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SAP Plant Maintenance Interview Questions Answers

SAP Plant Maintenance Interview Questions Answers

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ERP SAP answers & Question
ERP SAP answers & Question

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Which are the exact SAP table and field for SAP PM
Notification status?


The easiest way is to use function module STATUS_TEXT_

You can find the PM/CS tables here.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 76-


Notification mail

I have one issue with my client. The Production people will
create the Notification. With reference to that Notification
Maintenance people will create the Maintenance order.

My requirement is:

When ever they create Notification the Maintenance people
should receive an automatically generated email.

1) Is it possible to generate email to a particular user in

2) Is it possible to generate email to a particular user in
Outlook express?


There are several options for emailing in SAP. Here are

1. Use standard Workflow functions to send email to SAP

2. Synchronize your SAP inbox with Outlook/Lotus Notes


3. Use custom developments to send emails (user-exits,
BADIs, etc).

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 77-


DIP Profile

I have just set-up a repair order in which this repair order
creates a service order to record repair activities. The
RRB profile is located on the repair order. When the goods
movement is done on a service order, it will basically capture
the actual cost.

Now when it comes to billing, I will need to execute dp90 on
the repair order. Unfortunately the systems give me an error

‘No expenditure item found’.

However, there are expenditure items found on the service

How can this be resolved?


Do the following to correct the situation:

Make sure that you run DP90 with the sales order number
and not the service order. Go back to the service order and
check if there are actual costs involved.

Check your DIP Profile; specifically the sources section to
ensure that you are not filtering out any dynamic items.

Check the planned/actual report (button) in the Cost tab;
check that a quantity is displayed.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 78-


Automatic release of PM order creating
from notification

Can we do the automatic release of the maintenance order
when we create the order from maintenance notification? I
had set the automatic relay in customizing for the order.

But when I create the order from notification, the system
does not set the status relay for the maintenance order. How
can I fix this?


You can read the help-text in the IMG for that field. It explains
in detail the processes for which this functionality applies.

Initially, you can investigate user-exit IWO10009 (at save).

Then, you should still be able to utilize IWO10009 to check
if a notification has been assigned (possibly via the program

You should also get your ABAP team to get involved and
check the problem.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 79-


Tables storing the priorities, notification

I need for the tables to be able to provide the priority
configuration. A table that store notification types and a
table that stores the work order types.

Where do I find the configuration function for this?


Check in the PM/CS links. There you’ll find an entry to PM

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 80-


Business Area

Does anyone know how a Business Area defaults into the Add
Data Tab page on a Work Order (even though the Business
Area field is hidden in configuration)?


Go to iw32> Extras-->Settings -->Default values -in General;
There you can set the business area, planning plant, and
profit center etc.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 81-


PP-PM integration

We have a requirement at our client place.

At the time of production confirmation using transaction code
C011, the system has to cumulate the confirmed production
quantities. When it reaches a certain quantity (Ex: 100 tons),
the system should generate the maintenance order in Plant

Is there any possibility for configuration in SAP for the above-
mentioned query?

What is the appropriate formula or configuration step?

Should we create the equipment as PRT equipment
(Equipment category as PRT)?


There is an integration of PP-PM in case of PRTs, wherein
you can create measuring documents for usage of PRT when
you do confirmation using CO11. This will in turn create the
maintenance order as PRT.

You can use the equipment for which you need to create the
maintenance order as PRT in the routing of PP and for the
PRT you have to put in the formula for calculating its usage.

When you do the confirmation for the produced material
the formula will update the usage of PRT which will in turn
create a measuring document.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 82-

Try to do the above.

Or you can try creating that equipment as PRT. The formulas
are on the same line as the formulae that you create for work

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 83-


Priority types in order

I have configured the priority types for order PM and was
able to assign on each order types. But the priority types
are not working (activated). However, in notifications, the
priority types are working correctly.

How do I correct this error and provide some consistency on
the processes involved?


If you get a warning or error message give the message
number e.g. AB 055.

The work order priorities are not influencing the basic dates,
unless you enter the priority on the very first screen.

There is however a customer exits available to implement
the same behavior as in the notification.

Check the IW* customer exits to confirm functionality.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 84-


Additional data in equipment master

I would like to activate the user fields in Equipment Master
but unable to do it. I only managed to activate the additional
data TAB. The new TAB is blank. Example: ‘no field is

How can I fulfill this requirement?


You should considered classification.

Alternatively, investigate user-exit ITOB0001 (sub screen for
technical. object master data) via TCode SMOD.

