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1 Introduction

Communication and information technologies are the foundation of the new global
information-based economy Advanced telecommunications networks and related
systems, increasingly permeate every economic sector and help business of all kinds.
It enhances their organizational efficiency and competitiveness while providing
customers better goods and services at lower prices.

1.1 Global perspective of telecom industry
The current global telecom industry, is going through a phase of turbulence after
years of stability, the situation is changing radically. The industry is facing number of
challenges; the most pressing one is opening of the telecommunication sector. It has
led to evolve genuine competition in many markets; the introduction of mobile,
Internet together with other value added services is rapidly creating new segments of
market with very few similarities with the traditional marketplace.

1.2 Telecom sector of Pakistan
Pakistan mobile industry at the moment is experiencing growth explosion. Though
the existing players are trying hard to meet the growing demand still there is a huge
amount of unmet demand in the country as against the supply of connection by the
operating mobile companies. (See figure 1)
Cellular industry of Pakistan comprises of five companies namely, Mobilink, Warid,
U-fone, Telenor and now Zong.

1.3 Role of PTA
PTA played a major role in increasing the growth rate of the industry. A transition
from MPP (Mobile Party Pay) to CPP (Calling Party Pay) made incoming calls free.
Moreover, PTA gave incentive to the operator by reducing royalty, reduction in
interconnection charges and airtime tariff. All these factors made mobile phone
affordable for a common man.


It carried out AMPS services until 2004. In 2003.1 CMCC ZONG is the first International brand of China Mobile being launched in Pakistan. on highways. Millicom. One of the unique features of China Mobile servicing excellence is to customize its products. reliable coverage through tunnels. 2. Its main competitor emerged in late 1990s as Instaphone and soon began to dominate the market. 2 . bought Paktel. China Mobile is perhaps the only cellular network that provides uninterrupted. China Mobile is the world's largest telecom operator. Millicom installed a new management team. when the company launched GSM services as well. Having a customer base of over 300 million customers. inside sky scrapper elevators as well on top of Mount Everest. both services lost market share. services and tariffs to suit the individual needs of its huge subscriber base. (figure1) 2 Background of Zong Paktel is a mobile telecommunication company in Pakistan. However after the launch and rapid success of Mobilink in 1998. set up by Cable & Wireless. It was the first ever company granted license to carry out cellular phone services in Pakistan. In January 2007 Millicom sold Paktel for $284 million to China Mobile.

ZONG would offer its customers with entertaining & innovative value added services and will empower them by giving a wide variety of products.2 Powerful source of communication The core essence of ZONG is to allow people to communicate at will without worrying about tariffs.2.3 SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths •Strong Historical Brand 3 Product and its Packages •Improving Network Services •Backing of World ’s Largest Mobile ZONG offers a wide range of new services to serve customers even better. ZONG will be supported by ground breaking communications. network coverage. services & content to choose from. capacity issues or congestion. 2. Government • 50paisa/call • Free package 3 Opportunities . trend setting customer service and an unmatched product offering which will redefine rules of the game and establish ZONG as a serious contender for the number one spot. •Strong Relationship With the • 12 Aanay Package. Below is a Company brief introduction of all these services.

1per min call.1 Market Segment It has targeted the low and middle end market.2 Didn‘t rush for offerings The calmness we can see in launch campaigns is observed in later promotions and offerings. • Zong super free num • Break time offer • Aik sec package 3. through employees dedicated to excellence.4 Low operating expenses Zong’s offices are least liverish compared to of other cellular companies in Pakistan. which was responded next day by Telenor with a similar offer. Initially they were least interested in very few elite class customers. 3.. Top management researched and come up with products and offers that masses wanted. while Zong took two months to start Rs. hence saving many of other expenses. Ufone in a week or so came up with Uwon. It shows how calmly they observe market trends before launching products. 1per min call. There is another example. they introduced it a month earlier than they started advertising it. What they say “Kam Karch-Bala Nasheen”. 3. 4 Strategic Alternatives Company’s Vision “Zong to be one of the leading mobile information company in Pakistan exceeding customer expectations. when Mobilink offered Rs. instead they hit the low end market. Let’s take an example of Zong’s free call on one number package. maximizing shareholders value” 4 .

2 PEST Analysis: Political factors: The current situation of telecom in Pakistan clearly indicates the success of policies adopted by the government of Pakistan in Telecom sector. Due to downturn of the economy. companies have to look after a lot of factors. It has made the largest investment among all the Chinese investment in Pakistan.1 Objectives Increase Market Share to 30% by 2010 Restructure Business & Organization Enhance Image: Re-launch Corporate Brand Grow Through Partnerships. The study of culture helps to understand the consumer behavior and in turn assists firms to improve their marketing strategies: 5 . Social factors During the formation of marketing strategies. the turnover ratio is increasing as companies have no more capacity to hire the people. Economic factors: Marketers should consider long term and short term state of a trading market.4. Deep study of local culture and social setups is also one of the major factors which account much in successful strategy formation. Acquisition & New Licenses Display Corporate Social Responsibility 4. PTA has recently awarded the license for providing cellular service in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Northern Areas to China Mobile. China Mobile has already invested $500 million in the country and has plans to invest more. Inflation is getting uncontrolled and rate of unemployment is alarmingly high.

