the self li eration of the in!arnated $ord $ithin us. *8): 7e"ory is the ran!h of a history that hits the $indo$ of 9estiny# telling it ho$ eternal it is. 2>&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *8*( 7y heartOs "e"ory feeds $ith the tra!es left y the $ord in!arnated fro" you !alled love. *8*) 7e"ory !an never forget $hat is left fro" us in the eternal light of the e1isten!e. *8** I feel the $orld is an eternal "e"ory of the 9estiny as an i"age of Dod and I also fell that the true $orld has never suffered. *8*5 Only the "e"ory is the one that suffers desiring the past into the future# desiring the freedo" to !hose# $hishing the lost $ill in the true $orld of 9estiny that is deeply lost in Dod. *8*6 7e"ory is and $ill al$ays e the sour!e of this $orldOs suffering# the only truthW *8*7 7e"ory is the truth of the $orld that sho$s us that the real $orld did not have its past fro2en ut it flooded to the future of all opportunities. *8*8 7e"ory sho$s us the opposite sense of the flo$ing of te"porality# as the real $orld is and not this i"aginary $orld of the Illusion of Aife. 2>'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *8*' 7e"ory is the only truth fro" this drea" of life that sho$s you the fro2en path fro" the past that restraints the $ill and li erty of the self al$ays pla!ed in the future. *8*9 7e"ory asHs you to forgive this $orld that does not elong to you at all# not eing the real one ut the $orld of an illusion totally opposed to your real $orld in $hi!h the future flo$s to the past and not the other $ay as it should e. *8*: 7e"ory is the ga"e that ends $ith the eginning. *85( 7e"ory is the essen!e of ro"an!e and passion. *85) 7e"ory is the leaf that returns fro" falling in autu"n to the ud in spring# "aHing the "o"ent of our great love eternal. *85* 7e"ory is the eternal spring of life. *855 7e"ory !an never e ugly# ut the life that flo$s in the opposite dire!tion of "e"ory# $ithout understanding that its real lost self is# is "e"ory. *856 6e are strangers fro" ourselves e!ause $e !annot understand that 2>>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION "e"ory guides us to the future and never to the past. *857 7e"ory is the "eaning of our e1isten!e that $e $rongly understand every ti"e e!ause of the Illusion of Aife. *858 -he "e"ory of love is the longing that hurts the "ost# eing our o$n self. *85' 7e"ory is our self that $ants to e a free voyager to the future of all freedo"s to the $orld that al$ays heads to the fro2en past. *859 7e"ory is the only that !an reaH the silen!e of the $orld through the $ill taHen fro" the future. *85: Only the "e"ory !an possess a $ill in this $orld e!ause it elongs to a future that re!eives the past in its ar"s. *86( -he "an does not possess $ill in this Illusion of Aife e!ause it is alienated fro" its o$n "e"ory of his self. *86) -he future al$ays flo$s to the past feeding it $ith its ne$ "o"ents of this $orld# against the "e"ory that is the forgotten self of this "an and rings the past into the future# deter"ining "anOs eing and e1isten!e. 2>*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *86* 7anOs soul is the "e"ory of his o$n eternal self to$ards Dod. *865 7e"ory is the essen!e of e!o"ing and e1isting. *866 7e"ory is the self of the entire $orldOs soul. *867 7e"ory is the self redis!overing of the eternity $ithin us. *868 6ithout "e"ory everything $ill !ru" le. *86' 7e"ory rings the past $here it elongs/ in the future. *869 If "e"ory falls# our entire eing $ould fall together $ith its $orld. *86: 5o$ !an our self not e a stranger fro" us and instead of losing our future in the past# $e $ould lose our past in the futureW -hen $e $ill e free and $e $ill truly possess the real $ill and not the illusory one. *87( 6e $ill redis!over the stranger in us only $hen $e $ill !o"pletely understand "e"ory. *87) 6hat !an e greater in this $orld than gli"psing the great truth of "e"oryX *87* -he great revelation of the self is in "e"ory. 2>)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *875 7e"ory is the "eaning of all the "eanings of this e1isten!e. *876 7e"ory is the o!ean $hose $aves uild eternity and not erode the shore of ti"e liHe the Illusion of Aife does. *877 7e"ory is the only !ontents that !an !ontain in its ar"s the $ill of Dod. *878 7e"ory is the $ord of Dod said for the eing inside us. *87' 7e"ory is the essen!e of 9estiny. *879 In "e"ory !an e found the i"age of Dod refle!ted in the "irror of Hno$ledge and ne1t it the i"age of !reation as $ell. *87: 7e"ory is the "eaning of the "eanings of DodOs Dreat 7editation# of Cno$ledge and Creation in a single $ill. -he $ill to eW *88( 7e"ory is the "agi! of truth. /NOWLED;E *88) If the Hno$ledge of this $orld disappears# the $orld $ill also disappear. *88* 4arado1i!ally# $e Hno$ only the good and the evil and this is $hy $e have an infinite and the infinity of points in a finite !ir!le. If $e Hne$ other opposites of 2>,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION good and evil# $e $ould have the finite !ir!le that hides the infinity and the finite and other representations# along $ith the infinite point. *885 -he $orld $ithout Hno$ledge $ill never e and Dod $ould disappear fro" $ithin us. *886 Dod is in us only y refle!ting in Hno$ledge. *887 -he "irror of Hno$ledge is uni?ue. On!e roHen# every pie!e of it e!o"es a stati! $orld. 6ho $as the one to reaH itX *888 Our destiny !annot e the i"age of Dod if it did not refle!t in Hno$ledge. *88' Cno$ledge o eys only to love# thus to the Dod inside us. *889 Cno$ledge $ill al$ays asH this $orld a the"e eside the a solute. *88: 6hy !annot Hno$ledge a!!ept the a soluteX Yust e!ause the "irror of the Hno$ledge of a solute $as roHen y Dod at the "o"ent of !reation# y looHing at our $orld through a single pie!e. *8'( Cno$ledge is an allian!e in itself# !o"posed fro" its aspirations and the thing that !an inspire. 2*0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *8') Only Hno$ledge has a $ill and not the "an# Rust e!ause any for" of "anOs Hno$ledge is ignoran!e in reality. *8'* 7anOs Hno$ledge is ignoran!e# eing the "irror through $hi!h the hu"an soul looHs# pla!ed outside it# different fro" $hat he elieves his illusory reality is# the reverse of $hat he !onsiders to e Hno$ledge and thus ignoran!e. *8'5 -he Hno$ledge of this $orld is the pea!e that hides the stor" in the pat!hed po!Het of illusion. *8'6 Cno$ledge is DodOs sleep# deeper that ti"e# in $hi!h 5e drea"s that 5e looHs into the "irror of a future already played y the di!e of e1isten!e. *8'7 Cno$ledge in itself is the only truth that $itnesses the e"ptiness of this $orld e!o"ing ignoran!e for "an# only for hi" to e a le to live illusion. *8'8 Cno$ledge is a stor" only for the superfi!ial one and a pea!e for the $ise. *8'' Cno$ledge is this e"pty $orldOs drea" that doesnOt $ant to e understood. *8'9 Cno$ledge is the "aster of the heart until the heart egins to feel. 2*1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *8': Cno$ledge is the sour!e of rightful in this illusory $orld. *89( -here is no la$ $ithout Hno$ledge liHe there is no "e"ory $ithout 9estiny. *89) Cno$ledge only a$aits you in the station $here the train of your life never stops. *89* Cno$ledge is the sigh of e"ptiness. *895 Cno$ledge is the sunrise of the soul fallen y a!!ident in this $orld of ignoran!e or illusion# e!o"ing ignoran!e for the soul. *896 -he true Hno$ledge in the $orld of illusion is the intuition that $e donOt find Hno$ing ut instead through ignoran!e. *897 Cno$ledge is the pillar of this illusory $orldOs infa"y. *898 Cno$ledge is eautyOs 2ephyr that !an never e seen ut only felt in the $orld of e"ptiness. *89' Cno$ledge never asHs you instead it for!es you. *899 Cno$ledge li"its itself to not have li"its. *89: Cno$ledge never says it is $ise# ut $isdo" al$ays Hno$s. 2*2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *8:( Cno$ledge is the flu1 of truth and the reflu1 of illusion. *8:) Cno$ledge is the shore that !annot e rea!hed in this illusory $orld. *8:* Cno$ledge is the longing eyond you. *8:5 Cno$ledge is the rose $hose thorns hurt you only you understand the". *8:6 Cno$ledge e!o"es eauty only $here you Hno$ everything is e"ptiness eside love in this $orld. *8:7 Cno$ledge e!o"es an odyssey of the spirit only if it leaves the prison of the earth in $hi!h it is in!arnated. *8:8 Cno$ledge leaves you only if you start to elieve in the e"ptiness of this $orld. *8:' Cno$ledge loves you only if you never asH nothing regarding the a solute and $ill listen to the $hispers of the 8niverse fro" the heath of your soul. *8:9 Cno$ledge is the 2ephyr of eternity. *8:: Cno$ledge is the eauty of infinite gone to rest a little for this vain $orld. *'(( Cno$ledge is the longing of oundlessness that !annot e !ontained.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *'() Cno$ledge is DodOs olive ran!h that $ill never fade even if the entire $orld disappears together $ith its e"ptiness. *'(* Our Hno$ledge !onsists in the de!en!y of the $ord to in!arnate its love in dust. *'(5 Cno$ledge is the eye of the soul that understands that it is lind in this $orld. *'(6 Cno$ledge $ill listen to you only if you have nothing to say. *'(7 -he Hno$ledge of the Illusion of Aife $el!o"es you at its ta le only if you Hno$ nothing a out e"ptiness. *'(8 Cno$ledge is the Rug that never re!eives the $ater of life# Hno$ing that this is illusion# shado$ and 9estiny. *'(' Cno$ledge never hits life and never s!olds it ut instead it forgives it# Hno$ing that every ody lighted y the sun has its shado$# as life is a shado$ of Hno$ledge in $hi!h god is refle!ted. *'(9 Cno$ledge never gathers the !rop of $isdo" ut instead it seeds it $aiting for death to spring. *'(: Cno$ing the a solute truth starts only $here the illusory i"age of the $orld ends. 2*&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *')( Cno$ledge never !o"es $ith the first sno$ of love and neither $ith the last# ut $ith the spring $hen all sno$ "elts in death. *')) Cno$ledge !alls you to no$here and illusion finds a pre!ise purpose in this vain $orld. *')* Cno$ledge Hno$s $hat illusion does y understanding it. Illusion $ill never Hno$ $hat Hno$ledge does e!ause it doesnOt understand it. *')5 Cno$ledge $ill $ish to run in this $orld only near Dod and Creation. *')6 -he Hno$ledge of the a solute truth !annot e !ele rated e!ause it !annot e Hno$n y the Illusion of Aife. *')7 At the irth of the Hno$ledge of the Illusion of Aife# only e"ptiness is present. *')8 -he Hno$ledge of the Illusion of Aife is the ene"y of truth and the friend of e"ptiness. *')' Cno$ledge never leaves the pla!e $here it is $el!o"ed. *')9 -he Hno$ledge of the Illusion of Aife does not have a pla!e $here it !an $el!o"e the a solute truth. 2*'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *'): -rue Hno$ledge is only the one of the a solute truth. *'*( Only in the Hno$ledge of the a solute truth do our Dod and Creation refle!t. 6e are "erely their i"age. *'*) -he Hno$ledge of the a solute truth liHes you only $hen it does not liHe the Illusion of your Aife. *'** Cno$ledge is the $ord that Hno$s "ore than anyone thinHs it Hno$s. *'*5 Cno$ledge is the $ord in $hose heart infinite other $ords live# a"ong $hi!h the one of love is/ our Dod. *'*6 -he Hno$ledge of the Illusion of Aife elieves only in the faith of vanity. *'*7 Nothing is "ore uplifting than elieving in Hno$ledge and "ore degrading than to reali2e its e"ptiness. *'*8 6hat !an e "ore Hno$n than the unHno$nX *'*' 6here !an $e truly Hno$ than no$hereX *'*9 6hy is it that $hen $e Hno$ $e truly understand ho$ "u!h $e donOt Hno$X *'*: 6ho !an say that he Hno$s the a solute truth than the star that dies in the sHy and $hose "o"ent has e!a"e 2*>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION eternity in the ti"e of deathX %e!o"ing thus the only and true Hno$ledgeX *'5( 6herever $e $ould desire the Hno$ledge of the a solute truth is in vain e!ause it still !an never e Hno$n in the e"ptiness of this $orld# ut instead no "atter ho$ hard $e $ould try to run a$ay fro" the Illusion of Aife# $e $ill su!!eed only to delude ourselves. *'5) Can $e e further $ith a step of Hno$ledge# as long as the only step of Hno$ledge is its a soluteX WORD *'5* -he $ord is the death of instin!t. *'55 -he $ord is the $orld of eing. *'56 -he $ord is the universe of soul. *'57 -he one that !annot find his self in the $ord is lost inside hi". *'58 -he $ord is a tear in $hi!h love is lost. *'5' -he $ord is DodOs !ons!ien!e. *'59 -he $ord is the ship of $isdo". *'5: -he $ord is 9estinyOs essen!e to e eternal. 2**

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *'6( -he $ord is the eternal passion of the e1isten!e of elieving in death. *'6) -he $ord it the li erty of the a ility to e rounda out a!!ording to the !onte1t. *'6* -he $ord is the $ing that !annot reaH the thought. *'65 -he $ord is the ridge et$een truth and vanity. *'66 -he $ord is the sa!rilege of the e1isten!e of eing. *'67 No "atter ho$ the $ord is# eauty or sin# !urse of sa!redness# he still rests in the ar"s of Dod. *'68 -he $ord is the essen!e of pea!e that Dod "ade $ith 5i"self reali2ing that the longing of void is the la!H of void. *'6' Aonging is the $ord through $hi!h $e !an sense the 4ri"ordial Dod of 4ure 8niversal Aanguage# and love is the $ord through $hi!h $e Hno$ our hu"an Dod. *'69 Nothing !an e greater than the longing $hile you love the $ord. -hen you truly feel it oth the 4ri"ordial Dod# as eternal a sen!e fro" the infinite void# and your Dod# the one that is love. *'6: -he $ord has e!o"e Dod only $hen the eternal void "issed 5i"# and 5is 2*)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION a sen!e $as so great that it e!a"e a pri"ordial event. *'7( 6hat $as the $ord efore eing DodX A longing forgotten y the self of eternity. *'7) Not the $ord in itself is Dod ut the longing of the eternity that felt it and thus "ade it sa!red as Aonging# A sen!e fro" eternity# 4ri"ordial Event and thus Dod. *'7* -he $ords of the 4ure 8niversal Aanguage a"ong $hi!h our Dod is have een san!tified through Aonging or A sen!e y the 4ri"ordial Dod# and our Dod has taHen the Aonging fro" 5is father# giving 5is o$n self that is love. 7ay e this is $hy $e live in su!h a passionate $orld. *'75 -he $ord !o"es fro" the eternityOs longing of its o$n self# "aHing the end of the first sense. *'76 6hat $ould eternity do $ithout the $ordX It $ould e forever lost in its inert self. *'77 6hat !aused longing to eternityX -he fa!t that it ended up $anting the light in the !old solitude of the void. *'78 5o$ did eternity fell alone although it is not a eing $ith feelingsX -hrough 2*,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION instin!t. Instin!t is nothingnessO a ility to feel its o$n $ord/ Aonging# thus A sen!e. *'7' -he $ord is a eing no "atter $hat "eaning it $ould represent# e!ause it e1ists through thought. *'79 -he nothingness $ord is still a 6ord of the eing even though its "eaning is nothingness. *'7: Nothingness in itself !annot possess a $ord thus neither its instin!t !annot e defined $ith !ertitude liHe the instin!t of e1isten!e for instan!e. *'8( -he $ord is e1isten!eOs death of the self. *'8) -he $ord is the epos that al$ays ends in a "eaning that $ill have a ne$ eginning in its o$n self. *'8* -here is no "ortal $ord liHe there is no i""ortal $ord# ut a $ord in $hi!h "eaning holds its honor. *'85 -he $ord is the flo$er fro" the garden of hope that $ill gro$ only $ith 9estiny in this e1isten!e. *'86 -he $ord is the eingOs passion of $ishing to e eternal through "eaning.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *'87 -he $ord is the li erty through $hi!h any "eaning !an e uried in the eternity of o livion. *'88 -he $ord is the response given y the eing to the desert of eternity. *'8' -he $ord is a surd only if you $ant its "eaning to e!o"e a solute. *'89 -he $ord is the $orld for $hi!h the sun of eternity never sets. *'8: Any $ord fro" our $orld has its o$n aggage of longing and love. *''( -he $ord drea" is a drea" only if does not e!o"e reality for another. A very !on!lusive e1a"ple is our $orld. *'') 6hat is there in the essen!e of every $ord esides the instin!tual longing of nothingnessX *''* -he $ord elieves you only if you elieve in it. *''5 -he $ord never lies to you if you donOt lie to it. *''6 -he $ord !annot $ander at the gate of your life. *''7 -he $ord never o$s to anyone ut it dis!erns.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *''8 -he $ord !o" ines and divides# ties and unties. It is never the one that is "istaHen. *''' -he $ord never listens to you ut it is al$ays tea!hing you. *''9 -he $ord is the !ertitude of the fa!t that life possesses a Hno$n sense or an unHno$n one. *'': -he $ord never leaves your hear no "atter ho$ hard you $ill !hase it a$ay. *'9( -he $ord serves you $ith its "eaning even if you !urse it. 9o not forget than the !urse is a $ord too. *'9) Never run a$ay fro" the $ord e!ause the essen!e of your soul lives still in the $ord. *'9* -he $ord !an lift you or get you do$n. 8nderstand it and never hate it. *'95 -he $ord $ants nothing else than $isdo". -his is $hy I eg to try to honor hi" $ith it. *'96 -he $ord $ill never refuse your generosity# ut neither $ill it asH for it. Although# in e1!hange# it $ill Rudge you. *'97 Not the $ord is petty# ut the "eaning you desire for a !ertain $ord. 2)2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *'98 -he $ord lives in a phrase liHe you live in a to$n. 9o not pollute the streets of the phrase e!ause they donOt elong to you# ut to the eternity of the "o"ent. *'9' 9onOt forgetW In a $ord you !an live infinitely easier than in a thousand !ities put together. *'99 4oor is the one $ho forgets the $ord of his life. *'9: Bou donOt have to o$ to the $ord# ut only respe!t its sense. *':( -he $ord is not the $ind of e"ptiness even if the $ind and the e"ptiness are $ords. *':) -he $ord is the !han!e of this e1isten!e to e1press its sigh through Dod. *':* Never run a$ay fro" the $ord. -he run is also a $ordW *':5 Respe!t the $ord liHe you respe!t yourself. -his is the Hey to happiness. *':6 Never e afraid of death. 9onOt forget that even this is a $ord "ade fro" the Aonging of nothingness. *':7 -he one that does not find hi"self in the 6ord $as never een orn. *':8 -he $ord is the ody and the lood of your soul. Respe!t the"W 2)(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *':' -he $ord is the infinite that hasnOt found its pea!e in the finite inside you until you understand it "ore than you do yourself. *':9 -he $ord is the eauty of Dod hidden in the eyes of your soul. Never tarnish it. *':: Even 9estiny is a $ord in its turn. -he $ord is only thing in $hi!h you should elieve. *9(( -o use a $ord is not a sin# ut to "o!H it and !urse it is a sa!rilege. *9() %elieve in the $ord liHe you do in yourself and you $ill e happy. DESTIN3 *9(* Aord# ho$ !an $e redis!over ourselves in front of Bour fa!e that has su!h a 9estiny in this $orldX *9(5 6e live through Dod# $hose i"age is our 9estiny. 6hy is it so itterX *9(6 Our 9estiny is the freedo" that Dod has in this $orld. *9(7 9estiny !an never e !ast a$ay y you e!ause it is you. *9(8 9estiny is a ove all you !an thinH a out your o$n faith. 2)&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *9(' 9estiny never leaves you# neither eyond death e!ause it is the light of your soul that $at!hes over your path to i""ortality. *9(9 9estiny only listens to the steps of Dod $hose trail it represents. *9(: 9estiny feels neither happiness nor pain# neither danger nor !han!e e!ause it is all these put together. *9)( 9estiny al$ays leads you to its o$n infinite and never eyond it. *9)) 9estiny understands only the in!o"prehensi le and e" ra!es only the oundless# eing all these together/ !o"prehensi le# in!o"prehensi le and !ontents and oundless. *9)* 9estiny is the only DodOs $hisper# partly understood y your self. *9)5 -he 9estiny !hases the sadness inside you a$ay# only if you understand its ineffa ility. *9)6 -he 9estiny $ill never $aste your "o"ents e!ause it e1ists only in the eternal "o"ent of your soul. -he Illusion of Aife is the one $ho $astes. *9)7 9estiny is the sno$ that sets over Hno$ledge to prote!t it fro" the !old of 2)'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION e1isten!e Rust to pass in front of the death of this life. *9)8 9estiny is the an1iety fro" the "etaphysi!al tur"oil of fulfilling through death. *9)' 9estiny is the sear!h of the self found only y Dod. *9)9 9estiny $orHs only through DodOs s$eat. *9): 9estiny is the lively sparH of the i"age eternity of Dod. *9*( 9estiny is the sun that $ill never set over the infinite. *9*) 9estiny is the light that $ill al$ays shine the path of the soul to i""ortality. *9** 9estiny is the !olor of love and the sy"phony of eauty "isunderstood y us e!ause of the Illusion of Aife. *9*5 9estiny is the tra!e left y DodO thought in the $orld of our soul. *9*6 9estiny is the fa"ous aria fro" the universeOs rustle of eing. *9*7 9estiny is the ray that sho$s us that so"e$here ehind the "ountain of death# the star of the love is truly inside us. *9*8 9estiny is the "isunderstood har"ony of love $ithin us. 2)>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *9*' 9estiny is the "er!handise that !an never e sold at the "arHet of life. *9*9 -he 9estiny Hno$n y us is the prelude of death# sang at the strings of life. *9*: 9estiny al$ays shaHes off only the dust of the passing "o"ents. *95( 9estiny has the strength to re!ogni2e the suffering and the deluding happiness# ut never the a solute death e!ause it doesnOt e1ist. *95) 9estiny is the one that sho$ that everything $hi!h is orn dies. *95* 9estiny is the only ran!h fro" the tree of life that !annot e e" ellished or disposed to so"eoneOs taste. *955 9estiny !annot die e!ause it is the eternal "e"ory of the foot"arHs left y the Dod to the $orlds. *956 9estiny !annot start or end# eing the self of eginning and end. *957 9estiny never looHs at the ody of a happening ut at its soul. *958 9estiny is the frontier $ithout orders of i""ortality e!ause e1isten!e lives in it. 2)*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *95' 9estiny is the o!ean in $hi!h all the ships sail to$ards a single point/ the infinite. *959 9estiny never leaves or !o"es ut it is in everything. *95: 9estiny never gives thanHs to anyone eing the self of every ody. *96( 9estiny o$s only to the "o"ent# $hose eternity ga2es at our Rourney through the $orld of the Illusion of Aife. *96) 9estiny !an never s"ile to so"eone e!ause it is the s"ile $ithin everyone. *96* -he 9estiny !an never forget or fight aliHe[ it !annot a$ard or !ele rate a !ertain soul# e!ause it is every odyOs freedo" to !onte"plate the frontier of its o$n tra!H left y the steps of Dod. *965 -hrough 9estiny freedo" e!o"es a "eaning. *966 9estiny never elieves the tears of its o$n e1isten!e and it $ipes the" $ith the sponge of "e"ory# s?uee2ing it into our souls. *967 9estiny is a ra" ler that steps over the e"ptiness of e1isten!e. *968 9estiny is the art of self "anipulation. 2))

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *96' 9estiny never !hooses over so"ething ut it taHes everything. *969 9estiny !annot e roHen y the Rando" O!!urren!e# thus y Dod. 2849. 9estiny is the !hain of Certain O!!urren!es su!!eeding the only Rando" O!!urren!e $hi!h is Dod. *97( 9estiny is a la$ only if it e!o"es thus understood y vanity. *97) 9estiny respe!ts vanity only $hen it fulfills an illusion. *97* 9estiny al$ays !onfronts truth e!ause every 9estiny "ust e true# liHe every truth "ust have its o$n 9estiny# of !ourse# eside the a solute truth# $hose 9estiny is repla!ed y the Rando" O!!urren!e# thus y Dod. *975 9estiny is the road that never leads to any$here else other than to Dod. *976 9estiny is DodOs un"istaHa le s"ile in this vain $orld. *977 9estiny is the hardest and the easiest !on!ept of this $orld. 5ard e!ause it is the tra!e left y Dod $hose si2e !an only e !ontained y the infinite. Easy e!ause nothing is "ore !lose to "an# esides Eanity# than his o$n Dod. 2),

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *978 9estiny never asHs you $hy ut it taHes you Hno$ing $ho you are efore you do. *97' 9estiny is the greatest need of our heart that $e $ill only find in the greatest love of life. *979 9estiny !an never e a sent fro" our every step no "atter that it is sad or in a hurry# that it loves or hates. 9estiny $ill al$ays e present. *97: 9estiny is the only present of this $orld. *98( 9estiny restri!ts you only if you $ant to understand its present that you $ill never live# eing a future that is lost in the past. *98) 6hat is the arrier et$een the past and the futureX 5o$ ig it isX -hat is our 9estiny. *98* 9estiny !annot e left ehind and !annot $alH efore us ut us# as it taHes us into its o$n present. *985 9estiny is the story of present that struggles et$een past and future# understood only y the future that has e!o"e past. 2,0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *986 9estiny is DodOs iggest e"otion transposed in the language of the Illusion of Aife. *987 9estiny is the present that on!e it has e!o"e past in the Illusion of Aife it $rites the history of the "o"ent that forever disappears in its o$n eternity. *988 9estiny is the li"it of the Hno$ledge "irror that !an refle!t the a solute and the infinite in the Illusion of Aife. *98' 9estiny is a !on!ept of the Illusion of Aife that !annot e deter"ined e!ause no ody !an say $hi!h is the order et$een past and future. -his is $hy 9estiny !an only e lives and not identified $hen it is lived. *989 6e Hno$ that 9estiny e1ists as $e Hno$ that present e1ists# ut $e donOt Hno$ $here they are in our spirit. *98: 6hy is the $orld full of so "any do!tors of 9estinyX *9'( -he 9estiny is the page of an o livion that $ill e forgotten in its turn pre!isely y the "e"ory of o livion. *9') 9estiny never pro"ises anything ut delivers everything. 2,1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *9'* 9estiny !hooses only a path fro" the infinity of "eans for you. *9'5 9estiny has a single path in the past and infinities in the future. -hus the past e!o"es the finite and the future the infinite# separated and !hosen y 9estiny. *9'6 9estiny is the silen!e that !hooses a single stor" through your o$n life. *9'7 9estiny prays only to a past# its o$n. *9'8 9estiny flies only to$ards fulfill"ent. *9'' 9estiny is the roHen sheet of infinity. *9'9 9estiny is deathOs refuge in this life. *9': 9estiny is ha2ardOs only linH to legiti"a!y. *99( 9estiny is the freedo" of any good to e ad and the reverse. *99) 9estiny is the delusion of eing free on a stri!t path of your life. *99* 9estiny is selfOs fight $ith the drea" of this $orld. *995 9estiny $ill e the last one to die on the ship of life. *996 9estiny lets only the delusion of the $ill to e seen. *997 9estiny re!eives only a gift fro" Dod/ death. 2,2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *998 9estiny never pulls alone at the !arriage of life# ut has its o$n truth alongside. *99' 9estiny sear!hes the light of life in death. *999 9estiny $ants every "o"ent of the years of your life to !ra" the" into a single eternal "o"ent/ the one of deathW *99: 9estiny su!!eeds every ti"e to e fulfilled only through death. *9:( 9estiny follo$s you inside yourself eing the i"age of your o$n life fro" the i"age of Dod. *9:) 9estiny is "issing fro" the ta le of your hope only through death. *9:* Nothing is !loser to 9estiny that death# its only fulfill"ent. *9:5 6hat !an e "ore fulfilled in this $orld than the 9estiny $ith the greatness of deathX *9:6 9estiny is the heart of death that eats in this $orld. *9:7 9estiny never represents ut it presents everything. *9:8 9estiny is your o$n self against the $orld that $ill e fulfilled through death. -his is $hy death is 9estinyOs life. 2,(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *9:' 9eath is fulfilled through 9estiny and 9estiny is fulfilled through 9eath. *9:9 9estiny is the !ourage of death to enter on the land of life. *9:: 9estiny is the fra"e that !o"pletes the painting of death in our life. *:(( No$here !an you find "ore death than in the 9estiny of life or life in the 9estiny of death# e!ause the 9estiny fulfills through death and death through the 9estiny that !a"e fro" life. *:() 9estiny al$ays vi rates $ith a single string/ its path. *:(* 9estiny rea!hes death only as a past and death re!eives it as a future. *:(5 -he ti"e is nothing else than the relation of the 9estiny $ith the death in our $orld. *:(6 9estiny is ti"eOs heart that rings it in its o$n eternity of a "o"ent. *:(7 9estiny is the fight et$een good and evil# $here death al$ays is the $inner. *:(8 9estiny is the eauty of the future $hen it e!o"es past. *:(' 9estiny is the present that !an only e uni?ue. 2,&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *:(9 9estiny is the "e"ory of the future in its o$n past. *:(: 9estiny is the essen!e of life that fulfills only through death. *:)( 9estiny is the ran!h that $ill striHe lifeOs stor" in the $indo$ of our love# as often as $e $ill forget a out ourselves. *:)) 9estiny sings at the "o"entOs piano the faith of a single eternal "o"ent. *:)* 6hat a "ira!le is this $orld $ith its infinity of eternal "o"entsW *:)5 -he 9estiny is the "ira!le of life that fulfills through death. *:)6 9estiny only follo$s the tra!e of Dod. *:)7 9estiny is the light of the $orld that urns only through its fulfill"ent through death. *:)8 9estinyOs light !an shine only in the darHness of death and not in the day of life. *:)' -he one that elieves in 9estiny elieves in i""ortality. *:)9 -he $aterfall of 9estiny falls only in death. *:): 9estiny $ill sho$ you every ti"e that true life is only in death $here it fulfills 2,'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION itself and not in this $orld of unfulfill"ent. *:*( 9estiny pours its eauty in the "o"ent of the eternal life of i""ortality. *:*) 9estiny is the i"age of Dod in the Illusion of our Aife. *:** 9estiny is the li"it fro" $here neither the "ira!le has anything "ore to say. *:*5 9estiny is the eternity of the "o"ent et$een future and past. *:*6 9estiny is the eternal present that fulfills through death. *:*7 -he fear for death is su!h a ig foolishness liHe it is the fear of our o$n 9estinyW *:*8 9estiny !an never forget you e!ause it doesnOt Hno$ the sin# e!ause it sees death as the rede"ption fro" yourself. *:*' 9estiny su!!eeds every ti"e to only re!ogni2e a thing/ the eternity inside you. *:*9 9estiny urges you to live "ore than life does and to die less than life does. *:*: Gor 9estiny# the eternity of life is in death. *:5( Only 9estiny !an re!on!ile life $ith death. 2,>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *:5) 9estiny never is astounded y the horrors of $onders of life# ut understands the" through the death that $ill fulfill the" all. *:5* 9estiny is the iggest in!o"prehensi le of the !o"prehensi le. *:55 9estiny is the ro!H $here it $ill al$ays fa!e the death of this life# y "aHing it eternal. *:56 9estiny is infinityOs grain of sand fro" this finite $orld. *:57 9estiny is the tra!e of DodOs love through $hi!h $e !an looH at eternity. *:58 9estiny is the arrier $here the past "eets the future# $here the "o"ent e!o"es eternal and love is orn fro" all of these. *:5' 9estiny reaths through the lungs of the infinity# this finite !alled life. *:59 9estiny al$ays re!eives an ans$er for" life# although it never asHs anything fro" it. *:5: 6hat !an e greater than to looH in 9estinyOs eyes $hi!h are full of "eX *:6( 9estiny is the pla!e $here Everything fights Nothing# eating eternity. 2,*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *:6) 9estiny finds its pea!e only at the statue of lifeOs eternity through death. *:6* 9estiny never follo$s[ it is the tra!e# the tra!e left y the Dod of this $orld. *:65 9estiny $ill never e the supple"ent left y Dod at the ta le of vanity# ut its !o"pli"ent. *:66 9estiny $ill al$ays triu"ph a ove any vi!tory through defeat. *:67 9estiny listens to every a!tion# $orry# an1iety of your life $ith the eternity of its self fro" the death set this $ay. *:68 9estiny ans$ers to this life only y death. *:6' 9estiny $ill al$ays asH "ore than you !an give every ti"e that you $ill not understand the death that al$ays a$aits you triu"phant. *:69 9estiny is the eternity# the everlasting life fro" the after$orld seen fro" this Illusion of Aife. *:6: 9estiny rises only in this $orld $here everything dies. *:7( 9estiny is all I !an understand $hen I a" lost in your eyes $ithout "eaning. *:7) 9estiny !an never persuade you $ith anything e!ause it is persuasion itself# 2,)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION liHe it !an never o lige you# e!ause it is the o ligation itself. *:7* 9estiny is the eternal self of all things# pheno"ena and !on!epts in this $orld. *:75 9estiny is the pea!e in no odyOs $ar in $hi!h $e are all trapped. *:76 9estiny is the flo$er $ith the eternity petal fro" the autu"n of life. *:77 6hen you say 9estiny you say everything. *:78 9estiny and love. Can there e one $ithout the otherX *:7' 9estiny is the prayer of eternity fro" DodOs heart. *:79 In the eternity of death# 9estiny is the fla"e that urns only life. *:7: 9estiny is neither pain nor sight in its fulfill"ent in death# ut it is only suffering in life. *:8( In the $orld of life# 9estiny never returns fro" $hat it has started. *:8) 9estiny only su dues to its o$n self. *:8* 9estiny is the rose $hose thorns e1ist only in life. *:85 -he only pla!e $here 9estiny !an never e fulfilled in the $orld of life is Aove. 2,,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *:86 9estiny never lives ?uestions ehind it[ it leaves only re"orse or fulfill"ents. *:87 9estiny !an never help you e!ause it is its o$n self at the arrier et$een past and future or the eternity inside you. *:88 -he story of ea!h 9estiny is the refle!tion of eternity in the past. *:8' 9estiny is the only "eaning of this $orld. *:89 9estiny is the only ship fro" lifeOs o!ean that navigates $ith the sails of eternity $here the $ind of its fulfill"ent in death lo$s. *:8: 9estinyOs destiny is the "e"ory of "e"ory and the death of death/ the eternal life. *:'( 6hat !an e "ore uplifting than to Hno$ that the 9estiny is DodOs i"age in this $orld# e!ause it is the eternity et$een past and future# finite and infinite# et$een ig and s"all infinite and all this eternity e!o"es the story of a lifeX *:') 9estiny is the "ost faithful friend. It $ill never live you.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *:'* 9estiny re!o""ends to this $orld never to intervene in death e!ause life !annot understand it. *:'5 5ope dies last# ut 9estiny never dies. *:'6 9oes anyone Hno$ $here 9estiny has ever een a sentX *:'7 No ody !an Hno$ $hat is over this or the other side of 9estiny. *:'8 9estiny never hides anything e!ause it gives and taHes everything. *:'' 9estiny is the only star of your self $hi!h $ill never die. *:'9 9estiny is the rain of your "o"ent $hose drops $ill $ater the eternal life. *:': 9estiny is the !arousel $here lu!H is al$ays Hno$n efore it "ay e. *:9( 9estiny is the $ave that raHes only on the shore of death. *:9) 9estiny a$aits you only inside yourself# never outside you. *:9* Even forgetting 9estiny is a fated "e"ory. *:95 9estiny is the only that $ill su!!eed to die in death# thus living eternally. *:96 9estiny regards you as e?ually as death. Are $e afraid of death of its fatalityX (01

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *:97 Bou !an lose anything in this life apart fro" the 9estiny. *:98 9estiny is DodOs e!ho. *:9' 9estiny is DodOs i"age. 41NIT3 *:99 Eanity is the !up fro" $hi!h $e drinH the suffering of lifeOs $ater. *:9: Eanity is the only "eaning of this $orld. *::( Ever vanity has its o$n $ell defined purpose. *::) 6e are te"pted to give vanity all the gaps or our ignoran!e. Are these not a universal valid truthX *::* -o paint vanity under the veil of the Illusion of life is liHe you $ould ad"it that you Hno$ the a solute truth. *::5 6hat !an e "ore fulfilled in this life than vanityX *::6 Eanity understands you only if on your turn you donOt understand it# thus it $ill e!o"e destru!tive. *::7 Eanity is the fulfill"ent of the only truth of illusion# eing illusory. (02

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION *::8 Eanity is the !over that $ill never !over the ody of a soluteOs fulfill"ent. *::' Eanity is happinessO fulfill"ent in this $orld. *::9 Eanity elieves only in its o$n truth that is defined as a universal valid truth for everything. *::: 6herever there $ill e irth and death there it $ould e vanity as $ell e!ause the a solute truth never dies or is orn. 5((( Eanity !rushes you only if you Hno$ it. 5(() Eanity never hides eauty and fulfill"ent. 5((* Eanity never !ries fro" the la!H of truth ut for too "u!h truth. 5((5 Eanity taHes you $here the spirit !annot !o"prehend ho$ the eyes that !ry tears of love !an e inani"ate in a !offin. 5((6 Eanity $ill never understand the "eaning of a "e"ory ut only its opposite/ dying. 5((7 Eanity listens to you only if you donOt hear it. 5((8 Eanity is the great a solute truth of our $orldOs "eaning. (0(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5((' Eanity for!es you to tou!h it only if you thinH of it as a ig a!!o"plish"ent. 5((9 Eanity $ill fer"ent the truth a out yourself your entire life# and then in the end# it $ill repudiate it. 5((: Eanity elieves you only if you never elieve it. 5()( Eanity is this lifeOs negative# $hose positive is the $orld. 5()) Eanity reathes the air of this $orldOs self !onfiden!e# forgetting that it is in a !ave $here it la!Hs !o"pletely. 5()* Eanity fights truth to find a sense in eauty. 5()5 Eanity $ill never understand a great love e!ause love never a!!epts another truth no "atter $hat it is. 5()6 Eanity !onte"plates itself in the "irror of death only if death allo$s it to e!o"e so eautiful in life. 5()7 Eanity never says !hoose# ut it taHesW 5()8 Never !an Eanity hide in the $hispers of a love e!ause neither of the" elieves in anything ut their o$n self. 5()' Eanity# did you Hno$ ho$ far a$ay you $ere fro" "e $hen you $anted to understand the sense of this $orldX (0&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5()9 Eanity $ill s$i" ne1t to desire and hope in the lifeOs trou led $aters. 5(): Eanity $ill run a$ay fro" 9estiny for this never fulfills and Eanity $ould disappear. 5(*( Eanity is the pay"ent paid y Dod to 5is o$n 6ord of eing. 5(*) Eanity is the la!H of !ontent and never the !ontent in itself# ut $e should not forget that our $orld is also vain. 5(** Eanity is the de!lared ene"y of 9estiny that does not a!!ept the e"ptiness of its soul. 5(*5 Eanity is the "ost eautiful thing in this $orld. 5(*6 -he !li"a1 of vanityX 6orldOs seven $onders. 5(*7 6ithout vanity there $ill never e eauty or perfe!tion# e!ause oth fill the gap left y vanity in the heart of 9estiny. 5(*8 Eanity $ould liHe to tell "e that it does not Hno$ $here the truth hides ut it stu" les $hile it repudiates it. 5(*' Eanity al$ays hints ho$ "u!h need $e do have for a fulfill"ent of happiness# forgetting to say $hat is its pri!e. (0'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5(*9 Eanity is the 2ephyr of this $orldOs fulfill"ent in the eyes of death. 5(*: Eanity is the longing that never elieves in the afterlife. 5(5( Eanity is the $ord that !annot understand $hy Dod has thought this $orld. 5(5) Eanity is the hope that still hopes in its o$n fulfill"ent. 5(5* Eanity reRe!ts you only at the feet of inferno. 5(55 Only in the "aternity of the drea" of living !an Eanity e re orn. 5(56 Eanity e!o"es the est advisor $hen you understand the sense of this $orld. 5(57 Eanity has a single ene"y/ love. 5(58 Eanity $ants to e the grave of love# forgetting that this never dies. 5(5' 6ithout vanity $e $ould live in the "ost oring of the $orlds# Rust e!ause this elieves in the eauty of the $orld. 5(59 Eanity is the "ost "odest of all gra!es in the $orld# al$ays eing la"ed and perse!uted. It is the only that lets us elieve in eauty# fulfill"ent and perfe!tion. (0>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5(5: Eanity !arries all the urden of the $orld# e!o"ing the only "eaning. 5(6( Eanity $ill fight ignoran!e e!ause it elieves in the perfe!tion of its o$n drea"[ even if for the a solute truth is a surd. 5(6) Eanity e!o"es the greatest Heeper of a surdity in $hose truth it tre"endously elieves. 5(6* Eanity is the self salvation of a surdity $ith a ne$ elief/ its Gulfill"ent as a 6hole. 5(65 Eanity ets only on the horses that donOt pull the !art of love on the road "arHed y the steps of Dod. 5(66 Eanity hopes in its o$n happiness/ the irth of death and the death of irth. -he "eaning of the $orld. 5(67 Eanity invites 9estiny to al$ays fulfill eyond life. 5(68 Eanity never gets tired to say that geniality elongs to the hu"ane# that reaths in this $orldOs dust. 5(6' Eanity s!rupulously respe!ts lu!H# Rust e!ause it never a!!epts to e asHed $hy and ho$. (0*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5(69 Eanity is the !li" er for $hi!h a surdity is the su""it he $ill !li" his entire life. 5(6: No ody ever paid vanity for this $orldOs fairytale eauties. 5(7( Eanity !annot understand infinity ut it !reates a finite that !an !ontain infinity $ith its heart. 5(7) Only vanity !an say/ Qthe entire infiniteI# intentionally forgetting that infinite !an never e $hole Rust e!ause it never ends. And still it is a single infinite. One. 5(7* Eanity is the "other of sigh and pain to sho$ us the sun of happiness that is ehind the". 5(75 6hat does vanity Hno$ a out the light of Hno$ledgeX Yust that it is ignoran!e. Instead vanity has its o$n Hno$ledge/ illusion. 5(76 Eanity is the "id$ife of this $orldOs ter". 5(77 Eanity never !ultivates the reality of the a solute truth ut only the one of illusion. 5(78 Eanity dan!es until the da$n of death at the all of a surdity. (0)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5(7' Eanity helps you su!!eed in life estranging you fro" yourself. 5(79 Eanity is DodOs slap given to true Hno$ledge. 5(7: Eanity i"itates Hno$ledge to the s"allest details ut it !annot understand it. 5(8( Eanity forgives you "ost often elieving in the salvation fro" the a solute truth. 5(8) 6hat !an e "ore perfe!t than vanityX 5(8* Nothing !hooses etter than vanity. 5(85 Bou $ill al$ays feel fed at the oso" of vanity. 5(86 %y leaving vanity you $ill lose yourself. 5(87 -he laHe of vanity $ill never "irror the a solute truth. 5(88 Never say "ore that it is ne!essary e!ause vanity $ill taHe !are of the rest. 5(8' Bou !an deprive yourself of everything eside vanity. 5(89 Eanity !an lift you# drop you or roHe you. Bou $ill forgive it e!ause only it !an understand you. 5(8: Eanity is the pri2e $e all deserve in this life. (0,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5('( Eanity reaths the fulfill"ent and a solute fro" your thoughts. 5(') Eanity is the only !o"forta le a" ian!e of this $orld. 5('* Eanity e!o"es sunrise or sunset anyti"e# a thing that truth !an never do. 5('5 Eanity $ashes you in the $ater of life forgotten y 9estiny at the !orner of Rando"ness. 5('6 Eanity is the greatest spender of "o"ents. 5('7 Eanity is this $orldOs Cinderella# $ho !an hide the greatest eauties. 5('8 6hat $ould the $orld do $ithout vanityX It $ill i""ediately die. 5('' Eanity $ill fight for you harder than for any ody else. 5('9 No ody !an love you "ore in this $orld than vanity. 5(': Aet vanity flood the light of your soul e!ause this is life. 5(9( Eanity $ill never forgive you# no "atter ho$ "u!h it $ould love you in this $orld# if you $anted to Hno$ its o$n truth. 5(9) Eanity is the na"e of ea!h of us $ritten at irth y 9estiny. (10

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5(9* Eanity inspires "e to $ant "ore truth ut never a out its self. 5(95 Eanity understands "e only if I donOt. 5(96 Eanity is the page that never ends in life. 5(97 Eanity !an never e a sent fro" any truth of this respe!ta le $orld. 5(98 Eanity re"e" ers only the past !o"pletely forgetting the future that $ill al$ays "aHe the sa"e "istaHe of e!o"ing present. 5(9' AifeOs vanity lightens only the path of death. 5(99 -he vanity of illusionX Su!h a thing does not e1ist. 5(9: -he vanity of vanities is only your life $ithout love. 5(:( Eanity ad"ires you only if you understand that you "ustnOt Hno$ any other "eaning eside the one of the Illusion of Aife. 5(:) Although the vanity !an outrun the $orld $ho runs esides it# $ill let her $in the vanity trophy and thus $ill give it a "eaning.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5(:* EanityOs hope $ill al$ays e the one to elieve in the foreign a solute of this $orld. 5(:5 -hrough vanity you $ill never e a stranger fro" yourself in the future# e!ause you already are. 5(:6 Eanity $rites $ith !apital letters on every odyOs life and truth al$ays $ants to erase the"# appealing to "orality. 5(:7 6hat vanity !an e igger or s"aller than any other vanityX 5(:8 I never sa$ Eanity dressed "ore eautiful than $hen it $ore the !ape of 7orality. 5(:' Eanity is a history of fa!ts that $ant to e proRe!ted in the future. 5(:9 Eanity $ill never find the a solute truth no "atter ho$ "u!h it $ill desire this to happen# ut the a solute truth $ill !at!h it as often as desired. 5(:: No "atter ho$ "u!h nonsense does vanity have# its self has a "eaning. 5)(( Eanity involves itself in every truth of illusion ut not in the ones of reality. 5)() Even illusion has its o$n reality liHe vanity has its truth. (12

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5)(* 6here $ill you find "ore truth than in vanityX 5)(5 Can any ody say $here this lifeOs vanity ends or eginsX 5)(6 I $ould give anything to !ast a$ay the vanity in the eyes of the $ords ut I !annot e!ause I a" orn to die. 5)(7 6ho !an define vanity $ithout defining hi"selfX 5)(8 Eanity is the !lo!H $hose alar" rings t$i!e in this life/ at irth and at death. Other$ise it sho$s us ho$ $e !arelessly pass y the eternity of "o"ents having enough ti"e to die so fast every ti"e. 5)(' 6e "iss eternity every ti"e $e find a truth# forgetting that it too elongs to vanity. 5)(9 Eanity spares no one fro" the eauty of its o$n illusion. 5)(: 5o$ ugly !ould this $orld e $ithout vanityX 6e $ould truly elieve in it. 5))( No "atter ho$ "u!h $ould you desire love# you !annot hate vanity e!ause this is the only repla!e"ent of this $orldOs love. Its step"other. 5))) No "atter ho$ "u!h illusory truth it $ill hide ehind vanity# it is a reality. (1(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5))* No ody ever found out $hat hides eyond vanity other than the illusion in its soul. 5))5 -here is no greater sa!rilege than not to elieve in vanity. 5))6 A surdity and vanity are aliHe e!ause a surdity re!ogni2es vanity as a surd and vanity re!ogni2es a surdity as eing e"pty. In the "iddle it is the $orld. 5))7 Eanity $ill al$ays looH for a hori2on of this $orldOs salvation# ut not the one that !an never rea!h. 5))8 Eanity is the only that re!ogni2es the truth of this $orld in its o$n soul. 5))' Eanity never hu"iliates any ody e1!ept if it re!ogni2es it. 5))9 I eg you# "y dear vanity# help "e understand $here does this life put on its "aHeup as it has so "any divine eautiesX QIn "y heartI is the ans$er I hear fro" you.

