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"If my view is not wrong, our education has no ‘worth and is ofno avail ifit is not accompanied with proper grooming. Grooming does not mean that children sit on their haunches and speak with folded hnands what we make them say. This is not educating, ‘human beings. Even an ape can be trained in this ‘manner. For instructing children, truthfulness, vvirtuousness and freedom in thought and action are necessary; and these qualities can not be cultivated. through education at home, but require an ‘educational institution, and also that the children are ‘not dumped in a school where there is everything, except education and traini Sir Syed Ahmed Khan "Thestudents ofthe Muslim University have always taken a prominent pat in all movements of progress and reform among the Musalmans. Muslim India constantly looks to the Aligarh for light and ‘guidance. The responsibility of Aligarh students is, therefore, particularly great. They should equip and qualify themselves during their educational career by serious application to their studies, including the study of the current problems, forthe role they have toplay inthe future national reconstruction" Dr. Sir Ziauddin FZ * Education does not merely mean academic education... You have to build the character of our funure generation which means highest sense of honour, integrity, selfless service to the nation and a sense af responsibilty” (Addressing the Students at AMU) ‘The Serious and unprecedented Financial Malafides, Administative and other allegations against Prof. PK. Abdul Aziz, The Vice-Chancellor of AMU “Adit, itis a fact that iti for the fist ime in the history of | ‘Aligath Muslim University that a Fact Finding Enguiry has been insttted by the Visitor of the Universi the President of Indi, agains a serving Vice-Chancellor Prot. BK. Abul Azi, in person, for his alleged malatides, incompetenees, violation of the Act Stores and Ordinances and blstant and reckless violations of fHandaré finmncial corms tnd propieties in response 10 specitc allegations against him by eight members ofthe executive council hamly, two nominecs of the Visitor the President of India, 2 hominge of the Restor the Governor of UP. and five elecied members of EC as wal asthe Old Boys Associaton ofthe Aligarh “Masi University and the representatives of Non-Teaching Stat of AML. Ifthe above aceussions ae found tenable ought to esulin Immediate drastic ation against Prof PK. Abdul Aziz, instructing neato quit, ling which is dismiss. In vas. shocking to leam thatthe Finance Inspection Wing of the Government of Kerala found Prof. PK. Abdul Aziz guilty on 12 allegations levelled against him by th Cochin University Employees “Association when he was the Vice-Chancellor of that University In its report which was forwarded by the Principal Secretary to ‘Government of Kerala on 25-08-2008 to the Registrar of Cochin University it was directed t initiate “immediate necessary steps ind ‘winkimate te actiontakentothe poveramentat the earliest gainst Pro. PK-Abdul Azz Ironically, Prof. Azie scoms to have indulged in almost similar ‘nancial and other iereguarites on becoming VC of AMU which are abundantly clear fom te alloatons levelled by eight EC members ‘based on facts as listed below which are focussed, identifiable and ‘tenable and whose veracity canbe established objectively 1. He charged extontiona Travel expenses excaoding Rs. 12 Lacs ‘ntwoyears from June 2007 tl dae, mostly withoutany genvine official purpose to Delhi and around Cochin where his family resides. Despite being a Chief GueslChief Inviee, he charged his TA/DA as well socal axicharges fom the University when oO “The financial alogat 6 suichexpensesate gnealy pid by the oss He committed a grave financial ieguaity by chang the iveriy TADAGfRs.81,654/-onhis ining theUnversiy Js the Vie-Chatelor, for his wife, vo hire an himset ‘Soming from Kerala aginst Rule 30 of Traveling and Hing Allowance Rules