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Published by: Riley Bob Hagen on Aug 07, 2010
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Infinity is a concept that explains how numbers can have no end and how sometimes there is never a definite amount of numbers in our world. The meaning of infinity is something without limits or is too large a number too count, it is often used by people to express that there sometimes isn t an answer to a question in which that means it cannot be answered properly. Infinity was created to show a number, time, space or object that is unlimited because mathematicians could not work out the sums with a great amount of digits and so was invented to make maths much simpler and equations easier to calculate.

Infinity is often represented in maths by this symbol: The reason behind this representing infinity is because it is a loop that never ends,which is the basic rule of infinity. John Wallis is usually credited for creating this symbol to represent infinity, there are many stories about where he got the idea from but we do not know which is true.

Infinity is used in many modern day situations , but it is most commonly used in maths and solving problems e.g. the number of lines of symmetry in a circle are an infinite number. In algebra the number that we dont no is commonly refered to as infinty as it is uncountable and unknown.

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