simplification of procedures for exports. The results of these measures has been a perceptive change in the trading environment and performance.EXIM TRADE POLICY The directions given in the new trade policy was the reduced controls. Transparency. and also provided incentives through exports promotion schemes and simplified procedures ISB&M/BBA/IMISB&M/BBA/IM-2 2 . The EXIM policy of 1992-97 focused on Liberalisation. bilateral discussions with selected countries and a continuous dialogue with national organisations of Trade and Industry. 1992Openness. activation of trade boards. Globalisation.

The important features areareMassive thrust on export of services (major thrust areas of Healthcare.9%. Simultaneous notifications by DGFT (Director General Of Foreign Trade) & CBEC (Central Board of Excise & Customs) EPCG (Exports Promotion Capital Goods) scheme made more flexible & attractive to enable expansion of manufacturing base.EXIM POLICY 2002-07 2002The policy is geared to increase India¶s exports through these initiatives envisaging a compounded Annual Growth rate of 11. ISB&M/BBA/IMISB&M/BBA/IM-2 3 . tourism and Professional services. Consolidation of Agri Export Zones.) Move to facilitate corporate investments to boost Agro exports and benefit farmers.

Auto components among others. Drugs & Pharma.Textiles. Removal of Restrictions on exports Incentives for fast growing status holdersholdersDuty Exemption/Remission Scheme Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Scheme EOU schemes Agro exports Special Economic Zones Service Exports ISB&M/BBA/IMISB&M/BBA/IM-2 4 .EXIM POLICY 2002-07 2002Special focus on potential high growth sectors. sectorsGems and jewellery.

EXIM POLICY 2002-07 2002Codification of SEZ rules to facilitate investments Development of export Clusters (10 nos) ISB&M/BBA/IMISB&M/BBA/IM-2 5 .

etc.Basic Requirements to start an Export Business Name and type of Company A current account with an authorised bank dealing in foreign exchange. ISB&M/BBA/IMISB&M/BBA/IM-2 6 . An IEC (Importer Exporter Code) number granted by the Regional Licensing Authority Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) of an Export Promotion Council (to avail of benefits under EXIM policy) Other statutory registration like the shop & establishment Act.

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