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C bspt r] ~ 1-4 m1Smll\ Tnyil:or II ,and Bueh arum ]·0

Chaplfl .5: The: Sirlkim,g of lbe Titanie . i •• ", .•• a •• ~~ •.••• ~ .~u S l'

Chap1cr 6,: Wc,rld War One d ~ I'" -"'., ri4

~ter 1:: World War Two IU! •• _mlllm •• ~~ln ••• nIM •••••• ~~ •••• ~~ ••• '71

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Clup~.r 8: Pres ldcn l J ~ihrn f ~ K nfinedy , .. +~+. 84

Chapttn' 9: Th~ Waco ·Mas.s.acre ..... ~ .... " , " .....•.. ~.~. 99'

Cha,p~r 1 0: Th~ Oklahoma C~ty Rombi "1 .. * ... e-ae e •• ~~". I .1.2

Chap[cr ] ~ : Thu Wol1d Trad 'Cent~ Atta~k , 12]:


111:c n ited Smtes 'mult soo-n faoe the' most d. dJy en my it y.·iU ~,vurha eie face,. nus enCM) ~s; no amly th~ usunl m:i~itnlJ' enemy" but it has the ,q!ani don and me eapabir for massive esptonage and elandesUI~ OpemLiOM wi [kill Uta Unwted 'Mt~s. It uses - mead that is v irruaJJ1y pc r&c I 10 hi d j' S oPCI"1 ti ens, f n [acl", ri~iir fill"'!, this enemy is ,mJiing ~ret]y tD u:ndermine Ihe principles, tha~ made this ooUJIlIftry Ute ,gRHrd-...

_st nali,oD iB ilia orId. This en JIItl luliUrntcd Ih '

Ii 19best I~vel's and dapw1m ents of111 eIl. So, go¥emm e-gmr D.d poses an eKlrems danlsr to Am rica. us 'look an ~ i h~~hlf}' o~d ~derslMd t.I'J e me~ods '~ill enemy h 8.5 used in th e past end ho 'it i ' refly wor .j n ~o. day'~

BllJ'Cpe we finoHy at resttt. 'he Napoleonic Wnrs ~en= no,w over, having ~!l5md n r~y 20 yl . ThcbrilIjant efmld cmfl)r Napolc(Jn had spreailJl Europi' w~m the blood iJ·fber noblest SCUlS~ A'llcng Las ~ there was pesee, In the aft~nnlil~J ~UfQ(H!lLfill sovereigns cell'll\ ene g~n· - rsl emmeil in Vierm3j Austr],31 in un 4. This couneil has eorne to be klDOlNii ,IS the Congress of' ienns, The 'Con,1F s, ~nliJnru~ its, p1IOQCed· IS lor en y r, ending in nus.

The COngress 10 Vienna w brack con-

bS plmcy against' PGpular Gove mmems at i'ell


TAlE SECRET TER.R.OR.ISTS ~-fJ i ItIlgh CO _ dtnfl p~rti:es' en Olmcm!l e~ it ' d'ose thB~: tne~ ~ad mrme~ B 'hell' aIUance." Th~& was a ann under w,hlCl1 th "I iilliUBsltod to, , celv ,

the peoJle. TIm partlwlar Ibus:lness of the CO~-

:~ ne5.S of VeroM. it deveje(lell.. 'was the RA Tilf ICA~ TiON of Article Six of ~h Congres'S O'f V1eMB I

wh en - as in is no ' :9 prom I sa ,to Iflrevafil't or' d~ sb"oy PopuiarGov mmen1:s~e~er muM, and

fa es1Db!lsh mo nlrd'ly wh ~t hOO beenJ set afi!OO,.

The 'high oontracl:ing IpaI'itiOO· of 011 i compact which were ROOBj'a, Pmsela, [Gemu~ny'l. Austrla. and Pope Plus V.W! ill ttle lPapa11 S~a es,

nt red Into ' t tmaty e do c. -- Burke

McCarty I rna supprasser1 Tn-IIh Abmd fflaAussslnafJon 01 AblBiJwnl LinooJn. AFyB Verla Publ. sh-

ina. 1124 ~ 1131• 1 a

Accgrting to McCBrtyI the Cengress of Vi DD3 fbnned the H~ ty A ~ I" mlce ~ whos prim,ary gOI was 1h dJastruCfion of allpcpuler govemme~lS. Popular goversments are hose ~hero the gov rmnent; aUD" i '

ubj~cL~ lo enjoy certain ~ll!l. Uenab e ri hlS. Can yO1.\.! tJhink of any po'en lam- :O\·~e'IlU lDat wete establi~hing themselves rum the' \\Iudd al,d. ,grrutti ng ,ihejr c lnzeas certaia in Uennble rigl1t] uroun,d the Ye;Tf ~ ~ S1

