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IN'rR.ODUcrION .' •••••••••• .,. •• 3



FAIR.. ANI) FOUL .. '" ' ••••• .s

'f'he Fort('SofChaos, .• , .. , , .••. 7'

Chao,s Culrists .. _ .. __ __ ... -B

Chaos Marawiers

,and Chao,s Warriors .. __ .. _ p

Beasrmm and Mutallts _ .... __ n

MinolgUrS ._ .... _ " 1..,

Dragon OgrI;S , __ n 1}

Chaos DwarJs __ 17

Daemons oj Cha,os , '_. _ .. ..19

1'he' Greenskin R..aces .... , .. , ..... , ....••. 2I

Orcs ..... .... ~z

GobUllS gnd Night GobUns---.23

Squigs----- .. -- .. ---- .. -- .. ",2,f

Hobgoblins _ _·c - ilS

Trolls .... - _ __ -_ .. _ ....... 27

SootHn,gs __ _ ". __ .. 38

Denizens of Athel Lorien 29

Dryads "' '_' '. __ 30

Treemen ._ .. ,'I

Unicorn.s .... ._, ._." 1J

Warhawks. .. J4

Children of the Homed ~

,Skavell __ n .. J6

Rat Ogres .-- -- ----,J8

Gmnt Ra.ts .40

Brigands and Beasts 41

El,ven Corsairs . 42

Harpies_. __ 43

Manricort!s ---_u-------., ... -_44 Hyd.ras - ........ -- .. _ ...... -- .... -- 4}

,F enbeasu HH • __ 46

Ogres'· .. --· .. --.-------47

Gmnu .... _. -~-49

Great Eagles __ .. . ·._.}O

Gmnt Spiders jl

Dragons. _j2

Griffons -.-- . 54

Ptgasi_ __ _. .. _ _}}

W.:::ffs .• __ ~.:::~:~ .... _~.~. __ ;;

Giant Wclves

and Dire Wolv·es. . j8

Werecreatures , ,._-- .-.J9

The Restless Dead er

Skelefons _ .. __ 62

Ghouls._ . """_ .. _ .. _ _6J

,Zombies' _ .. _ _ _ 63

Spi1'its --_ .. --- -- ---- ,64,

Banshee __ 6;1

Wtghu _ 66

Mummies __ ._ __ 67

Table of ContentS

Wrai'r.h' ... m __ .68

Vampire Ba{s_._·_·_._ u .. 69

V 1lc1ltpires . __ l0


OF THE Om WORLD •••• 'J6 The Sla.ughter Margin ..............•• 76

Skills &; 'Talents 77

N,ew Tal.ents'. __ - ,1

Daefnonic AuTft---- 77

Ethereal .. _ .. .. ·78

Scales __ ._. -.- __ 78

U Jtsroppable Blows __ ._- _ 78

Will qf 11'011. __ .... __ .. __ _ 78

Mutations " ••.. , " •...•• " " ••. "'.78

Magic ...• ,." f'8

Apprenritt Shaman _. .78

Shtlman __ . _ _ .... 80

Shaman Lot:d ... __ 81

Tilt Lore oj Spirits __ 81

S~i1'it StaJJ._-. _ _81

Fire oj Vengeance _. 81

Spirits' Voice ...... ..... .. ..81

Message oj Doom . _ .. _·Sf

Spirir Shield. __ . . .. 81

Creature I>c::scriptions .••.. ' ••.. ' ••.•••. ,82

Bamhees .. .. 82

Bea.srmen ..... ... _ . .82'

Chaos Cultists ..... .. 84

Chaos Dwal'fs .. _ ... -..... 8}

Bull Cmtaurs __ .. _ .... _. _--86 Chaos Manl.wiers .... __ ..86

Chaos Warriors. 87

Datmom_ .. 88

Bloodlettersof Khorne---.J8

Chaos .Furies -. _. _ .. 88

Daemoneru$ of SLaanesh_88 Horr«s oj T:cemrch __ .89

Plaguel>earers Of Nurgle 90

Dire W otws . _ _ _ .. 91

Dra'gom. .. -- .. _91

Dragon Ogre~ .. _ p2

Inyads _ ..... -.-.. 92 Eiven Corsairs ....... _-._ ..... __ 93

Fenbeqsrs _0. ._ .. _. __ 94

Ghouu_ .'PoOi

Gianrs -.94

Giant Ran __ .Pj

Giant Spiders .' 96

Giant Wolves_ 96

Gobl.iruand Night Gobli1u ~7

Great Eagles 98

GrifJ ons _ _ .. .. _. _ .. _. __ • p8

Hacrpies __ . . --99

Hippoviffs - .99

H ohgoblins . _._ _' _. ---.,99

Hydras_.. .. __ m .. ree

Mamicores ...... _ ...... __ . __ 101 .M£nOl'llut's.................... . 1:01

Mummies __ ._ _ _ ....... 1,01

Mutanrs_ _ __ .102

Ogrt!5 __ .. _ __ __ _10J

Orcs - .. - _ _ _ _IOJ

Pegasi __ _ -10$

Rat' Ogus _ IOj

Skaven __ ._ _ I06

Skeletons _ __ 108

¥!fS ------ l08

SpU'tIS -_ __ • __ _.109

Ghons __ . --_., - (09

Pol.rergeists _ _ _.109

Spea1'es_ ... __ ._·. _ .. _._ _HO

Treem.en .. _._. no

'TroUs ~ __ . __ ._. _. _In

Com.mcn Trolls _Ill

Chaos Trolls 112

River Trolls . 112

Stone Tt'oU.s_~ -sts

U.Dicorns.~.~. ·_ _. __ ~ tn

Vampire &ts __ .. ~_ _~.~_ U3

V,ampire5;_ .... _ ~~ .. .~ ..... n4

Blood Dra~gOD VampirtSkH_.Ui

Carnein Vampirts ..... uJ

Lahmian Vampires._. 116

Necrarch V "mpires H .. ~n6

Strigoi Vampires .- _.---lf7

Warha:wks H_ _I17

Werecrearures .. __ • __ . .118

Wights. .-- -- .. - __ .. _ ......... _ ... _nS

Wild Boars -- -~- .. , .. -.---.U9

W'r-airhs . __ __ llp

Wj1Vet'n$, .. _ _ __ 120

Zombies .no

ArPENDIX I: MOUNTS ••••.. 121

Q,a,05 Steeds ••.. " •.. " •.••..••••.••••• ' •• ,m

Daereonic Mounts .•..••..••....•....• CI

Destriers .••. '.'."" ' '.' .. nl

'Even Steeds , , .. 1'22

Light Warhorses "." ", ...• ' •. 02

Nightmares" .. " " •• ' "' •. ' ..• ' .. I2J

Ponies ' ' " •. " QJ

Riding Horses .•.... ' •. " •• ,,' .• ' .. "" mJ

APPENDIX. U: ANIMALs •••• 124-

Frey Animals. _ _ .... 134

SmaU Raptor! __ __ 134

Snabs .. _ __ _ _ .. 121/

Arl'ENDIX ill:


Locs TlONT hBLES"'.... I2.s

INDEX .••••.. ' .••••.••.••••• t.. 126



-1NTa0DUCTl0R -

From the north come raiders in their long ships with wild howls and burning eyes, seeking to sweep the civilised kingdoms of Men before them, drowning all in blood and darkness. From me mountains and the plains beyond come me Greenskin races who live only for war. In the shadows the dead stalk, unseen by living eyes. In the sewers Mutants vie with Rarmen [0 determine which will be first to overthrow me Empire.

Welcome [0 [he Old World BeJtiary for Warhammer Fantasy RoLeplay.

The OldWodd is a dangerous place and knowing a thing or rwo about your foes may help you Live a little longer. However, it wouldn't be in keeping with the secretive nature of the Old World if she were JUSt to lay forth all her wares. opec co any with an interest. While this volume contains accounts of a great many creatures, it is not a book of definitive answers; it is more a tome of pretty lies with glimpses of truth wedged in between.

Determining which is which, that's the trick.

The Old World Bestill.ry was written for both players and GMs. 1his [orne is pa.cked full of stories, pictures, rumours, knowledge and, of course, the game stars for a wide variety of foes. The struceure of the Bestiary Was specifically designed with an eye toward what every character (as well as his or her played) should know, me idea being to help make me Old World come [0 life for everyone mac plays WFRP.

The Old World Bestiary is divided into two sections, The first section is a transcription ofOdric ofWurtbad's suppressed work Perilous Beasts: A Study of Creatures Fair and Foul. Odric was a wizard and scholar who spent decades travelling by land and sea. collecting information and testimony about the monsters of me Old World. His entries on various types of creatures are both fascinating and contradictory. The first part of each entry is called me Common View. Here Odric tells the tales of peasantS and soldiers, of hunters and herdsmen. This is what the ordinary folk of the Old World. and more specifically [he people of the Empire. have heard about these creatures. The knowledge contained in the Common Vit"w sections is seldom very specific. nor is it necessarily accurate, bur it is the kind of infmmation that the majority of Empire citizens think of when a given creature is brought up in conversation.

The second part of each eutry is entitled the Scholnr's Eye and here Odric gathered the opinions of far more erudite individuals with greater knowledge of what they speak of then the comments made by those under the Common View. The SchOUzr's Eye holds a lot of information useful for GMs in figuring out what place a given crea~ure holds in me Old World.

The third part of each entry is only pres em in the entries of sentient creatures, for reasons that wiIJ become obvious. O'lY Own Words is exactly that: comments from members of the race in question that reflect their philosophy and outlook, How Odrlc compiled these quotations is a matter of much debate. It is nonetheless invaluable. since it helps give the GM an idea how a given being may reaot to others, though where sentient beings are involved, one must always take individuality into account,

The second section ofthe Old World Bestiary is the purview of the GM alone. It conralnsall the game informatio.n a GM needs to use these creatures in his WPRP campaign. including some new talents and an expanded table for Chaos Mutations. The monsters are alphabetized for easy reference and each entry contains a description of the creature and its game statistics.

So errle back in your chair. turn your lights low and prepare for tales both grim and fair. And remember, mere are no such things as Skaven.


Players should be able ro Learn the information in the Common Vinll sections, as it represents examples of what their characters would've heard growing up in the Old World. When appropriate. such information can be related to them in return fo.r successful Common Knowledge Tests. Characters with the appropriate Aca.demic Knowledge skills can make a kill Tests to see jf they know the information contained in the Scholar's Eye entries. Generally, the difficulty of such

rests varies with jusr how obscure the information the character wants to know is. If a player rolls three or more degrees of success on uch a test, the GM may wish [0 simply let the player read the enrry in question.

Onnmn and innn-on, ,J. .. ","iJI'liillilllllol."

and rhrlJlu' rUm I

" ~ rIIen _5, rhar 17raw ~ fI1OOIh, ..ronuu goaded ~$t on, CIS _lillt" ' ......

N~ amidst, tilt ~ aM tht goodr, wed pale moonshine, , ~::'r

• a gQUanting KnachrJromJar han, And there mninsr tilt sprick(y~, -,,,<,---,1

Who rror a~st ro,lqy StDord on. - the [airing of tilt brute,

And Ai--' .... U', _-' __ ...... _ d L:. Stepped !'W brighrl,y 'pon his S!ttd, rIrr1o'

-" a OIIMS ,... afHKTrr. rwrt 'ow 6NPtng bnmdt and scrapmg tOOt.

morhrs ronge,

For TOIn4$ he li.sttntd nil""l m14Ch SO Jor kindtr yonl', He hitched up swerpnik panie. waving woden SIDONh, And slcrictd O'tCl fO the wodespcm, Joornrtpplng Breton Lord.

The milt/in Foole pranud a.ttht bridge, oM cry cadell CIt the ooye, Go sleeldn nor with Beast of Teerh, nor slirblood lI1WI some roy.

But he 1IIaJ [Ilt Fool. and none to mind, and Tonuu hcedtd not, Slug ~h~ on. dtstrier and westered a,t rlw trOt.

YonBe Tonuu spind rhe ginhen ~ and tal'l'ied rher a 'IMilt, Then 'stead O'J ~ baCk !lSIlin, Tom. rid anor1atr mile.

Ht eWe tht~lKk kqf shabbetJ' and -VcUl\< blood..JaubetJ vine, hU knapper-J«idt and rhfftrodmt.

And rh(l':e baLt-ryta r~ spitrn lkast, aU gOi"itd IwrIw and stivu rmdjangJ, 'Yex tJri#;JI Tomas vmrured on, he coudltd no dread, nor honwwotd pangs.

Though bratlt KnaCl biddm to the grave, wirh wodtn SfIX1t'tk atofr Pl.uck;;v Tom brondi.shed CIt rhe Diu, who m4TMf hjmwilh a scoff.

"W!lar mlfflyou Mre,youngl ~thlkin'


Didyou moth". about m.r _rni"

"I have noltar1" Tom. crUd aloudf Hor-Sing fOr-Ward 'til &est he gT'OMIltd.

H1 Will. wo(fQ'ou.jlnhand mapJ'Cur bolU'J, Sktirwi,1OUf' JoUWnu1 bume rheir home,_

For Iftocking Ictd. [0 dare I'I\)! rage,

y ~r jibe it l7'af" me lib a eille.

T'ht undaimtd ones mUIr drtad flU' ki1\<dt, Can ntIIn' JqUQndm- fear bfhintLn

50 Tonuu Wcmdtrt:t IIIIU 1\<0 RJ<)rt, who n.nitr did no goode, 50 rem.tmW poor T omat. and roam not i1I the 'IIJOOth.

perilous ~easts

2( etu~v of <Creatures jait aob joul

.,l;eing an account of becets mcnv anb t.?adeb as witlt,e&6tb bv 6cl)olar anb tnagi6ttt (!)btic of tl'uttbab.

C8"ctln~ 9cetee.l

You hold in your hand the work of a lifetime. To compile this tome I travelled thousands of miles, learned dozens of languages, fought to save both my life and my soul, lost my left hand and nearly my tongue! Though age now dims my eyes, I can go to Mon-'s Realm content that no finer study of the monsters of the Old World has yet been written.

The greatest irony of all is that I had no intention of writing a book such as this when I first became of a man of letters. When I was young, I had just graduated from the University of Altdorf when I had my first run in with a true monster. I was riding to Wunbad to see my family when I came upon a scene of carnage in the forest. A war herd of Beastman had attacked

a group of pilgrims and killed them to a man. It was a gruesome sight, more so because a lone Beastman had stayed behind to feed on the rather large corpse of a cheese maker . When I came upon the scene, the creature looked up from its meal. I can still see its goat head and horns and

the bestial cast of its features. I can see the way its bloody mouth foamed when it realised there was fresher meat on the road. I can see the black depths of its eyes and the cruel barbs of its blade. I drank in this scene, dumbstruck, as the Beastman leapt over corpses and raced for my horse. Mter years at the university, I was so used to studying things objectively that it took me precious seconds to realise that this was not the moment for detachment. This creature meant to kill me and I needed to do something about it before the Beastman used my vitae to wash down the cheese maker.

I managed to draw, cock, and fire my pistol and just in time too. The Beastman was in mid-leap when my pistol ball caught it in the chest and ended its life. As it lay dying, the creature spoke, or so it seemed to me. It was no language I had heard before, however. Fascinated, I dismounted and approached the dying Beastman, It looked at me with those eyes and seemed to curse me as it died.

I stood there for a long time, staring at the corpse. The Beasrman was a monster, clearly, but what more did we know about such creatures? It had language surely and the Beastmen seemed to have

a society of sons. What. was it that made them monsters, 1 wondered? And what could Humanity learn of such creatures to safeguard itself against further depredations? To unearth such truths and to expand the knowledge of our glorious Empire-that would be a wonhy undenaking, I decided.

And that is how it began. My curiosity blossomed into a series of journeys, each more perilous than the last. Fifty years I spent on the road, gathering up all the information I could find. I should have died a hundred times over but Fate was my guide. I persevered and over the years the Work took shape. The result of these decades is Perilous Beasts: A Study of Creatures Fair and Foul.

You will no doubt notice, gentle readers, that much of this book consists of quotations or transcribed testimony from witnesses, experts, and even the witless. It was my intent to show the breadth of opinion and thought on these creatures, with words from the most ignorant peasant to the most eminent scholar. I have also added my own thoughts, based on my research, interviews, and findings. Should Shallya grant me more years, I may yet write of my own adventures compiling this book, but such details are not gennane to the work and my hubris is not such that I must make this book into my Story.

I began this tome as a search for truth and while I'm certain there is truth in these pages, even 1 can't tell you exactly where it lies. I have sought to illuminate the threats that face the Old World but only Lord Sigrnar can protect us from the machinations of evil and the enemy within. May he guide and watch over us all.




Chaos. Of all the many threats that the Old World must face, none strike fear into the hearts of Men like that of the Followers of Chaos. Slaves to darkness all, they have given their allegiance to the Ruinous Fowers, some willingly, some because they felt they had no choice. Their forms are many and terrible, from twisted Beastmen to the Daemons of the Cbaos powers themselves. Worse still for the folk of the Old World are the many Mutants and willing followers of the Chaos Gods that came from their own race before joining the Lost and the Damned.


as [0 be made its l.eader. Your alrea£(y unforgivable crimes are made still. ltIOrse by your continual deliberate misdirection oj legitimate authority with your jalse pronouncemenrs on Chaos and mal'\)' another marrero Gunther, Hans-take him outside and burn him. Now."



The cults ~ enorrnous~y in size, strength, purpose, and membership, from tiny conspirato.rial cells in the heart of

the Empire to wbole vi11agts that have secretly given their allegiance: to Chaos. Scholars, politicians, priests, craftsmen, farmers, soldiers, and members of almost every other profession have under the: sway of Chaos in their time, and often recruited their fellows. Indeed, a num.ber of c1andest:ine groups have a charitable publlc face that they hide behind and many have joined a Chaos cult witbout rtallzing just what they

were getting into. Some sects are dedicated to the overthrow

of society, anractingrevolutionaries and agitators in great numbers, whereas others are solely concerned with the pursuit ofpersonaJ power, or simply the endless pleasUl"e$ that can be found in the worship of Slaanesh.

"They are weak andjoolish, bur they waL help us achieve the victory we crave. With us attacking the Empire's borders, the Beasrm.en and Mutants sweeping out Jrom rhe Jorests, and the cultists undermining and corrupting from within, we will soon have dominion over this oncegrear Empire,finally banishing the name of Sigmar from the annals of historyfor£ver."



The one thing aU cults have in common is that their existence

is concealed from the common eye, so that Witch Hunters

and templars are not immediately alerted to their existence.

Since the Empire has a number of different secret societies that have nothing to do with Oiaos, this makes discovering actual Chaos cults to be a far more dauntingwk for those t.hat seek

to destroy them. Due to this neccssari1y widespread tendency towards secrecy and the relative incIependence of each cult,

it is often the case that cults have wildly varying objectives, even ones that an in direct opposition to another cult. This sometimes leads to a cult fighting another cult, with or without realizing it. TlY: Chaos Gods do not seem to mind, and even suppon such behaviour, just as they encourage tbe Chaos Marauders to raid each Other's villages.



Ult has never been proven that Chaos cultists an anything mere than che product of rhejtlJered imaginings of certain of the mere .:tealow Witch Hunters. Why they have to go on and on abour 'corruption from within'

and 'debased orgiastic seees of the Lord of Pleasure; when the real danger is (he Marauders oj the nonh, I'U never know. I ask you, what motivation could these roct:essj1d merchanrs, nobles, and scholars have for allying with Chaos, when [hey alrea£(y hold positions of such eminence within the Emrire? It would be like a queen bee poisoning her own hive!



"They are worse by far than the Marauders or even the Daemons. At least the Chaos armies rhat come our oj

the North giveyou a stra.ighrfighr, or something dose

to it. Chaos cultists undermim everything we jight for, make a. mockery oj our brave lath (ying for CM Empire. Those Witch Hunters often OVt7'r~aee when they deal with some of the ignorant peasanrs in the villages, most oj whom wouldn't know a Daemon if it bit them, but rhey're absolurety right to come down hard on the decadent scum whoCilaim to be ou,. betters then seU U5 down the river to Chaos. Burning's too goodfor thar carrion."


"It !Jain't be natural."


"Give me an ent1JU' I mqy meet with strong steel and stout oak in 7I1J' hands, not a dagger in the night and an a!:counring-book."



Hidden just beneath the surface, Chaos is everywhere in the Empire. From tbe decadent cults of Slaanesh in Ahdorf, to the secret temple of Kbome beneath the Imperial Berracks in Nuln, among the plague survivors wbo rum to Nurgle in thanks and supplication, to the power-hungry merchants making sacrifices to Tzeenrch, there is almost no section of society that is untouched by the corruption of the Ruinous Powers. They have something to offer anyone who is not completely satisfied with his or her lot-and t.hat is almost aU Humans, whether in the Empire or without.

"Albrecht Kinear,jormer Professor of the University

oj Nuln, this court Jinds you gullry of rrcifJicking with Daemons and seLUng your soul co Chaos. You proJaned [he high ofJice and renown wh whkhyou were entrusted when you joined the Silver Wheel Socier;y here in Nuln, and you, compounded your damnation when you steeped yourself so thoroughly in its dark and sorcerous teachings


"Is it so wreng [0 wanr [0 be on [he winning side? Year

by year the Beastmtn grow bdderandrhe .Maraudm stronger. Year byyear [here are more Mutants, and worse, within the borders of the Empire. The Emperor is Jighting a losing bottle. I am a pragmatistJirst andJoremost; the Empire has made me rich, bur Chaos will help me survive


when MidJknheim Lsin JlamtS and its.ptOp(e arefoodfor Beasnnen or saCt'ij'iw ro rhe Blood GOd. .Surviveand even prosper. The Master of fortun.eis good ror~ who revere hifrL"



''frul,y I [heagh! I had experi.enced every pleasure knoumfromrheflesh pits oj Araby to the boudoirs oj Marienburg. Yet they never quite satiated me. Alwqys I sought Jor more; more intensizy, more .divine madne5S, m.ore ecstasy. As I lolled in bC( ajrerofnv!{yhouse, gambling den qfrer gambling cit>n, so 1 heard

'I'l'ICTt and more whispers oj vices so salacious even the nwsr decatinuoj libertines became hushed and withdrawn when I tried to press]or lurrher in/ormation.. This of course on{y roused in me a greater rhriUoj' anticipation,

a greater determination to uncover such utter depraTJizy as might be oJfered me could 1 but track doum rhe IYuciples oj Lanshor. Y tS, I knew .rhat if I were to Jind them, I

mqy be putting sour and bo4Y alike to the greatest oj risks, bur a seemed Ukt it would be risks . .Indeed,

the thought rhat at last 1 might have found a pleasure regarJ.e:d as rru(y abhorrent by thejooLs who make: our laws on(y enhQnced nIJ1 jervour .. Thar was rwenzy yeaTS ago, and 77U' on(}' regret is tbar I did not give nIJ1se(f up

to the: Aesthete a decadt before instead oj wasring 1J\Y rime with ellrrh(yderires."

- RlJl'l!RT VON f.rsTm.i, HEIR. TO nm


'TheuillQge bQys never liked me, .said 1 was flain asa pi1cestqfJ. Th{y aUfaru:ied thar Elena as thtit-swe.erhearr,

her with .her Wend r1nglmand.....,hew wasil rh9 pur a-her mischitvow {)1€$.1 showed ,that bitch, and her linle bunch of drooling culmirm. The! oUowm o/the Lord oj corruption didn't care· hew, I lot::rk£d., ~wm aU ccvmd with sorts and boils and Uuboes Q'l)'WCU'; All I had to do to get the ptague- 1nllggors was devore tI\VStlf re rh.e Grear's nor like I was giving up anything,. other [han the chana to grow cXder and uglier alone in till one dtzy .SOJm· zealous Witch Humer would Uk£ as nor have burned me:a~, Chaos or no Chaos. It was 'WOI'th it, kncwingwhar would .happenwhen I shoved the maggots undtr her door. Took about a weekfor rm flesh to starr rotting off her pretty jQC(, and aU oj rhe handsome ~. ojrh.e village had rh.e same rhinghappen [0 them a dqy or so qfrer her .. The .hardest .pm1.'WQS .kteping the smiltoff 1I'\Yown/ ace as 1 walked about l'ITJ' through aU thar svJ..:/mn8,.seeingrhe mute. ~..' .. Of. horror.· .. ·on rhmtaU .QS [hey becamt so much lessbeautilul. rha7J 1."



·j1schere one single greater threat to civil~atiOn than t.hese sa.vagdt Physicalty powerful, armed and annotLred with borA seee! and sorcery,fifted ,'With evil intent. ATe they even Human? All the evidence i.s rhat r~y are trot; rather, these crta[ut'es are ~raneou.s(y generated deep within the Pits of Chaos in the I CJ' Wasres north of Narsca, born Jromrhecosmicfhu of creation tliat is primnl Chaos_"

- AtsRICHTKlNEA.R., Ptto~·EMER.rros


'They know· how roJight .. Thar's what you have to remember about them.. People raUe aboutr1I£ sttength "J rheirannotlT, or rh£ ferOt:izy of the Blood God's worshippers, or the tnrimithtring {oakoj' [he hcrn.sand the spikes. If's thelr sheer .5kiUar war that·wins (hem their batd:esthough. Thifve been fighting sma rh{y ,were bom-Jighring, mind,YOUt nor jusrpracricing, (md ojten to the death. Oh, the Braonnian .lmights have been trained sinceth<y werer:hi1dren, but thzy d.on'r oove the sheer depth oj experien«roor even rheyounger Chaos Warriors do. Asfor the oldtt ones_ someo! them ha.Vf JXlCl'J or gifts from. rheR:uinous .pOllJeTJ rhat mean the.; Uve Jor hundmh o!yea"J if [hey remain u.nt4!eatedon the fitld oj' l>att!e. So,)'d, rhifre good. V try good.lJ you Conti: 'Up againsr them, .defendyourse1J as a first priority, amI

hQpe one 01 your mates can get behind him with a.17UICt or a warhammer or something-because it's lnI£, toot armour is damnab{y srrongroo;"



Norse for those who sail their longships to attack the scuibem lands, clad in fur and steel, a fierce: race whose sons love nothing better than to charge intO battle wielding sharp axes.

Beyond Norsca to the East are other Marauders, little known in the Empire save when rumours of another Kurgan raid on Kislev come: rlltering down. The dreaded Kurgan are darkerskinned nomadic raiders who attack with swift mourned charges, riding down their terrified foes. Oa:asionaUy they

~ ~d as far as the Em~ire's bor~rs, either as ~ massive horde nding south through Kislev, looung and bu.nung as they go, or as temporary' allies of one of t.he Norscan tribes.

The Hung are the third great grouping of Chaos Marauders,

a short and orientaHooking people JUSt as fkrce as and more deadly than their larger counte.tparts. The Hung dwell jus. t

to the north of Naggaroth and Cathay, in some of the most inhospitable lands known. Like the Kurgan thf:y are expert horsemen, though they ride small, hardy steeds rather than the great war-horses favoured by folk who dwell among abundant pasture.

liThe Blood God is often seen as the most rm-ifying threat by rhose 'Who havefaced Chaos in Norsca or in rhe Wasces beyond. The Drinlcer of Souls, after aLL, makes

his worshippers po'Werful andftarIm in banle. Yet those favoured by rhe Grear Decqy are perhaps more dangerous still to the commonfoUc of [he Empire,Jor the diseases

of Chaos cannor befought by strength of arms a.lone. The DeSpoiler, also, is often gravelY underestimated; those in power who dismiss irs seductive ~[S are bur one step awqy from being Qbsorbed within [hem, and giving over mUCh of the strength oj the Empire to the Dark Powers. None oj these tbre« is trulY the most deadfJ threQr to

us, rhough. That is Changer of [he W qys. He has not

the sheer destrUCtive power oj the gore drenched dog,

"1.f4W Q norrhmt viUl1ge they'd passed through, and 00,

ir was a charred ruin JUS! asyou'd expecr-buI no worse

than after an On: attack or somerhi1'lg. Far as I cooId see, they're no differentJrom al'\}' other marauders. Bad for you if you get caught by them, badfor bwiness if you tl)Qnced

to rrade with someone they'rH! marauded, but otherwise no different ro Orcs, or evenJoreigners like rhose Tileans and Breronnums. A nasr,y lor, those Tileans. o,u of them married nu' sister, and a righr rricJqy charmer he was."

- KAsrAR Ht.NoLlN, TIv.VELLING MERCHANT "Am glad we've got r' Emperor a.nd r' armies, mar's all am sqyin'."



In Nonca and the other nonhem lands close to the Chaos WasteS, the MaraudC'rsare born. Savage, war·Uke Humans who revere the Chaos Gods above all others, tbese raiders sweep into the civilised countries to the south, leaving and slaying. As might be expected of folk with such an affinity for Chaos, they are split into uncountable tribes, with those who live closest to the Wastes being the most affected by the Chaotic energies that pulse out of that blighted land. Scholars divide the Maraulkrs into three main cultura1and ethnic groups, the Norse, Kutgan and Hung.

f'fhree parts warpbane root, one deathvlne. Armpit, back of knee or through eyeslirs."

- Rn<xI'r'TIK. CLAN EsHIN ''ScHOL\R.'' Chaos Marauders from Norsca are predominandy whi[e~ skinned, with blond or red hair. Folk of the Empire know the

- JO-

nor theclevastaring plague:s oj the florring one, nor the insidious remprariOns oJ the harlot's l.ord, but he has a. willingness to wait that belies his Chaotic natuf'e. Fight tire machinations oj rhe Others. howsoever you ,can, but watch alw'!JsJor the hand oj Tzeenrch,Jor he has been waiting since time immemorial for us to make om mistake,and fire momenr we do, 'We an ton forever:"



·W.hat is deat.h,burrhe ultimate change, the ultimate expression of Chaos? When I you death, 1 sa.ncrify

your meagre existence, change,you.r fOt'fl'ln'~ worthless lifeinro 50m.erhingjerr more grand and magicaL"



"War. Therce ison{y war."



('Srepdoser, and taste mY blade:... just a Unte rouch, nor enough to slqyyou:ou.tright, just mfJicieIU tharyou carry If\Y plague:; back tO,}'OUT homes,you" j,amilres,your tribe&."



"1 wis.h I'd been bomwith horm and a tail, l~ my smtT-1Jt least I wouldn't have ended up here."

- R.UDl, GR.Et.T ALTOOlU' hsYLUM INMATE .fl'izy them? Yes, gentlemen, we mUSt pity them.. For ma'\)' were once RllmatJ, born rogood citi:.tens. of [he E:m#re andbroughr up as Human until their mutarlons became Clpporenr. MalV':.indeed,are rragic in .both their oriGins

and rheirevenro.alfare. Yer they represmt one of"the most dangerous. and i.1lsidicru threats [0 rhe Empire char we will. euer face-It is common among Ore rural areasfor peasa:nls, who give birth to mutated to abandon them in rhejoresrs, teaving them robefound by [heir own kind inrhe .hope tluu Ihis wqy r~y will at least haw some kind of e~enci T.his attitude is weakness, a pervasive, perfidiow 'Weakness rhat covld be rhedoumJaU of our great land; we muse deal with '11fV' w.hopracriceir jUs! as we would deal with a gang of Chaos Mara.uders come doumfrom. [he ncrth or a nest oj Beasrmen .themsil..ves,for rhus and so a.f'e the num:bm: of rhe Beastmen replenished. According to tnJI own. researches, most adult .Bea.Stm.en are sterile; thus nut'\)' of rheout(ying Imperial villages m.ust be heavilY tainted' by Chaos, acting Qj breeding grouwJsJor these abominations. Ourpizy tnusr not sr(\)' our hands as we milcetodesrroy rill lk1:utmen~indeed, our pit.y give us srrrngthin battle against these foul. minions of Chaos,for Izysltzying :dre JWifI~ and ~ we borhprotecr rhe Empire and brirlg an end to their :miserable, tonrt.emed existence. ~,we mqy pit.y. their Human parents evmless; [11£ pqrents were knowing{)! contplicit i'n er.ii1., while Bea.mnen.rhem.stlve5 cannot help their innatelY Chooric 7IQtuTE'. J htrelzy caR upon aU nght.-chinking wit:c~Jinders and knights oj the Empire to be exrra."7Iigilam in seekingOtJ.t and deS'CTQying both Bea.stmen and rhose who give birth to and shelter them,for without these CIuIOHOOChed Human pamll! the rhrearoj Beo.snnen would be very much re4ucec!."

- AtnEcJ:.rr ~,PRom.soR. EMERrrus AT THE. UN,MlI..SlTY OF NULN

4'fhey're in the woods,you know.Al'Wq)'S rhoe. AJty·.tt:mt you. go in the woods, chanasare you're no more IMna

few leftgut5jrom a Beastman camp. Most~ 'e)' jwr ral«s foresters and chal'coalburners,bur every sooftrn a .. band of 'em wiJlcomeOtJ.t of [he trees and rake a village or a town, burning and kiIlingand looting. They's not so thorough

as r' Ratme1l:, you'll usual(y find one or rwoJolk 0' the villagr-eirher hid, or fled· an' come back, or someri'meS left by f Beastmen to tell r' rale to r' other viU.ages/'

- OLD HOB, l':EA.s.ANr FAll..M:D.


It is nuethat many Beastmen are bom to apparently ordinary Humans in the Empire, but in fact the Beastmen of the forests breed virulently too. Around the edges of the civllised wo.rld, and deep within the most anciem woodlands, tOe taint. of Chaos issU'ong. Here whole newBeastmen armies are bom.,live, and often die fighting against each Other before lheyevu ~ a threat to the stability of the Empire; but those who always. emerge eventually, stronger than ever before.

j'Baletoad dorsal. secretion."

- R.naaT'TIK., CuNEsHIN 4'ScHOLAR."

No scholar can .say with certainty where a Mutant ends and a


between Beastmanand Daemon; rather, there is a spectrum

of taint. The Old World andpartictilarly the surrounding countries arc: aU affected by the GaresofChaos deep within the Wastes, and so.mescholan sU.pport the near~hereticalbe1ief [hat almost. every Hwnan is [aimed by Chaos,even ifernly a little. As a general rule, Beastmen aU have obvious .mutations that

renda- he ~-:--, lik-' . It" 'Seas ..

'-_Im more ... rumar-use m appea:ranctl nue .... trnen,

ailso known as Go.I'5, always havebornsof some. kind.

"In malV' respects, the sociezy and hitrarc/tv of Beasrmen ar'e aLman as sophisticated as those of Humans. Its structure IS rigid, so rhatevtry member of a tribe knows his or her plac~., i.s complet!~ Gwareo! BeastJolk are higher anti which are .U1wert:l'&.rht ~ very un.chaoric,J'OIL mighrtNnk! Yet 7'I'tOVefI'Itntwithin that hierarcljy isal~ possible. Np' member can du!ll.enge :dre leader or tllU' ocher member aralmosr tllU'u'mt, wher:her

- .JJ-

IIFirst rime I served under Gemral Krugmeister, I was barfl,y more than a boy,Jourreenyears old and "With a sword near(}' as big as 1 was.lfe1dJorgorren more aboutJighting Beastmen than I've ever l.eqrned, bur one oj rhe things th4t stuck ill '"J' mind was his tcu.ric of gerring their leuders toJighl amongst themselves. I saw him we it half"'ft~Ozen dmes, a.nd it onzy faiJ.edonce.

"He dU1 rhe same rhing ever;y amt, no lJUItrer the site of the Beasrman gang---flJe'lt if there were onI.Y two or three of them, rhzy'd alwqys have a hiera1'Cl\Y of some kind. The Beastnum leader was alwqys taU' c0spol, bur r~ real rrick was spotting the Pretender, as he ooUed it. the nexr-most.-powerful Beastman, aL'IIX{VS looking to take down rhe leader, to pounce on Gl\Y moment of weakness and rear him apart. IJ he could communicate with the Pretender, get him riled. enough to arrack

the leatl.er_ well, all their discipline was shot re hell, they'd be too busy watching the two IuIrd cases fight, rhf_y were barely capable of deJending rllemselves-nor that we ever attacked rill bor.h were near-deatl tl1\)'Wq)'.

'The dqy itJai1ed, the Genero.lluld. ordered me and half--a-doten of theyounger,JiIter men to give chtut ro a .Beasrmcm band in hopes oj finding where they l,aU.ed, because they were carrying oj! a score oj captives they'd taken in a skirmish with our Joragers. The idea was we'd pursue atJull speed to keep them. in sighl, while Colonel Schmidt gathered the rest oj rhe anJD' andJollowed. The General. himself camt with w, nigh asfast on hisJeet as the best of us, even. with the grey Iulirs peppering his beard,yes, even more than in '"J' beard now, lad.

'We'd expected roJind one of [heir temporary camps, th£ son rhey use just as Q. bastJor raids, then abandon aJew weeks laItt', btu rhe place rhey carried [h£foragers to waHn rhe darkest depths oj rhefQrest, 7I1Jlrked 0Ul by one of their great stone monumenrs.l'm nor one Jor superstition btu you cOldD.feel rhe reek oj Chaos coming oJf that thing. We war~ and wailed, concealed in th£ trees. .All {heir arrenrion was on tM captives, whom they were dragging towards [his heap of wood on a big flat section oj ground stained with blood and ashes.

"Krugmtisul' hissed 'Stqy pv.r here, whatever 1uIppens.' Then 11£ circled round and stepped into the dtari1% bold as a Marienburg merchant coll«ting on a bad debt.fIe nodded at the beast leader, Q huge thing it was, twice rhe heighl oj a tall man with horns like sabres, but his e)'eS were on this misshapen great Beasrman with crusted black pincel""ripped tentacles where irs arms should be.

'"You going to let him .have the glory oj sending them [0 rh£ Dm-k Gods, whenyou dU1 all rh£ luiI'd work capruring them?' h£ calls. A. look passed between rhe two Cha~ mon.strosir:ies, and [hen they both stared at the stone. stared. back at each other with a gcv:.erhar said We'U settle this later!

'Without a word they turned on rhe GeneraL Oh, h£fought.-foughl like Q maddened badger he did. He had his ~ our in.a blink, sliced deep into tM beast teo.der'g neck as itsfirst: cJwrge shattered his shield. In the hcUaw 'We all rerued,Jroten in place by the speaade, the instinct tofoe warring with our loyalzy to Krugmeisrer. Before we decided what to do, he'd spitted. the blnck-pincered beast on his blmJe, but the learkr--ichor still oozing [rom. rhe gaping wound in its ne:ck-luld its arms round him and was biting at his head.. lAst we SIl.w of him, 11£ 'WaS struggling [0 pull his sword ourJrom. black pincer's corpse. M instant later 11£ vanished U1UIer a mass of roaring .Beasnnen. We heard a Last yell of deJiance and pain, carrying over rhe bellows and grunts of his mackers, a moment bifore they tore off his arms and head and. hurled them into tM air!'


formaIJ.y or Uiforrru:JJ.y· The onzy uceprion is [he Ungars and Brqys, [hose Beo..stmen or other mutants who are not graced with the horns £hat are the most Jeature of this race. No Gar, or horn&:l Beasmum, would consent to being ruhd by an Ungor or Brqy, however skilled or powerJul [hat l£SSer Beasrmcm mighr be. In alU' case, such a situation never occurs in pracrice; Ungars and Brqys are simp(y weaker and less plulsical(y imposing than Gars. The cxra.sitma1 spirited Ungar who might step out of line is quick(y torn to shreds by the Gars oj rh£ tribe. Mutants who do nor have at least one animalistic Jeature, even if it is so minor as enlarged,fang-l.ike teeth,

are ~ aooepted into Beamn.en bands turn as Ungars, but .som.erimesform. [heir own tribes, sometimes led by OUlCQSl Gars ar ocher powerful Clulos creatures.

14A.bove the ardhwry Gars of a beast tribe are the Besrigors, who tend to be larger, srronger, berrer-equipped, and betterdisciplined rh4n most Beastmen. When a group of Beasnnen carries our an ambush or other attack, the Bestigors are typical(.y theJront.fint troops, dose{y supported by tl1£

Gars, wirh the Vngors lulro.ssing 1M erte17\Y'sflanks. Some

powerful Gars h4ve roo much ambirion [0 be willing to serve as a Besrigor, andJorce their WI\Y up rhe hierarchy sri1lfurrher . .At chis point '"J' knowl£dge oj rhe hierwchy falls down somewhat, bur these Gar leaders are known variotIs(y as Beastlords, Foo-Renders, Gouge.-Horns, Wargars, &nebeasts, and Banegars. Even h£re the hUrarchy Stems complex; tMSt diff ermt lUImtS are not rnere(y local oJfecr.ations, but precise Statements oJ rank. Thesevariow Gor leaders 'Wi11.1IJOI'k. together, each with their own smaUer 1I1ClI'band, banding rogether under one supreme leader of each horde. Forrunare(y, such co-operoti.on is relativety

rare, and the zypiatl trcwdler would be most unl~ [0 be arracked by Q. BeaSl1JUIn herd that inclw:led more [han one powerful (eqder/'


Children born with obvious mutations are either hidden away by thcir ~nts. abandoned in forests (where many of them come to the anendcrs of Beasrmen clans, either as prey Of as brothers), or killed by the superstitious or divine. Many people

-J2 -


develop mutations much laIer in life, perhaps because they always carried the taint, perhaps because they b«ame exposed to warpstone or some other source of Chaotic energy. If they are capable of their mutations, they will doubtless do so, allowing them to function almost as though they wert nonnal members of society. Tbese with obvious physical changes that manage to not be killed immediately usually end up joining other groups of Mutam:s, or cxcasionally apanicularly lmient BeastrneIJ warband.

44.,4 whole eye and haJJ a life I have spenr Jighting these things. Vicious, powerJuL creatures they are, the mere terrifying because some have Human inrelligence to

work with their animal cunning and Chaorspawned savagery. Yet the worn oJ it is nor t.har some of them used to be Human-the worst of it is never knowing which apparentg normal, pious Human is a Mutant in disguise. They acr as the Beasrmtn's spies; qye, and sometimes as their assassins too."

- CoUNT BolUS TOOBRlNGER, EI:.EcToll. OF MID.DENHElM '"'The Spawn of Chaos are the mOst horrific of all the Chaos,.rainted Humans,for in appearance at (east tlw,y live up [0 their Mme, seeming to have been crea.tedJtom an eruption oj the raw snifJ of Chaos into the world. Yet as I St1Y, these too were once Human, belving their current uiI.t and misshapenform. F07' ma1\Y, the rr«nsformarion may have begun wir.h the gt«»th of a single extra finger on one hDnd, or a patch of fur benoeen the shculders. Thus and so does Chaos gain its first handhold upon morral man. IJ

he embraces his newJ ooM mutation, seeking our t.he dark corntpoon QJ rM Chaos Gods by one means or another, M will gain. more mutations, and rhus road to Spaumdom continues. Pure chaos is the most addictive and evil drug imaginable, Jar mere so rhan a1\Y potion or herb of r/le Unspeakable One,Jor pure Chaos promises prolonged liJe, personal power, and dominion over Others ... EverY.Qnt oj th4 basest oj Human tmOOOns is catered roo MallY think that by begging their dark masrersfor mutation ofter muration. they will some do,y be godlikL themselves, and perhaps this is true for a ri1l)' minori~. For most ot those who strive to achieve such a destitU', though, the taml oj Chaos will one dqy overwMlm not merelY [Mir conscious wills, bur their very boelus, transforming them intO (hose gibbering, swollen, amorphous blobs known as the Spawn oj Chaos. Nor on()' do [hey no Longer look Human, they no longtr tfItn look like they might once have been Human, as most Beasrmen or other Mutants do."


Of those Mutants who remain a pan: of normal Old World life, hiding their true nature from friends, family and neighbours alike, many arc horrified by what they are, or have become. Often they make every effort to lead normal lives, denying the taint of Chaos, convinced they are normal in

every other respect than their one physical peculiarity. <?Ucrs, though, revel in their newfound status as Mutants, seeking out and joining Chaos cults then working from within the Empire to corrupt it. The nUII'iber of Mutants among ~ ranks of major nobles, heads of merc:hant houses and guilds, and even priests of the approved Gods, is unknown, ~ut ~t WOuld. be

no surprise to find secret warped Chaos cultists in the highot chambm of Imper.ial power.


uy ou have to remember I didn't choose this. I would never have chosen this. It's not 1I1J' Jauli I have cloven hooves instead of Jeet, and it didn't make me a bad person. It was you,you an4your kind;,)'oo made me a bad person. You fear a1\Jlhing thal's different . .My own viUageJeared me once they J oond out, caUed me tainted by Chaos, drove me our of town with torches and pitchJork.s they did. Well. I'm not one to argue with 1I1J' old neighbours, especiallY when rhey outnumber mefifry-tO'"one. Iffhey thought

I was some kind oj Chaos Beast, weU, I Jell it would be cn¢Jfair if I Lived up to cheir Jears. If Led ro rhewoods, and [here IJound mere Mutants, more oj my kind. We lived by scavenging and raiding, mosr{y, rill we endeJ upJighring rlre Beamnen. Yes, they kill.edmost oj 1I1J' companions, bur tlrey rook me among them when [he,)'

saw I was part Beast 1I1J'self, a.nd when rhey saw hew well 1 Jought. That was when I had to make rht decision. It was clear I was never going to m.ake mw:h of a name

fer nvself among them jusrJor what I was-tht lack

oj horns soon pur paidro a1\)' illusions 1 might have had abour that. So the best w'\)' 1 could m4ke 1I1J'self usif uI

to them, make sur~ I didn't end up on a cooking spit myself, was to lead [hem to the village and (ell t~ w~o.t it had in the w'\)' oj deJences and loot. Turnabout I$fa.r.r pla.y, aJter alL It had been made quite clear to me rhat I was no l.onger welcome there 'I1\Yself, so wlutt wer~ rhe people to me? Nothing. Nothing but tasU' meat ~nd good loot. Yes tharls righe, I ate 11\)' own erstwhile nelghbours when the fight was done, or bits oj them aJ\)'W4JN' Bou


weak, like you.. I eat mal\)' oj your kind, now strong, strong, Strong."


the Butcher's shoulder was parricular/,)' good.,far and succulent. Yes, I'm a monster. A monster made by you. You and your kinJ."

