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The Irrational Evil of Nazi Germany


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

©Copyright 2010 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Some think, wrongly, that Nazi Germany was based upon “Truth.” In fact, Nazi

Germany was not based upon truth at all, but instead was based upon Irrational Evil.

Law and Government is supposed be ordered toward the Individual Good, which is based

upon reason in the first instance, and secondarily, upon wisdom, in the rare instance when

reason does not work. Totalitarian dictatorships such as Nazi Germany, Stalinist Soviet

Union, and Mussolini’s Italy, on the other hand, are based upon irrational evil. In such

fascist societies, irrational power is in charge. Thus, instead of having reasonable laws to

live by, instead, a terror regime of irrational laws is set in place. You see, when law is

not based upon reason, then irrational, evil, idiots move to the top of the system. These

idiots rule by whim and caprice. Thus, on Monday, it is the death penalty to wear green

clothes. But then, on Tuesday, it is the death penalty not to wear green clothes. On

Wednesday, it is a crime to walk on the right hand side of the street, but then, on

Thursday it is crime to walk on the left hand side of the street. In a fascist government,

you are are required to pay more income taxes than your actual income. In a fascist

government, you are required to wear a heavy parka in the summer, and short and a tshirt

in the winter. Am I joking? Not really. Consider the movie, “The Enemy at the Gates,”

about the Soviet Russian military at Stalingrad. At Stalingrad, only the first row of

Russian troop carried a rifle, with 3 rounds of ammunition. The second, third, and fourth,

ranks, only carried three rounds of ammunition with no rifle. These troops were ordered
to make a frontal attack against German machine guns nests and Tanks. The Russians

were slaughtered, and began to retreat. But, the Fascist Soviet Military used the NKVD

military police to machine gun down any Russian soldier who tried to retreat from the

slaughter, killing the remaining Russian troops. Now, you can see that is irrational evil.

Complete stupidity. Thus, totalitarian dictatorships always self-destruct, taking the

majority of their people with them. The only reasonable choice is to support

Constitutional Democracy which requires reasonable laws and governmental actions.