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SUMMONS - CIVIL STATE OF CONNECTICUT Severe atta bias aes SUPERIOR COURT Se pag for nections = Rose eres ee EY TOTO HE Oo ete ey 7 STATE OF CONNECTICUT. you are hereby if amount, legal interest or property in demand, not including interest and commanded to make due and legal service of [1 Stiif claiming other relief in adeltion to or in ieu of money or damages. ‘Redness of cour clerk where well and other papers shal be fled (Number, steer, town and zp code) | Telephone number of clerk ‘Wetumn Date (idast be a Tuesday) ees a 300 Grand Street, Waterbury CT 06702 (208 ) 591-3300 September____3_ 2010 Bd vic Bani 7 a en wich we tana [OES 65 BUH, 1-49) ‘Cave pe cose [Se Ta on pag) [2] Housing Session Dumber: Waterbury Major. T Minor: 40 For the Plaintiff(s) please enter the appearance of: SSE Sea UR ETE O aE TASES SES OLE CTBT (oy otuegeee Srsaon reno, om suey, Row Hnvon GT ons10 sae. Se ras Se aad (203 ) 624-9500 Nanberof Pants Tuber of tenants 3 | L] Form J0-GV2 ateced fo dita parios Paris | Rai a at i ay i SER pr br Sot Bo Tow St uy, TOA) ne ee a ae Contes Paton ray peat, (races: Sei treat Renton 05510 ‘Additionar [Name es Plaines — |Ad4086: a fons — Hard Roan Cao ocean CSTR oa sot, ison: teagan gon Hartford, CT 0610! Tiamat St. Hedwig Church oH Additional pase: 32 Golden Hill Street Defendant Naugatuck, CT 06770 _| fame — Baya, Stopion eae — al ‘aaional Rares: 55 Weshingron Avenue mous 106883. anion oa Baton [asso Notice to Each Defendant 4 YOU ARE BEING SUED, This paperle 2 Summens in wut, The compli attached obese pape sales the ais that ech abs maki agalest you inthis avs. 2, Te be noted of tuner proosodings, you or your storey must lea form called an "Appearance withthe clark ofthe above-named Cou atthe above Cour addrese on or before the second day afta he above Relum Date. Ths Return Dale isnot a hearing date, You donot have fo come to court on the Felum Date unless you receive a separate notice teling you To come to court 3 Hyouro: your atiomey donot fle wien “Appearance” form on tie, 2 judgment may be entered against you by deta. The "Appearance" form may be blaine a the Coun axdress above oot wit juc.ct gov unde" "Court Forms." 4. iyo believe that you have insurance Mat may cover he clam that's being made agains you his lawsuit, you should immediately contact your Ingurance representative. Other acbon you may have fe take le described n ihe Comectict Practice Sook which may bs found i a guperar cout aw brary or one at wer ud ct gov undor "Court ules." 5, ifyou have questions about te Summons and Complaint, you should tak to an attorney quickly. The Cesk of Court isnot allowed to give advice on Teo Parser Sina a a saver Joe! T. Faxon 08/05/2010 acon ae 2, Thaflgning has been done co that te Plant) wi ot be doled acces to he courts Fie 0a Rid the responsibly ofthe Plains) to see tat eervcs fe made inthe manner provided byl, Tha Gitks not ported to gue any lagal 20.00 In connection wth any lavsut 6. The Clerk signing this Summons at the request ofthe Pal) snot responsible in any way for any exons oF fmissans inthe Summons, ay alegations contained in the Complat. or the sari of he Summons or Complaint Treertify ihave read and | Sared (Sel Represeried Piri) ‘aie understand the above: een ena = i Gaighy, ftom tye ao cin svet, Now Haven CT O8610 2 ewe Tea Seees wa Ta oe ee Ticczoto Page #of2) RETURN DATE: SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 : SUPERIOR COURT JOHN DOE, 7 J.D. OF WATERBURY Vv. HARTFORD ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCESAN CORPORATION, ST. HEDWIG CHURCH OF NAUGATUCK and STEPHEN BZDYRA AUGUST 6, 2010 TEMPORARY EX PARTE APPLICATION FOR THE USE OF A PSEUDONYM The plaintiff, pursuant to Practice Book § 11-20A(h)(2), moves the court for a temporary ex parte order to proceed with a pseudonym in this action. The plaintiff is an adult who was a victim of sexual molestation by Steven Bzdyra, while a minor, at the St. Hedwig School, under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Hartford, as set forth in the attached summons and complaint. In accordance with General Statutes §§ 54-86d-54-86e (providing for protection of victims of sexual assault), and Practice Book § 11-20A(h)(2), the plaintiff requests that an ex parte order be granted allowing prosecution in a fictitious name until a hearing can be held within 15 days after the return date so the court can determine whether continued prosecution under a pseudonym will be allowed. THE PLAINTIFF, NEW HAVEN, CT 06510 TEL. 203-624-9500 FAX. 203-624-9100 JURIS NO.: 421593 ORDER The foregoing order, having been heard, is hereby ordered: GRANTED / DENIED. Ordered: The court finds the plaintiffs’ interest in protecting their identities compelling and significant in light of the allegations of sexual molestation and a pseudonym is necessary to accomplish same. Such interest outweighs the public's interest in knowing their names and no lesser alternative will suffice. This order shail remain in effect until a hearing on at am/pm at which time this question will be considered anew. Further ordered, plaintiffs’ identity to be disclosed to defense counsel. yee eee eee