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Submitted for partial fulfillment of the requirement for the awards of Degree of
Bachelor of Business Administration.
Submitted By: Under the Gu
idance of:
Vineet gupta Prof. Rachna Chawla

Bharati Vidyapeeth University Institute of Management and Research
An ISO 90001:2000 Certified institute NAAC Accredited grades A University .

I Vineet Gupta hereby declare that the work presented in this project entitled Ta
ta Motors Limited submitted towards completion of project in B.B.A at Bharatiya V
idyapeeth University Institute of Management and Research, New Delhi, is an auth
entic record of my original work carried out under the guidance of Ms. Rachna, P
rofessors, BVUIMR, New Delhi.
I have not submitted the matter embodied in this project for the award of any ot
her degree.

Vineet Gupta

The successful completion of the project would have been far from reality withou
t mentioning the people who made an indelible impression while making the projec
All the very outset thanks to Ms. Rachna Chawla for instructing me and providing
me the opportunity to participate in the project and sharing her invaluable kno
wledge and experience with me. Her innovative ideas provided me clarity of thoug
hts, which helped me to think in the right way.
Without her help and guidance completion of the project report would have been v
ery difficult. I would also like to give gratitude to all the other faculties wh
o helped me in making the project worth wile and successful.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Dr. S.S Vernekar [Director], BVIMR,
New Delhi for providing all needful facilities in the campus and the best facul
ty for the students.
Their thoughtful ideas, comments and conceptual insight into the subject kept me
from floundering in my quest. Despite their busy schedule they spared valuable
moments for reviewing and rectifying this project work.
Due to the proper guidance the making of project report became an enjoyable expe
rience and easy to workout.

Vineet Gupta

This is to certify that the project titled TATA MOTORS Is a benefice work carried
out by Vineet Gupta, a student of Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management & R
esearch, University of Pune. It is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requi
rement for the award of the Degree of BBA under our guidance and direction.
To the best of our Knowledge, it is an original piece of work.

Ms. Rachna Chawla

This is to certify that the project titled TATA MOTORs Is a bonafide work carried
out by Vineet Gupta, a student of Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management & R
esearch, University of Pune. It is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requi
rement for the award of the Degree of BBA under our guidance and direction.
To the best of our Knowledge, it is an original piece of work.

Director of BVIMR



Foundries have no choice but to be selective in terms of customers as they would continue to supply to OEMs willing to give price increase in tune with current market realities and stop supplies to ones that are not responding to the situat ion. Scrap traders or dealers have been refusing to commit on any medium or long-term comm itment of supplying scrap metals even to their regular customers in anticipation of higher price realisations at a future date. . Hyundai and M&M among its key customers. AJ Jain. The raw material price escalation has come at a time when foundries dependent on the automotive sector have seen a marked slowdown in all industry segments. Engineering and Business D evelopment. Smaller size foundries with castings and forging capacity of around 10. The unfolding credit crisis also has players on edge of their seat s in terms of continued demand for components from their global customers. which wa s available on spot at around Rs 20-22 per kg till about three months back. Aut omotive sales have registered around seven percent fall in the period April 2007 to March 2008. either on spot or cash basis. Bhaveshbhai Patel who also runs his own foundry Vijay Engineering. Precisio n Camshafts manufactures camshafts for passenger cars and tractors and counts Ta ta Motors. in addition to having a majo r presence in the export market. AM Divekar. in the current scenario manufacturers and suppliers would have to share the burden of t his price escalation in pig iron and steel. is n ot available currently even at Rs 30 per kg. In current scenario. the situation is clearly tenable and co uld lead to foundries going slow on their production rather than sell at a loss to OEMs. said DGM. said Divekar. Though critical component suppliers may not have a major problem in getting the necessary price increase from customers. he added that players would have to be selective in their supply contracts with OEM cust omers. Rajkot has an estimated 500 foundries an d most are reeling under the rapid price escalation of steel and scrap/pig iron. The problem is further compounded by the fact that most of these sm aller foundries supply non critical components to OEMs and getting a price hike from customers has been particularly difficult. said President. as it would not make much sense to continue with production and selling a t cost price or even loss. Fou ndries vary the percentage of scrap steel and pig iron used for manufacturing ca stings depending on the cost and availability of these inputs.000 to 40 . said Senior Manager. Component suppliers point out that scrap steel. The anticipation of higher price realisation is driving the prices more than any fundamental reasons and even pig iron suppliers are getting on to the bandwagon to take advantage of the situation. Projects at Precision Camshafts. Rajkot Engineering Association. Raw material forms around 40 to 60 percent of the total cost for a foundry.000 metric tonnes are the ones that are particularly badly hit by the metal pri ce increase.Though OEM customers have been dithering on the issue of price increase. according to data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufact urers (SIAM).