- KAR.L 5c:Hur..MAN, Mvr.ANT,


j'Chaos strong. Gon strong. Humam, Elves, Dwarfs

- weak, :weak, 'Weak. We 'Wi.n. We fight, we kill, one dqy 'We win. One dqy soon. You-if YOIL.lw:~, 'We ear you, make you into parr of us, make you berrer than you are now. See chis ann? Strong. Stronger than you, scronger than al\)' of YOU. stronger than aU of you. Once [his ann

''Yes, :we resemble beasts. Yes, we are savage. Neither of dtose rhings makes, us us stupid. .. That often comes as a s.urprise [0 Humans. I rwariab(y ilisrhe lase rhing chat .euer stttprises them"




"Would you l1ke to hear teU of [he Wzychat Lord Sigmar saved 11'\)' lif e7 I r 'W4S ma"", years ago, when I 'W4S just

a boy. I was far more advemurow chen, prone

to gerring inro all sorrs of mischief. ~ mother was conrinual/,)' qfcer me [0 Stop scrqying into the woods,

reUing me rhat all. sorts of terrible monsters lurked there.

1 UIClSn'c o,Jraid because a house of Knighr's Panther Iuid a smallforrress near 'Where we Uved and 1 didn't chink a"", beases 'WO'Uld beJooWh. enough eo come near them..UJu I .said, 1 was very young. My explorations had grown more and more bold, ad wenrfurther andJurrher into the recesses of the 'WOOd. NCTWforeSts can be cbJrk places and overgrown ancient forests can be very 'near pitch black

even at noon. So it was thar one dqy, I went roofar and became loSt unable to find the path back in the dim light. 1 wanderedfor hours, growing more and more afraid until I Stumbled onro a rock-strewn path. At lease, I thought it was rocks. After a rime, 1 passed into Q lighted clearing where I discovered that the path I was on was acrualV limd with brokm shards of bone. Before me rose a massive black rock, covered 'With runes that hurt 1'I\Y eyes when ll.ooked

at them.. About eM base ofehe rock were piles of armour and rusted weapom, 1 scareed to flee but the dull crunch

of a heavy hoof landing on bone Stopped me. I turned

and looked up and up and up at the fltad of a bull which tcrwered above me. A Minotaur,for StICh it was, looked down at me with cbJrk eyes that shewed no emotion that I could see. His bo«tv was as muscled as a warhorse's, He was covered 'With tattoos and scars. In one hand, he clenched an axe with a blade as long as I was taLL He morred once and the air from his nosrriLs almoSt knocked me ouer. One huge arm. rosefrom his side and 1 did tflt best that 1 could to preparefor death. When no !;ilCTWfell,1 slow{y opened 1I'\Y (YeS, The Minotaur was pointing eo an arch in the trees that I had not seen.. H, e spoke chen, his voice deee as a weU and srrange(y melodic. That liIq)', young one . .Rerum when you have more meat on your bones. You'll make fora worrhier chaUenge and a better meaL' I fled lIJithour looking back and it was sure/,)' Sigmar'! grace that saved me."

-JONAS, 'fiAVELLlNG MlNsrRa 'They arefeU beaSts, true, buryou will always have the advantage againsr them if you keep your wits abour you.

If they are n»ifI of axe, they are elso slow QJ thought

and easiQo rrkked. You can use their great hungerfor blood. againsr them by pulling them into your traps and ambushes. Be careful, though. For every ten Minotaur! you face, you 'Will find one that is different than the Others, one high/,)'favoured by the Ruinous PCTWers. These 1n4}' haveJoul. or mysrerious powers at their disposal, 'Which you will have to combat. Do not despair though. In the end, Chaos tainted or no, they are still jwr beasts."

- RUl'llJ!CHT TORE, WITCH HUNTEP.. ''The Minotaur bellowed as it charged into the midst of our squad, heedless of rhe spears we'd set against jusr such an event. It S17UI5.hed through them, raking no notice of the points that ripped into iuflesh, so eager was i: to come to blows with us. With a single S'Wing of one of its paired axes, it cur 1I'\Y frinuJ. Elifrom shoulder to groin, then cook off Alric's head with its Other blade. We hamstrung it and Still itJought on, swearing in its dark tongue until Morlm bur cwo bolts into the back of its neck. OnlY then did it slump over, falling heaviQo to the ground. In well l£ss than a minute, a single Minoraur had killed three men and. wounded four beyond recCflJery."



"I have seen ma'l\)' bad rings happen in war, bur that is the WCU' of the world, yah? The Strong prey upon the weak and the weak must become cunning or not sUM)ive. The battle on the Ice Field of Drergen Mort though, was liJce no other that I have fought. I was parr of a grand. raiding parry, seeking to resr our blades agai.nst rhe Gharhars, one of our traditional foes. Long time it had been, though and the Gharhars had change.cL I ri.nk they gave roo much of themselves to the Gods. Thei.r champions aU had the marks of the Were and tber« line wasfilltd 'With the Stormbulls. You call them Minotaurs,yalV They cilme roaring and mOrting at w, but the proud sons of the north not run

so easiQo and we held against them.. Great was the blood letting that do,y! The ice became red slwh for a league or more. The Stonnbulls went mad 'With it, shrieking at [he s~. Some of them, they drop their a,xes and leap on 1I'\Y fellows, biring off limbs and heads with their reeth. We

-14 -

Not eve.ry Minotaur is destined for a life of guardianship. 'The grtatest among them catch the eye of the Oraos Powers. Tbese ~ favowed just like Human champions of Chaos, exalted in thr:

eyes of thcir feUows and given one of the Great Marks of Oraos. Tbese MinotaW'S are called Doombulls and they are dangerous in the ~.

Tbese that have been f avourc:d by one of [be Ruinous Powcn: usually have traits that their Gxl finds pleasing

or abilities in keeping with their lord's influence. Thus, the Doombulls of Khome are often covertd in blood red fur, whereas the Tzaanbulls of T'zeentch

are actUa11y skilled sorcerm. Ooombulls often rise to lead entire annies of Chaos followers,

beast, n'W1 and demon.

cur them bad, sliced them open and srill rhey would not

seop eating the spilt gore. Dere i5 no wit in their heads when the blood song sings, on(y the desire [0 maim and

tat. Several of I'I\Y cow-ins and one of my brOthers he died like [his. He died screaming. It was not a good dear.h/'

- HoLGER. AI..GERssoN, NORSE MERCENAlI. Y MinotaW'S are frequendy the keepers of shrines to Chaos and the tombs of fallen champions. 'They pile:: all of their trophies, including armaments and skulls, from tbe enemies they've vanquished Into vast mounds that can eve.ntually obscure the site they ~ acma11y guarding. Why the Chaos Gods regard them with such favour or mark them for such a duty is unknown.

"There 100.5 a sign [here, rhlli nu' zyecouLd noe, would not, dis«rn. It rnJisted beneath vision, seeking to averj10w where it had been carved into the surf ace of the rock, through from aJlCfMr angl£, it moved nor al alL The guardian oj the sign, its Iueper and

5lave was a bull-man, a Minotaur, who sought to prevent the unwortljy from crossing ~ the threshoW. W\y he had been c1tosenfor the duzy, I connor sqy. HisJervout perhaps. Yef, it stemedJirring to me that a Minotaur should guanl die enrrance to that rwisttJ. ~e for somewhert in 1'1\)' thoughts J knew, or hove notyer learned, thtJr rllm is aconnecri:on between the rwo. RegardIru, he ler 170' bocJilns farm pass him by unopposed,

lmr onb' when he snorted the air of 1fU' passage and J oun.d no scent of blood."



'We is strong. Strong like die lTlOU7Il'ains. StrOng like the ride. Grea Ones know rhis, like welt

our srrmgrh so they set us to grmrding the specful pWces. H o(y pillet$. Prey comes to us there. Mosrtv not wortfty ~, btu still tastY. The linle ones

calL on us [0 nurke war for

them. and sometimes we do.

Bur they aLsoJear us and thar i5 good. They shculdfear us. Their blood sm.elIs good, too"

- KAanJSH, MlNorAUll "I hear it ahUC9's. The sweet, sweet song of blood.. Of rimes 1 muse use Tchar's gifts to scorch the mear, whicll desrroys someJlavour. AL'WClYS more, [hough. Thefeasr never ends!'

- Lwoo, TZAANBuu.


As 1 lookld back into the dllr1mess, two luminous (YeS like ki.ndledfires lit up and loo.ked about. In rheflashes of lightning, I SquI scaled legs scrabble against the rock as the thing stood walked past without even bothering to glance at me. Lasr I saw is, it was scaling scratght up a cliff. I saw others Like it waiting at the summit of a mountain, their forms chrotuing massive shadows across the mountains as they fought amidst the lighting. I've never been back [0 lee Break Aidge since."

- BAR. TIIELM V ANDf1I.., HUNTER "Anend 11'\)' story weU andyou rn.oy learnwljy I dtem. that above all r.hings knowLtdge is power. MallY years ago, back when 1'WQS naught but afresh(y grcrduaced journeyman, there was a terrible incursion of Chaosfrtmt. [he north..A

"Thi5 happened back during thar bad winter, seven years ago or so. I was up near Ice Break searching for a dusrer oj griffon nesrs char I knew was round those partS 'When Q- big seormforced rne to take shelter in a cave. Now it was one of those grand beauties of a seorm, mindyOu. The World's Edge W45 shaken to rhe very core with the force oj it and I thought I was going [0 go deqf [rom. the echoes in [he cavern. Even with 11'\)' hands pressed ag«infi ~ tars J could still hear it. 1 'Was crouched against the floor, hoping it would end, when I heard a very diffeten.t son of sound, and that close by . .A kind oj snu,ffling SOUM. If ell [he !wir on the back of my neck ri5e and I figure I'd picked a bear's cave. Wasn't no bear, though.

- J~-


qfJoir char 1 on{y 'Wished to survive through. At the height oj it, the Dragon Ogres ploughed into General Kromach's boqyguard and Ulamar sought to stop them. by unleashing lightning [rom: the heavens, proving that he had never bothered to s:ruc(y our foe. Dragon Ogres consume naught but lightning. They went absolure{y berserk as the energy Jrom UlatrUlr's spell coursed over them. They slaughtered the General, all Qj his men, and UlamaT in less time than it takes me to tell it. I obuiously managed to survive the battle, if on(y just. Keep rOYOUT studies and think beJoreyou act 17IJ' lads or you will never live to tell !w::h tales."



'There is nothing subtle about the threat represented by Dragon Ogres. Youwilllike(y learn oj meir coming dqys, or even weeks, beJore they reach you. They never bother to conceal their movements; it is a point oj pride with them, 1 suspect. We are all lesser beings in their eyes, wiry would they bother to hideJrom u.s? The pre.sen.ce oj Dragon Ogres in 111\)1 Chaos Host is a grim otnenJor it signals the imporranc.e theJorc~s of Chaos place on the venture. They will nor commit those ancient beasts unless there is much to be gained in the venture, though as aluxzys, it is diJJicult to determine wMr they believe is important as the J ollawers oj Chaos do not reason as sane men. As roJighting those Jell crea.rures, consider fighting

one in the same light you would regard struggling against aJull,y armoured knight with several rhawanci:ycars of e:cperienCJe. Daunting? Perhilps. Yet still they bleed, if blood is wharyiJu call the black ichor that runs through their veins and rhat 'Which bleeds citn die."

- CouNT MA'I'THlAS <.lsrm.w.RK

series oj swiJr,., moving war bands were decimating the fownS and making rravel all bur impossible. The Emperor calledJor volunteers to stand against the brigands and specifically asked,Jor members oj the Witardty colleges to join the crusade. 1 JeU in with a rOUlC(y bunch, each oj us eager to prove ourselves and represmt our orders well. Among 7r\Y companions was an arrogant third son QJ a nobienamed Ulamar von Carroburg Jrom rhe Celestial Order. Ulamar made a point of snubbing the rest oj w, declaring that the srarsJoretold that he would. ptCO' a most signiJicant parr in our upcoming $tTUggLe, 'Which was evenrual{y to prove all fOO true. 111. JirSt weJought in a number of small skirmishes, acquitting ourselvts well, until the day tOOt our General JinallJ brought [heJoe

[0 battle on an open plain and 'We learned that we 'Were indeed dealing withJal' more tMn mere roiders. A group of armoured Chaos knightS stood alongside countless Beasrmen and on their flank stood a group of those l.egmdary beings known as Dragon Ogres. Those with a greater rasreJor coriflict tluln 1 could [ell~ more of that terrible battle. 1 remember it as being an appalling

- 16-

"0j all the crfatures oj this world, they are [he eldest, preiltlting even the mighty Dragons. TheJirst oj their kind to draw breath was Krakanrok the Black, who aroseJrom a primordial. swamp over a thowandyears beJore the Old Ones Jound this sphere. I hilve not had the honour

oj meeting him, but I'm reUab(y [old

flult each of hisJoreclaws is as large as a warhorse and when he takes a.Jull breath, all within a hundred paces JaIl u7K'onsciow due to the lade oj air, as it is all sudced into his titanic lungs. There has never

been a new Sharrak born since [he dawn

on which they successfulfty bargamedJor their 'immortality' with the Gods. The very lighting that J uels their bodies has rendered [hem. infertile. Knowing 17IJ' Lord as much as aJ\)' mortal can, 1 suspect he deemed it a grand jest,Jorcing them [0 trade one sort oj lon'geviJ;y J or another, but 1 digress. What is important to know is [hat they are

ancient b(yond Human reckoning and their wisdom is VQ5I. Even as rhey dream down rill long ages, tlilir spirits wander learning much oj the world. When they finall,y rise at the thunder's roU, they are oftm ama.tingl,y welt irifortnl!d oj currmt evmrs be! ore being told. My J ourth tutor, a being I honour beJore aU ochers save one, was ct Shaggoth mimed Tirsoknaia. He told me rhar his people hold t.heir dreams to be their realizy and regard the brieJ years they are Jorced to stqy awake a$ their dreams. They are capable oj committing horrifying deeds and l.egendnry [eeas witliOUl hesitation a$ tllty go about our world, for the rest of us are deemed to be merefigmenrs of their imagination."

- DR. A'I'IiR.£N ABoLAS, FACILITATOR. OF CHANGE Dragon Ogres never cease growing as they ag~, so the eldest are v~ry large beings indeed. These massive creatures are known

as Shaggoth and a few of them have lead annies against 'the Empire. Like other Cha.os champions, they sometimes bear one of the- Marks of Chaos. While all Dragon Ogres are sworn to follow the dark powm, they ~ fiercely independent and resent being called on to often.


°They wish to make the world a pla.ce oj smoky darkness where hope and cheer are crimes punishable by immediate slavery and slow torture. Theirs is an endless greed that neilher rime nor wealth can ever abate. They commirred blasphemy by turning aUUU' Jrom the Ancestor Gods and practicing magic. Magic, I teUyou! They are our greatest shame and rheywul be deah 'Wirh, in time."

- Clv.NNE.G ENv.~N, Ow AR.F LoREKEEPER. 'While 1 had not sem the markings oj ma.ny DwarJ clans, I knew theirs were like no other. Twisted images

oj a f'ed bull trampling upon [he mountains and blood soaked banners didn't seem l.ike any Clan Dwarfs I

knew. The J ocr [har skin1\Y wolf mounted Greenskins

weTe among rhem prettY much seeded the maner. We drew up ou.r lines and preparedJor a charge, burro ou·r surprise, there wasn't one. WewaitedJor a rime, trying to Jigure our e.%acrl,y what was going on. They regarded us impassive(y, their lines silent and unmoving. Final(y,

a captain ordered usJorward and we charged across the field. Whm we were about Iw(f 'WI\)' across, rhe sheUing began. They had ranged. thl mtireJield before the battle. Their cannons were phenomenafl.y powerJul. Their shells shook the land so hard, il moved like it was water. MallY horses Jell and broke their legs. As to rhe Kisl.evites and m,yJellow mercenaries, it 'Was a slaughter.! managed [0 survive onl,y because the unit I tIIQS with roured ear(y.! later learned that those they didn't kt11 were taken QWqy

in chains, Sigmar alone knows where. 1 leJt Kislev soon after, with the taste oj ashes in 1'1\)' moueh!'

- ERNST WOLfENBUR.G, MatCENAR,Y 'The DwarJs would have you believe that they are immune to tilt taint oj Chaos, bur it is nor so. It is true that their


"Another age rums and once more, the world is hung in the balance. Once again, 1I'\Y brethren musrJighr and die for a cause that means lirtl.e to us. Long ago 'We made our decision and there is no changing it. Bur the long years worn me, as thl rille sharters the shore, and sometimes I grow 'Weary of thl entlless battle. more, I now 'Wonder if it cruly was our decision. I've seen enough to know how manipulat~ve the Architect oj Fate can be. I suppose it maners nor. In rnu:h, the on{y rim.e I rruty feel alive is when Iface aJoe capable of killing me."

- ENruNsoR.GA, OR.AOON ~ SHAGGOTI-I "You. have new roys since last I strode the world. New devices to deal out death. How wonderJ ull,y invennve you Humans are. Now Ut me show you some old fashioned slaughter and we 'Will judge between rhe two."

- BaoZAK, DRAGON 0:m.E

Iwrc(y consrirutions resist [he eJfects oj the warping longer than Humans and Mutants areJair(y rare among them.. However, those rhatJall goJar indeed. Their Mutants oJten have skin that seems to be made oj metal or stone.

A number oj them Iwve rheshape oj centaurs, like the Cenrigors that run with tilt Beasrmen hordes, onf.y"they have bodies that resemblt srunced bulls. When 1'116 tried

to discuss rhis with Dwarfs, nllSSUring them rhac 1 on{y wish ro help them $lamp OUI rhe [a.inr oj Chaos among rheir people, their reactions have bern somewhat_ extreme. Several rimes, I was told 1I'\Y head 'WOuld be partedJrom 11\)' shoulders if 1 ever brought up the subject again, which leads me to believe rlwt there must be more [0 the stOtJ'. It is a shame real(y, their taciturn nature prevents themJrom employing 1I'\Y experrise to their advantage."



Chaos Dwalfs are estranged eastern kindred of the DwaIf Kingdoms that surround the Empire. Many thousands of years ago, exploring Dwarfs kft the northern edge of the World's Edge MoUJlWns in search of gold and other precious metals, They found a vast inhospitable plain tnat was rich in minerals, which they named Zorn \1zkul, the Great Skull Land. Many despaired of the bleakness of that realm and returned to the southern kingdoms but a hardy, or perhaps, ~y few pressed on through the Mounuins of Mourn. When the Realm of Chaos swept down from the north, the other Dwarf clans thought their kindred dead, but Dwarfs do not die easily, nor do they readily submit to Chaos. They did not fall, but they were irrevocably cbanged by exposure to the taint.

"Picture everything that is admirable in the Dwarfs; their great skill in 'War, their iron resolve, their dedicated


ziggurat that constantly throbs with the pounding of hammers and [he screams of victims sacrificed in molten cauldrons to Hasbur's greater glory. It is the labour of generations of staves, SUIT. . ounded by mountainous piles of displaced rock from the Itl1l1CS that gouge the landscape surround the tower and slag from the countless forges of the Chaos Dwarfs. At the apex

of the tower sits a vast temple dedicated to Hashut, which is watched over by tbe fierce Bull Centaurs. Bull Centaurs long ago mutated from Chaos Dwarfs. doubtless after Hashut had an influence on the race. They have the tower bodies of bulls and the upper bodies of heavily muscled but. fanged Chaos Dwarfs. They are fearless and terrible, revelling only in the spilling of blood and glorifying the Father of Darkness,

The Chaos Dwarfs are relatively few. deeply arrogant and unerly selfish. Their many projects require a great many labourers and Hashur's sacrificial fires are never quenched, so their need for slaves is constant and overwhelming. All of their interactions with Other races are either raids for slaves, or payment for the same. The Chaos Dwarfs use Hobgoblins to fill OUt their ranks, a curious amngemem that was not originally their idea though they've adapted to it.

'Where then do they come from, iron sa.vages whofrighren Om: into awesrruck obedience, these 'BLack Orcs'? That is a grim rale best suiudfor long winter nights, bur lwiU impart the subsrance of if. Long ago, the fell Chaos kindred of the Dwarfs needed a steaqy 500re.e of reliable troops. The Greenskin races that rhey had [0 deal with at [he rime rhey deemed Less rhan adequate, so using rheir sorcery and a care!ulJ,y applied breeding ~gram, t~ set about crearing a

new strain of ore. They sought [0 make rhem stronger,

Cf"(Ifrsmanship, and rheir unwavering determination to survive and achieve cheir goals. Now rake all .of those traits and shudder as you see them employed at the service of Cha.os. That 'is the horror of the Chaos Dwarf host. They are Dwarfs, but twisted ift[o afoul parcxzy oj the noble warriors who have gaLLa.ncly sroodfor so long

at the side of rhe Empire. They have embraced the dark powers, willingl,y delving into the secrers of foul magic and Losing m.uch of whQ[ they once were in the process. As [0 what they've gained, who C12n say? Knowudge, perhaps, bur ma1l)' things are ben left unknown."

- F'..cKHAP.D, NULN ScHoLhR, BURNED AS A HERETIC To survive the R.ealm .of Chaos, the Chaos Dwarfs rumed

to the evil bull GOO, Hashur, whom they cal1 the Father of Darkness. Hashut laid his "blessing$" upon them and for the first time, magic users arose among the Dwarf race. The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers now rule the rest of their people with absolute authority, for [hey are not only powerful mages, they are also [he priesthood of Hashut. They are strange and rortured beings, greatly skilled at the blending of magic intO their ingenious engineering, but cursed. Dwarfs welt: never meant to wield

the maglcof Chaos and the price they pay is tbe Curse of Stone, Each Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer will, inevitably, one day slewly transform into an immobile stone statue. The change starts which their feet, which rum gttY and useless, before progressing thr.oughout the rest .of their body. Many .of them use their sorcerous engine< te construct new Steam. driven bodies for a time, but rhey too eventually succumb to the curse. Their immobile forms now line the road leading to the centre of their mighty empire, the Tower .of Zhan-Naggrund, City .of Fire and Desolation. The tewer is a terrible! obsidian

- J8-

M1'dier and mor~ intelligent that .rheS could bener carry our the will of the Chao.! Dwarfs. The;)! ftKctleaedfor besond.rhei1'e:cpectarionsand desires .. Black Orcs were there$'ltlt oj their laOoursand wuhtn aJI!'W shorr yea1'S

of their cr~arion, rheybegan rebellion aJter rebellion in an unbroken Une. Ar first, all oJ [heir revolls were{y crushed, as they were ontYa few Black Orcs lea.ding horcU! of lesser Orcs and GoblinS', but as the numbers

oj the Black Orcs multiplied, rhe danger grew., rhey aU but succeeded in taking Zharr-Naggruru:l

and would've if MIjer a last minute betrllJ'Ol py the Hobgoblins. E:cactly 'WOOl the Hobgoblins did· [0 berrqy thefrcousins has never been verifi~bI.y recorded, and lhert! are ma.l1.)' versions oJrhe tale. SvJfice to NY that the rest oj rhe Grem$ki.n races seem to hare the Hobgoblins w.irh II pasfion and that [he Black Orcswerefinalf,y driven en masseJrom the Cizy of Fire and Desol,ation, never to return."


''Where waS Grimmr when our warriors were c(yfng7' Where was Vall\)ia when Our children sickenedJ When

we caned our foraUi in the deep places where we delved, it wa.s not &ungni who answered our call, bur mighty Hashur who delivered win ou.rr:ime of need. Who are the nal traitors here? Our kin who abandoned us to madness and death or we who onty sOlLgnt to survLve against the Jorces of Chaos? One day there will be

a 1'eckoning ftnd it will bf the Sonlli oj the Farher oj!IIi w.ho will have the victory, not the weakwiUed spawn oj thtpatheric Ancestor Gods."


"Fools alt T~y knownorhing of our great work, oJ what we have accmnplis.hed. Ourlcin'WiU never progress while they continue [0 look to a meaningless pan fer guidance. T.heold Dwarf empires alL fell, doesn't that stern Like a significant sign of their weakness? Their adherence to 'tradition' will bethei1' downfall. I have accomplishedJeats wuh cannons, steam, and magic that thes can on{ydl'eam oj. My people IIrt prepared for rhe coming times, aligned with those w.howill De rheJina.l victors. We wac have slaves in abundanceJor our aid [0 theJorro oj Chaosandthar is weUfor it is brood that greases the cogs 01 H ashur's sacred machines;."

- V:lKR..hM FLhMETONGlJI, Cw".os Dw.AR.F Soa.CER.E.R


"Terr.ifying, and rightly so. ALI Chaos is terrifying,.

even to those whose deS'tinyir is to confr-onr. rhis most dreaclfulthtear to our sociery. Yet even the greatest oj the Daemons, the Daemo.n Princes, are unstable when in our world; thelr lLneaTthtv hearts .bea.t with a.clespe7'are urge to fLee .backro the hel.lish realm tOOl. spa .. ·wne .. d t: I.O reru7'n to the bo.samof the Dar.k Gods. Etgh! them. Hotd Jast IO.yoU,r courage andfighr them,Jor their «rgeto [eave OU'r world is strong, bur they will need some pointed mc,ouragemenr."

- RUl'l\ECHT TORE,. WITCH HUN'I'EP.. 4The anI; hope you have against this Lot is to staru:lJirnt,. all of you. Problem is, till very sight oj the things makes your bowels qtUlil a~your knees shake. If you run, though, ,you're dead-just as soon as it's .killedyour mares who didn't run. You.have to standJirm. Youon{y have a chance if you work together."


"I've never seen so much carnage. It's goodfer us, rhough-theladsin rheal"l'l'lYarf alwqys that much mOf'l! eager Jor companionship when they've seen so much, andyou never get sud! good. toorjram corpses as when your al"'l'l'if s bem facing Da.ernons, JUST because there are so ma1\)' dead. As Long as your Lads win .inthe end, of COUrse .. It's afine balance:"



Daemons are otherworldly entities, either created 0.1' harnessed bytbe: Chaos Gods and sent forth by those dark powers to achievttheir evil the Old World. They can be summoned by sorcerers or simply granted as minions by the Dark GxIs. 10 their most devored. followers. As Daemons att not from the Old World, tbeyare unable to nay there for long, and a sufficiently .m.i.gpty herocan beat them back to whatever hellish place from.

IIPowdered mithril.suspen:ded inoa. of hellflO'Wl!f's."

- R.rIaoT'TlK, CLAN F.smN "ScHOLAR."

UNothing else more thedead(y threat

posed by Chaos to rhe Empire. Should you ever have

the misjorrune oj enc.ounrering a. Daemantne of rhe Lord oj PI,easure, you can quite und&stand-iJ not Jorgive-:why somanyothetwise upstanding ciri;tens aUowlhemselves ro be c.orrupted by .the forces of Chaos. All of us have our seerer a.esires, and che Daemons know how to draw those desires our into t.he open:rhose qf

the Keep&oJ Secrets, pll\)iing on hedonism and lust, those.oJ the Blood God .offering marrial prowmand rhepower oj revenge,a.nd those ofrhe Changer.oJ

the Wqys granting mastery of sorCtry. The Forh& of Corrt!prion is somewhat differenr,appealing to .rhose who have seentM horror of plague and would prefer to embrace it rather than .suJJ& it themselves. The .onzy wq)' [0 resist the corrupringpoUlI!f' oj Chaos is to scourge

OUI our secrerdesires by whatever means we can; .a life of asceriCism and contempl.alion or a lifededicaud [0 wa".,.ingon Chaos wherewrir isjound are the two best

- J9-

merhodJ. If you cannot casr our your secret desiru, if you do give in [0 [he dark temptations of ThQ' thar are not Named, rest assured char we will find you. and stamp our your corruption by our own mstbods,"

- VOI!.STE.R PIKE, WITCH HUNTED.. 41Ftamers have mal\)' uses, from burning down orphanages to rousing la.u Beastmen our of rhe woods with aforesrfire. Nothing is so eLegant as Horrors, [hough, because Horrors do nor mere(y kill; rhey can transform whar was once mere flesh infO mere Horrors, e;cpanding our forces and spreading true Chaos throughout [he land."


Can~ker, wq)Hter,j ocr-en' ~rf,jester! New~aa, bu~bonicaaa, neeeew~m~niaaa, bee~ bone~aaa!

.Rttnnin' sores, seepin' sorel, ro[tin' sores, wtepin' sores! Eh~J~seemer, die~>'t~~ear, nasty caser wax inyer ear! .l.erM.lSIrian runs, Carhqy rum, Tiltan sick .. nerrse of rher rhumb!

New~oniaaa, bu-bonicaaa, neeeetl)o-mo-niaaa, beeew~ boneJ"'Caaa!

Small pox, big pox, chicken pox, pig pox!

Diseases of the eUer--menr'ry kind, unease of rhe alleY'" menr'ry kind!

Common cold, injler~wenzer, MSO'rash, dis-temper! N~niaQa, bu..oonicaaa, neee~niQaa, beeewbone~caaa!"


"What are we? Your .scholo.T$ claim we exisr on(y ro [empr you, yet in a very realw'tY we are you. We are your own desires,your ownjears,JOur own ambitions and rages, given form (if not flesh.). Haw canyoufighr us? Ontv by jighting your own· Humanity, and why wouldyou want to do rhat? You would bejighring against life itself. For what is Chaos bur tij e?"

- TZAhL, MOMENTARILY LUCID HQRROR "Cher-holtra, rie-eye-phoid, cern~sum'shun, ha~{o:{,e~iss! Bl.ack plague, white pl.ague, bl~ red 'n' brarn plague!


"Come [0 me. Come to me! You know it is what you have alwqys desired. AU your life rill now has been a despercHe dream of mt_ awaken! Awoken, and come to me, for your reward awaits in my arms .. !'


"Bloodfor the Blood GodI"

-20 -

From the mightiest Ore to the feeblest Snotling, the Greenskin races live only for war. All other activities are but a prelude to their next battle. When an Ore Warlord of sufficient strength and cunning arises, he gathers as many tribes under his banner as he can before launching a massive Waaaughl against the rest of the Old World, a thought that fills even the bravest warrior of the Empire with unease, for the hordes of the Greenskins are nearly endless.

- 2.J-

"Th~ don't farm, rhey don't crqfr 'owt but clubs 'an dea.vers,. an' they don't trade. They just murder an' rob an' burn. What use are they? The Emperor should send out r' army to kill 'em all."


"Don't tell a1\Yone this, bur rhey aren't $0 bad as is made out sometimes. Goods thar come out of Araby are pricey because the merchants who run the caravans have to POJ tolls and bribes to [he Gteenskin Leaders, not Decawe they have to fi-ghtevery step of the WOJ through Ori: country."


"Bigger, tougher, and sc~ier than us, bur we can beat them.. We have a lor of advantages cuer them, and we have to plqy to [hose Mvanrages and do what we can [0 prev:n_r them wing their own advaruages. Our advantages are 71USsile

fire, qutllizy of armour and weaponry, skill at arms, and moStimporranr(y, di.scipline. Discipline is the ~. Most of you lads have heard me tell of General Kriegmeister and his racticsJor getting Beasrmen toJighI. amongSt themselves. Well, Orcs are even more prone to that than [11£ Beasrmen are. There is conflict not just tM between leaders, bur at every level in Ore and Goblin socieo'. Eve:nif tbereare three oj you out there in a J oraging or scouting party and you meerJour Orcs,you can beat them, because they willfighr among themselves given half a chance. TM most simplistic ploys can be wed - just teU one of 'em his mate was making a rwie gesture behind his Ixlck, and before you can sqy 'What's green and ccuered in blood?' tJuofll be Ixlrr:ering each other. While rhey'reJighring among themselves,you either run and get the rest of us, or just charge righI. in IMre and hack 'em up!'



"Though Orcs are in rare cases capable oj considerable maturity, with some oj [he more cerebral Leaders and shamans approaching [11£ intellectual abilities of an average and ill-educated Human, even these specimens have nothing of emotional maturiQl. AU Orcs, even rhe cleverest, resemble nothing so much as squabbling Human toddlers char have been magicallY granred enormous si:te, horrendous srrengrh,

and a varieey of barbaric weapons."



Orc culture is based on the idea that it is

the right and Indeed duty of the strong to oppressively rule the weak. Larger. stronger Orcs are accorded higher stanis, and indeed an Ore can potentially keep growing throughout his adult life. This growth only stops when the Ore reaches his narural stopping-place Inthe Greenskin hierarchy, JUSt below an even larger and tougher Ore. Orcs venerate the twin Gods, Gork and Mork, which are basically idealised versions of everything they aspire to be: strong, unstoppable, fierce and lucky. Only the Savage Orcs pay more than lip service to their Gods, as most Orcs are aware that praying to either Gork and Mork is futile, seeing as they don't answer the prayers of cowards, and who but a weakling would need to beg for their help anyway?

"NightShade, double the dose you would wt for a strong Human. Increase the dosage further Jor a parricularly l41'ge Ore, as necessary."

-<rr'TIK, CLAN EsHIN UScHoI.Al\."

Orcs literally live to fight. The sophistication of their tactics varies enormously according

to who is in command of them and how effectively a given Boss is able to communicate with his troops. Orcs become Bosses through being bigge.r and tougher than other Oro, not. necessarily through being more intelligent, and many an Ore Warlord or Boss simply sends his


troops at the enemy with little thought fer tactics .• trusting te their innate strength and ferocity to win the day.

That said, those OK Bosses whe are either naturally smarter than the rest,er who simply have the kind of lew cunning that can observe another race's tactics and borrow from them, will often be the Ore Bosses whose tribes survive and prmpel'. So, it is certainly possible to see quite sephisticated Ore ta.ctics at work,. with Bosses using the various foreesthey have availab1e as optimaUyas possible. Fcrexample, rather than Boar lUders as soon as the enemy is sighted and seeing them

cut down by .overwhelming numbets of foes .• tbe Boar Riders will be sent around and timed toarrive on the enemy's flanks or tear a few seconds after the main forees hit their frem Iine.

Of course, Orcs being Orcs,some of a Boss'smain enemies are often the stUpidity, bloodthirstiness .• and animosity .of his own troops. If the BoarRiilers decide they want the glcryef getting to the enemy. first. or if they follow the plan but. get lost on the way, or if they StOP to take a swipe ata couple of rival Ore warriers, •. well, neplan ever survives ccntact with the enemy,and fer an Ore Boss few plans survive contact with his own rrcopseirberl

"Fr01lt rM deepest,dar.keu runnel:s theycante,buf'f'owing and banging, shouringand .srnashing,. We soon learnt not [.0 try to negotiate,. $ with a:xes and cannon. For thousands upon thousands .ofyears have weJaughr them, and manY think we will.soon be dejeated. Yer we have au1' plam,and somedczy we will talee back OUt ancestral

holds-or ,el.sedesrroy both rhose homes and the loul Orcs who now pollute rhem."



"Hurnie$ area bit like big pigs, they $quea[ like 'em roo. Stunries are coarse andgriny, nastything.s, avo1ded~ Put they do $creamgood·lf yer can be ootheredto keep 'em alive when,You roesr 'em; they'll keepyer goin' if yer can't get nurhin' ebe.Elveses area $[range tOO, .bit of an acquired taste, lUke 'em but a Loraoem'I. Ha.IJlings though, not a !or oj earin'on 'em:yermighr think, bur that bi.g fat gut makes/or great steaks."

- FLABGASK, COoK TO W MLORD GRUBNASH "Oil Sne.bber:! W o,t you lookin'ar tnychoppa? Wor?

H ow.tabour you looks at it a, bir closer eh? Yea.hJ YeahJ Ear dis!"

- G.o.BBEA,ORc 'We l,t. strong an' rough. Da srreng one.t win, an' then ealthe weak,. Some ofdem. Go.bboes is a.wrighr [.0 keep jor slaves orter catch Humie cannonlxllbln the heacts, bur man is best Jer the pot. OnedV' we eau all oj youse,. One day soon."


"Lime pests, Our armies should .be aWe re ·oIean r.hem up 'With eaSe, then get on with (he ?'eal busilUss oj fighting Chaos!'



"Night Goblins are rhe worsr. Th4yre :so qnprediaaW.e. You get um! to uncertainty in war-yotl know rhal as soon ·as afight starts,. plam and ·ar,dersare going to

fail and disinregrareaJ:\.YlUlUl, Yeu never quite get used

to .Night Goblin Fanaricsor Squigs hur{ing themselves around rMbanleji£ld though. What we should do is talk to them Dwarjsapout 7rn!JIPe dearing them. outJrom all the caves they're in; if we could rhe Night Goblins this world would be much improved."

- STEMAHR Hoisr ,EMPIRE SoLDIER ''You've never seen altVfhing ('t'qeler than three Goblins torturing a wounded deer that Ju:uI. cau.ghr itsJootin their crude trap, Jive nothingagainsr trappers,J've set mares myselJ you understand, but the rhing to do is check the [raps oJten., then put the armerO'Ur oJ irs misery soon. as you can. EMiesr 'WOJIfot me to do thar in rhiscase wasco stick three al'1'OWS in the Gobl.ins then one in the deer. I'd lurve done the .deer first .bur J wanred to finish the GobUn:s 'while they still. didn't know J was rher.e;. An, Pur tht venison

rauedgood [hat night, and 1 gor a pounV on .the Goblin

heads roo;" .

- FIUTZBoDGEll." FoRESTElt 'They [rampled 1r\:Y herb gar.aen, JUSt/or sheer devilment. Jrhii1k they're even worse .rhan Orcs ........ getting buUied all the rime by bigger Greenskins givesrhem a real vindictive m-ea1c.l wanted to run our and show them the error oj their way.s with my stqfj, bur there were a do:{en 9J chem. and ontv .one of me so J stV'ed hid in my cave,"



"Theircharacrer is universallY reprehensible. There is no depth of casual crutlr;yor random violence IO whkha Goblin: will nor sink, if it SeJ1$es rhatit hn., the power to do $0. Yeltn tM presence oJ an Ore or even jusr a. tal'ger Goblin, itwiLl.become: suddenty servileand}aTPning, a slinkingcurinfear oj its master's stick,"

- HmnuCH MAu, HIGH P1ur.sT. Of VERENA, NlILN, HGreenlxlne, mashed to a pulp with bir{;h sap;"

- RnaaT'TlK, CLAN E.sJ.rrN "ScHO!.AR."

Goblins live on tI'E cast-offs .or otber races and frtquemly tlu"ive in tbe shadows of theit larger green skinned Cousins, the Orcs. n'leym, in general, amiscrabletteachaow race of petty

- ~3-


thieves and vicious eunhroars. Goblins can be found just about evaywho-e, though they tend to favour the mountains. Night Goblins live in cave systems deep underground, and have a strong aversion to sunlight. This leads them to wear dark hoods and cloaks to keep off the rays of d:w: sun. Other than this, Night Goblins are essentially very si.mi.lar to ordinary Goblins, thougb they are CVCJ) more vicious. Their equipmem and fIghting sty'le is somewhat different, incorporating the infamous Fanatics, highly trained net'-f'Ighters, and savage Squig Herds.

"Gark qnd Mark made do Goblin:tfor us to kick, kia, and eat. Dey i:t nothing. Dey i:t less rhan. nothing. Even. dere m4gk i:t weak an' poinrless. On{y we Dey got in a fight i:t carchin' Humie arrows. Wiv der 'eads."


"1' er:{, gor ro make yer mark summhow. See as a Goblin, yer'll get killed an' er by Orcs or even other Gobli-nt

if they's nor scared oj yer Or if yer not useJul. [0 'em. I ltJO:tn'r aU dIU big but when. an Ore tried [0 pull me arm ofJ I J7Ulde 'is 'ea.d explode. Then. they wo:{, a bit scared oj me, an' they knew I'd be useJuI. roo,"

- BozF .... G, GoBIJN SH.A.MAN "Da humies look at yer, an see a big joke. Orcs, [00. Let 'im laugh while yer rick'lin dere guts wit yer sticker. 'member ah"q)IS dar yer smaUer,so'sya gOt'S [0 be smarter, ehl"

- GrrsNIKER., GoBLIN Boss


"Whenyoufirsr see a Squig herd being forced onro the battlefield by their Nigllt Goblin herders, you don't know whether to !,augh or soil yourself. They bounce all over the place like some kind oj mad circus acr, the Night Goblins adding to the wei~d carnival look oj [he thing by capering about and themselves. Then one oj rhose things just bounces right through your regiment Like a giant cannonball, and you /mow rhat laughter is not the tight response!'

- LEONHARD, M.m.CENARY i'Considering they're Night Goblinjood, they taste sutprising(y ~ood. We were Jed with spit"t'oasred Squigs one time we did a, bil oj business with the Crooked Moon Goblins. They were moist andfl.avors07rU!, with aU the taste of a smoked ham bur the lightness oj a yount chicken. Ever since then I've oJJered soldiers a bounty onJresh .. killed Squigs, because I can aLwqysjound customers to buy them, a lot of che inns round here serue up Squig regularty. No,

I never tel.l them what they're real{y bqying, of course

not-do you think I'm stupid or sornerhing?"


"Fast and viciow,you don't 'Want to gel caught by them. Still they're not t00 hard to slay-a good downright bLow will kill one oj them, You have to be quick, though, or the ire past you and gallivanting all over the barrl.eJield."



iI] believe them to be crealures of Chaos. Essentitll{v, giganric Chaos mushrooms thar detest sunlight, with Jangs. There is no other explanacwnJor their immense variety inform, si:teand colour. They generallJl come jrom the caverns beneath the WorLd's Edge. Mounrains though I've heard leU oj green 'Leo,fy Squigs' char roa~ through ehe perpetual darkness of the older foreses, as well as 'SpiJ:ter Squigs' who plague Ih.e rivers char come dournfrom the mount aim. Still, it is the Night Goblin tribes who seem to continual(y bringJorth bi:tarre new forms oj Squig in their raids. I suspeet that a great store of warpstone must rest within their caves, continually sub jeeting the naturaL CCLve J un'gi. co in malevolent influence."



Squigs seem to be extremely simple in tenns of their motivations. So far,. they haV( only ever been reliably observed exhibiting tWO behaviour patterns: eat anything edible that

is nearby, then move more-oHess randomly und1 there

is something else to eat within range and wandcring about aimlessly.

l' Goblin weapo.n, a great bouncing mouth thar will tar a1\Vfhing it happeru roland on. No wrCezy ro ix, no innovation, no invention. StilL, aCl"oubow bob 01" I1l/0 will see [0 rhemtlU righr/'


An.umberof b~ offshoots of Squig ha.:ve been.seaJ iII

van.ous places Wlthin the Old W mId though they lOMtably favour lightless areas. They gencrally see:m adapted to whatever environment they grew up In, HumansunfortUJlatetmOugh to·

enooUJlter aSquig gax:raUy meet orx: of the variatio.m on cave dwelling Sq~ kept by the Night Gob1lns.Th Cave Sq~ mow: by launching tberrselves intO great leaps with tbtir' powerful legs, then boUl'lcirJg upwards again as soon as they hit the ground. 'I"my·seem to be qUite shonsighted,.presumably on account r:f their upbringing in the darkness of underground cavern systemS. 'Their :movement has no diso:mib1e l'iittcrn; ~y will bounce in a random dimtion in the hope: of landing near food.

"Suntree sap, .smeared onr;ocalt1'ops/'

- RlKKrr'TlK, CLAN EsHIN "ScHolJill..."

"It's sort of a umbio--a symbeer-a. ,connection '.tween us and da Squigs, dar means dey eat u.s sometimes and we eat clem, too .. A bilfikehumitsanti us. Whczd~a mean ya don't eat us whenyou catch us? Why not?"



'Their War cries came to usJi.t'st; shrieking caI& and piercing whistle.$ mt.x1!d with the bqying ojwotves echoed oaer the ridge. We smelled them mxt, their stenchcart'ied on thejou[wtMs thar .blew Jrom thei1' steppe homelands .far to rhe east .. Agautl! lone figure ,came over the rue, mounred on a massive wal.f. He paused ar the creSt of

rhe hill to Stare dow.n at us for a rime. FinallY, he raised

a horn to his Lips, sounded one echoing Was.t, and rhen cMlrged out' llnt:~s wirhout hesitation. When his mount had. loped perhaps a do,ten pace.s in our direcrion, hisrl"OOps flowed over the horiton like a wave. rheir bczrrle ural! stretched rufar as J could see in both directions. Hundreds oj Hobgoblins riding hundreds of wolves. They Jfred arrows as thO' came and such 1iJQS their skill that!a.r too manyJound their matk even though they ra.cedforward orJer uneven ground as they shot. I ha.:ve srood against manyfoes, butJtw asfeLl as the HobgObLin rroopsQf Zhorag .Khan."

- 0rw.:R Essa, lC!sLEVm W AlUUOIl.. 14QiJ Dey's tl()[ propa GT£erukiru ajtolare dey? Deysan alright sliflde '0 green J'Ll granranddey's shiJzyenuJJ fer gobos,bur dar's aU dat's right about 'em. Dey use poison! Po.lson! Like one '0 dem Stink'n Rarmen! Da mist'1'Ghle gits sneak about and alwllJ's go in.jer I1lIO quick .shi.vs in da, dark. Ne.vera propa scrap has e:uer come from dem Robs, I'll warrant. Dey pIllYat being s[unrie lackzys and dey chearatdlce. Srill, dej's ha1U(y [er soaking up arrers when no others are 'tound."