On achieving different target different intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are given. attitude.Zong has done wonderful job in this perspective. and to support this view with in each department people should have decision making power and this can done 6 . A continuous training is conducted inside and outside the organization to improve the skills of the employee. Performance appraisal is done on annual basis. educated and committed towards their work. By doing this their aim was to bring forth the latent desire of the people. It has fulfilled the demands of students. speed. The human resource of Zong is highly skillful. execution. Before entering into market It has done extensive research on the behaviors of the consumers. Group analysis: In our industry we need creativity. Technological factors By using different technologies a company can have competitive advantage on others and now companies are investing in their infrastructure not only to expand but also to upgrade their existing structure. Unless and until people don’t have freedom to express their views and new ideas such organization can not grow . Human resource manager is responsible of handling any disturbances but small disputes are handled by supervisors. middle class and elite class equally. knowledge & skills that is why we prefer new and young talent that’s why fresh graduate are hired each year. in general the whole setup is centralized. The job description of each and every employee is predefined. all the matters are to be reported to the main company and all the policies and targets are approved at the higher level. Mostly people working in Zong are masters in specialized fields. 5 Structure of the organization In Zong the hierarchy is very lean. But at the department level the structure is decentralized. According to them their human resource is their biggest assets. written communication.

At Zong. performance appraisal. human and conceptual skills Technical skill : Persons have knowledge of processes. 5. Controlling: To ensure timely support for all “services & processes” being offered in- use of both internal and external customers. Persons performing this job have understood abstract relationships. National and international training sessions are arranged for the employees to keep them up dated and to make them able to work on latest technology. Person performing this job interact and cooperate with employees and customers and unless and until they are not social and don’t have good communication skills they can’t help their customers. network coverage so that they can understand problems of customer and provide better customer care services.2 Technical.1 Managerial skills Planning. vision and goal setting . Human skill: involves the ability to interact effectively with people. Lower level is also involved in decision making which help them to vision some thing which is really achievable and is according to their capability. job rotation. They also keep on rotating people to different departments relative to their field so that they don’t get lethargic this also give them a chance to find the best place where thy can fit in .3Team Building The sales department is highly dependent on the team efforts and can only perform well if the team is highly motivated. 5. and solve problems creatively to handle the problems on the spot. Leading: team counseling. to satisfy the customers. develop ideas. techniques and tools of a specific area like technical issues of engineering. 5. Conceptual skill: involves the formulation of ideas. Organizing. ensure motivation are common tasks. by decentralizing. In this era no organization can perform its tasks effectively without 7 . sales officers are highly competitive and motivated as they know how well they have to inculcate their ideas and product into consumer’s mind.

team involvement but especially cellular companies can’t even dream of doing work without sales teams. Hierarchal structure 8 .

O 9 .C.E.

O.M Distribution Marketing Regional Director Regional Director S &D M S &D M A. C.D.S.D. The franchises are the only authorized dealers of ZONG.M B.O B.D.S.M A.O Director sales& Director Director H.D. Every franchise has a manager who controls and looks after all the major 10 .O (Figure 2) 6 Role of franchises Zong has almost 25 franchises working to help its users that are linked with the main head office.O B.R.O B.

than of restructuring the damaged one. For the first time users will get what they want. he/she should be well paid. services and packages to cater to different needs of a varied customer base. rather than being made offers that suit operational needs more than user needs. Performance evaluation form 11 . it’s easy to make a new building. • As “customer is king” so Customers care services should be improved and complaints of the customers should be solved in time. young and energetic personnel which is good but besides this they should train their old workers as they are assets of the organization and they understand some issues more better than the new ones. China mobile has proven itself as a brand now and it seems like they are going to give tough time to other cellular companies in coming days. In this way they can be encouraged and hence they will increase productivity of the organization. Recommendation • Voice clarity and call discontinuity is a major issue of Zong and it can be solved by using boosters in different areas. • Their emphasis is on fresh. They have done considerable research In order to understand customer needs. • If an employee is performing dual tasks simultaneously. The hardest part of china mobile was to rebuild the image that had been lost by Paktel: often we see.Conclusion Zong offers several promotions.

Name: SMART Tasks skill or ability area skill or ability specific measures agreed realistic timings comments/actions area task 12 . www.html 3.php?option=com_content&do_pdf=1&id=6 13 .html http://www.html .pakistanlaw.zong. www. WORKS CITED 5.pdf 4. www.

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