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Published by DTYarbrough
The Adventures of Sir Timothy in the Land of Tomorrow Story #14
The Adventures of Sir Timothy in the Land of Tomorrow Story #14

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Published by: DTYarbrough on Aug 06, 2010
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Written by DTYarbrough

The Adventures of Sir Timothy in the Land Of Tomorrow
Copyright 2010 All rights reserved

Written by DTYarbrough "I love to hunt for seashells," said Liz. "Don't you?" "Sure, but I never knew they had magical properties," said Tim. "Just hold it up to your ear, Tim," said Liz. "They're very useful in spells that deal with sound." "I never had many opportunities to see the ocean. We lived hundreds of miles away," said Tim. "I collected mussel shells down by the lake. Are they useful in any magic spells?" "Probably, but I can't think of any right now," said Liz. "Hey, what's this?" "It looks like a bottle," said Tim. "Dig it up and let's get a closer look." "There's something inside," said Liz. "I think it's a message." "Or maybe a treasure map," said Tim. "Get it out so we can read it." "The cork is broken off in the bottle neck," said Liz. "I can't get it out." "Break the bottle," said Tim. "Isn't that bad luck?" asked Liz. "Not where I come from," said Tim. "Breaking a mirror is bad luck. Break the bottle, Liz!" "Calm down," said Liz, "before I break it over your head. We can't just break it here and leave broken glass all over the beach." "Then use a magic spell," said Tim. "Just open it." "I found the bottle. It's mine," said Liz. "I'll open it when I'm ready." "But Liz," said Tim. "It might be an important message." "You're right, Tim," said Liz. "Let's take it back to camp and try to open it." ................................. "Get your wand and open it," said Tim. "I can hardly wait." Using her wand, she pushed the cork into the bottle. She shook the bottle, but the piece of paper refused to come out. "I thought you were going to use a spell," said Tim. 1

"I don't think I have a spell for that," said Liz. "What about you?" Tim used his wand to change the glass into a jar and pulled out the message. "Here, it's your message," said Tim. "Read it out loud." "It says that he's been shipwrecked on a deserted island. He wants us to rescue him. There's a map on the other side," said Liz. "Let me see that," said Tim. "It's a treasure map. Look at the big 'X' ". "Why would anyone give away a treasure map?" asked Liz. "Maybe that was all he had to write a message on," said Tim. "Are we going to rescue him?" "Well, of course we are," said Liz. "He asked for our help, didn't he?" "How far to Merlin's skiff?" asked Tim. "A couple of miles down the beach," said Liz. "I guess we should get started if we are going to do this." "Can you read a map?" asked Tim. "Will you be able to find the island?" "I'm a girl," said Liz. "I'll simply ask for directions." ................................. "Shouldn't you ask for directions, Liz?" asked Tim. "We've been sailing for quite a while." "If you look at the map, you can see we're heading in the right direction," said Liz as she faced the front of the boat and held up the map. "You can tell by that? How do you know you're supposed to face the front?" asked Tim. "If I face the rear, it takes us back to the beach, silly," said Liz. "You could face left or right," said Tim. "Wait a minute, you're holding the map upside down." "There's a porpoise now," said Liz. "I'll call him over and get directions." ................................. "He said I was only six knots off course," said Liz. "Not bad, huh?" "We've only gone seven knots," said Tim. "Not bad at all. So what's our new heading?" "South by South east," said Liz. "Make a u-turn at the reef." 2