5 billion (around R s251. The company i s the world s fourth largest truck manufacturer. TATA s first step in the business came in December 1859 when his father sends him to hongkong to open a branch with a sum of Rs. TATA CNSULTANCY SOFTWARE one of the leading consultancy in the world They also work for the welfare of the workers as they introduce. for commercial launch by end of the financial year 2008-09 . Jamsetji were inspired by the spirit of nationalism which led the foot for the group. It is the leader in commercial vehic les in each segment.000 people worldwide.1 Group introduction  Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata (1839 . and the United States. The group e mploys around 350. and among the top three in passenger vehicles with winning products in the compact. There he makes connections & buyers by the time he started a trading company & established it to the Japan . in 1998 and recently unveiled the world s lowest-cos t car. TATA AIRLINE-CIVIL AVIATION well known as the chota nawab. and Tata Motors.3: COMPANY PROFILE Tata Motors Limited is India s largest automobile company. They hav e n number of companies in India and in collaboration with other foreign compani es Indian Companies: 4. started business with name as TATA since than compan y hasn t stop and became a global enterprise.1904) was a pioneer of Indian industrialism as well as the founder of the Tata Group. of which 61 per cent is from business outside India. India s first software company.8 billion) in 2007-08. EIGHT-HOUR WORKING DAY in 1912. with revenues of Rs. with the international delivery model. 5. power. which made India s first indigenous ly developed car. Europe. the Tata Nano. FREE MEDICAL AID in 1915 SCHOOLING FACILITY FOR CHILDREN in 1917 LEAVE WITH PAY WORKERS PF SCHEME in 1920 1.543crore). China. IN 1969 he acquired a bankrupt oil mill in Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India. The group pioneered€several in dustries of national importance in India: steel. In year 1868 Jamsetji Tata. midsize car and utility vehicle segments. hospitality and airlines . 35 651. The Tata name has been respected in Indi a for 140 years for its adherence to strong values and business ethics. In more recent times. CHAPTER . the Indica.48 crores (USD 8. Tata has a rapidly growing business group based in India with significant intern ational operations. the Tata group s pioneering spirit has been showcased by c ompanies like Tata Consultancy Services. Revenues in 2007-08 are estimated€at $62.1 COMPANY INTRODUCTION 1. 21000. and the world s second largest bus .

the Tata Indica. Bangladesh. machine tools and factory automation so lutions. The company s 23. In 2006. It was Tata Motors. India s first indigenously deve loped mini-truck In January 2008. a global leader in body-building for buses and coaches to manufacture fully-built buses and coaches for India an d select international markets. Russia and Senegal. Besides product development. Ukraine. Over 4 million Tata vehicles ply on Indian roads. Today t wo-thirds of heavy commercial vehicle exports out of South Korea are from Tata D aewoo. The foundation of the company s growth over the last 50 years is a deep understand ing of economic stimuli and customer needs. South Asia and South America. which India and the world have been looking forward to. In 2005. Tata Motors entered into joint venture with Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Company of Thailand to manufacture and m arket the company s pickup vehicles in Thailand. Thailand and Spain. The company s commercial and passenger vehicles are already bei ng marketed in several countries in Europe. Tata Motors presence indeed cuts across the length and bread th of India. automotive vehicle components ma nufacturing and supply chain activities. In 2006. Amo ng them is Jaguar Land Rover. The new plant of Tata Motors (Tha iland) has begun production of the Xenon pickup truck. Tata Motors is committed in letter and . The company today has R&D centres in Pune. the car will be available in both standard and deluxe versions.100. Within two years of launch. The sta ndard version has been priced at Rs. The rechristened Tata Daewoo C ommercial Vehicles Company has launched several new products in the Korean marke t. the Middle East. It has franchisee/joint venture assembly ope rations in Kenya. established in 1966. South Korea s second largest truck maker. which signifies a fi rst for the global automobile industry. India s first fully indigenous passenger car. Tata Motors. has also emerged as an international automobile company. and automotive retailing and service operations. it formed a joint venture with the Brazil-based Marcopolo. R&D is als o focussing on environment-friendly technologies in emissions and alternative fu els. A development. Hispano s presence is being expanded in other markets. since the first rolled out in 1954. and in South Korea. Tata Motor s created a new segment by launching the Tata Ace. construction equipment manufacturing.500 engineer s and scientists. Tata Motors unveiled its People s Car. high-precision tooling and plastic and electronic components for automo tive and computer applications.manufacturer. The years to come will see the introduction of several other innovative vehicles .000 (excluding VAT and transportation co st). Lucknow. Africa. and t he UK. a business comprising the two iconic British brand s that was acquired in 2008. the first company from India s engineering sector to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange (September 2004). all rooted in emerging customer needs. and has enabled pioneering technologies and products. the Nano brings the comfort and safety o f a car within the reach of thousands of families. the company is engaged in engineering and automotive s olutions. Through subsidiaries and associate compa nies. and the ability to translate them in to customer-desired offerings through leading edge R&D. With over 2. In 2005. Tata Motors has operations in the UK. with the Xenon having bee n launched in Thailand at the Bangkok Motor Show 2008. True to the tradition of the Tata Group. with an option to acquire the remaining stake as well. Established in 1945. in India. Tata Motors acquired a 21% stake in Hispano Carrocera. Tata Indica became India s largest selling car in its segment. Spain. a reputed Spani sh bus and coach manufacturer. South Korea. South East Asia.000 employees are guided by the vision to be best in the manner in which we operate best in the products we deliver and best in our value system and ethics. Through its subsidiaries. established through e xports since 1961. India s first Sports Utility Vehicle and. the Tata Nano. the company s Engineering Research Centre. it acquired the Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company. while also exporting these products to several international markets. which developed the first indigenously developed Ligh t Commercial Vehicle. In 2004. Tata Motors is also expanding its international footprint. Jamshedpur. in 1998. When launched in India later in 2008.