Or BADIs EQUI_SCR_* (via TCode SE18);

You may also try searching SAPFans using ITOB0001.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 85-


Maintenance order not generating in
counter based planning

I am facing a problem in the maintenance schedule plan.

1. Strategy plan

A maintenance plan is scheduled for every 100 hrs, where the
maintenance order should generate for every 100 hrs. However,
I am facing problem whenever the measuring document has
completed more than 100 hrs. reading, because the maintenance
order is not created. Below are the steps I have taken:

-Created measuring point with annual estimate 3650;
-Measuring document created for more than 100 hrs;
-Scheduling period is for 90 days;

2. Multiple counter plan with OR condition i.e. 300hr or

In multiple counter plans, I also did a schedule but when
the measuring document created more than 300 km, I am
not getting the maintenance order. Below should be the
indicative factors:

- Characteristic---Hours;
- Created measuring point with annual estimate 3650;
- Measuring document created for 200 hrs;
- Characteristic---Kilo meters;
- Created measuring point with annual estimate 3650;
- Measuring document created for more than 300 km.;

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 86-

I did all scheduling through IP10.

How do I correct the problem?


You need to re-schedule the maintenance plan(s) after each
measurement document is entered.

This is usually achieved via TCode IP30 which is set to run
periodically (batch).

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 87-


Batch job for Automatic settlement of
Maintenance Orders

I have to schedule a Batch job on a daily basis for the
settlement of Maintenance Orders.

I have chosen transaction KO8G and defined a variant inside
it. The variant defined have selection parameters mentioned
below - Controlling are/Company Code/Order type [Range]/

Status is checked like CRTD/REL/TECO/COMP.

However, the problem is in the transaction KO8G - there is
only one entry field for settlement period. I can only give one
period. For example, say (1). However, when the same job
would run in the next period, say (2), how do I get this to
change to (2)?

Furthermore, as I understand it, I have to mention a “Status
Selection Profile” in the variant with “REL” or “TECO” in
the customizing of Selection Profiles in order to further
define that only Orders with these system statuses should
be chosen.

Also, in the transaction there is a field called Settlement
Period and fiscal Year. Do I have to change this field manually
for each batch job? If so, this means that I can’t run this on
daily basis.

How do I schedule all of these as a background job?

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 88-


In the definition of the variant, you can specify fields from
table TVARV. One of those is ‘current period’. ‘Current year’
is also available.

Each time the program with the variant is run, the ‘actual’
values of TVARV are determined.

Of course, the value of ‘current period’ must be updated each

One comment though: It doesn’t make sense to settle the
CRTD orders.

There is also no need for CLSD or a status selection profile.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 89-


Goods Issues to Service Orders across
Company Codes

I have segregated several questions according to the
relevance of their topics:

Question A:

Is it possible to issue stock direct to a Service Order within a
different company code?

What specifics would need to be set to ensure that the
finances post correctly?

Are there any specific business considerations that need to
be taken into account for this process to work?

Question B:

I am assuming that the next stage would be for CC2 to create
a billing document and CC1 to enter the invoice for payment
on to the system?

Can all of this be avoided to bring the whole process into
some back ground financial transactions to get the costs
straight onto the Service Order?

Where can I get a copy of the MB1A 261 movement issues
CC2 stock to the CC1 Service Order?

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 90-


Answers were given as they were grouped:

Answer A: Yes it is possible.

You need to talk to your MM team about this.

If you are interested in implementing it yourself, the basic
process is as follows:

1. Create PM/CS order with non-stock materials (CC1)
2. Order creates a PR (CC1)
3. Create a PO from the PR and assign inter-company-
vendor for CC2
4. Create Delivery document (CC2)
5. Goods issue from delivery document (CC2)
6. Goods receipt for PO (CC1)
7. Create billing document (type IV) from CC2 to CC1

Answer B:

Yes, there is an inter-company billing document (type IV)
created from CC2 to CC1.

All processes can be amended accordingly as required.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 91-


Table that contains both measuring point
and equipment

Can you tell me which table contains both a measuring point
and equipment number, and a measuring point and functional

The purpose in finding one is to find a corresponding
equipment or function location for a given measuring point.

In EQUI (equipment master table) the values for the field
IMRC_POINT is blank corresponding to equipment number
which is having a measuring point.

Given the above data, how do I find this table?


Try the following:



SAP PM Interview Questions

- 92-


Report connects between maintenance plan
and its task list

Is there a report that can show me a maintenance plan and
all its task lists?