Se n ater 'Robed L. Chve n ,bleed in the Cengressa'onM Record 'D[ April lS~ 1916 tbe fulblWilg smmrnent, which shou s clcur]y a thought the primary lara I of the oI.;j.Holy . Hiwace"" was ihe UlI1Iiu:.;fi 'Sll1~es~


the a Hsrrrilton r@f'omgoyamm t to U. -II bId. pp. 91

, C~ ('s add&C().

. Sena'ltnr ~ mndemood '&om the' Congress ~f V ienna tluillle mli1!ed mo.oan;hics of Europe YAluJd sfl:ek te deshny the great American Rlllubl;c ,lDld' brood ... bought freedoms..

. . StIJUJ'~ Owen 'was nO' _ Ute (n 1y ODe ~ho knew' _ - _ t.lU th'IS cOlllspuaGY aJ Am . can ~Dm llIld the co nstThJtiom .. Tn 1,8,94'1' R. W. Thomps~l1l, AmnmOWl Secre.lW'y' of the N~; wrote.,

The Ho~y AIllat'1C8 hav1 rig de &1nl - d flC:PUlar Qovern mIloot in S~in. and ln ItaJy ~ had waU-latd IPlam also ~o mimy popular gtJ vemmsnlln th_ A mar1aln Ca]lonfss wh eh had rev I Led from Spain and Pcn1iug.a1 in Oentra! lUNd SQu1h America under 1he In'l1'uernce Df the successful E!Jl-I:ample of th U ted $181&'6,

It was 00GaUS8 01' this conspiracy agahlst the American R'6pubtksr by ~ Eurepea n m,ooalrarlloo hat the great. Engnsh statesman. Cannlng I call ed

Th9 SOlferefgfll of me (Holy AIHancs· had mass . largs amnlesi 8ftd soon I9rntemdl Into a pi ., to devote them tD '. .~ pression of' I upna1 ngs of Ule pen_al 11 favor of _. GmlSlll-'

ment ami hs [Pcpe, Pius, VIII deslmdl kll devate tile

,Je.sYffs. 19\1J)pwted by hls PontIln 11 r, to H1

,accomplishment of 'that end. He kn.ew how fsll1- fuHy _tlir8y cukl BPPlY the 'Iv . to fl t'- wertc. and hence ~e coons ad 1hem I In hts decree lof restoraUon I kl' sfttetJ~ ob:&efVe the j~8fu]J ,advfea a~ s IIItmy OOlUnHts'~reby Loyal I d mad abso~uUOO U')EI'1::om aniline oti1he soclety_ - R. w~ TI1~psnn; The Foo1I}l1nts 0 file Ju,u ts, Hwr and E ,ton. 18941 p,,, 2:51

ThufnpsoD pinpointed exar;dy who would be 11.1£ ugent; IUS by tile mon rehs of Europe ~o dustroy the repu blie O'fAm ed~ namt:1y, tiu;e Jesuits arRame! S'mce 1815 m~re has been III tConbmuaJ assan~t. on Ameriea by Ih~ - H1J I IS to ~ by to destroy tJhe eonstim ~onal rights of llim great nahan.

TIle famous inventor of the Morse Cod~ .. amuet

H,. ~o . ~ I .. {'I wrote of (his sinister plot agaitl 1 mh

Uri fled Sta1e'S~

iha autltm undena~es to Btmw IIIrI B eon-

spiracy again 51 the· Uberilies of~Ts Repub _ fC Is now In fWJ adJon .. UIIldel the dtredlon ot the wtl~ Prince

nuoug Chrism dam, Pmtestant[sm s,

mentaeed 6y fomtldable ton. The'riFSt,' tri umphs of 1he Reformation ~t ~e summonmf ~ forces, Ihop 9 to ceo lm l h 'tJIiU Cion. AI this tim e tliLe CroJef 0 the Jesuits wn crnate:i'l the most cruel,. unscruPlIJCUS. and pnwerful of ail - e ctlampion of popery, Cut 0 - ~ . rtlU)' tie fu1 t'i I;Jman i nterests~ de-ad tD the' c1aims Gf Ilatura~