LON;IN; (1&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5)): -rough longing $e $ill al$ays e hit together y the sa"e $aves of 9estiny that $ant to separate our i""ortality fro" the eternity of our tears. 5)*( 5o$ "u!h longing infinity "ust have felt $hen it has understood that so"ething is "issing inside of it and thus !haos# instin!t and the $orldOs 4ri"ordial Dod# $as orn. 5)*) Aonging is the essen!e of Everything. 5)** In longing lies the essen!e of the $orld. 5)*5 Aonging is Dod and thus I !an feel 5i" in "y soul $hen I long for you. 5)*6 Aonging is the one that put the entire eternity aside to e orn so"eday in your eyes. 5)*7 -hrough longing the infinity of non+ e1isten!e "issed the eing and thus it has understood for the first ti"e that the sense of longing in our $orld $ould e love. 5)*8 Every ti"e I "iss you I understand Dod# the original sin and the infinite that has let itself e defeated only to Hno$ you $ill e1ist. (1'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5)*' 6hat !an there e higher and greater than longing# in this $orld $here $e live the Illusion of Aife. 5)*9 Aonging is death and 9estiny# it is infinity and non+e1isten!e# it is finite and Dod# it is the li erty of Hno$ing you !an love $ith your $hole soul/ i""ortality. 5)*: -hrough longing ea!h of us !an understand i""ortality as eing the thing that $as roHen fro" our eternal non+ e1isten!e in order to love. 5)5( 9id so"eone really understand longingX 5)5) Dod# ho$ hard it is to fell the s$eet pain of longing for Bou# in the eyes of "y love. 5)5* Aonging is the divine gate to the light of love. 5)55 -hrough longing $e e!o"e i""ortals# as it is the part in Dod that never dies e!ause it re"inds us of the eternity of the non+e1isten!e inside us# and $ho "aHes us love "ore the eing fro" the eternity of its non+e1isten!e. 5)56 6hen I "iss you I looH at the sHy and I $ant to understand ho$ it !an e so serene ut also so lonely. It ans$ers "e (1>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION through the stars that !ross the ti"e ringing the past into the present. 5)57 It is so "u!h !haos in your longing that I a" asHing you if the angels of love have ever understood fro" $hat runs a$ay the hori2on of hopes. 5)58 I $ait for you at the gate of longing# open only for you. 5)5' Aonging is loveOs li erty of eing. 5)59 Aonging only listens to you $hen you understand that in it there is al$ays Dod. 5)5: Aonging is "ore sin!ere than the entire $orldOs sin!erity put together. 5)6( 6ithout longing# all the $orlds of the eing $ould set in the sad eyes of the non+ e1isten!eOs infinity. 5)6) Aonging is the fire that urns life# preparing it for death. 5)6* Aonging is the "ost eautiful and great thing in this e1isten!e. 5)65 Aonging $ill al$ays return in the station of your soul# every ti"e $hen you $ill feel ho$ "u!h you love. 5)66 Aonging !an never live you as long as you love# Rust e!ause Dod is longing.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5)67 9o not try to understand this $orld e!ause you !annot understand your longing. 5)68 Aonging is the a sen!e# the 4ri"ordial event# it is DodW 5)6' Aonging is the $ave that !rosses the order of your soul san!tifying it $ith the $ater of love. 5)69 Aonging is the ridge et$een life and death# et$een love and 9estiny. 5)6: Aonging is the "irror through $hi!h 9estiny as DodOs refle!ted i"age# it !an see its fa!e. 5)7( Bou $ill see true san!tity in the eyes of longing. 5)7) Saints are the people that "issed love "ore than "any others. 5)7* San!tity is espe!ially deeper as you !an sinH in the longing of eternity# of the death fro" i""ortality# started y the $orld. 5)75 I $ill e eside you even eyond death trough the longing of the eternity of "y soul of fulfilling our love through 9estiny. 5)76 Aonging is the only reality that trans!ends this drea" of our love. (1)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5)77 Aonging $ill never get you do$n only if you $ould $ant to understand it. 5)78 Never !urse Aonging e!ause you $ill !urse Dod. 5)7' Aonging is Dod# it is its soul re!eived in your heart# unliHe 9estiny $hi!h is 5is i"age. 5)79 -he "ost saint tears are the ones of longing. 5)7: Only looHing at the longing in your eyes I !an understand $hy Dod has left the in!o"prehensi le in this $orld. 5)8( On the dying ed# re"e" er that you are part of the Aonging that is Dod. 5)8) Aonging is the perfe!tion of Everything fro" the "aHing of the $orld through the la!H of infinity $ho "isses its o$n la!H in $hi!h there is the !haos and the pri"ordial instin!t. 5)8* Nothing is si"pler and "ore !o"pli!ated than Aonging# the 4ri"ordial Event or the 4ri"ordial Dod. 5)85 Aonging is the first "eaning of the eing. 5)86 6hat !an e "ore e1!ru!iating or "ore in!o"prehensi le than longingX (1,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5)87 All the $orlds $ould !ollapse into ea!h other if stars $ould not "iss the 9ivine Aight on $hi!h they !a"e into our ti"e[ al$ays going to$ards the future "aHing DodOs eing perfe!t. 5)88 It is so "u!h longing that hurts the eternal "o"ent of your eyes that I a" lost in your eing sinHing $hile looHing our ig love that $e found in the ar"s of the Dod fro" your soul. 5)8' 6hen you terri ly long you fully live love through the pores of your eing. 5)89 5o$ !an I asH longing $hy the foa" of the $aves is $hite and you are in this $orld so far a$ay for "y soulX 5)8: -hrough longing the drea" is orn. 5)'( I have flo$n on the $ings of longing to ring you in "y heart. -hen I "et Dod. 5)') I love you $ith the sa"e longing as the first ti"e# e!ause I !annot !hange Dod. 5)'* -here $as so "u!h Dod in the longing of "y soul for you that I de!ided to tell you/ I love youW 5)'5 I dis!overed Dod through longing.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5)'6 All the ones that devote their life to Dod are people that truly "iss the spiritual 9ivine Aight of the Dod they !o"e fro". 5)'7 I "iss the $ord of your heart# lost in the roHen hourglass of our 9estiny. 5)'8 No "atter ho$ "u!h you $ill ring ti"e a!H you $ill never e a le to easily !at!h that sa"e "o"ent that $ill unite us through longing our entire life. 5)'' Bou $ill never e a le to su!!eed in running a$ay fro" the longing in $hose ga2e $e al$ays "eet even eyond eternity. 5)'9 6hat do $e sear!h in the heart of the sa"e longing that eats for usX ;OD 5)': Dod is the only "eaning fro" all the illusions in this $orld# eing love. -he differen!e et$een Dod and love is that Dod !an e understood ut love !an never e understood although they are one and the sa"e# a $hole. 5)9( Dod !annot e a sent fro" the soul of a "an that loves e!ause love is Dod. (21

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5)9) -o pray to Dod is the sa"e as to pray to love. -he differen!e is in lo!ali2ation. Dod $ill al$ays e the one that $at!hes to the love in us# $hile love is the one that $ill have Dod as his only land"arH. 5)9* Dod is Everything# ut firstly it is an Everything on the in!o"prehensi le in 7an. 5)95 Dod never Rustifies for anything in this detesta le $orld# Rust e!ause Dod hi"self is the Rustifi!ation. 5)96 Dod !annot talH $ith any ody e!ause 5e is a single $ord and that is/ love. 5)97 Dod !an only e found in our self $ho sear!hes for 5i". 5)98 Dod is our selfOs iggest sear!h $ho also elongs to 5i". 5)9' Dod is $hen $e find again our o$n Ego the stranger inside us. 5)99 Dod is the "ountain $hose su""it loses itself in the infinity. If it $ere ever seen it $ould !o"pletely disappear. 5)9: Dod is the ig revelation that $eights loveOs enig"a $ithout ever Hno$ing its $eight. 5):( Dod is the sHy $hose !louds !an never !over 5is 9ivine Aight. (22

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5):) Dod is the oundless hold in the pal"s of the soul. 5):* Dod is the $ord that says infinite "ore than the entire Hno$n language. 5):5 Dod is the great sight of this E1isten!e $ho !an never e perfe!t as "u!h as it tries. 5):6 Dod is the perfe!tion fro" the o!ean of i"perfe!tion in $hi!h $e s$i" fro" the irth of death to the death of death. 5):7 Dod is "ore than an infinite !an e and less than a finite !an e. 5):8 Dod e1ists every$here ut $e !an never find 5i" e!ause 5e is al$ays $hat $e desire "ost fro" us and fro" e1isten!e. 5):' Dod is not a !ertain topi! e!ause 5e is over all $e !an !atalogue in this $ay. 5e is a "atter of fa!t. 5):9 Dod is "anOs "ost i"portant "e"ory/ that of eingW 5):: Dod is the eternal !ir!u"!ised in a !ir!le that has infinite points. -he finite and the infinite. -hrough the point it is finite and through the infinity of points e!o"es finite again $hen the !ir!le !loses in. -hus Dod is the finite that (2(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION in!ludes the infinite $hi!h e!o"es finite again through the !ir!le. 5*(( Dod $ill al$ays e the rain that $ill $ater the e1isten!e $ith ne$ stars of the infinite. 5*() Dod is the ig revelation of the pri"ordial event that appears as a "issing part of se"anti!s# se"ioti!s and non se"ioti!s. 5*(* Dod is the love refle!ted in the "irror of Hno$ledge eside !reation. 5*(5 Dod is the true fa!e of 9estiny# uni?ue Rando" 5appening# $hile 9estiny is the i"age of Dod# of this Rando" 5appening. 5*(6 -he iggest a surdity $ould e that even Dod prayed. 5*(7 6ithout Dod# the entire e1isten!e $ould e at sea. 5*(8 -he 4ri"ordial Dod !annot e !reated# y advan!ing the 7atri1 6ord of Creation# through 5is o$n pri"ordial. 5*(' Dod is the only a!!idental[ 5e is the pri"ordial event produ!ed y the infinite found in the finite# in order to e!o"e an infinite again. 5*(9 -he 4ri"ordial Event NDod# is the first e!o"ing of the aura of the 6hole (2&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION $hi!h has found its entire infinity in the infinity of points in!luded in a !ir!le $hi!h has e!o"e finite/ thus a point. 5*(: Dod is the point that deter"ines oth the finite and the infinite in a !ir!le. 5*)( Dod is $ord and $e elong to his self. 5*)) 6hat $as the 4ri"ordial Event N DodX It $as the first re"e" ran!e of the eternity through $hi!h finite $as orn. It $as the 4ri"ordial -hought. 5*)* Only the finite is orn# not the infinite. 5*)5 5o$ did the first re"e" ran!e of eternity taHe pla!e# the 4ri"ordial Event N DodX 6hat !losed the !ir!le of infinite to define the pointX -he ans$er is/ 8ni?ueness. -he infinite is uni?ue and thus the uni?ue e!o"es re"e" ered as su!h y the finite. 5*)6 Dod e!o"es !loser to you only $hen the li erty of your self is !onstrained# $hile 5is love is only $here you !an truly feel free. 5*)7 Dod e1ists only depending on the li erty of your self. 5*)8 6hen Dod opens the gate to your self 5e lets you see 5i" $ith the eyes of feeling. (2'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5*)' Bou $ill never e a le to see Dod if you $ill not really feel free# no "atter the test you are su Re!ted to. 5*)9 DodOs eauty is in the freedo" you su!!eed in finding in this $orld of pain. 5*): 7ore often DodOs eauty is in pain rather than happiness. -his is $hy Dod helps you get over trou le. 5**( Dod $ill never sleep the sleep you drea" in this life. So you should "aHe a differen!e et$een you and Dod. 5**) 6e all sear!h for the happiness of eing helped y Dod# not Hno$ing that it is only in us and not any$here else. 5*** 9o not sear!h Dod in the e"ptiness inside you e!ause you $ill never find 5i". Re"e" er that Dod is the "ost pre!ious part of you. -his is $hy you should al$ays sear!h for 5i" in $hat is est in your life. 5**5 7any $ant to listen to Dod in their o$n la$s and regulations# others in the singing of the $ind and others in their prayers or prostrations# ut Dod !an e heard only in the deepest silen!e inside you# $here 5e $ill ans$er $ith another deeper silen!e. (2>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5**6 6hy do you $ant to "eet DodX 5appiness has its origin in suffering and Dod in the pain inside you. 5**7 Can Dod e etter than $hat you !onsider to e goodX BesW %ut prote!t yourself of $hat !an e this $ay e!ause it "eans that it !an e $orse that any terri le you Hno$. 5**8 Dod needs "anOs prayer only if the "an !an thus feel Dod !loser. 5**' Yoyful are the ones that feel so free fro" their self that they !an "eet Dod. 5**9 Dod is that eternal stranger fro" every "anOs soul. Bou $ill find it only $hen you $ill !ast a$ay the stranger inside you. 5**: Dod is the only one $ho $as orn defining the finite fro" the infinite# through 5is o$n uni?ueness that has e!o"e 4ri"ordial Event and self !ons!ien!e e!ause of the eternal la!H fro" the infinite. 5*5( Nothing !ould have e1isted $ithout Dod e!ause Dod is Everything. 5*5) Gro" the entire nu"erology# the s"allest and the iggest nu" er is parado1i!ally One e!ause the infinite and Dod !an e only One. (2*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5*5* Dod is the !reator of the EverythingOs entire legiti"a!y. 6ithout the legiti"a!y to e finiteOs eternal "issing part of fro" the infinite# Everything $ould not have any "eaning# and Dod $ould disappear# eing Rust the "eaning of Everything. 5*55 Even the ones $ithout Dod are a part of Dod. 5*56 -here is no good or evil Dod# ut a Dod in $hi!h the self of "an !an or !annot e found. 5*57 Dod is the eternity that has !hosen the finite in order to thinH. 5*58 %eing !lose to Dod "eans eing !loser to you. 5*5' %y re!eiving Dod inside# you $ill efriend $ith the stranger inside you. 5*59 9o not forget# Dod never asHs you to su Re!t yourself to a !ertain ritual# ut only to the $ay in $hi!h you understand your o$n freedo". 5*5: Bou !an feel freer and thus !loser to Dod even under the tightest !hains of suffering or e1tre"ely strait+la!ed in the "ost lu1urious of palates. It all depends on the $ay you understand your o$n Ego $hen you speaH to Dod. (2)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5*6( -o hide fro" Dod is liHe if you hide fro" yourself. 5*6) No ody !an e happy $ithout Dod e!ause he e!o"es the slave of the dust inside hi". 5*6* Staying !lose to Dod is liHe eing !lose to you. 5*65 Glattering Dod is liHe lying to yourself. 9o not forget/ Dod is first of all inside you. 5*66 Bou $ill never e a le to understand DodOs fa!e if you donOt understand your o$n 9estiny. -his is DodOs fa!e for you. 5*67 Dod $ill never run after you if you understand that the "eaning of life is death and the $orldOs entire suffering is a vanity. 5*68 Can Dod e opposed to this $orld that he has !reatedX No# e!ause it is 5is o$n i"age. Bes# e!ause this is an illusion. 5*6' 6hat is the "eaning of this $orld given y DodX 9eath. 5*69 Should DodOs fa!e e a reality in death liHe is an illusion in lifeX BesW Only life is lost in the tangling of illusion and not death that e!o"es the only reality of this illusion. (2,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5*6: In lifeti"e you $ill never e a le to e totally eside Dod e!ause it $ould "ean to un!over the veil of the Illusion of Aife and !o""it sui!ide. 5*7( Dod left this drea" of life to e a le to $aHe us in the eternity of death fro" $here to "e"ori2e the e1isten!e ne1t to Dod. 5*7) -he love for Dod !o"es fro" "anOs ne!essity of finding hi"self. 5*7* It is a ig differen!e et$een the Dod of "an and the 4ri"ordial Dod or the 4ri"ordial Event. -he first one !an e found in and through "an and the se!ond al$ays trans!ends eyond "an. 5*75 As the hu"an universe "eans Hno$ing hi"# the godliHe universe "eans his love. 5*76 6hat $ould the $orld looH liHe $ithout love# $ithout DodX Si"ple# it $ould e a $orld $ithout souls. 5*77 I a" a$are# thus I thinH through DodW 5*78 Dod is the eternity of every "o"ent $e pass through. 5*7' Dod $as orn fro" longing# fro" his o$n la!H of oundlessness. ((0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5*79 Our Dod !an e defined as the logging fro" love. Every ti"e $e long $hen $e love $e find Dod inside us. E<ISTENCE 5*7: -he soul sleeps its life in the ed of e1isten!e to $aHe up in 9estiny. 5*8( Only e1isten!e !an ani"ate death. 5*8) E1isten!e is the soul of 9estiny. 5*8* E1isten!e !an e a sent only fro" the $ord. 5*85 Not all $e thinH e1ists ut our thought elongs to the e1isten!e. 5*86 E1isten!e is a $ord said y Dod $hen he shared 9estiny. 5*87 E1isten!e is only for eing. 5*88 E1isten!e is the !ontinuous future that flood over an inert past. 5*8' E1isten!e is the star that forever sets over a past fro" a "o"ent as eternal as it. 5*89 E1isten!e never re"ains ehind anyone ut in its self. 5*8: E1isten!e never dies or is orn ut it reaths through oth. 5*'( E1isten!e is the li"it fro" $here any thought !an fly to Dod. ((1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5*') E1isten!e is the $ord that rises fro" eternity to e the death eside i""ortality. 5*'* E1isten!e find itself forever at DodOs thought# e!o"ing a$are of it $ith his eing. 5*'5 E1isten!e never pro"ises a thing# instead it "aHes it. 5*'6 Only none1isten!e !an "aHe pro"ises to the ver to do of e1isten!e. 5*'7 E1isten!e lies to itself t$i!e through the Illusion of Aife# on!e through the present of eing that !o"es fro" the future that $ill e and on!e through the past that $as and that e!o"es/ is. 5*'8 E1isten!e feeds only $ith the legiti"a!y of his o$n ha2ard. 5*'' E1isten!e al$ays stays ehind Dod and forever in front of "an. 5*'9 E1isten!e !an only e understood y 9estiny# thus they oth deter"ine the e1istential Hno$ing. 5*': E1isten!e re!ogni2es future and past only if it is not seen $ith the lost and sad eyes of hu"anity. 5*9( -hrough 9estiny# e1isten!e e!o"es past fro" future. ((2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5*9) -he 9estiny of e1isten!e is self !ons!iousness# its o$n re"e" ran!e. 5*9* 6ithout 9estiny# e1isten!e $ould e a surdity. 5*95 6e !annot speaH a out the e1istential a surdity unless $e e1trapolate 9estiny. 5*96 9estiny !annot e a surd in e1isten!e# ut the a surdity !an have a destiny in the sa"e e1isten!e. 5*97 Any 9estiny of e1isten!e is a gift fro" Dod# eing 5is i"age that !annot e !hanged y a surdity. 5*98 -he e1istential a surdity intervenes only $hen the one that e!o"es a$are of the e1isten!e is !overed in the !ape of the Illusion of Aife. 5*9' -he e1isten!e of a surdity is as a surd as its 9estiny. 5*99 Not the a surdity in itself is a surd in e1isten!e ut the no"ination of the entire e1isten!e as eing a surd although it elongs to a 9estiny. 5*9: -he e1istential a surdity !o"es only in the a sen!e of 9estiny. Even the a surdity has its o$n destiny and thus is not an a surd ut a given. (((

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5*:( Any e1isten!e that has not seen his o$n 9estiny e!o"es a surdity# ut $e should not forget that any a surdity still has his o$n 9estiny. 5*:) E1isten!e feeds $ith death to give irth to life. 5*:* 6ithout death our entire e1isten!e $ould die. 5*:5 E1isten!e gets you only $hen you thinH you $ill understand. 5*:6 E1isten!e is a "eaning of 9estiny. 5*:7 E1isten!e staggers only in thought# it eats you through the $ord ut dies in the indifferen!e of o livion. 5*:8 E1isten!e $ill also a!!o"pany you after death e!ause death e1ists e!ause of life. 5*:' -he e1isten!e never Hno$s death ut only a different side of it. 5*:9 %y e1iting $e !an understand the e1isten!e of death# ut $e $ill re!ogni2e the one of life $hen dying. 5*:: E1isten!e is the path that has no end not even after its death. 55(( E1isten!e is orn only $hen it is re!ogni2ed as su!h. ((&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 55() E1isten!e "eans a!Hno$ledge"ent# re"e" ran!e of a given. 55(* E1isten!e vanishes i""ediately after it is forgotten and !annot e re"e" ered. 55(5 E1isten!e is a great "e"ory. 55(6 E1isten!e is hearts struggle to re"e" er love. 55(7 Our e1isten!e is the sin of eing orn to Hno$ death and the happiness of dying to forget the irth of death. 55(8 E1isten!e is the shore at $hi!h the lifeOs ship returns $ithout !ease# sinHing into death. 55(' E1isten!e sleeps $hen you donOt understand it. 55(9 -he e1isten!e $ithout Hno$ledge does not e1ist to "an. 55(: If you did not Hno$ e1isten!e it $ould i""ediately die. 55)( Our e1isten!e is refle!ted in the "irror of our DodOs Hno$ledge that is love eside !reation. 55)) E1isten!e is the "atri1 $ord orn fro" three "atri1 $ords/ Aove# Cno$ledge# and Creation. 55)* E1isten!e elieves you only if you re!ogni2e it. (('

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 55)5 Bou $ill never e a le to refuse to follo$ e1isten!e no "atter $hat you do# even after death. 55)6 -o leave e1isten!e is liHe you $ere never orn to die or you never Hne$ anything. 55)7 Bou e1ist for others even $hen you donOt Hno$ anything any"ore. If they $ill not Hno$ anything# then you e1ist only to Dod. 55)8 E1isten!e !an only e a!Hno$ledged e!ause it is the reath of Dod inside it# thus also our self as part of it. 55)' As a surd as e1isten!e !an e# it $ill never e left y 9estiny. 55)9 E1isten!e has !hosen you $ith the $ill of Dod# so you should a!!ept its "eaning. 55): Sui!ide !an e a profound "eaning of e1isten!e. 55*( -hrough sui!ide you donOt leave e1isten!e ut you understand it as su!h. 55*) E1isten!e for!es you only to e. It is enough. 55** E1isten!e asHs you only to Hno$ it in order to e1ist. 55*5 E1isten!e is the s"ile of death on the lips of life. ((>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 55*6 E1isten!e is the thrill of eternity. 55*7 E1isten!e is the rain of i""ortality in the desert of "ortality. 55*8 E1isten!e is the !ru" led $all of eternity re uilt y Dod. 55*' E1isten!e is the fruit of DodOs greatest "e"ory of 5i"self. 55*9 E1isten!e is the supre"e gift "ade y "ortality to i""ortality. 55*: E1isten!e is the freedo" of !o"pulsion to feel free. 555( E1isten!e is the "ountain !li" ed only y 9estiny. 555) E1isten!e is the shore of i""ortality $ashed y "ortality. 555* E1isten!e is the drea" of DodOs reality. 5555 E1isten!e is the dreary longing after its o$n eternal "e"ory. 5556 E1isten!e is the silent struggle of "e"ory a out the i""ortality in "ortality and a out "ortality in i""ortality. 5557 E1isten!e is the !haos that has e!o"e legiti"a!y# perfe!tion. 5558 E1isten!e is 9estinyOs roHen $ing in "ortality. ((*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 555' E1isten!e is the passion of the ver to e# eside death. 5559 E1isten!e is DodOs running through ha2ard. 555: E1isten!e is a too si"ple "eaning in order to Hno$ death and too !o"pli!ated to re!ogni2e "ortality. 556( E1isten!e is a sunset of life that sets only through deathOs sunrise. 556) E1isten!e de!ides $hether and ho$# $hile 9estiny de!ides $hen. 556* E1isten!e !an never e alone $ithout 9estiny. 5565 E1isten!e e!o"es sad only if $e !o"pli!ate it. 5566 E1isten!e asHs us to understand it only $hen $e lose it fro" our "e"ory# on the death ed or $hen $e de!ide a !ertain sui!ide in one or another $ay. 5567 E1isten!e is the "ost eautiful in the eyes of a great love e!ause $e are love. 5568 E1isten!e !an never forget a great love inside our soul. 556' E1isten!e re!ogni2es us only through love# e!ause $e are love and forgets us $hen $e stop loving ea!h other. (()

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5569 E1isten!e is the only one $ho $el!o"es our thoughts day after day# ut also the only one that filters the" daily. 556: E1isten!e $ants nothing "ore fro" us than love and $ill i""ediately dress its royal de"eanor for our eyes# eing "ore eautiful than ever. 557( 5o$ $onderful e1isten!e is $hen you are in love and ho$ sad it is $hen you forget a out yourself. 557) Gor e1isten!e# even the suffering out of love is Roy if you Hno$ ho$ to understand it as a profound life and divine gift. 557* E1isten!e is DodOs passion of eing through love. 5575 E1isten!e is the divine reath of the love inside us# s!attered so"eti"es y the stor" of the rush after happiness $ithout any !ost. 5576 E1isten!e is ha2ards perfe!tion of eing eternal in front of a surdity. 5577 E1isten!e has no fault for the a surdity of the Illusion of Aife# ut $e should not forget that this also e1ists. 5578 -he differen!e et$een a surdity and e1isten!e !onsists in the $ay of perfe!ting ((,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ha2ard through legiti"a!y. A surdity does not restri!t ha2ard in any $ay# $hile the e1isten!e does. 557' E1isten!e is not an instin!t $hile the instin!t !an e1ist in the e1isten!e# eing Hno$n. 5579 E1isten!e understands instin!t as a state of fa!t $hile instin!t !an understand e1isten!e as a personali2ation of a for idden topi!. 557: E1isten!e is the flo$er that does not Hno$ autu"n not even in the divine garden. 558( E1isten!e is the har"ony of dishar"ony. 558) E1isten!e has "issed fro" vanityOs heart ut not fro" its ta le# $hen Dod has shared the di!e. 558* E1isten!e is the !ape of "e"ory fro" the !old of o livion. 5585 E1isten!e is the fulfill"ent of i""ortality through ti"e and "ortalityOs through eternity. 5586 E1isten!e is the hidden eauty of the star that $ill shine i""ortality $hile !rossing the ti"e and spa!e of "ortality. (&0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5587 E1isten!e is "e"oryOs ray of light a out i""ortality. 5588 It is enough to pronoun!e "ortality to e1ist# ut you !an also say i""ortality in order to e1ist. 558' E1isten!e separates death fro" life and "ortality fro" i""ortality eing the heart that eats in ea!h the great love of "e"ory. 5589 E1isten!e !annot e the opposite of death and neither of life e!ause all these are its self. 558: E1isten!e rea!hes the ar"s of vanity only $hen it is not understood. 55'( -o understand e1isten!e "eans not to forget it. 6ill you e a le to do thatX 55') Our life is a great o livion of e1isten!e e!ause of the illusion $e live# thus a vanity. 55'* Even vanity is a gift and has a 9estiny# thus it !annot e vain if it is re!ogni2ed as su!h# and the sa"e illusion !annot e illusion if e1isten!e is re!ogni2ed as su!h. Only forgetting of their true e1isten!e taHes advantage of the" this $ay. (&1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 55'5 E1isten!e is a "e"ory# ut "e"ory is e1isten!e only if has a 9estiny ehind it. 55'6 E1isten!e in itself re!ogni2es Hno$ledge only through instin!t. 55'7 E1isten!e e!o"es a personali2ation of instin!t e!ause of Hno$ledge that needs a su Re!t. 55'8 E1isten!e understands har"ony through ha2ard and dishar"ony through perfe!tion. 55'' E1isten!e is a syste" of i""ortality $hose stru!ture is "e"ory. 55'9 E1isten!e is the $ave of eternity that $ashes the shore of "ortality. 55': E1isten!e is the storage of the "e"ory of never forgetting. 559( E1isten!e is the !ape of a surdity $orn out at the sleeves y 9estiny. 559) E1isten!e is an a surdity defined Rust y the fa!t that nothing !an e an a solute of a solute. 559* E1isten!e e" ra!es us only $hen $e reali2e that $e are. 5595 E1isten!e is the past of a "e"ory that does not understand that its future does not e1ist for the illusory present. (&2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5596 -he e1isten!e of i""ortality is a soluteOs revenge over the a surdity and the e1isten!e of "ortality is the a surdity revenge over a solute. %ut $e should not forget that they oth are e1isten!e. &1%%INESS 5597 -he happiness of the eyes is su Re!ted only to the eyelids that !an !lose it. 5598 -he happiness of life is in the self forgetting. 559' 5appiness evaporates first in the drought of life. 5599 5appiness al$ays loses the train of "o"ents in this $orldOs vanity station. 559: Bou $ill never see 5appiness distasteful dressed no "atter ho$ si"ple your taste in "atter of senti"ental fashion. 55:( 5appiness is a pain at a argain pri!e. 55:) 5appiness $ill al$ays run faster even than the hori2on of your hands eaten y suffering. 55:* 9oes anyone Hno$ in this $orld $hat pri!e has happiness in front of deathX (&(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 55:5 %eyond happiness there $ill al$ays e pain. 55:6 Re!Hlessness is the diet food of 9estiny# liHe "oderation is its de au!hery# ut happiness is 9estinyOs essen!e of eing. 55:7 -he $o"an has e!o"e the gate to$ards heaven $hen Dod has understood the infinite# Hno$ing that there !an also e happiness in the e1isten!e. 55:8 -his $orldOs happiness is the essen!e of a surdity. 55:' 5appiness only Hno$s fulfill"ent through love. 55:9 5appiness is a ga"e of ha2ard $here the vanity of the "o"ent is !o"pletely a sent. 55:: 5appiness desires this lifeOs "eaning# ut fro" desiring to o taining is the long path of vanity. 56(( 5appiness is the one that tripped in this $orldOs history allo$ing to e overtaHen y the original sin# the pain and the sight. 56() 5appiness !annot e $orn at every event. (&&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 56(* 5appiness $ill al$ays e $anted y envy. 56(5 -rue happiness !an only e understood though suffering. 56(6 -he one $ho elieves in happiness is deeply "istaHen# happiness eing nothing else than the lie of this i2arre $orldOs suffering. 56(7 5appiness is one of the hidden and un$ashed fa!es of suffering. 56(8 5appiness is the forgotten sunrise fro" the eyes of this $orld. 56(' 5appiness $ill e !lose to you only if you $ill understand that the infinite !annot e understood. 56(9 5appiness $ants you at its ta le only $hen you have everything# eing so satisfied that you !annot noti!e anything. 56(: 5appiness prays to the suffering to e forgiven for eing orn in our souls. 56)( 5appiness is the pay given y suffering to the 9estiny as re$ard for lifeOs vanity. 56)) 5appiness sti"ulates you to !herish it only after it is dead.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 56)* 5appiness $as the last one of all that $at!hed ho$ Dod has thro$n the di!e of the $orld at the ta le of sins. 56)5 5appiness is the tear that does not Hno$ ho$ to !ry pain. 56)6 5appiness al$ays in!arnates the soul and never the odyOs dust# no "atter $hi!h is the su Re!t of happiness. 56)7 5appiness e!o"es fulfilled only $hen no ody $ill ever need other happiness. 56)8 5appiness athes ne1t to desire and hope# ut it dro$ns al$ays efore the". 56)' 5appiness linds only the one that elieves in it and opens the eyes only to the one that Hno$s it is evanes!ent. 56)9 5appiness fulfills the soul only $hen it Hno$s ho$ to love. 56): 5appiness is the oundlessness of hope to fulfill the 9estiny. 56*( 5appiness gets you do$n only $hen you elieve in its eternity. 56*) 5appiness never gro$s in the sa"e or!hid as i""ortality# ut in the one $ith suffering.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 56** 5appiness a!!epts you very hard $hile suffering $ill al$ays have its ar"s open for you. 56*5 5appiness is the ray that is al$ays shado$ed y the tree of life in the $ind of vanity. 56*6 5appiness is the "ost "ined field $ith suffering on the shore of life and the one sear!hed the "ost. 6hyX 56*7 5appiness $ants you $hen it no longer has so"ething to give you. 56*8 5appiness is the $ord that evaporates the fastest in the desert of life. 56*' 5appiness is the "ill that in the end sieves the suffering. 56*9 5appiness is a$aited only y suffering on the platfor" of life in the vanityOs station. 56*: 5appiness $ants to e the vo$ "ade y the soul $ith the $orld. It still needs the seal of fulfill"ent that is al$ays a sent sin!e the !reation of the $orld. 565( 5appiness helps you only $hen you fight hard to gain it. 565) 5appiness $ill al$ays play on the sa"e filed as suffering# so e !areful $ho $ill gain in the end. (&*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 565* 5appiness al$ays rea!hes least at the spring of fulfill"ent and reaHs its pit!her "ore often than suffering# pain# vanity# alienation and self estrange"ent all at on!e. 5655 5appiness e!o"es a please if you Hno$ ho$ to "aster it. 5656 5appiness allo$s you to Hno$ it only if you Hno$ ho$ to avoid it. 5657 5appiness leaves you right in the ar"s of suffering $hile suffering helps you find happiness. 5658 5appiness never $ashes in the sa"e $ater $ith suffering even if it is never dirty. 565' 5appiness is i"pair"ent for the one that does not understand it. 5659 5appiness $ithout pain is liHe rain $ithout !louds. 565: 5appiness overtaHes you only $hen you donOt e1pe!t it. 566( 5appiness e!o"es the e"otion of fulfill"ent only if you !losely Hne$ suffering. 566) 5appiness $ill al$ays and $ithout ?uestion sho$ you suffering in its entire darH splendor# $hile suffering $ill sho$ (&)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION you undou tedly the splendor of happiness. 566* 5appiness allo$s you to !on?uer it only $ith the help of suffering. 5665 At happinessO $edding suffering $as never a sent# as neither $as happiness to the one of suffering. 5666 5appiness al$ays invites you to Hno$ suffering. 5667 5appiness $ill $in in your heart only through love. 5668 Gor "any# happiness e!o"es a passion ut fe$ are a le to over!o"e it. 566' 5appiness $ill $hisper you a out fulfill"ent# ut suffering $ill e the one to give it to you. 5669 -he deeper the happiness is# the "ore fulfilled is the suffering that $aits around the !orner of your o$n 9estiny. 566: 5appiness deludes you $ith its passion to forget suffering# $hile suffering deludes you $ith the passion to re"ind you of happiness. 567( 5appiness lets you dis!over suffering and suffering lets you dis!over happiness.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 567) As "u!h as you $ant to e only happy it is i"possi le# Rust e!ause happiness is self forgetting in this $orld of suffering. 567* 5appiness is the fruit that uds only in the tree of suffering. 5675 5appiness te"pts you $ith the passion of o$ning it# $hile suffering spares you fro" this senten!e. 5676 5appiness never relieves you fro" paying suffering $hile suffering a solves you fro" paying happiness. 5677 5appiness $ill al$ays e a loveOs heart eat. Suffering is all the rest. 5678 5appiness rises fro" the tear of suffering. 567' 5appiness is the sunrise of hopes and suffering their t$ilight. 5679 5appiness $ill only float in the air $here the $eight of the tears fro" the heavy !louds of vain hopes !an e felt. 567: 5appiness $ill $el!o"e in its heart only the $eeping eyes of suffering. 568( A solute happiness $ould get you a!H to the state efore you $ere orn# e!ause you $ill fully forget a out this a Re!t $orld. ('0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 568) 5appiness is the "ost desired drogue that !an e ought only through suffering. 568* Cele rate your happiness only $hen you are sure you $ant it and you Hno$ ho$ "u!h suffering you $ill have to pay. 5685 5appiness $ill re!ogni2e death as a great suffering# $ithout re!ogni2ing that the one that rings the "ost suffering is Rust the delusion of happiness. 5686 Co"plete happiness is so far a$ay fro" this $orld that neither the light of Hno$ledge $ill ever e a le to rea!h it. 5687 5appiness anishes the pledge of the eing $ith its $orld# deluding it over and over again. 5688 5appiness is 9estinyOs "alady in this $orld of suffering. 568' 5appiness is the thirteenth floor that usually is a sent in any uilding in 7anhattan. 5689 5appiness is the su Re!t that !annot e taught in any s!hool. 568: 5appiness $ill only $rite QI love youWI in the al u" of suffering. 56'( 6hile suffering $ill $rite QI desire youWI ('1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 56') No "atter ho$ far the distan!e is# it !annot !hase a$ay happiness fro" sufferings "e"ory. 56'* 5appinessO drea" !an only e fulfilled y death. 56'5 6hen Dod drea"ed this $orldOs happiness is $as surely si!H. 56'6 5appiness "ust e understood liHe a $eight that hangs at the ne!H of suffering to sinH it further. 56'7 5appiness never gets tired to s!old suffering that $ants it $ith its eyes $eeping# hoping that it $ill also e happy. 56'8 5appiness is the staHe that $ill urn the souls of this $orld $ith the fire of suffering. 56'' 5appiness is the lost "eaning of suffering. 56'9 5appiness fights to run fro" the suffering that loves it "ore than anything in the $orld. 56': 5appiness is this $orldOs une"ployed 9estiny. 569( 5appiness $ill al$ays sho$ you the ugliness of suffering $hile suffering $ill sho$ you the eauty of happiness. 7ay e ('2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION this is $hy this $orld is so ugly and a Re!t so"eti"es. 569) 5appiness lets you tou!h it only if you Hno$ ho$ to forget your heartOs suffering of eing tor"ented to eat your 9estiny your entire life. 569* 5appiness "ay !o"e to re!ogni2e you on the street of 9estiny only if you are not at the sufferingOs ar". Is there so"eoneX 5695 5appiness $ill get tired only $hen suffering $ill rest/ never. 5696 5appiness $ill al$ays e the one that $ill Heep love a$aHe# ut e sure not to e1tinguish it e!ause all $ill fall apart. 5697 5appiness dies only in the souls that do not $ant to understand suffering. 5698 5appiness hurts you only $hen you are sure you have it. 569' 5appiness is this $orldOs Gata 7organa. 5699 6ould this $orld still have a "eaning if it $ould not run after the illusion of happinessX 569: 6hen happiness e" ra!es you# do not elieve it e!ause you $ill end looHing for it in the tear of a "e"ory. ('(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 56:( 5appiness is a "o"entary o livion of 9estiny. ENTIT3 56:) -he pri"ordial entity is !onstru!ted fro" the pri"ordial !haos and the pri"ordial instin!t. 56:* 6hen !haos as an ordered disorder e!o"es instin!t# then a for" of order therefore legiti"a!y# and then the entity appears. 56:5 Dod is entity. 56:6 -he nonentity is a Dod. 56:7 -he pri"ordial Dod is the entity that reports to the nonentity and the nonentity that reports to the entity. 56:8 Entity and nonentity are the dual !hara!teristi!s of the sa"e Dod[ foras"u!h the nonentity involves entity and the reverse. 56:' Never $ill the entity e1ist $ithout nonentity as $ell as the nonentity $ithout entity foras"u!h the entity refle!ts itself in the infinite of nonentity as to e and the nonentity refle!ts in the finite of the entity. ('&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 56:9 6here e1a!tly is the eingX Geel the $aves of the lifeOs o!ean that raHe on our natureOs shores[ understand the finite that found itself in the infinite. Everything has its o$n "eaning. 56:: -he entity is the longing in your ga2e that grinds the "o"ents of 9estiny that fall $asted at the feet of our love. 57(( -he entity is the sHy that elieves in its o$n eternal serene although it Hno$s the i""inen!e of death. 57() -he entity is the hidden $orld fro" a senti"ent that !an e eternal only through the nonentity that flo$s in your lood. 57(* -he entity and nonentity are DodOs t$o $ays that $e Hno$ fro" the infinity of $ays. 57(5 -he entity finds its love $ordOs red t$ilight in nonentity# and nonentity the eternal sunrise of eauty in entity. 57(6 -he entity is feeling and reath# soul and perfe!tion# legiti"a!y and $holeness# ut efore all it is the infinity of 7atri1 6ords $here every 6ord has its o$n eing# as they all "aHe the Dreat 4ri"ordial Entity. Or the E1pression of the 4ure 8niversal Aanguage. (''

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 57(7 -he eing is the Cons!ien!e of the 4ure 8niversal Aanguage "ade fro" the infinity of 7atri1 6ords. -hus the Entity is o"nipresent in Everything. 57(8 -he 4ri"ordial Entity has re!eive inside it ea!h and every 7atri1 6ord# giving the" in its turn the !haos and the instin!t that $ill define legiti"a!y# order# eauty and all the !hara!teristi!s of a $orld in su!h a 7atri1 6ord. All these $ill of !ourse re!eive the !hara!teristi! !onnotations of every 7atri1 6ord that is the Dod of its $orlds. 57(' Every entity has the poetry of its o$n !haos. 57(9 -here is no entity $ithout !haos. 57(: -he entity is feeling. %&ILOSO%&3 57)( 4hilosophy is the religion of the future. 57)) 4hilosophy is the elief in a pure state unaltered y the politi!ians of any religion. 57)* 4hilosophy is the perfe!tion of the eauty of hu"an spirit outside e1isten!e. ('>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 57)5 Only through philosophy $ill $e e!o"e again the !hildren that asH $hy the "oon rises. 57)6 4hilosophy is the path for self li eration of hu"an eing. 57)7 4hilosophy is the only advantage of spirit in front of the Illusion of Aife. 57)8 4hilosophy is the fulfill"ent of DodOs $ord a out e1isten!e and truth in the self of "an. 57)' 4hilosophy is the freedo" to Hno$ that $e !an only Hno$ the Illusion of Aife. 57)9 4hilosophy is the a solute of the $ord in this $orld. 57): 4hilosophy is the angel $ho does not re!ogni2e DodOs sin. 57*( 4hilosophy is the $isdo" to respe!t the ignoran!e of the a solute truth. .E12T3 57*) %eauty is a tear on the !heeH of truth. 57** %eauty $ill never over!o"e the li"it of thought. 57*5 %eauty is 9estinyOs serenade at the $indo$ of this $orldOs love. ('*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 57*6 %eauty is the divine part of good or evil. 57*7 %eauty !an never understand $hy you understand it even $hen it hides fro" you. 57*8 %eauty is the open gate to the gra!es of heaven. 57*' %eauty !annot hide anything fro" $hat its o$n instin!t $ould liHe to Hno$. 57*9 %eauty lights the la"p of happiness less often ut "ore profoundly. 57*: %eauty is the drea" fro" $hi!h so"eti"es neither Dod $ants to e a$aHened. 575( %eauty is the i"age of the infinite# of its none1isten!e in your eyes. 575) %eauty e!o"es art only $hen the instin!t !an e found in it. 575* %eauty su!!eeds every ti"e to persuade anything else than instin!t. 5755 Is there so"ething "ore eautiful that your eyes in $hi!h the instin!t of "y eing !an e foundX 5756 6e all Hno$ $hat eauty is# ut ho$ "any of us Hno$ $hat truth isX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5757 6e are surrounded y so "u!h eauty that $e should e in paradise. 6hy isnOt it soX 5758 %eauty does not have li"its in the $orld of drea" e!ause $e !an also find there infinite night"ares. 575' 6ho "issed eautyX Even if he has enough. %eauty is liHe happiness# it is never enough. -his is $hy our paradise is an inferno. 5759 6hat !an there e in the heart that does not even $ant eautyX 575: Often eauty is the standard of spiritOs self o livion that !loses into a pattern. 576( -rue eauty e1ists only in love. 576) -he divine eauty of love !o"es fro" the eternity and !haos of the non entity through DodOs longing dire!tly into your eyes. 576* %eauty is the seagull of delusion that is lost in the foa" of a 9estinyOs $ave# not Hno$ing that if it is hit y the ro!H of ti"e it $ill !at!h a sunrise that $ill ad"ire it. 5765 I tell you that no$here did I find a greater eauty than in the silen!e of your (',

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION eyes in $hi!h I heard the entire sy"phony of the divine nature. 5766 %eauty has e!o"e a "easure e!ause of our eingOs alienation fro" the self[ other$ise it should e a great diversity as ig as our hearts. 5767 %eauty is the soulOs desire for e"an!ipation in station of life# a$are that everything is e"ptiness. 5768 -he $orldOs entire eauty is in the eyes that you love. 576' %eauty# liHe happiness# is never enough. 5769 -rue eauty is the soulOs hori2on that you $ill never e a le to e" ra!e. 576: -he eauty of the freedo" of to e is in the suffering paid for having it. 577( Our souls $ere and $ill e a "ira!le of eauty that !annot e understood y the sin re?uired y eauty. 6hyX 577) -he eauty of the earth inside us passes $ith ti"e# $hile the eauty of the love inside us never dies. 577* -he eauty of a!!o"plish"ent !annot e tasted ut through $eighting the suffering that is ne!essary for it. (>0


T&O2;&T 5775 -hought is the o!ean $hose shores are the infinite. 5776 -hought is the hidden eauty of Everything. 5777 Nothing !an e greater than the thought that Heeps this 8niverse alive. 5778 Ne1t to thought you $ill never e alone# you $ill have Dod. 577' -hought is the lood of feeling. 5779 -hought is the freedo" to ad"it your o$n 9estiny. 577: -hought is the heart of the eing. 578( -hought gave irth to the $orld. 578) -hought never dies ut it looHs into the entityOs eternity. 578* -hought is the energy of eing. 5785 -hought !annot e destroyed ut only !ast a$ay. 5786 -hought is the "e"ory of instin!t. 5787 -hought is the sense of the $ord re!eived fro" the pri"ordial instin!t.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5788 -he first thought $as the one of the pri"ordial instin!t defined y infiniteOs nonentity. 578' -hought is the one that deter"ines "ultidi"ensionality and not the other $ay around. 5789 Not good and evil "aHe the thought ut the results of a thought. 578: -he infinity of thoughts deter"ines the 8niversal Cons!iousness. 57'( Every 7atri1 6ord has its o$n thought in $hose "eaning !an find itself and $hi!h deter"ines the $orlds of that 6ord. 57') Bou !annot reaH a$ay the thought fro" $ord. 57'* -he thought of the 7atri1 6ord $ill deter"ine infinite other thoughts $hen it intera!ts $ith the infinity of other 7atri1 6ords. 57'5 -hought is the essen!e of the spiritual $orld. 57'6 Any thought is a ray of light. 57'7 -hought is the sour!e and also the !ause of energy. 57'8 Ea!h thought has its o$n favora le energy. (>2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 57'' Even the light of this $orld is an energy ?uantu" of a divine thought that $e donOt Hno$ or per!eive this $ay. 57'9 6hen it thinHs# any soul deter"ines inside that thought a !ertain energy that is lo!ali2ed in the spe!tru" of the 9ivine Aight. 57': -here isnOt any thought that does not elong to the 9ivine Aight# no "atter ho$ rave or despi!a le it $ould e# it is energy. 579( -he father of thought is the NonentityOs 4ri"ordial Instin!t. 579) -hought is the soul of the Entity. 579* -hrough thought the entity e!o"es the Everything ehind nonentityOs Everything. 5795 -hought is the happiness of e1isten!e to gather its thoughts at the divine feet of the 9ivine Aight. 5796 All thoughts are divine no "atter ho$ i"pure they see" to us e!ause everything has a "eaning $e $ill never Hno$. 5797 7an has the !han!e through its false $ill to give irth to pure or i"pure (>(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION thoughts# not Hno$ing $hat is good or evil only through the Illusion of Aife. 5798 -hought is the truth a out us that $e $ill never understand. 579' -he thought of good deeds e!o"es a !onsensus of good !oha itation# resisting e1ter"ination. -his is nor"al in the Illusion of Aife. 6hy "ore and "ore are orn to die and sufferX Only to !ontinue the suffering# $hose flag is still held y so"e odyX 5799 -hought is the shore at $hi!h 9estiny do!Hs every ti"e. 579: Every thought has is i""ortal 9estiny. 57:( 6e all sear!h i""ortality $ithout Hno$ing that this is right in our thoughts. 57:) 6hy !an $e thinH in the a sen!e of $illX Yust e!ause $e are a fa!e of the entity $hose 9estiny is the i"age of Dod. 57:* -hought !an only find itself in its o$n eing. 57:5 -he entity is a thought ut the thought is not an entity# ut energy and eing. 57:6 Ea!h of us are a thought of Dod pla!ed in our 9NA# su Re!ted to a 9estiny through $hi!h Dod finds itself in us. (>&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 57:7 -hought represents every ti"e the entityOs !onsensus $ith the nonentity. 57:8 5o$ !an $e thinH $ithout the $ill o$ed to not Hno$ing the a solute truthX 6e are the energeti! de"iurges of this $orld that $e feel. 6ill is only in feeling and love. 57:' Can $e still posses the de!isional !hara!teristi! $ithout $illX Bes/ y lovingW 57:9 -he eauty and ugliness of the $orld# heaven and hell# Dod and Satan# all are in!luded in the energy of the thought that $e produ!e in this $orld. 6e are as "u!h the satani! fa!e as the divine fro" the $orldOs thought. 6ithout us there is no "ore Dod and Satan.

;ENI1LIT3 57:: -rue geniality does not !onsist in a great intelligen!e ut in instin!t. 58(( Deniality is an a sen!e fro" the !ro$dOs nor"ality. (>'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 58() Deniality $ill never thinH# ut it $ill feel e!ause the essen!e of a $orldOs Hno$ledge is a lie. 58(* Deniality is a perpetual sear!h for the thing that !annot e found# ut it !an only e a!!epted. 58(5 Deniality is the shore to$ards $hi!h the $orldOs "adness rea!hes $ithout eing a le to tou!h it. 58(6 Deniality is the only ridge that unites vanity $ith su li"e. 58(7 Deniality is this $orldOs urden felt y the shoulders of genius. 58(8 Deniality is the flo$er that rises only sprinHled y the $ater of perfe!tion. 58(' Deniality is the eternity that !an never e !orroded y the o!ean of superfi!iality. 58(9 Deniality is the root of ha2ard transfor"ed into perfe!tion. 58(: Deniality is the lu!H al$ays lost to e found in this e1isten!e. 58)( -he eauty of geniality in not in da2ing others ut in finding oneOs self. 58)) Deniality is the tear that $ants to $ash the dirty fa!e of Hno$ledge. 58)* Deniality is not a ?uality ut a gift that !annot e gifted to another person. (>>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 58)5 Deniality never !o"es to a !ertain soul if it is not understood eforehand as eing the one that "oves ha2ard and vanity into perfe!tion. 58)6 Deniality is the a soluteOs only daughter that is al$ays late at the ta le of Creation# eing repla!ed y Eanity. 58)7 Deniality is the "orning that never Hno$s a sunset. 58)8 Deniality is DodOs tear !asually forgotten on this $orldOs dirty fa!e. 58)' Deniality is the infinity that re"e" ers that it !an e only one. 58)9 Deniality is the strait line that has al$ays understood that it e!o"es a !ur ed line in the infinite# !losing into a !ir!le that represents its $orld. 58): Deniality is the !har!oal that urns s"oldering the hu"anities a surdity. 58*( Deniality is the only !han!e of hu"anity to dis!over its lost self. 58*) Deniality is intuition# revelation# $ish for a solute# dressed and set in the oring nothingness of this $orld# transfor"ed into la2iness. 58** Deniality is not Hno$ or re!ogni2ed it is re!eived. (>*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 58*5 Deniality is the shire $here Eanity prays. 58*6 Deniality is an event forgotten y Dod in the soul of a "ortal. 58*7 Deniality is the $ish of a surd to e!o"e a solute. 58*8 Deniality is the laHe $here superfi!iality !annot fish any"ore. 58*' Deniality is the lost freedo" of this $orldOs a solute !onsidered !ra2iness y the !o""on "an. 58*9 Deniality is pearl ne!Hla!e of Hno$ledge pla!e at the $orldOs infa"ous ne!H. 58*: Deniality $ill never put on the shirt of ignoran!e no "atter ho$ eautiful it $ould e# ut it $ill pat!h the one of perfe!tion. -his too see"s to e !ra2y in the eyes of the !o""on "an# doesnOt itX 585( Deniality is the ag that $ill al$ays e ruptured at the "ill of 9estiny $here fulfill"ent is given. 585) Deniality $ill never understand $hy the hori2on runs forever for" us and $ill try to !at!h it to all eternity# no "atter ho$ !ra2y it !ould see". (>)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 585* Deniality is the a soluteOs !hildhood# gone on the Hnees $orn y ti"e of the fulfilled ha2ard. 5855 Deniality finds itself only $hen it enters nor"ality. 5856 Deniality is the Illusion of AifeOs tread roHen y Rando"ness. 5857 Deniality is the only $indo$ that lets us !at!h a gli"pse of the truth hidden ehind the Illusion of AifeOs unsteady ga2e. 5858 Deniality is the an!hor that $ill never rea!h the o!ean otto" of this $orldOs illusion e!ause is !ontinuously sear!hing for itself. 585' Deniality is su Re!ted in the sa"e ti"e to Dod and this e1isten!eOs "istaHes# $hi!h it $ill al$ays ad"it $ith devotedness. 5859 DenialityOs ri!H !an never e pla!ed at the edifi!e of illusion# only to the one of a solute. -his is $hy genius !an never e !o"pletely understood y the infa"ous vulgar heard that feeds only $ith the Illusion of Aife. ;ENI2S (>,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 585: Denius $ill understand that the only eauty of the $orld is in love. 586( Denius is al$ays in a !risis of hi"self. 586) Denius $ill never a!!ept self !o"pro"ise. 586* Denius Hno!Hs at the gate of "adness for the !o""on "an# $hile it sees the !o""on "ans as "ad and at sea. 5865 Denius $ill rise only $here ha2ard has "ade a pa!t $ith a solute. 5866 Denius $ill $orH the earth of pro"ise given y vanity to plant the a solute. 5867 Denius runs looHing to irth even in death $hile the !o""on "an runs seeing only death. 5868 Denius $ill never o serve death e!ause it lives through it and dies through life. 586' Co""on "an $ill love the selfOs hierar!hy $hile the genius $ill love finding oneself. 5869 Denius al$ays $aHes up at the ti"e of the "adness to elieve in that so"ething# $hile the !o""on "an $aHes at the one of a surdity and vanity. (*0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 586: Denius $ill losso" only $here vanity is enough to praise it. 587( Denius is the only ridge that unites stupidity $ith perfe!tion# a surdity and a solute# vanity and fulfill"ent y the si"ple !han!e of eing in this e1perien!e. 587) Denius $ill sit up first fro" the ta le of infa"y and $ill leave the last fro" the one of perfe!tion. 587* Denius $ill never sear!h perfe!tion or a solute e!ause it is orn $ith the". MIST1/E 5875 Are $e "istaHen $hen $e re"e" er the sin left y DodX 5876 6ho "ade a "istaHe at the !reation of the $orld y letting "istaHe e1istX 5877 Evolution has "ost often at its !ore the ri!H of "istaHe. 5878 E1isten!e often appears to us as a "istaHe Rust e!ause of the Illusion of Aife. 587' Is the "istaHe at the divine origin of the $orldX 9o a surdity and alienation !o"e fro" hereX (*1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5879 If Dod is "istaHen it "eans that even the "istaHe is perfe!t# thus it is no longer a "istaHe. 587: 7istaHe !o"es to us fro" paradise. 588( -he original sin is the freedo" to Hno$ that everything !an e perfe!t# even i"perfe!tion# on!e it ad"its that Dod $as "istaHen. 588) 7istaHe has supported "anHind "ore often than perfe!tion e!ause "an in itself is i"perfe!t. 588* 7istaHe is a gift fro" Dod and not a !urse. 5885 A "istaHe feeds "ore "ouths than a hundred perfe!tions. 5886 7istaHe is "anOs re!ogni2ed self# to$ard the too perfe!t stager inside hi". -he !ause of individual and so!ial angst. 5887 6ithout "istaHe# "an $ould not e free. 5888 7istaHe al$ays pays at !onfession $hile perfe!tion doesnOt even step into a !hur!hW 588' Ea!h of us runs into "istaHes. -he i"portant part is ho$ hard $e do. 5889 Eli"inate "istaHe and any tra!e of paradise fro" "anOs soul $ill disappear. (*2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION Eli"inate perfe!tion. -hen any tra!e of hell $ill disappear fro" the sa"e soul. 6hat do you preferX 588: 7istaHe $ill sti"ulate !orre!titude to !li" to ne$ peaHs# Rust that this "istaHe !an taHe its pla!e. 58'( 7istaHe is divine $hen it resides in love. 58') Only the one that $as not "istaHen !annot i"agine ho$ paradise looHs liHe. 58'* Is "istaHe lu!H or disasterX 58'5 7istaHe !an never e "istaHen. 58'6 -he "istaHe of "istaHe is a "istaHe for the "istaHe and perfe!tion for us. 58'7 9efinitely "istaHe $as not at all "istaHen $hen it has !reated this $orld. 58'8 -he perfe!tion of "istaHe is the !haos fro" $hi!h $e !o"e fro". 58'' Our originOs "istaHe is the li"it through $hi!h 9estiny re!ogni2es us. 58'9 6ithout "istaHe salvation $ould not e ne!essary and $ithout salvation $e $ould e "ore pour inside ourselves. 58': 6hen Dod thought this $orld# 5e !ertainly stated to thinH "ore a out the $ord "istaHe. (*(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 589( 7istaHe is a "eans and not a purpose[ this is $hy the instin!t never "istaHes# y eing a purpose. 589) 7istaHeOs perfe!tion resides in love. Only there $e reali2e that even "istaHe !an e "istaHen and e!o"e perfe!t. 589* 7istaHe $ill play !hess a lifeti"e $ith the Dod inside you. 5895 Bou !annot hu"iliate "istaHe in front of perfe!tion e!ause you $ill never Hno$ $hi!h of the" is "ore perfe!t against the a solute truth that you donOt Hno$. 5896 7istaHe is the lighthouse on the !liff of infinite that al$ays sho$s you $here to $alH not to !rash the 9estiny into the sharp edges of your soulOs !liff. 5897 6ithout Hno$ing the "istaHe# death !ould not e separated fro" life. 5898 -he "istaHe doesnOt reRe!t the truth "ost often ut the perfe!tion and the !orre!titude of this Illusion of Aife. 589' 7istaHe is the gift "ade y Dod to this $orld through 9estiny. 5899 6ithout "istaHe the $orld $ould e at sea# not having any "eaning. 589: No "atter ho$ strange it "ight see"# $e are often guided to$ards "istaHe y (*&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION our $on instin!t that in its turn !an never e "istaHen e!ause it is the ridge et$een the entity and the a solute truth. 58:( -he hu"an eing feeds $ith "istaHes in order to follo$ its 9estiny path. 58:) Nothing is $ithout "istaHe# not even the "ost perfe!t thing. 58:* 7istaHe is part of the essen!e of eing# together $ith the infinite. 4erfe!tion resides into the infinite of nonentity# and the only one that !an evaluate the" is the a solute truth. 58:5 -here is no eing $ithout "istaHe. 58:6 7istaHe in not ne!essarily so"ething ad or good# ut so"ething ne!essary. 58:7 Ne!essity is a fruit of "istaHe $ithout $hi!h there is no eing. 58:8 7istaHe is the valley that sho$s to the eing ho$ high !an the "ountain of its o$n greatness !an e. 58:' 7istaHe !an any ti"e e the "ost elo?uent perfe!tion fro" all perfe!tions if its i"perfe!tion is to the "easure of the !o"pared perfe!tion. 58:9 7istaHe is the essen!e of the a!!idental "ira!le of the !han!e to e!o"e 9estiny. (*'


C&1OS 58:: Chaos is only $here feeling is. 5'(( Geeling has egun $ith the !haos of the infinite and a solute perfe!tion of the nonentity. 5'() Chaos is the first ne!essity that has appeared at the entityOs eing. 5'(* Chaos is the sense of the entity to$ards the perfe!tion of the nonentity. 5'(5 9estiny !an only e fulfilled through !haos. 5'(6 As 9estiny is DodOs i"age that trans!ends the $orlds it "eans that the !haos as 9estinyOs origin is part of DodOs eing. 5'(7 Chaos is an entity efore all. 5'(8 Chaos is the first to leave the nothingness of the nonentity to e!o"e the irth of the entity. 5'(' In order to e# !haos "ust in!lude that !ertain so"ething in its stru!ture# not eing a le to e the nothingness. 5'(9 Chaos is legiti"a!yOs first step. (*>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5'(: Even !haos is legiti"a!y deter"ined Rust y the entropy represented y its !onstituent ele"ents. 5')( -he entity is orn through !haos. %ut $hat e1a!tly is the !haos fro" the entityOs irth than the first self storage# the 4ri"ordial Instin!t of the nonentity that feels for the first ti"eX 5')) -here !annot e an entity $ithout !haos. 5')* Chaos is the one that deter"ines everyoneOs legiti"a!y. 5')5 Ea!h la$ is orn fro" !haos to e su ordinated to another and another la$ that $ill eventually end in the sa"e !haos. 5')6 Chaos is the "ost si"ple and the "ost superior legiti"a!y. 5')7 Chaos is the peel $ith $hi!h nonentity !overs the entity. It is the pri"ordial egg. 5')8 Chaos is divine and the true !haos !an e re!ogni2ed only y the a solute truth. All that appears to us as !haos is a legiti"a!y $ell stru!tured that $e !annot understand. 5')' Chaos is the "easure for all things and pheno"ena fro" the entityOs $orld. (**