serving rural communities adjacent to its m anufacturing locations. railway coaches etc. Th e company manufactured its first commercial vehicle in 1954 in collaboration wit h "Benz AG. which India and th e world have been awaiting. Tata Motors is committed in letter and spirit to Corporate Social Responsibility . and aut omotive retailing and service operations. Tata Motors unveiled its People s Car. It is a signatory to the United Natio ns Global Compact. construction equipment manufa cturing. 000. which signifies a first for the globa l automobile industry. Its numerous joint ventures are going with different organizations across the world with DAEWOO & FORD so o n.6 VISION This year we will also be focusing on expanding our business internationally . In accordance with this. It is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. As all the Tata group companies are. the company is als o engaged in engineering and automotive solutions. This will demand that our products and services are globally competitive and that ou r enterprises operate to international standards in terms of quality and custome r service. As it has the heavy raw material consumption in heavy quantity fo r producing heavy vehicles such as cars . As 69% c ompany holding is in the hands of the financial institutions and around 31% stak e is with the Tata sons.97 % ADR/GDR Holders / Foreign holders DR status 12. The standard version has been priced at Rs. We will need to be extremely aggressive in the marketplace and much m ore proactive than we have been in the past in order to be leaders in our fields of business. It is a global firms & one of the largest producer of CV & PV in comp etitive world. We need a change of mindsets that break with past tradition in wel coming rather than resisting change.00 % 1. In India. and is engaged in comm unity and social initiatives on labour and environment standards in compliance w ith the principles of the Global Compact. It is listed in th e top four commercial vehicle producer in the world. machine tools and factory automation solutions. the car will be available in both st andard and deluxe versions.4 NATURE OF BUSINESS As it was established in 1945 its main business is to manufacture locomotive.08 % Total 100. There after they have produced numerous pro ducts in both commercial as well as in the passenger section. In accordance with this. it plays an a ctive role in community development. mini trucks . high-precision tooling and pla stic and electronic components for automotive and computer applications. automotive vehicle components manufacturing and supply chain activities .96 % Other 14. Description of Vision . trucks . the Nano brings the comfort and safety of a car within th e reach of thousands of families.42 % Daimler Chrysler 6.64 % Indian Financial Institutions / MFs / Banks 15. A development. the Tata Nano. OWNERSHIP PATTERN: Tata Companies 33.100. and is engaged in community and social initiatives on labour and environment standards in compliance with the principles of the Global Compac t. It is India s top & leading manufactures of the vehicles. se rving rural communities adjacent to its manufacturing locations. In 2008. 1. Become a globally networked enterprise seizing opportunities worldwide to genera te USD 25 million annual profits by 2008. 1.spirit to Corporate Social Responsibility.5 TYPE AND OWNERSHIP PATTERN TYPE OF THE COMPANY: Tata motor is a public limited company.72 % Foreign Institutional Investors 16. it plays an active role in community development.

Our vehicles are capable of meeting stringent Euro norms. Tata Motors constantly looks for ways to offer the customer the best value for mo ney. Dr. Consistently achieved customer delight by focusing on value adding activities th roughout our value chain. Nusli N Wadia 7. Become a learning and knowledge rich organization acknowledged as thought leader s in international business. 4x4 off road vehicles. Subodh Bhargava 11. . MR. which is environmentally sustainable.Achieved aggressive and profitable growth of business. Mr. Mr. Tippers. India. Become an exciting organization. integrated and synergized global entity providing horizontal and vertical reach and infrastructure to all our partners worldwide. Tractor-trailers. Achieved best partner status with Group Companies in international business on a sustained basis. S M Palia 8. Become a cohesive. 24 Homi mody Street. Become a proactive. 1. Mr. multi-utility vehicles-our range are vast. which attracts and retains best talent worldwid e for global competitiveness. integral and responsible member of our environment and commu nities. Mumbai 400001 1.Ratan N Tata (Chairman) 2. V R Mehta 5.10 SUBSIDIARIES Telco Construction Equipment (TCE) ltd-adr" \t "_top" Hitachi. today we have ov er 150 models and variants of vehicles. MISSION To be a competitive value provider in international business for Group companies and all our partners. J J Irani 4. Our commercial vehicles can haul loads ranging from 2 tonnes to 40 tonnes.Tata Indica and Tata Indigo. Nasser Munjee 10. L ikewise we have mini buses that can seat 12 people and buses that can accommodat e as many as 60. We serve through leader s ship in the sector of national economic significance. R A Mashelkar 9. Gopalakrishnan 6. Institutionalized Tata Business Excellence Model and achieved best in class stat us. Improve the quality of life of the communities. Mr. Beginning with a single truck model way back in the 1950s. Mr.8 BOARD OF DIRECTORS 1.9 REGISTERED OFFICE Tata Motors has its registered offices in Mumbai. P M Telang (Executive Director (Commercial Vehicles) 1. Dr. Maharashtra. N A Soonawala 3. A significant breakthrough has been the developmen t and commercialization of the truly Indian cars. A strong global supply base for world class VEHICLES. which focuses on excavators and other construction equ ipment. Mr. And we have been able to do so by using technology. Mr. designed to transport goods and passenge rs. Mr. Mr. Ravi Kant (Managing Director) 12. Its address is: Is Bombay House.