BdJOI'1ll. lreason a con:' noo W Qlly ~ In' -, they ~new AU wle. no, tie I but that of their order, an ~ nCI dUW bUt to extend i1s power. The gospel of Ohri had ablod I B adhe - to m eat dan r

nd erUiUf19utreJi- ,undlsmayed Ily eolii~ him", g8"1"'11 and ~verw~ to upool~ ~e IDannsroftruth In face of the rack, U, . dUl'itgoon ~ and Ole stB~e. To combat these 'mroes, Jesultlsm I\spired its ~I~~


ers wit B fanaticism Ilat enabfed tt1em to en- ure Ilka de ,ge ) nd to It}-ose to tl power ol tn.Jth all'the weapon of d~p:Hon Thf11"E was no aim kIo ,g~ fur fiem W, oom mi . Ino detel~tjlll1 'too Ilmse for them to p cOOe,. no ,disg lee mD d' CU] l fOr them to ass um . Vowed m pe:rpe1ilJa1 poverty anti hUTnm~" I was therr studled a[m to secure

w 1111 nd11 . _. J. to d troted tD Itha c l8lmw

c~ Prntesmrntism I ta"di the ra-estabUslilm,enl of h pap-BI &lUpm acy.

When ppeBn'ill1g' mamba 01' ~e~r om r, I'ley wtlile a garb of sandity~, visitingl Iprisol1i~ and hospitalB. m[1t st@itltfll (0 tile sick SJ'id til poo . , - mfessJlilg !o hsve rano need the worid~ and bean"i 1JIhs sacred ~o!!IIlI!I'W!II r!i lis - ,UR!t '1

_ c. _ _ '. IMIJI'~ ~ I!IoI! ~!le.s.US" W D n~n

about' . Olnll pod. But u . ,r i 'b~am ~ess exterior I1e most aimina', and deadly PLJJPOSH were often OOfIceaJ.ed. It W85 a hm dam tal princtple a Ila Dreier at e end jusfiftes the maa no, By ttl code. lying. 'theft! perjury. a soo'SShflat[oD"!i ~ vte re not onl~ pardon 'Ie but tom mendablB. whe Ii1 the s8rvsclile interast& 01 th Ic~nJrOO. Under vafiollJ disguises the JesUits W6fked the~ way Into effie" of &tate. climbIng UJlI to be ti'la eou slars oJ klngB~ and shaping Ita po1ley ~f na fens. 111ey became SlBliV_ ' to ,act as, spIes upon 1Ine[r~. ",ey eSUlbJ mhed colleges, fM the sons of princes a I11d noel_. anti sdi'lootsf'OfUJe·oommi4n peopIe; and the dliidfrem afPm1es1!ani pa rents we clra\Wl ~ n~D Sri observar}c. Qf 'poP~8hrifeS. All the olftwa rtI ,pomp and display of the Rom ~h nmtdp was· bJi'lought to b- r tQ rGDnfU Ul m rnd and dazzle a mI captivate, 11& imsgj naticU'I F and I'lllkS the inbe rty for which the fathers had toHed and bled was be - yed by till SORS. The Jesul m ra dly s,praad themselVes over Europe! and wharmre.rtneywernl th sre tolJ D ~ I re l~ of po .ry ~ - E. G_ "IA'h~e, llJ8 Gmfll CDntrovsn;y~ pp.234" 236. Padftc PESS Puhhsh rng AssJl,,1i 11.

The' Jesu i.t; ftw c" O~ ~ ike the'Pa,acy" s secret world,vide police. n ., ,atm v ry s;;creli"~ and go to g.reat

THE SECI.ET TERRORTSTS ittemfch of'AlI!bia! wtilo !«lowing lila impossl-

. my of oll~ ng UlJs b'oublesom 'exam[pte c a

_ feB mnd he Jta'tlon by 'fg!JliC8 0 rnUjj. Ills a amp '" '~ to accomplish iii s object through Ila-agenoy of an arm~ of. J .. '. Ttl army e :!acts and argus

men' , I ~Ing to plrOye IlB Pisteflta of '00 '8 oo~~ira:cy'. will astoniSh e:ny man who OpeFlS lhs tIOot with '. me lneredul fly d. - Saimue1, Ii. orse, foreign Conspiracy Agsrns" Uta Ublt.les of 018 Un ted S't ras. CmueJker and Brawsta r, 1 &35. Prefaca.