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5')9 -he pri"ordial !haos is redu!ed to e!o"ing a$are of the entityOs self that $ants to understand its o$n o s!ure. Gro" here !o"es interdi!tion and $ith it the entityOs eing. 5'): Only through !haos !an the entity e. 5'*( Chaos is the !ore !hara!teristi! of eing. 5'*) 6ithout eing# the entity !annot e deter"ined# e!ause eing is the entityOs a ility to e orn through feeling# to live this feeling !o"paring it to different "arHers. 5'** Chaos is orn fro" the nonentityOs a solute perfe!tion# $here there is no legiti"a!y and not even that so"ething that produ!es the s"allest dise?uili riu". Everything is nothingness in nonentity. 5'*5 Chaos is the first e!ho fro" the entityOs nothingness# produ!ed y the a solute perfe!tion. 5'*6 Can nothingness e the perfe!t and a solute on!e it does not have in itself an ele"ent that is liHe thisX Bes. -hrough !haos.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5'*7 All the ele"ents of !haos refle!t in nothingness thus e!o"ing the a solute perfe!tion. 5'*8 Nonentity e!o"es perfe!t through !haos and the entity through nonentity. 5'*' Even !haos !an have its perfe!tion. 5'*9 -he perfe!tionOs a solute resides in the !haos refle!ted in nonentity. 5'*: Gro" !haos does the love of the eternal eyes spring. 5'5( Aisten to the $aves of 9estiny and tell "e ho$ $as !haos a le to give irth to su!h a loveX 5'5) 6hat !an e "ore perfe!t and a solute# truer than the love sprang fro" !haosX 5'5* 6ill you ever understand the !haosOs perfe!tion in your soulX 5'55 Is there so"ething "ore dignified# "ore "agi!al than the !haos that felt the nonentityX 5'56 Bou should Hno$ that I !an only find "yself in the perfe!t !haos of your heart. 5'57 6here !haos is# so is feeling. 5'58 Dod $as orn in !haos. 5'5' 5o$ !lose are you to "e through the !haos of your soul that gave irth to the (*,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION perfe!tion of the ga2e in $hi!h I lost "yselfX 5'59 -here is no greater perfe!tion $e !an Hno$ esides the love in all !haos. 5'5: -ell "e you donOt elieve in the !haos inside "e and I $ill understand the !haos of your feeling. 5'6( Geeling infinite# eternity has in!arnated through !haos. 5'6) 6ithout !haos the infinite $ould not have su!!eeded in feeling its o$n nonentity. 5'6* I listen to you in the shell of ti"e and I $ait for your eternity $elled fro" !haos# to find "e. 5'65 -he Hiss of live $ill still e1ist $ithout !haosX 6hat a out the one of deathX 5'66 6e are strangers fro" ourselves e!ause $e do not $ant to understand the perfe!tion of the !haos inside our souls. 5'67 6hy does even the !haos in your heart !ryX 8nderstand it[ it is the stranger in your heart. 5'68 -he years $ill pass as if they never e1isted and then you $ill e left $ith only the !haos inside you# that one that gave you reath. ()0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5'6' 4lease never $aste the !haos of love e!ause it has given you feeling. 5'69 Chaos never allo$s you to understand $hy you love Rust e!ause it is feeling. 5'6: Bou !an elieve in the sno$ of ti"e $ithout re"e" ering the !haos of !reationX 5'7( I a" tired of so "u!h !haos in "y heart and this is $hy I feel that I get !loser to death $ith ea!h "o"ent. 5'7) Oh Aord# ho$ "u!h !haos did $e need $hen $e $ere in love in adoles!en!eX -his is $hy $e should so"eti"es return to eing !hildren# so you !an truly love. 5'7* Aove $ithout !haos is liHe the flo$er $ithout $ater. 5'75 6ould the o!ean seethe $ithout !haosX 5'76 I adore you# "y angel "ade of !haos. 5'77 -he nonentityOs eternal perfe!tion needed a single thing to feel its o$n greatness and that $as the !haos that "ade feeling. 5'78 9o not !ry eautiful flo$er "ade fro" the !haos of DodOs tear. So"eday our eyes $ill e" ra!e you. ()1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5'7' I love you liHe only the !haos !anW 5'79 -hrough the !haosO perfe!tion $e feel Dod !loser e!ause longing $as orn through the !haos of love. 5'7: 6hat $ould the $orld have een $ithout the longing !reated fro" the !haos of loveX 5'8( -rue ri!hness in not in "oney ut in longing. Only in this !an you find Dod $ith 5is entire perfe!tion of loveOs !haos. 5'8) Is there happiness $ithout the !haos that fulfills it through feelingX 5'8* -he one that is afraid of !haos is afraid of love. 5'85 So great is the !oldness of life $hen you donOt understand the !haos in your heart that "any !o"e to sui!ide. 5'86 Bou should Hno$ that your life is a gift that !a"e through 9estiny fro" !haos. 5'87 Aife !an e really understood only y the !haos of the entity !reated y the nonentity together $ith the pri"ordial instin!t. 5'88 Chaos has follo$ed the pri"ordial instin!t $hen the nonentity has felt the entity for $hi!h !haos pre!eded the ()2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION pri"ordial instin!t. Chaos eing disorder and instin!t eing order. 5'8' 6hen $e speaH a out entity $e !annot dis!ount nonentity that is part of it. AiHe !haos and instin!t are into ea!h other. 5'89 5o$ "u!h !haos !an there e in every $ord of our lifeX 5'8: 5o$ far or ho$ !lose is the !haos of our o$n soul fro" ourselvesX 5''( Bou $ill find no$here a greater happiness than in !haos. 5'') Chaos $as the first to understand the nothingness of nonentity. 5''* 6e !annot speaH a out nonentity $ithout nothingness liHe $e !annot speaH a out entity $ithout !haos. 5''5 Nonentity e!o"es this $ay only through the !haos of entity[ other$ise it $ould e only a solute nothingness# as even the a solute truth $ould !ru" le upon itself. 5''6 Chaos is the entityOs first usiness !ard. 5''7 Chaos and instin!t are the parents of the a solute truth that !an e re!ogni2ed y the entity and nonentity. ()(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5''8 Chaos is the first station in $hi!h nonentity has stopped for the irth of the entity. 5''' Chaos is the heart of Everything. 5''9 -hrough !haos the entity is the present point in any syste"# e!ause in our logi! it infinitely travels through spa!e. Infinity is re!eived fro" nonentity. 5'': -hrough !haos and instin!t the entity is in nonentity and nonentity is in entity. -hus the finite $ill al$ays e in infinite and the reverse. 5'9( No$here $ill you e !loser to the pri"ordial instin!tOs !haos than reading a love letter or $at!hing the eyes that you love the "ost. 5'9) I $ill $ait for you "y love# until the !haos of the pri"ordial instin!t $ill understand us# hinging in the eternity of a ga2e. 5'9* Never has a !haos een igger in "y heart e!ause I never loved so "u!h. 5'95 Nothing $ould e re orn $ithout !haos. 5'96 Even salvation !o"es fro" !haos. 5'97 6hat $ould hope do $ithout !haosX ()&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5'98 9o you Hno$ $hat a frag"ent of !haos "eans for "e $hen is re!eived fro" your glan!eX 5'9' Dod is longing and longing hurts only through !haos thus eing an entityW 5'99 Dod is the "ost perfe!t !haos of "y soul. 5'9: I $ill elieve in you only $hen I $ill understand that you love the !haos of "y heart. 5':( No ody !an e $ithout !haos. 5':) I "iss the !haos inside "e $here I !an find you "y love. 5':* Aonging is god and !haos is 5is love in our regards. 5':5 5o$ far happiness is for the one that does not understand !haos. 5':6 Only eside !haos $ill you find salvation for yourself. 5':7 I "iss so deeply the !haos in your eyes. Only no$ I !an feel DodOs entity. 5':8 Bou should Hno$ "y love that in one of DodOs eternal days $e $ill find ea!h other again in the !haos of the entity that $ill e!o"e a $hole only for us. 5':' 9oes not the event of our en!ounter !o"e fro" !haos liHe Dod and 5is entityX ()'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5':9 Dod is the only one !asual# and !haos the only that re!ogni2es the entity of the !asual Dod. 5':: -he o!!urren!e is the !haos fro" the entityOs spiritual lood. 59(( Nothing is "ore !asual in this $orld than Dod# Rust e!ause the !haos of our entity is outshined y the nonentity to$ards $hose eternity $e all aspire Hno$ing a death. %ut death is still entity. 59() 6ould $e still desire to tou!h the infinite if it $erenOt for death and $e $ould understand !haosX 59(* 5o$ "u!h !haos $as in the o!!urren!e of the day $hen I "et you# "y loveX 59(5 Every o!!urren!e even if it is not fortuitous thus 9estiny# has the i"age of the pri"ordial instin!tOs !haos $ell i"printed in its self. 59(6 6hat !an have "ore !haos of the pri"ordial instin!t in this $orld than loveX Nothing !an e purer ut at the sa"e ti"e truer. 59(7 -he pri"ordial instin!tOs !haos is in every entity through Dod. -his is in reality the soul of every entity. ()>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 59(8 I a" $aiting for you in the eternity of the !haos inside "yself. 59(' -rue fulfill"ent of life !an e found only in the !haos of everyoneOs inside. 59(9 I love you $ith all the $elter of !haos inside "e# "y love. 59(: 6hen you $ould liHe to re"e" er "e# listen to the !haos fro" the eternity of your soul and you $ill find out that I a" there forever. 59)( I love you liHe only !haos !an love a eingW 59)) 7y love# I $ould give everything not to lose ourselves in the !haos of our love. 59)* I a" ne1t to you only through the !haos of the love inside us that gives as the $ind of the hope of eing together. 59)5 As $e age# the !haos inside us e!o"es "ore and "ore perfe!t# losing the flush of youth $here all the eauty $as in "ore and "ore i"perfe!t !haos. 59)6 Chaos and pri"ordial instin!t are the 4ri"ordial Dod. -hey define our Dod# y referring to the 7atri1 6ords of the 4ure 8niversal Aanguage# finding the"selves in it again. ()*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 59)7 Every eing has its o$n Dod as $ell as the 4ri"ordial Dod in its self. 59)8 -hrough !haos# the 4ri"ordial Dod gives us the energy and our Dod/ love. 59)' -hrough !haos# the 4ri"ordial Dod e!o"es an energeti! eing# a totally different eing fro" $hat $e understand in this $orld of the Dod of loving through the eing. 59)9 Chaos is the O!!urren!e and the pri"ordial instin!t is the O!!urred of this o!!urren!e. -hus# the 4ri"ordial Dod redefined through the 7atri1 6ords to$ards infinity is the 8ni?ue Rando" O!!urren!e# for everyone and through everyone. -hus our Dod# $hi!h is represented through the 7atri1 6ord Aove# is 8ni?ue and Rando" through 5is love for the 4ri"ordial Dod# $hi!h is entirely 8ni?ue and Rando" fro" $hat it represents# that is !haos and pri"ordial instin!t# thus the EverythingOs %eing ut also of the Everything ehind Everything. ILL2SION


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 59): Only through love does illusion e!o"e a truth. 59*( Illusion is the !o""on deno"inator et$een lie and the truth un!overed y love. 59*) Illusion is the un!anny nature of 9estiny. 59** Illusion if "ortalityOs need for a solute and the need for "ortality of i""ortality. 59*5 Illusion is the oundlessness trapped in deathOs e" ra!e. 59*6 Illusion is the alienation of 9estiny. 59*7 Illusion is the a solute of superfi!ial. 59*8 Illusion is the essen!e of finding oneself in nothingness. 59*' Illusion is the "e"ory of the past future. 59*9 Illusion is a stair!ase $ith steps of eternal ti"e. 59*: Illusion is the sure "arH of in!ertitude. 595( Illusion is the happiness that lives in a tear. 595) Illusion is the longing that hurts nonsense. 595* Illusion is the general rehearsal of ha2ard at perfe!tionOs !on!ert. (),

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5955 Illusion is the 9estiny that has forgotten its eternity through its gift. 5956 Illusion is the fulfill"ents ro"an!e through unfulfill"ent. 5957 Illusion is deathOs su!!ess against the death of the life after death in this $orld. 5958 Illusion is the i""ortality that learns to die and the "ortality that learns to live. 595' Illusion is the s$an song of the fulfilled hope. 5959 Illusion is the !ape of suffering that prote!ts you fro" the !old of death. 595: Illusion is the love that !annot understand the rust of autu"n. 596( Illusion is the $ind that !annot lo$ the heart of 9estiny. 596) Illusion is the $ord that does not Hno$ the a solute truth. 596* Illusion is the hori2on that sleeps $hen runs a$ay fro" you. 5965 Illusion is the road that e!o"es $ithout ending $hen it is lost into the hori2on. 5966 Illusion is the de"on of the ver to "aHe ut $ho does not Hno$ $hat it does. 5967 Illusion is the sunrise of the sunset and the sunset of this e1isten!eOs sunrise. (,0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5968 Illusion is the sleep $hose drea"s elieve they are reality. 596' Illusion is the aura of Hno$ing a single thing/ ignoran!e. 5969 Illusion is the distan!e !losest to your heart/ happiness. 596: Illusion is the re"ains of a thought that $ants to e $hole. 597( Illusion is the a sen!e of any fulfill"ent in the heart of Gulfill"ent. 597) Illusion is the desperate longing for its o$n "adness. 597* Illusion is the !hastity of eing evil. 5975 Illusion is the vanity of understanding life. 5976 Illusion is the "ill that grinds the a solute to feed $ith the read of a surdity. 5977 Illusion is the fear of death# Hno$n only y life. 5978 Illusion is the "e"ory of a love that re!eived a "eaning in this life. 597' Illusion is the frag"ent of "e"ory of a vain desire. 5979 Illusion is the elief in you efore Hno$ing $hat an a solute truth is. (,1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 597: Illusion is the lightOs delusion $ith the shado$s of vanity. 598( Illusion is the gift to elieve in the $orldOs "organati! happiness. 598) Illusion is the !loud rought y !han!e to O livion y 9estiny to sift "elted entities on the !old pave"ent of death. 598* Illusion !annot e ought# ut it !an e paid. 5985 Illusion is the fiery de"on of the fear of death and of the love of life in this vain $orld. 5986 Illusion prays at the !hur!h of vanity !alled sin. 5987 Illusion is the tearOs "e"ory that al$ays oo2es on the !heeH of the eternal ti"e. 5988 Illusion is the reply given y 9estiny to i""ortality. 598' Illusion is the li"it fro" $here Dod starts to forget a out 5i"self. 5989 -he Illusion of Aife is the rail$ay on $hi!h travels only the train of death eyond the station of irth. 598: Illusion is the spell through $hi!h 9estiny $ants to e a given and not a fa!e of Dod. (,2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 59'( Illusion is the eginning that ends and the ending that egins et$een life and death. 59') Illusion $ill e" ra!e only $hat !an e a $ind# taHen to no$here y 9estiny. 59'* Illusion !an never understand the eternity of its o$n "o"ent only in the "ultitude of endless years of other and other "o"ents foreign to it. 59'5 Illusion al$ays $aits you $ith the s"ile on your lips at the ri" of every $ordOs grave. 59'6 Illusion $ants to e the ?ueen of i""ortality not Hno$ing that it is a "ortality ruined Rust y its o$n ti"e. 59'7 Illusion d$ells only in the ti"e that s!ans the hori2on lost forever for" its o$n drea"ing spa!e. 59'8 Illusion is a $hi" of I""ortality# ored y its o$n ?uality. 59'' Illusion e!o"es a!!o"plished hope only $hen truth is forgotten. 59'9 Illusion is the $heel that turns the ga2e of every "eaning to$ards $here the $ind of nonsense lo$s. 59': Illusion is the favorite a!tor of our o$n e1isten!e. (,(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 599( Illusion is the ro"an!e sang y the life of every one of us# and through $hi!h $e e!o"e !ons!ious. 599) Illusion !har"s truth $ith the eauty gilded y the deluding vanity. 599* -he illusion of life is the "agi! that $ants to e truth and ?uotidian reality. 5995 Illusion is the !ountdo$n of logi! and logi! is the !ount of illusion. 5996 Illusion !annot e1ist $ithout its o$n logi! liHe the truth of illusion !annot e1ist $ithout any logi!. Although the only truth is the a solute truth that does not elong to illusion and thus e!o"ing illogi!al. 5997 Illusion differs fro" life only through death. 6hile the illusion of life differs fro" death through i""ortality. 5998 Only death appears to us as eternal# not the illusion of life. 599' Illusion travels the "ountains of a!!o"plish"ent in a "o"ent# $hile the a solute truth "ay not even go through the" at all e!ause they donOt see" to e1ist. 5999 Illusion !an "aHe you e fulfilled $hile the truth "ay never su!!eed[ this is $hy this $orld needs death. (,&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 599: 6ithout the illusion of death $e $ould not e !o"pletely fulfilled in life. 59:( Illusion de!iphers lifeOs vanity only if you donOt understand death. 59:) 6ould $e still Hno$ $hat eauty# fulfill"ent and the love that !hoHes you are $ithout the illusion of Hno$ing that death a$aits you at the other end of AifeX 59:* -he li erty of the Illusion of Aife d$ells in the in!o""ensura le longing for the i""ortal happiness# also never tou!hed. 59:5 Illusion is the li erty to tou!h the "organati! happiness. 59:6 6ould $e still Hno$ happiness if $e $ould not dieX 59:7 6ould $e still Hno$ the oundlessness if $e $ould not hit the ro!H of ti"eX 59:8 I $ill asH the Illusion of Aife $here the steps of "y destiny lead. It $ill ans$er "e/ Qto$ards the eternity of the afterlifeI. 59:' 6hat !an e a igger vanity in this illusory $orld than the a solute truthX -he a solute truth of Hno$ledge is per!eived here as ignoran!eW (,'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 59:9 -he one that does not understand the illusion of his o$n life does not Hno$ $hy he $as orn this $ay. 59:: Illusion is the one that never lets you understand that you a!tually !annot understand. 5:(( -he produ!t of illusion is the hasty fruit of e!o"ing distant fro" your o$n self. 5:() Illusion re"e" ers you only $hen you refuse to thinH or elieve in so"ething and for!es you to e!o"e frustrated. 5:(* 6hat do $e need illusion for in front of death# or the illusion of death eing illusoryX 5:(5 Illusion is orn and dies together $ith the 9estiny of your soulOs $orld. 5:(6 -he illusion of Aife is the death of life that dies $ith every "o"ent in order to find its nonentity. 5:(7 Illusion is the veil stre$ed $ith the re!Hlessness of 9estiny to e fulfilled e!ause it elieves in fulfill"ent as an understood thing. 5:(8 Illusion is the soulOs oundlessness to understand its o$n li"itation. (,>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:(' Illusion is the handle fro" this $orldOs roHen Rug of fulfill"ent. 5:(9 Illusion is the sno$ of Hno$ledge that "elts in the heat of this $orldOs vanity. 5:(: Illusion is the heart that !annot understand that it eats only the li"itation in the eyes of a great loveOs oundlessness. 5:)( Illusion is the longing that $ants to e perfe!tion in a surdity. 5:)) Illusion is the sole!is" of Hno$ing the truth in a $orld of Hno$ledge. 5:)* Illusion is the sieve that sieves the !o!Hle of the a solute truth fro" the vanity that a!!epts love. 5:)5 Illusion is the gate that lets anything pass apart fro" the a solute truth that !an understand love only as an a solute. 5:)6 -he illusion of the a solute love is perhaps a igger pain than the illusion itself e!ause it is the only !han!e in this $orld to see the a solute truth. 5:)7 4arado1i!ally# illusion feeds only $ith love# longs for the a solute of love# $ithout ever eing a le to tou!h it. -his is the real sadness of this $orld. (,*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:)8 Illusion !rosses you over only until the gate of a solute# after $hi!h it lets you "anage y yourself# $aiting for death. 5:)' Illusion is a ne!essary evil in every ga2e that $ants to love# the love of the a solute truth $hi!h it $ill rea!h only through the death of the self. 5:)9 -he illusion of love is the eternal eginning of a great love. 5:): -he !ruelest !han!e that a soul !an have/ to see ho$ alien this illusion !an e fro" hi". 5:*( Illusion is the !han!e you have not to Hno$ the true fa!e of this $orld# alienated fro" you. 6ho are you# travelerX 5:*) Illusion re"ains $hen truth runs# ut alas# this $orld is a great illusion. 5:** Illusion $ashes itself $ith the $ater of drea"s to e a le to love a love that only elongs to the truth# fro" here !o"es this $orldOs entire suffering. 5:*5 Illusion la2es only at the sun $here "e"ory $ill forget everything in a day. 5:*6 Illusion ends only if it egins# $hile the a solute truth never egins to e a le to end. (,)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:*7 Illusion adores you only if you understand that the eautiful da$n in the eyes of your great love $ill never go a$ay. 5:*8 If the illusion of your greatest love stands on truth only in death# e!o"ing an illusion of the illusion of death# then even the illusion of your o$n life stands only on 9estiny thus e!o"ing an illusion of 9estinyOs illusion. 5:*' Illusion re"ains ehind you $ith the pain of sear!hing alone the hori2on of happiness. 9eath $aits for you outside yourself# $ith the happiness of never needing the hori2on of pain. 5:*9 Illusion is the !han!e to elieve in the elief of a !reed fro" an o!ean of vanity. 5:*: Illusion is the e1isten!eOs a surdity so rarely a!Hno$ledged. 5:5( Illusion is the only that de!ides in this $orld a out the a surdityOs !hara!teristi!s of e!o"ing perfe!tion. 5:5) Illusion adores the "enda!ious $aves of the endless $hi!h it !an never e" ra!e# $hile the a solute truth steps on the $alls of these $aves# ruining the" $ith ignoran!e. (,,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:5* Illusion is the sunrise and sunset aro"a of 9estiny. 5:55 Illusion is the al$ays distin!t shiver of the desire that Everything never ends. 5:56 Illusion s$i"s in the trou led $aters of a ?uestion that the a solute truth doesnOt need# e!ause it already Hno$s the ans$er. 5:57 Illusion endlessly repeats the aria of happiness $ithout ever Hno$ing its true notes. 5:58 Illusion $ill eternally sear!h only to have $hat to find in the ans$er that leads it to a ne$ sear!h for the self. 5:5' Only illusion !an Hno$ the pea!e e!ause the a solute truth Hno$s nothing ut the nothingness. 5:59 Illusion is lost in the profound eyes of your soul sear!hing for the oundlessness# to find ne$ hori2ons of love# until it $ill die leaving the pla!e to eternity in $hose "o"ent $e $ill forever lose ourselves and e!o"e a star. 5:5: Illusion is the re"orse of our o$n 9estiny that Hno$s it has lost eternity at the DodOs fortune roulette. &00

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:6( Illusion is the oundlessness !ontained into a handful of earth. 5:6) Illusion only !o"pares itself $ith its refle!tion in the a solute truth/ eing or not eing trueW 5:6* Illusion# $hat a great eauty in sear!h of an identityW 5:65 Illusion al$ays gives irth to "o"ents that it $ill never understand. 5:66 Illusion aug"ents the vanityOs "oney. 5:67 Illusion adores you together $ith deathOs vanity. 5:68 Illusion !o"es a!H only in self a andon# and thus e!o"es a reality. 5:6' 6e are the lost illusion of a life that rea!hed the end of 9estiny. IN0INITE 5:69 InfiniteOs only li"it is its infinite !ontinuity# ut $e should not forget that in any !ontinuity is a finite Rust e!ause that so"ething !ontinues fro" a !ertain level. 5:6: Infinite $ill al$ays e DodOs toy that !annot e roHen. &01

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:7( Infinite is the guardian of the entire e1isten!e. 5:7) Infinite is the gate that opens only to !lose the finite. 5:7* Infinite $ill al$ays !ontain the finite and $ill e1!lude itself. 5:75 Never $ill an infinite e su Re!t to so"e ody than its o$n legiti"a!y $hi!h !onsists in the su" of all the other possi le legiti"a!ies. 5:76 Infinity e!o"es a su" of legiti"a!ies only $hen it needs to e reported to the infinite# eing its refle!tion. 5:77 Infinite $ill never re!ogni2e irth or death ut $ill re!ogni2e i""ortality. 5:78 Infinite is far fro" any Illusion of Aife. -he entire history of the $orld e!o"es Rust si"ple and eternal for the infinite. 5:7' Infinite never tatted the di!e of vanity on the ta le of e1isten!e ut finite didW 5:79 Infinite is al$ays alone in front of everyone. 5:7: No "atter ho$ sulHed is the infinite# it $ill al$ays e near you $herever you $ill e. &02

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:8( Infinite is the one that never shares nor divines# it al$ays unites. 5:8) Infinite is the logi! that lost its sense# eing a le to e present any$here and no$here. 5:8* Infinite never forgives or is "istaHen e!ause it !an only re!ogni2e itself. 5:85 Infinite is a tear that does not Hno$ $hat !rying is e!ause it is Everything. 5:86 Infinite is the supre"e a!!o"plish"ent of the ha2ard of eing. 5:87 Infinite is the nonsense of the "eaning of Hno$ing. 5:88 Infinite is the li erty that !annot need freedo"# not having $here to run any"ore. 5:8' Infinite is the purpose $hose purpose it Rust the a sen!e of any other purpose than eing infinite. 5:89 Infinite is the eternal order that never a!!epts the order. 5:8: Infinite !an never die e!ause it !annot e orn ut instead !an e "e"ori2ed. 5:'( Infinite is the ga"e that never ends in DodOs thought. &0(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:') Infinite is the o!ean that doesnOt Hno$ eaves or stor"s e!ause all these start and end at so"e point. 5:'* Infinite Hno$s only its i""ortality. 5:'5 Infinite never !ru" les in itself liHe the finite e!ause it doesnOt have any profundities. Any profundity in the infinite loses any "arHer and e!o"e nonsense. 5:'6 -he infinite is the only that !an never $ait for anything eing everything. 5:'7 Infinite elieves only in itself and nothing else. 5:'8 Infinite "easures only $ith itself. 5:'' No "atter ho$ great the infinite# it $ill never e a le to thinH $ithout the finite# e!ause it $ill never have any sign. 5:'9 Ginite is the one that gives greatness in thought to infinite# and the infinite gives the one of finite. 5:': No "atter ho$ "any $ould the steps of infinite e# they are not a le to leave "arHs in thinHing $ithout the finite. Any "arH is a finite. 5:9( -o elieve in the infinite is su li"e# ut to put into pra!ti!e this elief is i"possi le. &0&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5:9) -he infinite $ill never understand you[ it $ill only al$ays asH $ithout eing a le to give you an ans$er in an illusory $orld. 5:9* Infinite doesnOt Hno$ sleep e!ause it never $aHes up fro" its state. Other$ise it $ould e!o"e finite. 5:95 Infinite $ashed the eyes fool of hopes of finite $ith its o$n i""ortality# ut it !an never stop the tear that has fallen fro" the" on the fa!e of Dod. 5:96 Only the finite !an !ry e!ause the infinite !an never start $eep. 5:97 Never e depressed e!ause the infinite is inside you. 5:98 Infinity is the Hey that $ill never open the lo!H of vanity. 5:9' Infinity is the su""it that $ill al$ays gro$ in the eyes that $ant to e" ra!e it. 5:99 Infinity is "anOs only an!hor that !an e atta!hed to the a solute truth. 5:9: Infinity $ill never asH you $hy ut $ill tell you noW 5::( Infinity listens to you only if you donOt asH it anything.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 5::) Infinity !annot understand anything else fro" "an# other than love# $hi!h in its turn !annot e understood. 5::* Infinity e!o"es the !ry of "anOs ina ility in front of lifeOs vanity. -his is $hy the infinite is the one that is al$ays in denial. 5::5 -he infinite is no and the finite is yes. 6hi!h are the "ost plausi le and the "ost used in our lifeX 5o$ "any ti"es yes "eans the oppositeX 5::6 Infinite $ill not urro$ the river ed of any sorro$ e!ause it is "ore than life. 5::7 Infinite is the path of the paths eforehand there should e a path# $hile the finite $as the path of paths after it has een a path. -hus life $as orn and death died in the infinite. 5::8 9eath dies only in the infinite and life is orn only in the finite in order to die. 5::' Infinite never falls liHe a leaf fro" the tree of i""ortality# only the finite does. 5::9 I $ould liHe to asH the finite $hy $e are in de t $ith a life and a death. -he ans$er $as/ $henX 5::: Infinite !annot !hose e!ause it Hno$s a single $ay of all the $ays $hile the &0>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION finite Hno$s all the $ays in order to !hoose one. 6((( Infinity understands you only if you !annot understand it. 6(() Infinity adores you only if you donOt Hno$ $hat veneration is. 6((* Infinity forgives you only if you elieve the lies of finite. 6((5 Infinity lies only if the finite $ants# other$ise it does not Hno$ lie. 6((6 Infinity envelops you only $hen you stay a$ay fro" it and you looH at it fro" the itter dust of the finite# other$ise you !annot understand it. 6((7 Infinite never hurts ut hopes through this $orldOs ars. 6((8 Infinity listens to the $hispers of finite $ith the soul of i""ortality. 6((' Infinite !hooses only its o$n i""ortality that !an e no$here else ut inside itself. 6((9 Infinite linds you $ith its a solute as you !o"e not to see anything. 6((: Infinite Hno$s only a single truth/ the a solute truth.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6()( Infinity hears a out its i""ortality only fro" the finite other$ise it $ould not Hno$ it# not eing ne!essary for it. 6()) -he i""ortality of infinite is ne!essary only to the finite. 6()* -he infiniteOs i""ortality is the sun of the finite $ithout $hi!h life $ill never e1ist. 6()5 -he i""ortal infinite and the "ortal finite. 5ere is the !ry of this $orld. 6()6 Infinite $ill al$ays float on the $ing of this $orldOs longing for i""ortality. 6()7 Infinite is the ridge $hose ends !an never e seen ut it is traveled y this $orldOs hope for perfe!tion. 6()8 Infinite is i""ortalityOs desire to forget a out death. 6()' Infinity hides only $here love appears. 6()9 Infinity rises only in the heart that loves. 6(): %y Hilling death# infinity forgets it forever. 6(*( Infinity is the only one that !an understand death. 6(*) Infinity is the only a yss $here thought is lost forever. &0)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6(** Infinite !an never say never# eing itself that never"ore. 6(*5 Only the !louds of infinity !an sprinHle the dried "e"ory of love. 6(*6 Infinity and love are the t$o "ental !oordinates that never end and never egin. 6(*7 Infinity is the pea!e et$een "anOs ina ility and aspiration. 6(*8 Infinity does not rise or gets you do$n. It "aHes you stronger. 6(*' Infinity !o"plies only $ith the logi! that does not a!!ept the logi!. 6(*9 Infinite is also a produ!t of our ina ility. 6(*: Infinite is the $heel that has derailed fro" the finiteOs tra!H in a godliHe thought. 6(5( Infinite is the fire that never tou!hes the "e"ory of a great love. 6(5) Infinite is the de$ that $ill losso" the grass of love in your eyes. 6(5* Infinite is the salt of DodOs thought in the $ater of nothingness. 6(55 Infinite loo"s only in the heart $here love $ill never reathe# ut it $ill feel. &0,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6(56 Infinite !annot e thought# ut only felt. 6(57 Infinite al$ays e!o"es un!ontained in the souls that urn the fire of passion only if they understand that the entire love e!o"es eternal only though death or ending. 6(58 A love never ends Rust e!ause in its end d$ells the infinite. 6(5' 6hat e1a!tly !an the infinite understand $hen it looHs at usX -hat $e so often lose ourselves in the finite of the lies in us. 6(59 6here !an you find "ore infinite than in a !e"eteryX 6(5: -he infinite of love is the light of the star that although is long dead it is forever lost in al$ays ne$ spatial di"ensions re"inding forever a out the e1isten!e of a great love that $ill never end. 6(6( Infinite is the darH love inside us that never enlightens the dust of our ody ut the one of our soul. 6(6) -he infiniteOs darH light is totally opposed to the $hite light of the finite# ut oth are divine lights that have destined this Everything that elongs to us. &10

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6(6* Infinite e!o"es a night"are only for the li"ited ones. 6(65 Infinite is the s!hool that tea!hes you ho$ to say and understand $hat no "eans. 6(66 Infinite fight you only if you truly $ant to fa!e it $ith finite ideas. 5o$ !an you thinH of the infinite# leave it alone. It $ill eat you. 6(67 Infinite $ill help you only if you $ill understand $hy the finite !an never !o"prise it. 6(68 Infinite is the gate of the only drea" that does not a!!ept the !o"pro"ise of eing Hno$n. 6(6' Infinite $ill never $aste anything $ith you# fro" $hat you elieve $aste !an "ean in this vain $orld. Only the finite is the one that $astes. -hus it is etter to leave it alone. 6(69 Infinite hides fro" you e!ause it !annot understand you as you on your turn !annot understand it. Aove truly and you $ill find it. 6(6: Infinite hears you only if you s!rea" inside your soul. &11

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6(7( Infinite is the hori2on of the heart that as "u!h as you $ould desire to !o"prise# you $ill never su!!eed. 6(7) Infinite is the $ind fro" the vanities fists for the one that Hno$s $hat love is. 6(7* -he infinite fro" love $ill never $ait for you if you donOt feel it. 6(75 6ho did not feel the infinite in love# $as not even orn in this $orld $here irth and death are lost in the infinite. 6(76 Never the infinite $ill thrust out its hand if you donOt Hno$ ho$ to feel it# y loving its eternal "o"ent. 6(77 -he infinite and love !an never e separated y the finite# ut only "e"ori2ed forever. 6(78 Infinite is the god $hose footsteps $ill never step the dust of this $orld e!ause it is only in the loves that although live !losed in the odies of dust# their souls are eyond the $orld. 6(7' Infinite is the star that shines the loveOs halo. 6(79 -he "o"ent of the infinite $ill never understand the years hard and stooped y the pains of the infinity. &12

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6(7: -here is no higher senti"ent than eing at pea!e $ith the infinite inside you. 6(8( Are you on the death edX 9o not despairW -hinH of the infinite inside you and understand that you $ill live forever. 6(8) InfiniteOs true $orld inside you is the one in $hi!h you !an listen# sea or feel only $ith your heart. -ry to elieve it as your soul !o""ands# loving it $ith all your heart. IsnOt it $onderfulX -his is the $ay to happiness. 6(8* Every ti"e you are sad# donOt forget that there is an infinite and all there is no$# are not and $ill not e reported to the infinite# they are nothingW 6(85 Aet yourselves e enveloped y the infinite inside you and you $ill understand $hy your souls are "u!h stronger than the dust of vanity taHen to no$here. 6(86 Bou $ill feel DodOs true Hindness only $hen you $ill feel the infinite of the love inside you. 6(87 -he one that has never loved $as never orn e!ause he did not feed $ith the infinite inside hi" in order to live in the light of its o$n soul. &1(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6(88 Infinite is the Rug that never raHes on the ro!H of ti"e. 6(8' Infinite $ill never !ount the rusted leaves of "e"ory in the late autu"n of vanity# e!ause eternity is its "e"ory. 6(89 Bou $ill never e a le to love $ithout understanding that the infinite !annot e understood. 6(8: Infinite !an elieve only in love. 6('( Infinite not only $ashed o livion ut also life# this is $hy it is "e"ory as $ell as death# it is the afterlife. 6(') Infinity $ill never pass on the street of life e!ause it is the one that hates the li"its. 6('* Infinity does not s$i" in the a yss of Hno$ledge e!ause this is the only truth that Hills. INSTINCT 6('5 Instin!t is the thought uninha ited y any idea other than itself# its feeling. 6('6 Instin!t is the nonentity feeling the entity. 6('7 -he pri"ordial instin!t is the eternal eginning of Everything. &1&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6('8 Instin!t is the divine aura of the nonentity. 6('' Instin!t is the self redis!overy of the nonentity in entity. 6('9 Instin!t is the first li erty of the nonentity/ the one of eing. 6(': Instin!t is the self fulfill"ent of the nonentity through e1isten!e. 6(9( Instin!t is DodOs origin. 6(9) Instin!t is the first step of e"otion. 6(9* -hrough instin!t the nonentity understood that it e1ists. 6(95 -he eternal instin!t of the infiniteOs nonentity is not the instin!t as $e Hno$ it# ut a state of eing a ove any 7atri1 6ord# !hara!teri2ed through its a ility to give di"ension to infinity. -his is at the !ore of energy# "eaning# 6ord and 4ri"ordial Event. 6(96 -he eternal instin!t of the nonentity that is at the origin of the 6ord Aonging# defined as the 4ri"ordialOs Dod 7atri1 6ord# is eyond any intangi le Gor"# eyond anything asy"ptoti! or tangential# eyond any "eaning# as it is the de fa!to originator of the "eaning fro" the o s!ure. &1'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6(97 -he eternal instin!t of the nonentity is at the origin of the energy# not eing energy $ith the first 7atri1 6ord e"erging "eaning. 6(98 -he eternal instin!t of the eing !annot e a 6ord in itself# e!ause it has a "eaning only through A sen!e fro" the se"anti!# se"ioti! and non se"ioti! infinite# $hi!h is the 6ordOs Aonging. -his is $hy the 6ordOs Aonging is the one that in its turn re!ogni2es the Infinite %eingOs Instin!t. 6(9' AifeOs instin!t is fear of death and deathOs to e afraid of lifeX 6(99 6hen you love you firstly do it y instin!t. 6(9: Instin!t is the soul of any love. 6(:( 6e !ould not love $ithout instin!t. 6(:) Instin!t is the first "oan of the entity fro" its nonentity. 6(:* Instin!t is the only li"it eside !haos# et$een the infinite of the entity and that of nonentity. 6(:5 Instin!t is DodOs Dreatest Revelation through $hi!h it e1ists. 6(:6 Instin!t is far eyond any e1isten!e even if it deter"ines it. &1>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6(:7 Instin!t and !haos are at the !ore of Everything. 6(:8 Instin!t is the father of the 9ivine Aight. 6(:' Instin!t is the glitter of the !ons!ien!e eyond any 8niverse. 6(:9 Instin!t is the divine eauty of the eing redis!overed in nonentity. 6(:: Instin!t !an e des!ri ed# ut never understood. 6)(( Instin!t does not thinH# ut it feels the thought. 6)() Instin!t $ill understand you only if you $ill not sear!h for a "eaning. 6)(* Instin!t is the safety elt of life. 6)(5 6hat $ould this $orld do $ithout instin!tX 6ould it still e1istX 6)(6 Al"ost any eing is !overed in the !ape of instin!t. 6)(7 Instin!t thinHs often "ore profound than any $ise "an. 6)(8 Instin!t is the soul of the entity# in $hi!h the nonentity has left its genes. 6)(' No$here are $e !loser to perfe!tion than through instin!t.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6)(9 Bou !annot e together $ith the instin!t e!ause you are yourself# ut "ostly the ine1pli!a le inside yourself. 6)(: Instin!t is the ridge et$een e1isten!e and the a solute truth. 6))( Instin!t !an never e understood. 6))) Instin!t is the rule that does not Hno$ legiti"a!yW 6))* Instin!t is the ine1pli!a le inside us. 6))5 Only through instin!t does the $orld Hno$ the e1a!t hour of the i""ortality to$ards "ortality# and only y e1isten!e. 6))6 Instin!t is the ig loneso"e of our e1isten!e# $hen it is not in love. 6))7 -he instin!t of the $orld is a tragi! !hara!ter. It !lings to life Hno$ing the i""inen!e of death. 6))8 Instin!t differs fro" you y truth. 6))' Instin!t is the only that !an put the Illusion of Aife aside. 6))9 Only instin!t really re!ogni2ed Dod. 6)): Even atheists have their o$n Dod through instin!t. 6)*( Dod is inside us through instin!t. 6)*) Instin!t elieves in you $ithout asHing anything a out your life. &1)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6)** -he great !on?uerors of the $orld $ere the ones that trusted their o$n instin!t. 6)*5 Instin!t is the path to fulfill"ent if you Hno$ ho$ to follo$ it. Never asH $hy. 6)*6 Instin!t is the sour!e of value. 6)*7 6hen you are sad or depressed# never forget a out the instin!t that is al$ays a!!o""odated y your eing. 6)*8 Instin!t is the entityOs path. 6)*' Instin!t is the si"plest ele"ent of our Hno$ledge# ut also the "ost !o"pli!ated. 6)*9 Instin!t has uilt and ruined !hur!hes# has started $ars or has rought pea!e# has loved or hated ut never has it pretended that it Hno$s $hy. 6)*: Instin!t e!o"es the saving lighthouse $hen the lifeOs vessel ship$re!Hs. 6)5( -he great fortunate Hno$ ho$ to !ultivate their instin!t or does the instin!t !ultivate the"X 6)5) %e !lose to the instin!t. -his is the Hey to su!!ess. 6)5* Never asH the instin!t $hy e!ause it $ill ans$er you every ti"e $ith a ne$ ?uestion. 6)55 Instin!t is Rust a ?uestion. &1,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6)56 No "atter ho$ a struse the instin!t is for you# donOt forget one thing# it is the only one that understood DodW LO4E 6)57 Aove is DodOs tear in this $orld# oo2ed at the !orner of your eyes. 6)58 Aove is the roHen $ing of an angel that has elieved in this $orld. 6)5' Aove is the a!!o"plish"ent of this $orldOs only truth# $hi!h is a great lie. 6)59 Aove is the 2ephyr that ree2es over the i!on of the souls that $ant to understand this a struse $orld. 6)5: Aove is a!!epting the greatest evil as a salvation. 6)6( Aove !an never die e!ause it !annot e orn# e!ause it is eternal# so"e$here in a !orner of the 9estiny. 6)6) Aove al$ays sear!hed for the a solute# even if it hides in death. 6)6* Aove is the a!!o"plish"ent of the only pro"ise "ade to Aife and that is to e a ove 9eath. 6)65 Aove elieves only in the light that never sets fro" the "o"ent of the halo of &20

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION Dod# $here the eyes are lost in one another. 6)66 Aove returns to$ards you only if you !an understand Dod. 6)67 Aove is a ove any !reation e!ause it is the only that !an travel the eternity of your soul. 6)68 Aove is the spell of a ga2e that is lost in the light of 9estiny. 6)6' Aove is the only truth of the in!oheren!e fro" all the !oheren!es in this $orld. 6)69 Aove is the feather $ith $hi!h Dod has $ritten for the first ti"e/ I a" alone $ithout BouW 6)6: Aove is the only aria of a!!o"plish"ent fro" the a surdOs sy"phony. 6)7( Aove is the eauty of happiness to hold eternity in its ar"s. 6)7) Aove is the sunrise fro" your eyes of the soulsO light that $ill never end. 6)7* Aove !an never asH forgiveness. 6)75 Bou !an never e "istaHen in love# you !an only feel. 6)76 Aove does not Hno$ $hat ti"e is# it only Hno$s the "o"ent. &21

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6)77 Aove $ill al$ays e uni?ue and indivisi le. 6)78 Aove never !ries eing e!ause it is the tear of eternity. 6)7' Aove is su Re!ted only to love# and this $ay it !annot !heat. 6)79 Aove is the only one that understands ho$ profound !an e the loved soul. 6)7: Aove never forgives e!ause it does not Hno$ "istaHe[ it only Hno$s re!on!iliation. 6)8( Only love !an al$ays elieve in the $ing of an angel that $ill never roHe $ithout it eing interested if there is Dod or not. 6)8) -rue love does not Hno$ Realousy# $hile Realousy $ill never Hno$ $hat true love is. 6)8* -here are no !ertain !riteria to define love# liHe there is no soul that !an say that love has a single definition. 6)85 Aove !an e the o!ean fro" your eyes $hose $aves hit your soul# dro$ning it in the eternity of the "o"ent. 6)86 Aove never lies ut tells stories e!ause in love $e all are !hildren. &22

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6)87 In a love story you !annot !heat e!ause you donOt Hno$ the "easure of feeling and neither the i""ensity of the soul in $hi!h you are lost. 6)88 Aove is everything fro" nothing and nothing fro" everything. 6)8' Aove is the ship that al$ays sails in the o!ean of e"otion forever looHing for the har or of happiness# $hi!h $ill never find. 6)89 Aove !annot pass any$here fro" us# it !an only re"ain ehind us. 6)8: -he iggest evil in love is to a!!ept the "e"ory as su!h# ut $e should not forget that life is a "e"ory. 6)'( Never say never in love e!ause you are not the one that de!ides in your heart. 6)') Aove is liHe the sun. It rises ehind the da$n of a ga2e to set ehind the loody hori2on of a "e"ory that $ill shine in the night of life. 6)'* Bou !an never a!!ept anything in love e!ause you !annot de!ide. Only Dod $rites $ith the feather of love. 6)'5 Aove !arries the 9estiny $herever it $ants. &2(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6)'6 Aove !annot e s$eet or itter# it !an only e loved. 6)'7 Aove never travels on the sa"e path as life# it !an e in the station of a "o"ent $here life !an see it or not. 6)'8 -he in!antation of love is 9estinyOs ora!le. Only love !an asH its advi!e to esta lish of $hat disease it suffers. 6)'' Aove does not Hno$ delusion e!ause its self al$ays deludes the lifeOs vanity $ith a ne$ a solute. 6)'9 Aove and vanity never go $ell hand in hand. 6)': Aove is the one that steels the eternity of a single "o"ent to give in return a life full of hard years. 6)9( Aove $ill al$ays e the opposite of !ourtesy# e!ause it neither Hno$s hierar!hy nor the differen!es et$een t$o souls. 6)9) -he "ost su li"e truth in a love story is the fight et$een t$o Hno$n as one. Conse?uently# in love every one fights for hi"self. 6)9* Aove $ill al$ays and undou tedly elieve only in its o$n self. -his is $hy everything that is not in its universe &2&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION e!o"es a stranger. -his is $hy the lovers are the "ost aliens fro" "en. 6)95 Aove e!o"es the urden of soul that !arries it if it refuses to forget this $orldOs vanity. 6)96 Aove is liHe the $ind. No "atter ho$ hard you $ould try to e" ra!e it you $ill never su!!eed. If you $ill $ish to reathe deeper in your soul you $ill get ne$ strengths. 6)97 Aove !an never a andon her destined "o"ent# only if you $ill a!!ept to leave the eternity of your soul forever# e" ra!ing the nonsense of life. 6)98 Aove !annot e ought or sold on the stand of life# no "atter ho$ ig its pri!e is. 6)9' Aove !an e1ist in the soul of a single $ord forever. 6)99 6hat !an e "ore uplifting or su li"e than love# $hen you feel eternity lost in the otherOs eyesX 6)9: Aove lifts you up or gets you do$n# depending on ho$ you per!eive its eternity.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6):( Bou should never pro"ise anything $hen in love# Rust e!ause love never pro"ises anything# ut taHes everything. 6):) Should the in!o""ensura le e the oso" fro" $here the love that does not $ant to understand death has on!e su!HledX 6):* 6hat !an e truer than loveX %ut "ore faHe than not re!ogni2ing itX 6):5 -o say that love goes so"e$here intentionally is liHe saying that death !an e $ithout irth. 6):6 Aove $ithout death !annot e1ist. %e!ause even death is orn even if it never a!!epts death. 6):7 Aove is the only that !an understand the a solute. 6):8 6ithout love the $orld $ould e an eternal $aiting roo" of death. 6):' In love# the su Re!t $ill al$ays e Q8sI and the ver $ill e QEternityI. 6):9 Aove $ill never understand ho$ you !an understand. 6):: Aove $aits for you $here neither 9eath hopes to find 9estiny. 6*(( -rue love hits you $ith its o$n 9estiny and forgives you $ith 9eath. &2>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6*() -o s!rea" in love is liHe to s!rea" a tear. -he only s!rea" $ill e that of silen!e. 6*(* Aove !an never understand the e1tinguished e!ho of the $ord# ut only their eternity. 6*(5 Aove never taHes fire e!ause its self is the eternal light that $as# $ill e and is. 6*(6 Never to e1pe!t to re!eive so"ething in return of love e!ause that !annot pay any truth. 6*(7 Aove flies in the tear of eternity only if you Hno$ to looH $ith your eyes !losed. 6*(8 -he one that $ill sho$ you love is the iggest liar. Aove !an never e seen# ut only felt. 6*(' -o say QI love youI $hen in love is liHe $anting to fill an o!ean $ith a tear. 6*(9 Aove $ill never a!!ept to e understood. 6*(: Aove $ill $alH only in the heart that eats its o$n 9estiny. 6*)( Aove is the only that a!!epts the lie of desire. 6*)) Bou $ill never find an honest love e!ause in love all e!o"es sin!ere# even the lie. &2*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6*)* Aove is the greatest pa!t Dod "ade $ith E1isten!e. -he one for not understanding anything in this $orld# ut to feel that you Hno$ everything# that you $ant everything and "ostly that you !onfront everything for a regard. 6*)5 -here is no lost love# ut only a love found again. 6*)6 No love !an e igger or s"aller# liHe no infinite !an e ig or s"all# $hen oth !o"e fro" hearts. 6*)7 6hen in love you !an never forget Rust e!ause you $ill al$ays re"e" er that you forgot the o livion. 6*)8 Say love and e ?uiet. It is enough. -hen looH at death. Is it still thereX 6*)' Aove $ill tor"ent you only if you $ill e stu orn enough to a!!ept that in this $orld there is truth and lie. Gor love# oth are truth. 6*)9 -he understanding in love is the "ost tor"enting hurri!ane of life[ in return# the stor" e!o"es the pea!e of the heart# e!ause in love understanding !an never e.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6*): In love# only the $aves of the e"otionOs stor" !an understand ea!h other. 6**( -o pro"ise $hen in love is liHe s!rea"ing into the a yss Rust e!ause love never asHs. 6**) Aove !an never delude you# it !an only Hill you. 6*** If $ith every "o"ent $e are !loser to death# $ith every "o"ent $e lose the eternity of a love. 6**5 Aove !annot elieve you# no "atter $hat you say e!ause it $ill e al$ays the opposite of your personality. 6**6 Aove is happy only if it is never asHed. 6**7 Aove $ill never have its o$n vo!a ulary# only the eternity of its "o"ent. 6**8 Aove Hills you only if you $ill try to understand the infinite $ith its ga2e or understand the in!o"prehensi le fro" its heart. 6**' Aove "ust e a!!epted as it is. Never asH to praise or overesti"ate e!ause these elong to a $orld !o"pletely opposed to love. &2,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6**9 Aove $ill al$ays e the traveler in the station of a hope that looHs at the train of this ephe"eral e1isten!e as it taHes all around it# e1!ept us# $ho $ill ride $ith the train of eternity. 6**: Aove $ill al$ays have the Hey to eternity in this $orld. 6*5( Aove !alls you only if you donOt listen to it and understands you only if you donOt understand it. 6*5) Aove is the fruit forgotten y Dod in the garden of sin. 6*5* Aove $ill !o"pli!ate everything $hen it !annot e understood. 6*55 %ut $ho elieves that love !an e understood is $rong. 6*56 Aove is the infiniteOs halo in this $orld. 6*57 Aove e!o"es passion only $hen it is !o"pared $ith 9estiny. 6*58 Aove !annot Hno$ $here it is headed# ut passion !an. 6*5' Aove en!hants you only if you listen to the infinite inside you. 6*59 Aove $ill !hose you fro" the eans of 9estiny $hen you $ill understand that the only sense of your e1isten!e is feeling. &(0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6*5: Aove is the flo$er that !an never e !ut a$ay fro" the "e"ory of a soul. 6*6( Aove is the $ing that on!e defeated $ill never understand your "istaHe. 6*6) Aove $ill never float in the air of superfi!iality. 6*6* Aove $ill leave passion at one of o livionOs !orners# ut $ill not leave your heart until this o livion $ill e!o"e a "e"ory. 6*65 Aove is $ith you as long as you $ill Hno$ ho$ to looH at the infinity in its eyes. 6*66 Aearn ho$ to !ry $hen in love# to understand that your tear $ill never e you alone ut you together. 6*67 Dod# ho$ good it $ould e that $hen $e live a great love# $e do not !o"pli!ate everything. -o Hno$ that the eyes in $hi!h $e lose ourselves $ill e alongside our 9estiny forever# to Hno$ that the sun rises $ith a lo$er!ase and never $ith an upper!aseX Dod# $ould it e etter if $e !ould love this $ayX 6ithout feeling the passion in the !reation of our selfX 6ithout finding ourselves in that trans!endental "etaphysi!al tu"ult &(1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION through $hi!h love e!o"es the "ost !o"pli!ated and i"pli!itly the si"plest thing in this $orldX It is possi le# e!ause $hen you live a great love story and espe!ially $hen you feel its passion# you feel liHe anything no "atter ho$ s"all e!o"es of pantagruel si2e and that is ine1pli!a le and i"pli!itly "ore !o"pli!ated than anything in this $orld. -his is the real truth and $ho never lived it $as never even orn in this $orld. 6*68 Aove is the truth forgotten y Dod on the dusty road of our life. LI;&T 6*6' Aight is the unHno$n lightened inside us to find the "e"ory of our o$n Ego. 6*69 6hat $ould life do $ithout the light of death that !rosses "illennia into our presentX 6*6: Aight is the altar that separates good and evil in its $onderful spe!tru" of Hno$ledge. 6*7( Aight is DodOs thought# present in everything. &(2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6*7) Aight is the happiness of the e1isten!e to say yes to the nothingness. 6*7* Aight is DodOs great revelation to 5i"self. 6*75 Aight is the reason to e# over the di"ensions through $hi!h $e understand the $orld. 6*76 Aight is DodOs desire to "aHe 5i"self Hno$n to hu"anity. 6*77 Aight is the divine gift present in the Illusion of Aife. 6*78 Aight !an e redu!ed to an ele!tro"agneti! radiation# a ?uantu"# photons# ut eyond all these it is the only "essenger that !an ring the past future of death into the present# $ith the help of the stars. 6*7' Only light tells us that there is a future even in death. 6*79 Aight e!o"es a "essenger# eing the tra!e of the a solute truth that !rosses the Illusion of Aife. 6*7: Aight is the only "agi! that !an give "eaning to the Illusion of Aife. 6*8( Aight is the a soluteOs open gate to$ards our souls. &((

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6*8) Aight is the "ira!le through $hi!h Dod al$ays re"inds us. 6*8* 6ithout light the entire $orld $ould e lifeless. 6*85 Aight is the eternal life of death# that overpasses the death of life deposing the di"ensions through transparen!e. 6*86 Aight is 9estinyOs drea" to understand its o$n fulfill"ent. 6*87 Aight is the "ost pre!ious gift given to this $orld. 6*88 6e feel Dod through light. 6*8' 6ithout light the entire 9estiny $ould !ru" le in its o$n self. 6*89 Aight is the greatest "essenger of eternity. 6*8: -he 9ivine Aight is !o"posed fro" infinite of spe!tral levels $here everyone has its o$n energy for every thought fro" the infinity of $orlds. 6*'( -he 9ivine Aight is the 8niversal Cons!ien!e for"ed fro" the infinity of thought that elongs to the 7atri1 6orlds. 6*') -he 9ivine Aight is the Supre"e -hought through $hi!h Dod identifies 5i"self into our eings. -here is no hell &(&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION or heaven# ut only energeti! spe!ters of the thought inside the 9ivine Aight. 6*'* Dod e1ists# 5e is 8niversal -hought# 5e is divine Aight# in 5i" are oth good and evil# ut also the infinity of their opposites. It is true that if $e !hose a spe!tral level inferior to us# this $ould see" hell and if $e !hose a superior one# it $ould see" heaven. DE1T& 6*'5 9eath is !loser to our self than $e are. 6*'6 6e understand "ore profoundly the "eaning of death than the Illusion of Aife. 6*'7 6hat 9eath !an e than the a!!o"plish"ent of this e1isten!eOs purposeX 6*'8 Nothing !an e "ore a solute in this $orld than 9eath. 6*'' -he only truths in this life are death and love. 6*'9 9eathOs 9estiny is to fulfill Aife. 6*': 9eath is the path on $hi!h !a"e the light that passed through life and !a"e a!H in the sa"e 9eath for Aife. &('