a Training School at Kharagpur in India . TTL is based in Pune (Hinjawadi) and operates in the US and Europe through its wholly owned subsidiaries in Detro it and London respectively. TELCON is setting up a new State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility. It also has a presence in Thailand. aerospace an d engineering markets. Telcon volume sales registered 44% growth. Market share in wheel loaders and backhoe loaders improved from 10% to 11. from 5. CHAPTER . Hitachi ZW 220 Wheel Loader.5%.Telcon currently ranks among the top 40 Global Construction Equipment OEMs at th e 38th position. Several new products were launched by Telcon during the year such as Hitachi s ZAX IS 50U. With this acquisition.91% of TTL s share capital. Tata Technologie s is a software service provider in the IT services and BPO space. to name a few. which has many path breaking features that are set to redefine customer expectations from wheel loaders. Incat specializes in engineering & design service s and product lifecycle management in the international automotive. Research and Development Centre. Incat Internationa l Plc for Rs4b in August 2005. Tata Daewoo CV (TDCV) TDCV is a 100% subsidiary of the Tata Motors based in South Korea.2 PRODUCTS & . Telcon continues to be the market leader in excavator segment with a share of 53 %.698 uni ts in FY08. it has already introduced the Novus. Its global cl ient list includes Ford.Tata Motors will use the Daewoo technology to introduce higher tonnage trucks in the Indian market and use Tata Daewoo for exports globally. Tata Motors will have closer proxi mity to its global customers and be able to provide a wider range of services. Toyota and Honda. It bou ght over the British engineering and design services company. which was acq uired in March 2004. I n line with this strategy. It was at the 47th position last year. a 5 Tonne Mini Excavator which is India s first zero tail swing Excavator. with a ma rket share of 30%. a high-end tippe r developed by Tata Daewoo for the Indian market. General Motors. Tata Daewoo is Tata Motors 100% subsidiary in Korea.360 units in FY07 to 7. Tata Motors holds 86. Tata Technologies Limited (TTL) TTL provides Engineering and Design (E&D) solutions to the Automotive Industry. TDCV is in the business of manufacture and sale of heavy co mmercial vehicles.

PREFRENCES.2: PRODUCT MIX PRODUCT MIX mainly comprises of how many types of product a company produces Breadth . INDIGO X . It s the brand of every one. and how mu ch their pocket allow them to spend on cars. In India T ata is the largest seller of both commercial sectors as well as in passenger one . It is the cheapest car ever made in the world at this level of production. Although the sales of cars has decreased continuously. It has over 60% market share among the entire competitor. MARKETING STRATEGIES 2. Some of the brands are the leading market capturer and won many awards for their distinct feature and quality. They have designed the cars with the view of NEED.the number of product lines carried. Its commercial vehicle is the best among the other entire brand pr esent in the market. Passenger sector Tata Motors has N number of PV cars in the automobile market both in INDIA and A BROAD. It is stylish. But its market share in abroad is less than 8% as it is on e the new or emerging brand. As the company produces vehicles mainly in three segments they are.the variety of sizes. Tata motors has wide range of products in Indian and overseas market. FIAT CAR 2. Depth . has all the effective features and more over its price is ONE LAKH RUPE E in Indian currency. low running cost. and models offered within each product lin e. due to economic slow down in the financial year 2008 but the sale s level is increasing at a decreased rate from last year results. Tata has also purchased LAND ROVER and JAGUAR as to step in the luxury car marke t. It s a brand due to its superior quality. Though the economic slow down has affected the sales . Some of the other brands are INDICA VISTA. Next on the commercial sector. Commercial sector Tata motor is 4th largest producer of commercial vehicle in the world and it is the top most producers in Indian market. Company also w orking on number of concept cars and NANO is one of them. SO Tata s have every type of customer from lower middle to upper middle class which comprises half of Indian market. low main tenance cost. high comfort. First we highlighted the PV sector or Passenger vehicle. Passenger segment Commercial segment Military segment. It is best in compact as well as sedan and SUV cars.1 BRAND Tata Motors is the brand which concentrates on every kind of customer. colors. good in perf ormance. As the Tata Indica is the se cond largest selling car in India for successive years and in CV sector there is no matching in India of it.

PASSENGER CARS INDICA VISTA INDIGO XL NANO FIAT CAR UTILITY VEHICALES SAFARI DICOR SUMO GRANDE SUMO XEMON XT COMMERCIAL SEGMENT(CV) Tata Motors currently has Trucks and Buses in the automobile market. park and won t require to much space. In bus segment Tata has intro duce luxury buses for long tour purposes and for business uses. In India T ata is the largest seller of commercial sectors & in passenger one has a market share of around 13%. Last one military sector. As the company produces vehicles mainly in. etc 2. About product Tata motors changes their product with the change in the need of the customer.   Tata 407 Tata 709 . Commercial Segment & Military Segment PASSENGER SEGMENT (PV) Some the brand names are here.3 PRODUCTS Tata motors has wide range of products in Indian and overseas market. Military vehicles Tata motors also manufacture military vehicles in India for Indian armed forces. they are now emphasizing on the small trucks or the medium size trucks that can be used on daily bases and easy to drive. Its condition is better than the PV sa les volumes.volumes but hasn t a dramatic effect on is. jeeps. Some of them are . Passenger Segment. Such as military trucks.

3. It comes in various colors. The standard model is the cheapest one of one lakh (ex clusion of all taxes).4: PRODUCT LINE In product mix there are different products but in product line there is classif ication of one product on basis of color. trucks. Suv. blue. Tata LSV Tata 407 Troop Carrier Tata LPTA 713 TC Tata LPT 709 E Tata SD 1015 TC Tata LPTA 1615 TC Tata LPTA 1621 TC Tata LPTA 1615 2. It has variance on basis of accessories provided like 1. 2. as a compact car. sedan. Tata Motors focuses on every customer as it is customer loyal brand it has produ . Like. Leather Seats etc. with its four models. intended for similar uses and havin g similar characteristics. etc. Muv. Stereo. It has deviation on basis of engine. Tata has launched NANO in India in 20 08. As Tata Motors deals in cars. Buses but here we are talking about Tata M otors which produces cars so its product line will be differentiated on the basi s of the size or class of the car. in case of Tata. Power steering.5: TARGET CUSTOMER Tata Motors has every kind of customer from lower middle to upper middle class w hich comprises of more than half of Indian automobile market. accessories of the car. red. A product line is a broad group of products. petrol. Like white. black. In case of cars the Product Line will include different colors of a car. Like diesel. facilit y provided. etc. accessories etc. Because th ere are no other type of products so its product mix and product line will be al most same.Tata 809 Tata 1109 1510/1512 Tata 1610/1616 Tata 1613/1615 Tata 2515/2516 Tata Starbus Tata Globus Tata 3118 MILLITARY SEGMENT Tata Motors currently has 8 Military Vehicles in the military segment. 2. The most recent inclusion in Tata is the world famous car NANO. It is included i n the list because of its price as it is the cheapest car in the world and provi des all the facilities which a car needed.