You need a list-edit report for maintenance items. Look for

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 93-


The Authorization Object WERKS in IA25

When deleting a Task List in IA25, only I_ROUT object is
being checked for the Field ACTVT to be with values 24 &

This means that the person from Plant 1 can delete Task
Lists from Plant 2.

Therefore, the Authorization Object WERKS is not checked!

How do I correct this?


See if there is an authorization object for IWERK (planning
plant). From there, do the revisions as needed to comply
with your requirement.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 94-


Creating Person responsible and
Department responsible

How do I create a person responsible and department
responsible which are related to NOTIFICATIONS T-CODE


A Person responsible (employee no./personnel no.) and
Department are to be created as HR master records.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 95-


Costing variant for PM orders

I intend to use the standard Costing Variant for PM Orders.

What are the Standard costing variants used for PM Orders?

If I use the standard costing variant, is it necessary to assign
a costing type and valuation variant to it?


The standard planned/actual costing variants are both set to

Your FI/CO team may need to adjust the costing type and
valuation variant etc.

Either way, coordinate with your FI/CO team about these

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 96-


Final configuration

What is the difference between Baseline configuration and
Final configuration?


It depends on the implementation methodology you are
using (e.g. ASAP).

Typically speaking, baseline configuration is a basic set-up to
demonstrate processes to the business.

The final configuration would then be the final design ready
for go-live.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 97-


PM02 work order

I am reviewing the requirements for PM reporting and one
of the requests is to change the SAP system configuration
to not allow manual PM02 type work orders through the
following transactions: IH01, IW31, IW24, IW25, IW26 and
ZIW26. An added requirement is to display a hard error if a
client tries to create a PM02 work order through one of these

Can anyone please let me know how to approach and
accomplish this requirement?


You can try using Authorizations on the TCode and Order

This is absolutely possible by restricting authorizations by
PM order type.

Do it through the authorization objects: I_AUART and I_

Lastly, check and coordinate with your authorization

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 98-


About the release of the Maintenance order

When I have already released one maintenance order and
want to retract the order, how do I go about canceling the


You cannot reverse the REL status back to CRTD status.

Standard status flow: CRTD->REL->TECO->CLSD;

However, you can cancel both the TECO and CLSD

You can also postpone an order through:

Go to “Order-->Functions-->Complete-->Cancel TECO or
Cancel Business Completion;

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 99-


POPUP Screen

I have a requirement from the client to popup the history of
the equipment at the time of creating service notification of
the same equipment.

Is this possible? If so, how do I go about it?


Yes, it is possible. Activate the object information & give the
time for which you need the history pop ups.

There is also a user-exit to support the standard object
information functionality (see ICSV0004: Check PM object
and display object information).

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 100 -


Settlement of Maintenance Order

If settlement will not run for Maintenance Orders, what is
the repercussion?

How will this affect business?


You may have several effects:

1. You may not be able to close the orders (CLSD);

2. You may not post the costs in the correct period;

3. In CS, contract profitability may be distorted;

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 101 -


Auto creation of Equipment master from

1. I would like to know whether there is a possibility to
automatically create an equipment master from an asset
created due to GI of material from inventory. If yes, how
can this be accomplished?

I’m currently using serial with no functionality.

2. How can I create an asset master from equipment master


Responses are given according to the number they were

1. You cannot use a serial number and asset accounting
together. But it is possible to create an equipment master
automatically from an asset (or vice versa). Check the IMG
nodes under Financial Accounting > Asset Accounting >
Master Data > Automatic Creation of Equipment Master

Have a quick look on OSS and perform the following:

-Goods issue creates serial number;
--Serial number creates equipment;
---Equipment creates asset master;

However I suspect the reverse is not possible (automatically).

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 102 -

2. Its set-up is somewhere in the Asset Accounting IMG.

Talk to your FI/CO team about this activity.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 103 -


Exit to check and change data on save in
Service order

1. I need to check and change some data while saving
the service order (for example based on planner group
we want to change the material supply plant in the
components screen - IW31&IW32).

Are there any preferred exits for this?

2. I tried these 2 exits and I am able to validate & display a
message but the client requirement is to change the data.
Are there any BADI for this?


Answers are given according to the number they were

1. I don’t think there is a user-exit to change the data on

Instead, you could validate the data and issue a message by
using one of the following user-exits:

IWO10009: Check for ‘Save’ Event;
PPCO0001: Application development: PP orders;

2. You can view BADIs via TCode SE18.

Try conducting a search using ALM* or IW*.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 104 -

You can also check out Customer exit CNEX0027 (EXIT_
SAPLCOMK_007) Customer Enhancement: Plant and Storage
Location Determination.