Th army 0 books wribcn 'mat detail the s lnistcr plo!5 ,ofd1£ ConSfI" ., arVjcnn ,and m jes'Ulu gainsl

_~ Ameri,C;In R~pu~b] le are rrn~merollS. Th~ T1Iis eenSpnty bas mged ' mee 181 S 15 a rae! of hismr:r. We wiU ~huw 'l1-t - ls iCOl!l11 ,imy is inlftJlI force ~odRyand that if is the reason America, is 'havin ' so man:y pro '"' leDlS .at the present tW.W'e md is so close to ] osing ~eT:

_, ............ Qm.

M'ostpet1jpl , know "try IIi1t-le abo1Jlm the Pope·~s Je .. suits, Til ~ reason for Ilhis is that th cy 8Jl£ a ~wy seers~i e soeiety, 1m ow ' r [0 understnnd bat ,.£ 0 'r e,f J em tts- i P Jea, 00 sider me foIl Dwms qlrulotafion.


I hs to keep tileD- operntion se 'TIter m11 nenne tdmtt· th«y m:e Jcsuds. "Co all outside a~~ ibey

peal' as normal peopl .

One rltqt lither wi II be cite d here ..

They are Jesill . This _ . _ sty Of me ~ aft r

xel1ma rtyran~ for u - - 10 two Ih drml

uD~f'III!:. _' ~englh tieamo 'SO fomtJdabie Ute

_ 1 ell . stan ng 9 sub FSIon Df II

sad a order, lha ' n th B Po, ,~yIDoss devotedl

sUbJeds, they are. IB rid must ba,~ by tho vOW of_tlte r sodI:aty I "a c~mpelled 1JD.1 10. Iv til m [Pope C emem supJ1~ad the Jes!tlil Order In 1113.J

TIley ~ad mH been . eSSBd. h " 'I for

a . before, waning Irrftuance Of Po- -

and Ces:pofsm required their- ussfullabors, [0

_ I tim IIgh e Democratie HIH.rty nd ttl Po.' [plus VIIJ slmlJ~eollll81y wiWllle ftnm fion of tAa dll~ AilliafiOO! ~16 15] re1J~v_ Ole orer ill the

J ts In II th r pow - ...

Ami do Amerlmans Baed to be told what

Jes lB eve? ... ,w _ _ . scOsty! a 6-0 I 0'

.,. , ..II' f

a - COl". -m II JI' !j;jj" . 0 ' re--

WJting ~ loosftUs, and B thoLtsa_ "tImes more

I'JII rauB. They s nat. m 11 ~rf .18, Qr or one

re'rlgious creed; they' a fJie merchant6, end ISWJer5'i and edJtors'l and men 01 ,any pro essipn~ ihsyjng no outward b go by whldl 'to ' ctJQn : t '. y ~n a II your sodetyThey ea I assume

amy ch 1 ' t a angefS ort g ml 5. -

of rkn j lQ ~ atl Ul 'ira grea' nd.,.

l"hBY are all ethJoo1ed me-ll. pl"eiPar&d and sworn to G1art at any momeA~ and n y dlrectioo ~ d fOr ,any, M-oej co-m mandftd by lMe enera of Un e r OfdIer, bound to no faNUy • community. or eeu 1)"1 y tine ordinary ., wtuch bin m· : nd s.ald fer fife 0 ttle cause of lh 9 Roman Pontiff. - J. Wayne Laumn , rne Cti:SJs 11 AlnQ, or "h6 Ellemt ot Am 'deB UIlm;a8kad~ G. D~ .111 I, , 85,S, P _ ~ 26fj .. 2a1,

f ti u Loyo r rawndEd tie 1 til j't 0 lider in tJn~

'T . RGET:' A- EruCA

] 1

! ,405. ~ posiri n in m Rom olie Church was so]idli fled durin the CDunc1~ of Trent, vibjeh ran mm 154 10 l 563 .. The Ceuneil of Tn W G;OIl\' ned \",ldl

'ijIiU! great gou I in III ind: han. 1110 ~Q ' Ira c Protestant Refermatien, The Refcrnrnarion be an in l 517 when M"tin Luther .. th fum-Jess IGtmJon fr'M, nlllliiegj 95 theses 'on th d L" of~h ¥/in burg ctwpcl. TIl th eh .. ~cnw:d arno I1'R ori1~ d1 ings th e heinous I oerri n e of in ~ dwlgeu ces taught by Rome that declared man eeuld S y,t hims JI and [0\ ed on 'b) droppin G . n ugh coins inrethe Ca,tho1ic amrch~s coffers.