ofthe Universi. Taking reftge under the existence of precedes desma eet the nalid anil Sevons of even the eminent persons. Likewise, the eqn use af words lke “diseretion, larger inieest and good fait” in dsfenceof Pro PK. Abi Aes leading 8 hese lens ate legl tems and hee are eno ease laws ting ir reise He got saetoned Rs, 93,05- ler Home Tavel Concesion {UFC forsending ce member of is aly Kean win few days his joing as Vice-Chancellor wich a al or Iceould bent fer fTCony afer he expr fone yt He visited Jamia Miia Islamia athe Chief Guest 26" AUInia AASLI Conference but charged ar ie via Cochin and elsimed ‘TADAo ERs. 64 14¥-and Taxi charges of Rs 12,797 illegal Whereas there appears to be no charges for his travel to Thiruvanathapuram but e has claimed taxi charges for one day ‘worth Rs 15000 for local travel at Thiruvanathapurant whichis stonishing, He had his income Tax worth Rs, 2.356 pid illegally for the Financial year 2007-208 out ofthe University Funds "Recovery fof Salary" Likewise, he also got paid income Tax worth Rs “44.315 for the Financial year2007-08 for Prof. VK. Abdal Jl Revista. out of University funds "Revovery of Salary” illegally ven forthe period when they were natin the serve of the University.” It was done earlier” or "similar foils were provided to others” ete. donot justify inaccurate and legal acts ‘committed by persons charged withthe responsibility for running ‘atonal nstiatione, ‘The Viee-Chancellor lodge was partly damaged but he spent ore han ks. 2 ores ia renovation redesiging an in fll ait conditioning and proving foritare worth Rs. 65 lace from ‘Kerala Ineidentaly within his sum a brand new and a majestic Oy lodge could be built. The expenditure inclues: (2) Civil work through wo aersements Rs. 77 las (b) cost of formiture Ra. 65 les (€) Cost of Curtains RS. 1 $0 aes (d) Air-conditioning Rs 30|acs()Jaykori bath unit (Chinese), $laes(e) TV. Fridge, Crockery Rs 2.50 lac (1) Mattresses, indoor interiors and paints Rs, 5 las. Toal RS: 186 lacs excluding various other expenses pertaining 10 elecvic wiring, generator se, eoring, clin, fixtures ete The extravagance ofthe Vice-Chancellor can he judged from the mere fet thatthe cost Tar one wooden sa Satiee was Rs 1,37,001-.The cost of ne woaden divan Was Rs, 8000-The cost Tor ane wooden show ease was RS, 3.6 aes and the cox of one wooden cot with sie table was Rs L38650/- ‘Necdless o say thatthe coresponding total value of quotations Tiom Tip Top Kozicode, Kerala or VC's, his chamber and that of Prof. Joel were Rs, 8.02 lacs as agaist Rs 57.57 lacs and Rs. 1267 lacs foe Indus Delhi and Kohinoot, Delhi respectively. Despite the unanimous decision of Cental Purchase ‘Committee to purchase al future from Delhi, the said furniture was purchased from Kerala by changing the composition of Central Purchase Committee, consitued ty the Execttive ‘Counel. Moreover. the loring sons, wall les, batnoors tiles ‘door and window fixtures ete were purchased from Delhi costing nearly 22 lacs at yey high rates. Various types of tes wer rehased, aes varying rom Rs. 352810Rs. $40 per. In will not be ielevant to stess here that Prof. PK Abdul Aziz ‘rely cared for his comfortable and luxurious life bieked by Full-Nedged secursy system. He spent mast of the time ang resourees in his image building and took litle itetest in the development of campus life. His interes remained confined 10 awarding building enatracts and conducting Convoeations and Conferences. Consequently, the condition of the Halls of Residence, Dining Hall, Common Rooms, Reading Rooms. Laboratories Hospitals, Departments, Offices. Ply Groundsane infrastructure is miserable as he didnot plan ad caused any ‘meaningful expenditure on these heads He smislealng people by mee propaganda tistics and hs praetcally done noting for teaching and research in the University. He is using his ‘mergeney powers routinely and recklessly under Section 19,3) against the specifi insteustions and guidelines ofthe Howtble ox