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A customer calls to report a problem with a computer. What is the first step the
technician should use to resolve the computer problem?
Direct the customer to various vendor Web sites.

Complete a work order documenting the cause of the problem.

Identify the problem.

Gather information from the customer.

A customer calls to report a computer problem. Which two actions can the technician
use to establish a good rapport with the customer? (Choose two.)
Personalize the call by periodically asking questions unrelated to the computer
Allow the customer to speak without interruption.

Use technical terms to determine the level of knowledge the customer possesses.

Ask only closed-ended questions.

Refer to the customer by name whenever possible.

A technician wants to apply for a job in a call center for a computer repair service.
Which two characteristics are desirable for this type of position? (Choose two.)
use jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms relating to computer repair

possess good listening skills

be willing to work long hours

display professional behavior at all times

be willing to talk strongly to difficult customers

A technician receives a call from a customer who is too talkative. How should the
technician handle the call?
Talk over the customer and quickly gather the necessary information to help them.
Allow the customer to speak without interruption and then try to use closed-
ended questions to gather data.
Use open-ended questions and repeat all the information back to the customer to
politely show that they are giving too much unnecessary information.
Politely step in and gain control of the call by asking the customer social questions.

Which three items are commonly parts of a service level agreement (SLA)? (Choose
supported software

diagnostic procedures

acceptable working conditions

service location

accessibility requirements

car parking arrangements

Which issue is an example of an exception to an SLA that should be escalated to a

A customer wishes to change the details of the contact person on the SLA.
A customer wants two new computers added to the existing SLA without
additional cost.
The customer is asking to upgrade the level of service and is willing to pay the price
An unhappy customer calls to get clarification of the costs and penalties of the SLA.

While a technician is listening to a lengthy explanation of a problem, the technician

identifies the solution to the problem. How should the technician proceed?
Interrupt the customer immediately to explain the solution.
Interrupt the customer at the earliest opportunity because you know what they are
going to say.
Wait until the customer has finished speaking, and then explain the possible
Ask the customer to complete the explanation as quickly as possible because a
possible solution is known.

When dealing with an angry customer, which two things can a technician do to resolve
the problem? (Choose two.)
Place the customer on hold to allow the customer time to become calmer.
Allow the customer to explain the problem, possibly dispelling some of the
Discuss possible causes of the problem.

Sympathize with the customer's problem.

Try to minimize the significance of the problem.

What are three guidelines for beginning a call with a customer? (Choose three.)
Explain the SLA terms and conditions.
Determine the level of knowledge that the customer possesses about
Place angry customers on hold immediately.

Immediately transfer angry customers to a manager.

Use brief communication to establish a one-to-one connection with the
Call the customer by name.

What is the recommended way to place customers on hold?

Place customers on hold as soon as the issue is identified. The on-hold message
will inform customers that they have been placed on hold.
As soon as the issue has been identified, tell customers that you need to put them
on hold, then immediately place them on hold.
Ask and wait for permission before placing customers on hold.
Do not place customers on hold. Ask them to call back in an hour when the issue
would have been researched and a solution found.
Which two approaches are recommended when dealing with customers on the
telephone? (Choose two.)
Be positive.

Explain what you will be unable to accomplish.

Look for alternative ways to help the customer.

Interrupt customers to explain solutions and save time.

Refer customers to the Internet when the solution is obvious.

Which three pieces of information should be given to the next technician when
transferring a customer? (Choose three.)
your name

ticket number

impressions of the customer

customer name

department name

part numbers

A technician is talking on the telephone to an angry customer who is unhappy with

previous service. How should the technician calm the customer?
Listen carefully and attempt to solve the customer's problem.
Explain to the customer that company policy is not to tolerate verbal abuse and that
the call will be terminated unless the customer's language is moderated.
Explain why the previous service was appropriate and under no circumstances
admit to there being any deficiencies in the previous service.
Schedule a meeting with the customer, another technician, and the manager.

Which three techniques should be used to successfully deal with a talkative customer?
(Choose three.)
Politely interrupt to refocus the customer.

Encourage conversation to gain the customer's trust.

Gather as much information as possible while the customer is talking.

Ask open-ended questions.

Transfer the customer to a manager.

Allow the customer to talk for one minute and then ask closed-ended question
to regain control of call.

Which two techniques should be used when dealing with an inexperienced customer?
(Choose two.)
Use simple step-by-step instructions.

Explain possible causes of the problem to the customer.

Criticize the customer to prevent the possibility of repeating the problem in the
Ask to set up a conference call with a level 2 technician.

Speak in plain terms.

Which two guidelines demonstrate proper netiquette? (Choose two.)

Send chain letters via e-mail to minimize time needed to spread information.

Begin each e-mail with an appropriate greeting.

Use all capital letters to make reading easier.

E-mail information that would be difficult to say in person.

Avoid replying to "flames".

Which three tasks are commonly carried out by a level-one technician? (Choose three.)
document all information on the work order
update the operating system

upgrade the BIOS

prioritize the problem

install remote diagnostic software

gather information from the customer

Which three relaxing techniques can help relieve the stress caused from helping
customers in a call center? (Choose three.)
Take calls only from customers that are knowledgeable about computers.

Take frequent gaming breaks.

Go for a quick walk.

Listen to soothing sounds.

Practice relaxed breathing.

Take a long lunch hour to reduce fatigue.

The technician begins diagnosing a problem by asking an experienced customer to visit

a troubleshooting Web site. The customer becomes angry because she feels this could
be done without calling the technician. What should the technician do?
Place the customer on hold to give the customer time to calm down.

Transfer the customer to a different technician.

Advise the customer that with her cooperation the problem can be easily solved.
Explain how the Web site can be used by both of them during the call to
quickly eliminate problems.

A technician is trying to calm an angry customer. What is the best approach?

Place the customer on hold to allow time to calm down.

Ask the customer for permission to be transferred to a manager.

Maintain a positive tone of voice and offer to help solve the problem.
Talk to the customer in a stern tone of voice to gain control of the conversation.