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   Yes / No

p |ersonal Service in X
À |   Ȃ Territoriality & personal service
À 3 x ivorce case, presence in Cali) |resent in Territory

p Traditional bases
À omicile/Residence/presence Ȃ  
À 0 ency Ȃ Lon 0rm statutes Ȃ u 
À Consent Ȃ Lon 0rm Statute

p 3usiness Contacts
À |  Ȃ Continuous and Systematic
À u   Ȃ Stream of Commerce

   Ȃ oes it reasonably relate to or arise out of

p ]XXX of iven statute Ȃ i.e. DzFullest extent of ue |rocessdz

p Substantive ue |rocess xConstitutional |ron ) xSoverei nty) Substantial

Justice and Fair |lay
À 3  Ȃ Contacts plus and Convenience
À ë   Ȃ Minimum contacts, fair play and substantial justice,
arisin out of, protections of laws.
À u  Ȃ |urposeful 0vailment, voluntary and beneficial
À ww w Ȃ |urposeful 0vailment. Reasonably haled into court
xConvenience), stream of commerce
À 0  Ȃ Stream of Commerce
Ô |ure Ȃ 3rennan
Ô |lus Oǯconnor

p Convenience Factors
À Xǯs interest Ȃ tax dollars for local economy, jobs
À Yǯs interest Ȃ hard to take witnesses somewhere, harder to travel to
defend x3rennanǯs Mobility of efense)
À See venue and forum non conveniens
p Notice
À   Ȃ Reasonably calculated Notice
À Rule 4 FRC|
À Xǯs Rules of Civil |rocedure
Ô Smaller rules allowin for email or fax or whatever for service

0ssumin X can exert |ersonal Jurisdiction, Can Y Remove to federal court.

Ô Subject Matter Jurisdiction xnd pron of ] 44 )

p May be removed by ρ
p |olicy Ȃ would want to avoid discrimination a ainst out of stater
p ]  Ȃ iversity
À Mreater than $75,000
À Claim made in ood faith
À   Ȃ Complete diversity  part test
Ô Nerve center Ȃ offices, corp decision makin
Ô Muscle xproduction/distribution)
Ô Totality test x3i picture)
À  Ȃ omicile

If we have Personal Jurisdiction and Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Greaten than $75k in
questions, and complete diversity, Y can remove the case to federal court.