- W AlI.BOSS CLANGOR GoRESl'lLLER "Foul, dupli.cirous wr£tches. While I despise the Greerukin hOt'idts, at LeruI rhereis S01fte honeszy to their saoogery. TheY are as they are and w.hile thO' aU must s1trety be annihil.ated oned.V'1 they've not committed [he greatest

sin of joi:nitt.g the dark powers. Not so the Hobgoblim, Jor thu are rhewiUing minions oj Chaos. TheY march underthecur.sed bcznners qf the host of Zharr Naggrqndl erula . .ving OIner race.s at the .behest of theircrueI and

twisted DwarJ mast.ers. Could there be a't,Ythingm.ore unnaturczl rhan Greenskins wor.king Jor Dwarfs?!?"



Hobgoblins are one of the numerous Greenskinra~ that infest the Old World; however, distinct from their .IlWIY "eouslns" the Hobgoblins are estranged from tbeirkin, They do not march to waf with Goblins, norjoin in the great Ore Waaaghs, though they've been known to do it a bit ef oppornmistic tooting alongside their brethren if the circumstanCeS are right. Ratber,.the Hobgoblins have their own kingdom on the Great Steppes cast ·of the World's. Edge Mountain range where the legendary Hobgobla Khan rules ihem., after a fashion.

u:Ahh,tne shlfring loyalties oJ rhe Hobgoblins. Of all

the green races,rhO' are .sure(y the most slippery. Orcs

are neartyalwq)ls predi.ctable. If ,YOU Learn the tactics

oj one Ore, you Itre likttyto know them· aU, though the t.;rceprions are alwll;YSlIXlrLords who rise to lead the biggest hordes. Goblins cznd their ilk arejar cagier and the Goblin tribes rhat venerate [he moon are .dowl1.right evil The

H ob{5oblins, though, afle firm believers in keeping w.hat t.hey view as an entirelY practical outlook, nczmety that those in poweron(y get to SIOJ' rhat wClJ' by continuallY prorJing t.hemselves. Hobgoblins regpectstrengrh and cunning atone, differing tothO$e that they believe hewe borh qugliries inabund'anct. First rime I had to command a Hobgoblin .squad, 1 decked Ihe first OM that cheeked me and .kiLled his wol.f with 11'\)' bar~ hands. That Sft the lOf of them slraight cznd I had no problems with them the re.S[ oJ thatcampczign. Still, rh(yconstanr(y searchJor in rhose around rhemand if [hey ever Jind ts, rho will pick on such an individual merciles${y untU the target

of their ridicule stands upfor himsetfor dies. You can never entire(yrrust one of t.he squihzy bLighret'5, e:xcepring rhat you ciI.n alwtl,Ys trust· him to dow.hat he Jeels is best Jor his own interests at al\}' given moment .. Thisanirude mustlrnlke ruUngthe Hobgoblin horde.s of tht Great

- 2-5-

The Hobgoblins seem to have resisted the full mutating effects that exposure to Chaos can bring. Thdr shamans are rumoured to be capable of binding wind demons that sweep down from the north. Unlike the other Greenskinraces, Hobgoblins seldom pursue war simply for the sake of battle. Their pragmatic nature applics in all things and the Empire holds little interest for them as anything Other than a place to acquire loot and perhaps increasetbdr personal glory, he:oo: their relative rarity in the west of the Old World.

Steppes luIrda rluIn fueping an Ogre on limited rations, J or they are an erernalJ,y J racriow race. J've lost track

oj the number oj scraps I've had to break up amidst Hobgoblins and, well, just about everybOlQl else. Scarred old mare oj mine named Shoresh, least whYs as close to a Jriend as I've ever had among them, seeing as he didn't stick me when he had the chance, told me there have been tnCl1\)' Hobgobla Khans over rime. Most Jall in batde

or are sorted om by assassination with grear regularizy. Only the infamous Morcar Kahn the Cunning managed to die oj old age. I reckon it was [he truth 'cause Shoresh was drunk when he told me, bur you can never tell with

a Hob. Sneaky bastards rhe lor oj 'em. Why rhf)yJi[ in so weLL with us mercenaries, eh?"

- SERGEANT UHLER. CJ..aaOBUl!..G, W hR.. DoG The Hobgoblins have learned a great many unusual skills out on the Great Steppes. Thcir exposure to the far eastern empire of Cathay has made their elite fighters deadly in dose combat. They favour paits of twinned curved knives and quick poison.

"1 kind oj like these green .. things. They show ... promi5e!'

- R..l:.KKIT'TIK, CLANEsHIN "ScHOLAR" Not long after the Realm of Chaos finally swallowed the northern Dwarfbolds, corrupted Dwarfs emerged in the east to make war on the Hobgoblins' most northerly tribes. Mter a great deal of blood was spUt on both sides, an accommodation was evenruallyreaebed with the tainted Dwarfs and when

they march to war now, there are always Hobgoblins in their vanguard. That story, though, is but one version of the

tale, the one tbe: Hobgoblins tell other races. There are other descriptions of duplicity and betrayal involving the Black Orcs which none now speak af.

l'They choose wi5e{y, in the end. The Black Orcs never would've treated them as we do. I think they makeJor theJinest cannon fodder. Indeed, they luIve been fodder Jorthe He(!cannons, Thei.r speed i5 unqutS'tionab{}' the m.OSI impressive

trait about [hem.. CerrainlJ nor the speed oj

their thoughts, of course, but oj their mounts. We oJun range our cannon by gauging [he movemenu oj their forward lines. If a Jew oj rhem get annihilared in the initial ranging shots, no great Loss. None oj

us are under any illusioM though. We regard [hem as eminentlJl expendable. They betrllJ'ed their own, they will certainty berrqy us. [nJacr, mal\)'

oj their bolth~t Khans have made

it quite etear that they will happily

flee allOWing us to be overrun if

a baule ever rurns agt; us. The arrangement i5 more rhan suitable. We aetest them, they detest us, but all oj us luIte every~ else more .. "

- HAr..GlR. AsHlm.EwE.lI., CHAos DwARF ENGINW..


"Dere's nuehin' in life as proper as hunr'nJrom da back oj a 'ard [aughl wolf. Dere speed n' grace makes da worldJlow by as a dream. Pr~y who manage ta give a goodJigh! tt'die with some dignity are way better dan dose wor scream and soil der britches, bur I rake whatever I catch all da same."

- BR.ODAI, HO'BGOBLINW ~OR. ".\ve, some oj US speak better than our uncouth brethren. Indeed, we do mest rhing' bruer than the others, except perhaps, die in droves. We leaverhar to the Goblins and [he Orcs. My lads aren't parricularly interested inJalling on Jields Jar Jrom our beloved steppes, though we mqy

be willing if the price i5. right. What ore you oJf ering?

It will ccsr you exrra if we have [0 leave af\Yone alive."


-26 -



'Them RIver Trolls is the worst. lfr.hey ever move into.Qc lalte

or river you/reJishing, then's

no getting them our again, !eostwqys nOlwithout my help. Th~y PUUJOI.kc5our of their ooarsond down £0 rheirdooms. Worse than thor, rh~y eat all the lish. One oJ rhem comes to my lake, but. I fixed him good and proper. It weren't easy. First I cursed him. That weakened him a bit. Then I got rhewhoUvUlage together and we cleaned up rhe lake--.dragged itlor bodies and junk, stopped people wing ir [0 rhrow rubfJish in, even picked out rhe bits of weed and twig/rom the surJa.ce .. A/rer a few weeks of he moved downriver to rhe smellier lab by lhene:t'[ village. If rhatha4n'r na,ve worked.l'd have had ro stick my knife in him. Everyone'.s oj my knife, even Trolls:"

-l'ETRJ..~, VIIL\GE FISH'NIFE j'Th~ .sri.nk worse than Sergeant Straws alter two montruon the rood, and rhey're a(most as ugty [00."


~ OF THE lMPEl\JAL STIll..LhNl;l GuARDS .•

'-You know how charcoal burning's done, righr? You mak~ yours.etJa. b~g low bo?Jfrt in [heJorest, .rhen heap earth atop n so u: JUst s1ltouLdet'.$ awqy by irself for dqys, never quire burning our. Then youpuU the earth off the rop andy?u.'"e leJt with charcoal u.nderneath. TroU leapt out one nme when 1 WQS in the woods with Wilhelm

the 7har~OQt~burnet'. The Tr«l grabbed Wilhemfrom behInd, ttl hand round his rhroo[lilce an iran collar ..

I was s(laredou.t of H1J' skin, hur J .knew a Troll was probaO{y srupiderthan meso l.rhough.rJan, Hoping ro save us both hold it 1 could get if some tastier food. I'd heard thor a Troll will earanyrhLng, set, so [lold it that the mound of earth we were rending was a CTearure we were farming,an earth m.onster thaI was o. particularly ~asO' dish.1! dropped Wilhelm. onto theforestiIoor and }us[.~eL[~QU)n toro,ke a. rear big gulp oJ earth, not reab-tmg u: was swallowtng a loado! burning wood in ~he same mouthful. It dropped to the ground clutching /1$ belli', smoke pouring our of irs mouth, and I cur~rs


"Vile crearures, and tainted by Chaos every ene of [hem! Burn [hem! Burn them! Bur.nrhem

allf" '

head of! with 11\Yaa't bel ore ircould recoller. I loo.ked to Wilhelm,bur he WIlS gorre; rhe Troll had CTus.hedhis [hroln to a pulp beJ ore it dropped him."

- FRlTZ BoDGER., Foru::sTE.R


"Someaurhorhies 1tYpothesise. that aU life is inhermtl..v Chaotic, inheren.rty tainted by lhat darkJorce. Whether this is true or nqy·1 cannot sq;y. It is dear to me hcwever rbatall life.has

rhe potential robe so tainted,and that certain crtatttfflare ChaoQc by their wry nature, such as Beasrmtnand Minotaurs. Trclls are .11Or quite so 17W1'ked by Chaos as are thosecrearu~ though it is that rheir fUiapff:J:ilit,yand varie'O' are ' srrcrng indicators of rheir tru{v Chaotic tlQIU1'e. That mqy be so,. though if it is peroops we Humans.should also OO.W cause for. ooncern,Jor rwean beJewcrearures.I Chaodc or nor, qwte so athtprabltand vorWus as H unumkind. Whatever

the truth, it is dear that mollY Trolls aoJaU under the swqy oj Chaos, bearing much the same Marks oj Cha.os as do W Chaos raiders rhe Norrh. These Chaos Trdl.sare no larger chan .rheir orcIirurry counterparts, bur are frequently even ugtitrond more deJ ormed,. and universal{y more viciow and a.ggRssive in their d.epreclarion5."

- ZWOLfE.ll..HOItN, FROM ON Clihos hNtI ITS DB..EAo WOlU(s: OR, A Gurm TO nm CoMING AP<X."'.ALYl'SE.

I!A~ of everything you have, and ptenO' oj it."

- ltrKKrr'TIK., CI..MI EsHlN "ScHOLAR II

- ,)7-

almDst impossible to kilt Knock ir down, and ir comes back stronger and angrier than ever. Mtu:h like Chaos itself·"


"Chaos Trolls are highly honoured in the eyes oj the Changer oj the Wqys,Jor rare(y does a1\)l creature combine mutation. with such natural s4;,e, power, and sheer vitalicy. 'Yes, a Chaos Giant mqy be larger, bur a Chaos Troll is so brim1uU oj Life and energy as to be


"Just don't make the mistake oj laughing so hard they stab you in rhe ankle."

- CAPTAIN Sarur.TZ, MER,CENAl\Y CoMMANDER lilt is a weCl-knownJact that all Greenskins reproduce

by parthenogenesis, bringing Jorth precise copies of rhemselves, which is whYrhey aU look idenricGl save Jar s~e. The Snorling is bur t.he inJantJorm oj the Goblin, which in turn is rhe adolescent Jorm oj the Orc; the Ore, i! it suruivesJor long enough, will one dqy become a Black Or«, [he middle-agedJOTm, and later 11 Troll oj some variezy. Those, gentlemen, are the simpleJaas oj the situarion, and any who claim difJerenr(y are mere liars, or worse, ill-educared bvJJoons!'


"Ahhhh, baby goblins! Cuuute!"


''Vicious little chings.In case ie's true that they're the neXT generl1non

oj Gremskins, kill them. whenever you get a chance."



'Whether Snorlings rru(y are ilifanr Gobli1l$ and Orcs, or whether they are simp(y the smallest and most degenerate oj rhe Greenskin species, is still a maner rha~ is very much open [0 debare. Certainty rhzy closely resemble the larger Green.skins, but char could be che cilSe whichever cheory

is true. The ()r1cs and Goblins baretyacknowledge cheir existence ocher than IO give them. a bealing every now and again, and certainty have no interest in deba.ring where they comeJrom, bur once more.Tor a rhat might be an equally appropriate attitude to have towards one's own children as towards a related but essentiallY inJerior species. The on(y wqy to resolve the matter with allY Cfflainty is to caprure a swarm oj Snortings and keep rMm weU Jed, wlltchlng over che years to determine if rhey grow into Goblins and perhaps even into Orcs!'


Snotlings are found whereve.r Orcs and Goblins live or travel, getting underfoot, attracting cuffs and slaps from their larger ccumerpans, running about all over the place with their interminable mindless chattering, and eating anything that is tOO disgwting even for an Ore or Goblin to want to touch,

"l: would be a wasIe oj perJea1,y good venom. The wound you would inJlict [0 deliver 1M toxin wouLd in itself be sufJicient to slqy che thing."

- Rnacrr'TIK, CLAN EsHJN "ScHOLAR" IIPoinr[ess weak creatures, Send our brothers who revere the SkuCl Lord to $camp out such crearures,if they can bring themselves [0 do ir. They have no place on (he banleJieId, or in rhe world Jor char matter. On(y the strong ones will survive, and Snorlings are the antithesis oj strengrh."



"Look! Humie! Fight itJight itJight it! Jab jab jab! Get it get it get it! 'Yarrrggg!"


-28 -

~ent~e ~ Q 'llt eI Jl,Qten

The ancient forest of Athel Loren sits on the eastern edge of Bretonnia, bordering the Grey MOWlWns. It is a wild and fey place, one of mysterious power and terrible danger. The kingdom of the Wood Elves lies somewhere under the forest's vast green canopy, as do countless strange creatures all but unknown to the rest of the Old World, for few that go there ever return.


fr\Y companion's reactions set me oJJ and I stal'ted laughing, which is why I'm alive [0 tell you [his story. When the Dryads,Jor such llater learned thQ were,

go~ abOftt .. ren pac~s of' ~s, their pretty features l'WlSted mro horrible leerlng wages and they proceeded

to annihilate some oj the most hardened soldiers irs been fr\Y pleasure [0 serve with. Their limbs grew long and sprouted dagger-l.ike thorns, then they charged. One oj thtm. smo.shed me aside with a blow aimed roknock me unconscious. 1 woke up severaL hours later, surrounded by the corpses oj my Jellows anclone oj thoseJey women winsomely smiling down at me. When she saw rhat I was awake she leanedJorward [0 press against me and run a Jinger along fr\Y jaw line. Tell your fellows, Laughing One,' she whispered huskl1,y, 'that we'd t'ather they stqy out of our·woods., hmmJ' Her breath smeUed of loam, Iryacinrh, and bloo.d. There isn't enough gold in rhis world to ever make me rerum to Ather Loren."



"When I was younger, I had a friend named Hugo who Jancie.d .himself a woodsman. Hugo wasn't the sharpest arrow in the cpdver, but he had a good heart. He qften strqyed roo near the woods, Jar beyond the boundaries that our vilLage elders had sa jor us and he had noJear oj

the srrangety marked stones thor [he Jey guard so Jiercely. One spring night, we we're heading homeJromJishing when a· beautiful girl stepped our oj the shadows oj the trees and beckoned ro us. r was aJraid, bur Hugo went

to her without hesitarion. When Hugo didn't rerum Ihe next dqy, the elders asked me what had happened, but 1

[old thtm.1 didn'r know. Evenrual(y, they gave Hugo up

J or dead. I didn't see fr\Y Jrimdagain for nearty three decades, until a cerrain spring night, when 1 chanced to

be near the trees where Last I'd seen Hugo. Ayoung man came walking our oj the woods and to my astonishment, I realised it was he, bur thaI he hadn't aged a dqy. He started to speak to me, bur then his eyes widened, as if Jrom

Jeat'. Whatever hisJinal words were, rhey were lost as he crumbled to dust before my eyes. Our oj the darkened trees a beautiful girl beckoned me and 1 Jled with her mocking Laughter speeding me on."

- ANTON,BlUTONNlAN 'PEAsANT uF oul harlots .. Demonic temptresses. Be not J ooled by cheit' beautiful guises, nor their attempts to cloak themselv~s. in the [rappings oj me natural world [0 throw off susplCtOn as co their [rue nature. 1 know me minions oj Chaos when 1 see them and Dryads a:re one oj the perverted Pleasure Lord's more excpdsite roys but rhey can damn a man's soul as sure(y as any other Datm.01t. The Despoiler craJted them to dissemblf and that they do. Fortunate(y, their choice oj Jorm makes them quire susceptible toJire, a weakness I've ood the privilege oj e:cpi.oiting on occasion."

- V01!.ST1i.R. PiKE, WlTOi HUNTElI. liMy Mother Cllways said my odd sense oj hUmc>qr would one dqy get me into trouble. As ever, she was right, but I know she would've been surprised to hear it also once saved my life. A Jew years ago, fr\Y unit was serving

with one oj the western Empire [.ordlings to Jill out his ranks while he made a little 'expedition' into Bretonnia. Word oj our coming preceded our force as a group oj knights were awaiting us on aJai.,. greenJield as we came down our oj a Grey Mountain pass. The woods

oj Arhel Loren 1(lJl just [0 [he sourh oj us and som.eooqy gOt the bright idea oj having some lads go oJJ rhrough aJew Large copses oj trees so thor we couldflcmk rhe Bretonnians. As ever, us mercenaries gar the short straw and oJJ we went. WeU we got no more than II hundred or paces or so when rhese beautiful girls came wandering out oj th« trees right i.nJront oj us. Some oj them were dressed in the sheerest dOlh I'd ever seen, so much so

that they might as well have been naked. Now I can't really say why, but something about rheir appearance

or the UIOJ' they swqyedJorward grinning, or mqybe


Dryads are capricious female nature spirits that seem to dwell almost exclusively within the ancient forest realm of Athe1 Loren, a fell plact of mist and shadow that smtches over hundreds of miles, dominating much of the western edge of

the Grey Mountains. Whi:1e Athel Loren is nom1nally a pan

of Bretonnia, no Lord of that realm has ever seen fit to claim the place and with good reason. It is the kingdom of the Forrest ELves, es~ kin of the folk of Ulthuan who keep their own counsel under the leafy canopy.

'There are rales throughout the Old World oj beaueif ul enchanredJoresr mqideru. In Norsca, they are the named WoodlOose, in Esralia, rhe Arumae and in the Empire

they are caUed Dryads. Whatever their name mqy be,

rhey are described rhe same: dangerousfeminineJoresr spirits who deUghr inttm.pting men. However, despite

the great range oj the [Clles, Dryacl:s have onty ever been verifillb(y sighted in rhe primordilllJoresr oj Arhel Loren. Wfty this should be is unknown. Perho,ps tMy are magical, crafted by the mysrical Elf witch who is said to rule that realm, or mqybe t.hey are acrual(yJemaLe Elves who have been somehO"tD transformed by exposure to Arhel Loren. I subscribe to another theory. 1 believe root they

are an extension oj rheJOTest itself, which e:cpl.ains whY they have never been sighted elsewhere. They are a. deJence mechanism, if you will,Jor the crees oj that magical wood. I have no prooJ oj rhis; £t is mere(y conjecture on 1"I\Y parrJor none oj the veryJew Elves w.ho have ever rraveUed out oj Arhel Loren have been willing to discuss the matter so the 1f\Ystery remains."

- W ALDEM.AR.R, ScHOLAR. OF NULN Tbe Dryads of Athcl Loren frequently accompany the Wood. Elves when they march to war, though t~y always act on their own dictates, largely ignoring any but the most vague of orders. They often accompany the great Treemen into battle, acting

as a son of honour guard. The connections between the tWO,

- 30-

Other than that they both seem to be types of nature spirits, is unknown. Dryads are disrurbing opponents for their gtnera11y beauteous features flow and twist into hidecus shapes as they charge into battle. Their skin continually shifts into different forms reminiscent of the various trees of Athel Loren and tbelr fighting styLe alters to accQmpany it.

"I'hfy artJluid as a stream and JUSt as ever changing. No one shape can conrain their essence [or long, so they shift from oneJorm to anorher, dancing even while they are Standing Still. They are llu! pulse of tlu!Joresr,witd and fierce DY rurns,foLlowed by pensive calm. One momenr tho are as hard as an Ash, shrugging off blows that couldJeli an Ogre, rhe next they are as supph as a reed, Pending around their opponents weapons as they giggle or7nock his disoomJiture. A{y fellows and I have oJten

talbd about why they never hold to oneformfor long. TIu! generaL consensus is that they easil,y grcw bored."

- Myu1IUR.R, ATI-IEL LoREN Scour


.<Y ou're sap flcws pure and strong Ihr~gh your limbs. I would feel irs warmth upon me. Share JUSt Q lirrLt of it with me, won't youJ"

- KAYANOM, DRYAD 'Thefoor legs have their teeth, their< claws or their speed to protect them. TIu! Shining Ones have their bcws and blades. What do the trees have? They have us and the ForreSt Lords."



"1 knew it was a bad idea from [he starr, bur his Lordship insisted on having his [rebucher and the onIJ suitable source of wood nearby was ArheLLoren. A. number of peasants from rheeasr refused to have any parr oj ir~ several it rhat they woul_dface any puni~hmenr rGlher than go near the foresr. A. round of whlpptngs a:nd bcarmgs had no

eff ecr on their resolve. My Lord was absolutezy enraged. After he calmed down, his nerves doubtless soothed by the beheadings, he put some small sum of silver on the projecr and declared that he would personallJ lead it.

That ud to enough volunteers to

create a proper workforce. More's

the pity. Lambs to the slaughter.

He rook us to the edge of [he wood

and didn't listen when one of the

braver commoners insIsted that we

should take onzy naturally dcwned

wood, ordering us ro CUt down several trees in their prime. An hour or so after we Jelled [he JtrSt tree, we heard an eeri.e cry echo through the woods that set all of

us to shivering. My Lord declared ir

a wolf, or some other feU beast, and

bade us pess on. All work Stopped though, when the trunks of the [ores: parted and shifted before us a.s if they were made of waler. From OUt oj theforesr's eaves, a creature I thought was mere legend stepped. He UIa.S like an oak and he was not. I can't explain it bmer than that. The Treeman stalked forward and thundered a single word with a voice like It hundred boughs breaking at once, 'WHY?" His Lor<dship searched for a proper response andJinaLIJ mana.ged something along the lines of, 44By right of parley,L."

Whatever else he was going [0 say was lo.St

in [he mtUU(y ground as che Treeman hit him with an overhand smash so hard that both my Lor<d and his horse were kzlled on the insrant,feUed by that single blcw. As the

- 3J-

the question before us is are they an actual race or a parriadar kind of foresr spirit? lJ they are a separate tace., then they are mere 'Wholly suited [0 their land tMn al'\}' species I've ever heard of and the naturalist in me wishes

it 'Were so. The scholar sqys otherflJise,Jor there are the elusive Dryrub. What then, is lhe Treemen's connection

[0 those dangerowfey lovelies? Blagmorr su.ggesu chat they .are arrended by chemaw., a.scribing some sort of haremrlik£ arrangement, a norion Ifi.nd ludicrous. IJ, as I have suggested in the past, the Dryads are Athel Loren's defence mechanism, then [he Treemen could be, in a very real sense, the consciousness of theforesr. They are the caretakers oj thar mystic wood, [he generals 'Who direct the efforts oj their Dryad rroopsfrom rhe safery of the trees, only raking to the fro,y when there is no other choice. I don'c kn(TU)what their reLaricnship is 'With the Elves of the woods, bur 1 suspea it is one of mutual alliaTl(e."

- W ALDEMAR.B., ScHOLAR Of NULN Tbe Tree:men of Athel Loren seem concerned only for the affairs of thcir wood and little else. They have only left the safety of the forest less than a hand's count of times in the last few millennia. When they haVe done so, they have inevitably been marching alongside a Wood Elf host. The Treemen's relationship to the Wood Elves and their mystical rulers, Orion and Ariel, is a mystery known to none save those involved. Some speculate that Orion is in fact an Elf-Treenan hybrid, perhaps a living symbol of the "truce" between Athel Loren and the Wood Elves. Whate\'tr the narure of the arrangement, it is closely guarded secret and only those who are direcdy involved know the truth of the matter. Inquiring too deeply intO such affairs is to eeurt death, not only because of the: insular and ofttimes paranoid nature of tbe Wood Elves, but also because there are legitimate reasons to believe that their enemies, including the forces of Chaos, may try to distupt tbe bond that they have with tbe Treemen. TIle Wood Elves, for their part, are deeply respectful of the Treemen and cautious in their dealings with them.

Treeman wrenched his massive 'Wood.en fisr our of the ground and the ruin of 71\)' former Lord and his horse, the resr of usflecL"

- ROCH..()LIVIER. BRETONNlAN YEOMAN '''While noble Magnus rode to the north, 1 m4rched weSt against a horde of Beastmen rhat 'Were passing, I thought unopposed, through the passes of the Grey MOUJitains. SwiJt 'Was our ride and hard was the journey, bur its

end Ilrough[ It !lght char I never expeaed to behold in theyecu's of rhis liJe and a victory unlookedfor . .At the foot of the mountains, we came upon an encampment

of Beastmen greater than any J had ever seen. While 1 had a companY of over a hundred, 'We were outnumbered by at leau ten to one. Still I chose to give the order to c1wrge, knOlJJing chat it would be my last. As I prepared [0 lift my voice, I heard the clarion calls ofsUvery horns echoing dCTUm the mountainsides. To I!'\Y wonderment,

the woods began [0 move, as if rh(Y were marching in rime to the horns. As the trees reached the Beastmen', hastily assembled lines, massive forms rose up out of them, looking for aLL the world like trees that 'Were plqying at being men . .At their feer ran lithe maidens who changed before our eyes into howling daemons that tore i.nro the Chaos horde before shifting .back to Laughing girls once more. My men looked [0 mil, to see whar my reaction was going to be. !I(y thoughts were Iosr when

I noticed a large group of Beastm.en lighting torches.

1 gestured towards them caUing There, the ones 1iJho seek to set the wood ablaze,' and charged. We rook [he Beastm.en,unaware,from behind and WI! were victorious. .As the barrle was ending, one of the Largest of rhe tree men walked forward casually stomping stitL s.rruggting Beastmen as he strode [(TU)ard$ me. His eyes were the

s~e of bucklers, but 1 deteCted no malice in them and

he seemed to regard me with interest. We srudied one another for a time, rill at last he spok£. His voice was like the creaking of an old house Laced the l>urbling of a stream. 'WeU mer, sir knight. Thankyoufor removing the flame bearers. They m.ay have been ... difficult to manage.' I t1wnked him in rurnfor destroying the

Chaos [-roops. 'Harrumph. Dupoilers. FouL creawres. Unnatural they are, no.t parr of the turnings of the

wood at aU.' He gestured north with a long 'Wooden

arm. 'An hour's Journey, a camp of the Bright Ones, whomyou caU Wood Elves. TeU themyou come with Durrhu's blessing. Food and safe rest for you andyour men.' He turned a,nd walked awo,y almosr asfasr as a horse can run, his long strides swiftly carrying him into the shadows of the trees. A storyteller later [oLd me that 1 had been granted the rare privilege of meeting one of the legendary Treemen of .Athel Lorcfn and surviving [0 tell the tale. By Sigmar, those wert interesting rimes."




"Presuming thar you all are willing to indulge me for a moment and believe in things be.yondyour ken, believe thax the Treemen of .Athel Loren aaually exisr,

"Do nor lightly rouse the Forest Lords,jor they are slow to anger, bur when they finaU,y decide to unleash their wra.rh, aU the wood rages with them. The warhowks grow restive as [he shadows stretch longer. Creatur~s who 'Were once prey turn on their pr.,darors a.nd we have [0 guard against the fiercer beasts who suddenly become bold enough to arrack our villages. Wat then [0 1tJ\Y thar creeps uninvited under the grand canopy of the Dark Green for never shaU [he.y emerge again."

- Et'I1i1AS, GuOE GuAlU)


"H (TU) could you ever undersrand us? You are not of theforesr;you do norfoUow rhe Green Wqy. Yours is

the scurrying of badgers, the flight of rhe starlings, l>ut without meaning. You are never srill, never at peace. ...uWIIJ'S taking w.uhour rhou:ghr, never giving back. You anger me sorely.l wish your kind wouLd find your proper pLace in the 'World, then aU would be berrer/'


-» -


"There was a srir amidst the bracken ahead of us and

we prepared for a wolf or a boor. But that isn't what srepped from the thicket. LiM a si.ngle r'tV oj san on an otherwise overcaSt d'tV, her horn emergedfirn, gleaming so brighcl,y that the shadOflJS of cheforest were thrown back and then she f oUowed. She WllS a song Cast in flesh, a poem without words. 1 reUyou without shame that 1 wept llS she regarded me with her agelm ~yes.l tried to speak, In.a fI'\)' words were lest as my companion, Turbret.t, a singular~ dense man, shot an arrow at her. 1 spun as swiftl,y as I could and struck his bow in twain, bur by the time I'd turned back around, she WllS alrecu(y gone."

- MFmIous NULL ER.OM HIS JlOOK Bl'ITER. FAR. TINGS IiSlighrl,y 77UlgicaL beasts and nothing mere. Oh,I suppose their preqy enough, with their gleaming hides and their shining eyes, but mosr of the stories are just talk. Unicorns are skittish creatures that s.\Y a1llq)l from. Man, which 1 grant, shO'Ws they have some sense. Most {CUI aU sorts oj twaddle at their door, saying they're Ju:ily beasts and other such drivel Its all pretty lies so minstrels can earn eheir keep and charm. the young girls with [he thought that one dqy a Unicorn wilt lqy its head on her lap."

- ANToN MOOM, HUNTER "They are one of the mosrbeaurijul themes in the song of the wor[d and sacred ill Loec's eyes. They are a refletticn of aU [hac is good. As they f ere, so do TIle aU. If (he d'\)' should come that our peopl.eJalter and the last Unicorn faUs, [hen Cha.os tviU sweep over aLlI.ands and 77Uldmss shall rule this world unri{ irs end. It is noaccidenr [hat their purity can hold evil enchamments at bay, nor chanc.e alone that Leads some oj our most honoured maidens to ride them into battle.


"fhere is no trainer in this world, no 1JUItter how slciUed or mul, that can break a Unicorn or get one to accept a saddl.e. Unicorru are proud crearures; theywilllireralfJI Lie down upon the sod and die before carrying Q rider withct.u their willing consent .. Legend states that they will ontY suJfer the 'pure' to ride them, which 1IUIny suggest must mean ontY those whose chastity rt1l'Ulin5 iruact,yet there are tales of Unicorns bearing brave wounded knights to so!er;y, knights who were certainly nor innocent.} suspect that Unicorru judge each by their own merits, which suggesrs to me that t.hey arefetr more chan mere(}> unusual ani77Ulls. Bur whatever else they m.qy be, they are alwqys wild."

- E.nGtut. NOLBRUN, 8cRmE While unicorns are said co dwell in malU' oj cheforesrs of the Old World, the on(y people known to have ridden them into battle qre the Wood Elves of Arhel Loren. How

rM maidens oj Arhel Loren go about acquiring their mounts is unknown, [hough every witness [0 their battle prOflJess h4s claimed that they rode without bit, bridle or saddle. Regardless, even amidst the Wood Elves chere are on{y one or two maids in a generation that can claim [0 have ridden a Unicorn. The Unicorns' resistance [0 magic is exceptional, so mucll so that even master 1JUIges have trouble affecting them with all bur the moSt POfI1erfuL oj enchantments. They even con~ their refinance to the rare few that they allOflJ co ride chem. Scholars general(y believe thaI source of this powerful ability is their singl~ horn.

"MuM has 11l4dt oj the Unicorn's Horn.. Indeed, if one believes even half [he rales, a horn can stau.nch bleeding, dispel the minions of Chaos, increase porency, cure diseases and halt flatulence. I suspect rhat such a horn mqy indeed carry some measure of protection agai,nsrevil magic, but the rest is mere wishful thinking. NO( rhat rhis has Stopped haruersfrom doing their best to drive t.he unicorn to extinction so that

the:y can stU. their horns to the gUUible. If you ever seek aJter such, fcnow that the 77Uljority of such horns rhatyou ever findJor sale in rhe Empire's market.s originalty carMftom a goar nor a Unicorn. A real Unicorn's Hom is luminescent, glowing fainr(y yer visib{y even during the dqy and 1 can teU youfrom personal experience that shouLdyou ever handle

a true one, you willf eel in some S7rUill wqy that you have

taken pan in a cIesecrarion. Not an e,;perimce I would recommend [0 01'l)'0ne."



- 33-

say disturbing things such as, 'they are beauriful, so fierce andfree' and other such drivel [Iul! lead me to believe

[hat exposure [0 them can have an ill effect upon [he weak minded. Their deviant EI.ven riders art invariab{y craven in battle, striking Jrom stealth and swiftl,y fl,ying oJf without giving an honest accounting oj themselves. Fortunaui,y,Jor all their ske, a well~placed shot will still put a just ending to them."

- Al.BRm-rr l<INF..u., PROfESSOR EMERnus AT THE.



WHaveJaith,' the Enchantress had said to me, 'haveJaith rhar thliY will come,Jor their memories strerch longerrhan [he minds of Men can recloon and they owe debt to your Jamil,y.' Easi(}> said in the long hours oj the eve beJori! a bartle, bur hard to hold onto in the midst of thefray when your comrades and followers are being slaughured aU about you. My duty Lay in deJ ending our Land against

the incursion oj the SigTrUlrites, but my men wereJew

and the Empirrs army vast beyond easy reclooning. My SCOuts could not even give an aCcurate count oj their horde, relling me they numbered as the stars. StUl, 7f\Y obligations were clear and so I prepared my troops to go to their deaths. The night beJore I engaged the invaders the Ench' Ciara clime to me and spoke oj old debts between 11\}' Line and the deni.t.ens oj 4rhel Loren, telling me to send to rhemfor aid. I had always been taught

that itUICIS unwise to rouse the People of the Wood, bur t.hen again, it is also Jool.harcl,y to disobey the advice oj

an Enchantress. 1 sent thre« oj 1I'\Y

bravest hunters, knowing in

1I'\Y heart that they would never return and even if they could gec l1\Y plea through, rhh'e could be no response that

would arrive in rime [0 TrUlke al\)' difference. That dQ)' 1 rose to tIXltch [he ddurn, expecting it to be 1I'\Y last. When weJinal.1,y engaged the enel1\Y, the barrle wenr as I expected. My men Jought brave(y, singing psalms to the Lat(y all the while, but they still Jell all the same. In combat, there are rides rhat

on(y a veteran can know and sometime paSl noon, I jett a change unlookedfor in the current of thar dqJ. I heard

a sharp, piercing cry resound even over the din oj battle and rhe cries of cl,ying soldiers. A black and white rapror as large as l1\Y horse sped past overhead, bearing an ar~er whose arrows did nor miss, Jollowed by a host oj hisJeUows. The People oj the Woed had come at 11\}' caU and they came on swift wings.'}



'They are, oj course, rouched

by Chaos, as are all rhings J r.ont that cursed wood. Warhawks appear as normaL members oj their species other than their grear si:(e, bur be nor deceived,Jor all too oJten a·fair mien conceals the corruption (ying within. I've heard men that 'Were exposed to them on the battleJield


Warbawks any Wood Elf riders into battle, a purpose they were not bred for, but. one they adapted themselves to. They are not an ancienrrace like the Great Eagles, though they are a particularly intelligent one and far more clever than any 'normal' bird. They originated in the forest of Athet Loren, where the greater bulk of them still reside, though some tales hold that a few of them have traveller farther a field to seek

eyries elsewhere and a few of them have been spotted in the World's Edge Mountains. Their long association with the W cod Elves is wdl known of outside of Add Loren, though few guess at the nature of the relationship.

"WhenJirst we 5trolled amidst ash and elm, rhey

were alTllacl,y her~, watching

us with their sharp ga~es.

For a long time there was

srrif e between our two kindreds and our children c(!)uLd nor tIXllk abroad in

the dqy withOUtJea.r oj

being swooped down upon quicker chan even an Elven arrow canfu. To our Lasting shame, we scaled their great trees, smashed their eggs, and kiLLed their chicks. So it was

until the coming of Kirada

the Beast Caller. She it was

who first made peace with the

Shy--gwythi4r, rhe Keen Ones, the

Wind Riders. Those who had the gUlbieS[ in destroying their young oJJh'ed themselves up, Dur the Sh~

c. .g'W,)'th«lrknew that vengeance was

useless, instead sqying char they would raise our children as their own. These were [heJirS[ oj Warhawk 'riders' a cLumu' Human term that doem't begin to properl,y describe the bonds between Wind Rider and Elf. They are nor jwt loyal mounts; they are brochers and ruters/'


- 34-

<t~Ubten of oomeb "Rat

They gnaw at the roots of the world, plotting the downfall of aU other races. They are

the Skaven, a race of rat men bred up from rodents long exposed to the mutating effects of the strange Chaos material known as Warpstone. From the: blighted, marshy hollows of Skavenblight, they spread out across the Old World, forever seeking an advantage that will allow them to topple their ~y enemies and claim the surface world as their own ...

... Or not, as there are more than a few that say the Skaven are nothing more than a hoax, an elaborate fiction given voice only by madmen. Which is, if they did exist, exactly as they would bave it.

- 3~-


1"at--m.en running about under our streets, cmem.pring

to undermine the Empire or a.s the mad would have it, rhe world entire,yet, has managed ro go complere(y underecredJor millennia, w/ty, [M very notion iJ absurd. Chaos, genrlentrn, is a real and dire enough threat without embellishing our problems with 5lcaven."

- ALmu:.a-rr KINEAR.,


"1 know they exist, l'veJought [hem.. Well, wise what the common J elk think oj a5 Slatven. I spenr a rime taking Kis!evite coin a couple oj years ago. It paid weU, but it was a f1QS(Y I:rusiness. There was on{v one dqy in four when I didn't have to rUU our [0 stop a Beasrmen raid, or worst. Now Beasrmen, rhey C01n€ in eUery shape you can think oj and a number .)'OUr worse nightma.m would never have produced. I J ought Tal like ones on several Vicious .sorts, like all their kind. Nor realty dever, but very, very cunning. I didn't notice CI1\)'thing aU that difjerent about [hem.. They died. as easi(y CI5 Ol.her .Beasrmen, the,)' just squaked louder!'

- ER.NsT WOLFENRUR.G, MERCl!NAR.Y "I know what our belIers belieue that the Ska:ven are just one more pe4SOnt supersririon. I tru(y wish rim' rwere so, but it isn't. Used t' be a village a da,y's jouTneyfrom here, lovelJr place twas. Now Orrin's son, Boris, hefanci4d a girl from there he'd mer at marker. One summer, e' comes running rhrough r' fi£l.ds, sqying that the vil.lage entire was gone without a corpse to show for it. I was younger [hen, and a lor more f, so I went with a group of men to give rhe place a look All weJound were in the village square, where

"They are terrible, terrible! Red eyes, chitters from the shadoYolS, and clawed feet running, running ever throUgh the darkness. They dredge gold up from the depths and bribe

the nobles to look the other way as they steal our wives and children. 111ey traffic in the darkest am and summon Chaos Daemons to do their bidding. Most of our cities are ruled by their agents and we are aU kept ignorant so we don't panic

or flee for a slave ignorant of his slavery is easily comrolled. When you ay to fight them, they'll arrange for you to be found insane and you'll end up in here with Me."

- RUOI, Gru:AT ALTDORf AsYLUM INMATE "Time and again, this ridirulowJarce has arUm to plague our deliberations. I luive confronted rhis lie here in the Grand HaU before, and I shall beJorced [0 do so again a.slong a5 rhisJoolish hysteria holds swqy over our people. Know this then: I questioned soldiers, ptCl5anrs, nobles, labourers, priestS, knights, merchants, witch hunters, and a few oj those harc(y souls most often caLled 'adventurers'. I luive struggled amidst catacombs and sewers, risking bifection or worse. I have ignored

no avenue oj research, and I can rellyou wiIh certainty, not one shred oj prooJ e.mrs that arrests to the errurence

of rhese so--called 'Ska.ven'. Oh, there are do.tens of clever Jorgeries [0 be, many mass~produce,d by clever rogues seeking to turn II quick proJi.t by selUng 'gmu:ine' rar--men artefacts to the guUible. Bur of hard evi.dmce, there is none. To rhi.nk (hal there is an entire race oj insidious

- 36-

it loolwllike a struggu of sorts wml on. In the side 0' the village well, there was a singU star shaped piece of strange metal, a rhrowing.fiI.~ of some kind i suspea, rhal Juul somehow melred nght mro the very rock. Had a symbol on il, a marking of three overIllid lines. Georg the Younger was W onzy 01U with the courage to touch it. He said the metal felt slippery to the touch. Poor sod died a few dqys rifter. Years later, a priest: [Old me, when 1 described the symbol I'd seen thar!lqy, [Me ir 1Uq$. supposedly the mark rI [h£ Skavtn, and then he laughed about il, said twas nonsense. Sigmar save w allfrom such nonsense."



"The Skavtn? ~, rhzy are very real, as reel: as the stones ben.eathyour feet. FiJ.rhy rat~. A. treacherous, conniving ra.Ct wilhour. moraLiI;y, conscience or honour. They burrow through the, awairing the End Times when th(y intend .[0 rise and destroy us all, thar is, if ehey don'e kiU

one another first. No Karakbtars a Book of Grudges that doesn't have rna1\)' a Une devoted totOOs!! foul creatures. They fight wirh poison 11M plague, with treachery and malice. So why have you never heard of rMmJ Because rrurh is a commodity you Hummu seldom. traffic in. Sigmar's Hounds, your wirch hUnters, ehey know of lhe Skaven. So why do they not speak of them? Why would [hey reUy0u7 What couldyou do about ill Canyou imagine the pa~ that would arise among the members of your weak-willed rac.e iJthey uarned there were Chaos spawned rar-men plotting their downf·all, living under the cmes of the Empire? The brllWsr Qf your kind deal 'With the Skaven the best [hey can and the rest of you are gifted with ignorance!'


The Skaven are commanded by the insidious Lords of Decay, a eolleetien of aged and terrible bcings that sit upon the Council of Thirteen, the ruling body of the Skaven race. Their cap.l1ital city, Skavenblight, is an ancient ruin that supposedly resides ncar the centre of the cursed marshes that lie on the western borders of Tilea. From the mouldering halls of Skavenblight, the Lords of Decay conspiR to expand their influence and power. usually by scizing the underground kingdoms of the Dwarfs and Goblins.

Tbe Skaven are diviclod intO a series of clans, all of which constandy josde for position and influence with the Council eX Thirteen. Th bulk of their clans consist of warriors and slavo they've captured from rivals that they've eliminated, however, all of the greatest dans among dun have developed st""ia1ries that

set them apart, allowing each to carve out their own niche which they ruthlessly ding to, destroying any threats tc their position. The Warlock P.ngineetsof Clan Skryre. presc:ndy have the most ~wer. and thus, the most influence with the Lords of Decay.

They specialise in the creation and utilizationof' strange: sorcerow machines powered by a varlety of Warpstone based devices, some of which they've taken from ottp- races for ''modification'' otbers being enWtly original to tb:m. Ultimately, all of tlrir machines are designed to kill oth:rs and ocrasionally, tlrir widden.

"The workmanship is unlike anything I've seen. While it great(y resembles one of Von Meinkcpr's devices, the scale at which if was built is astounding. I'm uRCerrain how ehe

steam appaP'Orus or [he odd vented chambers pl.'U' a part. Tomorrow, Roderick and 1 will try it on the test range."



The twisted Skaven of Clan Moulder specialise in the brttding and mutating of beasts to fight in the Skaven's battles. Consci.ence plays no pan in the experiments of this c1an'sMaster Moulden as theyscck tbe key to creating the deadliest. fighting beast possible. With Warpstone laced unguents, revolting medical experiments and unholy crossbreeding, they often succeed in creating d'ff!Ctive, if debased, monsnosities.

The black clad assassins of Clan Eshin specialise in Stealth and poison, acting as the silent enforcement arm of the Council of Thirteen, Once, long ago, their dan left the watmlS of tht:

Skaven and journeyed East. When they returned. many centuries later, they brought new and terrible skills with them. Their fees are high, but their prowess is legendary. There is no Skaven,

no matter how fierce, that doesn't scm:dy fear a visit from the disciples of Clan Eshin.

The last of the great clans is tht: dread Clan Pestilens, Loat~ worshippers of disease and decay, Clan Pestilens hails from the jungles of Lustria, where their ancestors managed to survive a series of virulent tropical diseases by learning

to venerate and accept their illnesses. Eventually, they began uti1i.zing them against 'tbeir enemies to deadly efff!Ct. They

now specialise in the creation of new diseases with which to torment the populace of the Old World, some of which manage to mntate and swiftly rage beyond their meagre control. Even other Skaven are highly wary of the fanatics of Clan Pestilens.