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6*9( 9eath $ill al$ays e nothingness for the Aife that only e1ists for 9eath. 6*9) Is there a different 9eath of a !ertain AifeX Never. All 9eath is the sa"e# nothingness. 6*9* Aife is the shore of !o"e a!Hs $hile 9eath is the one of losses. 9id anyone !o"e a!H fro" 9eathX 9id anyone lost hi"self in 9eathX 6*95 No ody !an lose hi"self in 9eath e!ause he does not have a purpose as in Aife. 6*96 9eath is a predestination of a surdity. 6*97 -here is an understanding et$een 9eath and A surdity. Neither one !an over!o"e Aife. 6*98 -he $ord "eans Aife and its -ruth/ 9eath. 6*9' I""ortal are only the tra!es of Aife left on the steps of 9eath. 6*99 9eath al$ays !o"es as a great in!o"pressi le. 6*9: 9eath hides only in Aife. 6*:( 9eath $as heard only y Aife and not at all y 9eath. 6*:) -he purpose of 9eath is to lighten the path of Aife. &(>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6*:* -he instin!t of 9eath is the heart of Aife. 6*:5 -he flo$ers fade only in Aife and never in 9eath. 6*:6 Only Aife !an ship$re!H in the har or $here it $ill undou tedly dra$# in 9eath. 6*:7 Can 9eath e sHepti!al a out AifeX 6*:8 6as 9eath ever orn fro" anything else other than AifeX 6*:' Is 9eath a 9estiny of AifeX 9efinitely BesW 6*:9 Can fear of 9eath e anything else than the fla"e of AifeX 6*:: 6e Hno$ $hat !o"es after Aife# ut never $hat !o"es after 9eath. 65(( If $e Hne$ 9eathOs destiny $e $ould lose Aife forever. 65() -here is no greater light than the darHness of 9eath. Gro" it the entire Aife dra$s its sap. 65(* If stars did not die# $ould they still liveX 65(5 Is there a greater love than the one that $ants to e1ist even in 9eathX 65(6 6ould there still e Aove $ithout 9eath liHe Aife $ithout 9estinyX -hey &(*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION oth $ash in the $ater if 9eath in order to live. 65(7 6hat !an e !loser in Aife than 9eathX 65(8 6ould Aife still have a purpose $ithout 9eathX 65(' -he one that never s$a" in the toils of Aife !an never understand $hy it "ust die. 65(9 5o$ "u!h death is there in a great loveX 65(: Aife a!!epts 9eath only $hen it does not have anything else to do# $hile 9eath a!!epts Aife un!onditionally. -hen# $ho is the one that loves sin!erely in this "arriageX 65)( Only for life there !an e an easy 9eath. 65)) No$here $ill you e $ith a death lesser than $ith your o$n 9eath. 65)* Instin!t never dies# ut instantly e!o"es 9eath. 65)5 Nothing !an e "ore than 9eath# liHe nothing !an e less than Aife. 65)6 It is "adness to Hno$ $hat you $ant in front of 9eath. 65)7 Alongside 9eath $e are all strangers. &()

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 65)8 AifeOs happiness is the irth of 9eath. 65)' -o love 9eath "eans to give irth to Aife. 65)9 6ho has found out $hat 9eath liHesX 6hat a out lifeX 65): 9oes so"e ody $ho has !o"e a!H fro" 9eath love AifeX 65*( AooHing at 9eath# $ould $e liHe to Hno$ $hat $e really $antX 65*) 5as the sunset of 9eath ever e1istedX -hat is !ertainly the irth of Aife. 65** -o talH a out 9eath is e1a!tly liHe $e $ould die efore $e $ere even orn. 65*5 5as 9eath ever shared the 9estiny at the ta le of silen!e the $ay Aife hasX 65*6 -o Hno$ $hat you $ant "eans to first of all asH 9eath. 65*7 6as the "eaning of 9eath ever a!!o"plishedX AooH at the 9estiny. 65*8 6ho !an e "ore infatuated than life in front of 9eathX 65*' -here are da$ns $ithout night# ut is there 9eath $ithout your si"ileX 65*9 9eath $ill al$ays e the first $ho $ill taHe you fro" this $orld forever. 65*: Not elieve in 9eath is liHe elieving in Aife. &(,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 655( Can 9eath e stronger than AoveX -he first taHes you and the se!ond rings you. It is i"portant $hereX 655) Nothing !an e truer than 9eath and neither falser than Aife. 655* 9eath never leaves e"pty+handed. 6555 9o $e say good ye to the Hno$ledge of this $orld through deathX If $e do# than it "eans that this has never e1isted inside our drea". 6556 Could death e the Dolgotha of lifeX 6557 9eath is orn only in life. %ut the one that is orn !an die. 6558 -he irth of death is the death of life[ in return the irth of life !ould e the death of deathX 655' All $e Hno$ in this $orld is that death starts $ith irth and ends $ith death. 6559 6hat !an there e eyond irthX Se1# Hisses# love. 6hat a out eyond deathX 655: -o understand death is the "ost pre!ious thing in this $orld. 656( -he entire life si"ply is in de t to death for its irth. 656) 9eath !annot die. 656* -o die the death "eans to live# ut to live life does not "ean to die. &&0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6565 9eath is only a half truth told y life. 6e all Hno$ $here is orn# $ithout Hno$ing $here it dies. 6566 9eath is the inertia in $hi!h life is lost $hen it reali2es that it is a great illusion. 6567 9eath !an never hide fro" life $hile life !an al$ays hide fro" death throughout it. 6568 -o say that life or death is good or evil is the e?uivalent of a!!epting the perfe!tion of one or the other. 6hi!h is perfe!t# life or deathX 656' If our $orld $ould not Hno$ death# the $orld $ould e!o"e the iggest night"are a soul lost in the o!ean of e1isten!e has ever drea"ed. 6569 No "atter ho$ far $ould $e run fro" death# $e $ill head to its oso"# e!ause it is opposed to life# $hi!h has "any paths to follo$# ut the path of death passes through life. 656: -he truth of death !an only e a life as the truth of life resides in death. 6e !ould not a!!ept life as a truth $ithout the e1isten!e of death and death $ithout the e1isten!e of life. &&1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 657( 9eath is the light that sho$s us only a path $hen the defeated life has forever taHen the $rong path. 657) 9eath $ill des!end the "ountain of vanity# !li" ed y life in order to !on?uer the su""it of hope. 657* 9eath re!eives only the eternal "o"ent and never the years of life enslaved y so "any "o"ents. 6575 9eath is the ig in!o"prehensi le of life as life is pro a ly the one of death. 6576 9eath never forgets to ring o livion# $hile life does. 6577 9eath !an find itself in all that is alive $hile life is no longer in all that is dead. 6578 9eath is the greatest !hallenge of life# and at the sa"e ti"e it is its iggest defeat to the infinite. 657' 9eath al$ays $ashes the darH pave"ent of live on $hi!h "elt the sno$flaHes of the 9estiny of so "any souls. 6579 9eath !an never egin $ithout life# liHe e1isten!e !an never egin $ithout none1isten!e. -his is $hy they are one# only our AifeOs Illusion distinguishes the" differently. &&2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 657: 9eath never !o""itted sui!ide# $hile life did. 6ho is the true sinnerX 9eath or life isX 658( Sui!ide e1ists only in life# on!e entered in death it loses any !onsisten!y e!ause death !annot die. 658) -o try and sear!h the lively in death is liHe sear!hing death in life. AetOs fa!e it. In this life there is a lot of death# ut ho$ is it in deathX 658* 9eath is the only a solute li erty of this $orld. 6585 9eath refers to all lifeOs "e"ory y fulfilling the" into the 9estiny. 6586 9eath never su!!eeds to e !o"pletely understood in life. 6587 9eath is the only ga"e that never ends in the eyes of life. 6588 9eath re"ains al$ays ehind life in order not to lose anything fro" its "o"ents. 658' 9eath is the fulfill"ent of a 9estiny that thought a out itself as life. 6589 9eath understands life as the final step of its o$n irth. 658: 9eath is the passion of !reation of eing eternal. &&(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 65'( 9eath is the supre"e gift of vanity "ade to life. 65') 9eath is the passion that even Dod $as not a le to get rid of $hi!h is its O$n eternity. 65'* 9eath $ill taHe everything in order to never give any"ore. 65'5 9eath elieves only in the irth of life and never in its death. 65'6 9eath is the li erty to e given to DodOs e1isten!e. 65'7 9eath is lifeOs supre"e !reation. 65'8 -he eginning of death starts $ith the irth of life. 6hat a divine !oin!iden!eX 65'' 9eath is "ission only fro" its o$n eternity. 65'9 9eath is the supre"e attri ute of li erty. 65': 9eath never hides anything to life# e!ause it is its soul. 659( 9eath is not the one that deludes life# ut the life is the one that deludes death. 659) 9eath $ill never sing in the or!hestra of life and life has nothing to say in the $orld of life. 659* 9eath is the fullness of Hno$ledge of this $orldOs Illusion of Aife. &&&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6595 9eath !an never forgive life for the lie regarding Hno$ledge of its e1isten!e. 6596 I a" a$are that if $e did not life the Illusion of Aife# our reality $ould e the a solute death. 6597 9eath never plays $ith loaded di!e liHe life does. 6598 9eath Hno$s only a single real truth# $hile life Hno$s infinite real truths. 659' It is al$ays !loser to the Illusion of Aife than the truth of death fro" our self[ this is $hy the one that lived our life is the stranger inside us. 6599 Bou !annot understand 9estiny $ithout death# liHe you !annot understand life $ithout 9estiny. 659: -he "ost part of the truth fro" our distant soul is the truth of death. 65:( 9eath leans only on life. 65:) 6hat is life $ithout deathX Eternal life. 6hat a out death $ithout lifeX Eternity. In life $e die a little $ith every "o"ent that passes. 65:* 9eath is the only land that does not elieve in tears. 65:5 9eath looHs at you only if you $ant to understand the eternity of your 9estiny. &&'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 65:6 9eath !an e the "ost passionate fire of life# $here it !an "eet eternity. 65:7 9eath is a surdity only for the Illusion of Aife. 65:8 9eathOs a surdity !an e found in life through the eternity of the after$orld. 65:' 9eath !o"es to understand life only as a eginning of its o$n ego# $hile life/ a eginning. 65:9 9eath never returns $here it has passed. 65:: 9eath is the song of the s$an on $hose $ings life flies. 66(( 9eath is orn $ith life# ut $here does one end and the other egins. And $hyX 66() Even if death and life have egun in irth# their $orlds do not start and end then. 66(* %eyond any death it !an only e the eternal life# e!ause death is seen this $ay only e!ause $e looH at it fro" life# other$ise it $ould no longer e. E3ES 66(5 -he eyes are pages of the i""ortal stories of the soul. &&>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 66(6 -he eyes are the station of 9estiny in $hi!h the trains of hopes are lost. 66(7 6hat !an e greater than the sunrise of eternity in your eyesX 66(8 6here is the infiniteX In your eyes or in the eyes of the stars in the sHy of "y 9estinyX 66(' I have seen !urious# happy# fulfilled# sad eyes# ut never the infinite liHe in your eyes. 66(9 -he eyes are the gates through $hi!h light re"inds us a out our divine origin. 66(: -o rea!h eyond any "eaning of the $orld# I "ust su "erge in the infinity of your eyes# sailing in the o!ean of your eternal soul. 66)( Even lind people re!eive light through the eyes of their "ind. 66)) -he eyes are the forever unfinished story of every 9estiny. 66)* -he eyes are the ro"an!e of the "e"ory though $hi!h $e e1ist. 66)5 Oh Aord# $hy do the eyes of this $orld $eepX 66)6 -ruth hides ehind the eyes. 66)7 Can so"ething e "ore divine than the eyes of your heart# $hi!h eat in the &&*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION eternity of our "o"ent $ith the tears of the paradise redis!overed in usX 66)8 6hen they lie# the eyes never even elieve in their soul. 66)' -he eyes of life are orn !losed and they open $ide in the eternal "o"ent of death. 66)9 Eyes are the li"it et$een the earth inside us and the soul. 66): -he eyes of "y heart pulsate $ith the tears of the hope of seeing you again. 66*( -he eyes are the "ost painful sunrise fro" the "o"ent of death# $hen they stand open to eternity. 66*) -he eyes are the sho$!ase of the soul. 66** I "iss your eyes in the lost eternity inside "e. 66*5 -he eyes are the hidden eauty of the eternity ehind the 9estiny that trans!ends this $orld. 66*6 I $ish I !an float forever in the serene of your eyes $ithout ever ship$re!Hing into a stor" on the shore of o livion. 66*7 5as anyone su!!eeded in "easuring the infinite in the eyes of a single soul# no "atter ho$ $anderer that soul $ould eX &&)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 66*8 %eyond your eyes in $hi!h I lose "yself# nothing !an e1ist eside the loss itself# liHe Dod !o"es fro" the self of 5is thought. 66*' No $aiting is "ore painful than the one you find in the eyes of your love. 66*9 6hy do the tears leave the eyes of our soulOs eternityX 66*: I $ill elieve "y entire life in the eyes of your soul# in $hi!h I !an find the lost eternity of our souls. 665( No "atter ho$ far you $ill e fro" "e# your eyes $ill al$ays e in "y heart# !loser than "y o$n thoughts. 665) Bou donOt have to tell "e anything. -he eyes tell "ore than any $ord. 665* 5o$ "u!h !haos !an there e in your eyes if you love "e so "u!hW 6655 In love you never asH forgiveness# "ore in the eyes that sear!h for the tear on $hose shoulder to sigh# in order to find eternity. 6656 I understand death# I Hno$ that $e have this duty through 9estiny# ut not the one of the eyes in $hi!h only the divine Aight of life has raised their entire lifeW &&,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6657 6hat I !an hope in this e1isten!e $here the eyes die and !ry $ith all eternity s!attered y the death inside the". 6658 6ill $e ever "eet your eyes in the irreversi le paths of ti"e that have returned the youth y !hanging even the ti"e inside "eX 665' It is hard for "e to understand the eyes that hide in the a!H of their o$n infinite. 6659 6hen $e $ill no longer e# looH at the eyes of the sHy and understand ho$ "u!h I !an $ant you in the eternity of the eternity of the serene inside "e. 665: 5ave you ever listened to the roaring noise of the $aves inside "y eyes that $ant you "ore than ever in this $orld# ready to e flooded y the o!ean of "y love# foreverX 666( 9o you Hno$ $hat the "eaning of this e1isten!e isX AooH into the eyes of love and never asH anything. It $ill ans$er you anything you $ant to Hno$. 666) -his e1isten!e is so foreign to "e that not on!e did I $ant to leave all its seven &'0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION $onders. 6hy didnOt I do itX %e!ause I have dis!overed the eighth/ your eyesW 666* I donOt thinH I $ill ever understand $hy the eternal "o"ents have lids and !over your eyes# only $hen the 9ivine Aight of Aove asHs you $hat you are looHing for at the !rossroad of 9estiny. %OLITICS 6665 Capitalis" is the dirt of !o""unis" lived and said in the fa!eW 6666 Capitalis" allo$s to e re!ogni2ed $hat is evil in "an and $orHs $ith this evil. 6667 Co""unis" is $hat the Illusion of Aife deserves in this a surd e1isten!e. 6668 Co""unis" is "anOs "ost eautiful hope to die free of its self. 666' Co""unis" is the tri""ed fa!e of the Illusion of Aife. 6669 No$here $ill you see the hu"an "isery $earing "ore "aHeup than in !apitalis". -his is $hy it is al$ays the $innerW &'1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 666: 5u"anityOs trashes find their o$n pla!e/ they are ri!hW 667( -he great !ri"inals of "anHind are not the great di!tators ut the hu"an "iseries that desire the !o"plete freedo" to e their slaves. ME1NNESS 667) 7eanness it the root of destiny. 667* -here is no "an truly "ean# ut only a "an alien fro" the good inside hi". 6675 7eanness is the path lost y instin!t at the gates of the eternal i""ortality. 6676 7eanness is a shade of a good that $ants to e $inner even if for others this is a great evil. 6677 Dod $as "ean to us only $hen 5e $as "istaHen $ithout anti!ipation the original sin or $hen 5e left it to the ne1t generationsX 6678 Aord# $hy is your "eanness inside the 9estinyX 667' Aord# no "atter ho$ "u!h $ill you forgive us# $hy did you allo$ "eanness into this $orld to live together $ith the divine and the ne!essary good of evilX &'2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6679 7eanness is a sin and the sin has its origin in DodOs drea". 6hyX 667: 6hi!h "eanness !an e greater than to allo$ the irth of a $orld $ith sinX And still# $hat $ould $e do $ithout sinX 6e $ould definitely sear!h for it. 668( 7eanness is the !ore di"ension of hu"anity# in the na"e of enevolen!e or love. 668) No "atter ho$ "u!h $ould $e hate "eanness# it has saved even "any "ore destinies than Hindness. 668* -his $orldOs e1isten!e elieves that evil is ne!essary# ut not the "eanness. -his !a"e together $ith the sin# through DodOs ignoran!e# that $as surprised y !ertain angelsO de!ision. RELI;ION 6685 Religion is $hat $e $anted to e in front of the a surdity of eingW 6686 Religion is the indo!trinated hope. 6687 Religion is the drea" of $aiting to finally e!o"e yourself helped y others.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6688 Religion is the "e"ory of yourself that it is a stranger fro" you through the sin of the others. 668' Religion is the happiness to Hno$ that you !an e helped in a $orld $here you !an only help yourself. 6689 Religion is the su" of all good and ad things that "ust e saved y the fa!t that $e e1ist differently. 668: Religion !annot e different fro" "an# ut e1a!tly the opposite. 66'( Any religion helps and hits at the sa"e ti"e# as "an does. 66') All religions a!Hno$ledge love ut not all pra!ti!e it as they should. 66'* -here is no religion $ithout sinW 66'5 No religion $ill a!Hno$ledge the !o"plete salvation of its pra!titioners e!ause it $ill other$ise disappear. 66'6 Religion is the drogue ne!essary to the stranger inside us that does not forgive us that $e drugged hi". 66'7 Religion is the hope in our eingOs a!!o"plish"ent at the s!hool of so"e "artyrsO s!hool.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 66'8 6hat $ould religion do $ithout saints and "artyrsX It should love "an "ore# $ith all his sins left y Dod. 66'' Religion $ill e1ist and $ill do"inate as long as the "an $ill e a stranger fro" its self. 66'9 Religion !an never re!ogni2e that sin elongs to Dod# Rust e!ause it does not ad"it that even Dod !an e "istaHen# not only "anW 66': A religion that $ould say that Dod is "istaHen $ill disappear the ne1t day. 669( 7an attri utes Dod the stranger lost inside hi". -he only that !an love sin!erely $ithout aulHs# e!o"ing a saint# a!!epting other legendary i"ages $ith this statute in order to !reate the religion of self salvation. 669) 7an !annot a!!ept Dod as eing perfe!tion $ithout religion that gives this perfe!tion the guarantee of supre"a!y. 669* Religion is the perfe!t $orld# ut also the perfe!ti le "an. 6695 Religion is the supre"e attri ute of self alienation. 6696 Religion is the only island $here you !an "eet the self lost fro" you. &''

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6697 Religion paints the eauty of san!tity that every "an $ould desire. 6698 Religion is the s!hool of love $here often $rong !ourses $ere taught# !o"pletely in disagree"ent $ith love. 669' Religion !an never understand that "an !an e the "irror of the strange inside hi". 6699 Religion approa!hes "an only if he gets a$ay fro" his sa!red self of good or evil. 669: If religion $ould disappear# the entire so!ial a surdity $ould disappear and then $ho $ill $e put to repla!e itX 7anX 66:( 7an needs religion e!ause he $ants to su stitute the a sen!e of $ill through the ignoran!e of the a solute truth. Gro" here faith and the ne!essity of pra!ti!ing it $ere orn. Gro" here !o"es the need for san!tity# ut not the san!tity. S1T1N 66:) 6hat $ould Dod have done $ithout Satan# or good $ithout evilX 66:* Satan is the one that gives Dod its shine liHe the evil gives the shine to good# &'>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION ut $e should not forget a shine of evil !an also e1ist. 66:5 Satan is ever "ore ne!essary to this $orld fro" the parish of Dod that has e!o"e hellW 66:6 Satan and Dod are the good and the evil inside us. If $e $ere to have another opposite fro" good# there $ill definitely e another !hara!ter. 66:7 Dod loves you and $ants good for you# $hile Satan $ants your evil# as so"e say. 5o$ "any ti"es donOt $e need evil in order to !herish goodX 66:8 All the atro!ities that Satan !an do are the ones Hno$n and i"agined y "an. Satan !annot do "ore than the "an !an i"agineW 66:' 9onOt e afraid of hell ut e afraid of the hell of the $orld in $hi!h you live. 6hy donOt you "aHe it a paradiseX 66:9 -he !reators of true love $ere never asha"ed to paint a hell even $orse than the one of the real $orld. So that "an !an agree $ith the "isery of his life# sho$ hi" an even "ore "isera le one and "aHe hi" !hoose. &'*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 66:: Satan $as al$ays the !reator of freedo" ut also of the "anOs li eration fro" his lost self in this leaH e1perien!e. 67(( Satan urges you to live life y !rossing !ertain oundaries# and the so !alled Dod of others $ishes to live en!losed y the pro"ises of a life after death. 67() 6ithout Satan# "an $ould e !o"pletely stranger fro" hi"self. 5e $ill live in the paradise of religionsO stri!t arriers. 67(* Satan is a fa!e of every "an# and Dod the other fa!e. Ea!h e!o"es good or evil a!!ording to the !onte1t given y 9estiny. 67(5 5o$ $ould the $orld looH liHe if Satan $ere etter than DodX 67(6 Satan is a sy" ol $ithout $hi!h our !ons!ien!e $ould not $orH# ut the negative aura $as given y religion# Rust e!ause "an al$ays needs a s!apegoat on $hi!h to thro$ his o$n "is!hief. 67(7 6hat $ould happen if SatanOs "is!hief $ould e put to "anX 67(8 SatanOs a sen!e $ould i""ediately e1!lude the !hur!h and the religion it venerates. &')

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 67(' IsnOt it a "ore po$erful lasphe"y to lie and to a!!ept SatanOs divinity as the sour!e of the evil inside usX 67(9 Even Satan is a part fro" Dod# fro" the divine Aight[ eing a spe!tral energy different fro" the one $e !all Dod. 67(: 6ithout Satan $e !ould not !o"pare# life $ould e!o"e forgotten even y death# thus dying foreverW 67)( Not Satan has given Sin# ut the Dod of your nature# poor "an. 67)) Satan is the li erty $hile Dod is the !onstraint. Any e1tre"e of one or the other !an taHe to evil and dise?uili riu". -his is $hy e?uili riu" et$een the Dod "an and the Satan of "an is ne!essary. 67)* -he !hur!h $ants to a olish Satan !o"pletely Hno$ing that it !ould not a olish the evil in "an# and this usiness $ill prosper forever. 67)5 5u"anHindOs true good $ill e1ist only $hen the !hur!h $ill "aHe pea!e $ith Satan# thus understanding the ne!essity of the e?uili riu" et$een good and evil inside "an. -hen the $orld $ould e etter# and the true good $ill e &',

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION triu"phant and glorifying Dod. And not the !hur!h. 67)6 SatanOs fear has orn the histori!al "onsters of the si!H and alienated so!iety. 67)7 7an is uild to e natural and not artifi!ial. -he !hase a$ay and the not understanding of the Satan that lives in "an have $ard hi" off fro" the "eaning of his e1isten!e. 7aHing hi" go deeper into a surd. 67)8 SatanOs li eration fro" the fear planted y religion $ill e!o"e the so!ial antidote of alienation and a surdity. 67)' Satan $ill e!o"e "ore evil as it $ill e understood and !hased a$ay y the different religions. Evil "ust e understood efore everything in order to e!o"e a good and not tortured. -hus $e $ill have the opposite effe!t. 67)9 Indifferently if $e desire or not# Satan is part of 9estiny. 67): 5appy is the so!iety that truly understands SatanOs signifi!an!e. 67*( If your Dod $ill tell you $hat you should not do# Satan allo$s you find out ho$ evil !an e the thing that you do in your sHin. &>0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 67*) 6hat a ig sin is not to understand Satan and Dod. 67** Satan is the one that fills the po!Hets of the !lerHs of so "any religions sin!e "illennia. 67*5 6ithout Satan $e $ould not have seen the endless splendors of so "any !athedrals uilt $ith the lood split on the attlefield# $ith the hu"ility felt y so "any oppressed nations# invaded and ro ed in the na"e of religion. 67*6 Satan is the greatest la2er of $ays of "anHind. 67*7 7any of the a!tual "is!hief $ould disappear if $e understood Satan. 67*8 Dod is $ith the ri!h# 5e helps the" e!o"e even ri!her# $hile Satan is $ith the poor. 5e tells the" that the Dod of the $ealthy is not right. 67*' DodOs 4aradise !annot appear after death# $hile SatanOs appears during life. 6ho is the one that hides fro" us and $hyX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION S2ICIDE 67*9 Sui!ide is the $ound of soulOs i"poten!e of eing hi"self. 67*: Sui!ide is the tear of eternity en!losed in the hope of finding oneOs self. 675( Sui!ide is the path to$ards the true self of the "e"ory inside us. 675) Sui!ide is the aspiration for reality fro" the a surdity of our o$n e1isten!e. 675* Sui!ide is the $ill to leave the Illusion of Aife. 6755 -he sui!idal !herishes life at its true value. 6756 -hrough sui!ide "an understands $hat the great good of life is/ death. 6757 Sui!ide is the path to the eternal life of the finite "o"ent. 6758 Sui!ide is the only good that !an really e !o""on in this $orld. 675' Sui!ide is the only freedo" $here the $ill of the only truth !an a!t/ the "e"ory fro" eyond irth. 6759 Sui!ide is the only !han!e that you have to leave this $orld of vanity and nonsense. &>2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 675: 6ithout the !han!e of sui!ide the $orld $ould have een infinitely harder to ear. 676( Sui!ide is the forever drea" of the eternityOs "e"ory that pier!es this a surd and "isera le $orld. 676) Sui!ide is the only !han!e to redis!over the "e"ory of your eternity efore the Illusion of Aife lets you do it. 676* -he in?uisitors of this vain $orld have al$ays la"ed sui!ide Hno$ing that it the only gate to$ards freedo" in this $orld. 6765 Nothing has to e freer in this $orld than sui!ide# so"e say# forgetting that they die $ith every "o"ent that passes# not Hno$ing that the only real $ill !an e found in the "e"ory of the an!estral self only through sui!ide. 6766 It is nor"al that the lind and the deaf elieve in the Illusion of Aife and not agree $ith the sui!ide. 6767 Gor the "an of the Illusion of Aife there is a $ill and a reality in this drea". Other$ise sui!ide e!o"es a sin. Are they are happier if they Hno$ that they have a real $ill in this $orld that has !ut fro" &>(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION irth their $ings of fulfill"ent in the a solute truthX 6768 Dod gave you life and original sin# live the"W Dod $as "istaHen $hen 5e $as !heated y the serpent. 8nderstand 5i"W -his is the life of the Illusion of Aife that does not a!!ept sui!ide. Should it e the true path to$ards light and truthX 676' -hrough sui!ide you free you o$n self fro" the a surdity of the Illusion of Aife. 6769 5o$ "isery !an e this Illusion of Aife that lets you see the only salvation N sui!ide N fro" this a surd drea" $ith fear# liHe death $ould not !o"e in a !ertain day $hi!h is a s"all pie!e of "o"ent for the 8niverse. 676: Everything has a "eaning# even the Illusion of Aife. -hen this "eans that even sui!ide has its "eaning. 677( 7orality !hooses life eing !on!eived y the ones that need as "any enslaved souls as possi le at the yoHe of the $orld. -he "orally that a!!epts sui!ide as a rave a!t !ould provide for this "isery of lifeX 677) Sui!ide is the fastest $ay to the real spiritual fulfill"ent. &>&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 677* 5o$ !ould the Illusion of Aife a!!ept sui!ide on!e it Rust !aught you in the traps of its drea"X 6775 Aife $ill al$ays sho$ you death as eing ugly. %odies# putrefa!tion et!. Gorgetting that those are rests of the earth. All possi le to dis!ourage you to !o""it sui!ide. 6776 6e all !o""it sui!ide a little every "o"ent ut only through sui!ide $e !an posses the true $ish fro" this lifeOs a surdity# $ishing that the past $ill flo$ to$ards the future and not the future to$ards the past. 6777 Sui!ide !annot tea!h you anything in this life $hile it lets you get a$ay fro" all the a surd tea!hings of the entire life. 6778 It has !o"e to the e1tre"e a surdity through $hi!h the "aRority says that Dod does not let you !o""it sui!ide e!ause you have to atone your !onvi!tion in this $orld. As if Dod "ade you a !onde"ned for life. 677' Sui!ide is !onsidered y the "ost s"all+"inded as eing !o$ardi!e. If it is so# $hy donOt they do itX Out of fearW &>'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6779 -hrough sui!ide "an !an defeat the Illusion of Aife redis!overing its true self so alienated. Only the rave "en !an do this. 677: -his $orldOs true good should e sui!ide. 678( A $orld $ithout sui!ide should e a $orld $ithout irth. 678) Not the $orld has deter"ined sui!ide ut the sui!ide of truth has orn the $orld. 678* Sui!ide e!o"es a desire only $hen you donOt have any other hope. 6785 Sui!ide transfor"s you fro" hope in fulfill"ent reali2ing ho$ far is our soul fro" the Illusion of Aife is. 6786 Sui!ide is the only eauty of this $orld in native state $here every "o"ent dies. 6787 Sui!ide is the truth $earing "aHeup of the $orld of irreversi le ti"e. 6788 Sui!ide is the only sense of the Illusion of Aife. 678' Sui!ide is the art of Hno$ing ho$ "u!h $e die in every "o"ent. 6789 Sui!ide is the e1a"ple given y life to death. &>>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 678: 6hat does not !o""it sui!ide in this $orld $here everything dies# $here a solutely everything e!o"es deter"ined y a !ertain su Re!t in order to dieX 67'( Even if you $ill not taHe your life and you $ill leave it in the hands of your o$n 9estiny# this is !alled sui!ide. 67') And if you $ill die a s"all pie!e fro" the "o"ent of the 8niverse# later you $ill fulfill another 9estiny of your lifeX 9efinitely noW 67'* No "atter ho$ "u!h $ould you thinH that you de!ide in this Illusion of Aife# you are nothing "ore than the pa$n of your o$n 9estiny that $ill na"e the "o"ent of your sui!ide# no "atter if it is $ith your illusion $ill or not. 67'5 -here is no igger stupidity than the fear of the sui!idal in front of the delivering death. 67'6 6ith every reath you slo$ly !o""it sui!ide e!ause of the !o" ustions of your o$n organis". 9o you prefer that anyone else do it instead of youX 67'7 As you didnOt give your life it is not good to taHe it# so"e say. So"e ody &>*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION asHed "e if I still $ant this "isery !alled gift of Dod or lifeX 67'8 One of this $orldOs greatest gifts is Rust its e1isten!e. -he a sen!e of the $orld is desired. -his is $hy the sui!idal is an a!t of great honesty and !ourage. -he sui!idal is the !on?ueror of his faith. 67'' Nature is perverse. It allures $o"an $ith the "aternal instin!t to pro!reate. 6ho $ould sui!ide hi"self slo$ly y $alHing to$ards deathX 67'9 So!iety is the stru!ture of the !olle!tive sui!ide "ost often un!ons!ious or very seldo" !ons!ious. 67': Bou !annot e free fro" yourself $ithout the !ourage of sui!ide. 679( Only that one that !an taHe his life $ill !on?uer his o$n de!eitful self of the Illusion of Aife# truly finding hi"self. 679) Nothing !an e "ore destru!tive in this a Re!t $orld than the nasty "oral through the stig"ati2ation of the sui!idal is supported. -he true angel des!ended in hell. 679* 6hy is sui!ide stig"ati2edX Along the entire "edieval history# the leaders &>)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION needed "ore !han!es to "anipulate. 6ith the slaves. 6795 6hat $ould a so!iety looH liHe if it put sui!ide on the $ell deserved pedestal of virtueX -he s!ale of values $ould !hange. 6796 Sui!ide is a hu"an eingOs ravest possi le a!t. 6797 -he one that sui!ides even if it does not understand the real truth of the Illusion of Aife !an feel it. 6798 7any religions !onsider sui!ide as a great sin. %ut the fa!t that Dod $as "istaHen and "ade the ones that did the original sin is not a igger sin of a Dod that should have Hno$n everythingX Or is he an ignorantX 679' If sui!ide is a sin it "eans that our $orld is a igger sin# e!ause it does not a!!ept the re!ognition of its o$n truth/ the Illusion of Aife. 6799 -he sin of sui!idal is the one that understands the true sin of religion/ the alienation of "an fro" its o$n sa!red self. 679: Sui!ide is the path to$ards the !o"plete fulfill"ent of the hu"an eing. &>,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 67:( If sui!ide e!a"e ravery in a "orality of a !lean so!iety# $here the individuals $ould !hose the sa!red self# and then "an $ould looH at this perfe!t $orld# not feeling the need to !o""it sui!ide. 67:) -he a!!eptan!e of sui!ide as a great good $ould lead to the fall of this entire dirty hierar!hy of this alienated so!iety. 67:* Sui!ide does not enslave the soul ut it $orships it# ringing it !loser to the real Dod# so distant fro" the religious poli!ies. 67:5 In sui!ide d$ells the entire $isdo" of this $orld. All is redu!ed to e!o"ing a$are of death. 67:6 Not a!!epting death is a given and to !urse sui!ide is liHe !ursing 9estiny. 67:7 -he differen!e et$een sui!ide and nor"al death is in the $ill. One !an e!o"e a$are of life as a slo$ death starting $ith irth ut also an a sen!e of !ourage in front of death. Only through sui!ide $ill you e a le to defeat life. 67:8 Sui!ide is the only sin truly severe that you !an do in this $orld. It is a virtue. &O%E &*0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 67:' 5ope is the only a solute in vanity. 67:9 5ope is the da$n that rises in the eyes that $ait for their death. 67:: 5ope is the light of the entire light that has linded even its darHness until no$. 68(( 5ope is a step eyond the a solute and on this side of truth. 68() 5ope is the hori2on of i""ortality. 68(* 5ope is $hat is left fro" a sunOs 9estiny that is linded y the eauty of this $orldOs vanity. 68(5 5ope is the happiness to Hno$ that you !an run your entire life after happiness and that you $ill never !at!h it# other$ise you $ill not have any "ore happiness fro" $hi!h to run after. 68(6 5ope is so far a$ay fro" fulfill"ent# that even 9estiny !annot rea!h it. 68(7 On!e fulfilled# hope leaves the itter taste of its o$n a sen!e. 68(8 5ope is the di!e that Dod has !hosen at the ta le of the salvation of this $orld of lost lu!H. 68(' 5ope is the "isunderstood fa!e of 9estiny. &*1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 68(9 6hat $ould e liHe if $e understood our o$n 9estinyX 6e live $ith the hope that $e $ill never understand it. 68(: 5ope sleeps together $ith the sin and $aHes up in the ar"s of salvation. 68)( 5ope $ill never !heat a depressed soul. 68)) 5ope $ill al$ays lie and surely "ore than you. 68)* 5ope is the "ost appropriate partner. 68)5 No$here $ill you find "ore "er!y and understanding than at the oso" of hope. 68)6 5ope $ill never leave you[ instead it $ill leave first $hen $ish $ill e fulfilled. 68)7 Only through hope you $ill find out eauty every ti"e. 68)8 Only hope allo$s you to do $hatever you $ant every ti"e. 68)' 5ope is the urning fire of the soul that !annot understand death. 68)9 5ope surprises 9estiny every ti"e# $ithout ever eing a le to !at!h it. 68): 5ope listens on the truth of illusion. 68*( 5ope never a$aits you# al$ays eing $ith you# $hile the truth al$ays a$aits you. &*2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 68*) 5ope is the path returned fro" death $hose truth al$ays taHes to the gates of death. 68** 5ope is the happiness to Hno$ that happiness !an e1ist# no "atter ho$ a surd $ould that e. 68*5 5ope never asHs you# ut it $ill give you everything. 68*6 5ope is the tra!e of lu!H that $as lost at the !reation of the $orld. 68*7 5ope is the freedo" to Hno$ that you !an al$ays die later. 68*8 -he "ore $ill you Hno$ fro" the Illusion of Aife# the faster $ill the hope leave you and the other $ay around. 68*' 5ope is the talent as $ell as the gift of the one that does not $ant to Hno$ too "u!h. 68*9 5ope never gets tired in the heart of the one that $ants to surprise the a solute# ut it dies if this understands that for it the a solute is an Illusion of Aife. 68*: 5ope sits $ell $ith every ody as long as it is never a!!urately asHed a truth. 685( 6hat !an e "ore eautiful than to o serve the hope fro" the eyes that !ry the love of a lost eternityX &*(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 685) 5ope is the only friend that $ill stay $ith us in front of death. 685* 5o$ $ould love looH liHe $ithout hopeX 6ouldnOt it !o"pletely lose its te"perX And thenX 6855 -he one that hopes never dies. 6856 5ope !an never e tou!hed. 6857 6ho has ever !aught hopeX 6858 6hat !an e eyond hope other than 9estinyX 685' Bou "iss hopeX AooH at deathW 6859 Aife is the hope efore death. 685: 5ope does not understand youX -hen you are dead. 686( 5ope !an help you learn ho$ to die# and death to hope ho$ to live. 686) 5ope is the hori2on of fulfill"ent that you $ill !at!h only in death. 686* 5ope !annot e a sent fro" life# e!ause it is the sense of life. 6865 6hat $ould hope do if it $erenOt for the hori2on that runs al$ays alongside you $ithout eing a le to e" ra!e itX 6866 9estiny stays al$ays ehind hope. 6867 5ope is the $ave that never passes eyond fulfill"ent. &*&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6868 5ope is an island in the o!ean of vanity. 686' 5ope !an only get you do$n $hen you refuse life. 6869 5ope is the death of any fulfill"ent. TIME 686: -i"e is the !ontinuous distan!e of the past fro" $ithin us. 687( -i"e is the li erty to e the slave of the irresisti le "o"ent. 687) -i"e is the eauty of al$ays eing in a past that refle!ts the future. 687* -i"e is the $onder that "aHes even the serene in your eyes flo$. 6875 -i"e is the $ish of eternity to e Hno$n as su!h. 6876 -i"e is the a$aHening fro" a drea" $here $e $ere eternal. 6877 -i"e $eave the irreversi le infinite of passion on the fla1 of the future. 6878 -he ti"e lost inside our souls !annot e found at the lost and found o Re!ts. 687' -i"e is the "ost latant lie of !reation# al$ays eing in an irreversi le &*'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION past that does not elong to life ut to eternity. 6879 -i"e is the essen!e of the Illusion of Aife. 687: -i"e is the li erty of the thought that Hno$s it is !ontrolled y the "o"ent. 688( -i"e is the tra!e of the soul found in the past# refle!ted into the future# to e lived in the illusory present. 688) 6hat !an e "ore painful than to re!ogni2e ti"eOs e1isten!e in loveX 688* -i"e $ill never live $ithout taHing s"all parts of your eternity $ith every "o"ent. 6885 -i"e is 9estinyOs iggest spender of eternal "o"ents. 6886 -i"e is o ligated to thro$ the eternity of every "o"ent to its past. If it $ere to hide in a single eternal "o"ent it $ould disappear. 6887 -i"e is the sti!H in $hi!h this $orldOs destiny leans. 6888 -i"e flo$ers only thought the death of eternity. 688' -i"e reaths through finality eing the de!lared ene"y of love. &*>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6889 -i"e deludes you only if you elieve in its eternity. 688: -he "isunderstood ti"e $ill live your o$n life. 68'( 5as ti"e ever su!!eeded to Hno$ $hat the ti"e of your life isX 68') -i"e !annot e refused ut only lived. 68'* 6hat $ould death do $ithout ti"eX 6hat a out lifeX 68'5 -here is so "u!h ti"e in your ga2e that I !annot find in you the eternity of our love "o"ent. 68'6 5as your ti"e ever "et the eternity efore deathX 68'7 6hat $ould eternity do $ithout ti"eX 68'8 6hat is the "eaning of ti"eX Aife. -hat is the "eaning of eternityX 9eath. 68'' 5as the ti"e ever een defeated y so"eoneX 68'9 No "atter ho$ strong the ti"e is# it is pre!isely shared to everyone y 9estiny. 68': -he essen!e of ti"e is the "e"ory. 689( -i"e $ill never e a le to run fro" its "e"ory. 689) %ehind ti"e $ill al$ays e eternity. 689* -i"e !annot e 9estiny# e!ause it is portioned y it to ea!h of us. &**

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6895 -i"e is the "eaning of this $orldOs instin!t. 6896 -i"e digs deep tran!es in the soul of "e"ory# trough $hi!h it also flo$s into o livion. 6897 -i"e is the e"otion redis!overed in the "e"ory of a forgotten thought of Dod. 6898 -i"e !annot stop in any station of the eternal "o"ent. 689' -i"e endeavors the passion of the $ill to e a !ontinuous "e"ory. 6899 -i"e is the slave of !reation. 689: -i"e is DodOs address Hno$n y us in the pri"ordial event. 68:( -i"e plays hide and seeH only $ith "e"ory. 68:) -i"e e!o"es a good advisor only $hen you understand its past. 68:* -i"e re!eives death y passing 9estiny into "e"ory. 68:5 -he fortress of ti"e !annot e rea!hed y anything else than a poor "e"ory. 68:6 -he ti"eOs self is the "e"ory that al$ays repeats itself all the $ay to eternity. &*)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 68:7 Nothing !an e "ore sophisti!ated than the ti"e of this $orld. No "atter ho$ "u!h you desire to understand it# it gets lost in its o$n past forever. 68:8 Although $e have so "u!h ti"e# $e long for the eternity of a single "o"ent.
4697. Time is the order of death that so"eday $ill re!eive life at its oso".

68:9 -i"e is the trou led $hirlpool of the "o"ents that !annot a!!ept us in their eternity and this is $hy they e!o"e the eternal past $e are sear!hing into the future. 68:: Our ti"e is al$ays a past# ut through the Illusion of Aife $e live it in the future# thinHing $e have a present# ine1istent in reality. 6'(( -i"e is the e1isten!eOs phanto" shared y 9estiny# as DodOs i"age. 6'() -i"e is the tear of 9estiny ehind $hi!h hides life. 6'(* -i"e is the freedo" of every illusion to e "easured y the 9estiny of every "o"ent. 6'(5 -i"e is da$nOs an1iety to rise in order to die in the dusH of 9estiny. 6'(6 -i"e is the !ape in $hi!h our lifeOs $ords $rap the"selves. &*,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6'(7 -i"e is the happiness of death to Hno$ life in its o$n ar"s. 6'(8 -i"e is the eternal "o"ent of death on the land of life. 6'(' -i"e is the perfe!tion of "adness to e in a past petrified to$ards the future. 6'(9 On the o!ean of ti"e# the ships of the Illusion of Aife $ill al$ays e !ast a$ay. 6'(: Dod# as a pri"ordial event# is at the origin of ti"e. 6hat is this eventX -he a$areness of eternity. 6hat deter"ined this a$areness in DodX -he infinite !ollapsed in its o$n self. 6')( -i"e is the guardian that stills our eternity. LI0E 6')) Aife is all $e have forgotten fro" the great "e"ory of our self. 6')* Aife is the soulOs epopee et$een the $asted "o"ents of eternity. 6')5 Aife is the tear through $hi!h ti"e finally understands death. 6')6 Aife is the gate that 9estiny has Hno!Hed $ith the sti!H of life. 6')7 Aife is one of 9estinyOs li"its. &)0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6')8 Aife asHs you everything in order to give it to death in return. 6')' Aife is an eternal rehearsal of death. 6')9 Aife finds its alan!e in illusion. 6'): Aife is a !ons!ious death through illusion. 6'*( Aife re!ogni2es 9estiny only as the fulfill"ent of a divine gift. 6'*) Aife hides its dead in a single truth/ illusion. 6'** Aife is a trans!endental epopee of a roHen 9estiny. 6'*5 Aife !an never Rustify its o$n 9estiny. 6'*6 Aife is the li"it $here death is orn to live. 6'*7 Aife is the longing of 9estiny to e itself $hile drea"ing the illusion. 6'*8 Aife is the stair!ase that !li" s you in the eternity of death. 6'*' Aife is the finite in front of deathOs infinite. 6'*9 Aife is 9estinyOs hope to e eyond eternity. 6'*: Aife is the ro"an!e through $hi!h Dod has a eginning in its o$n $orld. 6'5( Aife is futureOs depravity to do $hat it desires in its o$n petrified past/ an illusion. &)1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6'5) Aife is the light of fulfill"ent that is al$ays late at the rende2vous $ith 9estiny. -hey "eet only in death. 6'5* Aife is the profane that !lai"s the sa!redness of 9estiny. 6'55 Aife is the elief in the illusory $ill# the Hno$ledge of illusion and the love of the vanity of your o$n self. 6'56 Aife is the perfe!tion of ha2ard and death is the ha2ard of perfe!tion. 6'57 Aife al$ays su!!eeds to involve the hierar!hy of its o$n illusion. 6'58 Aife re!ogni2es Dod even eyond death. 6'5' Aife is an eternal sear!h for a solute. 6'59 Aife is the tear of 9estiny that $as not $iped off# $hi!h understands the i""inen!e of the defeated and of the $inner. 6'5: Aife is the longing for the long ago dead stars that light no$ the 9estiny to$ards death. 6'6( Aife is the fight of 9estiny $ith itself. 6'6) Aife is the divine stor" of the profane fro" the life of sa!red. 6'6* Aife is the ship$re!H of ti"e on the shore of death. &)2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6'65 Aife is the "e"ory of the future in its o$n past. 6'66 Aife is the rust fro" DodOs tear $hen 5e !reated ti"e. 6'67 Aife is the illusionOs $isdo". 6'68 Aife is the progressO nature to e a fight. 6'6' Aife is the pheno"enon that re!ogni2es death. 6'69 Aife is the truth of love $hen it re!ogni2es !reation and Hno$ledge. 6'6: Aife is the un!ontained longing for the forever lost a solute. 6'7( Aife is the a solute of its o$n illusion. 6'7) 6hat e1a!tly is defeated in a $arX Aife or Ei!toryX 02T2RE 6'7* -he future of the "anHind is in the virtual $orld. 6ith the i"prove"ent of the !o"puter s!ien!e te!hnologies# "an $ill pass slo$ly into the virtual $orld# leaving this $orld al"ost entirely. 6'75 Guture is until $hat is $ritten y the predestination of the $orld# forgotten y Dod to re"e" er the past. &)(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6'76 Guture is the delusion of eing a le to Hno$ that $e have a past. 6'77 Guture elieves only in $hat it is not e1a!tly Hno$n to$ards the past that elieves only in $hat !an e a!!urately Hno$n. 6'78 -he future of the $orld is in forgetting the past. 6'7' -o live the future in the past is the iggest "istaHe# Rust e!ause this is a past. 6'79 6e Hno$ $hat separates the future fro" the past# the illusion of the presentW 6'7: 5o$ $ould our $orld looH liHe as seen y the Hno$ledge of the a solute truthX Girst of all the illusion of the present $ould "elt into the past and $e $ould reali2e that $e life in the afterlife# our o$n death in this lifeW 6'8( Guture is the heart of the Illusion of life# $ithout $hi!h ti"e $ould not e1ist. 6'8) Guture is the pledge "ade y Dod $ith life. 6'8* Guture is the a solute truth of this $orldOs a surdity. 6'85 Guture is the "other of vanity. 6'86 Guture is the "e"ory of deathOs great past. &)&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6'87 Guture is the illusionOs !han!e of elieving itself to e eternal. 6'88 Guture is the o!ean in $hi!h illusion floats. 6'8' Guture is the !ore rand of ignoran!e through $hi!h this reports the a solute truth to Hno$ledge. 6'89 Guture is the i"age in Hno$ledgeOs !hipped "irror# in $hi!h Dod looHed at 5i"self. 6'8: Guture is the light of darHness and the linding of the soul. 6''( Guture never leaves ut al$ays !o"es. 6'') Guture $ill rise this $ay in order to set into the past. 6''* Guture is the ray of hope eternally shado$ed y the illusory present that separates it fro" past. 6''5 Guture never has a set ti"e to leave fro" lifeOs station[ it only has an arrival ti"e. 6''6 Guture is al$ays ne1t to death# e!o"ing a past. 6''7 Guture is the angel that roHe his $ings on the $all of this $orldOs a surdity# thus e!o"ing even "ore a past than ti"e. 6''8 Guture prays only to past to$ards $hi!h it turns $ith the steps of death. &)'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6''' Guture !an e found only in the past. 6''9 Guture is the hope of this e1isten!e# $hi!h !annot understand ho$ it pro"ises so "any to his o$n past. 6'': Guture is the tear of this 9estiny that is lost in the eternity of its o$n past. 6'9( Guture is the drea" of the thought to travel so"e$here eyond the past. 6'9) Guture is the tra!e left y Dod $hen 5e did not $ant to understand the a sen!e of this $orldOs "eaning. 6'9* Guture is the shore $here the li erty of the one that sear!hes has dro$ned# trying to es!ape the past. 6'95 Guture e!o"es a di!e of lu!H or desperation only in the past. 6'96 Guture is the a yss of the past that has no li"its. 6'97 Guture is pastOs i""oral a solute. 6'98 Guture is the rope that hangs the "o"ent of eternity that has e!o"e the past of vanity. 6'9' Guture is the art of vanity to paint itself eautiful. 6'99 Guture is pastOs indeli!a!y to give irth to a present. &)>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6'9: Guture is the "e"ory of the theatre played y vanity $hen it $aits in the ante!ha" er of death. 6':( Guture is the itter s"ile of illusion on $hose lips is $ritten the $ord vanity. 6':) Guture is the a sen!e of any responsi ility fro" 9estiny regarding the Illusion of Aife. 6':* Guture is the gi""i!H of e1isten!e to de"onstrate to the $orld that it has a present. 6':5 Guture is the deluding silen!e efore the death of this $orld. 6':6 Guture is a frag"ent of eternity in $hi!h Dod has !ut 5i"self to e1press the $ord death. 6':7 Guture is the father of death. 6':8 Guture is Everything in this illusory $orld# is the essen!e of the Illusion of Aife. 6':' Guture is dissolves only in the death of a "o"ent. 6':9 Guture is the !urtain ehind $hi!h this e1isten!e nonsense !an s"ile. 6':: Guture never leans to forgetting the past only to its "e"ory# $hile the past $ill al$ays forget the future. 69(( Guture is a "ill $here vanity grinds. &)*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 69() Guture prays only to the one that !an help it into the past. 69(* Guture is the great revelation of this $orld $hi!h $ill e only in the past. 69(5 -he future of the future is the past. 69(6 Guture is a grass that !an only e "o$ed y the past. 69(7 If the future of the future is the past# than $hy the past of the past is not the future ut still the pastX Si"ple/ e!ause the future is a si"ple illusion liHe present also is. Only the past is real# that is death of life. 69(8 Guture !an never refle!t into the future# e!ause its future is its o$n past. 69(' Guture is the illusion that !annot understand $hy present $as ne!essary to deli"it pastX -he ans$er is/ the future and the present are the good and the evil of the Illusion of Aife and the past its death. 69(9 5o$ "u!h future needs the past to saturate fro" the illusion of the presentX 69(: Guture is the first to understand vanity and past is the last. 69)( Guture is the one that $ill $el!o"e you $ith open ar"s all along life and $ill reRe!t you as soon as you are dead. If you are &))

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION i""ortal# future $ill a!!ept only the "e"ory of your o$n past. 69)) Guture is the "e"ory of i""ortality in this $orld that $ill die. 69)* Guture never plays $ith the "o"ent y it !haises it a$ay# "aHing it eternal into the past. 69)5 Guture is the first to understand vanity and the past the last. 69)6 Guture is all that is left fro" $hat past has forgotten. 69)7 6ill there ever e an end to the $orld and this in a near future. -here $ill e an end of our a Re!t and dirty $orld# not of hu"anity. On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012 $ill e the eginning of a ne$ era# no "atter ho$ little $e $ill fell this at the eginning. 69)8 -he future of "anHind looHs one full of eauty. Aife $ill unite $ith death thus e!o"ing a !ontinuous e1isten!e for the one that $ill desire it# e!ause of the histori!al geneti! dis!overies# $here a solutely any disease $ill e defeated and old age $ill never e1ist any"ore. 69)' 7anHind has already taHen its first steps to the virtual $orld. On!e $ith the dis!overy of the ?uantu" !o"puters and their &),

