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Spelling Should be Fun English as a Second Language Learners

AVKO Foundation Newsletter Oct. 2009
Speech tuh Spellin'
The "Scrunched-Up" Words
Vocabulary: The word Sandhi is pronounced just like Sunday and sundae. This is the linguists' term for what AVKO calls the phenomenon of the "scrunching up" of our words in a very specific manner that crosses all dialects of English. In other words, no matter what our particular dialect, whether an Irish brogue, a Texan twang, or a Georgia drawl, we all scrunch up our words in the same basic fashion. Rarely do we pronounce the word spelled y-o-u as "yoo." Rather, it's "yuh" or "juh" as in "Would 'yuh' like some..." or "Did 'juh' hear about... Consequently, some students end up misspelling common words and phrases such as "want to" as wanna, "going to" as gonna, "used to" as usta, etc. If you notice these misspellings in your students' writings, it isn't enough just to circle them in red. In fact, it's a rare student that actually profits from the corrections put on his or her paper. You dictate from the phonic spellings and your student is

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Gmail - News from AVKO Educational …

Don McCabe, AVKO's director is making several radio interviews over the next month or so. You can hear live simulcast on the internet at these stations: Oct 9, 10:15am wnav.com Oct 13, 3:15pm 1510.com Oct 17,10:15am realtalk1160.com Don is also taping an hour long interview at healthradio network.com and broadcast at a date to be determined. We will keep you posted.

supposed to (pronounced "sposta") write the sentence using proper spelling. For example you read: "Whud juh say?" Your student should write "What did you say?" Don't be surprised if they write "What you say?" See more samples from the book Speech to Spelling

Spelling Should be FUN
Encouraging your kids to use SpellingCity.com to have fun while practicing their spelling. Playing word games is fun. It gives practical exercise spelling the words and it reaffirms what they know. Poetry is another fun way to play with words. Check out AVKO's rhyming dictionaryRimes and More Rhymes. It gives easy ways to write fun poetry. All AVKO books can be purchased as e-books.

English as a Second Language Learners
AVKO's Speech to Spelling book is excellent for the student learning English. Generally they learn as a child does - to speak first, then learn the letter and sounds building small words in the beginning. The older the student the faster they progress in the letter-sound recognition and speed on to vocabulary building. Often the English language learner recognizes phrases they have heard when others speak. Repeating what they have heard they say and spell it the way they have heard it. So we often see, sentences like this: "I am s'posta meet the guys here" or "Dooya wanna go see a movie?" The Speech to Spelling book helps the student to recognize how we native English speakers talk. The fact is, even young native English speakers can have the very same problems, hence our book, Speech to Spelling saves the day!


Speech to Spelling Spelling dictation exercises designed to help students eliminate the hafta's, sposta's, its to bad's, should of's, and lots more. The Book of the Month is now on sale! The regular price is $14.95. On sale price is $11.20 for Non-Members and $10. for Members. Get yours now and SAVE! Use the promotion code SPEEC H.



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Gmail - News from AVKO Educational …
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