"Oh, but they are d.elightfuL, jol(y lads. They come up with [he most pleasant oj diseases, why that I.ovely lirrle pLagW! they gifted to rhose stuffed shirrs in Breronnia was f't'U{y inspired. Of course, r~y gee a "if cl1rried 4WOJ! som.erimes, burfor a race oJ jumped up vermin I,for one, think they've come quite a long 'Way."

- ScAml.ous Pox, SENESCHAL Of 0N00AL Skaven are usually fairly cunning and always malicious, but they're prone to cowardice. They are confident only in large numbers, when they gready oumumber their opponents. They're obsequious to those [hey consider stronger than thameives, though tbey will seldom hesitate to plant a dagger in tbe back of

a superior if they think they can get away with it. Assassination is a commonplace and a«tpted way to advance one's fonunes in Skaven sockty. The Lords of Decay believe infighting makes

the Skaven race stronger as a whole. Converuendy enough, it

also meam mast of tlrir inferiors don't have time to plot against them. Skaven workmanship is fairly shoddy by Human standards, and reprehensible to dwarfs, but it is usually CIllddy eff eccivc. The majority of Skaven have a lifespan of a mcrn thirty years, with few indeed getting to die of natural causes. However, repeated exposure to Warpstone can have a large variety of d'fecu on the Skaven, not least .of which is a gready extended lifespan. Several of the Lords.of Decay are supposodly well over a thousand years old. When Skaven communicate, they usc a great deal

more than words to convey meaning. Their gestun:s and more imponandy, thcir smell, helps to accurately convey their mood to other Skaven. A fwious Skaven smells of heated iron, whereas the acrid stench .of the musk of fear commonly shrouds a rat-nan who expects to die.

- 37-


is our mother. Its uses are inJinite.li1u the heart oj an endI.essJire, it U. Even the snudlest oJ pieces will continue

to give pawer indeJinitely, aUowingma1\Y oj our devices

to become SO'rI1EWhat portable. WctrpstoneJire can not onQr consume a substance, bur acrually change it's structure to Jar more than just 'burned' due (0 exposure to it's ho(y Jlames. Weapons madeJrom Warpstone produce their own poison. A Warpstone charm /irings real luck, changing what 'was to be' ro wlulr 'might have been' wit.h none the 'Wiser. So where does it come froml There are those among the more supersritious of our Jolk and afewfoolish Grey Seers rhaI believe Warpstone is the leavings oj rhe Horned Rat. I subscribe to rhe secular view - tba: it is chunks of the dark moon, Morskrit, which has managed [0 gift us with pieces oj iss essence. Dangerous it is, to touch W ctrpstone often. But that's what slaves arefor,yes~yes?"


The Skaven worship an entity known as the Homed Rat, a ~evolent being served by the <my Seen, .a group of powerful WIZards and prophets who preach the ascension of thc= Skaven, While they are nominally subject to the dictates of 'the Council of Thineen, their personal power makes individual Grey Seers a constant wild card in Skaven politics. Grey Seers frequendy consume Warpstone to fuel their sorcery, a practice that

does little good for their sanity and otber Skaven rightfully fear them. The Horned Rat'S symbol, which haseffectivd.y become the defining mark of the Skaven race, consists of three overlapping lines roughly sketChed in a vaguely triangular pattern.

"There are rhose among my orde1' that believe th« Horned Rat u a lesser God of Cha.os. Many contend that he must be somehow associated with the Rotting Lord. Yer in the struggles of the Skaven, in the waxes and wanes oj that rwisted race, aU I see u constant change.

It is mJ' beluf that if they are che brood oj a1U' oj the Old Ones, chan rhO' are surety the children oJehe Great Conspirator !'



"Mh, man-rhings. Fools,Jools aU. Perhaps their lack

oj Jur makes their brai.n go cold and soJr-soJr?Easi(y bought they are. Believe whatever you tell them, they do,

if shil\)l""shi'tJI gold is in it for them. When rhey Jight, which is seldomJor they are all cowards, their idiot leaders march to [heJTOnt, eschewing the traditionaL proper place tOWct1'ds rhe rear oj the line where they can better survey the whole battle and thus make rhe best decisions on how

to win or lead a retreat, not that you will ever need to run Jrom man-rhings. Their pale furless skin will nor even slow a Skaven blade. I can teUyouJor crue, man-things are weak. What oj dwarf-things you asli? .Alwqys-alwqys avoid orangeJurred dwarf things or die-duyou will, and that Tighe quick-quid c."

- GREY SEER THANQ. UOL "Most precious of aU sUbstances, rhe pulse of our life..IJ the Horned Rat is our Jacher, then sure(y, Warpstone


- R.ncKrr'TIK, CUN F.sHlN "ScHoL.AR."

"No sense, there is, in the man-rhings' world. They rake their best and strongest, chose touched by the Horned Rat and either kiUrkill or rom them. OUt as unclean. No wonde1' glorious Skaven will one dqy [a/i£ all [hey have! Srill~Still. goodJor us. MOTe meatJor the larder."

- BlI.O'KUT, CLAN MOULDER "Long rime we've dwell in darknm, stut(ving ever the turnings oj the rurJa.ce. We were here beJore the Empire, watching the dwarJ"rhings ca.rve f.heir stone halls. We were here amongst the :ihadows when the God-thing Sigmar Sfa~d ehe world. and scarter~d [he green~rhings beJ ore him. We fined our wits against the Grear Necromancer, he

who s name I slulll nor utter, and won. We watch, we wait, we plan. The endless subtle gam£s rhe Decqy Lords engage in are merely a wqy [0 pass rhetime. We Iulllt no need to conquer the surJace world by Jorce.We need on(y wait long enough for ochers to do ilJor us, allowing us to sei.t.e the spoils oj your Empire's ruin,Jor we are the Children of the Horned Rat, surviVOl"s all and as we we're here beJore you, so slulU we be present to seeyouJal.L"



'Woching SO large should move sofaS[..AU che$tyears wer, more than fllU'lhing else, it is rhe thingt speed t:hall remember. A(v sergeant had rold me, in terms that /JrookeD.. no argument, that J orces oj the Legendary SkmJen wt'I'f invading our lair cizy. They were no myth, bur very real and they would kill us aU if we didn't act swiftly. We banicaded a street, making certain to plug the sewers, and waited. I expeaed, weU, just rat--rnen 1 suppose and I got them, but rhey weren't ai,one.

A group of Skauen wielding whips came running down the street, driving maisi:ue crearures beJore them wirh their [ashes. When they saw us, I could hear them shriek 'IaU-kill' to their huge bea.srs as they pointed tOWCl1"d as, 1 caught a glimpse oj

stained bandages and distorted bodies. AJew oj the crearures actual(y had rusted metal blades in place oj misshapen limbs. I didn't have long to gawk at them, though. They roared and w stones shook with it • .And then they charged across the courzyard so last that several oj 11IJlJriend5 died bifore wy could clear their sworr1.Jfrcm their sheaths."

- WOLFGANG BALEAlUC, NULN WATCHMAN "You know, jz makes sense in a way . .All the [GIes we hear of Beamnen, rhere's alwqys a few storus about bigger ones,likt Minotaurs and Dragon Ogres and such. WeU, it stands to reason that when people started rnllking up stories about [he Skaven, they Jigured there ought co be some bigger ones to sell the tale. So, [hey created chese Rat Ogres, which get bigger and more twisted with every ['d

- 38-

m4ke me LAugh if iz wa,m'r so obvious(y·a distortion oj some all too true tales about the force.! oj' Ch4os."

- JONhS, TuVWJNG MiNsrn.F.L 4Thf), are wonders, nor monstrOsities. To think that mdI unlikety creatures could room. .the surface oj the Old Wofid isa testament to the power of Chao.s. 1 ont'e h4d a rar~ opporrunif.y to visit rhe Skaven strong hold known as Hell.Pir and ralk wirh a few of Clan Moulder's MOSler Mutators. They art drdllJellows, very imaginative, and $Ur~ty fa.voured by my Lord. We discussed mal\)' topics and rheylearned quite a bitfrom. me on easing the pains of mutation, btu when itcam.e to the subjecroJ breeding,. their knowledge surely outslripped mint. Th~y proudty shewed me the dens where they kept [heir most favoured beasts, some vicious looking brutes that vagu4y resernbLed massivelY oversi.:t~d Skaven. They e~ained in excited chiuers that these p<1rriculaT .specimens had all managed to survive three Or morebarcLe9. Each one was unique, their onl),u.niringJacrors being rMirferoozy and absolutely LoyaltY to their creluors.lmpressive, I must sq.y."



"Theys not Ogres, .ttOt Ogre5 at alL. Smelt different. Tastes different too. Bad. Like· all Skaven rhing5, they tllStes 0' rat. Had m.ore'none MI,y fUl.l cI rat in me Ufe enuff ro knotus.. Oi, bur thejls .srrong. Srrong enough to sort. one of us proper. Mqybes hew· thzy gotdat name? Thing is:. tho, tiley's srupid. I means real, dumber than a Troll even. Keep dar in mind., ~you CtiD .beal 'em. Don't runjT'07l't'em, tho,They's real quick on their f eers/'

-KROAG, .03RE. MEl,cENlJi;,Y While the Moul.cIer dan cmainlysu.cceeded in creating deadly war beasts, Rat Ogres are ;uguably flawed creatures, bertftof reason and nearly ckvoid of sanity • Tbeir unlikely ~ has

ltft them utterly dependent upontl1ei.r ota.tors for any kind of m::ntalfacu1ty and they are literally incapable of functioning without the direction of another's will. Without a handla to clirtct their efforts, they operate entirely on instinct, which varies radically tocreattirt'. Whertas one may proceed to tear into nearby foes another may begin. toceaselcss1y drool, or lay down fora .nap. WhateVer shreds of Inte~ that. any given Rat Ogre managed to retain from binh will most certainly have been desttoyed by thi: endless tests that the Moulder perform on the beasu.Theyare regulady subject to radic:a1. surgic:a1. experiments using Warpstone, which frequently involve amputation, vaguely directed mu.tations, unnanual grafts of .f1esh,andthe impl.arnadon of rneralplates or blades. Young Rat Ogres ate continually forced to fight in usurviva1 of the finm" style contests where several arc· tossed intO a pit, with only the last one: alive being allowed to leave. Rat Ogres near inability to function without a. Moulder handler present is widely suspected, by ttv! Other clans and the few scholars with knowledge of such things, to not be an. accident. If ~ were ever to rebel against Dan Moulder ,theresults would be &V'astaring.

''Our greaten triumphs rhzyare .. Advance rhe Skaven ever on Ih{)l do. What battles do rhe Children of the Horned Rarjighr oj any imporlance without the favoured children of Clan Moul.der? No.! one, nor one! MQn~

rhingsJear [hem mere than rheloys oj Skryre, more rhanrhe bLades of the Esmn,. mort than Ihepo~es of PenileruandJear they should. Toyselln .break, all sreauh rhwarted, skknessbe Ollt7'COm.e, not so easi{v dismissed are the claws of Ihe Ral Ogres, Wealth th~)' at\e,yes~)'es, The least is worth hundreds Qf warp token." the greatest prf.celess. TheJoundarions Q.{ our great clan! Train rhem from runrlings, 1,000e .them one and aU we do. WeonI.Y hurt rhemro makerMm strong. Strong and property_ respeCtful. It would not do for the masterwork to ever turn against the artist, no, nor at aUP

- ~UF.G, MAsml. MUTA.TOR.

Their brutal upbrblging has servedtQ make Rat Ogres incredibly Qeadly foes, though they can swiftly become ccnfused or disoriented if their opponents engage in hit and run tactics. 'fhrir abilit)' to both withstand and de1iverpunishment is well.known and fmquendy lamented fact by the foes of the SkaVeJl ..

uI'hey.know nothing of pain and they wilt not die easilY. Hack off their limbs, stl"ew their gufs about their dawedJeet and still r~y will struggle on.Jr{y sire jought [hem in the dtprhs below Karak Eight Peaks and atwqys he swore try his beard rh4teven whenmorral(ywounded, the),:wen!· sirnpty too .stupid [0 know rool they had been killed. Such r,erribl£ ignorance con be perilou.s,Jor ltWl'\)I Q)'OUng Tunnel Fighter Juu .been slain by It Rtlt Ogre he Ww' to be dead."


Reliable information on .Rat Ogres is hard to come: by, especially since so many citizens of t>he Empire rtfuse to aclmowledge the existence of the SbveJl, less that they could've had a dawedhand in creating a .new breed or life. Their

-.39 -

4'fhere are rimes when no mere exodus will settle; rimes when weaker member.! of the populace mUSt be sheared aWtly, kst tlit whol.efalter. On{y then does their ruling council turn to the twisted creations of the Moulder and their mindless fighting beasts whoch will happil,y consume all those deemed too feeble to advance the Skaven cause."


peen generally regard the few scholars that have managed to uncover any useful information on Moulder'.s creations as mad men. For the: few that have knowl.edge of the Skaven, though, the: ongoing existence of Rat Ogres is unusual. The Council of Thirteen is loath to allow any group of such po~lfu1 beings to exist in their sockty that they can exert SO little control over. Unless, of count, the Rat Ogm save another purpose ...


44Jufirst I thought is was a wOLf, come rofeed on the dead, bur ir 'Was no gee oj hissed as I came near, bur instead of running as any natural creature might, it gathered itself and charged me. YellcntJed incisors the ~e of daggtrS and mad red eyes gleamed in 1I'I:Y torch's light as it ruslitd across the battlejreld toward me.! bare(y had rime to reac(y 1I'I:Y sword before ir was upon me. Itfought heedless of irs own life and even though I managed to cut ir deeply sevmll rimes, I don't think it was tlit wounds [hat ~aused it to drop, j~t [he loss oJ blood. It ir~ !{ying throes It had managed to blte my leg, even though ItS teeth had to pierce chain to do so. The wound went bad so swiftly t.hat 1 almost lost [he kg. If not for a daughter of ShaUya, I might have lost my (if e."

- S1"EMAHR. HOLST, .EM.m.E SoLDIEP.. ·'Vtrmin of af\)' stripe are bad. They devour the grain sroredfor lean rimes or get into the seed. It's fl4turalJor farmers to make up stOTUS about the worst vermin, just like fishing stOTUS they are. Each one gets bigger in the telling and a !"(II rhat was once the length of Q. forearm

grows to poTU' si.te in the end. I've heard teU of rats bigger rhan wolves and twice as mean hunting down villagers and such. Rubbish. Oh, there's big rau aplenty in the north,

and I'd allow that one or twO mv hove been touched by Chaos, but how mG1\Y could there possibl,y be?"



While countless rats skulk through the sewm oft~ Old World, there an: very few Cilpable of killing grown n:cn wltlx>ut ldp,

but such do exist. While a few of them have crept down from the 110M, where the Chaos ].>owm twisted them beyond tbeir natural size, de majority om: the result of genera:tions of Skaven bm:ding ex-poi.mems designed to combine size, ferocity, aOO any other nailS the foul experimenters of Clan MouUb found &:suable. Other Skaven dans fnlquently pwdme them from Clan Moulder, as dq are t~ cheapest war beasts that Moulder has to offer.

·'Yes--yes. Passing troops [hey can be. No 10y,allJ', of course. Che(lp--cheap rhey are though and when they faU, no one to care, whU:h is usifuL They make mon--things scared, 'WhU:h is good. They don't diHIU easiJ,y, which is better."

- W APJ.I)RIJ GNAWGLOOM While individual giant rats art deadly enough, it is in packs that thq truly come intO their own. 'Ilry swarm over an opponent, biting or clawing at any erposed flesh as dry madly seek to

devour their prey whole. Ii detennincd foe can drive "naturally" oecurring giant rats back with small effort, as for all their ferocity, they're still rats, albeit big ones, and easily frightened. TIlOSC who've had the unfortunate privilege of fight:ing the aeations d Clan Moulder art I10t so fortunate. Moulder's l'ackmasten art expc:ns with whips, coaxing thOr charges forward. with sharp stings should they even consider shying from tk fray. Giant rats art usually around five to six feet long, with dirty, matted fur aOOsbarp teeth. They're frequendy disease carries and tbe wounds tlq:inflict have a good chana::

cf becoming infected if I10t prompdy treated. Those that know de roost about them in the Empire f nlquendy hold their to~es so as not to be thought mad.

"Down there, in the dorJcness, if you ever

Jact one ofrhe great ones,know that neir:her sling nor dog will serve. Carry a sharp d4gger and know hcntJ to use it, as swords are no

good in the right conJines of It sewer. Put your torch to rheir noses if you can, as that's c1eathfor 'em and they'U shyJrom tlitJire. You'll have ro learn nor to fear rhem, as t~a smell it on you, or its lllck. Remember alwqys, what occurs below, stqys below."


- -to-

Cunning raiders and voracious beasts beset the Old World. The forests teem with deadly enemies; the mountains swann with creatures that regard all other races as prey. A few were once natural creatures, now twisted by the Taint of Chaos into something else. Some are regarded as mounts for the brave; others are dangers to be avoided. Beyond the cities of the Old World, the dangers are many and the nights are dark, indeed.

- -tJ-


'Who are rMJ'? They are sorrow. Pain. Misery. Misguided souls bound to darkmss led by a damned prince who reJused [0 accept his true destiny and will one day sufJer as no other became of it. The,)' embrace Chaos with open arms and much oj their debauched socie(Y is given over roworship oj Khaine, the Lord oj Murder. TheY live in [ear, comJorted on(y by the lies they repearedl,y whisper to each Other as they nurse old wounds. They are terrible, seek chem nOI. I will 'CZY no more."

- Lol\.D 1u.Mm., EL VENAMMSSADOll The largest vessels that the Elven Corsairs command an: the infamow Black Arks, vast floating fortresses capable of carrying thousands of waniors and slaves. Their sorcerers summon beasts up from the deep which fonifications are then built on. Tbese

'living ships' always travel with a. Black Ark, and drive fear into the hearts of all the corsairs would prey upon.

"I'd seen eighteen winters when

[irs: 1 rook a berth on the Fortune's Kiss. A srurqy ship she was, speed rigged and e.xperrlY manned. Her master was Capra in Reiner,

a Marienburger with sea spray in his vtins, if not

J or his skill, you wouldn't

be hearing .rhis tale. Th1'ough same secre.c yet doubtLess epicJear oj bravery, on exacc(y what it was being a favoured pasti1ne

oj the Kiss' crew, [he Captain had managed to secure aJull deck oj Dwarjcannon and an enginter to oversee them.. Logan Drumi.nsJind was notJond of [he ocean, but he'd have given his life in a second for his beloved cannon, or so

1 rhought soon after being introduced [0 him. Caproin and Engineer both surprised

us aU beJore the end. On a trading voyage off the coast

off Breronnfu, 1 saw 7I1J' Jirst, and 1 hope by Sigma"! grace ItIJ1 Last, Blade .Ark oj [he Da.rk Ones. Sometime during third watch the entire crew was roused and called to quarters. As we stumbled to

our posts, we saw it picked our

by moon's light on rhe hori.ton.

It motled Wee a mountain with sails. We could feel the swell oj

its passage rhough it was still long leaguesfrom us. Closer oyJar were

strange castles that sped across the surface oj the d.eep, drawn by hideous sea serpents [har still give me nightmares. They roored as they ca1ne on, their bellows echoing across the

'There are Stories, bur of course, rhere are alwczys Stories. Tales oj whole villages chat go missing, their folk never seen again. These missing towns are invariabzy located near the sea, which seems [0 be the on(y trait they aU share in common. Never mind thaT the storms of the north are fierce,Jorcing people to move on. No, it alwczys has ro be 'phantom! raiders who no one has ever seen e!we did the deed, carrying of! whole villages rowho knows where .. I stU'it's all nonsense coJrighten children into behaving. 'Be still or I'll give you to the Dark Ones/has hushed more thanfnP unruty brats I'll warrant!'

- EMMEluCH, MERCENARY 'There are nor enough words inyour simple tongue to express our hatredfor them, Human. Killers, despoilers, slavers and thieves we na1ne chem, btu nor one of these o!r~earned riclesbegins to describe the depths oj their depravity. They h4vt neither mercy nor honour. They room and kill in darkness calle.d up by their Joul sorceries. They are so base as to specifical(y targer chi.ldrenJor their depredations. The capriciousfolk of Vlthuan claim t.har they are their despised kin, exiled long ago, but rru{y, can ant ever trust rhe words of an Elf?"

- liAR.GIUM FIJAGlLSSON, Ow ARF 1'IlAl::iER "I saw them once, years ago. If they have a name, I

don't know what ir is. 1 don't even want [0 know what it could be. They came in their dark

ships and rook my Jamity awczy. The on(y reason I'm here rodczy to reU you this tale is that I was our tending our flocks when rh9' slipped at night into our village.

1 saw ma1\}' more of them [han 1 could coant,,Ye! nor one oj them made a ·sound. They stole everyone,

young and old. Those that wouldn'r be silent were slam, bur [hey rook all [he bodies with rhem."



From the distant Land of Chill coree raiders to the shores of the Old World, depraved warriors bent on slavery and conquest. Little is known of them in the Fmpire and the few Elven envoys that cortlr from Ulthuan are loath to speak about them, ever preferring

to avoid the subject when they

can or answer tersely when they cannot.


waves, and I think ma1'U' oj [he crew saw themselves up Jor Ion but Reiner would hear none oj it. He rook the wind and held it, giving [hem a ~nntng .battLe thar was to last rill d(l1l1Jl. Time and they would dt'CInl near and Drumirujind's gunnery ·would drive the .beasrs oJf. I've never seen such sauingor such shooting,yet atwCO's, they remained near us. As rhe ~n rou.c:hed rhe horizon, Drumin$Jind.lejt his guns to speak wi.rh the Captain.

1 don't knOnl what he saw, but Reiner obviousty didn't like it. Nevertheless, to our asronishmmr,jour cannon andmosc oj [he ship's pOnlder were plo.ced ina long .boar along with the DwarJ. He looked aLl oJ us in the eflS,. one by one 05 he prepared 10 set off, and hisJiMl words (Ire still etched in 11'\)' hearl.tBetter rhis, lads, chan ever being caught by them.' As he rOnled off. he ~gan to sing in the hard .secrer langlLClge of the Dwarfs and though I didn't know the words, 1 knew it was a martitll song. When

the serpent ships drew near him, he set fire ro his beloved cannon. The explosiOn kilLed one af (cast and caused the scarter. That was aU rhat Reiner needed [0 bring the Fortunes Kiss out of danger. I've never seen a Dark One, on(y their damned ships, but that was morerhan enough."


"Poisoning a poisoner is no smallfeat.l suggest Black Lctusfor the il"011)'."

- Ruaat'nK, CUN ESHm HScHoIAJ\.'1


'To sail with a. Blcu:k Ark is one of rhe &reatesr honour.s rhat CZ1\Y Druchii could ever aspirero. I trained long and hard to earn1l'\Y berth uP9n rhe Wind oj' DCim.nation., slOJ1ing several undeserving rivals to the post aiong the WClJl. It is a W01'tlpi [ife .. 1 get to regular(y practicenty skills upon our l'I't41'U'enemies and one tenth oj [he plunder that Ise~eis mine to keep. Slaves, gold, andJarne, these tOO can be yours if you are ./JQld."

-~. DaUCHD. Cotl.SAlR. 'We dominate the seas of [.he world because rhey are OUJ::S [0 do wilhas we wiU. Our weak willed ccu.sinsonce held all the oceans in their grasp. buraUowed them. to sUp a~as rhej1 declined into dOCQdence. Not so, our forces. We.strike where and when we will, [eaving .no doubt who are the

rrue masters of rhe seas. We make s[a.vesof the lesser because rhe,)' are.JitJor norhingetse.ltis on{y just that rhe..)'shOtdd srrivejorthetr betters. What is .~insulting is how seldom aJtYoJ them realises the honour we dorhem by enslaving [hem. T.hose we take are priuiLege.d to join, something fargrearer thanrMJ ever would'wbeer\ aWe

to if we LeJr.them ro leG.d the:irpatheric littlt Iive$.To serve 1he Witch King MaW<i:lh is IO serve thegTearest ruler

the world has ever known. Iris a .shame rhal rhe wrerche.s cannot see that; bur what can you expect of suchanimaW"

- Of liAR. GANmI


I'J'veheard tales d their entrancing .beauzy. Sure'nwhaI sailor has not? The..)' dance among rhewil'lds rangingdtr strange isles thar appear on no map, their beautiful 'IIOicfs calUng honest sailors [0 forsake their shipmates and swim out [0 join them. Join them. tMY do, J reckon, when they drown or gel dashed [0 pieces on [he sharp 1I.!Cl:iting rocks. Either WCO',lhey're meat.Jor the Harpies. When you .bear stt'CInge sounds at sea lads, stuff yet ears with COtton or wax and heed.nor rhe Harpy's song,for there's nothing but death in if for ye/'

- EDGAR, SHIP'S MATE "There is an ancient song Jrom the daum of the wortd thaI is srill sung.!),)' .t1\Y peo~ .• It is ~atled the L. CO' of Nashara, .rhe Mmress of Wings .. Like men oj our

olden songs, it is stld thoughfairro hear. Nashara was

a. priestess who anendeda temple b,)'rhesea, where she

fed r.he gTeal sea birdJrhQ.t her lord loved. Though .he roamed fM ocean on tnal'\Y a trip and was gone for year.s at a time, SM was ever faitliful [0 him. After long years oj awaiting hisrerum.1 when his ship jinall,ycame into port, she rushed down fO meet her love, but on histrttvels, he had found a Rorher .and. s s .. pu· •. rned .. her: She.. hid. her. fIlin, went ,back co her temple and began [0 tnstruarhe bIrds

as to her wilt With subtle enc.hantm.ents she bound them .[0 her (1M she [0 them, mixing her very Mood with their.s.

-.f3 -

When she was reac{y, she summoned her lord with honeyed words, sqying rhar she bart him no mome and would

give him and his new bride tokens of her qfferticn. Not understanding the danger [hey were in, [hey came unto her templt. There on [M edge of the sea, they were rom

to pieces. But seeing her lord, whom she Stitz loved, slain before her by her oum will, Nashara went mad with gritf. Wailing and screeching like rhe birds she had chained [0 her will, sheflung herself into ehe OCtan. Harpies are the descendants of the Mi.str-ess of Wings and they sha,.e in their ancestress' feelings towards sailors."

- THENuRous, ELVEN MINsnw.


be good, nor unlike rhe great gulls that follow the vessels of the Maritnburgers. Do not be beguiled by [heir looks, kill [hem flJhenyou canfor they're voracious nature wilL lead to them harrying a ship for days."


The ether tales of Harpies are of an entirely different nature. Tbereare sailors who .sweat that Harpies can sil:Jg with beautiful voices, belying rbe thought that they are nothing bur beasts. Their songs can supposedly drive a man mad with longing, enough so tllat he will risk his life to get to them. Tbe Elves

of Ulthuan speak not of the Harpies, often quiedy refwing

to discuss them at all, though this may be due to the number

of noble Elven warriors that were tom to pieces by the beasts. Other Elves are not always so redeem,

"They are gorgeous, are they norl I suspect thar they are indeed rhefavoured daughters of Khaine. Fm- 'l7\Yself, I cannol speak to their connection with rhe Witch Elves, b1Lt I can edl you with cerrainfY thsa rhey are nor mere beasts. I once saw a Jlock oj Harpies torment a sailm- for several hours, savouring his terror and pain before ritzy finaU,y ripped him to pi£ces in an orgy of blood. " beast cannot delqy its pleasures in such fashion."

- LAl<:B.0'n:I MAL, DIu.JCHII CoR.SAJll..

'They are beasts, nothing more or less. The apparent sitnilarizy roferil Elvish maidens is a Cf1l6l hoa~, no doubr by one of tht rwiswf Gods of Clwos, or perhaps the Lord of Murder. H arpits hove neither

t.he abiliO' [0 reason nor rhe capacity to engage in all}'

sort of battle raeries. Th(y simp(y S10tep doum on [heir

prey and rip it to pitces. Their occasional collections of rreasurefrom [heir victim's bodies are not unlike 0 bird's fascinarionwilh o· bright or shill}' object. Theyfollaru the ships of the Dark Ones because ritzy know the pickings will


hope mixed with rhe 10ail of babes rornfrom their mothers" breasts. It bellowed as ir oome upon US; the winged death, the Manricore and our steeds, r.hough UKtr trained and battle rested, tried fojlee before it. J4y brother knight

H olger and his horse becllme naught bur red ruin as it feU upon them, greeJ.yfor rheir 1Oarmflesh, which it ripped, Steaming,Jtom their bones as 106 looked on in horror. Oktar charged it and received a rale slApfor his efforts rhar bent his breastplate in twain. The beast looked about at us,

irs mockery of a. Humanface blooc{y with irs kills, a'nd seeing that we 'weren't cifraid,rried fa rake .rowing, perhaps to flee, per1u!ps to come at usJrom another angle. We were never to know,fm- as it Stretched f onb ill massive lmrhery pinions and began to rake flight, Caproin Rein10ald dea1r it such a fitrce blow

with his hlImmer that its joint gave wqy 'With a resounding crack and it plu;mmned, screaming all the whiU, into rhe valley below us. Ulric was with US that dqy and if I was ever 10 hear thar cry on the wind again,

I believe I'd ride in rhe opposite direction."


iilt was cold t!wt dqy, nor the blessed cold of Ulric, which invigorates the limbs and makes a man know he's alive, b1Lt the cursed cold that blows off the northern wastes, carrying with it a hint of ash and taint. Our pat7'ol was roaming through rhe lowlands of the Middle Mountains, searching for a band of Beasrmen whose trail 'We'd stumbled upon. We thought ro catch them before they could ma1ce their 1IXU' through the high passes and trap them in the deep snows. When first we heard it, we thought it was meretv

a t7'ick of the winds, but [he clow it came, the louder its cry. Ir 10aS f.ikt

nothing I've heard before or since. lIS roar is the

death of

-.ff -

''The.Y are Chaos' d4rk reflection oj the GrifJon,Jor Chaos must, by its namrt, mock all. rhar we hold dear.

For where a GrifJon is a noble bease, his wild .narure indicative of aJierc,e andfree heart, the Manricore is

an unwholesome fiend of vile appetites. Griffons only hUnt rofeed or provideJor their young. Manticores hunt whenever the whiJJt.tV srrikes. While Griffons typically cull only fM weak or old, Manticores will inevirab{y prey on the and t.nnocenr .. Kill them mercilessJ.y if ever you have the opportunity, or ehey shall certainty lallyou."



''There are those tba: 51\)' they can speak in [he tongues of Men, or at Least, the dark longue of the Beasifolk.I once gave little credenci: to such rumours, but the tale of Marienburg sailor h(JJ since given me pause. He claimed to havefought in a desperate sea ba.ttle with ehe Marienburg navy against a ship rhaIsupposeclJ.y resred upon the back of a sea serpent. As ourLandish as rhar tale useif ml\)' seem, many others have confirmed it. During

this battle, a Manricote supposedty flew our from one of rhe high towers of the odd serpent vessel. As it flew over Ihe navy's ship!, it .supposed(y roared out insults i.n itsfoul tongue. I have no idea what a Manricore was doing en sea, but there it is."

- Km.srEN HULTZE, MEilCHANr There an: rumours that certain Elves practice the breeding of Manticores amidst the black obsidian peaks of d~ mountain ranges thatdominatt: the Land of Chill, far to the wen of the Old World. How they manage to tame such vicious creatures

is unknown, though many stories indicate that the Elves of that Ia.nd are every bit as fierce as the Mandcore they raise. Scholars that ask too many questions about such matters lend to find few answers ora messy death.

"Mounts for our dark kin. Their bloodlust is the reflection of the dark l.ord of Murder to whose service they are conseC"'O.ted. Fear the Manticore nor mere(y for what it is; fear it because the pri:sence of one signals the approach of our esrra.nged brethren. Sooner face a do:ten Manrirore than the one who would dart to ride one into barrle."



"1 have never faced a dragon, bur I cannot see haw one could be any worse than the Hydra I fought. It was enormous, each head more [.han capable of biting a man in half or swallowing him whole down one of its long sna~ necks. I was fighting for a Merchant Prince of, one of TiIta's grand ciries and we'd beenfotced to cross through a swamp on the way to an e.ngagemenr with one of the prince's rivals. 1 swpecr. it was onl,y bad luck that: we came upon the Hydra. It didn't roar, so much as make a bubbling hiss, like a grand cat, which iJsued from all of its heads at once. Some of 7J\)' f eLlaws soiled themselves at the sOlLnd. Old Loci even drowned in the swamp mud as he fell shrieking ro the marsh at the mere sight of the thing. It starred to charge us bur stopped when one of rhe lads put Q_ couple of bolts into it. This seemed like a good idea till it spat a column of Jire at him, which roasted him on tM spot. I'd like to SOJI we put on a brave shaw and slew the beast, but it isn't so. It waded in and tore us to pieces. The battle didn't last long and I think it only ende.d because the Hydra became bored with the Little sport we offered.. It snatched up three men and carried them, screaming, oif into the swamp. We didn't try to save them, we just ran."

- BENGT, MER.CENAR Y ''They are wondrow strange are the Hydras. Their fearsome aspect and mulriple heads ari: legendary though few indeed have ever met one or lived through the encounter if they did. I've heard rumours that certain rribes of Swamp Goblins worship the hydras and leave them Qjferings to diverr: [heir wrath. Mote l.ike(y [0 appease their hunger, I should think, bur still it goes to showing just how powerful(y a Hydra Ctln affect those

who've encountered it. This iJ no surprise, as Hydras

are near(y immortal beasts, living dcwn through the

long years I.InI01AC.Md by time's ravages. The Crimson Scourge of Zh-~fbar, a. particularly large red Hydra,

has been period.icaI.(y rerrori:{ing [he region around that city J or well over a thousand. years. Every time some courageous warrior gets set to s1.4JI it he's either killed or only manages to wouhd it. After afew decades sleep in the de.ep caves around. Black Water the Scourge once again emerges, irs injurres regenera.ted and. iJ:sjury unabated. I've Lost rrack of the number oj rales I've Mard about Hydras, but Hydra slqyers? 1 /maw only one such story and tM hero died along with the Hydra!'



"Yes gentlemen, I thimc it worthwhile to consider

rhe Hydra (JJ afoe. You 51\)' no creature of Chaos is predicrnble,.yet.l submit that they as stable as ayU1 beast so subject co mutation can be. Times being as they are, our brave soldiers mqy soonface one or more of them on fM field of war. You have askld me to uncover the weaknesses oj that which you. mqy fight; should you conJrOnt a H,ydra,you.r targerlies within irs torso. Every parcel of iJt!ormarion that I've discovered convinces me that their large central rrunk iJ what rrut.Y holds the Hydra's brain. How else cauld irs ma1'\Y headsfuncrion in concert, with no great loss of function if several are dtsrroyedf ElAch mqy certain{v have a vestigial intellect, but the central conrrolling mind is in the bo«y. Unjorrunare(y, the organ rhat ignites their fiery breath lUs as the junction of their necks, close to the brain and. the spot is, naturally, very well armoured in scales. I strongly suggest that our artillerists aimjor thefront and centre of the torso, as nothing else

- -tS -

short of ajuU charge by Iln armoured knight will r,nmare thar armoured hide ouer that most cruc:iaL of spots. '

- MAluANNF. SossEa. ANATOMIST Hydras are rampaging and voracious reorseers. No roam:r how much they comwne, they seem to always be i:Iungry for more. 'I1cir prcs.mce will swifdy Jevel most natwal swroundings, reducing thon to barren waste within .a month or so of their

taking up resident:t Y:'hi.cb fotCtS t~ to ~ve on or s~.

While Hydras are nughty beasts thd:r continual cbtruro.on of their environment inevitably leads to their death as more and more enemies oppose them. 'There are but a scant few 1d"t in the Old World outside of the Chaos Wastes and of those, perhaps only one or two within the borders of the Empire. However. no Hyeha has ever been reponed to have died of old age, leading many to believe that if they aren't ageless, ~ are at the least intmholy long lived. A number c:i huntttS that go seeking after Hydras do so in the hopes of discovering the key to their I.ongeviry.

Over the years, a disturbing new sourc:c oft:alt!S and infonnatian about Hydras has become evident to the scholan of the Empire. Rumour holds that: one of the Biven trim. of the Land of 0ill1 has taken to brttding Hychas as war beasts. This is a fairly ~ revelation in the Old World, as many Ieamed mm would've sworn that such a thing was impossible, a Hydra being tOO fltttt a beast

to tame in such a ma:nner. 'The few that know anything of such milttttS offm SllSpfCt that sorroy must be involvtd.

"We had drawn up our battle lines and waitedfor their coming, those dark raiders from across the sea. There

was a stirring amidst [heir forces and whmjirst I saw the beast, I thought it was simp(}' a larger version of the hideous reptiles chat t~y javo,ur as animals. 0nQ! whenir stallred f OT1IJard could I discern the ~ing of

irs numerous heads. MY squire gasped IHydra!' and I knew he was right. Two raiders dressed in black armour drove itjOT1lJQrd with r~ored whips and what 1 presutnt werejoul curses in their dark tongue. I remember being surprised that the beast didn't just consume themjor their temerity, so massive did ir seem when compared to their slightjorm.s. Cruelty knows nojrame, I suppose. Some

of the peasants lost heart at the sight of it, bur knigh~s live for the priuil.ege of facing such a foe. It did nor die easy, but in [he end it didjall, though it took mal\)' brave souls with it. Ii you should ever have to Jacesuch, see to it that you kiU its handlers quick(y. After [hey died in a volley, the Hydra 1IJQS conj1lJedjor a rime and attacked ajew oj [he raiders that srrqyed tOO near ir,"



jjBlut paint. I remember that the most, 1 do. His blue inkings. WeU, chat and his thing, oj course. See, rhisfeUow was passing through

the village I was trading in, not the biggest market, it being our oj

the 1IJCU' and aU, bur the Stout Boar is as fine as tavern as you'd ever want. A7U'1IJq)', chis young traveller was cauered in the most intricate blue marks I'd tver sem.l've been to Marierlbu.rg, so I know a thing Ot' two about MiLor tattoos, bur r.he zymboLs thar adorned. that one put them aU to shame. He had rhis_ thing with him-It 'WO.S taller [han

a drqfr horse and covered about in a stained roberhat could bareO' c01llain it. Forrunate(y, he had it wait our ina stable, or chere 1IJOUld've been trouble. Why, as it was, some oj rhe locgu 1IJIITe fixing to send him on his UXU'. Forrunate(y j or them, his calm words rallr.ed them out of a. Yes, I SGid them and tnt, roo,jor that matter. See, thar night foul Beastmm machd the village and the blue inked wanderer and his, er, travelling companion, pur them to TOUt almost

by chemselves. Why, I even saw the ching uproor 11 [Tee and impale a bull headed creature with it!"

- JOAQ-IIM, PEoOLEll '!()h, qye, I've heard of them, but: it is aU a. big lie. See, .someuncommon(y .fn.ighr Ogres gOt it inrorheir .head rhat

if [hey draped themselves in sludge and acted like "swamp monsters" the'y could easily waylqy rraveUers and scare them our oj their goods. Just goes to show you ha1IJ gullible the country jolk Me? I'd never jollfor such a trick. 'Course, wlo' Ogres feel the need is beyond Me!'

-WCH mE SLIPl'ER. Y UItsmtlltd of decqy. Like stagnant WIller or loamjrom afoul. bog.

It didn't walk SO much as rolljorward, rancid sllUlge conrinual{y dripping f1'Om in hide, corrupting the ground were it uxd1ced. Peter soiUd

-46 -

Some witch~hunt~rs are concemedwith the ongoing appearance of fenbeastS in the Empm. While there an! a few ancient Ogham stones in pans of the Old World, they are dissimilar

to those of Albion and all of them lie far from the few marshes of the Empm. Sccing as the ma;orit)' of FenbeastS seem to

have some SOrt of master that drives them, this suggestS that a sorcerer or more likely, a necromancer, has discovered a new way to create Fenbeasts - a dark prOSfJeCt that neithe1' the witch~

bunters nor the priests of Mon like at all,


himself and ran at tilt sight of it. I've never thought rht less of hi:mfor it; most of tht srrmgth lift 7I'TcY limbs when what passedJor its gru:,eJell upon me. SriIL, I1MJ11lgedto get

in a swipe or two, but 7I'TcY sword had about as much efJect

as it would have if I poked it into a swamp. It wasn't until Thiokcl. gave it a taste of his warhammer thar it real(y rook notice of us. It killed Jour men beJore we took it down. Even when it was on the grOUM., it: kept trying 10 get back up. On(y when Diehl. .srucka length of fine Tilton steel through its moster's backside did it stop twitching."



Fenbeasts are said to have originally come from the mist-shrouded island of Albion, an ancient land thought to have been naught but legend until a few years ago, when chance allowed for

its redisooVl!ry and word of the rich prizes that it held spread throughout the Old World. Advemurers, expeditions and raiders from every race and nation foundthcir way to Albion's fog covered shores where they fought to claim some of the island's "vast riches" for themselves . .Rumour has it that most of them found nothing but a painful death amidst the age-old Ogham stones that cover the isle. Ogham Stones are rune-covered rocks thatsupposed1y channel mystical power. Empire sages believe that it is with these Ogham stones, in con;unc:tion with a couple of groups of secretive mystics, that Fenbeasts come into being.

'They grefoul creatures, crafted by sorcerous rituals

at forlorn spots deep in the rrackless swamps of Albion, where a previous wqyfarer hastost his life. TMir forms are ryPicaCt;v made up of swamp mud and the detritus oj bogs. Their ems are strange and mournJul. A spel[ caster of sorts oftm accompanies a Fenbeast, but nor aLwqys. TM spirit that inhabirs them continual(y seeks revmge

against 1M living and so [h~ kill, unabated, unless lhtir dark master bids rhem otherwise. A Prien oj Morr can lqy one [0 rest, bur: it is no eazy fear."

- MEnuous NUlL FlI..OM ON TIlE M.lsrY ISLE FenbcastS have been sported in the Empm for several yOllS

now. Inc:I«d, there are some sages who speculate that the first appearance of a Fenbeast was severaJ. yean before the rediscovery of Albion . .Regardless, a small num1x:r of them now roam the Old World . Reason would suggest that they would stick to the swamps, but they'v~ been seen in the forestS of the Empire as well as the mountains. What they want, or even if they want at all, is a topic of some debate among sages.

"1 leU you they an sorcerous constructs, lacking 'VOl.ition oj their own. Withour another's will [0 drive lhem, t.llty would. srand near{)! motionless for hours, t.hough I grant their ooz,ing forms nuzy continue to churn slow(y, bur thar is on{)' indicative oj their natural stare. TMY are mindless killers, nor unlike certain oj the l.ower farms of tM undead. However, I think elltir e,l£mtntal naruremakes rhemJar more dangerous than a1\Y mere skeleton. Their recuperative properties are said to rival a Trcll's aM. this makes sense, though I suspect they would require emersion or ar least exposure to a swamp [0 efJeailJel,y replace lost 'tissue'."



"BlOCH(y great things [h~ is. Feet big as a horsts trough. I should know, a whole load of 'em sram .. pe d ouer thefiel.d yonder nor two week's hence. That's a half hUl'lnard's weighl of cabbages I shan't see again in a hurry. Wark

'l' er rhe aM'lU' so I hear. Prerr,y thick, bur you point 'em at the ene1I\Y and sczy go.-well,I hear the crows don't get no Look in if you catch I1'I:Y meaning. J hear's rllty'll dig up the dead and ear themyou know. Old Hobfrom down

the wqy says they eat dogs! Dogs 1 reUyou! It comes to somnhin' when our Karl Fran.{ sees fit ter ofJer these lunks work in the Imperwl ranks. I rezt,YQu, I ain't having one rooM. here+ru» UJlUI! T~y smeu,s like a sheep's dag eM. and they'll ear out our of hearth and home."

- R.n.Km. KOHL, lEA.sANT FAR.MElI.


Ogres are big, ugly, brutish monsters that excel at two things: eating and fighting. An Ogre is easily recognized by this

massive frame and boulder-like gUt. Some have been reponed at ten feet tall, though given the Ogre's intimidating look, this could easily be an exaggeration. Their grayish, flabby skin conceals tough muscle and alanning endurance. Amongst most folk, this combined with their bristle-like hair and poor personal hygiene is enougb reason to shun rbese crude beasts.

"Now, no one who has ever smelt and Ogre will believe rhis, but tllty are an exceedingty proud race, and none more so than tilt mercenaries that have venrured to tilt land of menJor money. To an Ogre, his status is everything. It will dictate whom he might 'marrJ'(;/ one can call ir char) where in rht Ogre Lands he will live, when he gas to eat, what his God will think of himr in short everything rhar i.s imporrl'lntto an Ogre. To chis crude race, might is right.

A large Ogre, with a huge gut, battle scars, trophies and battle paint i.s dearl,y a high status beast-one nor to be messed with! IJ challenged, an Ogre will rartl,y rum down a1\Y sort of eonresr, be it belching, and Gut barging, Pit Fighting or eating. To rurn tlltse down is [0 looseJcu::e. Better [0 [ok£ parr and loose chan reJuse!



44()h, ptopl£ sqy rhey'1'eS[upid, but I'U teUyou t:his-t.hey know the clink of Gold right enough. Strong as buUs they are, and. seem to knO'llJ Uttle fear. I've certainty uen them face things that would make moS[

ordinary troops soil themselves. Yes, they're often underestimated. Yes, they drink

and eat and bellew, but unrilyou've seen chem punch through and flank a Line, well, lets juSt say you learn a little respect for those flabby heads of theirs. SrOU[ mercenaries, but don't dellY them rations. The,lll llod. and agree ami two hours

later you'll be saying 'where's the horses?'"

of associates of mine were Spendillg some rime on the Emperor's sufJerallCe due to his toose lips. He'd gor wind. I was qfrer him and hired a great mountain of an Ogre to gw.rd his person. SilfcY fool offered him gold.