2. Britain.9: MARKET SHARE Tata motors have a wide variety of products in different ranges for each section of society. they have published the retailer s directory. Tata Indigo is big size cars which are high performance. sumo. look for: €Tata Motors Glow Sign Boards displayed outside Retailer authorization certificate with customer code and name of authorized dis tributor. Tata safari.  SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT  NUMBER OF BRANCHES It will not be false to say that Tata Motors is present in INDIA because it has its 29 regional sales centre. China.8 Distributional Channel Competitors TATA MOTORS has about 19 distributors and over 1000 authorized retailer outlet b ut it is continuously trying to develop a better or correcting by making it bett er to cut down the complaint about the none availability of auto parts easily. 500 independent dealer outlets. a fir st of its kind by any vehicle manufacturer in India. Tata Indica. 1450 dealers. luxury cars. because they sa y no other brand focuses on that huge part of market and it will be an opportuni ty on our part to satisfy their emerging needs of automotive products. Vista is some Muv which is trendy. UK. Tata Motors has a future planning to capture whole rural market. the United States. Middle East As ia and south east. 2. Therefore they take some steps to c orrect out the deficiencies of its distributional channel in comparison its comp etitors.cts like. Distributors and authorized retailers: To identify authorized retailers. Original spare parts and so. Retailer Authorization Certificate: Look for Tata M otors glow sign boards prominently displayed outside the authorized retail outle ts Retailer Authorization Certificate: Displayed by every Authorized Retailer in his shop bearing his customer code and name of Authorize d Distributor. So it s very difficult to classify target customer for Tata Motor because they are modifying their products and company and are inventing new products to capture whole automobile market and each and every customer. Europe. 2000authorized service centers At those place where other competitors don t have. PRESENCE OF THE COMPANY Tata motors established in 1945 and thereafter it has developed in different cou ntries like Japan. Tata Marina which are cars simple but trendy cars for lower income group people. s ervice centers. There fore it is difficult to maintain the same share of each secto . stylish and powerful. Strengthening the Distribution Channel They are co nstantly trying to make their distribution channel as widespread as possible and ensure that Tata Genuine Spare Parts are easily available. Retailers Directory: To assist their customers in locat ing authorized retail outlets.

It has over 60% of market share in Indian commercial vehicle sector and has good reputation of passenger vehicle in Indian markets around 12.r or for each product. They ranked as the 20th largest automobile company in world and TATA MOTORs has been ranked 50th among 100 global brands in the wor ld. The market share of Tata in recent p ast is shown in graphical form with the comparison with its competitive firms in last few financial years. € TATA ASHOK LEYLAND €MAHINDRA € EICHER € FORCE SWARAZ MAZADA Medium & Heavy CV .8 \s  Pie chart showing position in global market 2.11 MARKETING STRATEGIES A marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achiev e a sustainable competitive advantage.10 POSITIONING Tata motors has strong hold or can be said a monopolist in Indian market. As Tata enters foreign market in year 2000 and hasn t performed that well which they expected from them and only capitalize a small market of 8% till financial year 2008.Chart.  EMBED Excel.1% 5% Utility Vehicles 2% 18% 1% 42% 21% 1% 4TH LARGEST VEHICALE IN ASIA The tabular formation shows the competitive ratio s of Tata with its competitors i n CV SECTOR.66% in PV sector. It is emerging as the global brand in world map by its acquisition of brand like land rover & jaguar and merger with fiat to tell the presence of Tata motors at world level . But in case of Tata motors they are maintaining the progr essive rate with large variety in each section of its products in CV as well as PV sector.  The tabular formation shows the competitive ratio s of Tata with its competitors i n PV SECTOR Indian Passenger Vehicle Market Competitive Scenario € MARUTI€ TATA€ HYUNDAI€ MAHINDRA€ TOYOTA€ HONDA€ Passenger Cars 52% 17% 19% . M & HCV 40% 30% 7% 5% 10% 6% Light & Small Comm Veh Trucks 59% <1% 32% 4% 3% 3% 2. 8% . But in foreign market the hold of the Tata motors is not as strong as in India. UNITY .3% Buses L. A marketing strategy should be centered o n the key concept that customer satisfaction is the main goal. Tata motors position also get strengthen after the launch of NANO in 2009 an d it will became the largest producer and seller of low cost PVs in India beatin g Maruti Suzuki by the year 2013. They also tried to enter luxury car mark et with land rover & jaguar.35%. They have over 60% market share in CV sector and 12. From the time of introduction TATA GROUP is following a simple group values thes e are INTEGRITY FAIR HONESTY TRANSPARENCIES ON ALL DEALINGS. India will become the largest seller and produ cer of the LPVs till 2013 in the world.Trucks 64% 24% . UNDERSTANDING CARE RESPECT COMPASSION FOR CUSTOMER AND COLLEAGES. EXCELLANCE HIGHEST POSSIBLE STANDARDS IN QUALITY OF GOODS AND SERVICES.