"A u-turn? Why would we do that?" asked Tim. "If we reach the reef, we've missed the island," said Liz. "Somehow, I think the porpoise thinks we might miss the island." ................................. "Wake up, Tim," said Liz. "I see an island, and it looks like the one on the map." "Let's lower the anchor and walk to shore underwater. This could be a trap and we can't afford to have someone steal our skiff and maroon us here," said Tim. "Walk underwater. But it's at least a mile to shore," said Liz. "We can't possibly hold our breath that long." "I forgot to tell you," said Tim. "My mother taught me a spell that allows you to breathe underwater." "Okay. I'm ready when you are," said Liz. "Did you put your magic supplies in a waterproof bag?" "Of course," said Tim. "I'll set the duration of the spell for one hour. That should give us enough time." "You won't be able to use your wand underwater," said Liz. "Get this right the first time." "Okay, let's go," said Tim as he jumped into the water. Tim and Liz slowly drifted toward the sandy bottom. Schools of colorful fish encircled them. Starfish and oysters studded the bottom. A large sea turtle slowly swam past. Now on the bottom, Liz and Tim began the long walk towards the beach. "This is really beautiful," said Liz. "I can hear you," said Tim. "We can talk underwater too." "I beg your pardon. Were you addressing me?" said a large grouper. "What a strange looking animal you are! What are you called?" "I'm called Tim and this is Liz," said Tim. "Pleased to meet you." "What brings you to our little neighborhood?" said the grouper. "We're just passing through. We're headed for pirate's island," said Tim. "Well, have a nice day. I'm going to be late for school if I don't hurry," said the grouper as he quickly swam out of sight. "We'd better hurry too," said Liz. "Which way were we heading?" 3

"I don't remember. That grouper distracted me," said Tim. "Do you have your compass?" asked Liz. "Sure, but it's in the waterproof bag. I can't open the bag down here," said Tim. "Then we'll have to ask for directions," said Liz. "I'll signal that hammerhead shark to come over here." "No, Wait! There must be someone else to ask directions," said Tim. "Too late, here he comes now," said Liz. "Wait a minute. That's not a hammerhead. What's he got in his mouth?" "It looks like a board," said Tim. "Do sharks eat wood?" "Not usually," said Liz. "Discord is a duck and a mouse," said the shark. "Did he say what I think he said?" asked Tim. "That doesn't make a bit of sense." "Is bored to be stuck in my house," replied the shark. "Sharks don't live in a house. What is he trying to say?" said Liz. "Maybe if he took that board out of his mouth, we could understand him." replied Tim. "This board is stuck in my mouth," said the shark. "Well, why didn't you just say so?" asked Tim. "Can we help?" The shark nodded his head. "Okay. Hold still," said Tim as he put both feet on the board, one on either side of the shark's head. Grabbing the upperjaw, Tim pulled with all his might. The shark's upper teeth were freed from the board. Tim turned upside down and placed his feet on the under side of the board and pulled on the lower jaw. As the lower teeth pulled free, the force pushed the board upward and lodged it on the shark's upper jaw. With a disappointed look, the shark dropped his upper jaw and bit down on the board. "Well, we're back where we started," said Liz. "Why don't you try a spell. It might work underwater. Just keep in mind that the salt may have some effect on it." "I'll change the board into a Hershey's Bar," said Tim. "I haven't had candy in quite awhile." "I love chocolate," said Liz. "Go ahead, Tim." 4

Tim waved his wand. "That's not chocolate," said Liz. "What is it?" "Tastes like salt water taffy," said Tim. "Here, have a piece." "Tim, this is serious. We're worse off than we were with the board," said Liz. "Don't worry. It'll dissolve in about a half hour," said Tim. "And it is very tasty." "But we're going to be late getting to shore," said Liz. "The spell is going to wear off." "Why is he waving his dorsal fin?" asked Tim. "I think he's offering us a lift," said Liz. "Hang on, Tim." Tim and Liz hung on to the shark's fin as he swam slowly towards shore with a trail of dissolved taffy in his wake. In ten minutes the shark stopped, spit out the rest of the taffy and said to them, "This is as far as I go. Thanks for the help. If I can ever do anything else for you, just ask. My name is Snaggletooth." "He seemed like a very nice shark," said Liz. "But he still looks scary to me," said Tim as he stood up, his head now above water. "We'd better crawl the rest of the way so that no one can see us coming." As Tim and Liz crawled on their hand and knees toward shore they came upon a fiddler crab. "You're doing it all wrong," said the crab as she put down her fiddle. "Here, let me demonstrate." The crab took several steps sideways. "But this is the way we learned to do it," said Tim. "Suit yourself, knuckleheads. You wouldn't know good advice if it pinched you on your butt," said the crab. "No need to get crabby," said Liz. "We didn't ask for your advice." "Well, I never ..." said the crab as she picked up the fiddle and began to play what sounded like taps. Tim and Liz continued toward shore. "It looks clear," said Tim. "Let's make a run for those rocks." "Okay," said Liz as she ran ahead of Tim. "Now what?" "Let's head for those trees over there," said Tim. "Hey, wait for me." "Let's see the map. Where was that 'X' exactly?" asked Tim. "We have to follow this trail till we come to the fork in the road," said Liz. "Okay, let's go," said Tim. "Look for any signs of anyone else on the island." 5

