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ok, in the burning window called "write cd" (not the wizard but the other one) this

is what
i have :

Info : you don't care

Multisession : "No Multisession" is ticked

Iso : "ISO Level 1" is ticked and "Mode 2 / XA" is ticked too and also "ISO 9660" and
"Joliet" and you can also tick (if you want) "Allow pathdepth of more than 8 directories"
and "Allow more than 255 characters in path"

Label : you don't care

Dates : you don't care

Misc : you don't care

Burn : "Write" and "Finalize CD" are ticked and write speed is up to you and "write
method" should be set on "Disc-At-Once"

Now you're ready for overburning, just say yes when you're asked if you really want to
overburn your CD but do it at your own risk!!!

it works very fine for me with my old Yamaha SCSI 6-4-16 and Nero

Have some nice toasts...

-- Bastien (, April 13, 2003.