The documentation states:

‘’ You can use this customer exit to perform a plant or location
determination for a component.

The system processes the function module when a bill of
material or a task list is included, as well as when components
are entered manually in the component list.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 105 -


Changing the Planning Plant in task list

If I want to change the Planning Plant for the task list, how
should I proceed?


It cannot be actually be changed, but you can modify
a particular Equipment in IE02 -> in Organization ->
Responsibility -> Planning Plant.

You can also change IP05 in the Planning Data.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 106 -


Number range for PM orders

I am facing a problem regarding the number range in PM
orders in customizing.

I had given a common number range to all the PM orders that
is 9000000 to 9999999. However, when we started to create
PM01 it starts with 9000000 and goes up to 9000003 for the 4
orders. After this, we started to create PM02 and the systems
start the number from 9000020. Hence, we lost the remaining
number range from 9000004 to 9000019.

In current number range it is also showing 9000039. It is
taking a batch of 20 for the orders.

Why is this happening?

How can I correct the situation?


This sounds like a buffering problem.

You can try searching OSS. It could also be something to do
with the application servers allocating a certain amount of

Ask and Coordinate with your Basis team.

An alternative approach would be:

During the configuration, define the number range like it is

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 107 -

configured below - for example:

PM01 1xxxxxxx to 1xxxxxxx
PM02 2xxxxxxx to 3xxxxxxx
PM03 4xxxxxxx to 4xxxxxxx

Hence, it will show the different number for PM01 and then
For PM02.

If you still get this skipping range problem for the same type,
then you really have to inform your BASIS team.

Here’s a 2nd alternative answer:

The ‘skipping’ of nos. is fairly common. Check out SAP
note 62077 to understand the phenomenon, the solution
(no buffering) & the problems if it is the buffering will be

Interaction steps:

Separate the number ranges for each order type. It will reduce
the buffering problems and give an immediate identifier of
the order type i.e. PM01 = 6000000, PM02 = 7000000 etc.

Different number ranges can then be used in many of the list-
edit reports such as IW38.

Remember that with number ranges, you do NOT to take up
all the available number range (e.g. 0 to 99999999999999999).
If you do, this will cause you problems in the future.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 108 -


Object information keys

I have assigned Object information keys (PM) to Maintenance
order, but I find that when I create order in the object
information section, the field of OrdsCrtd is not automatically

How can I fix this issue?


You need to save the order(s) before they are even registered.
This will fix your issue.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 109 -


Postponement of Order

Can we postpone all planned orders for a specified period
of time?

It means whenever the plant is under shutdown for 30 Days,
major work in that duration will not be generated.


You may use revisions for rescheduling the orders. I am not
aware of any method to “stop” the planned orders getting

Assuming that you are talking about orders generated from
maintenance plans, here’s what you can do to resolve the

1. Skip the relevant calls via TCode IP10.

2. Alternatively investigate user-exit IPRM0002 (Determine
planned date info for maintenance plan).

3. By ip02 you can lock the order and when you require the
service again, you can unlock the same.

To unlock, do the following:

1. Go to IP02---> maintenance plan----> function---->active

2. Check the schedule. You will find the schedule locked.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 110 -

Hence you will not get any order for your specified

Until you un-lock the plan, IP30 will then try to create the
back-logged orders.

Deactivating a maintenance plan is not the same as locking
an order.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 111 -


Four doubts in CS

I have been assigned an additional responsibility of handling
the CS module. Though I have undergone CS training at
the SAP academy, I have some basic doubts and would be
thankful if somebody can clarify them.

1. Construction type: How useful is this? Can I be given an
example of this for better understanding?

2. A group of machines is delivered at the customers site (for
each an equipment master is created). Now notifications
will be raised on a single Equipment number.

How can I see the defects in the notification reports
by selecting only one equipment number? For this, do
I have to use some other technical object for grouping
them together?

3. Can I have an alphanumerical serial numbers which I
will assign during the deliveries?

4. If the owners (customer) of the equipment changes how
do I update the equipment master with this change?


For the first question, you alone can determine this as you go
along the new functions assigned to you.

Answer to 2nd:

First of all you cannot group the equipment and raise the

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 112 -

notification. Either you create a function location and install
the relative equipment under that and create a notification
against that function location. This will help you if done

Answer to 3rd: You can configure this to happen.

