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Sponsor a Widow
In India, many Hindus believe that if a man dies, his wife made the gods angry, and she
is responsible for his death. Often the widows jump on the funeral pyre, and are burned
alive. Others run away, and many who are left homeless on the streets are welcomed
into one of our homes. They help care for the children in the Home, and those who are
truly born-again become Bible Ladies, ministering to the Hindu women in their villages.
When a husband is away from his home, village custom dictates that no man may enter
the home, even if the evangelist is accompanied by his wife. But the widows may visit
the lady, and have opportunity to lead the lady to Jesus. PUBLISHED BY WORLDWIDE FAITH MISSIONS PO BOX 8083, CANTON, OH 44711

Sponsor an Evangelist Website : Founded 1976

Most of you will never have the opportunity to witness for Jesus in a remote village in Volume 35, Number 7 July 2010
India. But through our sponsorship program, you may enlist a worthy evangelist in India
to minister in your place. Many of our evangelists were called of God to minister to their
own people while they were in our Children's Home. Now they need support in order to
minister in a remote village where most have never heard the Name of Jesus, nor have
heard the message of salvation. And you will share in their reward as they win souls for
the Lord..

Sponsor a Needy Child

Our Homes have many children for whom we have no sponsor. When parents die or are
too ill to care for their child, the villagers will bring the child to one of our Homes. We
never turn a homeless child away, but must use our small general fund to care for them
until a new sponsor is enlisted. Please use this form to request a boy or a girl, or a Bible
lady or an evangelist. We will send you a photo and case history, and you may write to
the one you are sponsoring in India.

Sponsorship Form:
□ I will support a child at $18/month. I want a Boy □ Girl □ (Check one)
□ Please select a native evangelist for me. I will send $25/month.
Send me his name and photo.
□ I will support a Bible woman (widow) at $15/month.
□ I want to help feed the starving children in India
I enclose $__________ My Name____________________________________

Mail to:
Worldwide Faith Missions With Handicapped Children
P.O. Box 8083
Canton, Ohio 44711
Contributions are tax deductible