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Cryptms Confectionaries (India) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1987 at Thodupuzha, in the Idukki District of Kerala. The Company was set up with the support of leading financial institutes & banks like Kerala Finance Corporation (KFC) and Canara Bank.



In 1987 post registration within an year itself the company achieved a turnover of Rupees one crore. Since 1987 to August 1992, Company witnessed steady growth in the domestic market. Since September 1992 there was a decline in the sales margin lasting over a period. In 1993 the promoters of Cryptms emerged with new marketing strategies to promote growth.




The Cryptms Group
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1986- Cryptm Confectioners (India) Pvt. Ltd 1989 ± The Unipack (India) Pvt Ltd 1993- Megha Home Products Pvt Ltd 1993- Efficient Marketing Pvt Ltd 1995- Bristo Foods Pvt Ltd

Megha Home Products Pvt Ltd
Was launched in 1993 to produce variety of biscuits. Highlights:

Biscuits launched under the brand name ³Crypsy´ made inroads in highly competitive markets. Within 2 years sales crossed Rs 3 Crore.


Unipack (India)Pvt Ltd
Established Unipack India (Pvt.) Ltd in 1989 to produce the packing materials for Cryptms. Highlights: y Manufactures & prints packing material for primary & secondary packing needs of Cryptms and Crypsy.

30% of total turnover results from external customers.

Bristo Foods Pvt Ltd
Growing demand of the product in the market inspired the promoters to go for a new unit. Bristo Food (Pvt.) Ltd was started in the year 1995. The unit¶s annual production capacity is 3500 tones of sweets. Highlights: y Launched additional varieties

Production of large variety enabled group to match with every product offering of the competitors

Efficient Marketing Pvt Ltd
Established in the year 1993 as an independent and professionally managed marketing organization.
Objective: y To develop professional marketing firm to market the products of the group companies Highlights: y Undertakes marketing of Bristo Products within and outside Kerala

Sales Promotion & Strategy
Sales Within Kerala

‡ 40 Distributors & Stockist & 22 Sales representatives.

Sales Outside Kerala

‡ Cryptms have limited Marketing in other South Indian States like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh ‡ Company operates through Superstockists who appoint other stockists


‡ Separate distributors and stockist for ³Crypsy¶¶ & ³Cryptms´ although products sold through same retailer. ‡ Separate sales representatives for ³Cryptms¶¶ & ³Crypsy´

Market Share
Cryptms Group is the third largest Player in Kerala with 15 to 18 % of Market share. Main competitors are: ‡ Parry ‡ Nutrine

SWOT Analysis
High production capacity High quality at low price Efficient and well trained employees The goodwill of the company

Limitation of production capacity Limited market penetration Less variety of chocolates toffees, such as bar chocolates, lollypops etc.

Threats Opportunities
Improvement in market penetration Expansion of production capacity Introduction of product varieties and improved promotional efforts through audio-visual media Introduction of tattoos and stickers by competing confectionary companies Advertising monopoly of Parry·s and Nestle in audio-visual media Extended network of multinational companies with improved technology and attractive packaging

Flour mill y Carton making unit y Sanitary tissue paper unit y Mineral water unit

Suggestion ± y Flour mill: Back word integration to support the high quality & efficient plant for biscuits.
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Carton making: Forward integration; experience of Unipack Pvt. Ltd.

National Launch
Cryptms group can aim for National Launch in the long run by expanding its distribution through sales network. Focus area : y Strengthen brand popularity & loyalty from consumers.
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Increase equity over loan. Sales & distribution strategies needs to be strengthened.

Marketing Strategy
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Equity & Brand revamp. Promotions for brand awareness. Pricing strategy to defend the competitors within Kerala. Efficient Marketing Pvt. Ltd act as a group unit taking care of all marketing functions. The advertising & promotion activities can be outsourced to gain the quality & efficiency.



Recommendation for the Cryptms Group growth strategy. Stars ?
‡Variety of Biscuits. ‡Nationwide launch.

Business Growth rate

‡Carton units Low ‡Flour units ‡Biscuits


‡Efficient marketing




Relative Position (Market share)

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