Answer to 4th:

Your master data of equipment is to be maintained as per
manufacturer name and not on customer name. Equipment
is installed at function location and that will come under a
maintenance plant and the company code. These are basic
things and rules you have to comply with.

Also, if that customer is defined as in the above hierarchy,
then you have to dismantle the equipment and transfer to the
relevant particular company code.

There is an alternative solution:

1. For the construction type:

This is used in two main ways; to assign a material BOM
which you can explode in the order to obtain maintenance
spares, and/or to denote the material required to replace
the whole equipment.

As a standard, you can only use the Material BOM
(construction type) in PM/CS orders and NOT in sales

2. Machine Groups: Use the list-edit reports.

There is no such field as machine groups. Common
methods are to be used in the customer (sold-to party)

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 113 -

or functional location as grouping functions.

3. Investigate user-exit IQSM0001 (Automatic serial number

4. Customer Equipment:

Change the equipment manually. Or like many customers
do, write an ABAP program to update equipment after
delivery to customer.

Many clients prefer to use the Sold-to Party instead

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 114 -


Equipment history update for Spare parts

I am not able to give the equipment no. in the spare part sales
order. This would update the history of equipment and the
client can track all the spare parts delivered or consumed
for the equipment.

Is it possible to give the equipment no. in sales order similar
to service and maintenance contract type?

Where can the equipment no. be given? Will this update the
equipment master history automatically?

I had tried this option earlier, only that the client was not
comfortable in executing one extra sales transaction. It looks
like there is no other option but to convince them on this.

Is there any other solution to this problem?


You have several options on how to approach this.

1. You can create a new sales document with type

2. You can also use serial numbers.

You can also raise an OSS Message to SAP asking them if its
possible to create a sales order via VA01 and still have the
technical object list.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 115 -


PM order with material cost

When I execute a PM work order with materials linked to it,
I am not able to get the planned cost / actual values of the
materials with the cost elements.

What is the appropriate setting that needs to be done in order
to capture the material costs with cost elements?


You can do the following:

1. Ensure your materials have a valuation class assigned.

2. Ensure your order has planned/actual costing variants
assigned (last tab).

3. Ensure your value categories are correct.

4. Check the costs via the planned/actual report button on
the Cost tab.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 116 -


Collective release

How can I release the collective Preventive maintenance


Try using TCode IW38 by entering your order type for
‘Preventive maintenance orders’.

Once in the list-display, select the relevant order and use

Order->Release order.

Alternatively, set the Release immediately flag in the order
type customizing (TCode OIOA).

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 117 -


Flow path of maintenance order

What is the flow path of maintenance order?

I am not sure whether technical completion needs to be done
after settlement of order or before settlement (KO8G).

While running settlement of order, what type of orders
need to be selected out of in process, closed, technically
completed, and released types?


The standard procedure or flow is after TECO. You can then
go for settlement afterwards.

So do the Release, confirmation and then TECO.

Technically speaking, you can perform settlement in either
REL or TECO status.

Therefore it is up to your business or purpose to decide.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 118 -


Exits to validate item classification and
notification data

We need to validate standard notification fields and also the
data stored in the class characteristic field of notification at
item level for updating a user status in service notification.

Can u suggest a suitable exit for this?


You can investigate user-exit QQMA0014 (Checks before
saving a notification).

An alternative solution can be as follows:

Get the classification (or maybe status) information into a

You can also read the PROGRAM STACK in user-exits – and
then ask your ABAP team.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 119 -


Lube Routes

Can lube routes be created in SAP? I assume the best way is
with an object list in the maintenance item.

If there is a better way, what is the process involved?


There is an OSS Note to attach a measurement entry list to a
maintenance plan. You can refer from it for guidance.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 120 -


Starting IW28, with variant, from a desktop

Currently I can create the icon but it only kicks off the
transaction with the initial selection screen. I would like to
be able to attach a variant to the icon and have it execute
automatically so that the user would be presented with the
appropriate list.

Is there a way to apply a selection variant to a desktop item
created from the easy access menu?


Try saving the variant as U_XXXXXX where XXXXXX as
your user name.

Furthermore, if you add the display variant at the bottom
of the selection-screen, then you can choose which fields to

This works for most of the PM list edit reports.

I noticed that this functionality is now creeping into other
modules (MM and SD).

You can also add it to your own customer-specific ABAP
reports. Get your ABAP guys to debug the initialization
section of the program.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 121 -


Maintenance work center mandatory in PM-

At this moment the maintenance work center and planner
group are mandatory fields in a PM01-order.