Talk about not kncwing Ogres! I'd met a couple before, due ro Q little time spenc in some oj the,

ah, 'correctional' regiments maill[oined by Ole Todbringer youste? Al\Yhow, seeingrhe state Of play I gOt hold of the biggest hunk of beef you've ever seen, Big as .Ronald's debt it was. I hired me three Ha(flings to coo.k the

damn rhing, right there, in the street outside his howe. Gods! There was beggars and Urchins from miLes around. a·dribbling over the smell of

this joint. I was waiting jwt two hours qfore he came charging

out of che howe and. rore into the thing. I was able to slip in, attend to me 'business' ami get out in 0 trice. See to an Ogre, it'd be irreligious

and disrespectfuL to their God not to ear: something before you. You know thar:, ami you knows all you need to know about 'em."

- CAFTAlN ScHuLTZ Ground glass, Mandrake and. essence of Nightshade. In the Jood. There's alwOJ'sfood.


Thing with Ogres is rhe,lre a bad mark see? They don't have m.uch but J or them. great big beLty shields and mqybe a few earrings. Them thar's got Goldfrom Soldiering, rhey rend to be pretzy good at keeping hold

oj i.t,you gel mel Now, if

on the other ha,nd, you're

rifter a merchant thar's guarded by an Ogre, well then, that's a different case. NO'IIJ, I recaU I was in Al.tdorJ one rime, on, •. ah._a little spot of guild business shaU we say? Yeah, I can see you get 17\Y meaning, well now· The gent in quenion had been a liule carefree wilh his information. A c"Ouple


"WIu' bower with the grindin' and ehe bread biI I u~ JeS[ get straight to the killin' an' the an' the money, That an' a dog anna sricJc...crunchy an' wiggty all at once."


Pray hark! To brave Sir Baldrin's tale Who rraveledjarto mountain vale, To slay an ogre,jiend or drake And meet his 'Laqy oj ehe Lake' Dismounting now, Sir Baldrin strode Further stiLL up mountain road, From nook and. cran1U', hungry I()Its Did stare, [hen widen in surprise And thus it was that OgrefouL Stepped OUI, and gave aJearsome growl:

"I'll grindyer bones [0 make my bread" The Knight replied "I'lt have your head!"

Sir Baldtin charged, with greatsword raised His downward stroke the Ogre gra~ed, The monster's club came arching clown, And landed hard On Baldrin's cr<mm There came a gris(y snapping sound The Knight waS pilched unto the grwna,

But here Baldrin's tale does nor emi, Whar: awaits our Brettonifrinull His guts were gobbled then and there The rest dragged to Ogre's 1m.r

Sir BaLdrin's heart, so stout ami true T oak pride of place in wholesome stew His legs were chewed, his Jingers grilted His Lungs with Garlic burter filled Bones were snapped and. marrow bled Then powdered into Ogre bread Chain-mailJitted Ogre's arm (Tho not with BaLdrin's dan4Y charm,) His great sword, once a weapon dire Spitted meat on openfire

His I.con-thrawn inro tM h£arth His breastplate-now a gob{yn's bath His blanker-wed to stqff a hole His skulL-a hollow drinking bowl And 50 then rhis Brerronian'sfare W O.S mer upon an Ogre Plate

Let ye be warned: when eastward bound Prqy take somefriends, Lerye beJound



- .. -


"Oh, I've sem one all right. Even spoke. with him. Came downfrom the World's Edge, he did. 'Was half again

as big as Ka.spar's barn and almosr as wide. Moved swift~ than a running horse, though I don't suppose he was trying to, it's JUSt [hat his stride was so long, each

step took him half a furlong. I was out on rhe fields and ev~ybo4Y else ran away, bur I've never bem any too quick, so I whispered a prayer to Sigmar and stqyed put. Well, this Giant, he stops and g~es down ar me. He looks a Urrle unsreac(y, weaving in plGce and I caught a hint oj alt. 'HtJ MAN,' he says, and 1 think 17\Y bones art going to break wah theJorce of his voice, 'IS THAT THE .ROAD TO T A.LA.BHEI M7' he asks, vague(y waving one peat arm towards the west. 1 allowed liS it was .. THANK YOU,' he rumbled, then he was oJJ and away over the horq:on so quick he was our of sighr before the echoes of hisfinal "YOU" had ended. Polire mough sort, though I wish he hadn't stepped on J7IJ' cow!'


"Above aU rings, even dere vast height, you vill remember dere stench. Each one reeks so srrong(y of liquor char ehe fumes will set your eyes to wattring. I've seen a Giant carcass lie Jor five days, unrorring, as the carrion slow(y srrii'ped the flesh oJf his alcohol preserved hide. And dere brearh,ye Gods! Den breath . .Rancid andfoul, d~e huge reeth strung llbout with decqying remains of dere last four or Jive meats. Ya, I have fought alongside dem., so

1 know more than most toor still can talk, eh'? Dere are many in m)' homeland, al'IIX\Ys have bem,for they love

ehe cold places, though I can.norsllY wit)'. Somerimesrhey fight for the Northern tribes. Sometimes against us. Bur alwqys the)' want hard drink andJoodfor pay and they arm'r particular for either. Once, Long dgO, titre were many across all the lands, but Man drove dem to the mountains where they couldn't befollowed easil,y,Jor they have alwqys bem Jew. Your great Sigmar killed som.ein his day I rink and the Long Beards claimed countless over the year,. They ari! terriMefoe.s. DeTt clubs are made from whole trees, Set with swords, and [he)' can smash three men in a single blow, evm more with a good sweep. They don'rfeel pain as we do, or trttzybe it's all the liquor rhu drink, bur theyllfight on long oJter they should be dead. The)' aren't so smarr, bur when you're so big, you don't real(y need re be, do yoa?"



Giants an! $OM(! of the largest creatures to still stride the surface of the Old World and their battle prowess is justly feared. Incked, if they were even vaguely organised, their sc:attettd ttibes could still offer a terrible tMOt. to the Empire. Fortunately for aU the "linle" races, conscious thought seems to be ~hat painful fOT Giants and they prefer the oblivion of alcohol to dreams of ~venge. Various scholars have offered

opiniom on why this should be so over the centuries and there is no definite answer.

'The key, gentlemen, is in [heir height, thar very essence that makes a Giant, giant. The world cannot abide

such bulk, from. the moment they f.irst drawbrearh they al'e in pain. Growing pains, surety, bur mor!!, so much m.or~. The world claws at them, drags at them alwqys, whispering 'lie down, Ue down, rest upon the e4rrh and rise no more'. They drink to bldl our this endless pain!'

- WAl.DEMARR, ScHOI.All. Of Nuw Regardless of the: reason, Giants drink to excess and they're constandy inebriated. Even the most sober of Giants is usually

a bit tipsy. Being caught under a stUmbling Giant williod (0 broken limbs at best and more than likely result in one's being pulped. Giants consume prodigious amounts of flesh and if rhey are conscious, they are either odng OTthinking about their next meal. A single Giant can devour tbe equivalent of five whole cows a day and still have room for more. This incredible need for sustenantt is often thought to be the primary reason why Giants turned to a mercenary lifestyle. The high unassailable ~ of the Old World mountain ranges where they dwell are unsuitable for fanning, not that any Giant would be inclined to do 50, which meant that they had to find their food e1sewhe~. Fighting as a mercenary offers a constant supply of meat and drink, see.iJ)g as they have no compunctions about eating other races, or for that matter, other Giants and sinct gold has little use fOT a Giant other than as ornamentation, they are often willing to fight for the spoils alone. The frequent prescoo: of Giants amongst the f orces of the g~ skinned races is thus easily explained: the Orcs and Goblins lives of constant warfare results in a steadier food supply. In addition, the Grttnskins

are fond of Giants .. Orcs because Giants are everything they aspire to be: large, strong and unburdened by thought. Goblins because Gianr.s are exacdy what they reed them to be: dumb as a post and relatively easily managed.

Then again, maybe Giants just like to kill.

"So Bargrub's Lad:{ are take'n a proper thump'n and all gming dead right fast. 1'5 cant have dat, 'cos I need the sod's grunta.s, bur I's havn a bit 0' fun, aLL stuck

in an such. So I see Lagru.emorgr, hav'n a lor of drool on 'is gob and not much else ra do and 1 SI\)'S he should take hisself over to where Bargrub is and sort OUt da hum.U .knighu wot are vern 'im. So Lag's game, an 'e trots over to get stuck in, an sharpish, humie knightS are learn'nJl.ln less'ens wit no wings. Lag gets a bit carried awl\)' tho, 4n 'e starts holler'n an leap'n around and pretty soon 'efeU over. Kilt most of dll Itumies, an Bargrub, an a.jew '0 dagrunras, [00. I laughed so "ard 1 tbout soiled meself. Da biggest pig un's are always goodfer a 14ugh."

- W AR'U:/l,S FLA YGlT BoNESHAKER. ''Whatever you use, use a Lor of it!'

- R.naaT'TIK, CLhN EsHIN "ScHoLAR." f'lt seemed like a grand opportunity. He was producing such thunderous snores char even if 1 didn't have one

- 49-

oj the lightest steps in AltdorJ, he never would've heard me. So what did I Jind in that vast purse, thar most legendary oj treasure troves, the Gian~s sackl I'll cell you what 1 J ound: two live shup, one dead goat, several leaky buckers, a busMl and a half oj crushed apples and one half .-eaten H alfling. Still, wam'[ a total loss: the HalJling had eight CrowM on him."


to the wind and il takes aJar greater amount oj liquor to keep my joints timber. 1 don't aLwqys gauge just how m-uch I need very well though!'


"Los: and done. Our empire is no more, lost in the sands, trampled b,)' insects. Ours is rhe long slow Jade to quiet. IronicJor we whose voices once s.hook rhe mountains' roots. Nor man,)' tift [0 mourn our passing now, not that you scurrying parasites would bother. OJ course we turn to drink. .. or to the darkness in the North. Both- are wqys oj Jorgetting what we've lost!'



"1 drink [() ease the cold. Why should that surprise you? Don't your kind as wea? 1 have Jar more skin ezposed


"Bah! Miserab{ecrearures. They stealJrom our /lerds and sPy Jor IM damnedJorest Elves. When.ever we go on a Lumber run, one or two oj IM accursed things is oJten alreac(y hovering high overhead, just out oj crossbow range. HUmt11lS al'UX\)'s go on about how they think thVre so 'noble'. Rubbish. They're scavengers who'llJeed on anything thar rhey can catch and carrion if they can't. I onzy have one good thing to sqy about them: if you do ever manage [0 bring one down, they makeJine eating."

- HM.KON SKM.LISON, DwAB.F RANGER "For years I'd ontv seen them wqy up, gliding on [he wind. I never hoped to see one up close, but the Lac(y heard 11\)' wish 1 think. hbt lord and I were [rQvelling on a hunt when I htarel. wha.t I knew was a bird's cry, bur

unlike any I'd ever heard beJore. I've been near Jalcons many a time, bur this was to aJalcon's cry as a lion's roar is to a kitten's. It pierced us to

tht quick and scared Sardin, 7I'1JI bors«, something Jierce, My lord's armour rung with the echo O.if it, We gaLLoped over [0 where we'd heard fM sound and what was there, I askye? The

most wondrous large eagle PVt ever seen, rearing a mass of o,.cs to shreds. They were milling about and yelling es rhey do. My lord charged in without a second thought, as is his 'UX\)'. We'Cl we handled them righrl,y enough, but we saw that rhey had been lqying in ambush and with.our our Jeathered beneJactor, it wouldn't oj gone so well with us. Azy lord, to his great credit, realised this and when we Jinishe.d sorting them out, he bowed to the Great Eagle and ofJered his thankJ. The bird nodded once, as regal asyou please, then leapt into the air and was gone with two bears oj his mighty wings. That, 11\)' Jriend, is wful my lord's cresr has a Grea.t Eagle on is"




"'fhey can be asJierce as a northern storm wul just as swift if they've a mind to. When rhey dive, if you bUnk, you'll lose sight oj them; They don'tJeeLJear as we do, or if so, they hide it well I saw one take on a grifJon without hesitadonwhen it came to dose to his eyrie, and I've heard teU that the mothers will even aS5auU a dragon if their chicks are threatened. Now whether char is so, or onl,y regarded as such, doem't real(y matter. It sqys a. lot about them [hat most belifl)e ilwithout queStioning."




"They are frtdeed a proud race, przytn,g all others who are wingless and rhus cannot expenence the joys of flight.

They can be ki.nt4Y, aJrer their Jashicm, though tMy do nor understand moSt oj our wqys. TMy elecest aIL the green skinne4 races as Orcs slaughter or drive qfJ the herds oj mcuTllain goats they natural(y prtV upon and Goblins Jind Great Eagle eggs to be a rare dtlicat::y. Erhelior the Cunning has lived. long in their whistling songs J or his devious trap whereby he desrroyed a massive Ore horde by shrieking through me mountain passes in such a wqy that he set off

an avalanche. Once, long ago, even as we counr time, &ttr heroes rode upon t.heir bOcks into battle .. 1 have heardthar ar this, what I.ooks to be the beginning oj the Ending oj Dqys that [he old wqys have retu.r'IUd and once more, the Great Eagles Olrry S01I1l oj the heroes oj the Asur ro war."

- NETHLAll.F.lL, F.u MERCENAR.Y The Great Eagles have long fascinated d-Ie scholars of the Empire for another reason. they ~ to be immune to the taint of

Chaos. All other natural creatures, when too long exposed to the warping eff ects of Chaos eventually mutate. Not so the Grea.t Eagles.

"For there is a secret here, ont qf grmt and powerJul purpose. There has never been a reporr qf a mutated Grear Eagle, nor in aU the dqys oj the Errtpire. Considering the qfJinily that rhe Coonger oj the Wqys hasJor birds of prey, one would think [har twisting .some oj them to his will would be almost inevitable,yer it seems [0 never oove happentd.1 know oj on(y one explanarion and ix is old incked. SeueraI. engraved ~s takmJrom. Lusrti.a 1 believe, res: within the ImperiM treasury. TMy are iNCribed with a.n ancient

rale regarding the Great Meles and a group of beings that supposed.(y predate Men. The eagles were supposetf1.ythe heralds oj thue 'old onet entrwted to carry their words to theJar corners oj the world. They were given ma1\Y gifrs

in order to aid in their task as UJelL as. and this is a rough translation mindyou, tgrear power against darkJorces. A child'sJairy rale, perhaps, bur.someone thought enough of the raleto inscribe it upon solid. gold."

- W AIDFlMU., 5cHoLAl!.. OF NutN


"Giant Spiders? Yeah, 1 seen one once. 1 was rra.cking this old dog fox through Counfvon Ric.hter''$Joresr one tim.e. Bease had gorren cocky and had starred taking some of the count's best game birds, or so we thought. I'd pic.ked up II trail oj feathers leading into a part oj [heJorest 1 didn't normally have cause [0 go in: all overgrawn it was, and coated in this sort oj sric~ stuJf. 1 was covered in it after just aJew minutes. Well, 1 Jound the bird, and t.hefox. Poor animal had had its head severed by somerhing, and 1 could hear this sort oj ridcing noise above m.y head. Well, I looked up, bur 1 wish 1 hadn't. BiggeSt darned spieler 1 ever seen. Must have been about j [ee: long in the boqy, and the legs, well, the thought oj them long hairy legs still m.akesme go cold, know what 1nuan? IlaJly one arrow, and 1 think 1 gOt it in t.he eye, but 1 didn't stop to check-"

- Farrz BoDGER., FoR.FSI1l1l.

I40hyes,1 remember [he rummerwhen we had the plague oj Giant Spiders. No one knows w/tv they swarmed down out oj the hills that do.y, bur we was overrun! MoSt decent Jolk locked themselves in their root cellars. They trampled on everything and carried off every sheep, goat and pig in the village. 1 heard reU that they took the m.qyor's da.ughter as well, and her on{y babe in arms [00. Mindyou, che.y said some Junny things abour him and his goings on. His house got burned down a Jew years aJter that, and not by accident neither. Funny business. But like I said, 1 was no' but a linLe'un!'


"WeU, let me tell you, lwa5 running with C1 compa1\Y near the Drak WaldJorest. We'd made campJor rhe

night near this old ruin. Just a coupLe oj waLls it WC1S really, but it gave some shelter [rom. the wind. Anyway,

1 'Was on second watch alongwuh three others, when these rhings came boiling up our oj [he ground. I've never be.en good spiders, but these were monsters. TenJeer tall on these tone hairy legs. There mwr have been wenty oj then at Least! Those of us who 'Were still asleep didn't stand a chance. They were bitren beJore rhey could deJend themselves, bitten and dragged OUlQ.}'. I just grabbed the nearest thing 1 hQd to hand whic.h was a brand our oj the Jire. Well, they didn't liJu· that, did they! The.y were backing awV' with rheir mourhparts cUlcking, and we bear chern back down into the pit they cra:wl.e.d

our oj. Then WI! retreated. 1 still have n.ightmares about thQr night, and what happened to the men we hadro leavt be.hi.nd!'


"The Forces oj Chaos seek [0 rampereven with creatures oj Nature such as rhe humble spider, warping them into huge horrors such as that slain by the great warrior Georg von HoJ. This qfJronr fO the natural order stands mummiJied in the entrance haU co the Ra.thaus in H of, as a symbol of the stand made by the [own and its greatest son against the coruronr danger oj Chaos. Chaos which never ceases to threaten to engulJ us the moment our vigilance is relued."


IISpears and arrOUJ.s tipped in Wyver71 venom mixed with salt . .Remove [he poison sacsJram. just inside the lower mandibles, and bring them to me."

- RnaaT'TlK, CLAN EsHIN ''ScHOLAP..''



shrieking runt: by rM scruJJ oj his neck and lobbed him back inro his own lines. The resulting anarchy sene Goblins running screaming in all direCtions. From the air I heard rhisgianr repealing 'hruJJ·hniff' sound and 1 realis£d Dear/ifang was laughing as he watched them scatter. So did me Goblins. A Dragon's amused contempr prerzy much broke chem and they allJlecL"

- SERGEANT UHLER CAl\.R.omJ:P..G, WAn. Doo "Foulest oj beasts, treacherous and evil For all their depredations, rhey are nothing bur glorified thieves. They cannot creare and so [MY denroy, burning OUI villages and sacking our IuUZs. Always, rhey wait rill we art weakest, when rabbi andJoul rat men beset us. Only then do they swtep i.n and attack. Gromril armour can Stand apra Drogon breath and no Dwarf is a stranger [0 Jire, bur even the Sons oj Grungni still need air to breathe. Dragons know chis and seek to carch us in the halls andJill them withflame. There is no Book oj Grudges without aJew lines dedicated ro che Drakk and many have whole chapters devoted entin(y to them."

-l<AB.GA FENNASOO'ITJlI.., DwARF TRADER "OJ all the ritles that tbe brave mqy aspire too none are as honoured amidst the races oj the Old World, or as rare, as that oj 'Dragon SlQYer' and with good cause. Dragons are nearly unkil.l a bte; their iron hide.! can deflw even the m.i.ghriesr weapons. Sigmar himself, wielding Ghal~MQ1'II1.t onlY managed co wound rhe Grear W yrm, .t\braxas.

"Nr'er.seen 00(, [hough oi've 'erd tell oj 'em,.Me Gran' swore chat hr'd seen one wing'n o'er r' Jields one night. Twas bigg~ lhan JaltcXIs bam, w' eJ1e5 Wee to rwo bonJires. Swooped cJ.own 'en gulped 0. 'ole cow like rums a. bir 0' StJJeet pastry, it did. Or so Gran' said, fiked his drink, did Gran'."

- GEBHARD, PEAsANT II Magnificent beyond ff\}' Jlawed words, I'm just an old soldier, it would rake a poer to capture the majesty of Q Dragon. I cmainzy never expected to even see a J irewyrm much ltssJighr alongsiO.e one, but a mercelUlry's rood takes him [0 strange camps. So ir was rhat IJound myself in the employ QJ die Prince oj .Remas and at 11\}' sW..e stood tM Elf Lord Asa1'nil and his Dragon mount, Dear/ifang, Asa1'nil rold me rhat 'Deat/ifang' was but a cnule translation oj

[he Dragon's real name. Mqybe so,!rut ir was Cerlainzy

an apr description. I've lose track oj t.he number oj J ees

I've seen him rout or destroy with his Jiery breath, to sq,y nothing oj hisJangs and talons. Dear/ifang is larger

than a townhouse, more solid rhan aJorrress. I once saw

a cannon baIL glance oJJ his hide. Bur what surprised me the most abou:t him 1IIQS that he had a sense oj humour. In a battle with SQm.e black and yellow clrul Gnenskiru rhat

[he lads caU'Nighr GobU.ns' one of their ball and chain widing I1I.Qniacs almost slammed into OUT lines. Just beJore he reached w, Dea.rhJang swept by, grabbed IM little

ShoUld a hero Qcrnally manage to Land a killing blow [hen M still he mUSt contend with the beasr"s spite,Jor all Dragons 'Wouldjane take [Mir slqyers with t.hem into Marrs realm."

- AxEL WlSSFNBVRG, W.\NDEIUNG.MlNsrRa "Our brethren from the oldest times, the purest and

rrtust expression of the pawer of life rhac chis world has to offer. Once eM skies werefilled with [heir graceful forms and [MY danced about the thermals that flow over CM mountains in inrric1'lte mating rimals that were Q

;oy [0 behold. They sar at the feet of V Qui and sec chei~ fiery breath to hearing his forges. When we went [0 war against rheforces of Chaos, [h~ carried fM greattsr oj our heroes upon thetr backs and [MY were ever the first to engage fM enemy and CM last to withdraw fr-om. the field. Now they dwindle, as do we aU, and. their $ongisfading to memory. When they perish enrire{y so I think shall we and perhaps char is onQ proper."


"It was 1M largest living creature chat I've ever encountered and I've travelledJarrher than most men can dream. It was aU muscle and scale; none of irs mass was given over rofar in a1\)l wqy that I could moved wirh such dead{y grace thst, even rhough Vaf'ek's valiant final attack had deep(y 'Wounded it, it stilL slid. across thefloor oj [he cavern with a smooth undulation that knew no pause. Irs leathern wings were heLdfast against irs boczy in the close conJines of tM cave, though r~ jle:J:ed a little as it reared [0 face us. Irs claws were longer than a man is rall, ehl smaUur of its teeth the length oj a.forearm.. Its tail was a razored weapon

of flesh and serrated bone. I could smeU the stink of Warpsrone on its breath, the whole oj iu lair reeked of it. Its eyes glowed with madness a.nd hatTed. Every instinct that I possessed rold ml to flee screaming, a'Way from

it. Had I not the misforrune of onc:efacing a Grea.rer Daemon oj Chaos, I would've sworn to Sigmar that it l.IIO.S the most frightening Ct'e<1tu.l'e I Mue euer fought. As it was, it came in a very close second!'

- Fwx]AEGEP.. mOM My TRAVElS Wmt Gonu!K, VOL ill (ALTDOP.F PIuss, :ljO.s)


While tbegreat size of Dragons' teeth and talons are weU known, the most famous of all Dragon attributes is their fiery breath. Capable of l!!Velling villages and reducing a fully armoured knight to cinders in an Instant, Dragon's breath is widely feared, though how they manage to produce flames is widely speculated in scholarly circles.

''Thly would seem to be able to ignite the very air itself, which gives rise to con;ecrure that their breath is, infaa,

of magical origin. This is cerrain(y supported by rhefaa root no tale suggests that a Dragon ever ~ns our' of jire. {f trury had an inret'Nll organ thar was producing Juel.

of some kind tMY could, presumab(y, lose their flame. I know of no natural source of hear, save rhe molten rock of volcanoes, which is capable of readiV melring stone lib a Dragon's breath can. I've also heard rales of Dragons rhar have been rouchtd by Chaos in such a wqy that their breath

is somehow corrupted by the contact and carries the stench of Warpstone. I m-usc corifess that I'm not whethnthar arguesfor a natural or magical originjor Dra.gon fire, but it's interesting all eM same. Wi\y is chis im.portant? I'U tell you wiry. IJ you should ever have to face Dragons on rM field of war and their breath is of magical origin, you 17UU' be able co dispel it a5 you would any otner enetr\Y mdumrmmt. Something to consider, eh7"



Whether it is a side effect of their breath or thciT great need for SUStenance the area surrounding a Dragon's lair typically becomes a desolate waste:land, devoid of aJIllfesave fOT a few Stunted plants. No sound disturbs such places for all anirnab and birds flee the area leaving it silent and empty. Those that would dare to seek OUt dragons in the Old World typically do so because they are either Dwarf Slayers seeking a noble ~thj or foolish treasure hunters hoping to acquire pan of the grand hoard of treasure that every Dragon seems 10 acquire.

"Dragons collect treasure to acquire a mate. The greater CM size of their hoard, the berrer a given Dragon's prospects are for a breeding parmer. Large hoards are 0'PicalU' gained either through might of arms or earned. Yes, I did sqyearned. It is true rhar ma1\)I Dragons sei.:{,ed rheirhoard r:hrough brute srrmgth, most often stealing it J rom. OIAr people, but long ago tM Dragons were our friends and allies. They helped carrJed out some of our halls and helped the .Rune Smithsjorge a number oj the Master Runts and in exchange, we craJted treasures oj surpassing beauzy that 'Were pUasing [0 their kind. You will have doubtless heard that we Dwa.rf 5 lost lhe knowledge of haw to make some

of the most pcrwerJvlrunes of oItJl Rubbish. When did a Dwarf ever Jorger aT\Yfhing oj value? No, we know how

co m.aJa tMm sriU, but some of tM grearest runes require Dragon's Fire to sec fMm into Gromril ancl qfter CM 1'I1ll1\Y bernzyals we've suJfered,we rrust the drakk no more."


Dragons seem to be a highly malleable race, adapting to their surroundings with time. There: are tales of forest Dragons with thin, sinuous bodies that allow them to rc:adily move amidst dense tree rrunks and scales that resemble fallen leaves. The Dragons of the Land of Chill have changed so far froro their origins that their bTQth has lost its fire, instead bcroming a corrosive mass of black vapour that can melt flesh from bone. Those that have changed the most are, of course, those that have fallen to Chaos.

11M of the two heculed Dragons Qf Chaos ar-e tM descendants of Galrauch, though nor every Dragon that has turned to Chao! is of his line. TM rewards of Chaos are many, wJty should not Dragons be tempted as surety as Men? Such drakes as turn [0 rhedarkness are wicked and clever beast's that delighr in the pains oj ochers. I have, on occasion, aLLied lfItYself with their kind, but I've never crusted any oj them as all orhers are lesser and. expendable in tMir eyes. A view, I mUSt admit, I admire!'

- Da. A1liIU!N ABoLAS, FACILITATOR. Of CtiANGE There is another typeof Dragon that even the bravest men shudder to speak of: the Undead. In the eldest days, when

a Dragon had grown weary of the world, r.hey would take

[eor, Hopt that 1'1\:)' Dragon brothers and sisters will shake oJJ their gra.nd slumber to rise again and that once more all the Lords oj Caledor will ride to battle on [he backs oj Dragons as oj old. AndJear thar if we do, when we do, it will be our last ride."


themselves far beyond the: World's ELlge Mountains, to a vast desert in the: south known as the Plain of Bones. There they would li.e down amidst the remains of their ancestors and will themselves to die. When the Great Necromancer Nagash cast his terrible RitUal of Awakening, a mockery of life crept into the: dead Dragon's bones and thc:y rose on tattered wings to seek out prey. With Nagash's defeat, they collapsed again, but some powers once unleashed cannot be easily banished. Nc:croma:rx::rs and.· V v am amp ires with great will andthc: right knowledge can still command the dead Dragons to rise and do thc:ir bidding.

"1 rhought tber« wereJtru1 pleasures leJt in the world that 1 had not alrecu(y experienced, cerrainzy none rhat were worth exptnding al'\Y eJJort [C1IIJards. I must conJess, though, [0 the great thrill I jell wlrm Jirst 1 bound Agorak the Silent to my will. As delicious as it was, it pal.ed in comparison to the joy Ijelt when Ijirw.Izy had the opporrunizy to unleash him on my enemies. Nothing quire like a Dragon to purjearin the heans oj men. So much [he beuer if he's Undead."

- CoNSTANTIN VON CARsrEI:N, V AMl'IRE LoRD For thousands of years now, only a handful of Dragons have been active in the world at anyone: time. In the Old World, only twO or three an: awake at anyone: time and usually they are content to stay near thc:ir lain. Burtbere are whispers on the wind that the$c: are the Twilight Days and there: is an age--old prophecy thaI says all the sleepers will arise for the last bank against Chaos.

(II walk through the Dreaming Halls and 1 Jeel change in the wind. In the rhythm oj their slumber, I see omens. Minaithnir tells me that he, too,jeeLs his brethren swimming towards consciousness. J dwell in hope and


"When che Old OnesJirst crqfted their GCIlesJrom the subStance oj stars, 1 was there to assist their labour. Down the long ages 1 have come, watching the rise andjall oj you Lesser reees andyour C'iv~ations.1've Laid waste to knighu and cities, burnedjwlds and routed armies in 1'1\:)' years. I could tell you much oj the world that you have Jorgotten and more chcuyou never knew, but I think

not. You andyours are ruittdJor nothing more than to provide me Uiith amusement and the occasional graceJul baUble J or my l.air. J see little else worthwhile abour you."



''Your lives to ours are as brieJ sparks to ragingjires,yer some oj you dance in rhe darkms¥ with such grace thar 1 cannot help but notice. I 1w:ve seen wonders jLC1IIJ Jrom the Jorges oj the DwarJs, the skill oj t.he Elves, and evenJrom the courage oj Men. 1 suspect [he admiration is quitr{y mutuaL I've observed the images rhar adorn the shields oj your mighriest '1IJQrriors and grace your standards. 1 think rhat when nw kind are gont,you will mis.s u.s."



'We were outnumbered by a.( least eight co one. The horrible litdt wretches kepc chanting their inane songs and cutting into my brave loeb wah their nast}' rusted lXades. They knew th.ey had us, I cOlJld see it in their loathsome red (YtS. Even

so, we sec to and. gave better than we goc. It would've been Il worthY last stand, but then this shadow jell over u.s. I J eLf the hairs on the back oj 1'1'\)' neck stand straight up as a cry that made my armour ring sound.edJrom above. Then che Count and. his mount Steelwing were upon the Goblins. ThQ didn'r even have a chanct [0 break beJore rh.ey were torn to pieces. ~ armour was coated with the gore that sprqyedJrom the ones Sttel1lJing mangled. The beast m.oued SOJCASt, 1 couldn't evenjoUC1IIJ his daws. When it was over, we all cheered and Sigmtlr's Trw:.h,as the COUnt raised his RUnefang in salute to our bravery, [he GrifJon nodded [0 us as well beJore leaping back into the skfy!'

- F.:R.Nsr WOLFENBUR.G, MERCENMY ''Oh, qye iI.'s alljllnc,y talk and great airs about what noble beasts they are, bur it's rUbbish. I've scaled the Wor!d's Edge near 20 yellrs to bring back their chides

Jer the gold and I'veyer to meet a single one that isn't as dumb es a posr. Those bird heads 0' theirs hold nothing but a bird's brains. Toss them a largt enough piect oj

meat andye can walk right past, /cU:k 'em in the arst if you've a mind as you go, and rhey'll tak.e no notice oj ye."


"They scare me. More [han aU the other beasts, evm t.har li.tardjro1n LUStria in the .:too. They're alwV's '1IJQ[ching you, with their glowing eyes. Warching, waiting J or you to slip up, to get a little roo dose. Then SNAP, you're done. We draw lots, you know. Lots to see who has roJeed [hem each week. We lose Jour or Jive boys every year to fMm. Dearhclaw? None but 1(a1'I Frant. himself Jeeds that one,"


''They are theJintst oj mounrs, bur never Jorget hC1llJ dangerous they are. See chese scars? They weren't given to me by an enemy. As a. boy, aU 1 dreamed oj was a chance to shtTw 1'1\:)' worth, to test ntV mettle on t.he Jield oj battle. AU the courage.I musteredjor myjirst combat was but littlt compared to what it rookJor me to climb enrc a GrifJon's saddle. Astride rhe back oj a Grifjon,you know what if is to be in command, both the sweet and. the bitter. You can see [he rweep oj rhe entire battleJield and know


how your cause fares at all times. You can watch your enemies f aU Gnd seeyour men die. Wirh a Griffon,you can tu.rn the ride of war._ bur never Jorger rhat they resenr the saddle and the one who sits upon it."

- CoUNT MA'rnUAS QS'rau,wu{ Other than depictions of the mighty Warhammer of Sigmar, no symbol holds as high a place in the Empire's esteem as that of the Griffon. The renowned Griffon Standard of the Eropirr: rats in the: Cathedral of Sigmar and it is said that no unit that ever carries it in good cause can be broken. The Grand Theogonist of Sigmar's badge of office is carved from green jade in the likeness of a Griffon. Indeed, to the citizens of the Empire,

the Griffon is a sacred beast.

'There can be l.ittle doubt reaL(y: [hey Q1"e deart>' creatures

of Chaos. No wild beast was ever born with ruc.h Q. biotarre amalgamation of parrs. A raptor's head does no[find itself on [he bot(y oj a lion wirhout the most unnatural oj i.nJluences being brought to bear. Oh, 1 grant that they are a stable mutation n.ow.I daresqy they hGve beenf01" thousands of year.!. ,But once, long ago, they were b01"n oj Chaos, and to Chao.!' purposes they mqy yet be turned!'

- F.cKJ.t.tuw, NULN ScHOLAR - BuR.Npo AS" Hm.ET1C Griffons pmer their meat raw and screaming, though they'11 scavenge if no other ptty presents itself. This is fairly rare, though, as their hunting grounds tm:I to range for hundreds of miles around their chosen mountain aerie. Tbelr eyesight is a sharp as the rapton that they resemble and they can see motion from miles away. Their war

cry causes fear in aU but the hardiest souls and Griffon mounts must be forcibly restrained from hunting down fleeing opponents, as it is in their na.tuIe to rend all foes that flee from them.


"Make no mistake, they are not swift light cavalzy jan because they haV! 'Wings. They are 1lXrrh01"ses with great inrel1igence and just as dangerous as allY battle trained Steed can be, perhaps etIen mere so for tll<1 are cunning. A Pegasus will ride down a fleeing man as readil,y as a. horse does, bur. he will. place his blows for maximum eJf ea, leaving G. trail of corpses in his wake. They don'c JearJin GOO they won't s1tv awa,yfrcnn blood.lnfaa, 1'V! heard taze, Qj Pegasifeeding on [he dead. Me, 1 Stq)l awqy from rhem.ll.ike to fight with Ixxh f eer on the ground and I like 7'l}' foes the same."

- LEoNHARD. MEP.,CENAl\. Y IfThty are the most wonderful horses imaginable! They race about on the wind and plq)l with the Lighming around rhunderst01"7nS liJu it was a roy. My mother

sqys thar Lord Sigmar sent rh~ Pegasi [0 watch over the mountain pClSses and ensure that rhe evil ones can't cross without battle!'

- CAIwn.u., EMl'IJI.E PEAs.t.Nr "Give me a Pegasus over G GrifJon any dqy. They are far more loyal, just as noble, and easier [0 control. Spur

a Pegasus and he'll do as you wish. Spur a GrifJon and you're liable to be torn to pieces ar [.he beast's earliest convenience.Ir is trut that they don't have quite rhe same impact on aJoe's morGle, bur what of it? I would rather rety on 11\Y sword ann than my mounesferocity, nor that 1 haven't seen my Ca(ypsan down more rhan aiew Greenskins since his foaling."



'The first thing that you must understand i.s that r.hey are not mere(y horses with wings. Appearance does nor denole fact whatever the common folk mqy think. Indeed, their entire internal SlTUC[1Lre is complere(y differfruJrom that of a1\Y horses that I've examined. Pegasi are omnivorous crearures, capable of eating both flesh and vegerable matter whereas horses are stria(y gra~ers. Those c01"rUpted by rhe Taint are J requent(y entire(,y carnivorous, their n0Mn4l{y Jlca teer.h often sharpening into uiciousfangs. Their bone structure, unsurprising{y, isJar more similar ro that of birds than those oj horses, which is parr oj what GUaws thfmflighr.l must confess however, that I do not think their ability tofu is entiretY explainable by natural law. 1

have never learned [0 fu, their wings atrophying, as [hey grew older. Even those that had mothers 'Who active(y participated in rheir f(ying lessons didn't al'WfO's take to it. I suspect that without the inherent danger of the high mountain nests [hal a more natural(y reared Pegasus grews up with, they are smarr enough to realise char thzy don't rrufui have a 'need' to f(y. Thus, we are still at the m.trQ of the mcunraineers and the Dwarf rangers w.ho specialise in acquiring Pegasifoau. Something 1Jind fascinating though, [he Pegas;, thar never Learn roJ(y are the swiftest runners that I've ever heard oj outdistancing any orher mount, save perhaps a Pegasus on the wing!'


There are Other enclaves of Pcgasi scattered about the world. Several of them, especially those in the Land of Chill, are deeply tainted by Chaos resulting in the beasts known as

Dark Pegasi. The Dark Pegasi have leathery wings instead of the feathered ones nonnal Pegan sprout and they often have misshapen horns tbar they wield with surprising accuracy. Dark Pegasi actively crave the flesh of men and they're avid hunters.

know of a Pegasus that carried a heavizy armoured knight upon her back with no sign of .strain even aJter twelve hours of susrainedJLighr, afear that seems impossible. An acquaintance oj mineJrom. rhe College of Light suggests char Pegasi mqy somehow be able [0 literal(y 'tide' on the Winds oj Magic thar blow from. the north. Whil~ I don'r feel qualified to corifirm or del\)' such speculation, I put it forwardfor your consideration."

- M.tuuANNE Sosssa, ANhTOMlST Pcgasi rnak thcir nests about the peaks of the Grey Mountains

in the Old World. Hunras from both the FmpiR and hormia brave the dangers of tk mountain passes to StCUte Pegasi. foals which they can seI1 for a high price to nobles. Several of the knightly orders of Brctonnia have become exceptionally fond of the Pcgasi and a few lords have even begun to field whole Wlits of Pcgasi riding knights.

IIBreeding thefoats of rhePegasi has proved e~cep[ional(y diJficult. WelL, rhal is [0 sqy, ir's difficult to get [hem [0 f(y. Let me explain. Several of rhefoals that we've reared


flGrearesr creature aUve and do you know why? They were my ricker ro Q. better life. I 'W.aS bo.m in aJilthy .hut in a. village i.n southern Breronnia [fun doesn't even have a name. I was rhe eighth oj my parents' children and went generallY unnoticed,fOt' the most part. Some of the village elders figured our ear(y on thar I had an agile mind, bur other than [NU, 1 was unremarkable. I've heard leU [lint mo.'\)' of those chosen to seek rh.e Grail feel Q, caU that they cannoc explain. Ifelr. a similar call the dqy Sir Barlois Giraud offered afair purse and a free man's place in life [or a Hippogriff chick. 1 knew norhing of the mountains and Less of Hippogriffs, bur I was determined rofree myself from. a life of drudgery. I'll not bore you with tM derails of the journey. It was longer rhanJ had imagined and rougher as well. In thefoorhills of the mountains,

rhe Lat(y rook pity on me and I mer asym~rhetic hunter who told me what to do. Corresponding(y, I waited in

the 'Woods rilL another had managed the near impossible task of In-inging (t live Hippogriff chick down1rom. [he mountains. As char brave and luclccY soul rested, 1 slit his throat and claimed the chick as my own. I still know liaLe of mountains a1U1. less of Hippogriffs, but I knew what

it means [0 leave 0. life of drudgery behind. and it is sweet. Three cheersfor Hippogriffs and the vaniO' of knights . ."

- SE.BhS'I"lAN, BRFrONNIhN C1..m>uR.sE "Mal\)' of my fellow, would SlIJI that the Pegasus is [M grandest mou.nt that al\)' knight could ever aspire roo They speak of the Pegasi's grace, beauty and speed, extOlling these as [he greatest virtues to be had in al\)' beast. Bur the on(y virtue 1 see in speed is if it gets me [0 Ihe barrlefuLd quicker, there is grace enoughfor me in the clash of arms and I forgot hew to perceive beauty years ago. I don't expect tricks from 7I'\Y mount, I expeCt carnage and I get

it from. Eliaos, 7I'\Y Hippogriff. Let other knights have their elegant winged horses, I prefer 11\)' savage friend!'

- LoR..D Gn:.nAS FRANGIAu, B.RETONNlAN NOBLE "Bah, vicious .scavengers. They have aU of r' savagery of 0. GriffOn, but· none oj r' nobility. The;iU "at any meat they manage r' come arrass. Why, living or dead, ir just don't make no difJerence. Sur(y beasts, roo. Even rhose who've been up an' brokefer rh~ saddle will snap arye if ye come r' dose. The Breronnians onlY took r' 'em cause they were jealous oj r' Empire's Griffons. 'Courseyou tell one rhat, you'll likel,y as not get skewered on his Lance!'

- OLD HOB, l>E.AshNrFA&MEP..


4ILike the noble Griffon, the Hippogriff is a creature of Clines. Indeed, I suspect [hey are offshoorsft'01n [he same ancestor. Certain(] our forbears thought so, wIlY else [he similarizy of the names? V11Stirp"isinglY, considn-ing the e.xrrem.e(y territorial and predatory nantre of both races,

they cannot stand one another. The Griffons dominate the World's Edge Mountains, whereas the HippogriJJs have daimed the Grey. A meeting between the rwo almost certain(y results in a duel to the death. 1 suppose there is some unique zymm.erry to befound in nuo beam derivedfrom. Chaos desrroyingoneancrher. I suspect however thacr1ieir riders,

if they should happen to have al\)' at the time, would nor appreciate ie, especiaLty considering rllnt most such bartles occur in the air with rht toser plummeting to his death!'

- Ec1<:HAR.o, Nom 5cHoLhR. - BUR.NID AS A HEP..f.TIC Hippogriffs are a favourite mourn of Breronnia knighu who want a creature with a more vicious nature than the gentle tempered Pegasi. Since acquiring Hippogriffs is such a daunting task, they will often offer great rewards to any of their


pe;uants tnat manages the feat. His eventual rider must raise a Hippogriff by hand from a very YOWlgage, for he will never accept any other in his saddle. HipPOgriffs constantly hW'lF for meat, which they prefer raw.·this constant hunger can cause an incautious masterjrcuble.

'TM dqy 1 had to p1U Bloodwind down remains 00.[11. fM greatest and sculdrndqy oJ 1111 1I\V years. 1 .tried roe.ain to 1l\Y Lord that M Iuldn'r meant it, that if tne miserable peasant brat hadn't run,allwould'vebem welL But once

tM squalling ptQ5am sped a1O!U' ill J ear, Bloodwtnd rhought

he ..... ' .WQ$. prey. ThG! is. perhaps, 1J\Y Jatilt~ I aUOWtd him to hunt OJU tOOnul1\Y crmunal.s lsuspect. M, welL.MY Lord', lac(}! WItS.deep1.y oJfended,. ~endt,. soul that 5.M is, and 1 WQsjarced to 17Ul.Ice ?'ecemprnse [0 lMja·mi1.J with a .. smaUpurse. She stared rhat it 1005 !WI enough and [hat 1 had to give thtm Bloodwind's heGd. .$orrowing, 1 agreed. I took u11\)'Se{f.and Jairly,too .. He saved 1I\V life so 1JUI1\Y rimes on the .txrrr:leJiild,

I rhougm it onti' fit rhar Mbe given onelan c/umceto fight Jor his life . .1 covmd 1J\Y Jearures in anothers helmer and dou:sed 1l\Yarmour in .Peg(lsu.s' Noodso tfull he wouldn't hesitate upon r.:ealitingiz was J. TheJighr was as no other 1 had ever bee.n in. On{y then, as he ripped at me with an .atTCIiIs speed, did lied a hint of what myJoes must ha.veJelrJor

all rM years thar I rode them down upon his back. 1 [ was glorious .. Bur .still, I had [he mastery/Or as 11Ulgnificenr as

M was, strategy isrwr a Hippogriffsfine point."



"lj rher~ be one thing worse than Orcs, it be f(ytng Ora. Them WJ'W7'1I$ ar~ ill~men.edbeans, 'an evmwithout Orcs it be bad luck.if ye see one of'emfl,yin' in tM distance .. 1urglfrom. the Ruming Mill saw one Lan year, an' aU 'is ftour~. Then Ie dropped 'is milLstone on 'i$,joor. Bad do rhat were. Can't be a. miller withon£foor. ffasro get' is son roC'arry bags of flour Jor him now. What's'e [0 do if 'is son movts "1O!U'., or marries, or JUSt: plain upsa:n' dies on 'im1 Eli? Just,YOU stqy awqy f?'om them Wyu.emsfn them hills, 1 don'twant you srirrin' 'em up .Qn:' makin"m go a""CUrsin' 1J1:Ot!e millers, we1l1uwe no bread left to eat if you does. /1tf then where will. we be? Eli? .Ehl"

- OLD HOB, PEhsANT FM-MER 'W/uI,asjar as 1 can see iT's a Dragon. What wouldyou call II big mean Ikard with wings? Wheudo you mean, Sir? No, I wasn't [r)'ing to set upa jokt, I was talking

abOut Dragons." .

