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Published by: DTYarbrough on Aug 07, 2010
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Written by DTYarbrough

Copyright 2010 All rights reserved

Written by DTYarbrough "Park here, Jack. I think she's stopped," said Rita. They had been following this ghost for several minutes, and she seemed to be headed somewhere in particular, not just roaming aimlessly. The ghost was that of a high school aged girl. She seemed to have reached her destination and was watching a baseball game. Jack parked in the parking lot area just behind the bleachers. The ghost was behind a wire fence near first base. Jack and Rita watched for a few minutes from under the bleachers. "Wait here while I try to approach her," said Jack. As Jack approached the ghost, it turned and looked in his direction. Suddenly a look of fright appeared on the face of the ghost. The ghost pointed slightly to the right of Jack. Jack started to turn to see what had frightened the ghost when the lights went out. "Jack ... Jack ... are you all right?" Rita said as Jack opened his eyes. "Did anybody get the license number of the truck?" Jack asked. "You were hit by a foul ball, Jack," said Rita. "Where is the ghost? Do you see her?" Jack asked. "She's right here, Jack. I think she tried to warn you," said Rita. "Right here. I don't see her. Where is she?" Jack repeated. "You're looking right at her, Jack," replied Rita. "I can't see the ghost," Jack moaned. "He's in shock, he's dilusional. Better get him to a hospital," said someone in the crowd that had gathered. With the help of a couple of young men, Rita got Jack into the car and headed for the hospital. Jack's eye was severely swollen and was turning black and blue by the time they reached the emergency room. "Can you walk, Jack?" asked Rita. "I'm telling you I'm fine. As soon as the swelling goes down, my vision will be fine," Jack insisted. "The same thing happened to me as a kid." "That explains a lot," said Rita, "but since we're all ready here, it won't hurt to have you checked out. Can you walk or should I get a wheelchair?" "I think I can walk, just let me put my arm around you," Jack said. 1

Rita waited for well over an hour and finally asked what was taking so long? "He was moved to the O.R. an hour ago. If you prefer, there is a waiting room on the 5th floor near the Operating Room," the nurse said. Rita went up to the 5th floor and waited again. Finally a doctor entered and asked,"Anyone here with Jack Weston?" Rita stood up and asked, "How is he? Is he going to be okay? Can I see him? Is he ..." "Whoa ... one question at a time," the doctor said. "He's fine. The operation went well and he's completely out of danger. There's a 50/50 chance that he will fully recover his sight. He's resting comfortably in room 507. You can see him for a few minutes, but he needs his rest. That was a long and grueling operation so he's still lightly sedated." Rita went to room 507 and the door was open. A nurse was taking Jack's pulse and temperature. Rita sat down in the chair beside the bed and waited for the nurse to leave. "How are you feeling, Jack?" Rita asked. "Can I get you anything?" "I'm scared, Rita," Jack said. "The doctor says you're completely out of danger," said Rita. "No. I'm scared of not ever being able to see ghosts again. If I can't see ghosts then I would be of no use to you. I'd just be in the way," Jack said. "No use to me! Jack, I love you," said Rita. "What we do, or what you will do is bigger than the two of us. Promise me you'll find someone else that can help you," Jack said. "I never knew that I needed anyone till I met you. You're going to be fine, now stop talking like that," Rita said. "I'm sorry, visiting hours are over until 9:00 A.M. tomorrow," said the nurse. Rita returned at 9:00 A.M. and entered Jack's room. "Where is he?" Rita asked a nurse. "He checked himself out about two hours ago. Just paid the bill and left," the nurse said. Rita went by Jack's apartment and used her key to get in. Jack was nowhere to be found. Rita sat down on the sofa and cried. One week later, Jack had just made a beautiful cast and began reeling in the lure. A huge trout took the bait. Jack set the hook and began reeling in the fish. As he got it ashore he screamed,"Oh yeah, who's the best fisherman on earth?" "God I miss Rita and the way she would bust my chops every time I got a little too arrogant," Jack thought as he set the fish free. Like Mack Davis said in a song 2