In the customizing (define field selection) I could only search
for the planner group how this field is set mandatory for a
certain order-type. However I couldn’t find this setting for
the maintenance work center.

Is this set a mandatory field? If so, how can I influence this?


Check the influencing factors (button at the top of screen) in
the field selection.

The main work center in the work order header is always
mandatory, you can’t change it.

In the initial screen, when you create a work order, enter a
functional location which contains a work center. After this,
you will not have a problem filling up this field.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 122 -


Notification tabs are not showing

One time I copied the notification type M1 to create a
new notification type. However, the reference object tab
(equipment, functional location and assembly) is not showing
in the new notification.

What is the reason for this?


Ensure that you have tabs assigned to your notification type
in the IMG (Set Screen Templates for the Notification Type).

Also make sure that the checkbox called Tab is set for each
tab; this ensures that the tabs are displayed.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 123 -


Possibility to take over parameter after
object change

Is it somehow possible that after a change of reference object,
related data of the new reference object is automatically
transferred into the order (E.G. related maintenance work
center, planner group, settlement role etc)?

If I change the reference object, the system comes up with
message ‘IW501’.

“Object change ==> Order data might not be the same as
default values
Message no. IW501”

You changed the reference object of the maintenance order.
However, certain data in the maintenance order refers to the
original reference object.

The following data in particular is affected:

Settlement rule
Main work center
Assignment data of order header (for example, WBS element,
business area)
Partner data
The delivery address for external resources derived from the
reference object
System Response
The system does not change this default data automatically.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 124 -

Check whether the data of the maintenance order also applies
to the new reference object and if necessary, change it.

How do I go about resolving this issue?


Right-click with your mouse in the order, there should be an
option for updating reference object data. From there, you
may choose your options for resolving this.

Note: this option is usually not in the menu.

SAP PM Interview Questions

- 125 -


Confirmation Data in Maintenance Plan

I don’t want to set the Indicator in Confirmation Requirement
at the time of maintenance plan creation.

What is the impact on Confirmation Data indicator in
maintenance plan category?


You can search for “Completion Requirement” procedures in
the manual.

Essentially it means that if the box is checked, then the
previous order (or other call object) must be TECOed before
the next order is created.

Or an alternative approach would be:

When you TECO an order there is a reference date popup box,
you will see two sets of dates/times (object and maintenance
plan). This occurs when the confirmation data checkbox is
set in the maintenance plan category. Otherwise there is only
one set of dates/times.

See the field description below:

Indicator: Separate completion of maintenance call date;
You can use this indicator to influence the maintenance
processing process. For example, you can prevent that every

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employee who can complete orders and notifications can
also influence the scheduling of maintenance plans through
the data.

With this indicator you can:

1. Activate a separate completion for the maintenance plan
for the completion of call object notification and order.

2. Activate a dialog for the completion of notifications and
orders using list processing.

3. Activate additional functionality for completing the call
objects notification and order using a BAdI.

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Use TCode ‘cv01n’ to upload one file to SAP

When I am using Tcode ‘cv01n’ to upload one file to sap and
I click ‘Check In’
button, it appears information ‘SAP archiving for document
type DOC maximum 0 bytes: file has 537,600 bytes’.

Can anyone tell me how to configure the maximum bytes?


The transaction CV01N creates an object in SAP. This object
is just a link with your document on your PC or on a server.

The transaction CV01N does not upload your file in SAP.

You can also check in transaction DC10 the value for ‘file

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Fleet Objects in 4.6c: TARE, GVM and GCM

We are currently putting together our design for fleet objects
in 4.6c and are looking at the use of the fields for vehicle
mass values.

Here are some acronyms:

Tare Weight: curb weight of the vehicle (including fuel and oils)

GVM: Gross Vehicle Mass
GCM: Gross Combined Mass (total mass of vehicle + mass of
towed vehicle - as specified by the manufacturer)

What we’ve come up with (on the tab is:
Weight field --> Tare
Total Weight --> GVM
Max Load Weight --> GCM

The only issue we see with this is in transactions ie36 and ie37
where the ‘Weight’ field is reported as the ‘Gross Weight’.

Are there any other issues that we should be aware of?

Are we better off using these fields in a different way? If so,
what are our options?


Here are two alternative options:

1. Use classification to include additional fields.
2. Utilize Enhancement ITOB0003 (Customer Include sub screen
for fleet object data) to add the field and functionality.

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