and is engaged i n community and social initiatives on labour and environment standards in compli ance with the principles of the Global Compact. Q2-Quarter 2} in all on an average Tata Motors s expenses on advertisement are increasing. End of Life Vehicle Treatment and Recycling. It is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. which can be easily vi sible at the time of launching of TATA NANO. These policies help or become a path for the market stratergies & led a solid fo undation for introduction of their products and services. The recent of the process is employed in RUSSIA THEY have decided to enter Russia not just to sell their vehicles but also to be part of the Russian economy and grow with our customers by offering the best va lue proposition through products and services Russian market with a range of pro ducts. as part of its global growth strategy. it play s an active role in community development. True to the tradition of the Tata G roup.3 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS . CHAPTER . Restoring Ecological Balance. In accordance with this. Tata Motors is committed in letter and spirit to Corporate Social Responsi bility. Green Matters.12 ADVERTISEMENT EXPENSES  As we can see that {Q1-Quarter 1. Reducing Pollution. Due to the rise in competition and en trance of new players into the market the company now has to spend a huge amount on the advertisement of its products.BUID STRONG RELATIONS WITH PARTNERS AND CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY WHAT COMES FROM THE PEOPLE GOES BACK TO THE PEOPLE MANY. Some other issues they work on are. serving rural communities around its manufacturing locations. 2.

385.66 LAST PRICE 459 3.3. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit.2 Weight age in Index NAME TATA MOTORS PERCENT WEIGHT IN INDEX 63 SHARES IN INDEX 0.50 3. 2. We conducted our audit in accordance with auditing standards generally accep . and also the Profit and Loss Account and the Cash Flow Statement for the year ended on that date both annexed thereto.1 Stock Exchange on which the company is listed Tata Motors is listed in New York Stock Exchange [NYST] (September 200 4) National Stock Exchange [NSE] and Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE] India &South Asia 3.4: AUDITORS REPORT 1.50 Paid up share (nos) 38550 3954 Paid up face value 10 Paid up capital Rs 385. These financial statements ar e the responsibility of the Company s Management.3 Authorized Capital Structure From year 2007 to 2008. 2008. We have audited the attached Balance Sheet of TATA MOTORS LIMITED as at Marc h 31. Class of share Eq uity share Authorized capital Rs 450 Issued capital Rs 385.

and (vi) in our opinion and to the best of our information and according to the expl anations given to us.5: AUDITING COMPANY For DELOITTE HASKINS & SELLS Chartered Accountants M. Dharmadhikari Partner Membership No. the Balance Sheet. cess and other material statuto ry dues applicable to the Company were in arrears. we report that: (i) We have obtained all the information and explanations. 2008 from being appointed as a director in terms of clause (g) of sub-section (1) of Section 274 of the Compa nies Act. income tax.ted in India. wea lth tax. in the manner so required and give a true and fair view in co nformity with the accounting principles generally accepted in India: (b) According to the information and explanations given to us. and taken on record by the Board of Directors. they said accounts give the information required by the Co mpanies Act. 2003 issued by the Cent ral Government of India in terms of sub-section (4A) of Section 227 of the Compa nies Act. 1956. 1956. Further to our comments in the Annexure referred to in paragraph 3 above. Profit and Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement dealt w ith by this report are in agreement with the books of account. 2008 . An audit also incl udes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by the Management. 4. (v) On the basis of written representations received from the directors. (iv) in our opinion. 1956. employees state insurance. sales tax. as at March 31. excise duty. we report that non e of the directors is disqualified as on March 31. Profit and Loss Account and Cash Flow St atement dealt with by this report comply with the accounting standards referred to in sub-section (3C) of Section 211 of the Companies Act. 2008. We believe that our audit provides a reasonable basis for our opinion. on a test basis. service tax. proper books of account as required by law have been kept b y the Company so far as appears from our examination of those books. An audit includes examining. 3. 3. (iii) the Balance Sheet. which to the best of our knowledge and belief were necessary for the purposes of our audit. 2008 for a pe riod of more than six months from the date they became payable. customs duty. no undisputed amo unts payable in respect of statutory dues including provident fund.S. investor edu cation and protection fund.: 30802 Mumbai: May 28. (ii) in our opinion. 1956. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obta in reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of mater ial misstatement. as on M arch 31. we enclose in the annexure a statement on the matters specified in paragraphs 4 and 5 of the said Order. as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentati on. evidence suppor ting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. As required by the Companies (Auditor s Report) Order.