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION i"prove"ent# "an $ill gradually pass fro" the real $orld into the virtual one# and teleportation# antigravity# $or" holes through $hi!h $ill pass fro" a parallel universe to another $ill e!o"e so"ething nor"al. 69)9 In a !ertain future# $ill die only the ones $ho $ant. 69): -here $ill e no age in the future of "anHind# e!ause in the virtual spa!e a se!ond !an anyti"e e!o"e an eternity. 7an $ill forever taHe refuge into the eternity of its "o"ent. Co"ing a!H to the te"porary $orld only if he $ill desire. 69*( In the future# "an $ill unite $ith Dod. 69*) 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012 $ill e the date of "y Dreat Revelation through $hi!h I $ill get !loser to Dod as never efore. -hen the future $ill "erge $ith us. 69** -he virtual future $ill give the possi ility of revision $ith anyone fro" the past and espe!ially $ith !ertain personalities. I so"eti"es feel that I a" regarded y people interested y "y life that are al"ost every ti"e in the future. 69*5 I a" a$are that in the future# after the death of the flesh# $hen the destiny of "y life &,0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION $ill e fulfilled# I $ill e invited in the virtual $orlds. 6ait for "e e!ause I $ill e there. 69*6 Guture $ill never ring an apo!alypse as a total destru!tion# ut as a passing fro" an inferior to a superior level. 69*7 In the near future# the theory of the ele!tro"agneti! and gravitational fieldsO unifi!ation $ill e!o"e Hno$n. 69*8 GutureOs great step is in infor"ati!s. -he !o"puter $ill surpass "an in intelligen!e. -hen the "ain !reation !apa!ity $ill e surpassed y !o"puter s!ien!e $hi!h $ill perfe!t itself# rea!hing li"its never efore tou!hed y the hu"an intelle!t. 69*' In the future# the !o"puter $ill greatly surpass the intelle!tual !apa!ity of the hu"an fa!tor. -his $ill help "an i"prove its 9NA# su!!eeding in using "anOs entire !ere ral surfa!e. -his is the "o"ent in $hi!h the supra "an $ill truly e ornW -his $ill not have the po$ers of the gods so "u!h pro!lai"ed y the anti?ue "yths. 69*9 In the future# "oney $ill e!o"e a fading "e"ory of a trea!herous and vulgar $orld# $here the apo!alypse "eant destru!tion through $ar and not the hu"anityOs evolution into a ne$ so!io+ &,1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION histori!al di"ension# totally different fro" the previous one. 69*: -he ne$ ranH on $hi!h hu"anity $ill rise to at 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012 $ill e a enefi! one. -hen they $ill all e a le to see for the first ti"e the future. 695( -hese revelations inserted in this ooH represent the first steps to the future# to its annun!iation. 7any e1pe!ted this annun!iation to e spe!ta!ular# "ay e in the vulgar $ay as it $as until no$. -he re!ital of the things revealed to "e y the future is found in these revelations re!eived $hen I $as at the Sfin1 "onu"ent in %u!egi. 695) Starting $ith 9e!e" er# the 21st of 2012 you $ill reali2e that death is the eternal life# !leaned y the "iseries of this $orld. 695* In death are also the virtual $orlds that are deta!hed fro" the past of the dust forever into the future. 6955 5en!eforth# the $orld of dust $ill e !o"pletely left y the ones that $ant to e orn and to e!o"e a itter "e"ory. 6956 In the future# "any of the se!rets hidden y the ones that $ant to Heep "anHind under !ontrol $ill e Hno$n# and this $ill then "o"entarily lead to a !o"plete &,2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION disorientation# espe!ially e!ause "any elong to different religions. -hen# the "an $ill e!o"e "ore and "ore free of this $orld# $here the ones that prea!hed salvation $here igger sinners than all the rest. 6957 6hat is the "eaning of this lifeX -he "aRority of the offspring $ill ans$er. And the "eaning of the offspring is the one of "any other offspring. 6hyX %e!ause through offspring $ill "anHind rea!h in the future to the virtual di"ension $orld $here they $ill "eet the eternal life# free of any !onstraints. 6958 On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# "an $ill truly understand $hat divinity is. -hen the future $ill e!o"e part of the past. 695' On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# religion $ill e!o"e an art and its pla!e $ill e gradually taHen y "ans elief in his o$n self. 7an $ill not live only in the future ut also in the past# reali2ing that in that divine "o"ent it $as the sin!erity of the gods fro" the virtual $orld# $ho" he $ill "eet. 6959 On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# the $orld $ill understand the Revelations# $here every though has its o$n !ode. 695: On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# for the first ti"e suffering $ill e outshined y hope. &,(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 696( On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# $ill e the eginning of the end of the "ost slavish tyrant of "anHind/ 7oneyW 696) On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# the $orld $ill step into a ne$ di"ension# understanding $hy the sa!rifi!e of so "any people $as ne!essary# people orn to die in this inferno !alled lue planet# adulated "ainly only y those that possessed the "oney# $hi!h in fa!t possesses the". 696* On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# the spiritual po$er of the planet $ill e taHen y the 9ivine Aight# enefa!tor of the hu"an spirit. On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# the 9ivine Aight $ill !ry the tear of eternity for the hu"anity that $ill understand $hat the true fulfill"ent is. 6965 On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# the o!eans $ill !o"e a!H to life# and the sHy $ill understand for the first ti"e the stars that !ross in the eyes of the hu"an eing. 6966 On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# the planets together $ith the sun $ill for" a fire path# announ!ing the !o"ing of the %enefi!ent 9ivine Aight. 6967 On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# "an $ill start to understand the "eaning of its &,&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION o$n e1isten!e through offspring and sui!ide $ill e!o"e as understood as any other natural death that is still a slo$ sui!ide. 7an $ill Hno$ that death# as sui!ide# $as the path to the eternal $orldOs truth fro" the virtual of the 9ivine Aight# the true paradise. 6968 On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# it $ill e the eginning of the end regarding the disappearan!e of the ugliest !hain that Hept hu"anity !hained/ the original Sin. 7an $ill find out gradually# that this is one of the "ost a Re!t and filthy de!eits of the one that did not understood that "an is divineW 696' On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# the enefi!ial 9ivine Aight $ill taHe hu"anity in its higher di"ensions. 6969 On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# the notion of san!tity $ill e !hanged. 7an $ill start to understand the great evil that $as inside its good until then. 696: On 9e!e" er the 21st of 2012# it $ill e Hno$n that every star o Re!t is a living part# is a soul that in another di"ension !an "ean anything else. 697( -he end of the $orld is in understanding these thoughts. &,'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION T&E DRE1M 697) -he drea" is a surdOs step to$ards happiness. 697* -he drea" is the reality of illusion. 6975 -he drea" is the fulfill"ent of nonsense. 6976 -he drea" is the $orld of futility. 6977 -he drea" is the Hing of vanity. 6978 -he drea" is the perfe!tion of the i"perfe!tion of illusory. 697' -he drea" is the light of illusion. 6979 -he drea" is the tear of ha2ard. 697: -he drea" is the only divine unfulfill"ent. 698( -he drea" is forgetting the reality fro" the eternal self. 698) -he drea" is the hope of illusion to e real. 698* -he drea" is a reality of futility. 6985 -he drea" is the life forgotten y the o$n self of reality. 6986 -he drea" is the path of vanity. 6987 -he drea" is nonsenseOs pledge $ith 9estiny. 6988 -he drea" is the 9estiny defeated y truth. &,>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 698' -he drea" gives you all that you $ant# ut $ithout ever getting anything in return. 6989 -he drea" is the freedo" to e en!losed in the legiti"a!y of thought. 698: -he drea" is the for!e of the thought of e!o"ing nothingness. 69'( -he drea" is the erased page fro" DodOs reality. 69') -he drea" is vanityOs $ill to e1ist through illusion and reality. 69'* -he drea" is the $orld that does not elieve in 9estiny. 69'5 -he drea"Os 9estiny is vanity. 69'6 -he reality of the drea" is the dust of illusion. 69'7 Bou !an only die in a drea". 69'8 -he life of the drea" is the true death $hile the death e!o"es eternal life. 69'' Even the drea" has its o$n truth# the one of eing an illusion. 69'9 -he drea" !an !o"pete only $ith another drea" e!ause it $ill never re!ogni2e the authenti! reality. 69': 6hat is the differen!e et$een reality and drea"X Dod. -his is $hy $e !annot defeat 5i". &,*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 699( In drea"# death is the i""ortali2ation of the last per!eived i"age# $hile in reality# death is the true life. 699) 6e $ill all $aHe up fro" this leaH drea" into the true reality/ the Afterlife. 699* -he drea" is the sleep of reality. 6995 -he drea" e!o"es reality only if di"inishes to its o$n e"ptiness. 6996 6hy do $e drea" this night"are our entire lifeX 6997 9rea" is DodOs only night"are. 6998 No "atter ho$ "u!h hu"anHind $ill evolve on the virtual path of its o$n drea"# the truth is in its o$n vain futility. 699' -he future of "anHind $ill e in the !o"plete transit into the virtual# together $ith the i"prove"ent of ?uantu" infor"ati!s# thus perfe!tion its o$n drea". 6999 -he a solute of drea" is the li eration of self/ therefore death# the a$aHening. 699: -he drea" of this $orld is ending through death. 69:( 6hat is the differen!e et$een the ti"e of sleep and the one of $aHeX -he first sti"ulates you to $aHe up# $hile the se!ond urges you to sleep. &,)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 69:) Infor"ati!s is the great future of hu"anity. 6ill the "edi!ine e the "ost fearful ene"y of this $orldX 69:* -he drea" e!o"es the art of e!o"ing a$are of death. 69:5 6e !an do anything in a drea"# esides finding reality. 69:6 6hat is the drea" against realityX An a yss against a ro!H. 69:7 If reality has its night"ares# isnOt it etter Rust to drea"X 69:8 -he differen!e et$een drea" and reality is in freedo". Reality only lets you pass through the tunnels dug into its o$n ro!H# $hile in drea" you !an $alH any$here inside its a yss. Even in night"ares. 69:' 9rea" is the "agi! that elieves in reality. 69:9 -he eauty of the drea" is in the li erty of its possi ilities to trans!end into its o$n $orlds. 69:: Dod has !reated the drea" $hen 5e $anted to give a little eauty to the paradise of 5is o$n 6ord. 6:(( No "atter ho$ $onderful reality is# if it !annot e free it e!o"es oredo" and &,,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION an1iety. -his is $hy the drea" e1ists. Yust to taHe over the possi le freedo" of reality. 6:() No reality !an e free# eing su Re!ted to its o$n legiti"a!y. 6hile the drea" !anW 6:(* -he li erty is the "aRor differen!e et$een drea" and reality. 5as anyone heard a out a !hained thoughtX No "atter ho$ sad it $ill e# reality !annot thinH# it is a given. 6:(5 Even the drea" is a given as reality is# only it is a given of self freedo". 6:(6 Reality e!o"es in the Illusion of Aife the insur"ounta le past# $hile the drea" e!o"es the free future. -he present of 9estiny is the frontier et$een the future represented through drea" and the past represented through reality. 6:(7 -he drea" is our !han!e to have a future. 6:(8 6ithout drea" $e $ould not Hno$ future ti"e and li erty. -his is $hy $e e1ist in the future and $e al$ays looH at the past as a di"ension that $e al$ays leave forever# e!ause it is a stranger to us. 6:(' 7an is a stranger to hi"self e!ause he lives in a drea"# in the future# $hile definitively turning his a!H to reality# $hi!h does not offer hi" the freedo" to !hange. '00

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6:(9 If "an lived in reality# it $ould "ean to taHe refuge into the past. -his is $hy it !hooses the interval of the illusory present# e!ause it lives in the free drea" of the future. 6:(: Ea!h drea" is represented y its o$n truth and reality. -his is $hy "anOs drea" is its drea" and reality is the past. 4resent is the hu"an !ondition to not su!!eed to e a drea" $ithout its o$n reality# thus e!o"ing 9estinyW 6:)( -he drea" is the tear of eternal happiness on DodOs !heeH. 6:)) -he drea" is realityOs re$ard to e too harsh $ith its o$n self deprived of the freedo" of $ill. 6:)* -he drea" is the night"are of reality and the reality of drea"Os night"are. 6:)5 -he drea" is the li erty of the future# thus it is $illW 6:)6 -he $ill of "an is only in his drea"# e!ause it is al$ays proRe!ted into the future and never into the reality of its past# irreversi le# infalli le and un!hangea le. 6:)7 -he drea" is the only fault of reality $hile reality is the hope of every drea". 6:)8 -he drea" is the negative of reality. '01

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6:)' -he drea" is the path on $hi!h the reality $ithout freedo" !annot step. 6:)9 -he drea" is the "ost eautiful gift given to "anHind y Dod. 6:): -he drea" is every soulOs refuge on the spee!hless fa!e of reality. 6:*( -he drea" gives us the li erty of the $ill# this is $hy $e donOt live the future of drea" ut the ine1istent present of the Illusion of Aife# Rust e!ause in reality $e do not posses any Hind of $ill. 6:*) -he drea" is all that re"ained true in us. 6:** Can anything e "ore real in this $orld other than drea"X



T&E .OO/ O0 T&E DE1D

6:*5 9eath is the reverse of illusion. 6:*6 9eath is the only thing that separates the e1isten!eOs 9estiny fro" its o$n self. 6:*7 Bou $ill never find death eyond yourself# ut only in yourself. 6:*8 8nderstanding death is liHe understanding life $ith the differen!e that ea!h e1ists e!ause of the other. 6:*' 9eath is the flight of the Illusion of Aife further a$ay than !an its o$n $ings of thoughts. 6:*9 9eath is the !olossus that !an never e "oved y life. 6:*: 9eath is the "ira!le through $hi!h life e1ists. 6:5( As life !o"es fro" irth# death !o"es fro" re irth. 6:5) 9eath envelops you only if you $ant eternal life# other$ise your life !an e an un!ons!ious e1tension into your o$n death# deter"ined and orn y your o$n irth and life. '0(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6:5* 9eath $ill never e as different fro" life as life is fro" death. -his is the e1isten!eOs parado1. 6:55 9eath is the soul of the hope to find itself through ti"e. 6:56 9eath is the only a struse $e live the "ost intense# !ausing it $ith our o$n life. 6:57 9eath is a pie!e of "o"ent fro" the hard years of life. 6:58 9eath is the iggest salvation of "an y his o$n destiny. 6:5' 6hat is the iggest saviorX 9eath or DodX 6:59 9eath is the $ave of eternity that $ashes the tear of life $ith self o livion. 6:5: 9eath is the ig longing of loveOs a struse though the eternity of the "o"ent. 6:6( 9eath is the "agi! of the e1isten!e to defeat ti"e at 9estinyOs roulette. 6:6) 9eath is the "eaning of all "eanings of life. 6:6* 9eath is the tear that drips on the !heeH of the eternity to e. 6:65 9eath is the last drea" of eternity. 6:66 9eath is the eauty through $hi!h love !an understand life# giving irth to it to e a le to die. '0&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6:67 5o$ "u!h death is in every "o"ent of the life that passes and ho$ "u!h life is in the eternity of a single "o"ent of lifeX 6:68 9eath is the "e"ory of life that does not Hno$ ho$ to e painful. 6:6' 6e !annot i"agine life $ithout pain liHe death $ithout feeling. 6:69 Aife is the shado$ of death. 6:6: 6ill there ever e death $ithout the "e"ory of the last "o"entX If it $ill# it "eans that there is no death# e!ause it is !o"pletely forgotten in life# as if it has never e1isted# and if it $onOt it "eans that death is the true lifeW 6:7( 9eath is the reason for $hi!h life !an afford to hurtW 6:7) 9eath $ill al$ays e the first life# the lifeOs only guilt of e1iting# and eing orn. 6:7* 6ithout death life $ill not have any "eaning liHe $ithout life even death $ould not have any. 6:75 Should death e the o livion of lifeOs entire "e"oryX It !annot e# e!ause if it is the entire "eaning of the $orld $ould !ru" le in its nonsense. 6:76 Aive life as you $ould al$ays have the age of youth. Only this $ay you $ill enter '0'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION young in eternity# defying $hat life elieves a out death and old age. 6:77 Bou $ill never understand death $ithout understanding the love of your life efore everything. 6:78 9eathOs "eaning overtaHes you only if the one of life see"s fa"iliar. 6:7' 9eath is "ore than a verse fro" a love poe"# it is the eternity $hispered in the entirety of a "o"entOs pie!e. 6:79 9eath is 9estinyOs longing for Dod. 6:7: 9eath represents all that !annot e present in the Illusion of Aife. 6:8( 9eath is the drea" of 9estiny of eing eyond of your o$n self. 6:8) 9eath is so itter only for the ones that do not understand the true "eaning of life/ the one to dieW 6:8* 5o$ "u!h death !an the hori2on !ontain that for you re"ains un!ontaina leX 6:85 9eathOs a solute is life as the a solute of life is death. 6:86 9eath is the in!andes!ent stea" that "aHes life the nothingness of drea"Os eternity. 6:87 All that egins $ill die as all that dies is not sure to eventually end. '0>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6:88 9eath is the "e"ory of Dod a out the future. 6:8' 9eath is the future of everything that e1ists no "atter ho$ eternal it elieves itself to e. 6:89 9eath is $ithout dou t the Rudge of 9estiny. 6:8: 9eath is never "istaHen in front of life $hile life is al$ays "istaHen in front of death# e!ause it e1ists and it hurts. 6:'( 9eath is the a solute of oundless and lifeOs a surdity. 6:') 9eath is the longing of nature to have a future "ore unHno$n y any Hno$n. 6:'* 9eath trusts life as life trusts 9estiny. 6:'5 9eath is the shado$ of ?uietness. 6:'6 9eath is the e"ptinessO desire to save itself at the divinityOs sun# forgetting its ig "e"ory to e e"ptiness. 6:'7 9eath is the eauty of stars that live only $ith the "e"ory of the light that $ill never live the". 6:'8 9eath is the tenderness of spring that is in ud $hile forgetting the old leaves. 6:'' 5o$ "u!h death !an there e in o livionX '0*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6:'9 7e"ory is the one that plays an essential role in front of death# thus deter"ining it. 6:': 6ithout "e"ory there $ould not e death e!ause you re"e" er that you live and thus you are dead or you donOt re"e" er anything and thus you are eternal. 6:9( 7e"ory is the "irror of death. 6:9) 9eath is an illusion as ig as is the Illusion of Aife. 6:9* 9eath is the sense of none1isten!e to e in its o$n "e"ory. 6:95 9eath is the a!Hground in $hi!h "e"ory feels that it lives "ore alive than ever. 6:96 9eath is the struggle et$een "e"ory and 9estiny on the attlefield that is in lifeOs !ustody. 6:97 9eath is less than everything $e elieve it "ight e and "u!h "ore that $e Hno$ it is. 6:98 9eath is e1isten!eOs ga"e of life $hen it es!alades the divine "ountain of infinite. 6:9' 9eath is the ig disappoint"ent of life# fulfilling eternity# thus re!eiving $hat it life $ould have $anted. '0)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6:99 Around death it !an only e a "e"ory and around life it !an e ha2ard and illusory fulfill"ent. 6:9: 6hat else !ould death re"e" er than the illusory ha2ard of life< 6::( It is logi!al that eyond the Illusion of Aife should e death# Rust e!ause $e !an never !on!eiva ly a!!ess there. 6::) 9eath starts fro" the "o"ent in $hi!h $e do not thinH a out the Illusion of Aife. 6::* 9eath is o livion for our self and de!ay for the ones around us. 6::5 6ho does forget and $hat de!aysX -he Illusion of Aife a out a !ertain su Re!t. 6::6 I have regarded the stars dead "illenniu"s ago on the starry sHy. -hey lived "ore intense as ever inside of "e. -his is death. 6::7 6hat is deathX 7y great love# $ill you ever e a le to understand that $e $ill e only a "e"ory fro" an eternal drea" a out loveX 6::8 7ay e that the "ost in!o"prehensi le and fiery longing is the longing of death fro" the heart of love. '0,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 6::' 9eath does not hurt and neither should love ever do. -his is $hy it al$ays $ants to es!ape eyond the order of life. 6::9 9eath is the only a solute of life. 6::: 9eath is first of all $ait# then "e"ory as in the end to e!o"e o livion for the $ait and "e"ory of life. 7((( 9eath !an never e found inside the soul that does not love e!ause it is the a solute inside us. -his is $hy all that live liHe they are eternal are eings that deserve our entire pity and !o"passion. 7(() 9eath is the gift of life put y Dod on the ta le of 9estiny# $hile life e!o"es the "irror of death# erased y Dod together $ith self o livion. 7((* 9eath is the "eaning of the nonsense of having a "eaning in life. 7((5 9eath e!o"es eventually the only "eaning of life. 7((6 9eath represents the o!ean $here all the lifeOs rivers e!o"e the $aves of a 9estiny and reaH at the feet of the infinite# $ho $ill re"e" er that o livion e1ists# giving thus irth to the illusion of a ne$ life. 7((7 9eath is the fern that gro$s in the shado$ of the Illusion of Aife. '10

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7((8 9eath is DodOs longing for the drea" of life. 7((' Only through death !an the Illusion of Aife e fulfilled. 7((9 9eath is the "ost in!o"prehensi le apropos said y the lifeOs 9estiny. 7((: Inevita le# life $ill trip on death# falling fro" its ivory to$er forever sheathed $ith the illusory drea"s. 7()( 6hat does Dod thinH $hen $e elieve to e $ise or geniuses in the drea" of life that hits death so hard that it forgets everythingX 7()) 9eath is the light that struggled for a pie!e of "o"ent in the darHness of life. 7()* 9eath al$ays "aHes you understand life as eing an enig"a $hi!h eternity $ill never re"e" er. 7()5 -o play $ith the drea" of death is "ay e the only real Ro fro" the entire Illusion of Aife. 7()6 9eath is lifeOs !o"pro"ise $ith its o$n self. 7()7 9eath al$ays de!lares $ar to any other "eanings esides the ones of love# forgiveness and o livion.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7()8 9eath is the step "ade y the Illusion of Aife in the eternity of its o$n drea"# forgetting its entire "e"ory of eing a drea". 7()' -hrough death any drea" !an e!o"e reality. 7()9 9eath su stitutes life only in "e"ory. 7(): 9eath a"a2es 9estiny $ith its eternal life that happened only on!e# in the "o"ent of the o livion of the Illusion of Aife# and e!o"ing 9estiny. 7(*( In front of death only life needs !ourageW 7(*) In the end# death e!o"es "anOs true regression $ith its o$n self. 7(** 6hat does life "ean $hen $at!hed fro" the threshold of deathX 6hat a out the "illions of stars of a single gala1yX NothingW 7(*5 Nothing is "ore eternal than the "o"ent in $hi!h you pass into life and the death in $hi!h you never pass. 7(*6 6hy should $e e afraid of death sin!e it does not feel the !old of the illusion of lifeX 7(*7 6e all are alone efore death and free fro" ourselves after$ards. 7(*8 As death is a void of life# the sa"e $e ea!h are nothing efore death. '12

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7(*' 5o$ "any "e"ories are laid y life at the feet of death# $hi!h $ill e!o"e forgotten Rust y lifeX 6hyX 6hat !an death do $ith the"X 7(*9 6hat $ould love do $ithout deathX 7(*: 5o$ "u!h death !an lay $ith every sno$flaHe "elted on the la!H pave"ent of deathX 7(5( 9eath al$ays stays in front of 9estiny. 7(5) Neither life Hno$s $ho it is eside death. 7(5* 9eath e!o"es a "eaning only $hen no ody !an understand its life. 7(55 Aife lives greatly through death# ut death lives even "ore greatly through the life that dies. 7(56 9eath is the sy" ol of the a solute in!o"prehensi le of life. 7(57 -he ig es!ape fro" life !an only e in death# the fear indu!ed y it. 7(58 -o es!ape fro" your o$n fear of death "eans self rede"ption# "eans to e!o"e the great !on?ueror of your o$n life. 7(5' 6ho has tried to understand death has forgiven hi"self for his o$n life. -his is the Hey to salvation. '1(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7(59 9eath !annot die unless it passes through life. 7(5: 9eath $ould die if it $erenOt dressed in the shirt of life. 7(6( 9eath is the pedestal through $hi!h life reaths its ne$ "o"ents. 7(6) 6ithout death# the entire life $ould die forever. 7(6* 6hat else !an death e than the "irror in $hi!h the drea" of life !an looH at itselfX 7(65 9eath represents the da$ns in $hi!h the drea" of life dissolves. 7(66 I thinH a out death and love. 6hat life $ould e $ithout the"X 7(67 -he only thing fro" $hi!h you !annot hide and you !annot run as long as you live is the o livion of the drea" of life. 7(68 6hat $ould life do $ithout "e"oryX 6hat a out deathX 7(6' 9eath !an only understand if it speaHs in the language of a solute# $hile life only speaHs in the one of a surdity. 7(69 9eath is the great fear of life for its o$n self. 7(6: 9eath never urges you to understand love# that is part of the o$n a solute of death# $hile life does. -his is $hy life is so a surd. '1&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7(7( -he tear of life never !ries $ith re"orse y $ith o livion. 7(7) 9eath i"pels you to understand the "o"entOs eternity $hile life i"pels you to understand its ephe"erid. 7(7* 5o$ far a$ay death is fro" the ones that forget the eternity of the souls. 7(75 9eath is the day $hen the soul !o"es out at the light of the truth after the night of the drea" of life. 7(76 Bou $ill never e a le to understand death if you $ill not feel the infinite inside you. 7(77 -he "ore $ill you e a$ay fro" death# the "ore life $ill e!o"e ephe"eral. 7(78 -he "eaning of life is in death and the "eaning of death is in the a solute of the "o"entOs eternity. 7(7' -he flo$er of death !an never fade e!ause it is eternal# $hile the one of life is lost in the o!ean of eternity $hi!h $astes the" $ith every passing "o"ent. 7(79 9eath is eternityOs longing for destiny. 7(7: 9eath !annot guide after prin!iples# ut only after a solute e!ause they $ould !ontradi!t the"selves deter"ining the sa"e a surdity of life. '1'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7(8( 9eath depresses you only if you forget that you are a ig "e"ory of hers fro" $hi!h it $as orn# eing surprised y the trap of ti"e. 7(8) 9eath is the "ountain# $hose su""it passes eyond the !louds of life# sparHing in the light of eternity. 7(8* 9eath defeats the oundless of life through its o$n a solute. 7(85 9eath hurts only in life. 7(86 -he one that is in death does not elong to the events of life. -hus death !annot hurt# ore# $in as life does. 7(87 5o$ "u!h Rusti!e has death $hen it dies in front of life. 7(88 6here death $as not orn# life has died. 7(8' Should there e that "u!h destiny in death# that neither life !an defeat itX 7(89 -here !annot e any death "ore or less far a$ay fro" us# liHe it !annot e an infinite "ore or less far a$ay. 7(8: Should death e the !ourse of the life of eing ornX 7('( No$here in this $orld $ill you e a le to find "ore death than happiness. '1>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7(') Aife "ust hurt in order to e1ist in front of death. 7('* It !an never e a igger a surd than the irth that o$es a death. 7('5 9eathOs a yss is the true "eaning of life. 7('6 In death you !an never say eyond# $hile in life you !anW 7('7 9eath is the $ay in $hi!h eternity sees the Illusion of Aife. 7('8 9eath is the staHe lighted y life in order to light the path of a single "o"ent of eternity in $hi!h you $ill e forever lost. 7('' -o life# death e!o"es a iding senten!e. -his is the o s!ene !hara!ter of life $ithout the death that gives life to life. 7('9 No ody !an e alone in death# $rapped in infinite. 7(': 9eath is the longing of the stranger inside us after its o$n infinite. 7(9( Bou $ill never Hno$ $here death starts and $here life ends Rust e!ause your drea" a out the $orld is shattered y the !o"ing of the eternityOs da$ns. 7(9) Aord# ho$ "u!h death !an there e in the heart that isnOt found in the "eaning of '1*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION this $orld and ho$ "u!h life for the ones that $ant to fully understand life. 7(9* Bou $ill never find the "ost hidden thing of your $orld if you donOt die. 7(95 5o$ far !an e the drea" a out the stranger inside you efore it dies and ho$ !lose !an it e $hen the "eaning of your e1isten!e derives fro" the great unHno$n of your o$n e1isten!eOs nonsenseX 7(96 9id the train of fulfill"ent ever stop in the $orld of you ga2e $hi!h is !onde"ned to deathX And if it did# $hy did itX 7(97 Should e death the great a!!o"plish"ent of this a surd $orldOs eliefX 7(98 5o$ "u!h death !an there e in the s"ile full of life of youth on!e !onde"ned to e ornX 7(9' Is it so hard to die liHe it is to understand the "eaning of lifeX 7(99 6hat flight of the "o"ent !an e deathX %ut $hat "o"ent of eternity !an !ast a$ay fro" $orldOs great "e"ory a out youX 7(9: 6ho !an understand the infinite of death in a single "o"ent of lifeX 7(:( 6e are orn fro" the "o"ent in order to die in its infinite destiny. '1)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7(:) Aord# ho$ far a$ay are $e fro" ourselves $hen $e $ant to understand death. 7(:* I donOt elieve there is a life that is afraid of i""ortality even if it $ould "ean death. 7(:5 9eath !ould never taHe on lifeOs guilt of e1isting. 7(:6 -he guilt of death !an never e1ist. 7(:7 Bou !an settle $ith the stranger inside you only through deathOs a solution. 7(:8 Aife is the slave of the ver to do and this is $hy it sees death as the one that un$raps. 7(:' 9eath fulfills only $ith the !o"plete separation fro" this life. 7(:9 Aife al$ays rea!hes to$ards death# $hile death al$ays eases up fro" the rende2vous $ith life. 7(:: -he ones that are afraid of death are afraid of the path !hosen y life. 7)(( Aife $ants to a andon us and not death. 7)() 9eath defines an a struse of the understanding of our o$n self. 7)(* 9eath !annot !ontain any of the arriers of life through $hi!h it sails ship$re!Hing through "o"ents. '1,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7)(5 Eanity !annot sit together $ith death# e!ause it !annot still e Hno$n as $as $hen alive. 7)(6 5o$ "u!h death there !an e in a nu" er that !an e nu" ered and ho$ "u!h eternity in all that !annot e nu" eredW 7)(7 No ody $ill ever e a le to hide death fro" its o$n self. -his is $hy it still lives. 7)(8 -here is no greater truth in this life than the one in $hi!h you are o ligated to listen to the sy"phony of death together $ith every "o"entOs passing. 7)(' -he "ost alive senti"ent persists only dressed in death in order not to get !old fro" so "u!h life. 7)(9 -he longing for death is the fear of life $hile the fear of death is the "eaning of life. 7)(: 6ithout death $e $ould e too afraid of this $orld. 7))( 5o$ "u!h paradise !an hide the death that so"eti"es frightens lifeX 7))) 9eath dies $here life ends. 7))* No ody Hno$s ho$ itter death is# ut $e Hno$ the suffering of life. 7))5 Aife is the privilege of Hno$ledge and death is the one of un!ertainty. '20

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7))6 -hrough death# even in!ertitude e!o"es a "ystery. 7))7 6hat $ould life do $ithout the "ystery of deathX 7))8 6e need death "ore than life Rust e!ause death lives only in life. 7))' 9eath is the supre"e gift that life "aHes to e1isten!e. 7))9 6ould there e life if $e did not dieX 7)): A life $ithout death $ould e a life $ithout irth. 7)*( In order to Hno$ $hat is eyond death you should Hno$ $hat it is eyond irth. 7)*) Aife !o"es through irth and death is orn through the death of life. 6hose death is the irth of lifeX 7)** -he irth of death is the end of life. 7)*5 5o$ "u!h life and death is there in irthX 7)*6 Everything refle!ts into the "es"eri2ing "irror of instin!t. In!luding irth and death. 7)*7 6e !o"e fro" the irth of life and $e head to$ards the irth of death as naHed as $e !a"e.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7)*8 All that $e are and all that $e do is redu!ed to death# in!luding the planet# the solar syste"# the gala1y# everything. 7)*' -he li"it of death is its o$n irth. 7)*9 Aife has t$o li"its# irth and death# $e Hno$ at the dual lever# good and evil# eauty and ugliness# $hile death has a single li"it Hno$n y us# the one through $hi!h $e die. 7)*: If death $ill not li"it itself to life# it $ould e eternal. -o have a eginning in life "eans to have an end[ it !ouldnOt e infinite through eginningW 7)5( Even if a line $ould infinitely !ontinue# on!e it has a eginning# it is no longer infinite. -he sa"e is for death. 7)5) -he possi ility that death is finite only at an end# the one of death# de"onstrates that even this starts fro" life. 7)5* Everything that starts in life# in!luding death !o"es to end in the sa"e life. -his is the reason $hy the Afterlife e1ists. 7)55 -he Afterlife is a different di"ension that has our di"ension as starting point. 7)56 Everything that has a eginning and an end# in!luding death. 6hat else !an e the '22

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION end of the $orld than the re irth in the AfterlifeX 7)57 Everything that has a eginning has also a develop"ent of that eginning. 9eath $ill develop in its o$n $orld. 7)58 9eath is the a solute that !annot e relative ut only eternal. 7)5' -he true eternity is not in death ut in o livionW O livion is the one that $ill forever leave even death. 7)59 9eath is o livion only for the Illusion of Aife# ut not also for the Afterlife $hi!h starts $ith the a andon"ent of this Illusion of Aife. 7)5: 9eath $ould e a !o"plete o livion if it did not re!eive in its self the infor"ation a out the fa!t that it has started fro" the for"er life that has died. 7)6( 6e !annot Hno$ if through death $e e!o"e eternal only for life and the Illusion of Aife or for the un orn and i""ortal eternity of the EverythingX 7)6) Gor the infinite of the Eternal O livion the entire death is Rust a pie!e of a "o"ent. 7)6* -he entire eternity of the "o"ent is Rust a linH of the destiny in the Eternal O livion. '2(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7)65 6hat it is efore irth as $ell as life of death are only si"ple ri!Hs fro" the infinite edifi!e at the !ore of the Eternal O livion. 7)66 If $e Hne$ the A solute -ruth a out death or life $ould $e e happierX 7)67 -he sense of the life that is $asted or is found the sa"e as in life through i""ortality# it is in death a great lie of the Illusion of Aife. 7)68 6e live liHe $e are eternal in this evanes!ent $orld $here death a$aits $ith its open ar"s# liHe irth has pro a ly on!e a$aited us. 7)6' 9eath is not a profound sleep e!ause $e !annot speaH a out a profound death. 7)69 9eath is not an e1!use through $hi!h life !an sho$ its not that eautiful fa!es. 7)6: Should $e thanH the 8ni?ue Rando"ness for death as $ell as for lifeX 7)7( -hrough death $e get together $ith Dod e!ause Dod as $ell as death !o"es fro" the sa"e 8ni?ue Rando"ness. 7)7) If everything that is gained in life is lost in death then $ho is the $innerX 7)7* 9eath !an never hide the nonsense of e1isten!e. '2&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7)75 In death hides the self of everything and every a!t done in this $orld. 7)76 As far a$ay as $e looH at death against life# as far is the a solute truth fro" the". 7)77 Ne1t to death only its opposite# life# !an stay. 7)78 9eath does not have any opposite esides life# ut also it does not have so"ething si"ilar to it in all the $orld of life. 7)7' -he ig parado1 of life is in feeling alone eside death even $hen $e are a solved through it. 7)79 -he !loser $e feel to death# the "ore the life inside us $ill fulfill its purpose of its o$n irth. 7)7: -he fear of death has given irth to the entire !ulture. 6e live liHe $e $ould e!o"e eternal. Only this $ay $e forget a out death. 7)8( If $e re"e" ered death# if $e truly re!ogni2e death and $e $ould live as "ortals# our entire !ulture $ould disappear# together $ith the prides of life. 7)8) I ga2e at the !ro$d on this oulevard. Every one run $ithout thinHing a "o"ent that he runs to the "o"ent of death. In a !entury# this entire !ro$d $ill e dust# long forgotten '2'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION and taHen y the $inds of vanity that it did not $ant to a!Hno$ledge# to the four $inds. 7)8* 9o the sno$flaHes also elieve they are eternal in their fallX 7)85 6hat !an e greater than to !o"pletely understand deathX 7)86 -his $orldOs purpose is in death. Even the "ost far a$ay gala1ies of our thoughts $ill die so"eday. 7)87 -here is so "u!h death in the ga2e of this $orld that all religions speaH a out sa!rifi!es forged pre!isely in order not to looH the $orld in the eyes. 7)88 9eath is a feast of 9estiny. 7)8' Our destiny is in deathW 7)89 -he one that does not understand death $ill never e a le to a!Hno$ledge his 9estiny. 7)8: -he differen!e et$een 9eath and 9estiny is given only y the Illusion of Aife[ other$ise it $ould not e a differen!e# e!ause our destiny is only in the death that fulfills. 7)'( 6ho !an Hno$ ho$ "u!h need $e have of death in a $orld so alien fro" us.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7)') -he ti"e of death only e1ists as reported to life ut not to death $here the !lo!Hs !an e a sent. 7)'* No ody !an understand his o$n death efore he dies. 7)'5 9eath is liHe the "an# it doesnOt Hno$ $hen it $ill end# elieving it is eternal. 7)'6 6hat does the "an do $ithout deathX 7)'7 6ould there e so"ething left fro" life if it $erenOt for deathX 7)'8 5o$ "any longings does death give irth into this $orldX 7)'' 5o$ has ever truly understood deathX 7)'9 %e al$ays eyond death $ith your entire feeling. It is the $isest possi le thing in this $orld. 7)': 9eath $ill never asH life for pity $hile life $ill al$ays prostate in front of death. 7)9( 9eath is the last great truth of this lifeW 7)9) No ody has ever een a le to love life or to understand death at the sa"e ti"e. 7)9* 6ould the poetry of love still e in this $orld if it $erenOt for deathX 7)95 5o$ far a$ay death is fro" us in the ti"e of this life that $e live as eing eternal. 7)96 Bou $ill never e a le to hide fro" death# ut you $ill fro" lifeW '2*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7)97 9eath is the sharpest lade of the Hnife !alled 9estiny. It $ill surely and forever !ut life. 7)98 If death is the !o"plete self o livion and life is the great "e"ory of the self# it "eans that the "eaning of life is o livion and the one do death is "e"ory. 7)9' 9eath $ould only re"e" er life if it $ere also life. 7)99 If death is the night of life and life is the night of death it "eans that the da$n of death is in life and the one of life in death. 7)9: 5o$ $ould this $orld e $ithout deathX 6hat a out death $ithout the $orldX 7):( If death does not have an end ut only a eginning at the end of life# it "eans the entire death is an eternal eginning of life. 7):) -he friendship et$een death and life is !alled e1isten!e. 7):* If life $ould not give irth to death and death $ould not give irth to life# neither of the" $ould ever e1ist. 7):5 -he $aves of death $ill never reaH the illo$s of longing. 7):6 Only $hen it sno$s $ith life does the sno$ of death set. 7):7 6hen life passes death "aHes "erry. '2)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7):8 Should there e death the only "eaning of the a solute truth that is !on!erning this $orldX 7):' If death is a "eaning# life is the "ira!le that $ill follo$. 7):9 9eath indu!es suffering only to the ones that elieve in life. As they all are the ones that live it "eans that the "eaning of life to end in death is the suffering. 7):: 9eath is the longing that hurts the life of this $orld. 7*(( %eyond death is the ideational nothingness# efore life is the sa"e nothingness. 7*() Should $e e a sparH lighten y nothingness in order to get $ar" y the fire of our suffering to a!Hno$ledge deathX 7*(* 6hy do people open their eyes $hen they die# as long as death !annot e seenX 7*(5 If death is self o livion $hy do $e need to e!o"e a$are of it efore everythingX 7*(6 6hoever sa$ or understood deathOs self o livionX 7*(7 6hen death e!o"es a salvation# life is al$ays the do!tor on !all. 7*(8 9eath is the deepest silen!e fro" all the silen!es s!rea"ed y life. '2,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*(' -he "eaning of death is helped y death to e re orn. 7*(9 -he salvation is in death only $hen life has nothing "ore to say. 7*(: -hrough death any 9estiny see"s to e fulfilled. 7*)( %ehind death# only the love is lift and in front of it# the silen!e. 7*)) Nothing hides "ore death then love# e!ause Rust the fulfill"ent of our 9estiny is in death. 7*)* -here is so "u!h death in the s"ile of this spring of our life that fall definitely $ill see" a great re irth. 7*)5 Aife $ould not e $ithout death. -hus death is the spring fro" $hi!h life taHes $ater in order to e1ist. 7*)6 -he drea" of life appears only in the sleep of death. 7*)7 6hy does only the sleep of death !an drea" lifeX 7*)8 -o $aHe up fro" the sleep of death that drea"s life is liHe you $ould e re orn into the eternal life. 7*)' On!e death is eternal it "eans that it !annot start as it !an never end $hi!h "eans that $e live in the land of death $here '(0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION e!ause of the Illusion of Aife $e have the i"pression that $e $ere orn to die. 7*)9 If everything that !annot end $ould have a eginning it $ould "ean that eginning $ould Rust e!o"e the end to the infinite. 7*): -rue life is $hen you $aHe up fro" the drea" of life that is the life of this $orld. 7**( 6hy the sleep of death does drea"s our life this $ayX 6hy does the entire drea" float on the o!ean of suffering# thirsty of fortunes and hierar!hies as it $ould e eternalX 7**) -o get a$ay fro" death is liHe getting a$ay fro" your o$n sleep in $hi!h you drea" your life. 7*** 6hy !annot $e e !lose to death in the drea" of its o$n sleepX 7**5 5o$ $ould death see" to us $hen $e $ould $aHe up fro" the drea" of lifeX 7**6 -o love death is liHe $hen you reali2e that you drea" its o$n drea" $hen it deeply sleeps on the pillo$ of eternityW 7**7 9eath see"s frightening to us e!ause the drea" of life never $ants to see the da$n of eternity that $ashes the soul of love $ith its divine light. '(1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7**8 I !annot elieve in life $ithout understanding death efore everything. 7**' 9eath is the longing in $hi!h life !an never fulfill. 7**9 -he $ater of death $ill never $ash the evanes!ent shore of suffering and the a surdity of life. 7**: %et$een "e and death only is a single ridge/ life. 7*5( 9eath is lieOs iggest lie. 7*5) 9eath is the $ay in $hi!h life sees !o"plete freedo". 7*5* 9eath is !o"pletely a sent fro" the soul that loves# Rust e!ause it lives the true drea" of the sign of death $hi!h is life. 7*55 -he one that loves the drea" of life $ill never understand the sleep of death e!ause $hen you drea" it you forget that you a!tually sleep. 7*56 Our duty is to $aHe up fro" the drea" of life in the sleep of death# $ashed y the rays of eternity. 7*57 6ho is the one that !an understand life $ithout feeling the vernal flo$ers of death that $ill give irth to the ne$ fruits of 9estiniesX '(2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*58 %y forgetting a out death you forget a out yourself. 7*5' %esides death everything is evanes!ent in this $orld. 7*59 Our $orld is "ore insignifi!ant that a grain of sand in front of the greatness of the 8niverse# $hile ea!h of us are as eternal through death as the 8niverse. 7*5: No one !an Hno$ the notes of the sy"phony of his o$n death. 7*6( On!e $e a$aHe fro" the sleep of death# $here $e have drea"ed life# our entire universe falls apart# forgetting death forever or re"inding it as a night"are. 7*6) Only a$aHen fro" the sleep of life $ill $e e a le to really understand the drea" of i""ortality. 7*6* In front and ehind life is the sleep of death. -here !annot e sleep $ithout $aHe liHe there !annot e death $ithout life. 6hat else !an the sleep of life e than so"e night of the eternal lifeX 7*65 6ho is the one that drea"s our life fro" the sleep of deathX 6ho is the one that sleeps for ea!h usX 6ho is the one that is so tired that he sleeps drea"ing our o$n lifeX '((

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*66 -he universe is i""ense only for the infinite of the drea" of life and not for the infinite of death. 7*67 Ea!h life has its o$n 9estiny# thus its o$n drea". It "eans that every drea" is drea"ed y a different person for ea!h of us# person that sleeps the sleep of our death for us to drea" that $e are in this life. 7*68 6ho is the one that drea"s "y life in the sleep of death and $hyX Could it e "y o$n stranger fro" "yselfX 7y alter egoX Could it "e everything that even I !annot Hno$ a out "yselfX 7*6' 5o$ far a$ay fro" "e is death $hen I forget to live "y life. 7*69 Nothing !an e "ore defying than understanding that death is the only pheno"enon that !annot die in this $orld. 7*6: 6hen you $ill Hno$ ho$ to re!ogni2e death# any reason e!o"es $orthless. 7*7( 6hat !an there e "ore irrational than life in front of deathX 7*7) 6hen you speaH a out death# never say that if it $erenOt for life it $ould e!o"e eternal. On the !ontrary# it $ould never e1ist.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*7* 5o$ "u!h death the !ried eyes of the hori2ons that die $ith ea!h sunset and are re orn $ith every sunriseX 7*75 O livion is deathOs splendor seen through the eyes of death. 7*76 No ody !an Hno$ the "o"ent of death if death "eans forgetting everything. 7*77 -o e in death "eans to e in non+ e1isten!e# thus not to e# ut even in death not to e "eans life. 7*78 Bou $ill never find so"ething "ore understanding than death. Anything you $ould do# it $ill understand you and taHe you under its prote!tive $ing. 7*7' 9eath e1ists only as you are a$are that you are alive. 7*79 -o !onsider death outside life is liHe you $ould !onsider that you !an live $ithout dyingW 7*7: 5o$ sad !an death e for the ones that live their life as they $ould e eternal. 7*8( 9eath !annot e on this side or the other side of life ut only in life# in our Hno$ledge. 7*8) %eyond life# death is not death e!ause it "aHes our entire Hno$ledge disappear. '('

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*8* 9eath is a pheno"enon as natural as the life fro" $hi!h it is orn. 7*85 9eath often rings suffering for the ones that are left ehind# Rust e!ause life !annot a!!ept that is has lost the suffering of the one that has left. 7*86 9oes anyone !o"e a!H fro" death or fro" life efore his o$n irthX 7*87 No rusty leaf !an turn green# liHe no "an !an live on!e fallen fro" the tree of life# $hile the sa"e tree !an ud ne1t spring. 7*88 In order to learn ho$ to live $e needed an afterlife $ith its infernos and paradises. In order to learn ho$ to die $e "ust understand efore everything $hy $e needed to uild an afterlifeX 7*8' -he $orld in $hi!h $e live needs death "ore than it needs life e!ause $ithout death# life $ill not give irth to anythingW 7*89 9eath $ill never e far enough fro" you to let you live the drea" of life only in $orry and need. It $ill al$ays e an a solution. 7*8: 6ithout the a solution of death# life $ould $orthily fulfill its tasH# the one to !o"pletely Hill the freedo" of your o$n spirit. '(>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*'( -hrough death# any end e!o"es a eginning. 7*') 9eath is eyond the li"it of life# ut $hat is eyond the li"it of deathX 7*'* 5ope !an or !annot fulfill in life e!ause $e Hno$ the t$o opposites# good and evil. 9o hopes ever fulfill in death $here it see"s that are no oppositesX I $ill say yes. Only one hope and only of the one that has desired deathW 7*'5 -he !louds of life $ill never shado$ the sun of death. 7*'6 6hat else !an e death than deaf e!o s!rea"ed y the A solute -ruth of this lifeOs 9estinyX 7*'7 9o not run a$ay fro" death e!ause you $ill run fro" yourself. 7*'8 Bou $ill never understand life if you $ill not "aHe a tru!e $ith death. 7*'' -he purpose of death is to give life its shine and the one of life is to hate death. 6hi!h is the "ost honestX 7*'9 Never elieve in life e!ause it plays falsely through its o$n illusion of good and evil# eing a le to de!eit you or leave you in any "o"ent. 9eath in return# $ill never leave or de!eive you. '(*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*': 6e !an all e sure of one thing in this life and that is death. 7*9( 6e all thinH at least on!e in our lives at the ti"e of death# $ithout reali2ing that death does not have a ti"e e!ause it does not have te"porality. 7*9) -o end up !lean on the land of death you first "ust ne!essarily "op your feet on the rug of life. 7*9* Oh death# ho$ !an you ear up $ith us Hno$ing that $e reathe through you# that every reath gets us !loser to your delivering ar"s and "ost of us hate youX 7*95 9eath e1ists as long as $e Hno$ it. 7*96 6e !an dispense $ith anything in this life# ut $e !an never dispense $ith death. 7*97 7ad is the one that hides fro" death ut rave is the one that defeats life. 7*98 Bou $ill love life for nothing e!ause it $ill still fulfill in death. 7*9' 9o not drea" a out life ut drea" a out death. -his is $hy you $ere orn# only to die. 7*99 -he only truth that stays in front of death is irth.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*9: %irth is the first "o"ent that $ill flo$ on the river of life to$ards the i""inent o!ean of death. 7*:( 5o$ $ould our destiny looH liHe if it did not fulfill in death ut in lifeX It $ould e infernal. 7*:) Never looH for the inferno in death# ut only in life. 7*:* 9eath e1ists only as long as you Hno$ it# the sa"e is the paradise or the inferno of the Afterlife. On!e forgotten they all disappear. 7*:5 9eath is the only thing that disappears through its o$n self and "eaning. If you forget everything on!e you enter death# even the death that is referred to you $ill disappear. 7*:6 Aife is a "e"ory# $hile death is the o livion of this "e"ory. 7*:7 5o$ "any of us $ould not $ant to forget the "e"ory of lifeX %ut ho$ "any of us are afraid of deathX 7*:8 Aife has !reated us an evil and unfair $orld Rust that $e love deathX 7*:' %less you# $ho have understood the "eaning of death in the great love of your life. '(,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7*:9 Bou $ill never find than in this $orld the true dead. 7*:: -he a solute of li erty is in death. 75(( Bou !annot e freer any$here else than in death. 75() -rue $isdo" is in !on!iliating $ith your o$n death. 75(* -here is so "u!h infinity is in death# ut $e are as in!apa le to Hno$ it as $e !annot "aHe anything fro" $hat it is eyond the 8niverse. 75(5 9eath as $ell as life !an e defined through "o"ents. -he differen!e !onsist is that life is a long pro!ession of "o"ents $hile death hides the eternity of a single "o"ent. -hen ho$ "any ti"es do $e die during a single lifeX 75(6 6hat differen!e is et$een the silen!e of death and the deaf !ry of lifeX 75(7 All that is left to life is the dust that it has on!e rented to the soul. 6hile death $ill left $ith the soul. -his is $hy $e "ust live for death and not at all for life. 75(8 Aearn ho$ to die. -his is the path to the 9ivine Aight.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 75(' No "atter ho$ eddy are the $aves of the o!ean of life# they $ill never e a le to reaH the !o""anding ro!H of death. 75(9 -he one that hides fro" death in life# is not a$are that he travels in every "o"ent of life# the deathO eternity of that "o"ent. 75(: -here is no igger vanity than life liHe there is no igger truth than death. 75)( Only through death $ill you e a le to rea!h the eternal a solute. 75)) -he fear of death is the iggest de!eit of life. 5o$ "any sufferings had to endure the one that died youngX 75)* 9eath see"s to e uried in darHness only for life. 75)5 Al$ays looH at death as a sour!e and a supporter of life and not as its destroyer. 6hat $ould life do $ithout deathX 6hat a out god $ithout 9evilX Or good $ithout evilX It re"ains to e seen $hi!h one of these opposites elongs to death. 75)6 -he entire o!ean of the "o"ents of life !an e put in a single drop of the "o"ent fro" the $ater of deathW 75)7 If it $erenOt for death# longing and its poetry $ould not e orn. '&1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 75)8 -he entire eauty of life !an shine only if it is refle!ted in the "irror of life. 75)' Bou !an only e sure in life and not in death. 75)9 -he illusion of life is the gate through $hi!h you enter the e"pire of death. 75): -he sa"e as you !a"e into life you $ill go into death. Bou $ill leave ehind everything you have re!eived in this life. 75*( On!e dead# this $orld $ill disappear for you forever if you !annot re"e" er it. -he "e"ory is the essen!e of life and the only "eaning given to life y death. 75*) All your $ords and hopes# all your a!hieve"ents and loves# they are only Har"a in front of the i""inent death. 75** 6hat is the "ost pre!ious thing in this $orldX -he a sen!e of faith in life or the a sen!e of faith in deathX -his is the !ause of this $orldOs vanity. 75*5 Everything that is and espe!ially everything that is not it first of all due to death as an opposite of life. 75*6 Are you eaten# roHen or disoriented in front of deathX -hinH that the entire $orld is as you are in front of death. '&2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 75*7 -he reason for $hi!h the After$orld has e!o"e a !ontinuation of our $orld is efore everything e!ause of the need of the ones that have su!!eeded under this sun to have a !ontinuity of their su!!ess. 75*8 No "atter ho$ thorough the vanity of life $ould $ash in the $ater of death# it still is dirty. 75*' If death is o livion it "eans that it is the "ost i"portant al" of life. 6e often live forgetting a out death. 75*9 -he one that $ants to live eternally forgets that he !an do it only y dying eternally $ith every "o"ent that passesW 75*: 6e die $ith every "o"ent through $hi!h $e pass Rust e!ause life does not lets us find ourselves entering forever in the eternity of that "o"ent. 755( 9eath is the !ro$n of thorns of life# so ne!essary to our o$n salvation. 755) 6e have left fro" $hat the Illusion of Aife defines as e"ptiness in order to $aHe up in this drea" !alled life only to Hno$ that $e !an dieX 755* 9eath $as never a "oral !hoi!e for life. '&(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7555 Only if life $ere "oral $ould the $ill to !o""it sui!ide e an i""oral path. 7556 Bou !annot get a$ay fro" death[ you !an get a$ay only fro" yourself. 7557 9eath dies together $ith it. 7558 Aife is only the ridge et$een the t$o ig unHno$ns of the Illusion of Aife# efore and after it. 6e !o"e fro" no$here and $e $alH to$ards it as $e !o"e fro" the past and $alH to$ards the future. 6e live only $ith the present $hose "o"ent $e ignore every ti"e y passing to the ne1t one# in order not to die. 755' 6hat $ould e left of death if the veil of the Illusion of Aife $ill e taHen fro" the fa!e of our "o"entsX 7559 Never denigrate the one $ho is dead e!ause in death there is no fault and no "isdeed as is in the Illusion of Aife. 755: 5onor the dead as often as you !an even for the fa!t that they have s$a" in front of you through the vain $ater of life# $ashing $ith their o$n 9estinyOs fulfill"ent. 756( 9o not forget that in this $orld all the uds that flo$er give irth to the leaves that $ill rust. -his is $hy the $hole splendor of life has death as purposeW '&&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 756) 9eath is as Hind $ith the envious one# the s!urvy and the !o$ard as it is $ith the one fortunate# ri!h or hard$orHing. It re!eives all in the sa"e "anner in its Hingdo" as a fulfill"ent of its o$n 9estiny. 756* All the fa!es that pass today in the street $ill e $hite ones to"orro$ in a !e"etery. All that is left ehind us in this $orld is the "e"ory. If $e all forgot this $orld# it $ould not e1ist any"ore. 7565 5o$ far a$ay see"s the 9estiny fro" death and still the 9estiny fulfills every ti"e only through death. 7566 As the light of the stars !o"es alive in our $orld although in their $orld they are long ago dead# the 9ivine Aight of our souls $ill !o"e alive in another $orld as $ell. 7567 Even our "e"ory $ill disappear so"eday fro" this $orld as if $e $ere never orn# ut also the "e"ory of this $orld fro" the 8niverse# liHe it had never e1isted. 9oes it e1istX 7568 As $e see gala1ies and stars that are long ago gone in the distan!es of the 8niverse# the sa"e so"eone else $ill e a le to see our "e"ory in $orlds a out $hi!h $e donOt even Hno$ they $ill ever e1istX '&'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 756' 8ntil $here the light of the dead stars $ill rea!hX 6hat a out the 9ivine Aight of our soulsX 7569 %e!ause the light of the stars dead long ago $ill never stop# traveling forever ne$ $orlds of the future# the sa"e $ill the 9ivine Aight of our souls $ill never stop. 756: As stars taHe the "ost far a$ay past of the 8niverse in the "ost far a$ay future through their light it "eans that there is a !ertain future eyond any future of our $orld that !an narrate the "e"ories or everything# thus e!o"ing eternal. Could this a solute of the future e the AfterlifeX 757( 7an e!o"es a saint only through life. 757) San!tity is the only la$ that is give y death to life. 757* 6ithout death# even Dod $ould e!o"e a si"ple !onRurer. 7575 If life defines legiti"a!y# death defines the !haos fro" $here this legiti"a!y "ust e ordered. 7576 -he !haos of death $ill never e e?ual to the one of life. 7577 %eyond any future lies the eternity of the future that !o"es fro" the eternity of the '&>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION past# $hi!h in turn "ust e!o"e the purpose of another te"porary !ause# !o"ing to the eternity of te"porary infinities. -he te"porary infinity "eans that Rust the a sen!e of ti"e. -hus $e !o"e fro" death and $e return to death. 7578 No ody !an "aHe a "istaHe in death# ut only in life. 757' -o Hno$ that you Hno$ ho$ "u!h you !annot Hno$ in life is the first step to$ards understanding death. 7579 6hen you dole out for dead you give a$ay a part of your soulOs light# the love that the need so "u!h in the Afterlife# $here our $orld is repla!ed y the 9ivine Aight of love. 757: -he "ore you $ill !herish and love the dead the "ore a s"all part of your soulOs 9ivine Aight $ill pave the path that you $ill also taHe# giving at the sa"e ti"e the spiritual food to the ones that !an only feed $ith love e!ause our Dod is love. 758( -he "ore profoundly you $ill love in life the easier it $ill e to !ross the threshold et$een the t$o $orlds. If you radiate love you $ill e repaid $ith love. 758) No ody !an understand $hy life e1ists liHe no ody !an Hno$ $hy death e1ists. All '&*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION that $e !an Hno$ is to feel a !ertain $ay and that is all. 758* No ody !an ever sho$ you the star of you death e!ause no ody !an see it esides you. 7585 6hat different is life fro" death and ho$ ne!essary is one to the other. 7586 No "atter ho$ good a player $e are at the ga"e $ith life# the ga"e $ith death is still the one in $hi!h $e $ill $in. 7587 Never underesti"ate the greatness of death e!ause this is eternal as opposed to the perenniality of life. 7588 Dod is love. 6e are a part of DodOs love. Could death e all that !an e !on!eived to this loveX Bes# I $ill ans$er. %ut only that death# !onsidered y life to e death and not the true death that if is not seen through the Illusion of Aife "eans a !o"pletely different thing. 758' Only the ones that !annot see the 9ivine Aight of their souls are afraid of death. 7589 Gear and suffering is all that life usually gives us $hen $e thinH a out death. 758: I elieve in the 9ivine Aight of your heart "y love and that is $hy I $ish $e !ould hide in the eternity of a "o"ent fro" $here '&)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION $e should never pass through the life of the death of the $ords said only to e forgotten. 75'( 5o$ "u!h feeling !an ear the death of this $orld that tells you ho$ to live your lifeX 75') I a" a rusty leaf of life that sear!hes its alleviation in the eternity of death. 75'* All the $ords in the $orld !annot $orth a single ga2e of yours $hen I a" lost in the tear of the $orld $hi!h finds only in the eternity of death its true rillian!y and that is !alled love. 75'5 9eath e!o"es truly fulfilled through love and life e!o"es defeated forever. 75'6 6hat $ould $e do in this life if $e !ould not love and die fro" so "u!h loveX 75'7 6here goes the $ind of senti"ents that taHes the s"oHe of $ords in o livionX 6hat a out the sun of love that sets after a day of longing that Rust endsX -o$ards death or Rust to$ards the death of this evanes!ent lifeX 75'8 -he one that does not elieve in death !an never love. 75'' -he one that loves death# !hasing every fear a$ay# $ill e a le to re orn in his soul. '&,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 75'9 Could $e still e orn $ithout deathX 75': As the ti"e of death is infinite the sa"e "ust e!o"e its spa!e. -his is $hy all the stars in the 8niverse are Rust a s"all shred fro" deathOs greatness. 759( I $ill elieve in life only $hen it $ill have the !ourage to sho$ us that part of its illusion $hi!h is not afraid of death any"ore. 759) -hrough fear of death# life sho$s the fyHes of its o$n !o$ardi!e. 759* 6ould there e hope $ithout deathX 7595 -here is no "ore destru!tive longing than the longing of death. 7596 6here are those that elieved in life along "illenniaX In deathW 7597 -he only truth that life !an say to the ones that pass through it is/ death. 7598 -o Heep your a!H turned death and looH only life in the fa!e is liHe turning your a!H to the truth ut also to your true 9estiny that !an only fulfill through death. 759' 5as anyone s$a" in the $ater of death in order to Hno$ if it is !old or $ar"# dirty or !learX 7599 -he differen!e et$een death and life is only in the truth. One of these lies. Could it e deathX I dou t that. ''0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 759: 9eath is and $ill re"ain the iggest unHno$n part of this life. 75:( If in life $e have the unHno$n and death is its opposite# it "eans that in death $e $ould have the Hno$nX 75:) If the true Hno$n $ould e death and the unHno$n life through the Illusion of Aife# it "eans that the only true Hno$n is that $e Hno$ that $e do not Hno$. 75:* Should death e the tear that hides our iggest loveX Should it e this $ater of death that athes the $alls of our soulOs lifeX 75:5 5o$ !ould I not elieve in the ray of light of the eyes of eternity in death that reaH "e a$ay fro" this a Re!t and dirty $orldX 75:6 Oh death# help "e liveW 75:7 6hat !ould I understand $ithout death in this lifeX 75:8 Gar a$ay does the longing hurt# far a$ay does the light of the stars travel# far a$ay has re"ained everything that there is# is not and $ill e. Gar a$ay have all these re"ained in the heart of death. 75:' 9eath is the only profound verse of this poe" that $ants to e life.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 75:9 Nothing !an e !older to life than $hen it is for!ed to $ash itself $ith the $ater of life at every setting of 9estiny. 75:: Only death !an understand the "adness of this life and taHes it under its $ing. 76(( If death $ould e life it $ould e an eternal path of sighing. 76() 6hy does the life inside of us !ry after the one that left on the path of deathX 76(* I see you in "y heart $ith every eat of 9estiny# you# the great freedo" of "y eing eyond "e that it is !alled 9eath. 76(5 Only in death $ill I understand the $hisper of the 9estiny that gave irth to "e in this $orld of sorro$. 76(6 Never suffer for the one that is gone in death e!ause your life is a shred of suffering for the ig o!ean of silen!e that is death. 76(7 -he fear of death is the greatest lie that life !an tell you. 76(8 9eath is the a solute li erty ut also the a solute truth that guards life. 76(' Is there an a solute in this lifeX 6hen you have everything you reali2e that you donOt have anything. 6here else !an this a solute e than in deathX ''2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 76(9 -here never is and there $ill never e the ga"e $ith death e!ause of the si"ple fa!t that death $ill never play $ith you liHe life does. Bou !an only play $ith life. 76(: Can so"eone e "ore or less deadX %y no "eansW -hat is $hy you should !o"pletely trust death. It $ill never de!eive you. 76)( 6e are soul and ashes# stellar dust and delusion# in return $e have the iggest advantage of these e1isten!e/ 9eathW 76)) I never Hne$ that I !ould tea!h the death inside "e ho$ to die and the life in "y lood ho$ to live only $hen I reali2ed that I !annot die $ithout living and not live $ithout leaning on death. 76)* I "iss you# "ore than the entire o!ean of life that I !an held in the pal"s of "y death $ith so "u!h longing for you. 76)5 -he steps of death $ill never leave indeli le "arHs in this $orld. 76)6 -he Hey of life opens the door of $isdo"# truth and spiritual light only if you elieve in death. 76)7 5o$ far a$ay so"eti"es is death fro" "e and ho$ hard life see"s then. ''(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 76)8 Never say no and never e!ause everything ends in that ever. 76)' Can so"ething truly e1ist in front of death that it is not vanityX 76)9 6hat !an die is free of itself. 76): -ell "e death# $hat does "atter to you in this $orldX 76*( 6hat $ould $e do $ithout the death inside us# $hi!h !o"es $ith every "inute that passesX 76*) -ell "e death# $hat is the "eaning that you !an give life other than the one of the vanity of vanitiesX 76** If the faded roses of life !an hurt and sigh in front of death# death $ill never hurt and sigh in front of life. 76*5 -hanH death that you e1istW 76*6 Gorget life for everything that has done to you# for the fa!t that it lets death to you as the last option ne1t to you for the rest of your e1isten!e. 76*7 6e are forgiven so $e !an dieW 76*8 I adore you death e!ause you are the only that understands the pain of life. 76*' No ody !an ever e prepared y death $ithout eing let y life for it. ''&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 76*9 Bou $ill rea!h the eternal love only through death. 76*: -o love $ithout death is liHe living $ithout life. 765( In death nothing !an die. 765) 6hy $hen $e !annot stand life $e run in deathX 6as there so"eone that not standing death has !o"e a!H to lifeX 765* -he "eaning of the e1isten!e is fulfilled only in death. 7655 -o forget a out death is liHe $hen you forget a out you. 7656 9o not try to Hill death. 7657 6as life ever "ore sin!ere than in front of deathX 7658 Bou !annot give a!H to life $hat you o$e to death. 765' 9eath $ill never e a sent fro" the !ount of "o"ents. 7659 Bou !an trip on death a single ti"e even if you have fallen !ountless ti"es in life. 765: %e free of any fear e!ause you !an die. 766( 8nderstand death as a ne$ eginning and not as an end. 766) -hey all speaH a out the eauty of the life full of pain# forgetting to re"e" er the '''

