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Early College of Forsyth

Fall 2010
High School Supplies Lists

One 1 inch to 2 inch 3-ringed binder 2 marbled cover composition books
Loose-leaf paper (college rule) 2 sturdy folders
Two packages of notebook dividers Notebook paper
Black or blue pens Index cards---any kind
Red pens for corrections Pens in different colors
1 marbled cover composition book
1 three prong folder (with or w/o pockets) BIOLOGY
Calculator (graphing calculator not necessary)
CIVICS & ECONOMICS One 3-ringed binder-No spiral bound/composition
One 2 inch binder 1 sturdy folder
Tab Dividers Loose-leaf paper (college rule)
Marbled journal notebook Black or blue pens
Loose –leaf paper Pencils and erasers
Pens & Pencils
Index Cards REAL WORLD 101
Optional: craft supplies which includes – One package of notebook dividers
crayons, markers, scissors, glue One 1 to 2 inch binder
Loose-leaf paper (college rule)
1 three ringed binder notebook Loose-leaf paper (college rule)
Loose-leaf paper (college rule) Graphing calculator: TI 84
Dry erase markers (small tipped) Pencils and erasers
TI-84 graphing calculator 1 three-ringed binder
Pencils Dry Erase markers (small tipped)
Graph paper
Colored pencils ALGEBRA II
1 marbled cover composition book Loose-leaf paper/1 three-ringed binder
Or one spiral bound notebook
Pencils and erasers
Graphing calculator: TI 84
Notebook: spiral bound or loose leaf SAT PREP
Pencils and erasers One 1 to 2 inch binder
Graphing calculator: TI 84 Loose-leaf paper (college rule)
Graph paper One package of notebook dividers
Box of Kleenex
Protractor 3 inch 3 ring binder
1 marbled cover composition book
Loose- leaf paper
Early College of Forsyth
Fall 2010
College Supplies Lists

ACA 122 HIS 111 and HIS 112

Black or blue pens Blue or black pens
Highlighters, any color Highlighters, any color
Pencils and erasers Spiral notebook
1 spiral notebook for class notes Loose-leaf paper
Pencils and erasers
PED 110 or 111
Comfortable/athletic shoes for exercising HEA 110
Appropriate clothing for exercising Black or blue pens
Towel Highlighters, any color
Water bottle Spiral notebook
Spiral notebook Loose-leaf paper (college rule)
Black or blue pens
Pencils and erasers
Pedometer (State Farm)

All other college classes will receive a syllabus the first day class meets with required supply lists.
Students should bring paper and a writing utensil the first day of class.