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Published by Phil Inman-Jones
Erotic poetry. I am as usual pushing the envelope.
Erotic poetry. I am as usual pushing the envelope.

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Published by: Phil Inman-Jones on Aug 07, 2010
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Sensual Machinations or S&M Binding her tenderly with silken cord. She is blindfolded and gagged.

Loving this, she pants in anticipation of the game. Touching that crow feather to her thighs. She is aflame. Wetness envelopes me. Those wonderful full thighs. Seems heavens gates have opened once again. I do not wish to harm her. But controlled she shall be. Her orgasm no mystery to me. That rhythmic pulse I wait for. She responds to me once again. We climb the heights together. Feels like I part the sea. I am as a God. Only when she lets me be. Her surrender is such a gift for both of us. I respect the power she bestows unto me. I give her what she came to find. All in our minds. This illusion of control. Love is one thing, sex is letting go. She will return. When that longing burns inside. As she seeks a haven. Where she can be herself and hide. I look forward to rewarding her. And using her again. My freaky wild woman. Who adores this S&M. Phil G. Inman Sr.

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