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION eauty of death Rust e!ause its unHno$n does not hurt and it does not feel the one that has passed overX 766* Bou $ill never e a le to speaH a out the eternity of life $hile you !an speaH a out the eternity of death. -he eternity !an never dieW 7665 -he last dra"# the last "e"ory of this life $ill pass $ith you in the eternity forever. -his is your eternity. 7666 %e sure that no life is not $orth even the thinnest pie!e of death. 7667 9o not elieve in life ut in death. Bou live in order to die. 7668 -he life is not dying# ut everything that is in it and is al$ays orn# liHe death is not the one dies# ut everything that is in it and al$ays dies. -hus the true e1isten!e is death and not life. 766' 9eath never repeats itself. It is the only sy"phony $here the aria of eternity is sung $ithout any rehearsal. 7669 9eath $ill not gather your thoughts ut it $ill gather you. 766: 6here !an there e "ore sin!erity than in eternity and $here !an eternity e other than in deathX ''>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 767( -he flo$er of death !an never fade e!ause it !annot die. 767) -he lindness of life is the one that does not let us understand death. 767* If 9estiny $ould not fulfill in death# the entire life $ould e an a solute truth. 7675 No ody !an e a sent at his rende2vous $ith death on the station $here the train of life is al$ays late. 7676 Although life !alls you so "any ti"es in every "o"ent that it has at the roulette of vanity# death $ill only !all you on!e and then it $ill $in the Ra!Hpot. 7677 -he one that !o""its sui!ide !hooses the path of his o$n eternity. 7678 I !annot elieve in the i""ortality of life ut only in the one of death. 767' 9o you Hno$ if it has ever een a love that is not lost in deathX 7679 Cra2y is the one afraid of death and not of life. 767: 5as death ever hurt# !ried or sufferedX 768( 9eath does not lie e!ause it is not life. 768) -he angel of death does not elieve in the Illusion of Aife. ''*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 768* 6e $ere uilt to e eternal and i""ortal through our 9estiny that fulfills only in the eternity of death. 7685 Only in life is an a yss et$een the 2ephyr of love and the !urse of separation. -here is never one in death. 7686 6ithout death# life $ould e the first to taHe its pla!e. 7687 -o fight an entire life in order to die dignifiedW 7688 If $e Hne$ that $e die $ould $e still fight to liveX 768' -he one eaten y the fight of life $ill learn the easiest $ay to die. 7689 If death $erenOt in the 9estiny of this $orld $ould $e still run after perfe!tionX 768: I desire you "ore than this $orld !ould desire the i""inen!e of death. 76'( I a" a ran!h fallen out of your ga2eOs hair and taHe y the !old $ind of lifeOs t$ilight to$ards the heart full of o livion of the death that $ill eat the hour of a $orld lost fro" everything that has een our greatest love. 76') I have seen "any things in this $orld ut I $asnOt lu!Hy to see only a thing/ 9eath. '')

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 76'* Should the se!re!y of death e the !up fro" $hi!h our $ords drinH their lifeX 76'5 5o$ "any hopes life has Hilled and fro" ho$ "any $ere orn y deathX 76'6 %ut the "eaning of death !an e i""ova le in lifeOs tra!es full of o livion. 76'7 9eath is a ig a sen!e for the one that has disappeared and often an insupporta le pain for the life of the one that is left. 76'8 -he !e"eteries are the only pla!es $here all the presen!es of the ones that have !rossed the threshold of life are their ig a sen!es. 76'' No$here $ill you find a $orld of a sen!e than in a graveyard. 76'9 Bou have asHed "e surprised $hy do I a sently looH at the steps of your $ords that often hurt "e $ith their tra!es deeply i"planted in the dust of "y odyX %e!ause our 9estiny is death. 76': -he a sen!e of your death in this $orld "eans your presen!e eyond the Illusion of Aife. -his is $hy $e drea". 769( -he one that reaths the air of i""inent death in the $orld of vanity $ill understand that the hori2on of fulfill"ent !an '',

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION never e !aught in the fists full of s$eat of this life. 769) -here is no saint that has loved life "ore than deathW 769* -he "eaning of true san!tity is to understand death y loving. 7695 -he san!tity of death is the supre"e ideal that any angel should rea!h e!ause death is eternity and a solute# is infinite and i""ensity. 7696 Oh Dod# ho$ hard is death for the ones that !annot understand the evanes!en!e of life and the struggle of the "o"ents that lose their eternities at this $orldOs vanity roulette. 7697 In death you !an never e alone# even if you are a sent. 7698 Bou find the great loneliness only in life and not in death. 769' -ell "e god $hy havenOt you left us a life that !an get along $ith death. 7699 Bou $ill never e a le to say never in death. 769: -here is so "u!h fogginess in deathOs ga2e that even drea"s stray forever. 76:( In death even a surdity loses its "eaning. '>0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 76:) Bou !annot e far or !lose in death[ you !an only e in death. 76:* 6hy is death so re"ote to life even though one !annot e $ithout the otherX 76:5 6hat $ould happen if life $ould "aHe pea!e $ith death and death $ith lifeX 76:6 6ithout death# $ithout dying day after day# $ould $e still e a le to tear of a page fro" the !alendar of lifeX 76:7 -here is no $ay in et$een in death. 76:8 6hat !an e "ore honest than death and "ore dishonest than lifeX 76:' 9eath never runs after your 9estiny e!ause this happens only in it. 76:9 5o$ "u!h death !an there e in a 9estiny that leans its entire life on death to e!o"e a solved through it in the endX 76:: Aife dies $ith every "o"ent $hile death e!o"es fulfilled. 77(( If death $ould not feed $ith life $ould 9estiny still e their !ooHX 77() 9o not deprive yourself fro" death in the "o"ents of your life e!ause only in its eternity $ill you e a le to give a "eaning to life. 77(* 5as death ever disappointed anyoneX 77(5 6ho !an e de!eived y deathX '>1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 77(6 9eath $ill never e a sent fro" the fulfill"ent of your life. 77(7 -here is no "o"ent of happiness that did not !hose death $ith the irth of a ne$ day. 77(8 Even pain dies in the end together $ith life. 77(' -he "ost profound and urning longing is the longing for death. 77(9 Even death e!o"es life through love. 77(: Only the ones that learn to die an entire life !an e!o"e saints. 77)( On the shrine of death are !o""itted the good and the evil of life ut not the great loves. 77)) 9eath gives "eaning to life and love. 77)* -he great loves are deathless e!ause together $ith the deathOs star !ross the a soluteOs eternity. 77)5 -here is no eternity $ithout death and no end $ithout life. 77)6 9eath does not Hill# ut life does. 77)7 -o deprive yourself of death is liHe elieving that life is eternal. 77)8 Bou should not e afraid of death ut of life. 9eath does not hurt and does not e1ist '>2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION traveling the "o"ents that !an do you good or har" you. 77)' 9eath is the great a sen!e of life. 77)9 If death is not the Dreat 7e"ory of life than neither the After+life !annot e1ist a!!ording to the pattern of life. 77): 5as death ever reRe!ted any odyX 77*( 9eath never "ade a differen!e to the "o"ent that has elongated in so"eoneOs eternity. 77*) Any insignifi!ant soul e!o"es the !reator of his o$n eternal "o"ent# his o$n $orld through death. 77** Only through the eternity of death !an you e together $ith DodOs eternity. 77*5 -here are "ore stars in the 8niverse than the grains of sand on all the ea!hes of this $orld. On!e they are dead# all these stars enter in "e"ory $ith their o$n light that $ill travel eternally defying spa!e and ti"e in order to e a le to shine in an evening over an QI love youI $ritten y a shaHy hand on one of the ea!hes of the 8niverse# $here every grain of sand is a star. 77*6 4lease life# let "y death aloneW 77*7 9o not "isunderstand your o$n death $hen you are afraid of life. '>(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 77*8 -here is no a!tor that !an play his o$n death. 77*' 9eath is not a play ut the only thing serious in this $orld. 77*9 -he purpose of your death is the only role that !annot e given to so"eone else. 77*: Even pani! or despair that so"e feel in front of death elongs to life. 775( 9o not define death $ith the ter"s of life e!ause you $ill e under a itter delusion. 775) -he one that does not listen to death "aHes the iggest "istaHe to hi"self. 775* Should death e the great "e"ory of this $orldX 7755 9o not try to outdo your o$n death e!ause you "ight lose even at the roulette of your o$n 9estiny. 7756 Bou $ill never e a le to !ount the nu" er of your death. 7757 Never feel e" arrassed regarding death. It does not have inhi itions. 7758 9eath is not a duty or o ligation ut a !ertainty and thatOs all. 775' -he one that $ill insult death $ill e the $orst ene"y of his o$n 9estiny that is fulfilled through death. '>&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7759 A $orld $ithout death is a $orld that does not e1ist. 775: No star $ould have ever shined if it $erenOt destined to the death and the light that $ill travel eternal through it. 776( Only the fool is afraid of death and not of diseases# old age or the suffering of life# forgetting that death !annot e si!H and does not suffer or hurt. 776) Eternity is a!Hno$ledged in life and is lived in death. 776* -here !annot e a igger vanity than to elieve in the i""ortality of life. 7765 -he true i""ortality is in the eternity of death. 7766 6hy life $ould e afraid of death if its death diedX 7767 -he life of life and the death of death. 5ere are t$o identi!al things. 7768 In the end $hat is the differen!e et$een the drea" of life and the one of deathX 776' All that is left for us in this life is death. 7769 Never athe in the $ater of life $ithout Hno$ing to s$i" in death. '>'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 776: -here $ill al$ays e a ne$ day to"orro$ ut not for your death. 777( -ry to elieve in yourself re"e" ering death. Only then $ill you truly life. 777) In death# any $inning ti!Het e!o"es the $inner of its o$n lu!H. 777* 5as any ody rested in the death that does not "aHe you tiredX 7775 -he de$ of death never falls on the da$n that $ill !o"e ut only on the one that is eternal# $hi!h $ill never !o"e of leave. 7776 5o$ "u!h death is in o livion and ho$ "u!h o livion is in deathW 7777 -he one that forgets dies together $ith its o$n o livion. 7778 One never !rosses through death e!ause death helps you !ross the threshold of eternity. 777' -he hope in death# this is the last gift of life. 7779 6hy do $e live liHe $e $ould e!o"e eternal if $e are afraid of deathX 777: 6as ever torn a page fro" the !alendar of deathX 778( 5o$ "u!h death is in this $orld and ho$ "u!h $orld is in deathX '>>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 778) %e honest $ith yourself and looH after the death inside you. Bou $ill find it in o livion# "e"ory# drea" and 9estiny. 778* 6herever you go $ith your heart# soul# "ind and ody# you head to$ards death[ this is $hy you !an never e lost on the path of death. 7785 -he one that sear!hes the light through the darHness of life $ill find it at the !o"ing of the da$n of a great love that $ill desire the vanity to !ross over the death it !annot !ross. 7786 Bour death $ill never !o"e for you ut only for the othersW 7787 Only you $ill e a sent fro" your o$n death. 7788 6hy are you afraid of deathX No ody $as ever present at his o$n death. 778' Only the great loves and saints !an truly understand death. 7789 -he one that sees death as a divine punish"ent !annot understand that e!ause it is not life it !annot punish or hate. 778: Bou !annot get a$ay in life# not even fro" the a sen!e of your o$n death. 77'( -he a sen!e of death defines life# ut the a sen!e of your o$n death to you does not define the AfterlifeX '>*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 77') Not death is the one that Rudges you ut the a sen!e of your o$n life in the Afterlife# of good and ad ha its# $here you have rea!hed through your a sen!e in front of you death. 77'* If death is o livion# your death $ill first of all forget a out yourself e!ause you are the ig a sent at the ti"e that $ill eat your great passing. 77'5 -his $orld is a "o"ent roHen fro" deathOs eternity. 77'6 -he Afterlife is the Dreat 7e"ory of eternity. 77'7 Only the eternity of the "o"ent of a great love !an resist the a sen!e of your o$n death. -his is $hy the saints love y learning to die happy. 77'8 -he true san!tity is in love and in death. -hey oth are united through eternity. 77'' Bou !an only e alive through death. 77'9 No "atter ho$ a sent $e are at our o$n death# the soul $ill have to reali2e in the end that it has to !ross the threshold et$een the $orlds# heading to$ards the light of eternity. %ut it $ill not a!!o"plish its death ut its resurre!tion. '>)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 77': Only for the life in this $orld there is death. 779( -he souls that are not ready to pass the ridge to$ards the 6orld of Aight or the 6orld of the Afterlife and stay linHed to this $orld or the 6orld of the Afterlife are the unhappy. 779) Even the stars live eternally in the 6orld of Aight as the souls "ust live# these stars that $ill light $ith their shine "any other $orlds. 779* 9o not e afraid of the 6orld of Aight after death. Everything that you have left in this $orld is nothing else than death. 7795 6hat $as left out of you in the graveyards of this $orld is not you# ut the death of this $orld inside you. 7796 -he one that are desperately linHed to this $orld do not understand that are linHed $ith death e!ause death e1ists only in the life of this real". 7797 If life $ould not have to tea!h us ho$ to die# it $ould not e1ist. 7798 6hy !ry this $orld of sorro$X 779' Even the odies of so"e stars have so long ago died# ut the light of their eternity shines even no$ y !rossing our $orld as '>,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION $ell. 6hy not e a starX 6hy not !ross the threshold et$een the $orldsX 7799 All that is left fro" us is love e!ause Dod is love also. -his is $hy# in order to easily step over the threshold to$ards the 6orld of the After Aight# you $ill have to e loved enough. 779: Even the light of love in the After$orld !an see" darHness for the ones that do not love. 77:( -he 6orld of the After Aight !an e!o"e a darH inferno for the ones that dispensed the"selves $ith the "ost i"portant gift re!eived fro" Dod/ AoveW 77:) Only $hen loving you $ill understand the light inside yourself and through it# $hen it is "eant for you# the After$orld. 77:* -he 6orld of the After Aight is a $orld of love. 77:5 6e live a life in this $orld in order to understand ho$ to love and to e loved# Rust to truly understand the DodOs paradise fro" the After$orld. 77:6 6ithout truly Hno$ing $hat love is $e !ould not Hno$ paradise and not even Dod in the After$orld. '*0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 77:7 -here is no greater evil than to not Hno$# not o e a le to and not to learn ho$ to love Hno$ing that the 6orld of the After Aight a$aits you. 77:8 9eath and pain "ean life. 77:' 6e !an have only a death to taHe all our "o"ents lost at the roulette of life. 77:9 9o not thro$ a$ay the eternity of your soulOs light in the vain a surdities of so!iety. 9eath does not forgive any ody. 77:: Aeave the dust inside you to the si!H hierar!hies of this $orld and do not forget that you are the light that !an never die# ut !an only resurre!t in the light $here it !a"e fro". 78(( 5as so"eone resurre!ted $ithout dying or has so"eone died $ithout eing orn through the "o"ents of this $orldOs a surdityX 78() Aife is the largest $aste of "o"ents in front of death that has only the eternity of its o$n "o"ent. 78(* -he falling stars !annot e seen in the $orld of life that $ill also pass $ith its o$n life. 78(5 -he entire life is a si"ple reath of death. '*1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 78(6 -he path to death is paved $ith life. 78(7 6ould the eauty of life still e1ist $ithout deathX 78(8 Only through death the drea" of life e!o"es a reality. 78(' 9o you Hno$ ho$ "any "o"ents have roHen in the light of the eternity inside "e $ithout you and $ithout the "eaning of deathX 78(9 6hat $ould the poetry of this $orld do $ithout deathX 78(: I a" depressed fro" ho$ "u!h death $e have to !arry $ith us our entire life. 78)( %y looHing to$ards death you looH to$ards the !ause of your irth. 78)) 6herever life $ill taHe you in this $orld# the final destination $ill still e to$ards death. 78)* If the tree of life $ould not have its roots in death# no irth $ould o$e any death. 78)5 I Hno$ you# "y love# efore this ti"e !alled passing# !alled death has ever e1isted. 78)6 6herever there is ti"e# there is also death. 78)7 6e die $ith every passed "o"ent of life until $e $ill rea!h the great "o"ent $here $e $ill not pass# ut $e $ill resurre!t. '*2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 78)8 %y seeing you# I $as lost in the eternity of your ga2e as I $ill lose "yself in the eternity of "y death and thus resurre!ting. 78)' Only the one that elieves in the light of the soul $ill understand death. 78)9 All religions prepare you for death only if you love the". 78): 6ithout love you !annot e prepared to die. 78*( 9eath does not ear the guilt of this life ut the a sen!e of love. 78*) 9o not e afraid of death# ut of the lost love inside you. 78** Aearn ho$ to love first and then die. 78*5 Bou have in!arnated fro" dustOs inferno in order to love. 78*6 Aove is the only eternity that passes $ith us in death. 78*7 6e all need the sy" ol of a !andle $hen $e die e!ause $e did not su!!eed in loving as "u!h as the eternal light of the After$orld has asHed of us. 78*8 9o not dou t life# ut the love lost $hile living it. 78*' -he spell of love is in the endless light in your eyes that I $ill "eet only $hen I $ill resurre!t fro" the eternity of death. '*(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 78*9 Only love is the one that does not let you die or live eing the true light of the After$orld. 78*: Never $ear sun glasses in front of the da22ling light of love. 785( AifeOs iggest disappoint"ent is in everything that gets you a$ay fro" love# in e!o"ing a saint of love that $ishes "ore the $orld of the eternal afterlifeO light than life. 785) -he light of this $orld is love and only it $ill pass $ith you in death. 785* If you had all the ri!hes of this $orld# they $ould e of no use to you in front of death that $ants only the love inside you. 7855 -he one that loves life "ore than death is the one that loves vanity "ore than the perfe!tion of eternity. 7856 9eath is not the one that does not allo$ you to love it ut the life in yourself. 7857 -here is no greater fortune than love# that is $hy the saints so"eti"es gather it their entire life# forgetting a out ri!hes or other hierar!hies that death never a!!epts. 7858 As long as you life in this $orld# gather only $hat death $ill allo$ you to taHe $ith you# the rest is e"ptiness. '*&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 785' 9onOt e disrespe!tful in front of death e!ause this is the supre"e fulfill"ent of a 9estiny. 7859 -he reason of life is lost in death# ut of death in the eternal light of love. 785: In front of love there isnOt even the threshold et$een $orlds. 786( If ea!h of us loved as "u!h as $e $ere "eant to love# there $ould not e a si!H so!iety on this earth. 786) Bou !an separate fro" life anyti"e# ut not fro" death. 786* 9eath is the last Hiss of life. 7865 -he one that loves life hates death Rust e!ause life hates itself "ore than anything. 7866 -he ones that !a"e a!H fro" the threshold of death understand etter than anyone the i"portan!e of love. -his is $hy you should try not to trip on anything else other than love in the trap put up y life. 7867 Only death !an fulfill the "eaning of life. 7868 -he $aves of life hit the "o"entsO ships $ith the illo$s of death# hoping not to ring "e"ories to$ards other hori2ons of nature. '*'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 786' 5o$ "u!h death does the life of this $orld needX 7869 All the $ars in the $orld do not "aHe not even as a !ru" le of love. 786: -rue saints do not "iss life ut death. 787( -he one that $as not prepared y death "ust e helped $ith love through the thoughtOs light of our love through doles# "e"ories# !andles and all the possi le signs of love. 787) Only the one that gives love $ill re!eive love liHe the one that gives his love to a dead "an $ill re!eive the ne!essary love for his o$n death. 787* 6e all trip daily on the thresholds of life and only one on the one of death that !an e the hardest to pass e!ause it taHes you in eternity $here every "istaHe re!eives the !onnotation of endlessness. 7875 6e !o"prehend that $e are dead only $hen $e reali2e that $e a!tually live as light even on the other side# $hen $e find out that $e "issed our o$n death. 7876 6e are all a sent at our o$n death e!ause there is no death# ut only eternal life. '*>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7877 6e are depressed in front of death e!ause $e live the passing $ith every "o"ent and $e see death as a definitive passing and not as the passing at the true life of light. 7878 -he e" al""ent of the ody after death has the role of not allo$ing other energies that !annot pass to$ards light to live in it and not e!ause it $ould elong to the dead. -he light of his soul goes to the one of Dod. 787' -his $orldOs true light is only the love that !an shine in death. 7879 No ody !an retrieve so"ething after death Rust e!ause it did not have so"ething real in this drea" of life. 787: As $ell as $e do# the entire $orld dies# transfor"ing itself in the light of the eternal "e"ory that $ill !ross the infinite. 788( 6e leave $ith $hat $e are orn# only $ith the light inside us. 788) Only in death you $ill not find the death. 788* 9eath is truly o livion for the one in ?uestion and it e!o"es "e"ory only $hen it is over# other$ise life $ould not have any "eaning. '**

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7885 6e get a$ay fro" life only $hen $e are afraid of death# forgetting ho$ "u!h respe!ta ility gives death to life. 7886 I a" a$are of the death that $ill !o"e $hen I $ill forget a out life forever and also its death. 7887 Only in death reaHs up the drea" of life# leaving the da$n of eternityOs ne$ day. 7888 -he li erty of death is in eternity and of life in the tears of passing. 788' 6e are orn $ithout "oney for the ti!Het for the train of life and $e $orH hard in order to pay every "o"ent of the Rourney to rea!h together the final destination !alled 9eath. 7889 I thinH a out you "y love# at the death that $ill unite us so"eday in its eternity# at the last gift of suffering that life $ill prepare for us. 788: 5o$ "u!h death is in the eauty of a $o"anX 5o$ "u!h death $ill this ring through possi le irthsX 78'( -here is no irth that is not !onde"ned to death. 78') Instead of !ele ration irth# it should e $ept e!ause it is a senten!e to death and '*)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION death is the de!ision to free to the eternal lightOs life. 78'* Could $e e so deprived of love that $e $ere !onde"ned to e orn in the $orld of dust in order to return in the $orld of light $ith "ore love inside usX 78'5 -he $orld of dust is in "aRority also the $orld of the unfulfilled loves. Should this a sen!e of fulfill"ent the para le $e should Hno$X 78'6 6e are orn to sip pain and death fro" this $orldOs senti"ental riverX 78'7 9eath $ill al$ays e eyond eauty. 78'8 -here is no "ore destru!tive $ave than the $ave of your life. It $ill !arry you al$ays and $ithout "istaHe to$ards death. 78'' 9eath is the only one that shares everything evenly to$ards the life that "aHes so "u!h inRusti!e. 78'9 If death al$ays $el!o"es you $ith open ar"s# on!e you are dead# life $ill never a!!ept you a!H $ith the sa"e identity. 78': 6hat $ould life do $ithout death $ith its si!H so!ietiesX 789( -he entire $orld $ould e an i""ense "ental hospital $ithout death. '*,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 789) On!e rea!hed the real" of death this $ould not let you fall again in the a yss of life. 789* Cra2y is the one that sees life as so"ething eternal# forgetting a out death. It $ill rea!h the eternity of the light# forgetting that this is eternity and thus e1tending the death of life. 7895 Only death !an !ure you fro" death. 7896 9o not leave this $orld $ith the painful thought of separation# no "atter ho$ "any advantages did you have. All these $ere illusory drea"s regarding eternity. 7897 -he iggest gift "ade y Dod to "an $hen living this life is that is not preset at his o$n death# a!Hno$ledging the eternal life of the light eyond the "o"ent of death. 7898 Aife and death are evanes!ent e!ause one is the eginning and the other the end of that eginning. -his is $hy# $hat $e !all the After$orld# is eyond the end of the eginning thus# there $here nothing has started in order to end# is eternity. 789' On!e life has passed# its death $ill also pass# leaving the $orld of light to flood the eternity that $as !hained $ith the death of life. ')0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7899 Bou donOt have to talH a out death ut a out the life that al$ays dies. 789: 6e need life only to Hno$ that there is also death in the light of DodOs eternity and loveX 78:( -he serene of life hides the great stor" of its inevita le death. 78:) 9eath is the pie!e of 9estiny that is lost y life at the ha2ards roulette in the eternityOs !asino. 78:* 9o not forget that only life !an hurt you# ut not your death. 78:5 No house of this $orld $ill last even a single "o"ent fro" lightOs $orld of love after death. 78:6 All the evil in life !o"e fro" the ones that are not loved enough and fro" the ones that not love enough. 5ere is the !ause of the so!ial diseases and the reason $hy $e !annot prepare our entire life for death. 78:7 9eath $ill al$ays e the ill at the su" of lifeOs a!!ounts. 78:8 9eath $ill never finish anything else than the Illusion of Aife. 78:' Spa!e and ti"e transfor" in eternity through death. ')1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 78:9 -he one that is afraid of death is afraid of eternity. 78:: 9eath does not Hill you# life does. 7'(( 6e donOt truly Hno$ $hat $e represent for the eternity of the so !alled deathX 7'() As any eing or o Re!t !an e anything else if the Illusion of Aife $ould !hange# the sa"e death !an e anything else. 7'(* No one !an get a$ay fro" hi"self in death liHe he !annot e a stranger fro" his o$n self# liHe it is during life. 7'(5 -he stranger inside you is the "isunderstood death inside you. 7'(6 6e are strangers in death e!ause of the Illusion of Aife. 7'(7 If $e did not Hno$ a out death# the entire $orld $ould e a paradise. 7'(8 Everything that is !reated $ill die for the life that $as in its turn !reated. 7'(' 9eath $as !reated only for life# dying together $ith it e!ause everything that $as !reated $ill die. 7'(9 6hy has Aove $hi!h is Dod !reated life and its deathX 7'(: No ody !an dispense hi"self $ith death. ')2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7')( -he out!o"e of spa!e and ti"e is in death. 7')) If eside spa!e and ti"e# good and evil# $e $ould "aHe other di"ensions in the Illusion of Aife as $ell# then $e $ould have eside life and death "any other opposites of the". 7')* If $e never Hne$ life and death# they $ould not e1ist. If through our death $e did not Hno$ the death of life# this $ould not e1ist. 7')5 -he Hno$ledge of spa!e and ti"e "eans life and death. 7')6 -he !reatures $hi!h do not Hno$ their life and death do not reali2e they are alive. 7')7 If "an did not Hno$ his life and death# then these $ould not even e for hi"# although he is a living eing. So"e !reatures are not a$are that they are orn and that $ill ever die. 7')8 7an has "ade a pledge $ith death only $hen he understood it. 7')' 9eath e1ists only for the one that Hno$s it. 7')9 -he threshold et$een the $orlds# $hi!h has to e !rossed y every soul# is the ')(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION threshold et$een t$o different $ays of understanding. 7'): Cno$ledge is irre"edia ly influen!ed y the dust of this $orld that on!e disappears and does not !hain our soul $ill get ne$ di"ensions and "eanings# and the death of life $ill e a totally different thing. 7'*( 6hen $e prepare ourselves for death $e have to e a$are that to the energy of our soul infinite di"ensions eside spa!e and ti"e $ill e!o"e availa le# situated in the 6orld of the After Aight. 7'*) -he "o"ent of our soulOs e1!ellen!e is the passing in none1isten!e. 7'** 6e live in the $orld of spheres that !ir!le !aden!ing the eternity of light in night and day. 7'*5 Aife !hanges $ith nothing the $rinHles of life in $hose !revasses vanity is lo!Hed. 7'*6 5o$ "any petals have fallen fro" the flo$er of your drea"s# !rushed y the unforgiving steps of life that tread as defiant in death liHe they did on your o$n irth $hi!h they !overed $ith death. 7'*7 -here is no death for death ut only life for life. ')&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7'*8 9eath !an e understood only y loving Dod. 7'*' Dod is the light of eternity fro" eyond the life of death e!ause through 5i" $e !an love# ut love is $ell a ove any Hno$ledge. 7'*9 -he Hno$ledge through $hi!h $e attain the death of life often "eans suffering. 6hy $here $e lost fro" the eternal $ord of Dod in this evanes!ent $orldX 7'*: -he Original Sin !onsists in Hno$ing it and thus Hno$ing the death of this life. 7'5( -he Original sin !an only e overtaHen y love# e!ause a ove Hno$ledge is love. -herefore the angels or the higher energeti! for"s of our soul# these light eings Hno$ to love and the saints learn the $hole life to love. 7'5) -he definition of death reported to life is of not eing# of passing in none1isten!e e!ause Dod never allo$s you to Hno$ your o$n death# in fa!t# the truly eternal life. 7'5* Should e the pain and suffering even in the eternity of the AightOs After 6orldX No# y no "eans. All that hurts and suffers has a eginning that is due to a !ause# and all that ')'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION egins $ill end# liHe all that ends !annot e eternal. 7'55 -he After$orld starts $ith the end of life# thus it has a eginning $hi!h "eans that it also has to have an endX NoW Aife as $ell as death is a si"ple drea" of eternity only a out finality. 6e $aHe up in the "orning fro" this drea" and $e reali2e ho$ eternal $e are. 7'56 If life and death are part of a si"ple drea"# $hen $e $aHe up in front of the threshold et$een the $orlds# $hy is it i"possi le for so"e to !rossX 7'57 Our soul !ould have drea"ed any other drea"# not only the one $ith life and death or spa!e and ti"e# ut this also depends on its spiritual energy. 7'58 9eath is the a$aHe fro" the drea" of life. 7'5' -here is no drea" that $ill not dissolve $ith the end of sleep# liHe there is no drea" of life that $ill not dissolve in death. 7'59 Everything has a soul/ stones# "ountains# plants# o!eans# rivers# planets# stars# people# angels and everything that is Hno$n and everything that is not Hno$n# only that these souls has a different spiritual $eight ')>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION and live in different di"ensions $here life and death !an even e a sent. 7'5: Our eing e!o"es so"eti"es so deluded and fearful at the $aHe fro" the drea" of life that it does not have the !ourage to !onfront the spiritual truth of the Eternal 6orld of Aight. 7'6( Gor the drea" that $e live the "eaning of life is death# and for the light inside us is the purifi!ation in order to aspire to ne$ di"ensions. 7'6) Aife is the one that sho$s every hu"an soul ho$ "u!h it is $orth at the $aHe in death. 7'6* Everything that has a na"e has a soul. Even the $ords have their o$n souls that $aHe you up to life eyond their death. 7'65 Any ad $ord has a soul $ith an energeti! $eight to "at!h. -hat is $hy it is good that in this drea" of life $hi!h prepares us for the arousal through death $e should use $ords that have energeti! $eights as positive as possi le. 7'66 -he $orlds of the $ords are no "ore inferior to our $orld# of life and death !alled drea". ')*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7'67 5o$ "any of us do not hold y their teeth on this drea" !alled life# and having a hard ti"e !o"ing alive in death. 7'68 9o not live your life as eing eternal e!ause you $ill $aHe up fro" it through death and then you $ill e devastated. 7'6' -he "ore love you $ill give and re!eive# the "ore easily $ill you pass the great threshold et$een the $orld of lifeOs drea" and the one of the Eternal Aight. 7'69 -he doles and !o""e"orations are the signs of love for the one that has een# $hi!h $ill help hi" on the other side# !harging it light that $as left fro" its eternity $ith even "ore love in order to pass "ore and "ore thresholds to$ards the spiritual perfe!tion of di"ensions. 7'6: 9o nothing fro" $hat the 9estiny# $hi!h a$aits it fulfill"ent in your arousal in death# does not allo$ you to. 7'7( -he sleep of life is a fulfilled drea" re!eived fro" Dod in order to sho$ you $hat the shado$ of the Eternal AightOs 6orld !an "ean. 7'7) 9o not try to $aHe up through sui!ide in the drea" of life e!ause y not fulfilling '))

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION your sleep# you $ill e e1e!uted in the se!ond day of eternity. 7'7* 5o$ "any of us $ill not $aHe up $ith darH !ir!les under the eyes and tired y the sins a!!u"ulated in the drea" of life that has e!o"e su!h a night"are for "any people. 7'75 Dive food and $ater to the one that Rust died at the $indo$ of his house in order to understand that he is no longer in this drea" of life# that the thirst fro" the drea" of life !an e a ated any$here $ith the love and the gratitude of the ones re"aining# ut espe!ially that he has to !ontinue his path to$ards the a$aHening to the reality of eternity. 7'76 9o not !ry so that you stop the one that has left fro" !rossing the threshold to$ards the 6orld of the Eternal Aight e!ause only there d$ells his fulfill"ent. 7'77 6oe for the ones that have not loved or given enough love in life and stay in the $aiting roo" et$een the $orlds. 7'78 -o love a soul aroused through death "eans to goad hi" to leave to$ards the eternal light of the stars that rings the !hildhood of -i"es in our ti"e. '),

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7'7' 6hat $ould $e e to ea!h other fro" $hat $e are in the drea" of life after $e are aroused through death in the $orld of truthX 7'79 All the ri!hes in the $orld do not $orth anything at the arousal fro" the drea" of life. 7'7: 6hat else !an this $orldOs fortunes e than higher and higher $alls efore the threshold et$een the $orlds for the ones that o$n the"X 7'8( 9ust re"ains only dust and the light of the soul $ill never e a shado$. 7'8) 5o$ "any ti"es have you not stepped on your o$n Eternal 6orld of Aight# sinning and elieving in the lifeOs nothingnessX 7'8* 6ill the drea" of life ever re"e" er you on!e it $ill dissolve in the "ist of the night through $hi!h you have passed# arousing through death at the eternal lightX 7'85 I $ill feel the $ords of your eyes in the light inside "e# I $ill listen to the" $hile giving "e $ings to e a le to fly in the 6orld of Eternity $here our light $ill "elt and e!o"e a star that $ill rise over the da$n of "ore and "ore $orlds. 7'86 All the $orlds of this universe do not taHe "ore ti"e than eternal "o"ent of death. ',0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7'87 Can so"e ody say the $ord death $ithout thinHing of destru!tion in this lifeX 7'88 If death $ould not "ean destru!tion to$ards life# the latter $ill not e1ist# that is $hy life "ust e understood efore !onde"ning death. 7'8' -here !annot e a thought that dies and neither a $ord $ithout the $orld of its eternity. 7'89 6e are a !ru" le of soul that $ill ring the eternity of a "e"ory re orn through death. 7'8: Nothing !an e !loser to you than your life and death. 7''( Aife is the !ontinuation of a eginning and death of an end. 7'') Only through death !an the end egin. 7''* Any eginning has an end# liHe any end has a eginning. As death is a eginning of lifeOs end it should also possess an end of the eginning of death and to end on!e leaving the pla!e for the 6orld of the Eternal Aight. 7''5 9oes so"eone Hno$ fro" $here it !a"e long ago efore he $as ornX At irth he has forgotten the entire history of his soul. Aife is the opposite of death# eing defined y ',1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION the o livion of $hat has een efore irth# $hi!h "eans that through death $e $ill re"e" er our spiritual identity. 7''6 No ody has ever een fed up $ith death# ut he has een $ith lifeW 7''7 Aife is the true death# $hi!h gave us the hidden o livion fro" the veil of its illusions. 7''8 6ithout death $e $ill definitively die e!ause the death of life !ould never die. 7''' -he "e"ory of death is the only al" of life. 7''9 -he entire happiness $ould !ru" le under the heavy steps of life if it $ere for death to save it. 7'': 6hy does life not allo$ us to Hno$ that all the roads lead to deathX 7'9( -he tear of resurre!tion oo2es only on the !heeH of 9eath. 7'9) 5o$ "any loves did not fulfill through deathX 7'9* 6hy great loves also involve death in their daysX 7'95 -here is no death of love ut only death of life.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7'96 Only great loves long for death so"eti"es e!ause they identify the"selves $ith its a solute. 7'97 -he only truths $e Hno$ in life are the truth of death and the one of love. -he rest are Rust illusions of life. 7'98 -he true resurre!tion to$ards the 6orld of Eternal Aife is $hen the truth of lifeOs death "elts $ith the one of love into a single truth# the a solute truth of fulfill"ent. 7'9' Only the light of death !an help life not to $ander through the $orld of eternal suffering. 7'99 -he eauty of death is in the fa!t that it is the end of the life that !an die. 7'9: 6hat $ould life do if it didnOt rest on the $ing of deathX 7':( 6e sit on the shore of death our entire life in order to ga2e at the eternity of a soul that $e love. 7':) -he hori2on of death is the only hori2on that !an e held on!e and for all $ith the eaten hands of your life. 7':* 9eath and love are the only "eaning that !an give sense to life.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7':5 -he true dead e1ist only in the $orld of the life that dies. -hey are the ones that !annot love fro" their entire eing. 7':6 As life has e1a"ined $ith every one of its "o"ents# death $ill give a "arH to your life for the $ay it has prepared you. 7':7 9eath is o livion only for the Illusion of Aife $hi!h has erased the "e"ory of your soulOs eternal identity. 7':8 As the longing hurts life# the death of life dies. 7':' Is there so"ething "ore profound than the passion of a great love through $hi!h death is the fulfill"ent of the eternity to$ards $hi!h it aspiresX 7':9 Never regret life e!ause it gave you the irth $hile you $ere $earing the shirt of death o$ing a single "o"ent fro" its "ultitude of "o"ents. -his is a "o"ent of eternity. 7':: 6hat $ould $e have done $ithout deathX 79(( 5as so"eone ever understood $hy $e have to die or live# or loveX 79() -he truth of death $ill al$ays sur"ount the one of life. ',&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 79(* 9eath !an only e seen through the eyes of life $hile $e live. 6e should after$ards see death only through the eyes of deathX 79(5 All great eauties of the $orld are s!ulpted y the death $ithout $hi!h life $ould have no "eaning. 79(6 Only death !an reaH the vanity ne!Hla!e fro" lifeOs ne!H. 79(7 -he one si!Hened fro" too "u!h love !an heal through death. 79(8 -he death of life is Rust a season of your soul. 79(' No "atter ho$ i""ense see"s the 8niverse# to death it is a grain of sand on the shore of an o!ean of eternity. 79(9 9o not try to understand death# infinity and eternity e!ause you live and you donOt have a!!ess to the a solute truth. 79(: 6e are "istaHen $hen $e !onfuse death $ith the death of life. In 9eath even the death of life dies letting the 9ivine Aight of Eternity overflo$. 79)( No "atter ho$ delusive the hori2ons of life $ould e they are si"ple illusions in front of the great truth of death. ','

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 79)) No "atter ho$ "any tri!Hs life $ould use# it is eaten in the end y the 6orld of the Eternal Aight. 79)* -he longing of death hurts the "ost in life. 79)5 -he essen!e of life leans on death e!ause if life $ould not die it $ould not e. 79)6 -he drea" of the life that dies is the one that has given irth to pain. 79)7 6ho are $e the ones that sleep in the 6orld of the Eternal Aight in order to drea" our lifeX 79)8 6hat $ould the 9ivine Aight inside us say $hen $e $ill $aHe up fro" the drea" of lifeX 79)' 6ould have the 4hoeni1 still resurre!t if it $asnOt the deathX 79)9 6hat values in front of your life $here you are a sentX 79): Any happiness or sorro$# pain or e!stasy $ill e $ashed y the $aves of death. 79*( -here is no other death than the death of life. 79*) 9eath !an never e found y the one that dies. 79** -here is no spa!e and ti"e other than et$een life and its death. ',>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 79*5 9eath is the only event of life. 79*6 Only life has its ti"e# ut not the death for the one that has died. 79*7 Only the one that has !li" ed the "ountain of life to the top $ill Hno$ ho$ far the hori2on of this $orld !an e seen. 79*8 -he only fulfill"ent of life is its o$n death. 79*' AiHe there is no rain to $ash the o!ean# there is no life that sifts death over 9eath. 79*9 -he great loves purify the"selves $ashing $ith the $ater $here the death of life has died. 79*: I a" no ody e!ause there is death in life. 795( 9eath is the great unHno$n# the great a struse through $hi!h life e!o"es a pat!h of !olor. 795) 6ithout death life $ould not Hno$ $here to go. 795* 6hi!h of the t$o !usto"s is the "ost ne!essaryX -he one of "e"ory or the one of o livionX As the death of life dies through death# the o livion of the "e"ory forgets its o$n o livion through the 6orld of the Eternal Aight. ',*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7955 6e are strangers fro" ourselves e!ause $e donOt Hno$ ho$ to taHe the 9eath that $alHs $ith Aife y the ar". 7956 No "atter ho$ hard $ould $e try to tolerate life and death# $e $ould su!!eed only to rea!h at a !o"pro"ise $ith ourselves a out ourselves. 7957 -he iggest lessing given y Dod to "an is to e a le to a sent fro" his o$n death of life. 7958 6hat else !an e life and its death than an alternation et$een good and evil# darHness and light# day and nightX If eside darHness and light# good and evil $ere a third intruder than et$een life and its death $ould also e another ele"ent. 795' Even the greatest rogues !annot still anything fro" this $orld. All this dust and vanity# fortunes# ri!hes or honors re"ain here. 7959 5ave death ever een loved "ore than life $ith all its evilX 795: -he one $ho elieves in 9estiny $ill easier understand the purpose of death. 796( It $ill never e easier to die e!ause the life inside you is thinHing and not the death. ',)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 796) 6ho $ill re"e" er the painful poe" of a drea" !alled lifeX 796* Bou are a pie!e of thought that sparHles in the nightOs !oldness of a $orld full of pain. 7965 Aife is a great $aste of "o"ents in the ar"s of death. 7966 Never dou t death e!ause it $ill surely !o"e. 9ou t life and the a surdity of your steps. 7967 9o not pray to Dod to give you $hat you haven $ritten in the ooH of your 9estiny# $hi!h $ill find you only in death. 7968 5o$ "u!h soul Dod "ust have put in the $ord that !reated us $hen 5e had an e1!use for life in death. 796' 5o$ hard it is for death to separate fro" its o$n Illusion of Aife $hen Aife loses you and you are running in the 6orld of the Eternal Aight $here there is no "ore death as $e per!eive it. 7969 -he entire eauty of the $orld is only in its refle!tion in death that lives liHe a stranger $ithout the identity papers of the nature in us.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 796: I have never seen "ore light than in the eyes that !o"pletely understand the "eaning of their death. 797( -he life and the death of its death are the parado1 of DodOs nature. 797) -here is no other $ay of life than/ 9eathW 797* If life asHs you to o$ do$n to its pain# death $ill never asH you for anything# ut $ill give you everything. 7975 9eath is not the one that taHes your life e!ause the death of your life is at the sa"e ti"e the death of your death. 7976 9eath never treads on so"e odyOs ne!H liHe life does# ut it donates DodOs 9ivine Aight of Aove. 7977 9eath is the ig step that $e should do to$ards Dod. 7978 Bou !annot e in the eternity of your starOs "o"ent than leaving ehind the vanity and a surdity of life that has gra2ed the pat!hed shirt of your soul $ith pain and vain illusions. 797' 6e are orn elieving in the ree2e of hopes that e" ra!e our desire to redis!over the soul "ate efore the final death of its life >00

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION and death# elieving that ne1t to our half $e $ill e a $hole of the Eternal AightOs 6orld. 7979 5o$ "any find their soul "ates in this $orld that al$ays loses in front of death at the roulette of vanity. 797: 6hat !an e sadder than to return into eternity as a half and not as a $hole of a great fulfilled loveX 798( -hrough death even the death of hopes that $ill e a le to e" ra!e eternity dies. 798) And if death $ill "aHe pea!e $ith its o$n death $hat $ould e left of usX 798* 6e are strangers fro" ourselves eing a produ!t of "isunderstandings et$een life and death. 7985 I love you "y love e!ause only you have deter"ined "e to "aHe pea!e et$een "y life and death# and finding "yself in our o$n 9estiny. 7986 I did not Hno$ that even death !an learn as life !ans# that the s!hool of death is superior to the one of life. 7987 Only $ith you "y love I $ill e a le to tra"ple the death of this life under the feet of the eternity fro" our hearts. 7988 I Hne$ that our heart stroHes the death of every "o"ent y eating hard# that t$o >01

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION hearts are ne!essary in order to !at!h one of the "o"ents and transfor" it in the eternity of their love. 798' Even longing $as orn fro" death. 7989 -he story of every life "ust e told to the death. 798: 6ithout death no drea" $ill e fulfilled. 79'( 9eath is the last "e"ory of life. 79') -he death is death only to life. 79'* 9eath and love are t$o great a struse that $e have to learn in this life. 79'5 -he light of the love inside us $ill never die together $ith life. 79'6 -he dust of this $orld $ill not e a le to shado$ forever the light of our souls $hi!h $ill shine together $ith their deathOs death. 79'7 Everything is liHe a ig har"ony even life together $ith its death. 79'8 As life has its fre?uen!y# as the entire 8niverse has# liHe in every fra!tal you $ill dis!over the $hole# death also has its fre?uen!y# $hole and fra!tal# eing a death of death. 79'' Dod is a har"ony of universal !ons!ien!e fro" $hi!h $e are part. Only if Dod died $e $ould also die. >02

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 79'9 Dod has given us the love# life and the fear of death. 6e are fear and love# and this is $hy $hat $ill e left of us $hen $e $ill not have life is $hat Dod gave us/ Aove. 79': Only loving $ill $e understand eternity and $e $ill e !loser to the Dod of our Aove. 799( 6e ea!h have our o$n death of the death of a life that has s$addled our 9estiny $ith its illusion. 799) 9eath does not stay a$ay fro" you ut it stays in you and $herever you run# you do it $ith your death. 799* 9o not run a$ay fro" light $hen your soul elongs to it. 7995 Aisten to the har"ony of the 8niverse eing respe!tful for its death as $ell as for its life# liHe the life of life and its death of the death. 7996 6e are not si"ple passers y in this $orld e!ause $e taHe the entire $orld $ith us in the light inside us. 7997 -he entire $orld is orn and dies $ith us# living its death through the death of our death.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7998 6e !annot e solidary $ith death $ith the signifi!an!e of the death of life# ut $ith death as eing a death of the death of life. 799' 6hat !an death understand etter than the $orries and the suffering of lifeX 7999 All the stars of the 8niverse are orn and die only inside our "ind# and if $e did not Hno$ the" they $ould not e1ist. 799: Any ody !an e1ist only if he or others !an a!Hno$ledge their o$n e1isten!e. In the sa"e $ay he !annot die. 79:( If no ody Hno$s a out your irth or death# not even you# than you $ill not e orn and you $ill not die. 79:) 9eath is an a!Hno$ledge"ent in the end. If this a!Hno$ledge"ent is not Hno$n y any ody than it doesnOt e1ist. 79:* 9eath as our life is the soul of Hno$ledge. If Hno$ledge disappears# they $ill also disappear. 79:5 If $e did not have Hno$ledge $e $ould la!H life as $ell as death. 79:6 Gor the $aves and ro!Hs that do not Hno$ this $orld $e also do not e1ist $hile they e1ist for us Rust e!ause $e Hno$ the $orld and for the sa"e reason even they are orn and die ut only for us. >0&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 79:7 -his $orldOs iggest "ira!le and !urse at the sa"e ti"e is the Hno$ledge of the Illusion of Aife through $hi!h everything dies together $ith irth. 79:8 Bou $ill not e a le to feel the har"ony of the 8niverse if you $ill not understand that it has to die. 79:' -o Hno$ "eans first of all to die fro" irth little y little until you $ill definitively !ross eyond. 79:9 -he fear of death is the fear of the Illusion of Aife for the unHno$n that $ill !hange it. 79:: 6ithout an Afterlife in $hi!h you !an Hno$ hereinafter# all the religions of this $orld do not have a "eaning. 7:(( All the hearts eat the "o"ent that slip to$ards death# a$are that at the end of the road they $ill also definitively slip. 7:() If $e said that ani"als are not a$are that they $ill die in the end# $ould they e happier than "anX 9o they Hno$ $hat happiness isX 7:(* If "an $as not a$are a out this final out!o"e that is death# $ould he e happierX If he did not understood $ould he Hno$ $hat >0'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION happiness isX %ut espe!ially if he did not Hno$ deathX 7:(5 Should it e the happiness the longing after the true o livion inside us# should it e deathX 7:(6 6hen "an has found out a out the Hno$ledge of life and of death he gained the greatest !urse# trailing a$ay forever fro" happiness. 7:(7 -he one that does not Hno$ a out the e1isten!e of death lives eternally even if his e1isten!e prolongs a ruptly in death. 7:(8 5appiness has a "eaning only if it is reported to the "ost supre"e opposite of life# $hi!h is death. 7:(' -here !annot e life and death $ithout Hno$ledge and not even happiness $ithout these three. 7:(9 If it $asnOt Hno$ledge in the 8niverse# not even death $ould e1ist. 7:(: -he one that does not respe!t death does not respe!t his o$n life. 7:)( 6hi!h life $ill not e hosted y deathX 7:)) -here are no steps that donOt leave tra!es# liHe there are no tra!es that donOt lead to death. >0>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7:)* -he drea" of life ends $ith the !o"ing of the da$n of death. 7:)5 -he differen!e fro" the night drea" and the day one is that at night $e drea" $hile $e sleep ut at day $e drea" the Illusion of Aife $ithout sleeping# a drea" $here $e !an intervene supposedly !ons!iously so that $hen the da$n of death $ill !o"e $e $ill not $aHe up liHe after a terri le night"are. 7:)6 -he free $ill of life lets us intervene !ons!iously in this drea" in $hi!h $e Hno$ death. 7:)7 It depends on us if at the final arousal fro" death $e $ill re"e" er this drea" of life fondly or $ould $e $ish to forget liHe a night"are. 7:)8 6hat !an e "ore sin!ere than deathX 7:)' Aife has no e1!use that death gave irth to it. 7:)9 At the ar" of death# only life !an $alH. 7:): 6hat else !an rea!h Dod eside our deathX 7:*( 6e are so full of life so"eti"es that death e!o"es for us an elongation of the life >0*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION that $ill forever die and not a re irth in eternity. 7:*) 6e Hno$ death only as long as $e a!Hno$ledge it y living. 7:** Eternity erases any tra!e of an1iety e!ause it is not a life that has to die. 7:*5 I a" in a !ro$d on the street. 9ifferent fa!es as $ell as their thoughts and destinies. All these $ill e different graves in as different !e"eteries. 7:*6 9eath is the i!on of the soul $hi!h life has to $orship. 7:*7 Only at a !orner of death you $ill "eet truth. 7:*8 Could death not Hno$ $hi!h is o$n life that gives its irthX 7:*' Only dying $ill you e a le to resurre!t liHe only $hen living $ill you are a le to die. 7:*9 9eath is an alternation to life. 7:*: -he sHy of death $ill e !rossed y the stars of eternities $hose 9ivine Aight often shines in our souls too. 7:5( In death# all the nu" ers !o"e do$n to the entire infinite of eternity. -his is $hy through death life e!o"es only one fro" the >0)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION i""ensity of souls s!attered in all the !orners of the $orld. 7:5) Never try to understand your life e!ause even this is nothing "ore than a pie!e of death united y the entire eternity of death through 9estiny. 7:5* Even if "an $as "ade of granite he $ill still go to pie!es in death so"eday. 7:55 -he path of death is the only road that !an never e re uilt. 7:56 -he great truth of death is in life. 7:57 No ody !an !heat death not even $ith a single insignifi!ant !oin of life. 7:58 In our $orld# it !annot e a !ry of death# ut only to$ards death. 7:5' If life is the "other of death it "eans that even life is still a death. 7:59 6ho Hno$s ho$ ig is the present !rushed y the past and the futureX 6hat else !an death e than the deletion of this present that $e still donOt Hno$ its si2e. 7:5: 5as anyone ever een at the ta le of death to e a le to say that he liHes its !ooHing or notX 7:6( If life and death $ere an alternation# all the "o"ents $ill repeat $ithout !ease# dressed $ith forever ne$ outfits. >0,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7:6) No ody sees his o$n death# ut only its o$n re irth in another $orld. 9eath in itself !annot e a!Hno$ledged. 7:6* -hrough life the salvation is orn and through death the re"e" ran!e is orn. 7:65 Aife is the prayer of the urning staHe y "o"ents on the Hnees of tears $orn y the suffering and hope to find Dod in the death that see"s !old and i"personal. 7:66 AifeOs ig ?uestion is in its o$n death. 7:67 Only in death $ill you Hno$ if your o$n life has ever e1isted. 7:68 Only the one that sear!hed his death and asHs it a out the truth !an understand life !o"pletely. 7:6' Only the one that $aHes fro" the drea" of life $ill e a le to Hno$ ho$ the da$n of death looHs liHe. 7:69 Bou $ill never e a le to say never to death during life# as you $ill never e a le to tell death ho$ "u!h $ill it taHe. 7:6: 6hy does the entire truth a out us goes do$n to deathX 7:7( 6ill death fro" our soul understand "ore than life $ould fro" the truth a out usX