- JOACHlM.,. PmOLEll. 'Whalenn 1 do for you then Saw a Wyvern .didyotil Ooh, bad do tmu. You're cursed wuh in ,tuck.. Something .horrible' sbov.nd to happen .to yOU now. Ooh, yes, there isa way [0 break the curse, .oor you're nor going to like if. Give meyou1' ha.nd. Yes,your left hand dearie, you use your sword with .)lour right don'ryouJ WeLt, you can still hold a shield with rhreefingers can'r you? 1r',rhe ontv 1O!U' dearie. We have to get [he bad l.uck ourQf you

I:ry something horrib1.e happening to you. &.tter a maiming rhan a drowning, says 1, and berter aJinger tluln a hand. Let's haverhal leff link JinGer then. Now hold still while

I get my.knife out. HurTS does ildearie? Now you JUSt be a big brave boy and PetrawUl kiss it betrerJoryou ... "



l<y ou will .Iikelv no! ever .haveto jight a Wyuern unless,)lOU J ooI.ish ~h to venture intoon.e oJrhei.r moun.rain caves -or 1I11less [here is an Ore 1I)Qf'[ord ,atop its back. You should. cerrainzy never regret not fighting OJU.

II As soon as you!ook ara W yvem you know tOOt here is a be'Qst builtJor one purpose onb'--banle. Fl'om the solid(y boned, horned head .[0 rhe grear .oorbed .blade of a rail, theteis no part of the creature that is not either armour or w.ilL gorecmd rip with the horns; bile, chcw,

and swaUcw wuh rhe fanged. maw; 51,ashand rend with its claws; impale 'Willi rhe spiked wing pinions; Wjfer with rhe wings; crush with irs torso; slap, sUee, and .stab with .the taiL Its head and back are C'overedwirh wider1tick scales rhat cannorbe hacked through with a'\)'rhing less than.a ha,.,d andL~ blow frem a poleaxe. Irs belty scales are soJter, bur to get [0 themyoumusr get past all its weapons_

fWhen we txrrr:led Athag the Slttl.lghrererat Osr.erwald, 1 saw a unit oj .kni.ghu charce him eariY in the fight, .hurUng themselves ,woIhe fNfJ with the desperate urgefer glory

- 57-

one knight suruived more rhan aJew seconds past rheinitial charge, leaping of! his dead horse and unlimbering tht heavy war sword he carried at his saddle. He hacked and hacked at its neck as it!ought backfuriousl,y. I've never seen a 1TUIn move soJast and lithe m

full plate armour, but there it was, he eoo.ded almosr wery attack from Wyvem and Ore alib, or kssened their foru so they ontv struck him glancing blow$. With one Jinal shout oj eJfort he cut its neck almost right through, irs head hanging limpf.y to one side. 1 r.hink he was about to cry to plant his f DO! on [118 neck and clamber up to bartle At,hag direcrry,whm tM dead Wyvem's rail shorforward 'Iih a ballisra belt, srraighr rhrough the centre oj ehe breastplate and our the badcpLate. He musr have died almosr insrantty. I

never found our who he was, but without him the resr of us might never have gor to At,hag to battle him direcrty. Once }qflag was dead-and that is very much another srozy, and was no ea.zy rask [0 accomplish you can be sure-hisJorees fled and scattered. He had been the ontv thing holding them rogetMr."


Today, Wyverns are found only atop the Worlds Edge Mountains. Brave or suitably bullied Gretll$kin1 clamlxr up the mountains hoping to flnd an unattended nest with an ~ or young hatchling to steal. The Wyvem youngster is then raised as a war-mount by the mon: powerful Ore Warlords.

IISqueeze wyrmt:aps till a 1tUlkywhi!e fluid issues from the gills. Apply to long spears or pre! erabl,y missile weapons. After the Wyvern's death the rail is to be slir open and the venom sac brought to me."

-<rr'TIK, CLAN EsHIN uScHoLAll." uI reUyou, the comparison with Dragons is a highl,y misleading one. Wyverns are dear(y a different order

oj beast entirelJ1, being as it werefOlJ.r~imbed rather

than six-limbed. Furthermore, Wyverns have none of

the redeeming qualities of Dragons. They swap pridefor arrogance, andnobilizy for cruelzy. There is probab(yno creature quile so vicious as a W)'Vern, which oj course is why they al(y themselves to Orcs so fl'equmtty."



comes over

so maJ\Y of noble bloocL They dulrged

too ear(y, bur rhey at -= ~ ~ :. ... ~ ~

least had the sense to attack the Wyoernfir$t;Jew Orcs

ever lived who were more dangerous than a W yvern, even Azhag. You had to admire [heir valour, and their sacriJice was probab(y 'What broke Azhag's horde in the long run.

Hall ~ .d~zen lances $tabbed. home. ~ de" int? ,irs bach, bur ir wasftghring back even as [h{y pierctdil:, biting a.head off

here, slicing a cavalier almost in half with a baclchand£d claw atrack there. At,hag oj CQUrst was lqying about him ro, like I sqy !\Ot quite as dtadl,y as his maul'll bur still slashing through harness andituo theflah beneath with his axe. Onlv

j~h, we had trouble a few years bock wilh a pack of Giant Wolves. They would COImand rry and take cattle, so we had to kRp chem penned in, which isn't good for the mille, you know. Them pes~ Greenskins then tried to herd this pack. I seen some of them crying to ride these 1IIOlves likt you might ride a bloomin' horse. Well, I 'ItIQ$n't going to standfor char, so 1 rounded up rhe village and we cut 'em aU down lib wheat. 1 gor the skin of one of [hem wol.ves on tht floor of 7J'\Y hut. Blunted one of 11\)' best knives crying to get it off 'is back, mind. D"you want to come in and see it, dearie?"

- hnv.l..ANGF.NMFssER, VILLAGE FISHWIFE 'There's the right sort oj wolves, and thenrhere's [he wrong sort of wolves. You never can teU with wolves."



"A Goblin mounted on a Giant WolJ isfast, believe me. WeJaced 'What must have been over a hundred of them. They came straight at Wi downhill, all teet.h andfangs and f out breath, and the wolves were pretty horrible roo, I can tellyoul Well, it was a toughJighr. TM mounted knights were almost useless. Those wolves terrified the horses, and those char did.n~t[Urn and stampede gor bit in the kgs ani went wcu thefoor soldiers who held the dqy rhat rime. Even wolf hide isn't so rhickyou can't srick it with a good sharp halberd. Suren,you can kill'em all right.]usr have to hit them hard enough!"




"Wal'pstone and redcap in equal mecuure Jor flit Dire WolJ, wolJsbaneJor the giGnr."


In the Old World" whole villages have been destroyed by the depredations of

Giant Wolves. They an: sWift and cunning beasts, seldom falling for the same trick tWice which

makes them difficult to root out. The land of Sylvania is particularly ovemm with them.

"It is W1'irren in cerrain seroUs toot the Dire

W olJ and the Giant W olJ are two separate species, bur I subscribe [0 a diJJerent view. Giant Wolves are dearf.y Chaos tainted, ehough so long

ago rooe rhl!)! have since become almost entirety natural creatures. Dire Wolves, on the ather haMu I have

been stuqying the writings of Orrhin the Old, who in

his quintessential treatise on SylvanumJauna. seems to suggest [hat the boc(y oj the Giant WolJ risesJrom rhe accursed earth qJter burial having been rraniformed into rhe undead Dire WoIJ."



41I'd heard roles of rhe Norse Berserkers and their wOJ'$, but not one story prepared me for facing them on the field of bort[e. The Kislevites I'd taken up with were some of the strongest and mOst taciturn warriors I've ever

had the honour oj serving alongside, so 1 was somewhat surprised when I Jound out that they were quietlY nervous about the morrow's engagement. We were all set rofight a raiding bondJrom Q. tribe called the BaersonUngs.I didn't realty beUeve even half of what [.he Kislevires tol.d .me. Bur theJoLlcwing morning, I stood on the edges of rhe northern pack ice and watched rhe J ur clad barbarians chew on rheir shieldJ, some of them. ar

the mourh. That was endurable, J'd seen stranger in my travels. But as [he boute began, as their features melted and twisted, tilt muales oj bears emerging Jrom their helms, ctaws unsheathing from their flesh, I knew wJty the Kislevitesfeared the Norsemen. It was a long struggle and I'll nor pretend it was an easy uicrory, bur as Jierce as they were, the Cha.os touched bastardsJeU in the end as al\)' o.rher men."-Ernsr Wo(fenburg, Mercenary

'7'hey come with the darkness to steal children awayJor their foul Larders. The moon calls to them. and they fear the kiss of silver,/or its cold purity burns their unclean Jlesh. They are merciless hunters, ever driven to kill in the most terrible oj f ashions. Werewolves don'c mere(y pur their prey down as a natural beast; they tear it asunder, strewing organs abour in wildJashion. Pity the poor soul root is cursed with tycanthropy but knows it not. Pity them.

11M, the children of the night, their howls are music to my ears! The thrill oj the hunt as the pack spread out ahea.d, with t.he Doom. WoL! leading them.. can SIand beJ ore us!"


1 say, but still you muse kill them,f or there is no cure for t.heir condition save [he peace oj the grave."

-R~Tou,W~Hmmm 4'J once stayed with a woodcurter'sJamity on afierce winter's night and heard the story oj the Children of Ulric. It is a very old tale that I've never heard al\)' Priest oj Ulric mention in a sermon, but it ha.s lived long around the hearths oj the peasanu. Long ago, when the world was young, Ulric raced through the northern woods hunting, though he could not describe what prey

he sought after, he knew only toot he needed. The ~ory is long in the telling,Jor it is meant to pass a long ntght, but Ulric, after learning more than afew cauriono.ry lessons along the wOJ',Jound what he sought in rhe person oj Birgir, a fierce Northern maid that he rook as his lover. They were happyfor a brief rime. She died bearing Ulric's child and his howls oj grief still ring on the northern wind. Their son was rheJirst oj the Shape--scrong, rhe Were, those who can walk as both wolf and man. Mob oj it what you will, but I haveJound thar rhe [ales oj pea.sants often carry the echo of truth!'



Stories about Werecreatures are common in the Old World, though not many of those tales pomay them as ~ytbing ~~t evil beasts. Werttreatures an: men and women with the ability to take on some of the attributes or even the full shape of

an animal. Some of them have been cursed to do so, whereas


others seo:n to have the ability as a birthright. Empire scholars frequently argue about where the line is drawn berween what co.nstitU.tes a Werm-tarure and a Mutant. There seems to be no clear or easy answer, which is why the debate has gone on for centuries. The Norse call their shape shifters 'Were' and indeed, the term 'Wo:ecreature' is obviously drawn from thci.r language.

"The Norsemen have no 'WordJor 'MUTant' in rheir narive tongue. The dosest rough(y rranslaleS as 'giJted' or perhaps 'chosen' 'Would be a better Jit. Chosen by rhe Dark Pcwers, gifted by their Gods. There are 'Wholefamlzy

lines thar have been touched from asfar back as their

orill history goes with the power to rake on the likeness

of certain animals, most often bears or wolves though I heard cell of Other beasts ... and things best leJt undescribed. The majority oj those so 'gifred' on(y parrialJ,y cake on the Jorm oj their 'totem' beast in combat, burrhose they deem the greatest among them, their leaders and nobles,jul1,y rransform 'When the battle rage is upon rhem."

- WILHELM BIEl., FAll., TMYELLING MER.CHANT The argwnent is complicated by the fact that many Norsemen are clearly tainted by Chaos, though they would say 'blessed' and many of those that may have once been deemed Were may possibly be well on their way to actually becoming Chaos Spawn. Away from the: North, the story changes. Werecrtarures seldom give any indication that they are anything but a Human. Indeed, those cursed with the "change" may even be unawm: of thili nature, shifting forms only when triggered [0 do so, such as by the: moon, personal in;Ury or the command of a SOIlXI'U, inclicating that the taint of Chaos may not touch all Wmcrearores in the same fashion.

hunters, but also having the ability to 'run with 'WOlves'. Conservative thinking 51ares rhat this is merelY a veiled allusion to their slciU as be(tS[ tamers, but I think nor."



"It is no disease, it is a. birthright or, some might

s'\)', a curse. Peasants will

ull you thaI the bas of the Werebeast :is inj ecriow, carrying 'With it the poS$ibiliry of becoming a changer as

well. Less informed scholars refer to this so--catled qfjlicri.on as '(ycanthropy' and seek [0 treat it 'With va.riOw:herbs, incl.uding the poisonow 'Wolvesbane. Rubbish, I sqy. Those 'WhO manage to survive the auacks

of a Werewolj and then go on to become one themselves alreac(y had rhe blood of shifters in their famiJ..y line.

The auack mere1,y awakens 'What was alreac(y within them, stirring it up to rhe surface. I don't believe there is necessanzy af\)'thing inherentlY euil in being shape srrongJ I think it hearkens bac.k to older rimes and perhaps earlier faiths. In the legends surrounding the rime of Sigmar, there are references to the Cherusens, one of the original rwelve great founding rribes, as not on(y being master

''1'0 be chosen by Tchar to receive his blessing and rhw becoming one of the Were is nor a thing to be taken light( is an honour beyond aU others, though at times a heavy burden. Those marked with rhe strengrh to Jul(y transjorm are alWI:{Ys destined for lordship and greatness among 1I'\Y peopU.I received TchaFs [ouch upon me!"Wo winters after ntv beard had filled in. During a barrie with some waeling!, If elI. the urge to bury ntv teeth in 11\Y foels throat and so I did. His warm. blood coursed over 11\Y tongue, pouring down onto 17\)1 armour and 1 howled 1I'\Y victory to the skils.It 'Was onIJI after hefeU lifeless at 1I'\Y Jeet that I realised 11'iJI ja'W was afoot longer than it had been at the staT[ oj rhefight to sqy nothing of the brown Jur on mJ1 JnU.t,tle. The changes receded as the battle din faded, bur now they come at 11U' call. Some of the other Were have lost the ability to still 'Wolk as men, but nor I. At least, not yet, W ere 'Who hear the caU of the beast too srrong(y must be conJined unril they a.reneeded. Perhaps one do,y I roo wilL howlfor bLoodJrom the high caves a.nd

await ever the chance lO kiUJor my people, bur not todqy."

- SoR..GR.lM. Oi:..AFssoN, B)olJ..NLING W AP.:RIOR

"The first rime I c:ha,nged, I UlQS looking up at one of the moons. I[ seemed so perfect, so peaceful, that 1 wanted to sing ntv ;oy

for all to hear. I threW back

ntv head and ntv cry changed from a scream to a howl in mid-note. I was astonished, but

not/rightened becawe itfelr.righI.I ran through [helOTest rh4t night, my sharp new senses opening up a whole new 'World

to me. The Witch Hunters say thaT I must be 'Wicked, thar I've consorted with

Cha.os.I have done no such [hing.I prqy to Sigmar.I have never haT1lU!d al\}'One who did nor try [0 harm. me

first. When rheforces of the Vampire Count Marifred came [0 attack a village tha: I Iuld been stqying

at, 17\)1 abilities allowed

me co knew about itfar

in advance aru:J I raised an alarm that saved 1'I\al'U' lives,yet the Empire's authorities would call me a muranr and kiU me ifrhey could. Doyou know what h4s ch4nged the most about me? I'm now J'm .nor a Human J or a small and pet1JI race you are."


- 60-

No pulse, no breathe, no life, yet still they stir. Dead, but. dreaming, they exist to plague the living with thoughts of their own morrality, With tongue~·less mouths, tbey whisper a s.ingle name: Nag;tsh. Nagash the Black, first and greatest Necromancer toeverstride the Old World. So great was his f ear of what lied beyond the realm of flesh th:'t be was. willing :0 ~mmitany blasphemy, if only he c?u1d master death. From his researches and his ntualsarose the Undead. In the EmpU'e, talk of the Restless Dead rums all eyes to the east, towards Sylvania,a cursed 1andand once the strong hold of tile great Von Carstein Vampire Counts who have all, supposedly, been destroyed. There an: few that trUly believe that,. for those that have returned from the graveonee can surely do so again.

- 6J-

that are strewn over so many oonlefifldJ in rhe Empire and beyond. 1 had half--expected their bones to be joined by wires and operated by complex mechanical machines, as though automata; or perhaps, if they rru(y were created by sorcery, [hey might baue had new sinews and nerves conneCting each bone IO its neighbours. Y errhere was nothing; dearlY the viral spark is entirety non~physical."

- LUOOLF T'R.AUGO'IT, PRn:sr OF VaFNA, AI. TDORf "Powdered WQrpstone in a. linseed oil base."

- R.naaT'TIK, CLAN EsHIN ''ScHOI..AR'' Skeletons areanimated by powerful Necromantic magic, outlawed throughout the Empire for its ability to create a crude and evil mockery of true life. Unlike the more powerful corporeal Undead such as Wights and Mummies .• Skeletons

do not retain any trace of the spirit or essence of t.hcir former "owners. " Thy are kept animate purely by sorcery .

'The ulrinuue emblem of Death. You will find its head on fl4gs and banners and bottles of poison. Or take the whole b~, grant it a sr;ytheas a reaper Qf men nor grass~ . astonishing how weU thar image $cares your WQrriors when it is returned to an unnatural mockery of life. However you look at it, the Skeleton is a perfect symbol of both Death and Undeath; that part which endures after the rorring of the &x(y and the departure of the soul_ Fitting rhen, thal these are among our mos.t feared and numerous soldiers. Whar Human could hope to resist Death? You might jUlil and flounder against Him, bur sooner or later He will claim you. If you are luc:k;y, I ntczy even aUow you to Uve again in my service ..• "

- CoNSTANTIN VON CARSTElN, V AMPIltE Loan "Skeletons know not of Stealth, but neither do the"

draw breathe an,dfrom this,ye can profit. Choose thy battleground long beforeye engage and sew it with your troops, or bring rhine enemy after ye into graveyards or the sites of a.ncienr banles. Then, spring thy trap asye summon them about yer foes, which wilLfind themselves sudden{y beset on aU sides by yer warriors. Yerrroops shall tire not as mortal men do, use that to harry yer enemies without pause. Let them find no rest and ye JhaCl have the mastery."


"Q.uicker and meaner chan Zombies, and just as hard

to kill. I'd still sooner fQce Skeletons though. Ar least

you don't have to Look at so much 1'orring flesh that wq)' - theJ're cleaner, somehow. Yu, the" lookfairl;y horrific, bur the lads seem more like rofleefrom Zombies if rhey flee at all."

- CAnAlN ScHut TZ., MERCENARY CoMMANDER. jThey should steu' down in t.heir graves, in [he e,arth, where they belong, • stead of bothering living folk with their dacking and ranling about."

- OLD HOB, Pu.s!.NT FAP..MI!R "Horrid enough thi.ngs, bw:you can sometimes get a good price for them if you grind them up with a big pestle and mortar. Thefarmers Seu' I seU the bestfertilk_er

for miles around, but 1 don't teU them what goes in it. They would be worried about Undead crops or some

. such nonsense, If you know one of the lmperwl armies is going up against a Vampire Lord or something, though, it's well worth seeing if you can pass by the battLefield half a dQ)' tater and colLect those Skeleton bones. No need to bleach thefl.esh off or prepare them, Uke with bones from corpses-just gather and grind."



"Fascinating.1j 1 could but have one capruredfor.ttu4Y, 1 mighrfinal{ymake sense of ehe 1r\)'steryof UJe - discover what viral spark animates living Humans and r.he Undead alike. Sofar as 1 can garher from dissecting dead, or should I sCO'repdeaJ., Skeletons, rhey are no different physical1,y from the mere{y dead, neveMJndead skeletons


- 62-

"It seems tibO' that these creatures were once Human. jUg( as rhestorytellers s'\Y. Contemporary accounts from S,)'{vania indicate that even prior [0 rhe coming of Vladvon Ca,rstein. and his introduction of the curse of Vampirism [0 Sylvania, the first Ghouls were alreaiQI abroad. Even before the days when the nobility of the tand were predominanrO' Vam.pires, the local Lcrds still abused and neglected their peasanrs. Mal\)l ordinary folk preferred [0 ear Humanflesh rather than starve. .Almost cerrainl,y [he,)' were wrong [0 do so, bur they were desperate. They and their descendants paid their prletfor their folO', their lineage cursed forever, their



"NOT as scary as they look, but you have to be careful of those poisoned claws. I could never work our whether they were realO' Undead or nor either. Nor that it's roo important-you can kill them. easy enough with cold suel, no need for magic weapons or spells."

- CAFTAIN ScHuLTZ, MD.CENA1I.Y CoMMANDER 'They're nor realb monsters, JUSt people with bad In-eath. What doyou expect from a.liferime of earing corpsen"

- WCH THE SLIrl'ER. Y "~suter's husband was set upon by some of them. one time when he was returning late from the tavern and t·ook a shortcut through the graveyard oj their village. W,v, he was lucky to escape wirh his l.ife! They pounced on him like mad dogs. rearing ur his flesh with their filthy teeth, latching themselves onto him like damps. If that wetrd~haired OwaTJ hadn't been passing through and launched himself lnto the frrzy, poor Walther would have been a dead man . .As ir is he's never be,en the sam, since, and poor Helga is quite distraught. He should have bought one oj my tucky charms - oh, did I alreac(y show yourhemJ"


Jorms degenerate and their ea.ring habits as abhorrent as ever. Some oj them. took service with the von Carsttins when Vlad rook Sylvania as his own; others J allow Vampires and their retinues unbidden, anticipating good eating w.hen the Undead .are abroad. Still others skulk i.n the shadows, r~raining a complete independence Jrom the Vampires who rule Sylvania. It is perhaps

those independents that have been or the vanguard oJ the Ghoul migration out Jrom Sylvania and into [he resr of the Old World. However it occurred, the Empire is now pl,agued by these most unpleasant creatures!'


Despite their emaciated, almOSt skeletal appearance, thcir nocturnal nature, and their association with Vampires, Ghouls are not in fact Undead, They associate with powerful Undead because [hey know that where such masters of life and death go, carnage is sure to foUow-and Ghouls are scavengers by preference. They will sometimes fight to get fresh Human meat, but they are quite satisfied with second helping$ or even partially toned flesh.

uPowdered warpstone in a linseed oil base."

- Rna.<:rr'TlK, CLAN EsHlN "ScHoLAR."

"These creatures a[wrzys amuse me. Oh, certain(y they c(ln be useful- having minions who can go our in the drzy.lighr, however much rheymighr nor want to, is not [0 be underrated. Yet the irol\V is norlost on me, rhar I have some Humans (or Jormer Humans, if you wont to be precise) who (lTe so desperareJor the scrapsJrom 17\Y table that they wiU evenfight the rest oj you for rhe chance to bite on a few corpses!'



"0000, tha1s loveO'. 1 like's 7nJI marrow garney, but raw and 'Wet'sJine here and there. Pass on some more of his shoulder, eh?"



l'It's bad enough thar you have to kill Sylvanians the [irs: rime - raking on rheir rearlimated corpses U no picnic. If you can, try to kill the Necr<Jmancer or VampireJirst, beJore he raises them. Even if you can't get to him rill after they're up, ir's oJtm worth having 11 go at him. al\)lWOJ', thar lends to make most of his aMl\)l fall right down dead again. Otherwise •.. well, 1 don't ever advocate JLeeing, because once some of you break and run you may as weU have signed a death warrant for the whole anny; but it's Tare{y a winning proposition

going up against Zombies in close combat. IJ you can, stOJ' just our oj range of their weapons, and rake ehem down with missile Jire - you Want siege engines if you can get rhem though, they don't die easi{)! the second time around."

- CAl'TAlN ScHuLTZ, MERCENM y CoMMANDEl\. "1 suJJered most grievouslY 'When I Jirst fought them. They, wert slow enough in reacting thar I saw an opening to CUt the first one almost in half 'With 7nJI sword. 1 moved in and delivered him a hard srroke1 bur the blade bareO' bit deeper than a hand's width into him,

- 63-

"Horrid scary rhings. Thzy 51\)' rhar whenyou hear somerhing go 'bump' in the night, it's probab{y somerhing that just dropped oJJ a Zombie."


and I'd on(}' sharpened ir that morn. 1 was expecting him to drop to the ground, and that's how hI! got his own sword into 17\Y shoulder. 1 Jought on, but by rht we bear them those oj w who lived were aU bleeding, most oj wJrom SIlveral wounds. It wasn't enough to OUtJight them - we had ro try to our-last them, too."



°Powdered Warpstone mixed to a thick paste with t.xtra.ct oj deadbane."

- RIxKIT'TlK, CLAN fsHIN uScHoLAR" 4,[,hey should nor beJeared 50 much as rhey aTe,Jer they are created by little more than conjuring tricks at root. Without the Necromancer'sJoul spell, they would be noehing but ronen corpses. There is no powerJul, inherent evil in them, as [here is with a Dal!mDn or V om.pire; indeed, 1 have no doubt that they are no more alive nor intelligent than a lump oj river cloJ. W i.:tardry could as easi{y animate the river c«tv to do its master's bidding, too, bur Necromancers and Vampires have mort oJ an aJJinizy with the dead and 50 we rha.t which they are best at."

-W ALDF.MARR., ScHOLAR Of NULN Zombks ~ created by much the sam: proa:ss as ~ Skdetons,

but if ~ Zombies are even less cffecti~. nm roam fk:sh is a bindrana: to ttdr moVtmCllt, and thae is nothing quite so ~ in agiJi .. -ty and speed as a Zombie. However, they are slighdy easkr to CIeilte than a skleton, and so are oftm used in inc:redJ."bk nwnben as servitors and soldiers for Undead lords or Necromancers.

"What bener reminder [0 the living than this? What better reminder oj rhi! J are [hey 'Will SOOI1 share?"






"Creepy horrid things. At least you canJight Zombies or Ghouls and such. Something about Spirits just sets 17\Y teeth on edge.~1

- Srn!MAHB. HolST. EMl'1RE SoLOlER. " MOSt of youcan't see them, but rhqre aU aTOUnd. They come [0 77U' window at night and whisper through the bars. AU sons oj strange thingJ they 'Whisper, secrets and stories. They tell me aU about my clesriru'. You'U see, when 1 get out oj here. I lh them. It's all dark in here, but when they come to the bars their little dead heads glow, Love(;v asJish tJw.y are."

- RUDl, GREAT ALTDOAF AsYLUM INMATE "Ir's the silence, the implacable silence, rhat scares me

most oj all. 1 don't real9' likeJtghting a1\)l oj the

Undead, it has to be said - give me [he honest savagery

oj a Greenskin invasion or the naked greed and cruelzy

oj a Chaos r{lid a1\)l cI.qy. Ghosts and Spectres, though_. theyre too much oj a reminder oj what might be my

J are somedlzy. Zombies or Skemons, they're ROr quite

so bad beCOUSl! I don'c think oj [hem as still being the person they once "Were, even if it's an old comrade - it's just his bo4Y wandering about there,Jorced into motion by the Vampiflethat'sanimating him. Bur Spirits are,

well, thelTe Spirits, aren't rMY? Thi! real thing, the Teal person, unable [0 reSt, a tormented soul tha: wants [0 leave this 'World and go to_.whi!rever it's supposed to go. With Sigmar rnqybe. I don't know I'm not a priest. I just know rhat I don't want [0 die somewhere 'Where a damned Necromancer or something can $lOp 17\Y SpiritJrom going ro., wherever. You know. Damn it, I need a drink."




HAre they in truth the souls oj the departed, boundyer

to our world by the evil Necroma7lQ oj these Vampire Counts, or a. re they no more than echoes oj rhe people who once walked these Lands, echoes given power andJorm and some kind oj twisted life? It is impossibleJor aJ\}! scholar to be certain. Ao(v own church insists that any Spirit is

no mere than a.n echo; [he Jinal t'emnanr oJ che deceased even rifler the actual soul. has passed on to the next world. As a scientist and scholar, I cannot be so certain. I have se~ these things in Sylvania, evm auempted [0 speak

with them, bucthe response was nothing more than an incoherent gabble. Ao(v concLusion is thor they are most likel.Y [0 be no mere than echoes,Jor that reason; aJter aU, one would e~ct Q. soul ro be mere intelligent and useJul. Still, it is certainly nOf completely implausible char a more detailtd snu(y will cUscCUtr the true perspicacizy of Spirits; perhap~ their souls have bern damaged in the process oj beconung 011£ oj the Undead, in which case it is eminently plausible rlutt there is norhingmore rhan chis; that once

we dU, we go to nothingness, if we are nor kepr chained to our earthl,y IiJe by these wicked necromancers."


Spirits are ethereal Undead that seem to resemble various once living being$. though whether they are acruaUy the souls of the departed or something Other is open to speculaticn. A Ghost,

the most commonly seen Spirit, arises wben tht: circlU'DStan«S sunounding a person's death cause some pan of his or her soul to remain near the place of death. 'The most common reason is that the penon was not buried properly-either not in consecrated ground, without the comet f unenuy rites, or both. Sometimes a Gbos~ may also arise because a penon died with some great task unfulfilled, or was murdered by a killer who is still at large.

"Ir is your solemn dury to seek OUt those thor havefaLl(n, but cannotfind cMir proper rest, and give them succour.

Most rimes, the proper rites should handle the needs oj fM departed, bur ij youJind an injustice [hat you believe needs to be righted, contact our nearest church and we shalt see if the Aaven Knighrs can set things [0 right."

- J\ Suu., Of MOll One of the more mischievous types of Spirit are the Poltergeists. 'They genetal1y seek to frighten the living by tossing objects about and making a nuisance of th:mselves. 'The most frightening, though, are the: Spectres. Spearcs are in many ways tht: malevolent counterparts of Ghosts and tlq seldom wish the living any good. The majority of Spectres rtmain behind due to \:cing the victims of a horrible cum or by bcing an oath~brea.kcr or other fonn of traitor. They are angry beings. full of malice fOJ the living and despair at their own state.

14Powdered watpstone, blown through a rube."

- RnaaT'TIK, CLAN EsHIN "SCHoLAR" Spirit Hosts are sometimes raised for war by powerful Vampires (and ce~ particularly evil Necromancen). These are made up of a nu.xture of Ghosts and Spectres. Spectres are particularly favoured for this wk, since they can inflict significant damage on the enemy, but most Spirit Hosts are rounded out by a fair number of Ghosts. Although Ghosts cannot harm the living directly, they are capable of forcing their enemies to flee in fear, and that can be almost as useful on the battlefield.

Many Spirits are unable to smy far from their place of death, though the precise distance they can wander is enonnously varied, depending on such factors as the Willpower of the Spirit when alive, the number of years since its death, and how determined it is to achieve its release,

''You mnnor deny chat our ~s are efficient. Ofren 1 find thor rifler killing and draining one oj your kind, I can bring his oozy back as a Zombie and set his Spirit to haunting or spooking roo."



"11 we leave the Undead alone, r~y 'Will [eave us alone. Th£ real threat is Chaos,i rell you, Chaos!"



"Sigmar is jUst. It is onlY Jirring thal. such vile women should sufJer such a terrifying fate. If ever you need proof oj the e«istenc:e oj divine jUstice in this world, the agonised grimac.e of rh£ Banshee is quire sufJicient."

- VOI\.STER. Pn<E, WITCH HUNTER 'There's just something abour them rha.r's mote cerrifying than almost anything else, even Daemons

- and ir's nor JUSt that [hey aU seem co remind me oj my e.x-'IJJije."

"Oh, rhere's one of them Lives in our woods. She don't harm noboc:(y, unless ir'syour time [0 die oJ course. She appeared co thar mad old Marienburger, Frans, who used to live in the village. Saw her washing blooc(y dorhes at the ford he did. She took one look or him and opened her mouth to wail, that's [he wqy he told it. Then she carried on washing. He CQme to .[hevillage and all his hair had rumed white, petrified with shock he was. He said he knew it had been an omen-thar once she'd laid her eye on him and ~ivm him that wai(, he knew his rime was up. He rook to his bed rhal same dqy and never got up again. Yes, he died in that same beddi-ve years later. 1 said he starred out a little mad-eccentric, you might say, if he'd been slighrlY richer-well, once he'd seen her, he was as mad

as can be. There was no going backJot himfrom that moment on. He knew he was going IO die, and he JUS! Lay in bed the res: of his lije waiting Jot the end."


- 6S-


"Mh, Banshees. EXquisite. There is norhiflgquite so elegant as thec:ombinarion of death, beauty, agony, and absolute terror"

- CO.NSTANl1N \iON CAR.STEJN, V AMPmE LoRD I'A Banshee can best ,be cilassedas a va:riety of Ghost, being a ROn-t:orparealfonn. of Undead rather than a.n animated corpse. The Banshee is Jar n.wre mtllign .rhan rhe Ghosts . and Spectres who are somtllnt.eS gathered by Necromancers or Vampiresinro a Spirit Host, and matched to war, since a Banshee will attack the liuing without any prompting or cajoling; when a ~~~eis found as parr of the r_etinue of a powerfUl. V am~re, IX l;ji·becouse .shf knows she will h!lve

a chance to irtflicra great deal oj pain and death on the livtng, not because she has beencorttntand'edro do so. Her main weapon is her ghtut(y, .shrl£/dnghowl.,. sometimes etTOReous{y called a wait EveniJ this does J10rfrightm

o m4n to death, it is still apawerfvl reminder of his own,powerfvl enou,gh [0 make ,a strong manquail."

- HEINlUCH MALz, HIGH PR.IFSr Of VElUNA, NlJLN. ''WarpstoRe weapons."

- R.nacrr'TIK, CLAN EsHlN "5cHoUJl.."

had QJJen4ed him. somehow. He had aU the worst Qfborh worlds, ;usrasfuUQf angtf' a1ld thAnger as a live wamar but with that unsroppaNeevi1 of r.he U Mead roo."


·T·· .. C_ ... ·· ... , E·

. HE ~t10LAR· S . YE

"Cl~,ffur, cunning Zombies, thor's all [hey realty aTe. It ,is afine .tmng[o know .rhat [he greater one oj your hero's powers as am.orrat, rht greater will be hisprowt$S once

.he has become one oj the Undead. Some corpses would be toasted as mt1Ie Zombits or Skeletonsj tho' haw the jighriJtg insrincu Qj a hero, still, deep tulthin [heir dead m'lLSdes and nerves-I ean use thaI.lean use rhat to smash mere ofyou,r heroeHO their ~rhs,but at the end of the night, a Wight can be rMownawqy as easi{v as CiI'\,V Other minion. There are plenzy more where rheycameJrom. This world wfl1 never be .shorr oj thad herotr-a hearrening thought, nof"

- CoNSTMmN VON CAl\STEIN, V AMi'.lP.E LoII.D .A1tnoughWigl1ts usually prefer to inhabit the ancl.entgnve· mounds in which they were buried, they are not .magica11y

tied to those places, unlike Ghosts or Spectres.Wighu who are given an oppottWtityt.o go to war at the hands of a new overlord, such asa powerful Vampire, will often do so gladly, forsaking their beloved graves for months or even years to follow on campaign one more time.

"Smear crossbow .botts wilh powdered lOOrpstOneand grease. Stand 'Well bade."

- Rm:Krr'nK, CLAN f.sHIN·''ScHOlAR.'·

- 66-


''There's a vatour to them, despite their euil. YOu get the feeling when youf ace one .rhat he's fighting you for the rhrilLof barrie as much asCl1\}'thing else, not just because he's been ordered rOatIack b.Y some master. There are few J oes

as dtai11.Y. [hough. Most oj 1f\Y lads art' rough old veteran.s~ hard to .kill, because tlW,y knowhow [0 use [heir shields and armour to best effect astocl1 as their blades.. After afight wiJ;h Wights, though, I knew I'U have Lost good. men.,"

- CAPTAIN ScHuLTZ, MERCENAlI.Y CoMMANDER "King Gen:ann 0' the Mound? Long'.syou dursm'r go rraipsin' round his old barrow, he'U not hurt you. Lik£

a ghost he is, on{v cOlder., nas.rier-.b:uryou leaves him along, happen he'll leave you aCone [00. Though I'd. nor go a'wanderin' ar-cunei Blackley P·lninsar r' rime of a daf'km.ocmneither I iJ J was you."

- OtoHoa, ~FM.MER 'WIty, there's .cwo things I fiM scarter [han a1lYthingelse: 'Wll1'T'Wrs emd the Vndead. W Qrriors areunprtdicrable, (oucolY, sur(Y,alwqys concerned J or some supposed honour--1lnd yet half oj them 'Would rob and loot just Jer the fun of it iJ there was nOIhing better rodo. The Undead are terriffing because rhey keepcomm.g even if you hit llientwith arock or aqutJf'terstaff~ and of course because theyreunnaruraland should be dead in tMit" groves .. Wights .are Vntkad 1IIQrriOrs. I've o~ever .seen the one, when he came OUt of hisgrave"'1JWUnd to sLqya villager as

"It is clear that these are a sup or two above rhe level of rhe moSt common Undead, the Zombies and the Skeletons. Wights are driven by a malign intelligence all their

own, not the allegiance of their lesser counterparts. JUSt us a powerful Necromancer will some !UtY dit and rise again a.s an Undead, aU his vile powe7'S intact, so can rhe greatest of the warrior heroes . .Many of rhem are rru(yancient, the remnants of an aboriginal, tribal people who once occupied the lands of the Empin thousands of years before it wa.s so knoum. Mal'\)' more, though, are of far more recent vintage, and it is trub said that one of the grfJ,veSt dangers of alU' lmperi.alforo,y

into Sylvania is that not onl,y will we be the von Carstems'With the corpses of the rank andfile soldiery [0 animate as Zombies and Skeletons, bur also thar if al'\)'

of our true championsfaU on the cursed soil of thar land [hlO' will rise once more as Wights!'

- W AWF.MAP.R, ScHoLAll. Of NULN Wights most often wield cold iron sworels, enchanted to slay mortals by the ancient runes sctalong the blade. Many favour greatswords or huge ares instead, again inscribed with runes of anciem powu.


"l remember 1I'\Y father raking me to the very edge oj OUT lands and pointing at [he distanrmounds that srilllie there, against .the ea.stern hori:ton. /I{)' father was ever a joll,y man, much givm to gaiezy, but that night he looked upon me with his Sternest expression. There, J1\)I son, rest ancienl kings, warriors oj old. Disturb them not, nor suffer others to do so lest rheir 1JlrQr.hjaU upon our lands.' I asked him how he knew this and his IryeS grew distant,jor a moment

1 thought he wouldn't answer. 'Once, 'When I was younger rhan you. are now,

a. prieSt of Morr brought word to your grandfather than an irifam0u5 necromancer, one Tobias &hrulr, m.qy soon have been passing through

our lands. A{y f alher was a pious man and readiU' agretd [0 search [or thefiend. True to his WOrd, he set men [0 tIXltching, but Schtulr used his dark arts to pass undetected. For his ownfoul purposes, operwl up one of rhe ancients' mounds and therein

found a welL.-deserved death, butjor his trespass, every man, 'IJJOrJUIn and child of the village chat once l({}l near thost mounds was found dead the fdlowing morning . .I saw some of them. Their e.xpressians. Thiry died in terror! MY jather would say no m.ort. As forme, I have standing orden that rl1t)'Ol1llwho seeks [0 disturb [hose mounds mUSI imm.ediate(y be brought

to mefor ~stioning before 1 sencence them.

I usuall,y have them pur to the sword."

- Bt.luI..ON CAROLUS VON BECHAfEN "Go nor to the mounds on moonless nights,

seek nor the dead to rise.

Risk not [11£ TUTath [har steer and dreams, heed rhe words oj rhe wise.'

- CHOttUS FROM h 11W)ITIONhL EMmu: PF.AsANT SeNG ''I'imt there was in rhe long dUSO' ages of our history,afrer thefaU of [11£ Dwarfs' kingdom, but before the rise oj Sigmar and rhe Unberogens, when strange tribes now aU but lost to memory roomed the f oresrs and plains oj [he Old W orld.Whence rhey came, none now can say, though most scholars of 1I'\Y acquaintance look ever towards the sourh

in such matters, preferring that cardinal direcricn to the Darkness in rhe north. Regardless, they did come, monumentS of stone to mark their passage. Their noble dead. they l:ntried in great earthen rnounils set aboul with proreaive zymbols [0 tkrer grave robbers. We know litdt

else of them,for [hey are gone now, with on{y afew Qf rheir works [0 w. Skilltd, they were, in rM working

of brontefor thefew anefaers that 1IJe have of there's

mnain unsullied, despite rhe long years since rheir forging. Rumour holds that [hiry were also skiUed in the clark arts of necromanQ', but whether that is so or mere(}! peasant superstition 1 cannot sCO'!'



Fortunately they may retain other traits as wcll .••

"I had not come sofar rojai! so near 1I'\Y gool, but it was dijficul! to any of rh€ natives es [hID' said my queSt was madness. The guide I finalzy secured answered to the name oj Ra.tim and Ifound him to be of a singular(y'WOrt/tY sort, bur: I had little choice in rhe m4rter

es he alone shawed al\)' 'Willingness to escort me to the

- 67-

srruckoif his shculders. He .spoke and then,a7tU1.ting(y hesmikd., nodding to me once beJore be rose and

departed, his armoured gup.rd smoothf.y withdrawing to surround him. The prien Wt'IUcell to me and said, '.MY lord commands me [0 rellyou Ihar he tOO, loved once. He roo, would've gone to rhe ·encb QJ ,he world [0 his tOlle • .1 am IOshowyou rhe wisdomyou see.k.'.lf norJor .Ra.tim~s greed, .1 would never have J cund rhe hidden place that the wi,{ened priest look me to and. my KareUa would've been lon to me J orever. Strange are lheturning$QJ the wOt'(d."

- MFnuous NULL FROM TBE Q. UEST FOR: .My ~T Thrn: are few Mummies to be found in the Empire,. but the early migration of thenibes of Man bas lead [.0 some such being found i)lancient burial mounds. Additionally, certai.n Ilecromancen occasionally attempt to ereatea Mwnmy for tlxirown dark purposes. Such attempts often lead to ill, but fining, ends for themagic.ians in. question. Finally, some of the Vampire COunts of Sylvania havcsporadicaUyttied to force Mummies to dotbeir bidding, but such ei:ldeavout:S have always ultimately failed., the will that binds a Mummy 1.0 life being as Strong as tha.t of many Vampires.

fabled ruins oj Bel /J.Uzd. Our jounu:y was· long and monotonous, the on{)' COMttnrS rha.t'.1 ((1n recall .being SQnd, wind and re:lenrless hear .by dqyJOllowed by bitter chill at nighe. MallY times .Ra,tim suggested that we turn back,. naring rharirwasfoolharqy .. He rhoughrthat I meant [0 Loot theanc:'unr ci(y; an· iro'\)' considering what UIIlS' yet to come. Afrernuo hard weeks we arrived at the ouukirtsof what re:m.ained of rhe Cizy of Healers. ~im nated [Iulr he would go no fa11.het,lnu would wait for mefor rwo dqys be!Ot'e r«U,crning .[0 tM porrol ZandrL Poor fool, if he had .nqyed rrue to his words he might've seen ol4 age, but .1 curse him not as his dishoneszy benefited me in the end. dqy,.1 found no 11'ace of the wisdom J sought, nor could I decipher .the locarion of the Library of Horeptis. On the second dqy, .1 awoke to the prodding of a bron.te headed spear, cLurched inrhe hand Qf an armoured skeletal warrior • .I've have .seen such sights in 1T\:Y dqys

Ihat l'mall bur ja.ded teterror, but being awolctn by One oj [·he undead .surety took another year or rwo off:my

tif e .. A group oj similar{y armed skeletonsaltowed me [0 dress, then forcib(y lead me to a glldedcourryard. At lhe cenm of the square Stood a massive marlXe throne, upon which 5ara magniJicent(y arrqye:d being, resptenJen.r ,in jewels and rune inscribed bandage.s. His eyeLess g.Q.:{e bore into me as I seood be! ore him and .1 bowed as I would

toa king; Next to him stood a withered looking man in prresely vemntnt5, .Ra:t;im sat on rht ~ound before him, goUl and jewels lying cLustered at his Jeer. Themuml7l;)l noddedar [he priest who loo.ked al me and rhen spoke,

to my astonishment, .in .Reikspiel. 'His .Radic:mce Surekh, GuariUan of the Warers of Life, .Prince of tM Shifting Sands wishes [0 know whY you have come so far IO loot his posseuions.' .1 looked ar R.a.tim and saw m.y doom in his actions if I W(I$ nor very clever. Bur kings are Icings,. orotMr'Wise a.nd 1 knew whtlr to sqy. ~lcame nor jor mighr;y Surekh's gold lmz·for, his world renowned wisdom,Jor Bel AIiadis a cir;y oJ healing and .1 a.m in desperaleneed of a .healer! And so, 1 r·olt/.rhe undead pharaoh o.f tI'\Y woes, of 1JtV. Love K arelia'.$ poisoning at the ha.nds oj Hein1'ich von Bruno and my despmue quest. Theprie:st quietly .rranslar.ed all to the unmoving m.U1n1T\:Y. When .1Jinished theCOUrO'llN was .sriLlfor the .spanof rhree heartbeats. Sutekh ge5tttred and Ra.,tim's head was


'!()nce .1 rode ouer· rw Jields as lord and mctSter to mypecple. The land WQS(;}fJ,Njor asJar tlS [he fWifresr hIJt'st·cculd travel in a. three dqy run and it was good. When fheJierce Ollt$J'ront the north mme upon us, I was reat(y Jor rheiT saoogeryan.d beat them sowu:l(y. When the Gteerukiru soo.ghtlo despoU

our lands 1 drouerhemback. There was no tree rJw .1cJid not know, no rock thar J hadn'rrrod Oller. My people prospered and SO did .1. AU things WQ.l. ·and wane, in rime.l\{y beard grew long and grey.llqy down ro rise no mo:re, content rhar 1'I\Y peq:ie would be well wWtcta me:.,YeI" I told.them with .nv' qymgtoordsrharifrh/,y or our land .hadneed qf me 1 would' retut1t. My people are gone now. The land hoJ clwnged bound 1T\:Y recognition.Jdo nor know rhispla~. rheseJielt:ls, rhese trees; on{v the rocks 'If my rombremain tlSrMy 1Dere. Bur the fierce ones still rome I rom rhe north, there are sriU Gr«nskirn to be drivenJorrh and 1 find thar .1 have no :rrteI"\Y left .in me for thaserhat ha.vt disturbed 1T\:Y rest."