482.300€€ Long Term Invest ments 2.383.982.07 PERIOD ENDING 31-Mar-08 31-Mar-07 31-Mar-06 Assets Current Assets Cash And C ash Equivalents 373.25 Retained earnings 2.100€€ 1.390.14 Personnel expenses 1.83 Less : revaluation reserve 25.91 Other recurring income 389.000€€ Short/Current Long T erm Debt 1.200€€ 2.300€€ Total Current Liabilities 4.818.300€€ Negative Goodwill .€ .643.4 .€ Preferred Stock .042.800€€ 1.100€€ 130.248.900€€ 1.800€€ 13 7.700€€ 1.100€€ Intangible Assets 77.600€€ 199.800€€ Net Receivables 1.201.700€€ Other Stockholder Equity 562.799.300€€ 60.31 Other write offs 64.800€€ 69.500€€ 2.€ .30 Material consumed€ 20.17 Non recurring items 374.900€€ 158.023.476.802.45 Secured loans 2.27 Current assets.100€€ 280.€ .469.83 Number of equity sha resoutstanding (Lacs) 3855.700 €€ Capital Surplus 994.99 Unsecur ed loans 3.Preference share capital .406.81 Manufactu ring expenses€ 1.400€€ Stockholders' Equi ty Redeemable Preferred Stock .300€€ 6.€ - € .900€€ Minority Interest 140.000€€ Total Stockholder Equity 2.400€€ 1.900€€ Liabilities Current Liabili ties Accounts Payable 1.640.€ Other A ssets 811. Investments 4.185.€ Common Stock 96.€ .737.100€€ 74.700€€ 144.288.100€€ 167.025.55 Contingent liabilities 5.600€€ Other Liabilities 236.100€€ Goodwill 174.500€€ 715.590.100€€ 787.54 Share application money .600€€ 2.70 0€€ 1.100€€ 70.145.100€€ Inventor y 858.361.119.500€€ 2.43 Preference dividend .443.800€€ Deferred Long Term Asset Charges .600€€ 212.400€€ 871.544.830.72 Tax charges€ 547.94 Financial expenses 471.563.Dividend tax 81.630.400€€ Other Current Assets 219.6: Balance sheet and Ratio Analysis [Rs in crores] Mar ' 08 Equity share capital 385.€ .910.03 Adjusted P BDIT 3.723.€ Total Assets€€ 86.80 Capital work-in-progress 5.400€€ 53.05 Tota l 14.530.028 .100€€ 830.56 Depreciation€ 652.50 0€€ Long Term Debt 1.57 Miscellaneous expenses not written 6.80 Tot al net current assets -1.82 Market value of quot ed investments 2.000€€ 4. 400€€ 362.700€€ 943.000€€ 921.800€€ 246.€ Total Liabilities 6.3.51 Gross block 10.75 Equity dividend 578.100€€ 252.428.800€€ 94.500€€ 611.931.55 Adjusted PAT € 1.57 Selling expenses 1.184.600€€ Property Plant and Equipment 2.200€€ Other Current Liabilities 1.7: PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT [Rs in crores] € Mar ' 08 Operating income€ 28.53 Total 14.389.489.800€€ 458.23 Less : current liabilities & provisions 12.92 Earnings before appropriation 3.100€€ Deferred Long Term Liability Charges 152.597.800€€ 99.461.€ .179.900€€ 138.100€€ 663.51 Less : accumulated depreciation 5.500€€ 3.39 Operating profit 3.600€€ 1.75 Other non cash adjustments .100€€ 591.04 3.300€€ 405.Reserves & surplus 7.600€€ 1.818.738.230.300€€ 2.48 Administrative expenses 1.094.300€€ 89.654.€ .79 Expenses capitalized -1.100€€ 933. loan s & advances 10.100€€ 4.€ .5 00€€ Total Current Assets 3.8: BALANCE SHEET FOR THREE YEAR s [Rs in crores] CHAPTER .500€€ Short Term Investments 19.000€€ Accumulated Amortization .500€€ 902.064.100€€ Retained Earnings 977.51 Book value of unquoted investments 4.82 1.600€€ 746.40 Cost of sales 25.597.094.52 Net block 5.35 Adjusted PBT 2.Reported net profit 2.724.111.400€€ 81.

4. Policy The purpose of this policy is to provide uniform guidelines for the recruitment and selection of employees at Tata Motors. In more elaborated form it is like this.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 4. Process The recruitment and selection process includes Creating a new position. Participative management. II.1 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Tata Motors has a Flat organizational Structure. Filling an existing vacancy. . Team work.  REASONS FOR CHOOSING FLAT ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Employees are free to make suggestions. Information sharing.2 EMPLOYEES RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCEDURES EMPLOYEE SELECTION PROCEDURE I. Team work Quality is basic ingredients. Hiring a person.

III. the Office of Human Re sources must ensure that the process remains fair. SELECTION Decision to Appoint In selecting the successful candidate. In addition. the appropriate Manage r. The Office of Human Resources will assist the hiring manager/supervisor in co mpleting the Hiring Recommendation form. 4. This will require proper planning. 3. the Office of Human Resou rces will distribute copies to the Office of the Manager. payroll. . Responsibilities The purpose of the search committee is to evaluate candidates for vacant positio ns on campus and make recommendations for hire. Once a person is identified for a position. Transferring an employee from one position to another. Wi th this technique alone Tata motors have saved over 2000crores in three years. They have adopt ed this technique as most of the TATA GROUP companies have implementing the tech nique. The Office of Human Resources wi ll oversee each search committee and monitor the committee s progress to ensure th at positions are being filled expeditiously. Once the candidate returns the signed offer letter.3 Training & Development Policies Tata motors are following a technique known as Big-scale cost reduction (BSCR) f or its training and development of the employees of the company. the following steps should be comple ted: 1. The Hiring Recommendation form will be routed for the necessary signatures an d returned to the Office of Human Resources after completion. 2.Reclassification of a position. the appropriate collective bargaining unit and any other office that has a need to know. All requests should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the requested action. Due to its main focus is on the cost reduction on a sustainable basis. The panel must seek to ensure that candidates appointed will actively promote th e IPCC s Core Values. the panel must make a decision based on t he merit and eligibility of the candidates as judged by: Content of application Qualifications (if required for the post) Performance at Interview Outcome of any selection tests Right to work in the UK.