After walking for about an hour, Liz said, "Look, there's the fork in the road." "It's a salad fork," said Tim. "Are you sure this is the one?" "It doesn't specify, but how many forks could there be?" said Liz. "So, which way do we go?" asked Tim. "Straight ahead. What other choice is there?" asked Liz. "Maybe we're supposed to get off the road," said Tim. "Look, there's a trail over here. What's the next landmark we're looking for?" "It looks like a campfire," said Liz. "Okay, so we keep going until we see something that looks like a campfire," said Tim. An hour later ... "That looks like a campfire," said Tim. "That is a campfire, Tim." said Liz. "Who are those guys and what are they doing?" "Sound like they're singing a pirate's song," said Tim. "Listen." "99 bottles of rum on the wall, 99 bottles of rum. Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of rum on the wall," sang the pirates. "You're right, Tim." said Liz. "This could mean trouble." "What sort of trouble?" asked Tim. "I don't know. I've never met a pirate before," said Liz. "Well, this is your lucky day because there must be a dozen of them," said Tim. "That dog seems to be the captain, and that hippo looks like a first mate to me," said Liz. "I thought you'd never met a pirate before," said Tim. "I've read books and looked at pictures," said Liz. "Cap'n Barkley, do you think anyone is ever going to find that bottle and come looking for the treasure?" said Herbert Hippo. "You ask me that same question every day, Number One," said Captain Barkley. "Ask me one more time and you're going to be number two. What's taking Snidley so long?" "Here I am, Cap'n," said Snidley, "and look what I just found spying on you." 6

"Let go," said Tim. "Stop pushing." "Avast, Matey," said the captain. "What? Who?" said Snidley Snake. "Will you guys get with the program. Avast means stop," said the captain. "You've got to learn the lingo. Didn't I give you that book, PIRATING FOR DUMMIES?" "I thought it was for the other guys," said Snidley. "Hey!" said the other guys. "So, you two thought you could come here and steal the treasure, didn't you?" asked Captain Barkley. "No sir. We came here to rescue someone. We figured if we found the treasure, he would be nearby." said Tim. "Are you guys pirates? I never heard of anyone complaining to the authorities about pirates. Do you kill all of your victims?" asked Liz. "Maybe? Why do you want to know?" asked Captain Barkley. "But Cap'n. We never killed anyone," said Herbert. "Quiet, Herby. I'm trying to frighten them," whispered the captain. "Why do you want to scare them?" asked Herbert. "They look like nice kids." "We need their ship to get off this island," said the captain. "We're shipwrecked, remember? We can't take them with us." "What I meant was, we haven't killed anyone today, yet," said Herbert. "Now, tell us where your ship is anchored," said Captain Barkley. "So, why did you guys go into the pirate business?" asked Liz. "We're sailors and there isn't much demand for that," said Herbert. "I love the sea. I'm just an old sea dog at heart," said the captain. "But I thought you were a bull dog," said Herbert. "You became a pirate because you love to bury things." "Hush! How did we get on this subject anyway?" asked Barkley. "You never answered my question. Where is your boat, little girl?" "How many commercial ships have you robbed?" asked Tim. "Got room for 7

another pirate?" "You don't know the first thing about pirating," said Barkley. "Now answer my question." "I'm almost an expert on the subject," said Tim. "Then why didn't you know that in the Land of Tomorrow, pirates only rob other pirates?" said Barkley. "I knew that. I was testing you to see if you were a real pirate," said Tim. "I guess you pass." "Well, I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Now answer my question or you walk the plank," said Barkley. "Can you do that? We're not pirates," said Liz. "And we're supposed to take your word for that?" asked Barkley. "Take the prisoners to the ship and prepare to have them walk the plank." "But Cap'n. Our ship is at the bottom of the sea," said Herbert. "Didn't I tell you to hush," said Barkley. "Okay, you go find a board and meet us in the cove. The rest of you, take the prisoners to the cove and wait for me." "Move along," said Snidley. "You heard the Cap'n." .......................... "Tie their hands behind their backs. Do you want a blindfold?" asked Snidley. "No," said Tim and Liz. "You guys are going to get into a lot of trouble if you do this." "Oh? Who's going to tell?" said Snidley. "My father will know," said Liz. "He's Merlin, the world's greatest wizard." "So, you're Merlin's daughter." said the captain as he and Herbert arrived carrying a large plank. "Okay, he'll walk the plank alone." "We can put the plank here, Cap'n," said Herbert. "Snidley. Get a rope and tie a large stone to his leg," said the captain. "We want him to go straight to the bottom." "You'll never get away with this," said Liz. "Just answer my question and nobody has to die," said the captain. "I'll never tell you," said Liz. 8

"Put him on the end of the plank and put that stone out there too," said the captain. "Okay, now poke him with your sword until he jumps." "No! Wait, I'll tell you," said Liz. "Avast, mates," said the captain. "That means stop!" said Tim. "Our ship sank," said Liz. "We didn't want to tell you because we were going to stowaway on your ship?" As Herbert jumped down off the plank, the plank shifted and the stone fell off, dragging Tim off the plank. "No!" yelled Liz. "Tim!" "Open your eyes, Liz," said Tim standing knee-deep in saltwater. "This must be the shallow end." "Get him out of there, immediately!" said Liz. "I'll take care of this," said the captain as he took one step into the water and sank out of sight. In a moment he came back up dogpaddling. "He's on a sandbar. Snidley, get my hat." The captain climbed upon the sandbar and untied Tim. They both swam back to shore. "So, what do we do now?" said the captain. "Nobody has a ship." "Maybe we can still help," said Liz. "How?" asked Captain Barkley as he put his hat back on. "What can you do?" "Magic," said Liz. "We can cast a spell that allows you to breathe underwater. You can go out there, unload your ship, and then pull it back to shore and repair it." "That could work," said the captain. "Let's do it, but you have to come with us." "We don't know how to repair a ship," said Liz. "We'll just be in the way." "You're probably right," said the captain. "Snidley, you keep an eye on them until we get back. If this is a trick, they're going to pay." As the captain and crew headed for the beach, Snidley tied Liz and Tim together, sitting back to back. In a little while Snidely was fast asleep. "Can you reach that knot?" asked Liz. "I think so," said Tim. "Give me a second. Where did they put our wands?" "Over there on that pile of supplies," said Liz. 9

"There, the knot is loose. Let's get the wands and go," said Tim. "Quiet," said Liz. "Don't wake the snake." As Tim reached for the wands, he knocked over the pile of supplies. "Run, Liz," said Tim. "Let's get out of here." Tim and Liz ran to the beach and stopped long enough for Tim to perform a spell so he and Liz could breathe underwater. As they continued into the water Liz said, "He's gaining on us. We're not going to make it." "Snaggletooth!" yelled Tim as he and Liz walked as fast as they could. Snidley caught up with them and instructed them to turn around and head back to the beach. "What can I do for you?" asked the shark as he swam up behind Snidley. "Do you think you could keep this guy busy, long enough for us to get to our ship?" asked Tim. "I don't think that will be a problem," said Snaggletooth with a wide toothy grin. "You can go now unless this snake has a problem. Well, do you have a problem, snake?" Snidley shook his head and started backing away as Tim and Liz headed for their boat. In a short time, they were sailing home. "Why did you make me give them the full duration of that spell. Now they will be back to their pirating ways again," said Tim. "We'll never see them again, and they don't really mean any harm. We couldn't just leave them stranded," said Liz. "We could still circle back and steal the treasure," said Tim. "One of the other pirates told me about the treasure," said Liz. "Four boxes of dog biscuits and a leather flea collar. Still want to go back?" "One dog's treasure is another boy's junk," said Tim. "Let's go home."


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