- SIiAAU,. B!.B.Row KING


I'Silly pea~anrs' tales, like Ghosts and Spectres. There's simplJ no such thing as Wraiths. The very idea of c.t powerful Necromancer or Witard .somehow surviving beyond his 0i0Il death i~ parentty ridi.culov.s."



''Y cu can't Jighrrhem,and it's a. struggle not to flee in horrorJrom them. You just have to hope your commander and his champions realty are rhe hO{vknighrs tMy aspire to be,. and tM:r rnqybe rh{y'11 beab(e to hun the crealU1'e.s."


liThe Marquis of MuLtvn., he called himself. Said he were a noble, bur .1 never he·arJ.of noplact ·called Mulzyn. He were stqying here tolpursue.some particular Tesearches'., so he said. Paidfor rhree mo.nrhs in advance, kep[ hisself to hissetJ., never cawed no borher. Next thing we knew

the Const,abies was caUinground wanting him, said

he'd .been gf'avt-f'obbing .. He'd fled .town f,y then and we didn't .hear of h.· im,againril ... l loOT'! was he'd. occupied the old Jagdhof Welge on .rhe other side of the lake. Well of (ourse we 1'OU~ up some stout lads withpitchfOr. ks and. torches to run him nghrOW' of the ar£O ... We .soonfcund out what he'd been using them. .bodies for-place was

thick w.irh Zombies, and a lot oj tire lads legged it, but weJought them back tIlithflames untU we could put the place to the torch. You can see [he blackened ruinsJrom

- 68-

here on a clear dtzy, when the mist hasn't rolled right in from Mount Schober there. On a clear night you can see it even bater I and see the old Marquis sril1 flapping abour in his big bUIck cloak, waving his anns and seill doing his 'particular researches.' ~ own cousin Ham rook the Priest of Sigtn4r OUt there on his boar co drive aWtzy the evil spirit, but the Priest never come back and Hans has never been rM same since,floated up on our shore a week Later half~drowned andhalf~rerrified [0 death M dilL"



'Thzy appear co cling to dieir Undead status by sliter wilLpower. Their magic is irrelevanl; whatever petU' rhey mqy have indulged in during their Uves have dearV fail.ed., or b rhzy would sriU have a corporeal form. It is

on{y their l'iWted spiril;,wraclwl with llamd and pain, that keeps them in this world at aU, and on{y by rhe most tenuous threads. Without [Mir despera!e clinging to whatever cursed form oj immortality they ht:rue, without their conviction

that either rhey have .succeeded or else have a chance still ro succeed in their quest to become Undead NecrortUlnctTS, it seems: [hey would simpOl wither awqy [0 nothingness, their last fragmentary existence scattered to thefour winds."




"So tragic, to have gained immortality yet forever lost [he pleasures of rheflesh . .Heuer byJar [0 remain forever young and vital, able to interact with the l.iving without them fleeing in terror. Your Wq:ards and Necromancers who want re live f orevershould come to me-l could help those who were worthy. That does nor nuan, of course, that I do not regard Wraiths as useful minioru; I do, of

course I do, but one cannot help bur find them awful(y dull campa",."



"Pas1ing cruel [hiSS! 'l&IOild isss thQ! you still breathe and 1 mussst rot. Crueler still am l,for I will rectify mattersss. Thisss iss your death. So,y prqyerSS$ if it pleasesssyou; they will nor save your life, not prOtect your .souL from the tDrlmntsss I plan for it"."



"In dangerous regions I alwqys try to join up with other merchants to form. a caravan~wereaU much soJer

that wqy. This rime I wa.s with Marina Werf en and Wolfgang Dachstein, but we'd hired six guards too, rough-looking army veterans by the look of them. We had campedforrhe night, dose to the borders of Sylvania. The guards were war:>', and hat! their ntlmber agreed to be on watch at a rime, planning to catclJ a catnap or twO on the road [he next morrow. The survivor, Alexander, told me afterwards that it was on(y chance [har saved him] and probabl.Y 'We sleeper.s too. The Vampi.J'e Bars had attacked Heinrich and Fran.t in the nighe, Striking simultaneouszy and silenr(y from opposite sides of the campfire. Al.exander had. been off to one siiJ.e,relieving himself, and was able

to shout an alarm an insean£ before [he monsters realised chere were three guards nor two. Forrunare(y for us they flew off with their prites rather than pres.sing the anack,

or Ifear we might aU have lose our lives before we beat rhem off."

- KAsrAR. HANoLlN, TRAVELUNG MmCHANT "I have seen them, at nig1u,fLapping their mighrywings across the moon. They cal! to me, tell me 1 will join them soon. Herr Doktor Leberknoedel sqys that I am bars, but

I know that is nor [rut. One dtzy I will be bars, like my friends. They will cat'Ty me off [0 1f\Y new home, and we will dance round the moon wgecher. Ohyes!'

- RUDI, GREAT ALTOORf AsYLUM lNMATE "l' ou hear the fales, but you never quire believe they're [rut rill you .see one oj the ... one of the rhings. You jUst assume its all peasant e:xo.ggerarion, someone who saw a big bae or even an owl. This one, though, with its wings .spread it was bigger than one of che suppl.y wagons, greal fan .. gs li.lce a pair of poniards. It swept OUf of the s~ and carried ofJ Serjeant Vogl-horse and all. We saw them.

- 69-

In t.his version oj events, cMJirst Vampire Bar.sJed upon a sleeping Vampire by accident, cusuming him to be a living HU7nlln; perhaps he had recenrl,yjed himself, and still glowed with the warmth and blood oj his victim..

TM other theory posits that they were lM crearion oj a powerjul Nec:rarch Vampire or perhaps a Necromancer, who desired a powerJul flying srrikt [orce to supplement his Undead legions. In either 'case, .che biggest mystery is whether thzy reproduce like !.iving animals-making chem lM on\y known Undead to do so~or whether they tnaJ' ontv be (Teared by some other means, perhaps chesorceries oj another powerfuL 7nIlster of Undearh."

- HmnuCH MALz, HIGH PruFsr Of VER.ENh, NULN. ''Treat as atu' Other Vampires. Or Jeed powdered Warpstone to a, then oJJer him to the Vampire Bars cojealt on."

- RnGaT'TIK, CLhN EsHJN ''Sc!iOLAIl.''

again the week o,fter. Vogl' 5 corpse dry and whiu, rhe horse a 1tXlLking corcass too, but both still marching, still jighting, jighting j or che other side now_"



"I believe them. ro be related co the Srrigoi somehow, though Yampire are cmain(y more p1rysica£ty appealing and social(y adept chan the average Smgoi.!'

- CoNsTANTIN VON C!U\.STflN, V AMl'IR.E Losn ''The history oj these creatures is obfuscated by [he centuries and by che inhermt stealth and secret;)' of

the Undead, but two 7nIlin theories prevail as to their origin. TM}irsr is that even when alive they alwo,ysjed upon Others, much Like larger cousins oj the gnats and mosquitoes that plaguttravellers in the su.mmer twilight.


''Those von Carsteins are very handsome! 1 don't think I'd mind being bitten by one oj them. Did you see the one with the black hair and the scowl?"



111 wouldn't mind being able to make people do e~aalY what 1 said just by Looking in their eyes. Now Chat would be haru(y."

- ERICH nIE SLIl'l'ER. Y "1 won't seU in Sylvania no more, it's too risk.Yjor o1\)'Ont who isn't dead.lnjact even if you are deadyou can't escape chem. Used to do a good rrade injresh garlic there though!'

- Kt.sTEa HANoUN, nv. VELUNG MD..CHhNT lilt is said they are oj an ancient and noble lineage. I have no more objection to burning ancient and noble V ndead than atu' other kind!'



''The Priest Kings oj Lahmia, in old Nehekhara, expmmmred wiJ:h dark forces to keep rhemselves alive

j orever. So iJ: was that rhe fiNt ever Vampires were created, rhen began roJeed. and spawn. Forrunate(yjor Humanizy, rhosejirst Vampires were by jar the most powerful, with each link in [he chain growing weaker and weaker as the lineage srrerches rhrough Vampire to Yampire and down to thlpresmt dtur. Most oj [he jirst group oj Vampires were slain in war with the Priest Kings oj the other cities, and SO we now know that even the most powerJul Vampires can be killed by mortals who are pure oj hean and strong oj arm."


"Powdered 1.fXlTpstone and ground silver, in a base oj garlic oil."

- Rn<Krr'TIK, Cu.N EsHlN "5cH0UJl."

Most of the Vampire lines appear much like: e~ly well fonned Humans, with only their pale skin, sharp canine teeth and sometimes glowing eyes giving tel1~tale dues of their uue natures to a knowledgeable observer. The exceptions arc the Saigoi, whose rnonstrow size and deformed stttngth are clearly inhuman, and the Necrarchs, whose bodies have wasted away to a far more extreme degree than those of the typical Vampire.

"Death is but another [orm oj Chonge, and Change is sacred to rteentch. These Vampires are J arcing [heir own and Others' bodies to be Undead when tlazy should die. Vampires are the very anritMsis of true Chaos, forever unchanging, resisting al'\}'thing new."



V~pires are notorious for their urge to drink the blood of the living, which they must do regularly if tlq are to continue

in their Undead existence. For most Vampires, this frenzied desire f OT blood is their main concern, and many of their other actions can be. seen in this light. Even the VampiR control over Sylvania is mo~ about ensuring a continuous supply of blood than it is about politics.

l'The most weU~known V ompire bloodline is thar of

lM von CQrsteins, but that is not to sq)I that the other Uneages are QI'\)' less powerjul. The von CQ,rsteirn are very much rhe'standard' 0'Pt! oj Vampire, if such 0 claim is reasonable; not becQuse the orher bloodlines are derived Jrom them or subservient to them, but simp(y because

we scholars knowJa.r more about w von Carsreins, historica£ty a major joe to the Empire, than we know abour the rest. Scholars know oj jour other 7nIljor Vampire bloodlines.

''The most pqwerjul sorcerers, parriculari,y in the realm oj Necromc:nzy, are undoubtedlY the Necrarchs. Though

-70 -

they do nor have quite t~ same physical nrengrh and martial prowess as some oj t~ more warlilu lineages, rhe Nec:rarchs more than trulkeup for a in the t'ealm oj magic. Their origins lit in the sttlrry dry of Lahmia, at tltt very birrhoj the Vampire NlCe. Necrarchs st't)' hiddenfrom

the si.ght oj men, in catacombs deep beneath the earth or ghost-haunted casrlesfar from civil.q;atWn.. There they plOt and waa, contemplating somelcng-reTm plans, which are rumoured to includt the slqying QJ everyone in r.he world and them all as undead slaves. Supposedly, they would create an unchanging, mist-laden lctnd, heavy and dOlorous 1I1i.rh the eternal serviIude of their thralls.

"The Lahmias are as r~dJor their chanrts and seductions as are rhe Culrisrs oj the Lord oj Pleasure; perhaps more sa,Jor the Lahmias have had half an

eternitY to perJect their dark and beguiling arrs, JUSt as

the NecrarcNs minions are the Undead legions at their command, a Lahm.ia Vampire's tools are HumanUy. Their beauzy is quire lueral{y caprivating;mIl'U' a bold knighrthar set our to slqy a lAhmi4 found himself a part QJ her retinue by sunrise, held enthralled. by her languorous beauzy, 1IJi.lling rofight and ditJor his new Lu(y. The Lahmias

are also renowned for their quickness and deadliness on the Jield oj battle, should rhzy ever have cause to Jight.

'The Blood Dragons are an inrriguing lineage. On

Jirst inwsrigaring them, they might appear to be merely the moSt skilJ ul warriors oj [he Vampire clans. This in itself would be a significant insight, but perhaps JUSt

as signiJicant is the real~ation that they have a b~arr~ par*, oj a chivalric code. Just as Zombies who have nor been given orders by their controller sometimes revert apingwha.r they once did in liJe, so a. Blood Dragon Vampire attempts to live his Undead life according [0 a warped version oj the code oj conduct he might once have

had as a living knight. They even claim. to have honour, oj a sort. How much of this is self-delusion, a.nd how oJten they genuine()o srriveJor and achieve a virtuous liJe (in so Jar as a Vampire C!1n be virtuous at aU.) is a trultter sri1l very open [0 debate.

"Fina1{y we come to rhe most degenerate oj aU [he Vampire bloocIIiMs, the Srrigoi. Outcast from their more civilised brethren, these slavering creatures more dosety resemble Ghouls or Daemons rhan the idealised HumanJorms oj

the von Carsreins, Blood Dragons and Lahmias. They

are consumed by harredJor almost aU living things, btu pcrticulD.r(y [or the other Vampire bloodlines. InterestingV' [he name Srrigoi. hints at an associarion with the tTfllleUing caravans oj the Srrigal\.Y,wandering hilher andyon throughout rhe Empire and beyond wah no kingdom to call [heir own. The Strigal\.Y haw long since been rumoured [0 harbour the evil Srrigoi wiIhin their ranks, btu nothing has ever been proven. Yet still r~ Witch Hunter5 and vengeful mobs arrack Srrigany wherever they go, sole0' our of this conj using similari.t:y QJ name5.

"It seems like{y that other Vampire lineages also exist, lesser-known ones char have remained so secretive or so small rhat rhey ho,lIe never come ro [he attmtion oj Vampire experts."



lilt is the natural wqy oj rhings. The nrong prey on the weak, in the wilderness and in tltt Sl:one dries of men and Emperors. Yet we ctre careful nor to taire too muchJrom you, for [har wqy would l't)' our awn stctrVarion. You do the same 1I1i.thyour kine andyour sheep - you even procecr them


"We were hired to Mad into Sylvania and rescue some merchant's daughter, sM'd supposedf.y been kidnapped by a group of Sylvanian nobles so one of them. couLd take her to wife. New,you'd have thought any merchant would

be pleased [0 have his child marty into the nobility, but seemingf.y she was It real beauzy and he had high hopes for her~rhoughr she could marry a Duke or something a. bit closer [0 one of [he bigger cities, so as the merchant could see plenty of her and keep up his business. He didn't much fancy moving to the darb of Sylvania, so when [he noble and his lmighrsfirsr (lame to court her, the merchant rejectedrhem. Count von Bierstein~rhat was the name he u.sed~ did.n'r rake things too well, normed our of the place swearing the merchant would be sorry. He and his men oaw back in the night. No one even heard the girl scream--m.QYbe she was S1JJeet on him even then.

"['hat was where we came in.Vsualdail,y rate applied, r: wenegoriated a good bonus if we brought her back.Ir was dear he meant 'brought her back alive,' but I didn [ want to worry him too much~jU!t enough to want to P'\Y us 'It1eU. MoSt of rhe lads were happy enough with the deaL Sure, we were off [0 one of the most squalid backwaters oj [he Eml'ire, bur it was still the Empire; srill safe, Still civilised, or so we thought.

"OJ course, Sylvania isn't rtalu,. the Empire, even new. Oh, the Emperor 7rnIJ' claim it as his own, bur ever since the Wars oj che Vampire Counu a.nd mqybe even beJore, [he common people have known thaI rhey were better oJJ begging the local von Carstein vampireJor mtrO' than e~ng any protecrionJrom cM Empire. Tha[ was what we realised as we rode and 1tikeil.through the villages-thaI we wel"e the outsiders hereJ we were theJoreigners, even moI'It than when we'd campaigned in TUfa or Norsca. Peopl.e were wary of helping us because [heir Undead masters might call them traitors.

"WeJound von Bierstein's manor house on the afternoon oj theJourrh day, a grim and de.solate building sec atop

an equalJ,y forbidding hill in the centre oj a wasteland. The village beneath it was d.ark and stinking, half~deserredl

we could hear doors being barred as we came through, and we knew we'd get no succour there. This manor house was Jortified, bur it wasn't what you would call a (NlStle; we knew there would be no need to besiege it, just anackJrom aU sides and there was no way the garrison would be big enough to stOp us allJr01n getting over the walls. WeJigured we could mgotia.teJor rhe girl's release, because von BUrstein must have known it too.

"Tha[ wa., [he plan. Von BUrstein didn't co-operate [hoogh. One of his servants said he wouldn't come our to even parlo,y unril sundown. We thought he was just delaying the inevitable, trying [0 come up with a scheme of his own thal might stop us doing what we came [0 do. We were wrong. r should have seen the signs by rhen, and parr oj mel! had done-but you like [0 teUyourself you're atx>ve thefiresuuJlllTnS and 'soldiers' rates, rhat it would be para.noia to see Vampires everywhere just because you were in Sylvania .. 1 had convinced ff\)'self this would be an eau job.

"Wh£n he Jinalf.y came out to talk to us, he had a counrer"'proposal oj his own. He was one oj the von Carstein vampires, he rold us; his knights waited at his back, silent and maL.evolent. He raised his hand and the eanh erupted outside the manor house, Zombies and Skelecons spewingJorthJrom shallow graves. His knights raised their S1JJOTds, and a cold grey glint in their eyes told me they were Wights. There was no way we could fight and win here, nor without losing half our men or more. The Vampire rold us we had rill thefoUowingsundown to get our oj Sylvania, or he would personnlty hunt us down-o.long with aU the other von Carsrein he could contact, and all their armies and minions. Then he brought the girl out. She smiled, and I saw tM si:ce of her canines, [he paUid skin, a:nd [he red glew to her eyes; she was one oj them new, and she said she would lookJorward to joining the hunr.

''That decided us. No wqy the merc1umt would pqy us a'1)' bonus Jor bringing that thing back how to DaJ4y. We mtl1'Ched aU night and aU dtzy. Old Boris roJisted. hi.s cmJd£, and [he lads 'lI.!e'7'e aUJor leaving him to JendJ or him.self~he had his dagger our aruJ was about to slit hi.s own throat so [11£ Vampires coulJ.l1'[ uk him.. I gave him my own horse. 1 won't see one oj 1'1)' men die 'Wilhour reason. TM archers were loosing at shadows by the rime we crossed rhe border back into the rest oj Stirland, but we made it. I still don't know if von Bier&ein realtY would have hunted. us clown, but 1 had no wish [0 find our."


Jrom other predators, JUSt as 1 do 'Wilh the people oj Sylvania. A.m 1 nor a caring and genrlesMpherd [0 my flockJlI

- CoNSTANTlN VON CA.RsmN, VhM.l'IRE LoRD "A. Blood Dragon should striue jor excectence i:rl aU matters, but especiatty in che martial pursuits. Countless knighrs and warriors have I bened in bartle, and ma7\)' more come in hopes oj slqying me each year. Unlike them, the passage oj the ages strengthens me. You can never know what if is [0 knew with certaillty that one's skill with bl.aJ.e and bcw in.creasesyear uponyear, instead oj deteriorating into miJ.dl.e age, dotage, tmd evenrualU'

death. That in itself is reason enough [0 give up morral life and take up the eternal chaUenge oj immortality."

- SIR. HOLBEIN OF B.LOOD l<EEP, BLOOO DRAGON CHAMPION It You would be nothing wit.hour us. Have you al\)' idea hew ma7U' oj yoor highest lea.ders have spent their liws in thrall to uiJ Hew many oj your laws would not exist without us, how mqny of your peasants would have starved withour

uiJ Humans ar£ [00 weak to be permitted self-governnnce. With our guidance, [11£ Empi~e can and will achieve great chings. Without us,youJall to Chaos and worse."




~UtI ~~ J A,,"w imJ em oi; ~ w". J~J'!r p~ J!f~ A ~ ~ eieldN~ ~ _J s: U4!rk k u. ~

tA~ u. Wme tidA in tAm~. tk h~ IU "" + llA4}yOflJ

de ",,~J ~~ tAu. ,4 Jt;e we ts ~. ~ tk mos« tdAeJ

ci: ""~ ,,"nJ WIU M:-ritteJ. -J. ~ avU 0. bu tml.k

': Au OW1l W!c!4? S,J tr: ,,"u J1r tmI.'J~ ;J ~ wu

~/,k tAd-k ~J "" Id- ~ ~ ~ um ~ au t.1U

~cd in ;J!ff ~, WU ;}?f Ue1, tAdu ... -.w,k ~ •. OJu~ ti ~ ~ iii tk ;!f:J.Ie"k-~ kAu ~ ~ IU -J Ie rmJ;tmne ~M'~ tJA,.icA IU ~,t: ..7 ~. ~o/.I.~ ~tmnJ tAd- Pedom :J3~ A Stjb ~ ~~ ~ o.nJ y;;J k J,,"'?1UJ)yUtl~ ~ ,,"nJ tAd- ill ~ k t;.J u.nJ 6u~1UJ.

!JM ~tlt Su_nt,-

[I ::==========~.==-"- _-~----:...- ~~-:...- _........_ ~--:_ __ - ~-:_- ...... -.,ur-----

'We are lucky to live in. the city, my darling child.

There ere things in the wild,erness.

Dark things. Hungry things. Evil things.

Those who stray too far beyond the edges of the J orest are bound to meet an unlwappJ end."


"Some biofl1ledge is simp(y too dangerous to be wide(y known.

Ignorance shall proteer the people from iringing about their owndooml'



Creatures of the Old World

~!\QIi~~ W (itllU; ~O ...........,


The monster statistics given in this book are in the same format as those of Chapter 11 of WFRP-with one exception. The final line of every entry is a benchmark indicator of how dangerous a given creature is, which we've taken the uberty of ealllng the Slaughter Margin.

The Slaughter Margin follows the standard Test Di.fficuJty chan, wieh one addition ("Impossible"). The Slaughter Margin is based on a straight up fight between a single aven~ge Human soldler with good equipment, who has taken half the advances of the soldier career, and one

of the creatures in question. Ie takes nothing else into account. not ambush, not luck, not magic, not Fate, nothing.

Correspondingly, when using the Slaughter Margin as a gaugt'! a GM should think about how many PCs are in his party and just how dangerous they are. Remember that creatures can always be improved by adding appropriaee careers from [he core rule book. For some creatures, it can be appropriate [Q use careers from Cbapter 3 of WFRP. You may want ro m.ake an Elf Corsair, for example. who has entered the SCOUt career. For most monsters ehough, the careers in Chapter 11 of WFRP are more appropriate, or the careers fearured starring on page 80 of this book.

"I leave it to to decide whether a given monster is natural or tainted by Chaos. Either way, they burn the same."

- Reikhard Widmann, Witch Hunter

The rest of this book is given over to game info for the GM. The bulk of this section is stat blocks for the various creatures, which have been arranged alphabetically. But before we'ger to the statistics, a. few addl rio nal rules are provided to help give your monsters mote dimension,

Very Easy

The soldier should be able to kill the creature in a round or two at the most, more than Likely without being injured himself .


The soldier should be able [0 kill the creature within a few rounds with little more than a scratch.


The soldier definitely bas the upper hand, but may lose a few Wounds if he's nor careful. TIle combat may last for a willie.


The soldier faces an opponent 00 par with Ills own skill, or one that has unusual abilities that make up for less martial prowess. The combat can go either way. and is likely to last for a few rounds - though a particularly devastating blow could end it quickly; one way or the other.


The creature has the edge on the soldier. While me soldier can still win, victory willljkely be painfuJ and the combat may last for some time.

Creatures of the Old World


The creature is likely ro kill me soldier within a few rounds, often whJle susraining HIde injury from the soldier. It is barely possible thae the soldier can hold his own, but only just.

Very Hard

The creature will almost certainly gut [he soldier with JUSt a few blows. The soldier has barely a one-in-a-thousand chance of defecating such an enemy. If he even manages to signi6candy wound it, he has accomplished a heroic fear.


The creature in question is immune to rhe soldier's attacks (mosr common with Ethereal Undead) or the thought that a single average soldier could kill it is laughable.

- SaIS Ie TAtmrS-

For the most parr, the monsrers in this book use me Skills. and ralears described in Chapter 4 of WFRP. Some of the skills have been expanded. however. This book features several new Common Knowledge Skills, for example, such as Chaos Wastes. Greenskins, and Skaven. There are also some new Speak Language Skills. Malla-roorn-ba-larin is the language of the Treernen, Queekish that of the Skaven, and Nehehkaran the ancient tongue of the Land of the Dead. The only one

of these thac requires some explanation is Speak Language (Tribal). This skill is used for the various followers of Ruinous Powers ehar live in the Chaos Wastes. There are dozens of different tribes there, such as the Kurgan and [he Hung. and it is beyond the scope oF'this book to name [hem all and their languages: When you see me Speak Language (Tribal) Skill, it lndlcares one of these IUaf!.Y languages.


The Old World Bestiary introduces the following new talents to,WfRP.


Description: Daemons aEe made of the very stuff of

magic and this prorecp them when they are in me mortal world. Ally time. a non-magical weapon hits a Daernon, the Daemon's Toughness Bonus is treated

as though it were increased by +2. Additionally, the Daemon's own attacks are conslderedrc be magical. Lastly, Daemons are completely immune to the effects of poison and suffocarion.

Descripticm An ethereal creature is insubsranrial and weighdess. Ir can pass through solid objects. including walls and doors, Note that this does not give any


The Slaughter Margin. is based on. the chances of the avera~ Imperial soldier rc take on a given monster; Johann Schmidt is thac soldier. A1; you can see from his gamestats, Johann

is well-trained and has good equipment, He has the option of engaging each monster with his rrus[)' halberd or sword and shield. The halberd is a flexible weapon and particularly handy against rough creatures. However, the free parry of the shield is not to be underestimated. Johann is not one of the Emperor's elite. but he can bold his own against many of rhe enemies of his homeland.

Skills: AnImal Ca.r;e, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Dodge Blow. Drive, Gamble.

Gossip, Intimidate, Perception, Speak Language (Relkspiel)

Talentsl Hardy; Quick Draw, Strike Mighty Blow.

Specialist Weapon Group (Two-handed), trike to Injure.

Strike [0 Stun, Very Resilien;

Armour (Helmet, Full Leather Armour,

Mail Shirt)

Annour Polo.ts: Head 3, Arms t, Body 3, Legs I

Weapons: Halberd, Hand Weapon (Sword) and Shield


Creatures of the Old World


The statistics presented ill each entry represent a typical creature of the given type, but every monster is unique. If YOll need stars in a hurry, by all means !lip the book open and use them as is. However, as the GM you have the absolute right eo adjust these scats as you see fie, There are two ways you can handle [his:

Nahlra} Selection: Each race has members borh stronger and weaker (han the typical stars presented here. You can adjust the Characteristics of the Main Profile up to 10% in d mer direction to accou n t for this .. Characteristics of the Secondary Profile can vary quite a bit, since they vary in nature. You wouldn't want to change Movement: by more than 1, for example, but a creature could easily have 3 less Wounds or 6 more Insanity Points. This is a judgment

call, but ali always try to keep the capabiliries of the PCs

in mind. [f you want CharaCteristics beyond these ranges, either use the option below or assign Talents like Fleet Footed or Very Strong.

Carurs: The more formal way to account for experienced monsters is to use Creature Careers. Brute, Sneak, and Chief can be found in Chapter 11 of the WFRP core rulebook and three new shamanic careers are presented in this bock on pages 80-81. These careers give you an easy way to create unique monsters with a minimum of work. They can nave as many or as few advances as you see 6t. if you really can't decide, just roll a d 10 and give the creature that many advances.

ability to see through solid objects. only pass through them. An ethereal creature partially hidden inside an object gains a +30% bonus on Concealment Tests. An ethereal creature chat wishes to be is completely silent, with no need to make Silent Move Tests. An ethereal creature is also immune co normal weapons, which simply pass through its body ali ifit wasn't there. Daemons. spells, other ethereal creatures, and opponents armed with magic weapons may all injure an ethereal creature normally. An ethereal creature can't normally affect the mortal world, and thus

can't damage non-ethereal opponents unles i has a suitable special ability or talent.

Description: The creature has tough scales that protecr it like armour. This [alent provides the creature with

a number of Armour Points on all locations equal

[0 the number cored in parenthesis. For example, a creature with Scales (2) has 2 Armour Points on each 10 carion,


Description: A creature with this talent is so large and serong that irs auacks arc incredibly difficult [0 parry. Opponents suffer a -30% penalty [0 parry attempts.


Description: A creature with this talent is immune [0 fear and terror, as well as the effects of me Intimidate skill and rhe Unsettling talent,



In rhe core rulebook, Table ll-Il Chaos Mutations provides eleven different mueaclons for creatures such

as Mutants and Beasnnen. Naturally. the unlimited possibilities of Chaos ean provide many more mutations than this. Table 2-1: &panded Cha.os.\'dutations takes the basics of the original table and adds a significant number of new options. You can use this [able in place of Table 11-1

if YOll want more variety in your mutations .. Except where noted, each mutation can only be gained once. [f a creature rolls a mutation it already has. simply roll again.

Some mutations are noted as being Cosmetic. These have no game effect per se, Like all mutations, however, they . should be taken lnco consideration when assessing, [he

use of certain skills. A Mutant with striped skin (Bizarre Coloration) and a Head Crest is obviously going [0 have 'Q hard rime disguising himself, for example.

Should any Characte.ristic faU to 0 or below due ro 8 mutation, the creature dies immediately. Its body simply couldn't rake the strain of rhe transformation.



Many 0.£ [he races featured, iO. this book have their

own Arcane and Divine Lores, bur there isn't space here to provide all me needed expansions of the WFRP magic system. Other, more appreprlatc books will deal with this material. In me short eerm, however, someadvice is offered in sidebars on using the spells from ChapteJ:

11 of WFRP to simulate these various styles of magic. In

addition, this book presents new careers for shamans and One new Divine Lore, the Lore of Spirits. These careers can be used for any tribal cultures and they are particularly suitable for Greenskins and Ogres. Shamanism is appropriate for most of the monstrous tribes and call also be used for less civilised Human tribes.

Creatures of the: Old World


Roll Mutation
01-03 Animalistic Legs
04-05 Beak
06-07 Bestial Appearance
08~O9 Blood Lust
10-11 Bizarre Colerarion
12-14 Emaciated Appearance
15-16 Claws
17-19 Cyclops
20-22 Eye Stalks
23-24 Fangs
25-27 Foul Stench
28-30 Grossly Fat
31-33 Frog-like Eyes
34.-36 Fur
37-38 Head Crest
39-42 Horns"
43-45 Horri6~ Appearance
46-47 Hulking
48-50 Large Ears
51-53 Leathery Skin
54-55 Merallic Skin
fi6-58 Pincer Hand*"
59-61 Prehensile Tail
62-63 Regeceraero n
64-66 Running Sores
67-69 Scaly Skin"'·
70-72 Shorr Legs
73-75 Snout
76-78 Spiked Tail
79-81 Suckers
82-84 TaU
85-87 Tentacle-like Arm ....
88-90 'Thick Fur
91-93 Three Eyes
94-96 Warped Mind
97-99 Wing.s
00 Chaos Spawn Effect

+1 to Movement Characteristic Can be used to make attacks; 58-1 Damage

·2cllO% to Fellowship Characteristic

Creaturegalas Frenzy Talent


-ldlO% [Q Strength Characteristic Crearure gains Natural Weapons Talent

Ballistic Skill is permanenrly halved (rounded down) -iaio on lnitiarive rolls

Can be used to make attacks; $B-2 Damage; Precise Quality

-2dlO% to FeUowship Characteristic; opponents with a sense of smell suffer a

-5% WS penalty when within 2 yards

-I dJ 0% to Srrength Characteristic; +1 to Wounds Characteristic

-1 d 1 0% to Fellowship Characteristic

Cosmetic Cosmetic

Can be used to puke attacks, S8-I Damage

Crearuregalns Frightening Talent (or Terrifying if already Frightening) + 1 dlO% to Strength Characteristic

Creature gains Acute Hearing Talent + 10% to Toughness Characteristic

Creature gains 2 Armour Points on all locations Creature gains the Natural Weapons Talent; pincer has Precise Qual i cy +ldlO% ro Agility Characteristic; can wield a weapon with rail

Creature can make a Toughness Test at the start of its turn each round; if

successful, it regains 1 losr Wound; does not work if dead already -2dlO% to Fellowship Characteristic

Creature gains the Scales (1) Talent

-1 to Movement Characteristic

Creature galns Follow Trail skill

Can be used to make attacks; SB Damage; Pummelling Qualley Creature gains +20% on Scale Sheer Surface Tests

+ ldlO% to Agility Characteristic

... 10% bonus on all grappling-related tests Creature gains I Armour Point on all locations +5% bonus to vision-based Perception Tests -2dlO% to Inrelllgence Characteristic

Creature gains the Flier Talent and. a Flying Speed of 6

-2dlO% to InteUigence and Fellowship Characteristics; creature irnmediarely gains IdlO/2 new mutations (rounded up); ignore aJ1Y further Chaos Spawn results

"A creature can gain this mutation up to three rimes. The second time mey gain Large Horns, which inakt S8 Damage, The thi"c1 time they gain Huge Horns. which. Inflict S8 Damage and have the Impact Quallry .

• ,. A creature can gain this mutation once for each hand or arm. A creature so "blessed" is severely limited when performing acts tlutt require manual dexterity. Appropriate: tests suffer a -30% penalty.

'-A rearure can gain this mutation up [0 five times. Each instance increases the Armour Polnts provided by rhe Scales Tal e nr by 1.

A creature thar had received this mutatlon three: times, for example, would have Scales (3).

Creatures of the Old World

Taien.ts: Perry Magic (Hedge), Publlc Speaking. Strike to Injure or Strike co StUJ1

Trappings: Kertle, Instrument

Career Exits:: Shaman. Sneak


The touch of magic is rarely a welcome one amongst

me monstrous tribes. Tho e with magical aptitude are

often driven mad by unserrllng dreams and their srrange behaviour can lead to their deaths at me hands of superstitious tribesman. A few learn to cast minor spells

in a manner akin to rhe hedge wizards of the Empire. The best of these candidates are taken as apprentices by tribal shamans. While [his does safegua.rd them against murder, rhey become virtual slaves of their shamans and must endure years of pain and humiliation before finishing their apprenticeships. Assuming they survive the experience, they have taken the first step on a path to power among their tribe.

Shamans are the key religious figures of the monstrous tribes. It is their job 00 act as intermediaries berween [he morral realm and the spirit realm. They must drive off evil spirits, while placating benevolenr ones. They have a spedal relationship with rheir tribe's tutelary spirit'S. Frequently ancestors, these spirits watch over me tribe and protect it. as long as the shamans show proper respect and make frequent sacrifices.

Skills: Academic Knowledge (anyone). Academic Knowledge (Theology), Channelling, Charm, Common Knowledge (any two), Gossip, Heal. Intimidate. Magical Sense, Perception. Performer (Dancer, Inger, StoryteUer), Ride. Speak Arcane Lang"age (Daemonic or Magick), Speak Language (anyone)

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Theology), Channelling, Charm, Common Knowledge (anyone), Gossip, Heal, Magical Sense, Perception, Performer (Dancer, Singer). Ride. Speak Language (anyone)


Creatures of the Old World

Talents: Aethyrlc Aerunemene or Medjtation, Fast Hands,

Divine Lore (Spirits), Master Orator Tra.ppings: Mirror

Career Entries: Apprentice Shaman, Career Exits: Brute, Shaman Lord, Sneak


The most powerful shamans are the shaman lords. They have mastered spirit magic and kept their tribes strong. Tribal chiefs look to them for advice on nearly everyrhing and they treated with something approaching awe. In

some tribes, shaman lords become chiefs themselves. A few become powerful enough that they dominate several rribes and have many lesser shamans in their service. Like all powerful figures in the monstrous tribes, however, shaman lords must keep an eye on ambitious subordinates and make examples of those who dare to challenge them.

Skills: Academic Knowledge (any two), Academic Knowledge (Theology), Channelling, Charm, Common Knowledge (any two), Gossip, Heal. Indmldare, Magical Sense. Perception. Performer (Dancer, Singer, Storyteller), rude, Speak Arcane Language (Daemonlc or Magi c\<;) , Speak Language (any two)

Talents: Aethycic Arrunemenror Meditation, Fearless, Lesser

Magic (any two), Mighty Missile, Strong-minded Trappings: Magic item

CaceerEnuies: Shaman

Career Exits: Chief


The Lore of Spiries is the magic of shamanism. Practitioners are skilled at both defeating malevolent spirits llke rhe Ethereal Undead and Invoking the aid of their tribes' turelary spirits.


Casting Number. 5

Caseing Tune: Half action Ingredient: A drop of blood (+1)

Descripdem Your weapon. which rnusr be a quarter staff, 15 imbued with [he power of yOUI rrihes' spirits.

Ir inflicts S8 Damage and COUnts as magical for

] minute (6 rounds). If used againsr an Ethereal creature, it also counts as having the Impact Quality.


Casting Number: 8 CastingTIme: Half action Inpdient: 2 copper coins (+1)

Description: You are filled with such anger at the enemies of your tribe that glowinggrcen fire bursts from your eyes and hurrles towards one opponent within 36 yards (18 sq uares) of you. This is a magic misfile wi th Damage 4 (Damage 6 if the rarger is Ethereal).


Casting Number: 11 Casting Time: Half acrion

Ingredient: A charm with your tribe's symbol (+1) Description: You speak with the voice of your tribe's spirits.

exhortingtribesman to perform great deeds. You and all your allies within 12 yards (6 squares) add + 1 to all your damage rolls and receive a + 10% bonus on Fear Tests for 1 minute (6 rounds).


Casting Number: 13 Casting Time: 1 minute

Ingredient: A cupfuJ of freshly melted snow (+2) Descripdom You can cure a disease by defeating irs malevolent

spirit. You must couch the target of the spell to begin the contest and then make a Will Power Test. Jf you achieve twO degrees of success, you defeat (he disease spirit and the subject is lnsranrly cured of all effects. 'This spell can do nothing for those already dead by disease; for them, it's too late. Defollt disease spir-it is a touch spell,


Casting Number: 15 Casting Time: 1 minute

Ingredient:: A crude doll of the target (+2)

Description: You appear in the dreams of one character and foretell his doom at your hands. You needn't speak the same language, as the dream vividly shows the target his own gruesome death. The next time the target of this spell sees you. he must make a Cballenging (-10%) Terror Test. TIle receiver of the message uf doom must be asleep when the spell is cast.


Casting Number: 20 Casting Time: 2 full actions

IDgredient! 'The rusk of a Wild Boar (+2)

Description: The spirits watch over your tribe and protect it from harm. All your allies within 12 sq nares (24 yards) of you can re-roll one failed dodge or parry each round. Spirits .hield lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Magic Characteristic.


Creatures of the Old World

The rest of this section contains descripdcns and WPRP game statistics ror rhe various monsters presented in Odric ofWurtbad's Perilous Beafl;f: A Shldy ojCnat1lre! Fair and Fotli- as well as for some things beyond me good scholar's knowledge.


After the death of a murderess or other woman who has committed particularly evil crimes, it often cernes to pass mar her shade lingers on [0 torment the living. It is said mar a Banshee's howl means the death of any who hear it. A Banshees skull-like head pokes up from Sowing tattered robes, with an equally emaciated body sometimes glimpsed beneath. Her hair is sometimes like a black. halo. sometimes like ten thousand writhing tendrils. and the face beneath

it is a study in torment. Banshees are often followed by

the ineffecrual spirits of the men they slew when alive, which appear in rhe form of glowing skulls and faces JUSt

as agonised as the Banshee herself. Ban.shees prefer co use stealth to attack all enemy, concealing themselves within a suitable object. A concealed Banshee will periodically peek out, leaning forward and passing her head our of rhe object to do so. When her chosen prey is dose, she wUJ leap forth and attack. The more cunn1ng Banshees may attempt to pick their victims off' one ar a time, rargering stragglers or lone scouts first before attacking me rest of the party. Most, however, are too driven by fury and hatred to bother with any more subterfug-e than hiding before an attack.

Skills: Concealment +20%, Perception +20%, Speak Language (anyone)

Taleots: Ethereal, Frightening, NIght Vision, Undead Special Rules:

• GhostJy How/: Once per round, as a half action, a Banshee may emit a terrifying howl of pure evil against a single opponent who is within 16 yards (8 squares). She and her opponent make opposed Will Power T e. s ts, If the opponent wins, he is unaffected If the Banshee wins, she inflicts 1 d 1 0 Wounds on her victim, ignoring Toughness Bonus and armour. Those: killed by a Banshee's wail appear to have been frightened to death, Creatures immune to Fear and

Terror Tests are also immune to me ghosdy howl.

A character who is injured by a Banshee's howl,

bur lives to tell the tale. must make a WiU Power Test at me end of the encounter Of gain 1 Insanity Point. Many survivors convince themselves that they are doomed to die, and are unable to shake off the feeling.

Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arm 0, Body O. Legs 0 Weapoll5: Hand Weapon

Slaughter Margin.: Challenging (Impossible without a magic weapon or spells)


Beastmen are twisted creatures of Chaos. hideously melding the features of humans and animals. They typically have the head and legs of a goat and the upper body of a Human. These creatures have haunted the foresrs of the Empire for countless generations, preying on hurnanlry as hunters prey on animals. They travel in small bands known as war herds. which sometimes unite under a strong leader ro bring death and terror to me people of the Empire. Beastmen are true servants of Chaos and they nate Mankind above all.


The toughest and most experienced Beastmen are known

as Besrigors. They are berter disciplined man Gors and they rake the best armour and weapons for themselves. Beastman leaders almost always come from the ranks of the Besrigors.

Skills: Command, Concealment, Dodge Blow, FoUowTrail, lneimidare + 10%. Outdoor Survival, Percepdon, Shadowing, Silent Move, Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Keen Senses. Menacing, Rover, Speclalisr Weapon Group (Two-handed), Strike Mighty Blow

Special Rules:

• Chaos Mutations: Animalistic Legs. Bestial Appearance, and Large Horns. There is a 500/0 chance of an additional mutation. Roll on Table


Creatures of the Old World

2·1: Expanded Chaos Mutations to generate the extra mutation if presenr and modify stars as appropriate.

• Silent lIS the BetlStr of tht' WOod!: Beasrmen are naturally stealthy, and most are also very experienced hunters and trackers. They gain +200/0 to Silent Move Tests and + 1 0% ro Concealment Tests.

Armour. Medium Armour (Full Mall Armour) Armour Points: Head 3, Arms 3, Body 3, Leg 3 Weapons: Great Weapon, Hand Weapon, Horns (SB


Slaughter Margin: Challenging


Centigors combine the upper body of a man with the hindquarters of a four.legged creature like a horse or ox. They are at home in the forests of [he Old W.orld and often join Beastman war herds. Centigors are noronous fer their fondness for alcohol and frequently get drunk before going into bartle.

Skills: Consume Alcohol, Follow Trail +10%, Intimidate, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Shadowing, Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Keen Senses, Menacing, Natural Weapons.

Specialist Weapon Group (Cavalry. lhrowing)

Special Rules:

• Armoured Tono: Cenngors wear armour en their torsos but net their lower halves, If using the advanced armour system, 50% of all hits to the Body ignore any armour worn on that location. Centigors cannot wear armour on their legs.

• Chaos Mutations: Bestial Appearance and Horns.

There is a 50% chance of an additional mutation. Roll en Table 2·1: &panded Chaos Mutations to generare the extra mutaden if present and modifY stars as appropriate.

Annour: Light Armour (Leather Jack)

ArmoUJ' Points: Head 0, Arms 1. Body 1, Legs 0 Weapons: Demilanee or Hand Weapon; Shield or 2

Throwing Axes; Hooves; Hams (5B-l Damage)

Slaughter Margin: Challenging


Gors consider themselves to be true Beastmen because they have the all-imporranr horns that grant them srarus in their society. They tend co be bigger. stronger, and smarter than the Ungors and Brays. Gors are the backbone of their tribes and the core of each war herd. Since Gors arc tlle mOST common type of Beastman, sources referencing creatures only as "Beasrman" are usually referring to Corso

Skills: Concealment, Follow Trail. Intimidate, Outdoor Survival. Perception, Shadowing, Silent Move, Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Keen Senses, Menacing, Rover

Special Rules:

• Chaos Muttitiom: Animalistic Legs, Bestial Appearance, and Horns, There is a 25% chance of an additional mueation, Roll on Table 2·1:

Expanded Chaos Mutations to generate the extra mutation if present and medify stats a appropriate,

Creatures of the Old World

• Silent as the Beasts of the 'W&ods: See Bestigors for


Annour: light Armour (Leamer Jack)

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 1. Body 1, Legs ° Weapons: Hand Weapon or Spear; Hand Weapon or

Shield; Horns (SB-1 Damage)

SJau.gbtec Margin: Average


Beasrmen with small horns are known as Ungors, wherea those with no horns ale referred [0 as Brays. Ungors and Brays are subservient to rheir larger, stronger Gor and Besrigor cousins.

Skills: Concealment, Follow 'Isail, Ourdoor Survival, Perception, Shadowing, Silent Move, Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Keen SenseS, Ro.ver

Special Rwes:

• Chaos MutatiotU: Animalistic Legs and Bestial Appearance. There is a 25% chance of an additional mutation. Roll on Table 2-1: Expanded Chaos Mutations to generate the extra rnueadon if present and modify statsasappropriare. If the Horns mutation is rolled. roll again.

• Sikm as the Beasts of the ~oai-: See Bestigors for rules.