The cost-reduction initiative has to be focused on major cost elements and broad-based across all functions. 4. on page of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus.gif" \* MERGEF ORMATINET  Brainstorming specific cases for approach. Contents The following will be the contents of each half-day session : 1. In respect of opportunities of strategic importance where operational control is intended. This r elationship may also create conflicts of interest with respect to potential oppo rtunities between our Company and other entities within the Future Group. a right of first offer will be granted to the Future Group entity ope rating in the specific industry or sector in which those opportunities have aris en. The Programme will also build practical linkages with the workplace through inte gration with the TBEM. Open your eyes! 4. See Risk Factors Conflicts of interest may arise and our failure to deal with the m appropriately could damage our reputation and adversely affect our business. Application!  INCLUDEPICTURE " Backed by reading material. Objective The programme will present a framework that could be used by Companies for reduc ing cost through a process-driven approach.4 Conflict Resolution Mechanism Our relationship with the Future Group is essential to our business model. as competition demands elimination of all varieties of slack and inefficiencies. based on results of initial d iagnosis (to be carried out with the invitation)  INCLUDEPICTURE -management ski lls Methodology Combination of case studies and interactive discussions along with lectures.BSCR major agenda is for all firms is. CHAPTER-5 FACTORY & PLANT LOCATION . and w e believe that it will operate to benefit of shareholders of our Company. Companies have to strive to reduce cost on a continuous basis. The programmed will attempt to learn from the best practices that the Tata motors have adopted and used.

( LCVS).5. Se dan.1: FACTORY LOCATION Tata motors have number of branches in India as well as in other countries. Product Diversity Tata Motors features many different products for many different target groups. Company Image Tata Motors image is that of tough. B ELURE INDUSTRIAL AREA. LUCKNOW M&HCVS AND LCVS KIADB BLOCK 2. Some of productions branches which are located in India with the range of product th ey produce and some are under construction are as follows. industry and out side its environment. PUNE ( M&HCVS). These are the factors and the conditions prevailing in the company. and Threat. Opportunity. Sport Utility Vehicles. RUDRAPUR. HOOGLY DISTRICT. Name Recognition The name Tata Motors is the most recognizable auto manufacturer in India 2.6 SWOT ANALYSIS OF TATA MOTORS SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis means Strength. I t has four divisions of vehicles: Compact Cars. It s "Like a Rock solid vehicles". UTT ARAKHAND TRIAL PRODUTION COMMENCED PS SINGUR. PUNE CHINCHWAD. DHARWAD PROJECT UNDER FORMULATION PLOT NO 1. . Plant location RANGE OF PRODUCTS PRODUCED PIMPLI AND CHIKALI. dependable. SECTION 11 INTEGRATED INDUSTRIAL ESTATE PANTNAGAR.1: STRENGTHS 1. long lasting vehicles. 3. DISTRICT UTTAMSINGH NAGAR. 6. Those factors which prevail inside the company are kn own as Internal Factors and other which affect decision making and strategies of the business from outside are known as External Factors. Vans. WEST BENGAL PROJ ECT UNDER IMPLEMANTATION CHAPTER . (UCVS) JAMSHAEDPUR TOWN POST OFFICE JAMSHEDPUR M&HCVS CHINHAT DEVA ROAD. Weakness.

Weak In Horse Power Besides the Grand Vitara. First is the about the com pany and second thing about the ms office & ms word. Limited product portfolio in the passenger segment Operations mainly restricted to India 6. Without this they cannot compete with foreign manufacturers. Increase in price of raw material. The Tata motors Company was f ound by the Tata group in the year 1945 in INDIA. This hurts the company drastically because people want power.2: WEAKNESSES 1. Tata Motors vehicles have a very conventional and boring design. Other 6. all Tata Motors vehicles are substandard to their fore ign competition when comparing horse power. 3. while the Honda. Racing Sponsor Tata Motors organizes racing events in India. Ford. The Company operates world wid e. The Company has produced numerous products. Dull Product Design Once again. 6. and has no intent to feature any type of luxury ve hicle. First in this project I lea . b oasts a 180 bhp engine. Even Ford an d Chrysler have developed a luxury vehicle for their fleets.3: OPPORTUNITY Increasing Plant Capacity Tata Motors is increasing its production capacity by creating two more plants in near 2011.4: THREAT Foreign Competitor Intense competition from global players€ Tata Motors has a threat from foreign players as Their technology is much more new Products are more upgraded They have much more funds to invest in research and development. Tata its direct competitor. The Tata Motors s all vehicles feature s less than 160 bhp engine. Result in mass production and will help in reducing per unit cost Company will be able to capture more shares in market due to Increasing demand for cars in India. I have learned two things from the industrial report. MY LEARNINGS FROM THIS PROJECT: I have learned lot of things through this industrial report. reliability and st yle. TATA MOTORS Company is one of the world s largest automobile companies. No Luxury Vehicle Tata Motors does not feature. It is a great exper ience of making industrial report on TATA MOTORS PUBLIC LTD. 2.4.

Distribution network of the company. Financial position of the company. Market share of the company. How the company target the market. Marketing strategy of the company. Products of the company. Board of the directors of the company. How they are marketing their produc ts? Which type of distribution network they have used? How to search data on int ernet? How to arrange the data in systematic manner in MS .Word? Following are the learning about the company from this industrial project: History of the company. BIBLIOGRAPHY Presence of TATA MOTORs in the global world . Regional presence of the company in all over the world.rn that how a company perform it operations. Competitors of the company. Organization structure of in India. SWOT Analysis. Vision and mission of the company.

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