,"Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble." Jack picked up his rod and tackle box and turned to head back to the cabin. "I thought I'd find you here?" said Rita. "Where did he go?" "Where did who go?" asked Jack. "The greatest fisherman in the world. I heard you talking to him while I was back at the cabin." "He's probably on the other side of the lake, by now," said Jack. "And he took all of his fish with him, I see," said Rita. "Yeah ... I probably should have gotten some lessons from him," Jack said. "It's not nearly as hard to be humble around someone as perfect as Rita," Jack thought. "What are you doing here?" Jack asked. "You've got more important things to do than to come up here checking on me." "I've known where you were since you left the hospital, and I was perfectly willing to give you all the time you needed to get your head on straight, but I need your help, Jack," Rita said. "You remember that ghost at the baseball park?" "Is she here?" Jack asked. "Standing beside me," Rita replied. "I told you I would be of no use to you. I can't see ghosts," Jack said. "That not the only thing you're good for. Do you still have that scuba gear?" Rita asked. "It's in storage, along with everything else from my apartment," Jack replied. "We've got to go back to town anyway. How soon can you leave?" Rita asked. "What's this all about?" Jack asked. "Does this have to do with the ghost's unfinished business?" "Yes, Jack. Just come on up to the car and I'll explain on the way to town," Rita said. "Okay, what do you want me to do?" Jack asked as Rita pulled out of the driveway. "Find an engagement ring at the bottom of a lake," Rita replied. "How did it get to be at the bottom of the lake?" Jack asked. "She threw it there during an argument with her boyfriend," Rita replied. 3

"Well, they're not going to get married now, so why does she need it?" Jack asked. "They were in an accident driving home that night because they were still arguing. She was killed," Rita said. "Her boyfriend blames himself. He's gone back to that lake every day after school, until sundown, trying to find that ring. She wants him to know that she doesn't blame him and that he should go on with his life. The ring will make him believe us." Rita drove to the lake. "This is the lake where we saw the boy that was in a coma," Jack said. "You expect me to find that little ring in that big lake?" "The ghost knows exactly where it is, she'll tell me and I'll guide you," Rita said. Jack put on his wet suit, scuba gear, and goggles and entered the water. "Swim straight out till I tell you to stop," said Rita. "Okay, Jack. That's far enough, now about three feet to your left. That's it. It should be directly below you," Rita said. After about ten minutes Jack came walking back toward shore. He walked straight up to the ghost, who was also in the water, and showed her the ring. "Is this the one?" he asked. "Jack! You can see her. You can see ghosts," Rita yelled. A surprised look came upon Jack's face as he realized Rita was right. He lifted the goggles and the ghost disappeared. He lowered the goggles and the ghost was back. "Do you realize what this means, Rita? With the right contact lens, we're back in business, partner," Jack said. Rita ran into the water and threw her arms around Jack, and they both wound up sitting in three feet of water. "Don't you ever scare me like that again, Jack. I thought I'd lost you," said Rita. "You only misplaced me for a while, Rita. You'll never lose me," Jack said as he kissed her trembling lips that were already turning blue. "Let's get you inside the car before you catch pneumonia. This water is freezing." "I hadn't nnnnnoticed," Rita replied, her teeth chattering. Jack started the engine and turned on the heater. "We'll just wait here until the boyfriend appears," said Jack. "Is that warm enough for you?" "The ghost is pointing at someone, Jack," Rita said. "Is that your boyfriend?" The ghost nodded. "Do you see who that is?" Jack asked Rita. "It's the boy that was in a coma," Rita said. 4

"Now we know why he tried to overdose," Jack said. "He blames himself for her death." "Well, at least it will be easy to convince him that we can see ghosts," said Rita.


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