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7:7) I donOt elieve that death is so despi!a le liHe life is $ith its eternal fight to su sist. 7:7* 6ho !an e "ore sin!ere than 9eath# or a "ore perfidious and liar than AifeX 7:75 If 9eath $ere to looH ehind it $ould see the Aife that dies $ith every "o"ent that passes. 7:76 9o not hope that you !an die eternally in every "o"ent through your life# es!aping the death of its death. 7:77 -he entire la or of life is for an illusory shine. -hat is $hy death does not need the glitter and the shine of its o$n life that gives irth to it. 7:78 Aife is the "other of death. 7:7' If life $ould not give irth to death# $hat other truth $ould understand itX 7:79 -he entire poetry and eauty of life puts on "aHe up only in the "irror of death. 7:7: -he a sen!e of death $ould e first of all the a sen!e of life. 7:8( No ody has ever died $ithout irth and no irth $ill e1ist $ithout death. 7:8) I a" $ith your heart ne1t to the death inside us for $hi!h the entire love of life $as orn fro" our eternities. >11

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 7:8* No$here $ill you e a le to de!ipher "ore truth than $hen you looH yourself in the "irror of death that life erases it every "orning $ith the s$eat of vanity. 7:85 In your life there is only one a solute fulfill"ent/ death. 7:86 No ody $ill ever e a le to su!!eed to insult its o$n death e!ause he $ill never Hno$ it# eing eternally a great unHno$n. -his is $hy it $ill pass every ti"e near its road# al$ays "istaHing his 9estinyOs address. 7:87 I a" in !ondition to defeat deathX 6hat !ra2y person $ill say su!h a thing $hen his death $ill never e1ist for hi" ut only for the othersX 7:88 Gear elongs only to life and not to death. 7:8' 6ho $as !heated y deathX Or y lifeX 7:89 9eath is not the one that Hno!Hs at the door of 9estiny in order to die# ut eauty is. 7:8: -he eauty of death is in the ignoran!e of life to e itself. 7:'( AooH far a$ay in the $ide of the o!ean of you a andoned "o"ents# ho$ "isunderstood and sad they are e!ause you >12

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION have not re"ained in the eternity of any# and you died in this life forever. 7:') 9eath is eternity and life is evanes!en!e. 9o not try to understand "ore than they !an understand the"selves. 7:'* 6hat love $ould e $ithout deathX 7:'5 9o not hope in the ray of death e!ause it $ill never light the vanity of this lifeOs thoughts. 7:'6 Aove to e loved and live in order to die. 7:'7 5o$ !o"e death is not saturated for" so "u!h sHy that its life is "eant to e" ra!e in order to dieX 7:'8 I a" a pie!e of light fro" the ray of eternity seen y the reath inside "e as death. 7:'' 6hat star $ill learn to die $ithout shining first on the sHy of this 8niverseOs lifeX 7:'9 5o$ far a$ay you are fro" "e "y love $hen I forget a out the death that !ould separate us. 7:': -rees never rust ut their leaves do# liHe loves never pass# ut their days do. 7:9( 7y love# I have sear!hed y !han!e the sHy full of the eternity of the loveOs serenity inside it# to tell "e $here $e $ill e a le to $ash $ith its i"perisha le hori2on. It >1(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION has sho$ed "e the "o"ent of death in $hi!h $e $ould have to taHe !over so"eday. 7:9) Is the !lo!H of the infinite that striHes the hour of our 9estinyOs fulfill"ent any$here else than in deathX 7:9* 5o$ !an death sedu!e life every ti"eX 7:95 Every pla!e of life $ill shine in the end only on the sHy of death. 7:96 -here is no story $ithout end than for the one that has died. 7:97 8nder the !ro$n of love fro" the tree of your life is only death as a final out!o"e. 7:98 -here is no path that does not lead to death and no life $ithout 9estiny that does not $ash in the $ater of death in the end. 7:9' 6hat good it is to have so "any paths if they all lead to deathX 7:99 Sin!e the sHy !an only have a single hori2on# life !an have only one death. 7:9: -he entire Hno$ledge overflo$s in death. 7::( Sin!e everything has a "eaning than neither life deter"ines death in vain. 7::) If the eginning and the end didnOt e1ist# neither $ould eternity. On!e it e1ists $e !an speaH a out the e1isten!e of eternity# thus >1&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION a out the eing of the eternity that !an e a 6ord of Dod. 7::* 5o$ life !ould e "issing death that every ti"e it fulfills only through it. 7::5 5o$ "ad you "ust e to e afraid of death you $ill never Hno$ e!ause only life !an Hno$ death. 7::6 6hen you $ill e dead you $ill have nothing to share $ith life and its Hno$ledge. 7::7 -here is no death that did not dro$n in the $ater of life irreversi le forever. 7::8 Even death is orn fro" life as life is fro" the nothingness efore it# Hno$n to us as su!h. As everything that is orn has to die it is !o"pletely true that even death has to die# leaving only the 6orld of the Eternal Aight. 7::' Gurther a$ay fro" death !an only e another irth# on!e !rossed the threshold of the death that $ill die. 7::9 Aisten to the 8niverseOs har"ony $hen you are afraid of death. 7::: AsH the death $hat the perfe!tion isX It $ill definitely ans$er you that it is a ne!essary "istaHe. 8((( Dod of "y love $ho is love# tell "e $hy the death is so !old to$ards lifeX 5o$ !o"e death does not "elt at the fire of great >1'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION lovesX As ans$er I looH at the sHy of "y heart $hi!h so"eti"es needs rest and then I dra$ the !urtain of senti"ents over the fire of stars that e" ra!e the eternity of the 9ivine Aight in the great "e"ory of the great loves. 8(() 6hat !an e "ore superior or "ore inferior than deathX Its o$n life of death to$ards the life of life. 8((* 6e are too !lose to the Dod of Aove# so !lose that $e !an never truly find 5i" any$here $e looH for 5i" in this $orld e!ause 5e is inside ea!h of us# together $ith the death that $ill fulfill irth. 8((5 I have "et the Dod of Aove at the !orner of the street !alled 9estiny# $here hopes are sold at the stand of "y soul# $orn y the rains of the senti"ents of a "e"ory a out death. 8((6 -he $ings of death never get tired of ringing the irth of life to$ards the eternity inside us. 8((7 Dlares or shado$s# $aves or ro!Hs# stars or glan!es everything that e1ist have the 9estiny of death inside the". 8((8 -he great loves are eternal e!ause in the veins of their hopes# ga2es and $ords the >1>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION eternity flo$s a ove all# on the other side of any life that !ould still die. 8((' It is a given that life !o"pletes in the end only in death. 8((9 On!e you are dead# you !an only Hno$ your death if you lives and if you e1ist as an energy ?uantu" and you Hno$ it "eans that you are not dead ut alive ut in a different for" of e1isten!e# and the so !alled death elongs to the earthly re"ains. Neither those die ut they transfor". 8((: -he one that does not Hno$ his death ever dies. -he Original Sin is in Hno$ledge e!ause only the one that Hno$ reali2es that he !annot Hno$# and everything that is eyond of ignoran!e re!eives an a solute "eaning only in death. 8()( 9eath is the a solute of everything that e1ists. 8()) -he li erty of life is a !onsensus and of death is a "eaning. 8()* -here is no eternal happiness or suffering e!ause they live y follo$ing the path to death. 8()5 -he original sin is in Hno$ledge# espe!ially in the Hno$ledge of death. If $e Hne$ it $e $ould not have een a$are that >1*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION $e $ill ever die. 9oes the ani"al Hno$ that it $ill dieX Gor hi" death is an o!!urren!e he never heard it $ill e !o"ing. 8()6 I !annot e ne1t to the Illusion of Aife e!ause it sho$s "e death. 8()7 7anHindOs golden oars are the elief in love and its san!tity. Only these !an push the ship of so!iety to$ards the great redis!overy of the eternal inside us that is not death ut eternal life. 8()8 6ho !an understand the infinite or deathX 8()' -here is death only in Hno$ledge. 8()9 -he iggest distan!e is not in the parts of the 8niverse# ut et$een life and death. 8(): 9eath taHes the entire 8niverse in a single infinite point of the eginning. 8(*( 6ithout death# the entire $orld $ould e $ithout life. 8(*) -he great redis!overy is in death. 8(** -he "eaning of life is in its preparation for death. 8(*5 Only the one that did not Hno$ life $ill not Hno$ death. 8(*6 If eside life and death $ould e other opposites in our Hno$ledge# none of the" $ould die or live. >1)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8(*7 -he roots of life are deeply stu!H in death. 8(*8 -here is no $ave that did not reaH liHe there is no life that did not die# ut there is the o!ean of the Dreat Infinite that $ill endure forever no "atter ho$ "any $aves of lives $ill reaH y the hard ro!H of 9estiny and its na"e is 9eath. 8(*' -he ti"e of death is infinite# this is $hy it $ill never e a sent as life is. 8(*9 9eath !an only e inside e1isten!e. 8(*: In none1isten!e even death disappears. 8(5( -hrough death $e e!o"e the nature of our o$n spirit. 8(5) Only in life !an $e aspire to a etter death# not also in death. 8(5* -hrough life $e e!o"e the dust of ti"e that for"s us and through death the statue of the "odel# situated on the street of Eternity. 8(55 No ody $ill ever e a le to give a na"e to the star of his o$n death. 8(56 If life is a s!rea" of pain in the loody t$ilight of $ords# death is the great "arriage $ith the DodOs infinite "o"ent of love. 8(57 5o$ "any a "o"ent has life lost in front of death at the roulette of vanityOs ti"eX >1,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8(58 %irth is the gate to$ards death. 8(5' -here is no future in life that does not end in death. 8(59 Aife is a path and death is its eternal destination. 8(5: -he light of your thoughts $ill not e shado$ed y the Illusion of Aife in the death of the A solute -ruth. 8(6( 6ho love life "ore than death !annot understand ho$ evanes!ent $e are in this $orld of transit through pain. 8(6) 6hat else !an this $orld e than a huge graveyard $ith hopes# $ords# drea"s# deluding loves# sadness that $ill fulfill even in deathX 8(6* Bou !annot e1!el in death unless you die. 8(65 -he purpose of death is its eternity and the one of life is death. Even so the Illusion of Aife urges us to love life and to live liHe $e $ere eternal. 8(66 5appiness !an only find the fulfill"ent in the ti"e that $ill taHe it inevita ly to death. 8(67 -he $ord of life is pain and the one of death is 9estiny. 8(68 9eath !an never lie to any ody. >20

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8(6' 6hy is also death in the destiny of every loveX 8(69 5as death ever refused to offer you a handX 8(6: -he ig happiness# fulfill"ent# revelation and a!!o"plish"ent of this $orld !onsist in death# no "atter if $e a!!ept this truth or not. 8(7( 9eath is the ig enig"a of the love inside us. 8(7) -here is no greater shout in this $orld than the silen!e of death. 8(7* No$here is the $orld Aove urning "ore than $hen it is $ritten on the la!H oard of death. 8(75 Any $ind $ill lo$ to$ards death. 8(76 9eath is the o!ean of eternity that !an never dry. 8(77 Gro" the eternity of death you !annot hide than in the eternity inside you $here you $ill "eet it. 8(78 No "atter ho$ deluding are so"eti"es "o"ents of life they $ill e!o"e a great truth through death. 8(7' 6hat !an you e1pe!t fro" life e1!ept its passing# ut fro" death esides its eternityX >21

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8(79 %eside death and love it !an only e you and no ody else. 8(7: Even the hopes die last $e should not forget that even they die. 8(8( Only the "irror of death $ill sho$ you the life in its true !olors. 8(8) 6hat else !an life e than a rain o$ under the sHy of deathX 8(8* No$here $ill $e e !loser to us than eyond any "eaning $here $e "eet the saving death. 8(85 Only death $ill e a le to es!alade the "ountain of your life eventually. 8(86 5o$ "u!h "ore $ill the ship of life ship$re!H if it $erenOt for the guiding lighthouse of deathX 8(87 Over the truth of death even the sno$fall of hopes "elts. 8(88 Aife and death are Hno$ledge. 8(8' Aife elongs to the "eaning and death elongs to the a struse that should e Hno$n ut it !anOt e!ause there is "ore truth than the Illusion of Aife !an Hno$. 8(89 6hat death !an e other than love until the end or eternity started in the Illusion of AifeX >22

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8(8: -here is not great love that $ill not $ash its tired fa!e fro" the Illusion of Aife in death. 8('( I a" $ithout end e!ause I $ill die. 8(') Aife is a long !y!le of irths fro" eternity and endings in death. 8('* 9eath $ould e a Hno$n "eaning only if life $ould not e a great Illusion that gives the i"pression of Hno$ledge. 8('5 9o not die $ithout love e!ause you have lived only for love# the rest is vanity. 8('6 -he entire rain of $ords of life leaHs in the o!ean of death $here it sear!hes for "eaning. 8('7 Bou !an e alone only in life# not in the death of every "eaning. 8('8 -he longing of death !an e the !ruelest truth of life. 8('' On the sHy of death there $ill never e the !louds of pain that shado$ed our life in order to Hno$ that $e are. 8('9 All the hori2ons of life are lost in the oundlessness of death. 8(': -hrough death life e!o"es an understanding of the nature to Hno$ the e1isten!e. >2(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8(9( All the hearts of this $orld are vanity and dust# $ithout love and death. 8(9) -hrough death even the Illusion of Aife has a "eaning. 8(9* No "atter ho$ "u!h $ill life e afraid of death# it reaths though the eternal lungs of death. 8(95 Can so"eone live the Illusion of Aife under the sHy of eternity that it !an !o"priseX 8(96 -he enig"a of our soul $ill urn liHe a tor!h in order to light the se!ret of death in $hose soul the love inside us $ill find fulfill"ent. 8(97 Aife $ithout death is liHe irth $ithout life. 8(98 6hat saint does not run to$ards the great truth of death loving "ore than any !o""on "ortalX 8(9' 9eath e!o"es a great defian!e only for the one that does not understand the vanity of this $orld. 8(99 6hat $ould life do $ithout graveyardsX 8(9: -he alley of the soul is paved $ith the "o"ents of ha2ard taHes to$ards the not a!!identally death. >2&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8(:( 6hat "eaning !an death re!eive in front of life on!e its "eaning is e1a!tly in death# and its i"age is illusionX 8(:) 4lease understand the $ordOs petals of this $orld and do not !ount the" e!ause they $ere nu" ered y death "u!h long ago than your ti"e. 8(:* -here is no fire of life that !annot e e1tinguished y death. 8(:5 -he true "ira!le of life a!!o"plishes only in death. 8(:6 6hy is life desperate in front of death sin!e all its roads lead to deathX 8(:7 -here !an e a igger "ira!le than the death for $hi!h life $as ornX 8(:8 In death even the $ords e!o"e united through the eternity of their "eaning $ith the eternity of deathOs "eaning. 8(:' Not death is the one that defies life ut its o$n 9estiny. 8(:9 Aife is the great defian!e of death through the Illusion of false eternity that d$ells in a single great truth/ the -ruth of AieW 8(:: 9eath e!o"es a pause only for our Illusion of Aife. 8)(( If death truly e1isted then it should e live at least y a "anW >2'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8)() 9eath as it is painted y our Illusion of Aife is the greatest lie that life !an affir". 8)(* -hrough its si"ple e1isten!e# 9eath e!o"es another AifeW 8)(5 6hy does life see death as destru!tionX Only e!ause it !an never e Hno$n y the one !on!erned or e!ause the unHno$n of life is different for the Illusion of AifeX 8)(6 Gear and 9estiny are the only advantages of life in front of the great truth of death. 8)(7 Only life !o"pli!ates the things so si"plified y death. 8)(8 6ho !an Hno$ the "o"ent in $hi!h he $ill not e a$are of death ut the only Rando" Event that is Aove or DodX 8)(' -he "o"ent in $hi!h you do not Hno$ death is Rust the "o"ent of your death. 8)(9 6ould the river of our Illusion of Aife still flo$ if the shore of death $ere not there to li"it itX 8)(: Never asH life $ho you are# ut deathW 8))( AifeOs reath is the fear of death. 8))) -his $orldOs truth alleys are et$een the graves in the !e"eteries. >2>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8))* 6ould life still fight its o$n self if it understood the great truth of deathX 8))5 9eath starts $ith a li"it only to$ards life. 8))6 Only life !an die and not deathW 8))7 5as death ever !riedX 6hy should $e !ry for itX 8))8 -rue life is in the death of death. 8))' Only the Illusion of Aife is afraid of the death of death e!ause it is the true death. 6hen you die even your death dies. 8))9 6ho are you stranger inside "yself that understands the death of deathX Aet "e live the life that Hno$s death. 8)): -he "o"ents efore death pay the highest pri!e in life. 8)*( 6hat $ould the $orld of vanity do $ithout deathX 8)*) No "atter ho$ "any "o"ents $ould the Illusion of Aife uy on the stand of the 9estiny# it $ill eventually sell the" to its o$n death. 8)** Aife is the prodigal daughter of death. 8)*5 9eath has $ritten the "ost i""ortal operas. 8)*6 6hat separates life $ill unite death. >2*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8)*7 9eath does not do politi!s ut it sustains it. 8)*8 -he shores of death are only for the Illusion of Aife. 8)*' -he "eaning of love in death is DodOs truth. 8)*9 All the stor"s of life end in the soul of death. 8)*: 9eath is !old only for the Illusion of Aife. 8)5( -hanH Dod that 5e has not let us e a$are a out our Hno$ledgeOs o$n death. 8)5) 6e are a gift "ade to death. 8)5* 9eath is our "arriage $ith the infinite. 8)55 -he grass of death !annot e "o$ed y ti"e. 8)56 9eath o$es life to life and life o$es death to death. 8)57 -here is no death that does not e1ist. 8)58 9ying is the greatest support of i""ortality. 8)5' I love you# eing "ade fro" the dia"ond of love polished y life to e given to the death you $ill never Hno$. 8)59 -he fruits of the tree of life feed death. 8)5: Bour death $ill e Hno$n only y others# thatOs $hy it !annot e1ist for you and >2)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION sin!e every ody else $ill have their deaths $hi!h they $ill not Hno$# it "eans that true death doesnOt even e1ist. 8)6( -he entire Hno$ledge of $orld does not $orth a single "o"ent of death. 8)6) Cra2y is the one that "easures death. 8)6* 9o not listen to the gossip of life a out death e!ause nothing !an e "ore superior to life than death. 8)65 9o you $ant to Hno$ deathX AooH at the starry sHy of great loves fro" the heart of the 8niverse. 7any $hispers full of the 9ivine Aight of the stars have een told for so long ti"e that the stars have lost their !orporality eing a past that !rosses the spa!es and ti"es to$ards the eternal future. 8)66 -he Illusion of Aife !an never $ash in the $ater of death. 8)67 9eath is the a solute truth of life. 8)68 Aife is a drea" and death is a reality. 8)6' Gro" life you !an only $aHe up in death. 8)69 -he infinite does not have a path e!ause in it are all the possi le paths. -his is $hy the eternity of death !annot pass in the infinite inside you. >2,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8)6: 6e are a drea"ing parti!le fro" the dust of the stars of love that $ill e soon taHen to no$here y the $ind of deathOs eternity. 8)7( 6here do $e sleep $hen $e drea" a out life# donOt $e sleep in deathX 8)7) -he sHy of death is the "ost lit e!ause all the paths of the stars are in the sa"e eternity of the "o"ent. 8)7* Re"e" er that $hen you $ill $aHe up fro" the drea" of life you $ill have to e!o"e you again. 8)75 Aife does not stand death e!ause death $ill tell life the truth a out the Illusion of Aife.




8)76 I""ortality is the "o"entOs eternity. 8)77 I""ortality is the angel that $aHes you fro" the death of your o$n destiny. 8)78 -here is no profound death than in i""ortality $hen the life that $ill die has disappeared forever. 8)7' I""ortality !an e found in a "o"ent $hile life is lost in the hard years passed at the feet of death. 8)79 I""ortality is the freedo" of destiny to re!ogni2e its o$n death in front of eternity. 8)7: 6hat !an e "ore ephe"eral than ti"e in front of i""ortalityX 8)8( I""ortality is the ga"e at $hi!h life al$ays loses. 8)8) I""ortality is the drea" of death to e!o"e an eternal life# thus to die# eternally# little y little# $ith every passing "o"ent. 8)8* I""ortality is the o!ean of the drea" that has lost its shores at the roulette of ad lu!H of a !ontestant 9estiny. >(1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8)85 I""ortality $ill never spin out ti"e at the to$ of eternity. 8)86 Nothing is "ore a surd than the e1pression Qi""ortal lifeI e!ause there is no life $ithout death. -o e eternal in front of death "eans to die eternally $ith every passing "o"ent. 8)87 I""ortality is the sin to e of the death of ea!h of us a!Hno$ledged y this life. 8)88 I""ortality is the alan!e that never in!lines to the river of the evanes!ent "o"ents. 8)8' I""ortality is poorer than life in "o"ents e!ause it !annot a!!ept the passing of ti"e. 8)89 6hat !an i""ortality e than the tear of destiny oo2ed fro" the eternal "o"ent of your eyesX 8)8: I""ortality does not Hno$ life e!ause life# even eternal# is a passing through the destiny of so "any "o"ents $ido$ed y their o$n eternity. 8)'( I""ortality is the halo under $hi!h hides the drea" of e1isten!e. 8)') 6hat !an e eyond i""ortality if not i""ortality stillX 6hat a out eyond e1isten!eX 9estiny. >(2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8)'* 6ho !an listen to the aria of i""ortality in this life $ithout Hno$ing deathX 8)'5 I""ortality hides no$here in this $orld even if it is the eternity of a single "o"ent# ut it !an never e Hno$n y our drea". 8)'6 Nothing !an e greater than to elieve in i""ortality in this $orld of dying. 8)'7 I""ortality !annot e Hno$n any$here in this life e!ause it $ill al$ays e eyond its o$n death. 8)'8 I""ortality !an e o tained only trough death. 8)'' 6ithout death i""ortality $ill not e1ist. 8)'9 I""ortality is the "o"ent !aptured in a photography and life the fil" of overlapping "ore photographs that denote the illusion of "ove"ent. 8)': I""ortality is stati! through the eternity of its o$n "o"ent# and life is dyna"i!al through the overlap of illions of "o"ents. -his is $hy# in order to re!ogni2e death you have to "ove for$ard and live# and to find i""ortality you have to stay in the eternity of your o$n death and die. >((

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8)9( I""ortality is the rose# $hose petals !an never e !ounted# eing all in the sa"e "o"ent. 8)9) 6hat !an e greater than to understand the "eaning of i""ortality in this $orldX 8)9* %eside i""ortality it $ill never stay anything else e!ause this is everything# is Dod. 8)95 Every ti"e I looH in the eyes of your heart I redis!over the i""ortality of "y o$n destiny fro" eyond "yself. 8)96 Only y looHing in the eyes of death $ill you dis!over i""ortality. 8)97 I""ortality is the drea" through $hi!h you !an understand the "eaning of death in this life. 8)98 Aife $ill al$ays stand et$een t$o parentheses on the shore of i""ortality. 8)9' I listen to deathOs "irage of eing# understanding only i""ortality. 8)99 I""ortality $ill elieve only in its o$n s"ile refle!ted in 9estiny for us hu"ans. 8)9: I""ortality !annot understand ne$ as it !annot understand old. It !an understand only the eternal. >(&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8):( I""ortality is the death not suffi!iently understood y life. 8):) I""ortality is the pedestal on $hi!h no statue !an e put# Rust e!ause in i""ortality nothing !an e orn to die. 8):* I""ortality is the ?uiver of the $ill of a single 9estiny/ Eternity. 8):5 I""ortality is the sunrise of your eyes in "y heart. 8):6 I""ortality represents all that $e should understand fro" the drea" of this life $hi!h $e $ill never Hno$. 8):7 I""ortality is the unHno$n fa!e of Hno$ledge. 8):8 I""ortality is the fire at $hi!h Dod has $ar"ed $hen he has dis!overed dying through us. 8):' I""ortality is our loveOs ou?uet of rays that !annot light o livion no "atter $hat. 8):9 I""ortality in the eternal "e"ory of the a solute. 8):: I""ortality is the greatest truth hidden in the love of an eternal "o"ent. 8*(( I""ortality is the !har" of "e"ory to e a le to love the eternity of your eyes.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8*() I""ortality is the silent s!rea" of the Angel of 9eath through $hi!h he a!!ept the love that !a"e even fro" life. 8*(* I""ortality is the faith of a 9estiny to e hi"self. 8*(5 I""ortality is the ro"anti! song sang to death y life at the al!ony of the "ira!ulous Dod. 8*(6 I""ortality is the $ave that reaHs forever on the stone of a great loveOs destiny. 8*(7 I""ortality is the hori2on of e1isten!e that !an never e tou!hed y ti"e. 8*(8 I""ortality is the serene for $hi!h even life !annot find !louds at the stand of a !ertain 9estiny. 8*(' I""ortality is the self salvation of this lifeOs a surdity. 8*(9 I""ortality is the island on $hi!h $e all $ant to ship$re!H through death in the end. 8*(: I""ortality is the destiny of a 7e"ory a out a solute. 8*)( I""ortality is the !har" of Dod. 8*)) 6hat else !an death understand etter than i""ortalityX 8*)* I""ortality it the death seen alive y life. >(>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8*)5 I""ortality o$s only to its o$n e1isten!e. 8*)6 I""ortality is the !old Hiss of the eternity on the hot lips of passing# through $hi!h this life e!o"es alive. 8*)7 I""ortality is lind $ithout love. 8*)8 I""ortality is only liHe your s"ile lost in the eternity inside "e. 8*)' I""ortality is the "o"ent that $as transfi1ed y the !old of this life# free2ing forever. 8*)9 6hy do $e al$ays run a$ay fro" the death that is inside usX Only e!ause $e are s!ared y the eternity of our i""ortalityX 8*): 6ho !an understand i""ortality in the hope of a hu"an soulX 8**( -o e eside to i""ortality is e?uivalent to understanding your o$n death. 8**) I""ortality is the essen!e of this lifeOs parado1. 6e are afraid of death[ $e $ant to live forever forgetting that the eternity of i""ortality is in death. 8*** I""ortality is the step "ade y Dod at the !reation of the $orlds# forgetting to leave life ehind 5i". 8**5 I""ortality erodes even death if it $ants the Illusion of Aife. >(*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8**6 -hrough death# ea!h of us passes into the true i""ortality. 8**7 A sin !annot e igger than to give i""ortality the life that !an never e eternal ut only evanes!ent. 8**8 %eside i""ortality even 9estiny feels uneasy# Hno$ing the lie of the Illusion of Aife. 8**' I""ortality is orn inside us fro" the fear of death. 8**9 I""ortality is the unrea!ha le peaH of the lifeOs a solute !alled deathW 8**: I""ortality is the gift forgotten y Dod at the roulette of this lifeOs lu!H# $hi!h $ill never e a $inner for us. 8*5( I""ortality is the healing spring of all the "o"ent of this vain $orld. 8*5) I""ortality understands you only if you $ill re!ogni2e death. 8*5* 6ithout death $e $ill not Hno$ $hat the hope of i""ortality is. 8*55 I""ortality is the golden drea" of hu"anHind "ade of tin. 8*56 9eath $ould not e $ithout i""ortality and life $ould not e $ithout death. Even so $e desire i""ortality $ithout Hno$ing $e desire the eternity of death >()

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION not$ithstanding the ephe"eral passing of death. 8*57 I""ortality is the $hole of death# fro" $hi!h the pie!e of life that $e $ant to e eternal has deta!hed. 8*58 I""ortality is the divine longing to e eternal hi"self defying the evanes!ent life. 8*5' I""ortality is the !rystal pala!e of death in $hi!h any life $ould free2e forever# not eing a le to pass fro" "o"ent to "o"ent. 8*59 I""ortality is the ro!H on $hi!h the hope of life has never es!aladed. 8*5: I""ortality is the Illusion of AifeOs supre"e standard/ y running fro" death it Rust denies the eternity of i""ortality. 8*6( I""ortality is the freedo" to e of death ut also lifeOs !haining in its o$n !in!h of te"porality. 8*6) I""ortality is the drea" fro" $hi!h no ody ever $aHes. 8*6* 6here !an you e "ore alone than in i""ortalityX 8*65 6hat !an e "ore sin!ere than the i""ortality looHed at through the eyes of deathX >(,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8*66 I""ortality is the stor" of 9estiny fro" the eyes of "y life. 8*67 I""ortality is the tear through $hi!h the $ord is for!ed to e silent forever. 8*68 I""ortality is the eternal life of death. 8*6' I""ortality is the sunrise that never sets over death. 8*69 I""ortality hides only in the light of ignoran!e. 8*6: 6hat $ould you do $ith i""ortality if you $anted to liveX 8*7( 6here does i""ortality go if not in its o$n eternity fro" the !ontinuous deathX 8*7) -he sun of i""ortality !an never shine in the life defined y "ortality. 8*7* I""ortality is the art through $hi!h 9estiny forgets a out itself. 8*75 I""ortality looHs eyond death $hile dying !ontinuously. 8*76 I""ortality represents the o livion fro" DodOs ig "e"ory a out us. 8*77 I""ortality is the "agi!ian that !annot understand that he Roggles $ith the eternity of death# al$ays "istaHing in the drea" of our o$n e1isten!e. 8*78 I""ortality !annot elieve in the perfe!tion of this so evanes!ent $orld. >&0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8*7' I""ortality is the drea" to e eternal in the "o"ent of our love. 8*79 I""ortality is the rest forgotten y 9estiny at the ta le of its o$n vanity. 8*7: I""ortality is the stor" of the eyes that Hneels $hile $at!hing the perfe!tion of love. 8*8( I""ortality is the !hain that Heeps death a$aHe in order to give irth to life. 8*8) I""ortality is the perfe!tion halo of the i"perfe!t 9estiny. 8*8* I""ortality is the hide and seeH ga"e of 9estiny $ith Aove. 8*85 I""ortality prays to Eanity to e a le to understand the "eaning of life. 8*86 I""ortalityX 7agi!al $ord through $hi!h $e !an understand death. 8*87 6here is i""ortalityX In the "agi! of your ga2e. -hat is $hy I love you. 8*88 6ithout the "e"ory of i""ortality the love of your $ord $ould not rise over "y heart so full of life# Hneeling the steps of the eternal death. 8*8' I""ortality is the life lost in the $ord of every loveOs 9estiny. 8*89 I""ortality is the drea" of the eternal sleep that e!o"es thus reality y livingW >&1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8*8: I donOt elieve that there are artists in this $orld that !an truly paint the i""ortality of your ga2e# lost in the eternity of "y soul. 8*'( I""ortality is the nostalgia of death in this life. 8*') If you $ant to looH for i""ortality you have to looH for it efore in the transfi1ed eternity of death and then in this evanes!ent life. 8*'* I""ortality of eternal lifeX -he iggest parado1 possi le. Aife is a passing# and a passing to the infinite $ould only e deathW 8*'5 I""ortality is the desert $here the thirsty $ords $ill never find the "organati! oasis $here they !an drinH fro" the $ater of the eternal life. 8*'6 I""ortality is the Infinite that !annot understand its o$n life. 8*'7 I""ortality distur s souls and odies as $ell. -he soul is eternal through love $hile the ody de!o"poses in the eternity of the dust fro" $hi!h it !o"es fro". 8*'8 I""ortality is the te"ple of hope. 8*'' I""ortality is the eternity of the "o"ent. >&2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8*'9 I""ortality !o"es only on the $ings of death. 8*': In i""ortality hides the lifeOs greatest gift/ 5ope. 8*9( I""ortality is the oundless longing of death after life. 8*9) 6ithout i""ortality $e !ould not love. 8*9* I""ortality re"inds life of the inheren!e of death. 8*95 I""ortality is the silent !ry of the eternity in the eyes of love. 8*96 I""ortality is the $ave that eternally reaHs on the te"ple of this $orldOs vanity. 8*97 I""ortality is the great self redis!overy of our loveOs Dod. 8*98 -he spring of i""ortality is only on the land of deathOs eternity. 8*9' -hrough i""ortality death al$ays e1ists. -his is $hy it is eternal. 8*99 I""ortality prays the nothingness of this e1isten!e $ith the urning $ords of love. 8*9: -hrough i""ortality love is the opposite of death said to the eternity in the drea" of this life. 8*:( I""ortality athes on the land of death $ith the $ater of life. >&(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8*:) I""ortality is the drea" of life that !an live eternally y passing over "o"ents in an eternity# not Hno$ing that every "o"ent is an eternity. 8*:* -o pass an eternity over "o"ents "eans to in!lude you in the eternity of a "o"ent. -o die. -hus i""ortality is the death seen y life as eing eternal. 8*:5 I""ortality prays to the sphin1 fro" the $ord of your ga2e# the one to love. 8*:6 I""ortality never regrets anything e!ause it understands everything. 8*:7 I""ortality is the soul that finds itself in the eternity of its o$n death as alive as it $as in the $orld of vanity. 8*:8 I""ortality is the pennant given to this life y the angel of death. 8*:' I""ortality is the sHy sear!hed y the eyes linded of so "u!h vain life. 8*:9 6ithout the sy" ol of i""ortality our entire $orld $ould not have "eaning. 8*:: I""ortality is the urning staHe of our drea"s. 85(( I""ortality is the ran!h that the life of this $orld !an never !li" . 85() -here is no love that !annot e i""ortal. >&&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 85(* Ea!h of us e!o"es eternal $hen $e love. 85(5 Eternity is the lood of i""ortality and the love its soul. 85(6 I""ortality !annot e1ist $ithout death. 85(7 I""ortality is the s"ile through $hi!h 9estiny sho$s us that everything has a "eaning. 85(8 I""ortality is e1isten!eOs divine gift through death. 85(' I""ortality is the song of the eternityOs sirens fro" the drea" of this $orld. 85(9 I""ortality !annot hide anything fro" $hat $e Hno$ Rust e!ause $e donOt Hno$ anything a out it. 85(: I""ortality is the silen!e of eternity in the tu"ult of this life. 85)( I""ortality !an e heard only in the infinite of your o$n soul. 85)) -hrough i""ortality life is eternal# and "arries death forever. -his "arriage gives "eaning to our entire e1isten!e $hile giving irth to hope. 85)* I""ortality is the hori2on s"eared y the seagulls of life that !an never die on the land of death. >&'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 85)5 I""ortality is the flo$er of your ga2e that $ill never re!ogni2e the fall of a separation fro" this eternal "o"ent. 85)6 I""ortality is the prayer of 9estiny to redis!over itself in front of death. 85)7 -he iggest !urse is in the i""ortality of separation. 85)8 I""ortality has its o$n $orld/ the Eternity of the 7o"ent. 85)' I""ortality is the delusion through $hi!h $e desire to understand our o$n life. 85)9 I""ortality is the drea" of your $ord risen over ti"e in "y $orld# $here you are no longer present. 85): I""ortality is the a solute of vanity to e ideal. 85*( I""ortality is so profound in "y soul that I feel a stranger to "yself# in a $orld $here the essen!e of hope is in i""ortality. 85*) I""ortality is the stranger at $hose ta le $e are not supposed to go during this life. 85** If $e did not have the notion of i""ortality any"ore# $ould $e still e1istX 85*5 6ithout i""ortality I $ould not e a le to love you so "u!h. >&>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 85*6 Bou are the i""ortality of "y e1isten!e# "y love. -hrough you "y life has e!o"e a fulfilled drea". 85*7 -he soul of a "an !annot resist i""ortality $ithout love even if his ody $ould live eternally. 85*8 6e people are i""ortals. A !ell !an live forever# ut a !onglo"erate of !ells liHe people and ani"als are gro$ old and die e!ause they reprodu!e erroneously $hen they !opy ea!h other. Gor the ody to e i""ortal the geneti! defe!t through $hi!h the !ells that !o"pose it !opy "ust e !orre!ted. Could this geneti! a!!ident have happened together $ith the one e!ause $e thinH only $ith Rust a s"all per!entage of our grey "atterX 85*' Aove is for "an the proof of his o$n i""ortality lost in the di!e of history. 85*9 6ithout love# i""ortality $ould e Rust a notion $ithout !ontent. 85*: I""ortality is loveOs drea" to e eternal. 855( I""ortality is the slave and "aster of love. 855) Aove is the a solute of i""ortality. >&*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 855* I""ortality is the hope that !annot die loving. 8555 6hat is the differen!e et$een love and i""ortally at an a solute levelX 8556 Even i""ortality is "ortal in front of the i""ortal love. 8557 -he flight of i""ortality fro" your heart gives irth to eternity y loving. 8558 -he steps of i""ortality !annot leave tra!es in ti"e e!ause they are eternal. 855' I""ortality ru""ages the "e"ory of any heart that eats the tango of "ortality in its s"ile. 8559 I""ortality reathes through all the lungs of death the air of the love inside us. 855: I""ortality $ill e an a surd eternity as long as $e donOt Hno$ true love. 856( I""ortality is the al" that !an understand death. 856) 6ithout i""ortality the entire death $ould disappear. 856* I""ortality $ill e" ra!e the destinies of great loves eternally. 8565 -here is not a soul that $ill defy i""ortality# ut love $ill.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8566 A soul to i""ortality is liHe an ant to a "ountain# $hile i""ortality e!o"es an ant $hen $e speaH a out love. 8567 In order to e!o"e i""ortals $e have to Hno$ ho$ to truly love. 8568 -hrough i""ortality "an $ill Hno$ the eternal life of death. 856' -he i""ortality is efore everything the great pea!e of the soul $ith its o$n self through love. 8569 I""ortality is the spring ree2e of your ga2e fro" the eternity of the $ord/ Aove. 856: I""ortality !annot e paid and appre!iated e!ause it is not in!luded in any standard# as $ell as love. 857( I""ortality is the $ing of longing through $hi!h love starts hurting. 857) 6hen love does hurt it e!o"es i""ortal. 857* 6hat else !an e i""ortality than the tear of a lost love in the eternity of the "o"entX 8575 Only loving $ill you rea!h the spring of i""ortality. 8576 Even if our ody $ould e eternal# $ould the soul stand the oredo" of an eternity $ithout loveX >&,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8577 Only in love does eternity e!o"e a "o"ent and i""ortality a pie!e fro" that "o"ent. 8578 I""ortality is the $ine of the love older than ti"e that never distur s ut only $hen it is drunH at the ta le of 9estiny y the 6ord/ Aove. 857' -here is no igger "istaHe than to give i""ortality the fear of death. 8579 6hen you are afraid of death try to understand the i""ortality of the "o"ent in $hi!h you are. 857: %eside i""ortality any 9estiny e!o"es invin!i le. 858( I""ortality is the vernal green fro" the eternal garden of love. 858) 6e !annot love $ithout Hno$ledge. 5en!e $ithout Hno$ledge $e !annot e i""ortal. 858* -o Hno$ i""ortality !an e the iggest !urse if you donOt Hno$ love. 8585 Only through love "an !an Hno$ i""ortality e!ause no "atter ho$ eternal is the ody# $ithout love any hope# any $ish $ould die# any standard of eauty eing dead in an eternal life. >'0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8586 I""ortality is the anner through $hi!h you $ill e a le to understand a pie!e fro" the loveOs unHno$n. 8587 6ho !an !o"ply $ith the !ondition of i""ortality $ithout loveX 8588 7any desire i""ortality in front of death not Hno$ing that it is Rust death $ithout $hi!h the "eanings of life and eternity $ould not e possi le. 858' Bou thinH a out i""ortality e!ause you are afraid of death# ut are you not afraid of love then# of the true and great loveX 8589 6hat !an e "ore fragile ut also stronger at the sa"e ti"e than i""ortalityX 858: 6here does the sun of i""ortality rise than in the soul of the $ord AoveX 85'( I have $andered though the "ist of i""ortality not Hno$ing that it is until I have not "et you# "y dear soul"ate. 85') 6hat !an e "ore tou!hing than to listen to the s$an song of the i""ortality in this $orldX 85'* I""ortality is the paradise of angels that have !hosen love. 85'5 In front of i""ortality you never have to o$ e!ause it does not have a pri!e liHe love has. >'1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 85'6 Our Dod is love and that is $hy our i""ortality !onsists in love. 85'7 On the stage of i""ortality the a!tors of a 9estiny roHe y love $ill never play. 85'8 I""ortality e!o"es the greatest loneliness $ithout love. 85'' I""ortality "eets you $here you least e1pe!t# eing the !lo!H $ithout hours of your eternity. 85'9 I""ortality s!atters so "any hearts longing for a solute that it "aHes "ore persistent the air of death stronger than ever $ithout love. 85': I""ortality is the u!Hler through $hi!h 9estiny leans on the a solute of its only hope to e eternal. 859( I""ortality s!atters "ore than anything the "o"ents so evanes!ent of this life# !hoosing only one# the one of love. 859) I""ortality is the star that !annot rise in the souls $ithout love. 859* -here $ill not e a igger de!eption than $hen "an $ill a!Hno$ledge that although he has o tained the geneti! !orre!tion through $hi!h he !an "aintain his ody eternally# he $ill not ear eternity e!ause it is not infinite of "o"ents ut only >'2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION a single "o"ent fro" $here ti"e is !ast a$ay. 8595 I""ortality is the $ound that $ill only e healed y love. 8596 6hen "an $ill dis!over i""ortality he "ust also dis!over love. 8597 -hrough the i""ortality of the ody# "an !ould live the eternal death of this evanes!ent $orld. 8598 I""ortality is the "ost eautiful drea" of "anHind to outrun itself. 859' -hrough i""ortality everything $ould lose any pri!e and so!iety $ould e an e1tre"e anality# that its "e" ers $ould desire death "ore than anything in the $orld. -hat if they !ould not find a ig eternal love. 8599 I""ortality is DodOs longing for his o$n $ord of love. 859: -he path of i""ortality is the safest road to$ards death $ithout love. 85:( I""ortality re!eives the 9estiny of death "ore than anything in this $orld. 85:) I""ortality is the a solute of the frontier et$een a!!epta le and una!!epta le in this life. 85:* 4arado1i!ally# Rust the "isery of this paltry $orld is the one that helps you >'(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION understand and $ish the true i""ortality fro" death. 85:5 In life you !annot e i""ortal no "atter ho$ eternal $ould your ody e# Rust e!ause life is "ove"ent# !hange# transfor"ation. 6hat $ould these e!o"e if "ade to the infiniteX Still deathW 85:6 I""ortality is the reverse of eternity or ringing death in life. 85:7 -hrough i""ortality $e understand that $e !annot understand anything. 85:8 I""ortality $aHes up together $ith eternity# dying !ontinuously in the day of DodOs $ord. 85:' I""ortalityX A drea" to real for our Illusion of Aife. 85:9 I""ortality athes in the $ater of life only for the eyes that have a "eaning a out $hat a tear spilled for love "eans. 85:: Even i""ortality loses any value in front of love. 86(( I""ortality !an "aHe you stronger only if you understand death. 86() 6ithout death i""ortality $ould e a si"ple $ord $hose "eaning $ould e of e1tre"e anality. -he sa"e anality $ill e!o"e life $hen it $ill o tain the so !alled >'&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION i""ortality of the hu"an ody in front of death. 86(* I""ortality is the verse of a poe" told y death to this life. 86(5 -he true i""ortality $ill e rea!ha le y the souls only in the land of death. -his is $hy any great love is a refuge in death. 86(6 I""ortality is the do"ino that life tries to uild $hile defying death# $ithout understanding that the "ost i"portant pie!e $ill al$ays e "issing/ 9eath. 86(7 -he only refuge of i""ortality is in death. 86(8 I""ortality is the genius of death and this is $hy it !an only e understood in life y the genius. 86(' Denius is the soul of i""ortality and this is $hy he taHes refuge together $ith it in the eternity of death# defying life it leaves through 9estiny. 86(9 Any great love has its share of genius# thus of i""ortality. All three !oha it in the eternity of that "o"ent. 86(: -he essen!e of longing in this $orld !onsists in i""ortality.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 86)( 5o$ far the i""ortality in our soul is so"eti"es fro" ourselves $hen $e forget to love. 86)) 6hat else !an i""ortality "ean than the longing of a great loveX 86)* 6ithout i""ortality any "e"ory $ould lose !onsisten!y. 86)5 -hrough i""ortality eternity e!o"es longing and "e"ory thus defying life. 86)6 -he rogues and the "ean have no pla!e in i""ortality e!ause they do all these a Re!tions a$are of the e1isten!e of the salving death in their un!ons!ious. -his is $hy they de!ide to ring i""ortality in life. -he result $ill e that they $ill give life the iggest pri!e# thus e!o"ing the "ost e1a!er ated desire of all. 86)7 -hrough i""ortality death defeats life. 86)8 I""ortality is the Ru"p of 9estiny to$ards its o$n a solute. 86)' It is i"possi le to give eternity the attri utes of life. It is a false i""ortality. 86)9 -he i""ortality of the soul and the i""ortality of the ody. -hese are t$o i""ortalities that oppose one another. 6hi!h is the real oneX >'>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 86): Although the hu"an eing $ill !hange !o"pletely $ith the dis!overy of the odyOs i""ortality# it $ill have a pro le" $ith the soul that $ill never e a le to understand this i""ortality# unless it $ill taHe refuge in the "o"ent of eternity fro" $here it !a"e fro". 86*( 6ithout i""ortality Dod $ould not have een a le to understand the i""ortality of 5is o$n "o"ent. 86*) I""ortality is the eternal "o"ent of Dod that refle!ts infinitely in Cno$ledge thus e!o"ing evanes!ent# hen!e 9estiny. 86** 9estiny if the i"age of i""ortality. 86*5 I""ortality is eyond 9estiny and any eternal life $ould e an Illusion of Aife# forever. 86*6 I""ortality is the Sphin1 that !annot e eroded y the $ind of ti"e e!ause it is eyond it. 86*7 -he i""ortality is the 2ephyr of eternal spring of DodOs love. 86*8 -hrough i""ortality Dod loves this $orld. 86*' I""ortality is 9estinyOs !han!e to see its o$n i"age# not Hno$ing that its self is the i"age of DodOs i""ortality. >'*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 86*9 I""ortality is the dead of death for the Illusion of Aife. 86*: 5o$ $ould i""ortality looH liHe $ithout DodX It $ould not e1ist. 865( I""ortality through its eternity "ust e a ove e1isten!e. %ut it still e1istsW 865) I""ortality is the "e"oryOs ans$er a out its o$n self. 865* I""ortality ru""ages the untou!ha le hori2ons of the Illusion of Aife. 8655 I""ortality !annot e further of !loser to the "o"ent of our soulOs o$n eternity e!ause none of this $orldOs di"ensions !an e eternal# ut only evanes!ent. 8656 I""ortality is the soul of love that re"e" ers its o$n eternity. 8657 Ea!h of us has in the lood of the soul his i""ortality to$ard $hi!h $e are alienated fro" the original sin. 8658 I""ortality is the Hey to any $isdo" that $ill never open the door to eternal life of death. 865' I""ortality is the land of the $ordOs self salvation. 8659 I""ortality is eyond any logi! of the Illusion of Aife. >')

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 865: -he Illusion of Aife sees i""ortality as an eternal passing to$ards death# an eternal life# $hile i""ortality is Rust the eternity that does not a!!ept any passing. 866( -here !annot e an evanes!ent i""ortality as it !annot e a passing in i""ortality# thus life. 866) I""ortality is the star diade" given y Dod to love. 866* I""ortality is the eauty through $hi!h the $ord e!o"es eternal in its o$n $orld. 8665 I""ortality is the star that shines only on the land of death $here there is no passing. 8666 7an sees in i""ortality the salvation fro" death Rust e!ause he !annot understand death as the true i""ortality. 8667 I love you and our love $ill e i""ortal Rust e!ause I understand death# $hi!h is a totally different thing than the Illusion of Aife Hno$s a out it. 8668 I""ortality is the $ord of infinite to e itself. 866' I""ortality is the spe!tru" of light that !annot divide in any of his pri"ary !olors to revert to that star of the 9ivine Aight. >',

