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The Basics of AIR-COOLED HEAT EXCHANGERS Products Corporation . ASubsidinry OF Hudson Prodiists Holdings, Inc. j CONTENTS FOREWORD NOMENCLATURE .... |. _ DESCRIPTION OF AIR-COOLED HEAT EXCHANGERS Components Tube Bundle Be Axial Flow Fans Plenum ... Mechanical Equipment Structure F Comparison of fiver) ang rereod| Cs Induced Draft Forced Draft... Il, THERMAL DESIGN . 7 Typical Heat Transfer - Case | Application of Design Method Sample Problem .....- ioe Fan Selection ~ Horsepower Requirements {ll PERFORMANCE CONTROL OF ACHES Varying Air Flow ....0e.eeeeee es Extreme Case Controls . Internal Recirculation External Recirculation Co-current Flow ‘Auxiliary Heating Coils ~ Steam or 1 Glycol « We NOISE CONTROL . ae v. DESIGN OF ACHES: FOR VISCOUS: Liquios VI. cost REFERENCES ...--.- ms oom TABLES Page 1. Guide to First Estimates of Bundle Rows . SAY ea ca Senne ting 2. Typical Heat Transfer Coefficients for Air-Cooled Heat ence z sete A® FIGURES Page 1. Typical Components of an Ait-Cooled Heat Exchanger ........ nim 2 2. Typical Construction of Tube Bundles with Plug and Cover Plate Headers . 5 3. Fin Types 4 4, Header Types... 5 5. Axial Flow Fan. : aS 6 Mechanical Components . fee Aah 6 7. Comparison of induced and Forced Draft Unis ar, 8 Thermal Optimization Parameters ....... Fries seas ents tac) 9, MTD Comection Factors, One Pass ~ Cross Flow .. 10 10. MTD Correction Factors, Two Pass — Cross Flow ....... Petree tnacae cat 11. MTD Correction Factors, Three Pass Cross Flow .... 12 12, Air Cooler Sizing Chatt One Pass... 15 13. Air Cooler Sizing Chart Two Pass .......... os nie HEBRIDES UE ete) 14, Air Cooler Sizing Chart ~Three Pass... . 15. Air Cooler Sizing Chart — Four Pass. i 16. Unit Weight and Surface per Unit Fan HP as a Function of Bundle Depth . See on eeacees 17. Air Flow Control 18, Unit Price asa Function of Total Surface and Bundle Depth