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Emerald Ash Borer & Asian Longhorned Beetle

Workshop For Citizen Scientists
Saturday, August 14
9:00am to 1:00pm
Meet At The Bradford Academy

Volunteers will be trained to survey

for these two invasive forest pests
and provide outreach to the public.
This workshop will also serve as a
basic train-the-trainer class for those
who are interested in teaching other
volunteers to survey for these pests.

Students learn about the threat we

face from non-native forest pests,
how to identify the various life
stages of alb and eab, and how to
recognize signs and symptoms of
both pests on infested trees.

Approximately three hours in the

classroom and one hour in the field.
Dress casual and wear good walking
shoes or sneakers for the field
portion. Field portion will take place
on town land in Bradford, Vermont.

To Register Call Monique Priestley At 802-222-1909 By Monday, August 9th

Workshop is led by Jay Lackey, a Forestry Specialist with the Vermont Dept of Forests, Parks & Recreation.
Sponsored by the Bradford Conservation Commission •