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8669 Bou are the i""ortality of "y heart# "y love# e!ause only in your eyes I !an see the heart of "y soul. 866: It is so "u!h i""ortality in the lood of our love that the entire eternity $ould e a le to navigate through its $aves. 867( 6here I !ould find the se!ret of the i""ortality than in the soul of our love. 867) 6hi!h !ould e the differen!e et$een "y i""ortality or your i""ortality in the eyes of our loveX 867* -he i""ortality of great loves !o"es fro" the A solute -ruth through $hi!h Dod has said the $ord that has uilt the entire $orld. 8675 -hrough irth $e have a$aHen fro" the drea" of i""ortality in a different drea"# the one of the Illusion of Aife. 8676 I""ortality is the star that never rises over this dying $orldOs 9estiny. 8677 I""ortality is the great "e"ory of the infinite to e itself. 8678 I""ortality is the a soluteOs $ish to e real in this $orldOs dying drea". 867' I""ortality is the freedo" to e eternal# of the $ord in the $orlds of e1isten!e. >>0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8679 As destiny has its faith so does i""ortally has its o$n death. 867: Eternity !an e a "easure of i""ortality ut i""ortality !annot e a "easure of eternity unless eternity is ani"ated. 868( 6e live as liHe $e $ould e i""ortals# never eing !o"pletely prepared for death. 868) -he soul of i""ortality is pre!isely in death. If it death $ould not e1ist# then neither $ould i""ortality. 868* -he alienation fro" ourselves is the "ain arrier et$een death and life# $hi!h $ill never allo$ i""ortality to pass. 8685 -he i""ortality of the stars is in the light that $ill !ross the di"ensional infinite ringing it al$ays a!H in a !ontinuous present of other and other di"ensions. 8686 Aight is the eternal "e"ory of i""ortality. 8687 I""ortality is the !rystal pala!e of -ruth $here no Illusion of Aife !an enter. 8688 I""ortality is the station $here the train of the Illusion of Aife $ill never stop Rust e!ause it !annot e traveled# not having a eginning or an end. >>1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 868' I""ortality is the al" only for that soul that has efore it the o ligation of death. 8689 I""ortality !annot e li"ited y life or y death e!ause it is the eternal infinite. 868: I""ortality it the light $hose spe!tru" is a single !olor/ eternity. 86'( -he i""ortalityOs ro"an!e is in its eternal death# !alled perpetual life. 86') -here is no i""ortal life e!ause in life you die $ith every passing "o"ent. 86'* I""ortality is the a soluteOs s"ile. 86'5 I""ortality lives only in the heart that loves. 86'6 I""ortality is the soul of love. 86'7 I""ortality is the ray of hope in your s"ile. 86'8 -o understand i""ortality $ith only the s"all per!entage of the grey "atter is e1a!tly as you $ould understand infinite. 86'' Only 0#( per!ent is the differen!e et$een one hu"an 9NA and the ne1t# $hat "aHes ea!h of us uni?ue. -his uni?ueness "aHes us not understand i""ortality# to e "arginali2ed at finite. -he true i""ortal "an is one and the sa"e in infinite individuals. 7ay e in this 0#( is the other per!entage of al"ost )0 per!ent of grey "atter through >>2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION $hi!h $e !ould pro!ess the date of Hno$ledge# ut $hi!h $e !annot use. 86'9 I""ortality is the depravity of 8niverse at the ta le of 9estiny. 86': I""ortality is the splendor of the $ord/ I love youW 869( I""ortality is the river that !an never flo$. 869) I""ortality is the ans$er given y Dod to love. 869* I""ortality is the "eaning of elonging to love. 8695 I""ortality is loves oundlessness. 8696 6ithout love# i""ortality $ould e a si"ple lie of e1isten!e. 8697 I""ortality is the sy" ol of $andering of this dying $orld. 8698 I""ortality $anders only through love in this $orld. 869' No ody !an e i""ortal $ithout loving. 8699 6ith i""ortality you are al$ays $ith love# ut ho$ "any really understand it. 869: -o say that you understand i""ortality $ithout loving is liHe you $ould say that you Hno$ the si2e of the infinite. >>(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 86:( 6hat is love a le to understandX 6hat a out its i""ortalityX 86:) -here is nothing ehind i""ortality e!ause it never re"ains so"ething instead of love. 86:* %e i""ortal $hile lovingW 86:5 I""ortality and love are not al$ays happiness# as life has nothing to do $ith either love or i""ortality e!ause oth are a ove $hat $e !all life. -his is $hy $e $ill never e a le to understand the". 86:6 I""ortality is the redis!overed 9estiny of Aove. 86:7 I""ortality is the s$an song of the death of the soul that !annot love. 86:8 I""ortality is in the senti"ent of love and for that reason it e!o"es the "eaning of our e1isten!e. 86:' I""ortality is the !inderella of e1isten!e and this is the reason $e live liHe $e are i""ortals. 86:9 I""ortality is the s"ile of a rose pla!ed on the heart of your eyes. 86:: I""ortality does not Hno$ ho$ to lose a life Rust e!ause it never lives it ut it feels it# often a!Hing off disgusted fro" it. >>&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 87(( I""ortality is the forgotten drea" of life fro" the soul that lives as an i""ortal. 87() -ogether $ith i""ortality you $ill e lonelier than anything else in this $orld if you $ill not love. 87(* I""ortality is the tran?uility of stor" of every soul that loves. 87(5 I""ortality is 9estinyOs !ulpa ility $ith Aife un!overed in front of 9eath. 87(6 I""ortality is the respe!t !arried y Dod to Aove. 87(7 I""ortality is the happinessO longing for the s"ile of your eyes to e eternal. 87(8 I""ortality !annot e elongated in ti"e e!ause it is the "o"ent. 87(' I""ortality shares the sa"e faith as Dod in front of us. It !annot e a long ti"e inside us than our o$n life. -his is $hy it is etter to live the eternal "o"ent of love. 87(9 -ell "e Dod# ho$ "u!h i""ortality is lost in the ti"e of our lifeX 87(: 6here else !an i""ortality e than in your s"ileX 87)( 6at!hing you I reali2e that efore "e there is the i"age of i""ortality# "y love.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 87)) I""ortality $anders in ea!h of us ship$re!Hing through the eternity of every "o"ent fro" $hi!h $e pass to$ards death. 87)* I""ortality is a drea" stained y the "orning !offee of this $orldOs Dod. Other$ise it death $ould no longer e. 87)5 I""ortality re$ards you $ith a death in this $orld. 87)6 I""ortality is the eauty of the da$n to light the loves of their o$n days. 87)7 -he "ore $ill you run fro" death to i""ortality# the "ore you $ill run dire!tly into the ar"s of death. 87)8 -rue i""ortality for this $orld is the death of reason transfor"ed in eternal life through the "o"ent of love. 87)' I""ortality is the longing of heart to eat the e1a!t hour of infinite at the rende2vous $ith the soul"ate. 87)9 I""ortality is the eternal "o"ent through $hi!h you e!o"e a $hole together $ith your soul"ate. 87): I""ortality is all that is left not deluded y the Illusion of Aife. 87*( I""ortality is the !har" of the tender fire of love. 87*) I""ortality is the flo$er of $ord. >>>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 87** I""ortality al$ays starts $here it !annot e an end and thus also not a eginning. 87*5 I""ortality is the Everything in $hose pla!e Dod has sat and no$ it often sear!hes for lodging in our souls through the !har" of its eternal love. 87*6 I""ortality listens to any thought $hi!h understand that death is a "eaning as i""ortal as any other. 87*7 I""ortality al$ays respe!ts life even though it is an unHno$n as ig i""ortality e!o"es to life. Dod# is this $hy you have thought your $aysX 87*8 In i""ortality it !annot e that "u!h hate# "istaHe and sin Rust e!ause the soul has enough ti"e to understand $here the "istaHe is and to learn fro" it. 87*' 5ave not the fear of death and the "isunderstanding of i""ortality orn the sins# tortures and !ri"esX 87*9 I""ortality is the $ave that reaHs only in the heart of our ga2es. 87*: I""ortality is the "eaning of the infinite to e alive. 875( I""ortality is the indistin!t illo$ of truth in this life. >>*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 875) I""ortality is the s"ile of death that tries to resurre!t this life for eternity. 875* I""ortality is the "isunderstood sunrise y the !ontinuous t$ilight of life. 8755 I""ortality $ill never stop in the station of your eyes $ithout you really loving. 8756 I""ortality is the soul"ate of death $ithout $hi!h this $ill never e fulfilled. 8757 -he ones that have not found their soul"ate and havenOt lived a great love in the oundlessness of eternity $ere not orn e!ause neither life !an e1ist $ithout its o$n i""ortality. 8758 I""ortality is the eauty of the $ilderness of a great loveOs soul. 875' I""ortality is the golden verse sang y the harp of death at the feat of life. 8759 I""ortality is the eternal dan!e of death $ith life. 875: I""ortality hides as "u!h death as life. 876( I""ortality !annot e1ist $ithout death. 876) I""ortality is the gift "ade y death to life. 876* I""ortality is the "e"ory of the eternal love# refle!ted in the "irror of death. >>)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8765 I""ortality is the golden drea" of a single s"ile fro" your eyes. 8766 I""ortality is the ig redis!overy of the soul"ates in the eternity of the "o"ent fro" $hi!h they $andered into life. 8767 I""ortality is the "eaning given to life y the eternity of death. 8768 I""ortality is the spring of the $ater of life that !an never flo$ in the land of -i"e. 876' I""ortality understands a single li"it/ the oundlessness of love on $hi!h it eternally hitsW 8769 I""ortality is DodOs star. 876: Only Dod !an $ear the star of i""ortality# 877( 6ithout i""ortality life $ould have long ago saved its o$n sin of e1isting. 877) I""ortality is deathOs hope of eing alive and lifeOs to e as eternal as death. 877* I""ortality is the happiest s"ile of 9estiny. 8775 I""ortality is the !ape that !overs the eternity of death $ith its o$n eternity through the religious afterlife. 8776 I""ortality is the ri"e of the original sin in front of Dod. >>,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8777 I""ortality is a !urse only for the ones that do not understand anything fro" love. 8778 I""orality is the s$ord $ith oth edges in the eternity of death. 877' I""ortality is the Hnight that rides death ringing it in eternity. 8779 I""ortality is the 9estiny !aught y Dod in the ar"s of life. 877: I""ortality is everything that an Everything !annot e. 878( I""ortality is the $ater in $hi!h death athes in order to e eternal. 878) I""ortality is the last drea" of life to e e?ual to death through eternity. 878* I""ortality is the $aterfall $here life has understood it $ill dro$n if it !rosses it. 8785 I""ortality is the vernal s"ile of death. 8786 I""ortality is "ore than life !an understand. 8787 I""ortality is the ghost through $hi!h the Illusion of Aife e!o"es reality and the reality through $hi!h the Illusion of Aife e!o"es a ghost. 8788 I""ortality is the e!ho of the heart fro" the soul"ate of the great love. >*0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 878' I""ortality is the reath of death fro" its o$n eternity. 8789 I""ortality is the spe!tru" of the future hidden in the past of the eternity of DodOs "e"ory a out this $orld. 878: I""ortality is the deaf !ry of love understood only y the eternity of the "o"ent. 87'( I""ortality is a s"all reaH of ti"eOs suffering fro" this life. 87') I""ortality is the longing that hurts only in ti"e. 87'* I""ortality is the !enter fro" $hi!h the heart starts to$ards the "eaning given y it to love. 87'5 I""ortality is all that $e feel fro" the ig "e"ory of our soulOs eternity. 87'6 I""ortality is the ran!h on $hi!h this $orldOs la!H ird of ti"e death !an never rest# only the spring of the life eyond !an rest there. 87'7 I""ortality is the river $hose eddy $aters of life $ill athe only the shore of the eternity eyond life. 87'8 I""ortality is the fa!e of the soul that has found its soul"ate# and on $hi!h oo2es the tear of eternity. >*1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 87'' I""ortality is the longing of the road to !ross eyond the original sin of the "isunderstood love. 87'9 I""ortality is the rose of salvationOs hope fro" yourself through the "eaning of love. 87': -hrough i""ortality# love $ill have al$ays so"ething else to say# for ever. 879( I""ortality is that unHno$n of love $hi!h every ody pretend to Hno$ to desire. 879) I""ortality is the pause given to life y eternity. 879* I""ortality is the re$ard of life given to death for all those that desire it. 8795 I""ortality is the s"ile of the original sin eyond the "eaning given y us to the love. 8796 I""ortality is the eternal flight of freedo" to e in a $orld of the Illusion of Aife. 8797 I""ortality is that "eaning given to love that every ody Hno$s# ut no ody !an des!ri e. 8798 -he i""ortality efore life is nothingness and after life is death in our "eaning# !o"pletely forgetting loveW >*2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 879' I""ortality is the seagull $hose flight is lost in the entire eternity for all the ones that never e1perien!ed a great love. 8799 I""ortality is the hori2on !aught y $ind in the fists of our lifeOs ti"e. 879: I""ortality is desert only for those that donOt love. 87:( I""ortalityX 6hat is life than a !ontinuous death of the "o"ents through $hi!h $e passX Could i""ortality e an eternal lifeX I"possi le e!ause then it $ould e an eternal death. 87:) I""ortality as $e i"agine it $ill defeat death only $hen life $ill !o"pletely disappear. -rue i""ortality is the eternal "o"ent of love that "ust only defeat itself. 87:* -he halo of i""ortality $ill never rise over the death of "o"ents $hi!h is -i"eW 87:5 I""ortality is far fro" eing the apple fro" $hi!h sin has itten# eing Rust the eternal and $ell deserved sin of love. 87:6 At the origin of the sin is love# !ons!ious and un!ons!ious# and this is $hy i""ortality is the so !alled evil# $ith ?uotation "arHs# that is at the origin of the original sin through love. >*(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 87:7 I""ortality is the hori2on of hearts that $ants to !o"prise the soul"ate# Rust that the eternity $ould not e shared in t$o. 87:8 Aife is the eternity shared et$een the t$o parts of the soul"ates and the i""ortality is its redis!overy. 87:' I""ortality is firstly the "e"ory of the eternity inside us. 87:9 I""ortality is the purpose "isunderstood y the Illusion of Aife# given to this life y 9estiny. 87:: I""ortality is drea"Os self respe!t for the reality of its o$n Illusion of Aife. 88(( I""ortality is the proof that love has never had a eginning or an end through us# eing a "e"ory of our eternity shared y life in t$o souls $hi!h are pair. 88() Every star e!o"es i""ortal only through its light. 88(* 6hat else !ould i""ortality e in a $orld $here no ody $ould Hno$ ti"eX 88(5 I""ortality is the dit!h fro" the pal" of e1isten!e through $hi!h the river of destiny flo$s. 88(6 I""ortality is the dialog a out infinite and eternity. >*&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 88(7 I""ortality is the urning staHe of the passion to e1ist eternally# dying a little in every "o"ent. 88(8 I""ortality re"aHes every ti"e the "eaning of the ha2ard of e1isting. 88(' I""ortality al$ays sharpens the feather fro" the $ing of the angel of life. 88(9 I""ortality is the !ulpa ility of death in front of life. 88(: I""ortality $ill never hide so"ething else other than love. 88)( I""ortality is the Hingdo" eyond destiny $here the eternity of the "o"ent rules. 88)) I""ortality $ill al$ays fulfill death $ith its lifeOs eternity that $ill al$ays die $ith every "o"ent that passes. 88)* I""ortality $ill al$ays re"aHe the lost destiny of love astray fro" us. 88)5 I""ortality is the strangerOs life inside us. 88)6 I""ortality is the soul of the "o"ent. 88)7 I""ortality understands a single $ord/ love. 88)8 No i""ortality !an re!ogni2e its o$n eternity# eing a 8niverse in a single "o"ent. >*'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 88)' -he drea" of our i""ortality is in the fight of hope to e1ist $ith the reality of not to e1ist. 88)9 I""ortality is the $ing that flies only in the air of love. 88): I""ortality is the legend of the infinite in the eyes of your soul. 88*( 5o$ "u!h i""ortality $ould $e need to understand that $e are alienated fro" o$n selves $hen $e refuse to elieve in loveX 88*) I""ortality is the tragi! s"ile of life for the ones that donOt understand death. 88** I""ortality is the longing hidden in the tear of death that oo2es for the first and the last ti"e on your !heeH. 88*5 I""ortality is the respe!t that life gives to the eternity of death in this $orld. 88*6 -he spring of i""ortality $ill e al$ays hidden to the ones that are not thirsty y love. 88*7 I""ortality e!o"es the "ost destru!tive $ord for the ones that desire the eternity of life $ith any pri!e# not understanding the eternity of death. 88*8 I""ortality is the ro"an!e hidden fro" our illusory original sin. >*>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 88*' I""ortality is the !rystal sphere that hides the "agi! of love. 88*9 6ould the fire of love still urn if it did not Hno$ $hat is the i""ortality of its o$n soulX 88*: I""ortality is the $ord that $ill tell you that you "ust understand death. 885( Only the ones that truly love !an understand death and the i""ortality of the eternal "o"ent. 885) I""ortality is the drea" a out life# sprang fro" this e1isten!eOs tale# lost forever on the land of its o$n death. 885* I""ortality !annot have a "eaning of e1isten!e $ithout understanding death. 8855 I""ortality is the fight et$een the good of life and the evil of death in this Illusion of Aife# $hi!h desires to defeat the ha2ard of its o$n destiny. 8856 6e are eternal. 6ho "isses loveX Or its i""ortalityX 8857 I""ortality est understand death# not at all Hno$ing the life. 8858 I""ortality is the vol!ano of your eyeOs soul# "y love. 885' -he $ave of i""ortality $ill never $ash the shore of your s"ile $ithout love. >**

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8859 -he sunrise of i""ortality !an e ad"ired only on the deathOs real" of this Illusion of Aife. 885: I""ortality is the senti"ental spe!tru" of the life of the stranger inside us# in this Illusion of Aife. 886( I""ortality is the happiness to re!ogni2e the eternity of love. 886) No ody $ill e a le to understand i""ortality $ithout loving and understanding death. 886* 5o$ "u!h death there is in a loveX And ho$ "u!h i""ortality does it hideX 8865 No$here else you $ill find i""ortality than in death. 8866 I""ortality is the $ord that does not !ry unless in front of love. 8867 I""ortality is the longing of life for the "eaning of death. 8868 I""ortality is the only through $e !an see through the Illusion of Aife# feeling it ut never Hno$ing it. 886' I""ortality is the $alt2 of the entire history that is sang on the land of a single "o"ent. 8869 I""ortality is the sigh of -i"e efore 9eath. >*)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 886: I""ortality listens only through the s$an song of life. 887( If $e "eet i""ortality on the eternal land of death# the eternity that is in us through love# it "eans that love Heeps death in its soul. 887) I""ortality is the freedo" to Hno$ that eyond life !an e a death as lively. 887* -he i""ortality of the Illusion of Aife is the elief of dying eternally $ith every passing "o"ent. -he true i""ortality !annot die eternally e!ause it does not Hno$ the passing "o"ents. 8875 I""ortality is deathOs 2ephyr in the heart of -i"e. 8876 I""ortality is the river of life that pours into the eternity of the o!ean in your heart. 8877 I""ortality !an only !o"prise the oundlessness $hile life !an !o"prise only the !ontained. -his is $hy i""ortality !an never e life as $e understand it. 8878 I""ortality is the sign through $hi!h death understands the "eaning of life# getting it a$ay fro" the "o"ent of its o$n eternity.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 887' I""ortality $ill forever e a eautiful tale as long as $e $ill Hno$ the $orld through the Illusion of Aife. 8879 I""ortality e!o"es the "ost desired su""it in life e!ause it represents the parado1 through $hi!h life in its fun!tion of eing a passing death# together $ith every single "o"ent# it !annot die. 887: I""ortality is the fight of the self $ith the heart# ru""aging the senti"ent that $ill light the fla"e of love. 888( I""ortality is the !urse through $hi!h $e !annot understand death e!ause of the Illusion of Aife and the lessing through $hi!h $e Hno$ that life !an live even if it passes. 888) -he i""ortality of "an al$ays "eans "ore than the "eaning of a "o"ent. -his is the fa!e of the Illusion of Aife. 888* 9o you $ant to find i""ortalityX %less love. 8885 I""ortality is the fla"e of 9estiny in the nothingness of the ha2ard of "eeting our love. 8886 I""ortality is the only path of perfe!tion through the vanity of the Illusion of Aife that $e !annot follo$ unless $e love. >)0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8887 I""ortality is the frail artist of 9estiny in the frost of every senti"ental $inter. 8888 I""ortality !annot understand the "easure that is eternal. -his is $hy no i""ortality !an e e1plained# ut only felt as su!h $hen you love. 888' I""ortality respe!ts the !alendar of life only for the ones that do not understand i""ortality. 8889 I""ortality is the veil in $hose shado$ vanity !an never hide. 888: I""ortality is the ?ueen that $ears the stellar train over the souls that $ill never forget the ro"an!e of the stars that $rite their passion of love $ith their o$n light. 88'( As the stars $rite their i""ortality $ith their o$n light $e !an also $rite the i""ortality $ith the light of our love. 88') 6hat !an e "ore profound than to understand the true "eaning for $hi!h light e!o"es i""ortal $hile !rossing the di"ensions of the divine soul of DodOs $ord# $hi!h is Aove. 88'* Bou are never alone in the $orld of Dod# Rust e!ause 5e loves you $ith 5is o$n i""ortality. >)1

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 88'5 Ans$er to the i""ortality of your happinessO "o"ent y loving and you $ill re!eive a!H your eternity lost through irth in the $orld of the Illusion of Aife. 88'6 I""ortality is the hope that Heeps the fire of the happiness in the darHness of this $orld. 88'7 I""ortality is the nostalgia a out yourself of your o$n i""ortal self. 88'8 I""ortality is the purpose for $hi!h e1isten!e e!o"es life. 88'' I""ortality is lifeOs lu!H to e!o"e 9estiny eyond deathW 88'9 No "atter ho$ "u!h i""ortality $ould play at this lifeOs ha2ard roulette# you $ill noti!e that you $ill never $in if you $ill not let love fall over the !ounter of your $ords. 88': I""ortality is the train that !an only travel in the eternity of a single "o"ent. -his is $hy it $ill never stop in the station of your life "o"ents. 889( I""ortality is the longing of the soul over the eternal "e"ory of the $ord Aove said y Dod to this e1isten!e. 889) I""ortality is AoveOs pre"iere in the season of death during life. >)2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 889* Aife is evanes!ent eing li"ited y death. I""ortality is eternal and !annot e li"ited y the a solute# not even in death. 8895 I""ortality is the lost paradise of the soul through $hi!h the stranger fro" every "anOs soul $anders. 8896 I""ortality is the flo$er of your eyes that never fades in the 9estiny of "y heart. 8897 I""ortality is the dan!e of life at the ar" of death on the stage of the eing. 8898 I""ortality is the piano at $hi!h the hope of life sings the sy"phony of eternity a!!o"panied y death. 889' I""ortality is the artist of drea"s# the "agi!ian of 9estiny through $hi!h this $orld re!eives its !olor. 8899 I""ortality is the rain o$ $hi!h rises e!ause of love a ove life guarded y death. 889: 4arado1i!ally the "eaning of i""ortality in the Illusion of Aife is to eternally die $ith every "o"ent that passes. 88:( I""ortality is the eauty of Aight at the $edding $ith 9estiny. 88:) 6hat !an there e on the other side i""ortalityX Or on this sideX Nothing. I""ortality is EverythingW >)(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 88:* I""ortality is the "ost a solute pro1i"ity of the $ord of Dod that is Aove. 88:5 I""ortality is the "eaning of "ortals and the nonsense of i""ortals. 88:6 I""ortality e!o"es the "ost "isunderstood "eaning of Eternity. 88:7 I""ortality is the purpose of 9estiny to find the path to the salvation of its o$n i"age# refle!ted in the roHen pie!es of DodOs "irror. 88:8 -he da$n of a solute !an only e found in i""ortality. 88:' -he farthest fro" i""ortality is the one that desires the eternal life. 88:9 -he "ore you $ant to live "ore# the "ore you $ill e further fro" i""ortality e!ause this is efore everything a "eaning of death. 88:: I""ortality is the tear of 9estiny oo2ed on one of the pie!es of the "irror that refle!ts its o$n i"age. 8'(( I""ortality is the deaf !ry of the loneliness inside you that $ants to defy the tu"ult of this life. 8'() I""ortality is the in!arnation of DodOs $ord in love. >)&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8'(* I""ortality is the !han!e that 9estiny has to die in the !hips of its o$n "o"ents. 8'(5 I""ortality is the !har" of Hno$ledge to re"ain a ig unHno$n. 8'(6 I""ortality is the soul of the longing after the eternity inside you. 8'(7 I""ortality is the !ross on $hi!h only 9estiny !an e !ru!ified. 8'(8 I""ortality is the only golden drea" of life that rusts in the sandstor" of -i"eOs "o"ents. 8'(' I""ortality is the only salvation of its o$n selfOs divinity. 8'(9 I""ortality is the ro!H that !an never trundle in the eddy $aters of -i"e. 8'(: I""ortality is the land"arH of the great "e"ory a out our o$n self. 8')( 6hat $ould $e do $ithout the notion of i""ortality as $rong as $e per!eive it e!ause of the Illusion of AifeX 8')) -he aspe!t of i""ortality "ust e sear!hed in the roHen !hips of -i"e# $here every part hides the eternal "o"ent of a $orld. 8')* In i""ortality you !annot !ross fro" a "o"ent to another# fro" a $orld to another# >)'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION Rust e!ause there is no ti"e. 6here there is ti"e# there is also death. 8')5 I""ortality is the "ost $anted "eaning ut also the "ost "isunderstood "eaning. 8')6 6hy do $e run after i""ortalityX Only e!ause of the fear of deathX Or "ay e fro" the greed of e!o"ing stronger y living "ore lives or a life elongated to eternity. I elieve oth of the". -he ig disappoint"ent $ill e $hen "an $ill understand that i""ortality is none of these aspe!ts. 8')7 -o respe!t i""ortality "eans to learn ho$ to die. 8')8 I""ortality $ill e the spring of happiness only for the ones that $ill on!e and for all understand death and sui!ide. 8')' No ody !an a!!ede to$ards i""ortality $ithout respe!ting the art of sui!ide. 8')9 6e sui!ide ourselves every day a little through the Illusion of Aife# $hile $e do not a!!ept the sui!ide that frees us fro" this Illusion of Aife that !an never Hno$ i""ortality.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8'): I""ortality !annot e slo$ sui!ide through the dust of the IllusionOs of Aife "o"ents of ti"e Rust e!ause it is not life. 8'*( I""ortality is the only "irror in $hi!h this $orldOs vanity !an see its fa!e. 8'*) I""ortality is the paradise of the thought to e eternal. 8'** I""ortality is the purpose of the e1isten!e of eing eyond any illusion# a eingW 8'*5 I""ortality is infiniteOs longing to e" ra!e the eing. 8'*6 Only in i""ortality the e1isten!e e!o"es a ove any destiny of Illusion. 8'*7 I""ortality !an never $ait the !ontinuation of life e!ause it does not Hno$ ti"e. 8'*8 I""ortality is not and $ill never e a perpetual life in a ti"e that runs forever# Rust e!ause ti"e is the true death# and i""ortality !annot a!!ept death. 8'*' I""ortality is the only one in the entire diversity $hile life "eans diversity. Continuing life $e $ill !ontinue death. 8'*9 I""ortality is there $here the "o"ent $eds $ith the a solute of its o$n self. >)*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8'*: I""ortality is the "ountain $hose su""it !an never e es!aladed Rust e!ause it does not re!ogni2e te"porality# ne!essary in this de"ar!he. 8'5( I""ortality is the all in $hi!h the thread of the Illusion of Aife is raveled forever. 8'5) No ody $ill ever e a le to e i""ortal $hile livingW 8'5* I""ortality is the $hisper of 9estiny through $hi!h it re!ogni2es its o$n e1isten!e y e1isting. 8'55 I""ortality is the pedestal on $hi!h the statue of the $orld Aove stays forever# $hi!h is the Dod of our souls. 8'56 I""ortality is the night"are of the Illusion of Aife that !annot understand death. 8'57 I""ortality is the deaf e!ho of the "o"ent# "isunderstood y the Illusion of Aife. 8'58 No ody !an e i""ortal in life $ithout death. 8'5' I""ortality is not and !annot e the !ontinuation of life to eternity. Su!h !ontinuation $ill perfe!t the true death that is the Illusion of Aife. >))

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8'59 I""ortality is the 2ephyr of the entire e1isten!e !aught in a single "o"ent y 9estiny. 8'5: I""ortality is the a solute of the entire history that urns the fla"e of the passion of a single "o"ent. 8'6( -ogether $ith i""ortality you !an e only y looHing into the !e"etery of your vain lifeOs "o"ents. 8'6) I""ortality !an never e shared $ith anyone# eing the a solute Rudge that a solves you of the Illusion of Aife through $hat you !all death. 8'6* I""ortality is the "ira!le through $hi!h you get rid of this $orldOs vi!iousness $hen dyingW 8'65 I""ortality Rudges every ody after their a!tions. -hus no "atter ho$ ig a fortune $ill you gather in this life# do not forget that it does not elong to you a single re"nant fro" the eternal "o"ent of i""ortality. 8'66 I""ortality is a $ord $edded $ith DodOs Aove. 8'67 I""ortality is the sign of the 2odia! that $ill al$ays e the sa"e after death. >),

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8'68 Every ti"e you $ant to do a ad thing in this $orld# donOt forget that your soul $ill have to fa!e the eternity of death to $hi!h your life is not even a pie!e of a "o"ent. 8'6' I""ortality $as al$ays $anted. It is i"portant for $hat purpose. 8'69 In front of i""ortality $e are liHe so"e pri"itives of the stone age that see a spa!e ship. -his is $hy $e attri ute it "any !onnotations. 8'6: -he true i""ortality is only inside you. 8'7( I""ortality is the page for" the !alendar that "ust never e thorn e!ause its ti"e !annot pass. 8'7) 6ithout the i""ortality of the eternal "o"ent of love# this $orld $ould e ear of any passion. 8'7* I""ortality is the s"ile of o livion in front of the Illusion of Aife. 8'75 I""ortality is the hardest !li" of the illusion $hi!h al$ays ends in the reality of death. 8'76 Gor i""ortality# the only reality of this life is death. 8'77 I""ortality is the $hole that !an e !ontained in the eternity of your s"ile. >,0

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8'78 I""ortality is the sno$ of death that falls over this lifeOs suffering# free2ing it. 8'7' I""ortality never leaves fro" the rende2vous $ith death. 8'79 I""ortality is the drea" of life to re!ogni2e its o$n destiny in the eternity of death# as it $ants and not as it a!tually is. 8'7: At the spring of i""ortality life $ill never !o"e# no "atter ho$ thirsty it is# Rust e!ause $hatever it $ould do it !an never e eternal. 8'8( 6hy $ould an eternal life e i""ortalityX 5o$ $ould this life looH liHeX 6ouldnOt it e!o"e a !ontinuous death in the endX 8'8) I""ortality is life !o"pro"ise $ith itself. 8'8* I""ortality is the tear of the infinite oo2ed on the fa!e of this lifeOs in!apa ility to e eternal. 8'85 I""ortality is the ans$er given y 7o"ent to -i"e# $hi!h thus reali2es that it !annot flo$ eternally e!ause this Hind of flo$ "eans to redu!e to a single infinite# thus a single "o"ent.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8'86 I""ortality is the roHen flight of life in its atte"pt to understand the eternity of death. 8'87 I""ortality is the Aonging on $hose !ross -i"e itself $as !ru!ified in order to e saved. 8'88 I""ortality is the a solute tra"pled y -i"e fro" the E1isten!eOs "istaHe to live# in!arnated in thoughtW 8'8' I""ortality is the na"e of the $ord said to eternity y the e"ptiness of life in order to understand infinite. 8'89 5o$ "u!h death is in the true i""ortality of lifeX 5o$ "u!h eternity is in the true i""ortality of deathX 8'8: I have Hneeled at the root of i""ortality hoping to understand the "eaning of this $orld. Everything I have understood $as to looH to$ards death# $ith the entire hope that $as left to "e in order to live. 8''( -he i""ortality of the soul !an e found only in the hope to found yourself again. 8'') 9is!over the infinite inside yourself and you $ill understand the i""ortality and death on $hose land the latter lives. >,2

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8''* I""ortality is !loser to you than anything in this $orld. -his is $hy you should never asH yourself $hy are you dying and $hy do you al$ays live at the order of death. 8''5 AooH at the !ro$d in the street. All these people $ill never e1ist in a fe$ years. Over !enturies not even their "e"ory. It $ill e liHe they never have een orn. 6here else !an their i""ortality e than in their o$n deathX No$ i"agine that these $ould e i""ortals and $ill re"ain in the $orld forever. Could e the eternity and oundlessness li"ited y the di"ensions of this $orldX 6hat a out their spiritual di"ensionsX NoW -hen i""ortality does not live eyond life in deathX 8''6 I""ortality is the light that urn life giving self freedo" to every soul to a!Hno$ledge its o$n eternity. 8''7 I""ortality is the freedo" of the hart not to e for!ed to !ount the eats of its o$n senti"ents on the path of love. 8''8 I""ortality is the only !loseness possi le et$een life and the eing on the road $ithout return follo$ed y 9estiny. >,(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8''' I""ortality is the spa!e $ithout ti"e of the hope to e together forever. 8''9 I""ortality is "ore than a si"ple eternity. Is first of all the eternity of the eing. 8'': -here !annot e i""ortality $ithout eing. 8'9( -o say the i""ortality of the eing is the sa"e $ith the i""ortality of i""ortality# $hi!h is the sa"e. -his is $hy the eing is i""ortality in itself. -hus life !an never elong to the eing ut only to the Illusion $hi!h en!loses it $ith the !old fen!e of death. 8'9) 5o$ "u!h i""ortality !an e in the ga2e of a loveX 8'9* 6ho understand i""ortality understand love also. It there so"eone $ho !anX 8'95 -he i""ortality of your eyes is the typhoon through $hi!h all the "o"ents of "y life hide in a single one. 8'96 I""ortality is the soul to everything $e !annot understand a out death. 8'97 I""ortality is the death eyond us. 8'98 I""ortality is the happiness to Hno$ that even death !an e life. 8'9' I""ortality envelops you only $hen you refuse to understand the Illusion of Aife. >,&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8'99 6here you $ill find i""ortality you $ill also find love. 8'9: I""ortality is the ga"e of death fro" lifeOs dan!e. 8':( -o regret life is liHe regretting the entran!e in the i""ortality of death. 8':) I""ortality is the live fire of a "e"ory a out a life !ontinued in the eternity of death. 8':* I""ortality !an never respe!t the rigors of life# e!ause I !annot die slo$ly $ith the passing of every "o"ent. 8':5 I""ortality envelops you only $ith the !hill of love# $hi!h !o"es on the $ings of eternity of $hat you !onsider death. 8':6 If in death it is possi le not to thinH it "eans that i""ortality is the phase in $hi!h you $ill forget all the thoughts of the Illusion of Aife. 8':7 I""ortality is the sea"less flight of death in this $orld tou!hed y the !ourse of thought. 8':8 I""ortality is no odyOs longing to e nothingness. 8':' In the soul of i""ortality you $ill truly find yourself# as e"pty as every thought# >,'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION as you $ere $hen you $ere orn# !o"ing in this $orld $ith death. 8':9 I""ortality is an understanding of love and Rust e!ause of that $e $ill find it starting $ith the "ost insignifi!ant senti"ents. 8':: I""ortality is the standard of passion to elong to e1isten!e. 89(( %et$een death and i""ortality there is a great arrier only in the Illusion of our Aife# e!ause eyond this Illusion of Aife# oth are a $hole. 89() I""ortality is the hope of the Illusion of Aife fro" the death fro" $hi!h it runs a$ay. In this resides the essen!e of all the parado1es of our e1isten!e. 89(* I""ortality is the poe" in $hi!h life hopes y loving the death fro" its o$n self. 89(5 Gurther a$ay fro" i""ortality you $ill never "eet anything. 89(6 5o$ "u!h death !an e1ist in i""ortality and ho$ "u!h life in dying. 89(7 6hy does i""ortality hide in the eternity of deathX 89(8 -he $orld is a !ontinuous inter!ession to$ards the death that hides i""ortality. >,>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 89(' -he essen!e of i""ortality is the eternity of death# liHe the essen!e of death is lifeOs evanes!en!eW 89(9 I""ortality is the se!ret advisor of death. 89(: I""ortality is the drea" in $hi!h you hope never to $aHe up fro". 89)( I""ortality is the destiny of a love that hides in a single ga2e. 89)) Nothing !an e "ore ephe"eral than the i""ortality and "ore fragile than life. -his is $hy these t$o $eave hoping to steal eternity to death. 89)* I""ortality is the $ave that reaHs only on!e the ro!Hs of Aife. 89)5 I""ortality is the a solute of death $hi!h al$ays tra"ples life. 89)6 I""ortality is the angel of death $hi!h taHes life to tasH for the fa!t that it dies every ti"e $hen it leaves the eternity of a "o"ent. 89)7 I""ortality is the $ord that free2es life $ishing that the eternity of a single "o"ent of death stood still. 89)8 5ave you ever seen the "o"ent in $hi!h the eyes of the one that dies open foreverX 5ave you o served his last ga2eX >,*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION -hat is the i""ortality in $hi!h pass all have een orn. 89)' -he differen!e et$een "ortals and i""ortals is in love. 89)9 -he "ortals $ill open the eyes to$ards the i""ortality of death and the i""ortals to$ards the i""ortality of life. 89): I""ortality is the hope of the Illusion of Aife to ring its o$n a surdity into eternity. 89*( I""ortality is the golden drea" of happiness in a $orld $here everything is an Illusion of Aife. 89*) I""ortality !an neither e !o"plete or a solute if it is Hno$n# thought and rationali2ed. 89** I""ortality is the leaf !arried y the $ind of e1isten!e in the land $here eternity drea"s. 89*5 I""ortality is the vernal ud that $ill never loo" in a $orld of Hno$ledge. 89*6 I""ortals $ill never Hno$ anything# not even death# e!ause any Hno$ledge li"its e1isten!e fro" deathW 89*7 Cno$ledge is the $orst ene"y of i""ortality e!ause it al$ays verges to a !ertain "arHer $hi!h i""ortality !annot do. >,)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 89*8 It is true[ you !annot love $ithout Hno$ing in the $orld of the Illusion of Aife. %ut the eternity of a loveOs "o"ent is e"ptied y any Hno$ledge a out itself# eing repla!ed $ith the indefinite e!stasy. 89*' I""ortality is the $hirlpool of e1isten!e and passion to re!ogni2e itself in the eternity $ithout feel of the divine e!stasy. 89*9 I""ortality is the e"pty drea" of Hno$ledge to e a le to die in eternity as $ell# little y little $ith every "o"ent. 89*: I""ortality is a ove every thought e!ause it !an only e understood y Dod. 895( I""ortality is the road that $hi!h life desires to taHe in the eternity of death. 895) No "atter ho$ superior Cno$ledge is# ho$ "any logi!al !oeffi!ients $ould operate# this $ill never e a le to understand anything else than the di"ensions that li"it it# in our !ase# ti"e and spa!e. Even if it $ould e li"ited y infinite di"ensions or Rust one it still !ould not e truly i""ortal. -he reason eing this li"itation. 895* I""ortality !annot a!!ept any li"itation.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8955 I""ortality is eyond any li"it# $here even e1isten!e forgets a out itself and e!o"es an infinite nothingness. 8956 I""ortality !annot e a path of the Illusion of Aife e!ause it !annot li"it itself to a single !ertain path. 8957 -here is no path of i""ortality# ut only its infinite. 8958 I""ortality $ill not e found in a !ertain pla!e and also not at a !ertain "o"ent e!ause it $ill never e so"e$here# so"eti"e# spe!ially. 895' I""ortality is the eternity that !an e per!eived trough the spyglass of a single "o"ent. 8959 9oes so"eone Hno$ ho$ ig or s"all is a "o"entX -hat frontier et$een past and futureX Even a illion of a se!ond !an e huge. Any division !an e redu!e or in!rease to the infinite. -here is the infinite# eternity# love and i""ortality. 895: I""ortality is the eternal a sen!e of the infinite of a ga2e $ho "isses in turn your heart. 896( -hrough the "eaning of i""ortality $e a!!ept the e1isten!e of the Illusion of AifeOs death $hi!h d$ells in this $orld. *00

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 896) I""ortality is the food of the soul $hi!h tries to found itself. 896* I""ortality !annot e further than the first step of death. 8965 5o$ "u!h i""ortality !an e in a single ga2eX 8966 -he sun of i""ortality $ill truly rise in the hori2on of the soul only $hen living the eternity of the "o"ent. 8967 I""ortality !annot e sold or re!eived as a gift fro" life# not eing even the !o""odity of 9estiny. 8968 I""ortality is the sleep of eternity fro" $hi!h you !an never re"e" er the passing of -i"e. 896' I""ortality is in the parH of a su""er $here I have felt for the first ti"e the eternity of your ga2e. 8969 I""ortality is an illusion for the Illusion of Aife# Rust e!ause it is the only truth that $e !an feel through love $ithout understanding it. 896: 6ithout i""ortality there $ould not e a 9estiny. 897( I""ortality is the eauty of the hori2on that !an never e tou!hed in this $orld. *01

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 897) And if the eternal ody $ould e o tained through geneti! interventions# it $ill never e o tained an eternal soul# than through the definitive o livion of any "e"ory. -hrough death. 897* -o re"e" er i""ortality is liHe "e"ori2ing the eternity eyond irth and death# eyond any life. 8975 I""ortality is the sigh through $hi!h life !annot stand the perfe!tion of death. 8976 I""ortality is the ro!H $hi!h life $ants that the eternal ti"e $ould erode# not Hno$ing that even it# no "atter ho$ large it $ould e it $ill eventually end. 8977 If $e did not Hno$ that the notion of i""ortality e1ists# the $orld $ould not have e1isted in this !ontinuous death $hi!h in reality is our Illusion if Aife. 8978 Every soul has it i""ortality and Rust for that it !annot e understood y life $hi!h al$ays su Re!ts it to forever ne$ tests until the "o"ent of death $hen it e!o"es understood too late. 897' 5o$ eautiful if the sunrise that rings the day $hi!h $ill i"peratively die to give pla!e to another# paying $ith death the i""ortality of !ontinuity. *02

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8979 No "atter ho$ "u!h I "issed you# I Hno$ that $e are al$ays together through the i""ortality inside us $hi!h turns us silent to$ards the sa"e death of life and eternity of the spirit. 897: 9eath is the soulOs longing for i""ortality. 898( I""ortality is the hope of the soul in finding its o$n 9estiny. 898) I""ortality is the rose of your heart that !an never fade fro" the only drea" that $ill pass over the threshold of this $orld. 898* I""ortality is the "agi! through $hi!h the past forever $ants to e!o"e future. 8985 I""ortality is in the eyelids $ant to sleep forever the life that al$ays dies. 8986 I""ortality is the $ido$ of 9estiny. 8987 I""ortality is the only event that e!o"es rando" through not a!!identally. 8988 -hrough i""ortality even Dod has e!o"e a poet. 898' I""ortality is the ne!Hla!e put at the ne!H of the a solute y the a surdity of life. 8989 I""ortality is the vi!e fro" $hi!h Aife !annot get a$ay at its rende2vous $ith 9estiny. *0(

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 898: -hrough i""ortality any soul !an understand ho$ alone it is. 89'( -he ones that desire i""ortality are too alone to e hu"an. 89') I""ortality !an only put life to sleep. -his is $hy nothing in this $orld !an e i""ortal. 89'* I""ortality is the loneliness fro" yourself. 89'5 I""ortality is the great "e"ory through $hi!h your self is alone $ithout the half of it eternity/ the soul"ate. 89'6 I""ortality is the hori2on that !annot e !ontained y any thought of yours no "atter ho$ "u!h $ould you desire this. 89'7 If "an $ould re!eive i""ortality in life he $ould reali2e in the end that he is so lonely that he $ould !o""it sui!ide. 89'8 6hy do $e desire i""ortalityX Only e!ause $e $ant to find the loneliness of the eternity fro" ourselves that has lost its soul"ate at irthX 89'' -here is no igger loneliness than the one of I""ortality $ithout its soul"ate/ 9eathW 89'9 Aord# ho$ alone !an e the ones that desire i""ortalityW *0&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 89': I""ortality is the ray $e hope to light the loneliness# ut $hi!h does nothing else than Hill us reali2ing that $e !annot fa!e its eternity $ithout our soul"ate. 899( I""ortality is al$ays the drea" of "anHind e!ause it is so lonely. 899) I""ortality !an find itself in love Rust e!ause then $e reali2e ho$ lonely $e are in reality $ithout our soul"ate. 899* At the !reation of $orld# Dod has divided the i""ortal soul in he and she and has left us to sear!h the i""ortality inside us in the eyes of the other. 8995 I""ortality is the verse of this $orldOs loneliness sang at the piano of the stranger inside us. 8996 In true i""ortality# loneliness $ill e repla!ed y the e!stasy of eternity that !an never Hno$ ti"e. 8997 It is true that i""ortality $ill free "an fro" the stranger of his o$n self# ut only eyond the life of this $orld# $here the soul $ill find its "ate. 8998 If the soul $erenOt divided in t$o parts that al$ays sear!h for ea!h other# $e $ould have Hno$n neither good nor evil# he nor she# eauty and ugly# al$ays the t$o opposites. *0'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION -his is $hy in i""ortality none of these !an e "entioned. 899' -he true i""ortals of this $orld are the ones that have found their soul"ate. -he great personalities are a!tually great solitaries. 8999 -he i""ortality of this $orld is never a "e"ory ut self redis!overy in your soul "ate. 899: -he i""ortality of great personalities is the "e"ory of great solitaries. 89:( I""ortality $ill !onsist in the "e"ory of the loneliness inside "e. 89:) I""ortality is the alienation fro" ourselves through $hi!h 9estiny $ants to e friendly $ith the li22ard of life. 89:* I""ortality is the ray fro" the sun of the heart that sear!hes its o$n gala1y in a single ga2e. 89:5 Only hope !an pass over the o sta!les of i""ortality. -his is $hy it is the "ost pre!ious "eaning of life. 89:6 -he standard of i""ortality is the earth on $hi!h only death !an e planted. 89:7 I""ortality is the rain of e" er of the $ords that urn life# "elting it in the eternity of their o$n "eanings. *0>

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 89:8 Is there so"e ody that has dis!overed the "eaning of i""ortality through Hno$ledgeX 6hat a out the "eaning of death and lifeX 6hat a out the Hno$ledge $ithout the a solute truthX 6hat a out the a solute truthX Only that $ill understand true i""ortality. 89:' 5o$ heavy is the !ape of i""ortality $orn y it to prote!t fro" the "ortuary !old of the passing thought of this $orldW 89:9 I""ortality is the pea!e et$een life and death that !an only e "aintained y the a"nesia! hope of a 7e"ory a out Eternity. 89:: I""ortality is the longing to e of the life eyond any death# fa!ing any 9estiny in the drea" that elieves itself reality. 8:(( I""ortality is the li22ard through $hi!h 9estiny steps over the death of life. 8:() I""ortality is the e1istential eauty of $hat life sees as nothingness. 8:(* I""ortality is the !o of longing of love through $hi!h love hurts. 8:(5 I""ortality is the eternal s"ile of $hat life elieves death to e. 8:(6 I""ortality never sees life as eing life ut "ore liHe deathW *0*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:(7 I""ortality is the dan!e at the "idnight $here the day of life !onne!ts $ith the night of death in order to !ontinue to un$ire the to$ of the years. 8:(8 I""ortality is the silent pledge of death $ith life# of the eternity $ith the "o"ent. 8:(' I""ortality is the eternal drea" of death to e life and of life to e eternity. 8:(9 I""ortality is the eternal "e"ory that hides in the drea" of a single "o"ent. 8:(: I""ortality is the address $ithout re!ipient of e1isten!e. 8:)( I""ortality is the light of a star that rings the ne$s to eternity that there# in a s"all !orner of the 8niverse has on!e shined for the soul of her great love. 8:)) I""ortality is the a$aHening fro" the sleep of the Illusion of Aife. 8:)* Never !ry over i""ortality e!ause it is love and !annot e !ried over ut only understood. 8:)5 Never asH forgiveness to the $orld e!ause you desire i""ortality# e!ause in love# no ody# ever# "ust asH forgiveness. 8:)6 I""ortality is the astral halo of the light that taHes the stars to eternity. *0)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:)7 I""ortality is eyond the stellar dust that sets over ti"e. It is the stellar light that sets only over eternity. 8:)8 I""ortality is the 8niverseOs longing for 9estiny. 8:)' -here is no "ortal 9estiny liHe there is no "ortal i""ortality than the one that i"agines as life i""ortality. 8:)9 %et$een i""ortality and 9estiny is !o""on fa!tor/ DodOs Aove. 8:): I""ortality is first of all love and then eternity. 8:*( I""ortality is love and oth are stellar divine light fro" the light of DodOs $ord to e the 8niverseW 8:*) I""ortality e!o"es so"ething a stra!t only to life ut not for love. -his is $hy $hen $e love $e get a$ay fro" life# fro" ourselves# i""ersing ourselves in the eternity fro" efore e1isten!e. 8:** I""ortality is the ga"e of light of the %eing $ith 9estiny in order for oth to understand the i"portan!e of AoveW 8:*5 I""ortality is E1isten!eOs longing to e loved. 8:*6 I""ortality of life is the sigh of eternity to trip over ti"e. *0,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:*7 I""ortality is the shore of eternityOs o!ean in $hi!h the ships of -i"e $ill never e a le to rea!h. 8:*8 -he da$n of i""ortality !an e seen only fro" the threshold of death. 8:*' In the day of i""ortality all the redundant "o"ents $ill disappear on!e and for all and to$ards no$here# giving pla!e to the !o"plete eternity of the graveyard. 8:*9 6hen $e love $e live $ith the eternity of i""ortality eyond irth and after life. 8:*: If so"e ody asHs $hat i""ortality is# tell his that it is the indes!ri a le tre"or of the "ost profound love. 8:5( No ody !an ever say ho$ "u!h death is in love and its i""ortality# !o"pared to life# liHe no ody !an say ho$ "u!h death "eans life !o"pared to i""ortality. 8:5) I""ortality is the sno$ that rings the eternal spring of love in the $orld of a single $ord# a single gesture. 8:5* 7ight Dod Heep you a$ay fro" the loneliness of i""ortalityW 8:55 5o$ "u!h loneliness it is in the eyes that desire i""ortality Rust e!ause they $ant to love eyond the eyelids of this $orld. *10

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:56 I""ortality is the station $here only t$o trains in this $orld stop and interse!t. -he one of death and the one of love. 8:57 I""ortality $ill al$ays separate the Hno$n fro" the unHno$n# death fro" life# putting together for eternity love of 9estiny and the eternity of nothingness. 8:58 I""ortality !an never pass that is $hy it !annot !o"e on the $ings of ti"e unless in the eternity of the "o"ent eyond any ti"e# sprang fro" the souls that love. 8:5' I""ortality is the line of love fro" the verse spoHe on this and the other side of life. 8:59 I""ortality is the !old of the senti"ental $inter that free2es even the "o"ents of -i"e at the $indo$ of 9estiny# !reating the i!e flo$ers of love# given only to the souls of ig loves. 8:5: 5o$ "u!h i""ortality is in the eauty of a sunrise# of a $onderful vie$. 6el!o"e it in your heart# loving it# ad"iring it# living itW 8:6( I""ortality is the Gata 7organa fro" the eternity of the "o"ent Hidnapped y -i"e. *11

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:6) I""ortality is the drea" in $hi!h life $aHes up# reali2ing that it is not $hat illusion had $hen it drea"ed that it sleeps in the ante!ha" er of death. 8:6* I""ortality is the fountain $here eternity e1tinguished its thirst $ith the 6ater of Aife. 8:65 6here else !an i""ortality e than in the spring of "y loveX 8:66 I !annot understand Dod. 6hy did 5e rought us in the $orld of death $here $e long for the i""ortality fro" eyond irth# $here $e e1ist only through the love of 5is $ordOs rays fro" the eginning of the $orld. 8:67 I""ortality is the 9estiny of Aove. 8:68 5ave you ever felt the !old fro" the $ordOs ody $hen you loveX -hat there isnOt a $ord hot enough to e1plain $hat you feel in that "o"entX -hat is i""ortalityW 8:6' I al$ays Hne$ that you $ill e1ist for "e so"e$here so"eti"e# love of "y life# rightened y the halo full of i""ortality of the love that I !arry for you. 8:69 6hat !an e "ore profound in this $orld than to understand and live the i""ortality of loveX *12

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:6: Dod e1ists in us only through the notion of i""ortality. 8:7( I""ortality is the stars diade" of our hope. 8:7) I""ortality is not the eternal sleep of life on the $ings of "o"ents ut the eternal a$aHening in front of Dod. 8:7* I""ortality is 9estinyOs revelation to e!o"e e1isten!e through Aove. 8:75 I""ortality is the tearOs s"ile that does not Hno$ ho$ to !ry Aife. 8:76 I""ortality is the great rende2vous et$een the 7e"ory of Eternity and Aife. 8:77 6ho !an say that i""ortality !annot die at the a$aHening fro" a drea"# no "atter ho$ i""ortal it isX %ut $ho !an say that drea" is not i""ortal as life isX 8:78 6ithout i""ortality# the entire $orld $ould e devoid of poetry. 8:7' I have sear!hed for i""ortality in the stone of s!ulptors# in the verses of poets# in the pala!es of ar!hite!ts or in the petals of flo$ers. I have found it only in your eyes. 8:79 I""ortality is the petal of a "e"ory that never forgets.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:7: I""ortality is the drea" a out eternity fro" $hi!h you never $aHe up in order to die. 8:8( -he i""ortality of flo$ers is the "ost eautiful fro" all i""ortalities only $hen you hold in your ar"s a un!h of the"# given y the great love that I !arry for you. 8:8) Any i""ortality has its o$n soul# $hi!h shares its feeling and e1perien!es only $ith death. 8:8* -here isnOt i""ortality in love liHe there isnOt death in deathW 8:85 I""ortality is the "ost eautiful gift re!eived y Dod fro" 5is o$n $ord/ Aove. 8:86 6ho !an listen to i""ortalityX %ut $ho !an understand i""ortalityX 6ho !an sho$# !at!h# tou!h# Hiss or e" ra!e i""ortality $ithout lovingX No odyW 8:87 I""ortality is the drea"Os gate that does not open to a$aHening any"ore no "atter ho$ hard you $ould try to reaH the !losed lo!Hs of its eternity. 8:88 I have listen to the ru" le of $aves on the endless shores sprinHled $ith the sandOs gold rought fro" the solar sunrises of ea!h day# ut I $ould never have understood $hat i""ortality is if I hadnOt "et you. *1&

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:8' -he entire sadness of the $orld $ould disappear if ea!h of us $ould "eet $ith the i""ortality of love. 8:89 -he $orld $ould e etter# $ithout pain and $ars# $ithout greed and depravity# if "en $ould "eet their soul"ate in this life. Other$ise it $ould Hno$ i""ortality and $ith it they $ould not live life as i""ortals. 8:8: 5o$ sad is this $orld $ith all its evils Rust e!ause people !annot love enough and !annot understand the i""ortality of love. 8:'( -o go a$ay fro" yourself and to hide in the "o"ent of a loved ga2e fro" the unleashed $orld "eans to understand the "eaning of true e1isten!e. 8:') 5o$ "u!h $isdo" has the shell of -i"e heard ho$ "any $aves of lives it has !onfrontedX Still the o!ean $ill never "ur"ur in its spirals the song of i""ortality e!ause it "isses the "ost pre!ious thing/ AoveW 8:'* 8n!o""only# the drea"Os i""ortality is Rust realityW 8:'5 I elieve in the i""ortality of your eing e!ause I love you $ith all the i""ortality of the sa!red $ord of love. 8:'6 I understand you i""ortality only $hen I love the over "y eing. *1'

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:'7 I""ortality is the lood of 9estiny $ho flo$s through the veins of eternity. 8:'8 6e should e happy e!ause i""ortality a$aits you eyond life. 8:'' 6hat great "ira!le happens in the 9estiny of great loves that already Hno$ i""ortality fro" this $orldX 8:'9 6e $ere !aught in the trap of -i"e in order to e a le to live the "ira!le of life# ut there is no igger happiness than to live the "ira!le of i""ortality through love. 8:': Aife is sadness and suffering e!ause it has lost its i""ortality at the roulette of -i"e. 8:9( 6e need love e!ause only this $ay $e !an eat ourselves and e!o"e the i""ortals of an eternityOs Hiss. 8:9) Aove is the light of the heart and the darHness of $isdo". I""ortality does not thinH. 8:9* I""ortality is the pie!e of "adness# sprang y the eternity of a feeling $hen you love# $hen everything see"s endless and there isnOt a arrier put y $isdo" fro" $herever it $ould !o"e.


SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8:95 6isdo" !an guard life liHe love !an guard i""ortality# ut $isdo" $ill never guard love and i""ortality. 8:96 6ho !an love $ith $isdo" does not love at all[ other$ise the i""ortality of love !annot a!!ept any for" of $isdo" than the language of the heart. 8:97 -he $isdo" of this $orld $ill al$ays hide death in its letters# $hile the instin!t of love $ill hide i""ortality. 8:98 6hat !an e greater than to feel that po$erful instin!t of love that !harges you to do the "ost a struse and !ra2y thingsX Nothing else. -his is true i""ortality. 8:9' -here is no greater "istaHe then to looH for the i""ortality in the re"edies or advi!e of the $ise and not in love. 8:99 I""ortality e1ists in your soulOs eternity $hi!h $ill !o"e out $hen you $ill find your soul "ate. -he ones that donOt have this !han!e sear!h it on the $rong path of the $ise. -his is $hy $e live in a $orld full of ignoran!e# $ars# greed# envy and suffering. 8:9: If a s!holar $ill sho$ you a "istaHe in the language $ithout $ords of heart# then you should Hno$ that i""ortality is there. *1*

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8::( I""ortality !an only understand the s$eet suffering of love that !annot allo$ in any !ir!u"stan!es the evils and the a Re!tions of the $orld. 8::) I""ortality is a great !hallenge of love through itself. 8::* I""ortality e!o"es true despair for the ones that do not $ant to understand that the "eaning of everything that is and $ill e is Aove. 8::5 I""ortality is the Rug of that -i"e fro" $hi!h only the souls thirsty $ith love !an drinH. 8::6 7any sear!h i""ortality in the "ost advan!ed !ures# not Hno$ing that the entire i""ortality is lost in the eternity of a si"ple Hiss or feeling. 8::7 I""ortality is the ooH of life $hose pages are lost in a single s"ile. 8::8 I""ortality is Aove. 8::' I""ortality understands etter than anyone ales the pure tear of Aove. 8::9 I $ould liHe us to hide in the tear of the 7o"ent $hen $e Hiss# to e the eternal longing of the drea" I $ish it $ould not end $ith the !o"ing of the da$n of the ne$ days of the Illusion of Aife. *1)

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION 8::: I""ortality $el!o"es you in the threshold of death through your last drea" in this life. '((( 6hat is the i""ortality of "anX 6e all pass through i""ortality al"ost every night# drea"ing $hile $e sleep. If you never $oHe up fro" that drea"# it $ould e!o"e your i""ortality. '(() I""ortality and life as $ell are a drea". -he different et$een i""ortality and life is that the drea" of life elieves itself to e reality and says that it $ill end in death# $hile the one of i""ortality does not say that its end is in death. '((* I""ortality is the al" of the ones aggrieved y the drea" of life $hi!h ends in death. '((5 -he differen!e et$een life and i""ortality is that you never $aHe up fro" the drea" of i""ortality# $hile fro" the drea" of life you $aHe up in order to "eet death. '((6 I""ortality is the drea" of lifeOs nonsense in front of death. '((7 If i""ortality $ere silen!e then life $ould e the struggle. -he first rings eternity and the other death. *1,

SORIN CERIN WISDOM COLLECTION '((8 I""ortality is the drea" of e1isten!e that $ill not end in death in order to live its 9estiny. '((' I""ortality is the eingOs longing for the a solute that does not elieve in death. '((9 As life $ithout death !annot e1ist# then i""ortality $ill e a drea" $ithout a$aHening. '((: I""ortality is 9estinyOs !han!e to find itself. '()( I""ortality is the purpose of the e1isten!e of to e. '()) -hey all se i""ortality as an eternal life. -here is not su!h a thing. Eternal life is eternal death# it is passing. -he eternal passing is death. I""ortality is eternal e1isten!e# $hi!h is so"ething !o"pletely different. '()* I""ortality is all $e $ould desire to e left fro" life.