Armour: None

Armour PolDts: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand Weapon or Shield; pear Slaughter Margin: Routine


Chaos cultists are ordinary Humans and have no standard game Statistics. A cultist could be a. member of any normal career from Chapter 3 of the core rulebook, Of course, mey are as varied as any other Humans tQO. Chaos cultists who revere Khorne tend [0 have a high Weapon Skill and rrength, N urgle cultists are usually lepers and other victims of disease. revering their plague God in me hope that he may spare them; if anythillg, their game statistics wiU be lower than the average Humans, Tzeenrch cultists are often wizards or necromancers, with Intelligence and Magic scores above the norm. Finally, Slaanesh worshippers often have a bigh Fellowship bur low will Power, reflecting the ease with which they can seduce others inca the dark pleasures of their sensuous God but also the ease with which they themselves were drawn into his worship.

The above can be no more than general rules however. The cults of Chaos come in an almost infinite variety, and many are not at all typicaL


The Red Blade is a cult whose members are draw:n almost' entirely from me ranks of Imperial regiments. Only those who. have proved rhar they glory in barde are offered. the chance

to be inducted inro the cult. It is presented to these potential new recruits as a warrior brotherhood rarher than a religious group--a secret club for the most elite soldiers. To begin with, members are simply shown new combat rechniques that suit their furious fighting style. For full initiatiQn into the Red Blade, twO new members must fight one another, supposedly to prove their mastery of tl:1,C techniques they have learned. Before the fight, they are drugged so mat they will become enraged at the slightest provocation. The duels always finish with only one survivor. By this paint the [lew initiate is fUlly compllcir in me evil of the Red Blade, if he tries to leave and inform the Imperial authorities, he will be hanged for murder. Once he realises the trap he is in. he will be initiated into the true mysteries ofKhome. Most new initiates are close co being psychopathic befot:e they even join, so it is rare that any would object [0 worshipping Khorne, even without [he hold the cult now has over them.

Creatures of the Old W or1d

In general. members of the cult of the Red Blade are not much different from ordinary Imperial soldiers. They will fight as they are ordered to by their general.s, even battling againsr orher Chao ric forces if need be. Khome and his Daemons have no objection co his followers killing each other; quire me contrary, battle makes his worshippers strong. The cultists constantly await the command from their secret masters to rise up against the Empire, though. either by treachery against their own units during a

battle against Chaos Marauders, or by leading a group of dissatisfied soldiers to desert and join Chaos, or by simply founding <l mercenary company that is happy to work for Chaotic armies.



The Sweetest Kiss is a local cult of Slaanesh mat the GM can place in any small village of the Empire. Its members meet every rime Morrslieb is fulJ, on rhe heath outside the village. Here local Beastmen and Mutants join them from the nearby woods, coming togethe.r for wild orgiastic revels in honour

of Slaanesh. Roughly 20% of the villagers are members, and though secretive, they are less careful than many other cules when recruiting new members. As ever wirh cults of Sl aanesh , they aim to recruit the most attractive youths of the village

[0 begin with, pardy because such youths find it very easy [Q recrult others. This could lead ro the cult's undoing-perhaps the PCs are contacted by a local girl who was dragged along to one of their meetings without realizing the horrific acts she would be expected to perform.



Tzeenrch cultists are often practitioners of magic, and it

is said that most of me Colleges of Magic: contain highly secretive cabals ofTzeentch worshippers. The Silver Wheel is somewhat more low-key, lts member are the hedge wlzards, cunning-men, and village witches familiar to every peasaoc throughour the Empire and bcyond. Most of them have no idea who and what they are truly working for.

These hedge wizards do not have anything so formal as

a guild or a College of Magic, bur still find lr usefiil to

cornrn unicare with one another. Each will be aware of his

or her neighbouring village wizards, perhaps sending carrier pigeons [0 keep in touch. sometimes meering up to swap

s~ls and potion recipes. Most of the ELectoral Provinces

have annual meetings of their hedge wizards to do the same thing on a larger scale. The organisers of those meetings, and many of the a.ttending wizards, are parr of one of the largest but most nebulous Chaos cults in all me Empire. All magic is inherently tainted with Chaos, and the purpose of the Silver Wheel is [0 increase that Chaos, slowly but surely. Adding me tiniest quantities of warpstone to boost the power of a potion, incorporating a word at two of the Dark Tongue into a spoken

charm. or biding a Chaotic sigU within the complex designs inscribed omo a talisman, are aU ways in which these cultists can achieve their ends. Other hedge wizards. being by nature somewhac empirical many case, are apt to welcome new techniques without enquiring (00 hard about their origin.


The Covenant was formed five years ago when a group of students at the University College In Nuln performed a drunken ritual and called up a Greare.r Daemon ofNurgle. 1hose who survived all became worshippers of the Lord

of Decay. Unlike the usual run of Chaos cultists, they

are intelligent, educated, and organised. Most are now charlatans, travelling the Empire selling "medicines" which have been infected with far worse diseases than they claim to cure. The Crimson Plague, a gift from the Daemon, kills slowly but surely. deforming first irs victims' brains and then their bodies with pesrtlenr red bolls.


The Chaos Dwarfs come from Dwarf clans that went roo

far north and were swept up inro rhe Realm of Chaos millennia ago. Twisted and resentful of their brethren,

they seek to blot out the lighr of the sun, eclipsing me entire world in the blackness favoured by their new parron, Hashut, me Father of Darkness. They know litde of mercy or compassion, enslaving all other races chat they encounter, save their occasional servants, the Hobgoblins. Chaos Dwarfs prefer [0 let ochers do their fighting for them but their finely crafted weapons and Stout armour serve them wen when battle calls.




Chaos Dwarf orcerers favour spells that harness destructive volcanic energy.

Until Chaos Dwarf magic can be dealt with in derail, you can simulate such sorcerers with the various Wizard careers and Arcane Lore (Fire). Their spells are quite similar to me Lore of Fire, bur they USe lava and ash Inaddlncn to flames.


Creatures of the Old World


Chaos Armour is worn by parricularly powerful Chaos Warriors. It is a dark gift from the Ruinous Powers, and melds permanently with me wearer's body, infusing him with the power of Chaos. It is heavy armour and provides 5 Armour

Points like Full Plate Armour, but since it becomes part of me wearer's body it is much less encumbering (Ene. 250). ,

Additionally, a warrior so protected reduces me Critical Value of any Critical Hits suffered by 1. Chaos spellcasrers can cast spells in such armour without penalty.

SkiUs: Common Knowledge (Dwarfs), Drive, Haggle, Perception, Search, Speak Language (Khazalid), Speak Language (Relkspiel), Trade (Gunsmith)

Talents: Disarm, Dwarfcraft, Master Gunner, Night Vision, Specialjst Weapon Group (Gunpowder), Stourhearted, Srrike to Srun, Sturdy

Special Rules:

• Sorcery: Unlike normal Dwarfs, Chaos Dwarfs can become Wizards.

• Chaor Mutati.on: There is a 25% chance a Chaos Dwarf has a single Chaos Mutation. Roll on Table 2·1; Expanded Chaos Mutations to generate it if present and modify stats as appropriare.

Armour: Medium Armour (Full Mail Armour, Helmet) Armour Points: Head 5, Arms 3., Body 3, Legs 3 Weapons: Blunderbuss or Shield; Hand Weapon Slaugltter Margin: Average


Bull Centaurs, a hellish hybrid of Dwarf and beast, are fanatical servants of Has hue and provide the Chaos Dwarfs with elite shock troops,

Skills: Common Knowledge (Dwarfs), Inrirnidare + J 0% Perception, Speak language (Khazalld)

Talents: Night Vision. Specialist Weapon Group (Two-handed), [Our-hearted, trike to Injure, curdy, Wrestling

Special Rules:

• Armoured To rs«: Bull Centaurs wear armour on their torsos bur nor their tower halves. If using the advanced armour system, 50% ofall hits to the Body ignore any armour worn on that location. Bull Centaurs cannot wear armour on their legs.

Armour: Medium Armour (Helmet, Leather Jack, Leather

Skullcap, Sleeved Mail Shirt)

Armour Points: Head 3, Arms 3, Body 3, Legs 0 Weapons: Great Weapon, Hand Weapon Slaughter Margin: Challenging


Chaos Marauders come ITom the Human tribes of the far North. For those who grow up dose co the Chaos Wanes, there is little distinction made between a warrior who has been warped by Chaos, and any other fighter, save mat the Chaos-mimed one is likely to be more powerful and thus favoured by the Gods. A Chaos Marauder serves Chaos,

but is more concerned with the loot he can take and the devastation he can cause while rajdu1g. Chaos Marauders use classic skirmisher tactics. Their main alrn is to grab as much loot as possible, leaving a trail of corp es and devastation behind them. Since they are raiders by nature, they favour soft targets. If met with serious opposition, they look for easier prey elsewhere. Chaos Marauders only stick around for a stand-up fight if part of a larger force or if. foUowing a strong leader,

Depending on the tribe, Chaos Marauders qJ.ay or may not be mounted. Many of the: Norse tribes use horses ooly occasionally, perhaps $t.e~[jng them for transport but not using them in war. In contrast, the Kurgan and Hung tribesmen ride into barrle if at all possible, being superb horsemen. Tribes that do field cavalry often arm them with hurled weapons such as javelins.

Skills: Animal Care, Common Knowledge (Norsca or Chaos Wastes). Foliow Trail, Navigation, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Ride +10% or Sail +10%. Search. Speak Language (Norse or Tribal)


Talents: Orientation, Specialist Weapon Group (Cavalry, Flail, Two-handed), Strike to Injure, Strike Mighty Blow

Special Rules:

• Chaos Mutations: Roll IdlO eo determine the number of mutations: 1-5== I mutation, 6-10=2 mutations. Then roll on Table 2-1: Expanded Chaos Mutati,ons to generate them and modifY Stars as appropriate,

• Chosen o/Chaos: Chaos Warriors are the favoured servants of the Ruinous Powers. A Chaos Warrior is allowed two rolls on Table2-1t .Expanded Chaos Mutations for each mutadon and can choose the more favourable result.

Armour: Heavy Armour (Full Plate Armour) Arm.our Points: Head 5, Arms 5, Body 5, Legs 5

Weapons: Flail; Grear Weapon or Lance; Hand Weapon; Srueld Slaughter Margin: Challenging

Creatures of the Old World


Talents: Orientation, Specialist Weapon Group (Cavalry, Flail, QrTwo-handed), Strike to Injure

Special Abilities:

.., • Chaos Mutation: There is a 25% chance a Chaos

Marauder bas a single Chaos Mutation. Roll on •

Table 2-1: Expanded Chaos Mutations to generate

it if present and modify scats as appropriate.

AmlOon Light Armour (Helmer, Leather Leggings) Armour Points: Head 2, Arms O. Body 0, Legs 1 WeapoDs= Dagger or 2 javelins; Flail, Grear Weapon or

Dernilance; Hand Weapon; Shield

Slaughter Margin.: Average


A Chaos Wardor urtedy embraces the power ofdarkness, dedicating his mind, body, and soul to the Ruinous Powers. Chaos Warriors are terrible foes. having abandoned their humaniry for the remptations of the Chaos Gods. They invariably love bartle, even those who have not dedicated themselves totally to Khorne. They regard any combat as a chance ro prove themselves in the eyes of their patron Gods, and tend (0 hurl themselves into the fray without a care

for their own survival, trusting to Chaos to bring the most worthy of them out alive and covered with dark glories. This makes the.m extraordinarily dangerous opponents. The most experienced Cbaos Warriors ride warhorses into battle and are known as Chaos Knights.

SkiUs: Animal Care, Command, Common Knowledge (Norsca +100/0 or Ch.10S Wastes + 1 0%), Follow Trail, Intimidate + 10%, Navigatioo, Outdoor Survival

+ 10%, Perception + 10%, Ride +20.% or Sail +20%, Search, Speak Language (Norse or Tribal)

Daemons can come in as many forms as the vile imaginations of the Chaos Gods can invent. However, there are certain common types which scholars have identified, used again and again by the Chaos Gods when they have particular purposes in mind. Five of these, grouped by the Chaos God to which they are bound, are covered In detail in rhis book; these are b}' far the mose likely to be encountered by Player Characters, since the other Daemon typC!i have either fairly specialised uses or are almost unimaginably powerful. These remaining Daemons, along a Daemon creation system, will be included in the forthcoming Chaos sourcebook.

Creatures of the Old World



Daemons are the only true, pure creatures of Chaos. They are born from me raw power of it and their form is shaped by its merest whim. Their appearance and behaviour always reflect the Chaos God rhey serve. Descriprionsof the most common Lesser Daemons follow, but rheservanrs ofrhe Ruinous Powers are endless in variety and power.


Bloodletrers of Khorne are rall, muscular humanoids, with snarling bestial faces and great curving horns. Their skin is deep red and runs censtandy with thick blood that seems 00 ooze from every pore. Blecdletters always widd huge axes, and have various armoured metal plates attached to their very skin. Blocdlereers exist only for war. They live [Q prove themselves in battle, or die in the attempt, which means little to them as they can simply rerum to fight another day when summoned once more.

SkiUs: Dodge Blow, Perception, Speak Arcane Language (Daemonlc), peak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talen.ts: Daemonic Aura, Frenzy. Frightening, Natural Weapons, Night Vision, Resistance to Magic, Specialist Weapon Group (Two-h.and..ed), Will of Iron

Special Rules:

• Chaos Mu.tations: Horns, MeralUc Skin. There is

a 500/0 chance of an additional muration. RoU on Table 2-1: Expanded Chaos Mutations to generate the extra mutation if presenc and modify stars as appropriate.

• Instability: Daemons are nor so solidly linked ro the Old World as are mortals, and may sometimes be forced back from whence [hey came if II battle goes against them. On any round in which a Bleodlener is injured in melee combat but falls to inflict any Wounds in return, ir musesucceed at a Will Power Test or be banished back to the Realm of Chaos from which it carne,

Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 2, Arms 2, Body 2. Legs 2 Weap'0ns: Claws, Grear Weapon. Horns (SB-1 Damage) Siaughte .. Margin: Hard

The Puries are savage-looking winged Daemons associated with no one Chaos God in particular. They carry no weapons, but their claws and fangs are long and sharp. Chaos Furies almost always work in packs, being somewhat cowardly at heart. A pack of them in action is reminiscent of a Bying school of piranhas, rearing a luckless victim to pieces. Chaos Furies prefer [0 attack the weak. They enjoy their

time in the Old Wodd, with the incredible variety and taste of the prey they can catch) and have no wish to shorten that dme by hunting something larger. more numerous, or more ferocious than themselves. Their ideal targets are wounded, sleeping, alone. or small opponents. If faced with concerted opposition. they will flee rather man risk becoming unstable.

Skills: Dodge Blow, Perception. Speak Arcane Language (Daemenlc), Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Ambidextrous, Daemouic Aura. Flier, Frightening, Narural Weapons, Night Vision. Will of Iron

Special Rules:

• Chao! MutDti071s: Claws. Wings. There is 3. 50% chance of an additional mutation. Roll on. Table 2~1: Expanded. Chaos Mutations to generate the ana mutation if present and modify stars as appropriate.

• Instability: Da.emons arc nor so solidly linked to the Old World as arc mortals) and may sometimes be forcced back from whence they carne if a battle goes against rhem, On any round in which a Chaos Fury i$ injured in melee cornbat but fails to inflict any Wounds in return, it must succeed at a Will Power Test or be banished back to [he Realm of Chaos from which it came.

Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Claws

Slaughte .. Margin: Challenging


Slaaneshs most potent symbols of seduction andlanguoc

are the Daernonettes, 111ey resemble beautiful Human women. but have horny ridges instead of hair and scythe-like talons instead of hands. A Daernonerte is an alluring killer,


Creatures of the Old World

Whenever po slble she will Start a fight by negoriating--or rather, by seducing. If a potential opponent Is willing to listen to her educrive whispers and murmur . she will offer him pleasures undreamt of by mortals, lulling him with her words

... until.she is dose enough to indulge in her own favourire pleasure: impaling a victim on her razor sharp limbs. To a Daernonerte's twisted sensibilities, this i$ the perfect mingling of an almost erotic. ecstasy with the equally delicious sensation of in£Bcting a pain!:W death on the other party.

Skllls: Charm +20%, Dodge Blow, Gossip +20%, Night Vision, Perception, Performer (Dancer), peak Arcane Language (Daemonic). Speak Language (Dark Tongue), peak Language (any two), Torture

Talents: Ambidextrous, Daemonic Aura, Frightening, Natural Weapons. WUJ of Iron

Special RuI,es:

• Aura ofSlnanesh: A Daemcnette is 50 sed uc rive and bewUdering ehar living opponents within 4 yards (2 squares) suffer a -10% penalty [0 their Weapon Skill and Will Power Characteristics.

• Chaos Mutations: Anirnallstic Legs, Pincer Hand.

There is a 50% chance of an additional mutation. RoU on Table 2-1: Expanded Chaos Mutations to generate the extra mutation if present and modify stars as appropriate.

• 111!labWty: Daemons arc not so solidly linked to the Old World as are mortals, and may sometimes be forced back from whence they came if a battle goes against them. On any round in which a Daemonerre is injured in melee combat but falls to inflicr any Wounds in return, it must succeed at a Will Power Test or be banished back to the Realm of Chaos from which it came.

Annour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Pincer Hand

Slaughter Margin: Hard


The Horrors of Tzeenech have an ever-shifting appearance, always horrifying, bur never the same from one moment to the next. They are living embodiments of magic and change, and they become more powerful in large groups. Such

Daemon p~cks can inflict terrible mutations on their foes and even transform them into more Horrors ofT:z.eenrch.

Skills: Channelling +20%, Dodge Blow. Perception, Speak Arcane Language (Daernonlc}, Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Ambidextrous. Daemonic Aura, Frightening, Natural Weapons, Night Vision, Will oflron

Special Rules:

• Chllf)s MI~tLltiom: Claws. There is a 75% chance of an additionaJ mutation. RoB on Table 2-1: Expanded Chaos Mutations to generate the extra. mutation jf present and modify S(3[S as appropriate.

• Living Magic: In a very real sense, Horrors are magical energy given shape and sentience by their Lord. Their bodies continually give off energy that rheyare capable of directing in a manner reminiscent of spell casting. In faCt, as they g;tther in numbers, their Magic Characteristics grow proportionally.

Creatures of the Old World

A single Horror has a Magic Characteristic of

1. In a group of three to eight, each has a Magic Characteristic of2. In groups of nine members or more, each has a Magic Characeerisdcs of 3. Horrors can. direct their energies cowards casting the twO spells noeed in the Horror Magic sidebar. Note mat Horrors are subject to Tzeenrchs Curse, but me effects are spectacularly different. If a Horror gets a double or triple on a Casting Roll, a random Horror &om me group explodes with a mad cackle of laughter and the spell is successfully cast, rcg;udless of the Casting Rol!.

• instobility; Daemons are nor so solidly linked to the Old World as are mortals, and may sometimes be forced back from whence they came if a battle goes against them. On any round in which a Horror of Tseenrch is injured in melee combat but fails to inflicr any Wounds in return, it muse succeed at a Will Power Test or be banished back to the Realm of Chaos from wh.ich it came.

ArmoOJ': None

AnnoOJ' Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Claws

Slaughter Margin: Hard


Plaguebearers ofNlLfgle appear rather like horrendously diseased and mutated Humans. Their bellies are dlstended and swollen, often spurting open in great pus-oozing wounds to reveal the bleared and cankerous organs within. Their

Limbs are stick-thin and curved as though from starvation. Amp this monstrous frame perches a twisted, one-eyed visage, its fanged maw chanting a gruesome earalogue of diseases to itself. Fighting a Plaguebearer is a truly disgusdng experience and involves considerable risk of disease.

Skills: Dodge Blow, Perception, Speak Arcane Language (Daemcnic), Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

TaJent.s; Ambidextrous. Daemonic Aura. Frightening. Natural Weapons, Night Vision, Strike to Injure, Will of lron

Special Rules:

• Chfl(}s Mutations: Claws. There is a 50% chance of an additional mutation. RoU on Table 2-1:

Expanded Chaos Mutations to generate the extra mutation if present and modifY seats as appropriate.

• Cloud of F!i6; A Plaguebearer is constantly surrounded by a cloud of flies and assorted biting andsringmg insects that swarm over anyone who comes near the Daemon. Melee opponents of the Plaguebearer suffer a-10% penalty to their Weapon Skill.

Creatures of the Old World

• Instability: Daemons are not so solidly linked [0 the Old World as are mortals, and may sometimes be forced back from whence they came if a barrie goes against them, On any round in which a

I l'laguebearer is injured in melee combat bur falls to inflict any Wounds in return, it must succeed at a WiU Power Test or be banished back to the Realm of Chaos from which it came.

• Plag/I(: Opponents [hat survive an encounter with a Plaguebearer may still be undone. Any character mat suffered at least 1 Wound from a Plaguebearer must make a Toughness Test at the end of the combat or contract a disease of the GM's choice.

• Stream ofCorruptirm: Once every other round. a Plaguebearer can vomit a scream of corruption at one melee opponent as a full action. This disgusting mixture of entrails, maggots, and filth hits automatically for Damage 3. It may be dodged bur nor parried (for obvious reasons). Anyone struck by this arrack must make a Toughness Test or contract a disease of the GM's choice.

Armoun None

ArmOlU' Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand Weapon, Claws

Slaughter Margin.: Hard


Dire Wolves are hideous Undead creatures wirh skull-like heads, glowing red eyes. and rotting black fur. Found particularly in Sylvania as minions of the von Carstein Vampires, Dire Wolves are greacly feared by the peasantry. When slain, Dire Wolves dissolve intO nothing.

Skills: None

Talents: Frightening, Natural Weapons, Undead Special Rules:

• MindLess: Dire Wolves have no Intelligence, Will Power, or Fellowship and can never rake or fail tests based on these characteristics.

• Savage Charge: The fierceness of their attack can overwhelm melee opponents. Dire Wolves can make rwo attacks during a charge attack.


These twa new spells can be calt by Horrors ofTzeentch only. Tzeentch's Fire

casting Number. 6

Casting Time: Half action

Ingredient: None

Description: The Horror hurls a ball of shimmering pink and blue fire at one opponent within. 48 yards (24 squares). This is a magic misfile with Damage 4. Anyone struck by Tzemtch'r fl" must also make a Will Power Test or be stunned for 1 round as the magic COUIses duough them.

Uncontrollable Mutation

casting Number: 18

casting Time: Full action

Inpdient: None

Description: The merest touch of rhe Horror causes an opponent's body [0 rend itself apart. Thi in8.icts IdlO Wounds, regardless ofToughnes Bonus or armour. If me target is lain, a new Horror immediately erupts from the victim's body. It can act normally on the following round.

If the target was wounded but nor slain, he must make a Will Power Test or gain a muratiouas per the touch o/Chaos spell. Uncontrollabl« mutation is a touch spell,

• Shambling: Dire Wolves are relentless but slow, They

cannot take the run action.

Armour: None

Armour PointS: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs ° Weapons: Teeth and Claws

Slaughter Margin: Average


Of all the creatures ma[ still roam the Old World. few are

as mighty or awe inspiring as the Dragons. They are massive reprilian beast. with vast leathery wings, and scales as

hard as rock. Most of them are quadrupeds, but a few are bipeds. Almost all of those that live in the Em,piJ:e dwell deep within the beart of the World's Edge Mountains, sleeping for centuries at a rime in sealed off caverns. They are an ancient and dying race, belonging [0 age long passed. Only a few hatchlings have been born in the last thousand year. Still, Dragons seem co only grow mightier with age and those that are left may yet have a part to play in the grand events of rhe world. Dragons are individualists and

it is difficult to say what any given one will do in a fight with any certainty, Most warriors never survive co teU others whar to expecr when fighrmg a Dragon.


Creatures of the Old World

o 0

SkiiJs: Academic Knowledge (History) +200/0, Charm, Command +20%, Common Knowledge (Dragons +20%) Dwarfs, Elves .... 1O%}, Evaluate +10%, Gossip, [ntim.idace +20%, Percepdon +20%, Scale Sheer Surface + 10%, Search, Speak Language (any four)

Talents: Excellent Vision, Flier. Night Vision, Scales (5), Strike Mighry Blow, Strike to Injure, Srrike to Stun, Strong-minded, Terrifying, Unstoppable Blows

Special Rules:

• Rending Attacks.' A Deagon's natural weapons are so razor-sharp that they count as baving the Armour Piercing and Impact Qualities.

• Bre4tht Firt: A Dragon can breathe fire as a full action. Use the cone template. lh~se affected take a Damage 8 hit. Note that some Dragons have a sort of breath weapon, such as a cloud of acidic gas or a black miasma. The rules for such are effectively the same.

• Spud 0/ Attock: A Dragon has so many ways to attack-teeth, claws, rail, even wings-that it can attack twice with the standard attack action instead of the normal once.

ArmOurl None

Armour Points: Head 5, Arms 5, Body 5, legs 5 Weapons: Claws, Teeth, Tail, Wings

Slaughter Margin: Impossible


Dragon Ogres are Large centaur-like beings with the lower quarters of a four-legged scaled beast and an upper body that closely resembles a well-muscled Ogre, hence their traditional 'name, They refer [0 their own race as Shanaks. The Beasrrnen and cultists of the Dark Gods call them

by a variety of other names as well, for they playa part in many legends of those who follow Chaos. Dragon Ogres slumber in deep caves throughout the northern teaches of the World's Edge Mountains, awakened only by the: thunder caused by the largest STorms, They believe mat the thunder is the Chaos Gods summoning them to war and according to their ancient pact those that are awakened by a storm rise and prepare for battle, Electricity lnvlgorates the Dragon Ogres and upon rising they' cllrnb to lofty heights where they struggle againse tbeir brethren to see who will have

the highest peak from which to absorb Iigbming strikes. As fierce as they are, Dragon Ogres are loath to lay down their ancient lives and they will retreat if a battle is going against them.

Skills: Academic Knowledge (History) +20%, Command, Common Knowledge (Chaoli Wasres), Intimidate +20%, Outdoor Sutvival, Perception +20%, Scale Sheer Surface +10%, Speak Language (Dark Tongue), Speak. Language (any two)

Talents: Frightening, Natural Weapons, N~ght Vision, Resistance [0 Poison, Scales (2), Scrcng-mlnded

Special Rules:

• Storm Ragt: Dragon Ogres are immune (0 all lightning and electrical attacks, magical or otherwise. A Dragon Ogre hit with such an attack g!'Iins + 10% to Strength and "" 1 [0 Attacks for 1 d 1 0 rounds.


Armour Points; Head 2, Arms 2, Body 2, Legs 2 Weapons: Claws, Great Weapon

Slaughter Margin: Hard


Dryads are beautiful, but dangerous, nature spirits that inhabit the ancient forest of Arhel Loren, and possibly ochers in the Old World, They typically appear as beaudful Elf or Human women, though their skin often has an inhuman green or brown sheen to It. When fighting. they tum into terrible snarling beings seemingly made of wood. They are elusive opponents, mercurial in their actions and difficult [Q read. Dryads have been known to sincerely compliment a foe on a particularly telliug blow. only to take his head off moments later.

Creatures of the Old World

Ski.lls: Charm, Concealment + I 0%, Common Knowledge (Elves), Dodge Blov ... Follow Trail, Gossip, Heal, Intimidate, Navigation, Ourdoor Survival, Perception +10%, Scale Sheer Surface, Secret Language (Ranger

..... Tongue), Silent Move + 10%, Speak Language (Eltharin, Malla-eoem-ba-larin)

Talents: Ambidextrous, Natural Weapons, Rover. Strike to Stun. Will of Iron

Special Rules:

• O/Shifting Arpect; A Dryad is a natural shapeshifter; In combat her body rakes on the aspects of various types of trees. Par reasons unknown to other races, save perhaps the Treemen, a Dryad cannot hold the same aspect for more than one round at a rime. At the Start of her ruen each round, the Dryad must choose a new aspect from among the following:

Ash: +20% bonus to her Toughness Characteristic. Birch: +1 bonus to her Attacks Characteristic. Oak: +20% bonus to her Strength Characteristic. Willow: She may parry once as a free action any time before her next rum.

• 1Wlr Fonn: In barrie II Dryad transforms into the personification of the forest's vengeance. The switch to this war form can be made as a free action and

it grants the Dryad the Frighrenlng Talent and 2 Armour Points on all locations.

Armour: None

Atm.our Po.ini:s: Head 0(2). Arms 0(2), Body 0(2), Legs 0(2) Weapons: Claws

Slaughter Margj.n: Hard

The corsairs refer to themselves as the Druchii and there may be some truth to the stories of their exile fromthe land of Ulrhuan. Sallors that have faced them in battle and survived claim that they resembled Elves. though of cruel aspect. They are skilled warriors who revel in blood soaked close combat, seemingly taking pleasure in their foes' pain. They adorn themselves in scaled cloaks capable of turning sword blows and are well practiced in rapid boarding actions.

While they prefer to rake ships at sea, they will occasionally sack parr towns and coastal villages. Those. they don't kill eutrighr are dragged away in chains, never to be seen again. Who they are and why [bey come seeking plunder is almost entirely unknown in the Old World.

Skills: Cornman Knowledge (Elves), Dodge Blow, Intimidate. Navigation, Outdoor urvival, Perception. Row, Sail, ScaJe Sheer urface, earch, Speak Language (Elrharln), Specialist Weapon Group (Crossbow), Swim, Torture

Talents: Coolheaded, Excellent Vision, Lighming Reflexes, Night Vision, Warrior Born

Special Rules:

• S~a Dragon Cloaks: Elven Corsairs invariably sport a long cloak derived from the skin of a Sea Dragon as a sign of their position in their twisted society. These protective garments counr as Medium Armour (basic method), providing 2 Armour Points to the Body location (advanced method). Sea Dragon Cloaks must be continually treated with a protective slime, which only the Druchii know how to make. Such cloaks corrode and fall to dust within a week of gointrunrreated.

Armour: Medium Armour (Full Leather Armour, Helmet,

Sea Dragon Cloak)

Armow: Points: Head 3, Arms 1, Body 3, Legs 1 Weapons: 2 Hand Weapons, Repeater Ctossbow Slaughter Margin: Average

Creatures of the Old World


Fcnbeasrs are large sorcerous consrructs assembled from material gathered from marshes and swamps where many have died in battle. They are unnatural creatures that

reek of s tagn am marshes and have the touch of the grave about them. The presence of 3. Penbease often indiearesthe presence of a necromancer or other kind ('If spell caster, ohenone with grim intentions, Fenbeasts, beingall but devoid of will, are not imaginative opponents. but this can change with a skil!ed hsndlec

Skilli:; None

Talents; Frightening. Natural Weapons, Strike Mighty Blow Special Rules:

• Mind/tiS: Penbeasts have no Intelligence, Will Power. or Fellowship and can never take or fail tests based on these characterilitks.

• SOl'Cerous GmstrUl!t; Fenbeasts are created with ritual magic unknown !IJ11ongst the Colleges of Magic. They are not truly alive and requi re magical conrrollers to keep their forms. A spellcasring conrroUer with a Magic Characteristic of at least

2 must remain within 48 yards (24 squares) of

a Fenbeast or the creature falls apart. Fenbeasts

are immune to Fear. Terror, poison, disease,

;md all spells,skiUs, and effects that involve me manipulation of'ernonons and the mind.

• StWWp Power: As long as a Fenbeasr is in 'SWampy terrain, it regenerates I Wound at the start of its rum each round,


Annow: Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body OJ Legs 0 Weapons: Decaying Limbs

Slaughter Margin: Hard


Ghouls clesely resemble crooked, skinny; misshapen Humans with feral eyes .. 1hey are believed to file their teeth, and so have upper and lower rows of triangular cuning fangs, perfect for biting and rearing flesh. Mote feared sdll are their claws. Their hands and Hagers have:'

stiffened and hardened, their 6ngernails growing inca great tough talons, which constantly secrete vlsco LIS black venom, Ghouls have a certain low animal cunning, but this is constantly at war with their near-eternal hunger for flesh. The sophistication of their tactics dependsentirely on whether the drive for survival or for meat is uppermost in their minds ar the time. Against a superior foe, they will likely hang back and harass the enemj; perhaps ellen following a patty as tbey travel through the wilderness of Sylvanla, waiting for aile cfrhern to lag behind or for the group to be attacked by others. Sooner or later, however. they tire of their wairing game-s-perhaps nor reallzlng [hat they could win" if they only stuck it OUt long enough, for all things must die eventually. Once their blood is

up, once the hunger has taken over every other drive,

the Ghouls will charge in a growling, slavering mass, not smpping until they have a surfeit of Resh to eat.

S.kills: Concealment, Perception, Outdoor Survival, Scale Sheer Surface, Search, SHent Move. Shadowing. Speak. Language (Reikspiei)

TaiCD.ts: Fearless, Frightening. Natural Weapons, Night Vision, Rover

Special Rules:

• Poisoned Attacks: Target$ injured by a Ghoul's attack must make a Challenging (·10%) Toughness Test or suffer 2aclditional Wounds. Nore thax this test must be made for each attack that inflicts damage.

Insanities: The Beast Within Armou:r: None

Annow: Points: Head, Arms , Body. Legs Weapons: Claws

Slaughter Margin:. Average

~ ,

GianIS are enormous humanoids thaeusuallysrand around 18 feet tall, though a few may be considerably lar~, especially rhosetouched by Chaos. Their clothing consists' of either crudely joined furs or robes stitched together fro~ material wrested more skilled with needles. Many Giant's are thusarrayed in a nor of colours, ftom sunbleached saHcloth,. to brighdycoloured Bretonnian barding, The bulk of Giants 6ght with a rradielonal dub, though a


to determine rhe number of mutations: 1-5=1 mutation, 6- 10=2 mutations. Then roll on Table 2-1: Expanded Chaos Mutations [0 generate them and modify stars as appropriate.

• Hideous Strength: All Giant attacks count as having the Impact Quality.

• Tipsy: Giants are frequendy drunk and seldom entirely stable on their feet. This leads to mem

falling over at unexpected moments. Whenever a Giant charges or rakes more than 5 Wounds in a sing~e hit, he must make an Agility Test. Failure means the Giant falls over and suffers 2 Wounds, regardless of Tough ness Bonus or armour. Anyone fighting the Giant in melee combat must make a succe fUl Challenging (-10%) AgiUtyTest or suffer a Damage 7 bit from the falling Giant.

Annour. Light Armour (Leather Jerkin, Leamer Lcggi.ngs) Armour Points: Head O. Arms 0, Body 1, Leg 1 WeapolHl Hand Weapon (Club) and Fists Margin: Very Hard

Creatures of the Old World

number prefer to squelch their meat with their bare hands. Most Giants keep a sack, a barrel, or some other form of container to scow their somewhar dubious "loot" in. Giants are wildly unpredictable foes. ometimes they lash about with their tree-size clubs. while: other rimes they'll pick up their smaller opponents and hurl [hem back into the fray. Their abiliEy to casually pick up and crush fully armoured knights lingers long in the minds of [hose who've had to fight them.

Skills: Consume Alcohol, Intimidate, Outdoor Survival, Perception. Scale Sheer Surface, Speak Language (Grumbarth, Goblin Tongue)

Talents: Lightning Parry. Natural Weapons, Terrifying, Srrike Mighty Blow, Strike ro Injure, Strike to Stun, Unstoppable Blows, Will of Iron

Special Rules:

• Chao! .Mutations (Chaos Giants only): Giants that have thrown their lot in with me Ruinous Powers will have one or more Mutations. Roll Id l.O


Giant Rars are oversized rodent that dwell in the sewers

of the Empire's larger cities, amongst other places. The vile Ratmen use them as cheap and expendable shock troops. Giant Rars typically travel in groups of ten or more and prefer [Q swarm over their prey in large numbers. A solitary


Creatures of the Old World

Giant Rae is far more likely co flee rhan Eight, unless he believes his prey wounded or incapable of fighting back.

Skills: Concealment, Perception +10%, Silent Move, Swim


Talentsl Keen Senses, Natural Weapons. Night Vision Armour: None

Armour Polnts: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapon.s: Teem

Slaughter Margin: Easy


Closely resembling ordinary spiders, but with a body the length ofa man's and unnaturally long legs, Giam Spiders are horrifically mutated versions of rheir lesser counterparts, swollen to a monstrous size by the force..~ of Chaos. Their heads are surmounted by up to eighr large eyes and an even larger pair of mandibles, Their bodies are black or brown,

sometimes with other. more brightly coloured markings, and their hairy brown legs move almost too fast to be seen. Giant Spiders prefer a stealthy approach, leaping down on top of a victim and filling him Full of poison before he can react. Most Giant Spider attacks come when the creatures hunt for food, so they will often pick up and carry off an incapacitated victim rather than wait around to fight some more.





M Mag IP








Skills: Concealment +10%, Perception +10%, Silent Move +10%

Talents: Frightening, Keen enses, Natural Weapons, Night Vision

Sp(lcial Rules:

• Armourl!d Skin: The chitinous exterior of the: Giant Spider provides 2 Armour Points on all locations.

• Poisonous Bite: A Gian t Spider's bite is poisonous. but the poison is intended to paralyze prey for later consumption rather than kill. A target bitten by

a Giant Spider must make a Toughness Test or be paralyzed for I d 1 0 rounds. Paralyzed characters can cake no actions and are considered to be helpless.

• Wall Giant Spiders can clamber up and down walls with their sticky feet, just like normal spiders. They can climb walls at their normal movement rate.

Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 2, Arms 2, Body 2, Legs 2 Weapons: Mandibles

Slaughter Margin: Hard


Giant Wolves are huge grey animals, standing dose to four feerat the shoulder. They are large enough that both Hobgoblins and Goblins can use them as cavalry mOlUlCS. Giant Wolves fear very little. and ate quite prepared to attack Humans if they think me latter are at all weak.

Glarrr Wolves rend ro run in packs with around seven members when they are not being used as Green kin mounts. Classic Giant Wolf tactics involve the use of tWO or even three separate groups of wolves. wim one group chasing the prey into the waiting jaws of the others. A variant of this old wolf trick, used more by GiatltWolves

Creatures of the Old World


Perhaps the oddest aspect of the Night Goblio-Squig relationship is rhe phenomenon known as Squig Ho~ping. A Squig Hopper is a young but agile (Ag 35%) Night Goblin eager to prove Dis worth to the tribe by catching and "ridlng" a

quig in battle, Some Squig Hoppers practice their skills at home too, hopping about on the back of a quig just for fun. Squigsare almost completely uncontrollable by any means other than brute force, but this does not stop a Squig Hopper from crying (and almost invariably failing) to guide his mount. A Night Goblin riding a quig must make a Hard (-20%) Ride Test at the start of his tum. each round. If successful, he can ccnrrol the Squig and move as desired. lfhe fails, the Squig bounces around at random and the Goblin can only hang on and hope for the best. Scats for Squigs can be found on page 108.

man their more ncrmal-sized counterparts, is the feigned retreat. Here, a small group of Gianr Wolves will appear ro See their foes, only ro lead them tnroan ambush.








Skills: Concealmenr, Pollow Trails, Perception t 1 0%. Silent

Move, Swim

Talents: Keen Senses, Natural Weapons, Night Vision Annour. None

AnnoUJ' Poin.ts: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Teeth

Slaughter Margin: Routine


Goblins are short. green-skinned humanoids that rarely exceed four feet in height, They are vicious, quarrelsome, and disorgantsed, Goblin tribes live deep in the forests of the Empire, often under the heel of their powerful Ore kin. When not controlled by suong leaders, goblins inevitably begin [0 squabble amongst themselves. 'Ihis, and their penchant for running when battles turn againsc memo makes most Goblin threats ephemeral but their cruelty and wickedness ensures that GobJins remain the bogeymen of the peasantry.

Night Gobllns are similar to their cousins, but Jive deep underground in the World's Edge Mountairts. They often lair near Squig caves, since they use Squigs in barcle and also for food.

SkiJ1s: Common Knowledge (Greenskins), Concealmeae, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Ride or Swim, ilene Move, Scale Sheer Surface, peak Language (Goblin Tongue)

Taleuts: Night Vision

Creatures of the Old World

Special Rnles:

• Animosity: Goblins. like Orcs, are a fractious lot and they need very little reason ro squabble amongst themselves or mix it up with other Greenskins, A Goblin offered any kind of excuse rnust make a

Will Power Test ox immediately attack the offending Greenskins, be they Hobgoblins, Orcs, or other Goblins.

• ELIJ(ses is Senry: Goblins find Elves exn:emely unnerving. Whecher this i because of the ancient animosity between the two races, or simply because of the Elves' superior mannerisms and smell of cleanliness, a Goblin must make a Fear Test ifit and itS allies do nor outnumber the Elves present by at least two to one.

• Night Goblim: Nighr Goblins have rhe same stars as regular Goblins with (he foJlowing exceptions. They have me Specialist Weapon Group (Entangling) Talent and can have a net instead of a shield. They hate Dwarfs so passionately that they gain a +5% WS bonus when 6ghring memo

• Night Goblin Fanatics: A Nighr Goblin Fanatic is an ordinary Night Goblin who has decided to prove himself (and possibly sacrifice himself) for the sake of the tribe. A Fanatic will be given a dose of Mad Cap Mushrooms before battle, which is enough

to scramble his poor brain so much chat he hurls himself fanatically at any opposition, whirling round in circles and swinging a heavy iron ball with all his mighr. Fanatics have me: Specialist Weapon Group (Two-handed) Talent and (he ball and chain counts as a Great Weapon. The Mad Cap Mushrooms increase the Fanatic's Strength and Toughness by 10%. In his madness, he can't dodge or parry. The effects of this drug last for 2d 1 0 rounds. At the end of the effect, the mushrooms deal 2 Wounds (0 the Fanatic. regardless of Toughness Bonus or armour,

Armour: Light Armour (Leather Jerkin)

Armour Points: Head 0. Arms 0, Body 1, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand Weapon, Short bow or Spear, Shield Slaughter Margin: Easy (Routine for Night Goblin Fanatics)


Great Eagles are the largest birds of prey in the Empire, with a w~ngspan mat measures over thirty feet and having razor-sharp talons. They are an ancient race that has dwelled in the mountains of the Old World since long before the coming of Man. Most of them nest in the Grey Mountains, though a few live along the World's Edge range. They are exceedingly intelligent and a few of their eldest are even rumoured to be capable of speaking in the tongues of

other races, though they seem to prefer most often ro deal with Elves. The visio n of Great Eagles is so sharp that they


can dearly watch the movements of ground animals from miles away. Correspondingly, they are capable of executing devastating ambushes wherein they arrack an opponent from such a great heigbt that their target ise'r aware of his danger rlll their claws sink into his flesh.

Skills: Dodge Blow, Navigation ... } 0%, Perception + 20%, Talents: Excellent Vision. Fearless, Flier, Keen Senses.

Narural Weapons, Night Vision, Srrike Mighty Blow, Strike ro Injure

Arinow:: None

Annour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Claws

Slaughter Margin: Hard


Griffons are fearsome beasts that have the heads of birds of prey combined with leonine bodies and massive feathered ~ings. Their beaks are hooked and can easlly sever a man's limb. Their . claws. which are reminiscent of a hawk's talons, they keep sharp by regular scoring against stone. Griffons swoop down on their prey, screaming war cries as they come. They continue ro anack until no opponent is left moving. Survivors of Griffon attacks often nave dreams ofbeing hunted down and rem limb from limb for yeru:safterward .. These migh.ty predators dwellamidst the highest peaks of me World's Edge Mountains, occas.ionaUy flying to the lowlands when food is scarce A rare few serve as mounts for me richest and most powerfullmperiaJ nobles, who are willing to pay vast sums of gold for a single egg or chick, Griffons are fierce and wild creatures, never entirely tame, no matter how many years of domestication they've endured.

Skills: Perception + 10%

• J

Talents: Flier, Natural Weapons, Night Vision, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Terrifytng, Will of Lron

Creatures of the Old World

Annour: None

. Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Beak and Claws

Slaughter Macgin: Very Hard


Harpies are rare winged predators almost entirely unknown in the Old World. They make their lairs in the mountains and cllffs of the Land of Chill bur always near the sea, where prey 1 more readily available. Their wings are leathery, resembling [hose of a bat, though their forms often sprout black feather. Their lower bodies end in scale-covered bird's legs and jagged talons. It is their torsos tim likely cause

such speculation about Harpies, for they have the upper body of a voluptuous female. though with a savage and feral beauty. Their appearance has lead to many arguments among scholars; some concluding that they are little more than mere beasts, others that they are touched by Chaos. Harpies will frequently try to attack from surprise and in large numbers, They put their wings to good advantage, using hit and run tactics on land bound foes. They will SWiftly retreat to a high location where chey cannor be readily followed if injured.

Skills: Dodge Blow, Perception, Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Flier, Keen Senses, Natural Weapons, Night

Vision, Strike Mighty Blow

Armour. None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons; Claws

Slaughter Margin: Average


Hippogrilfs are fiercely carnivorous beasts that live high in the Grey Mountains, They compete with Pegasi for eytle space, though they wisely leave the Greae Eagles alone. A small number of Bretennlan knig~ts use them as mounts. Hippogri£fs have the head and winged feathers of a bird of prey, the forequarters of a mountain lion and the rear end of a horse, complete with rail. Their unusual appearancespeaks to their Chaotic origins. Hippogriffs' desire for warm Resh

is so great char those around them can literally sense their

terrible hunger. Survivors of a Hippogriff's arrack often keep a sharp lookout do/wards for years afterwards.

Skills: Dodge Blow. Perception + 1 0%

Talents: Flier, Keen Senses, Natural Weapons, Night

VISion, Strike Mighty Blow, Terrifying, WiU of Iron

Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Claws

Slaughter Margin: Hard


Hobgoblins are one of me Greeaskin races. They are both stronger and taller than Goblins. Indeed, (he largest among the Hobgoblin tribes are ;IS tall as any Ore. Their builds, though, are lean and wiry, unlike the muscled bulk of the Orcs. Hobgoblins ride snarling Giant Wolves (see page 96) that they've specifically bred for speed and savagery. They af: