Green Party Petition Guide

Step 1: Print Your Petition Forms
You can print in black and white or colour. You can print single sided or double sided.

Please do not change the scale or choose µfit to page¶ when you print (that changes the size of the little boxes)

Step 2: Go get µem!
We must have names and signatures, otherwise it¶s not a valid Parliamentary petition

We want to stay in touch with supporters about the campaign + other Green Party activities. That¶s why we ask for email, address and phone. Contact info is optional, email is best.

Please use a black or blue pen and ask petitioners to print clearly in CAPS

Step 3: Send us the signatures you¶ve collected by Freepost

We¶ll scan in the contact details of new supporters and then submit the finished petition to Parliament. Thank you! Your help makes a big difference.

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