Lomhef~S areat re.ach~nB.s that the Bible onl is the smndm"d for all d chin ontil, etice, d that a pers n i justified hero (i through rsrth in J,BSlJS Christ tdnn8~ Rnt thriHs 'hrough the hearts of tbo'Usan-cb rhfOugJmoU.l Europe and 5110ck aves.ihrough th~ hal Is of me Vatican

Thus, 'fie Connell oflI"reflif W,IS eonvened to counter tb e It armation; ~en i·· MO'Wfl as the Count r '. fo. onn rlcn, and th Jesuits ou'd the chief toels of Rome to Q nil" an d desb1ly eve trace of Pmtestnnt15m

. he . er i L \Y3..S roundl~

Am I.: ri ca' twe greatest dKURI) n th De(:,lnmlioD or Independence and dne Constitution" RJ'@ fined widol Protestant deelarations mbllt an:: abso'IU!~e1y intohnf'~ble te U~e ~ ui ~ 'of Rome. D ,il surprise you Dw.L the

\' lie n eondemns 'he I IOn d cements of he

United State?

l1'1e Vatitan tiood;n IDad am _ on 01

Il1del~efide!'ilee as wtckednas~M!JnrJj loalled the CDn-

, BtiMlan cd Ole U ted Slal-&s SatanJc Oocume - AVrfi anhaHan. TIl DoUBT ~ 'Ii \Il. can~ Ozark ,Book P u Ls: rs ~ 19BB'i p. 26.

H re is part of e 'U it Oath ~

I dO IU er pr-tlmlse. a nd declare, that WI II have no opinion or VIi' II of my own! orr B my men-tal


,!aN on w mv r, BV 8 corp 'OJ es-

davel" 1MIt'M1l U_f.ities ltatit\9 ' 00011 eaclill and reverY command) that rn may reC8~,a fmm my MJJ)B ora in the iUtia of the Pope. n ~ furtttmma - pnlmistUlru:.1 dedare 1ihs I wm~ when o~~mJty' prese.n.b,~ makB anrd wage Ire len Ue-sg 'MiIr, se~, all" openly'; against' all h-S1!@tiCB. IPirotestants and Li berala, as I am directed IbJ do. ~o eXl91l'a!e and extl mdnam thom from tine CD Df th . D! earth; Bifid fh t ~

-II s_re nelth r ,qfi~ se,~ or eQnal Q~ and 1ha ' I wlllililng~ bum, waste', boU. iflaY1lwngi and'~ ,a-TiVe fhese rrntam eus hemllf es, riJ~1 up fhe' 9!Qtnm.;hs and !:Me wombs of thBir rwomen and crush blr infant " ~nst 11 n. In cmer tel nihl~te fOrlNer _u l}Dl!fCfabie' race. Tlrst lhen ltJile same carnno be done op.enJy., I will SllCJ'f8:1iy use the po~oond CUpl, thea_ngu'a~ng CORII~ 1'18 9tee~ of the ponJa-Ed or t!le' leaden bWle~ of 110 non - r, 'k, dJgnlty.IOButtu:nity ollie person or pelSOIlS'1 ¥trt1ataver il!ililSrJ be th lreonorDon in rrfe, either public er private, as at a", thTle' may 00 direded 8B 10 do by fJ'JI"Iy agent of ttle Pope or Su ~eM'Of of" e Bmther:hood of Une Holy Fatun.1 of 'Ole 5Dctety O'r Jesus. ~ Edvtln A, Shemmm. fhB' Englnsflf COipS raf Halt· cr Ramfls Sappsts and Mlnl!JlS, Pnvate Subsooptiorn, 1883., J;P. 111-1 :24~

To lh in k that ,0. pe . On w,Duld CORenr with s-uch an abom ~nab~e oath defies reasen. 00_ ecu ~d no t eY~n imugil1 more despieahle 0J.1th.. The word] heretic in fh boy qLtDIB r-efers 'fa nyon e who di !&gre' Yfith the pope.

mn 3, Jetkr from J OM Adams to til n Preside:nt Thomas Jefferson about th IlRDJhs we read,


J IU'its ,.._ GoorgB IReim ~i 1f1s N w J9SJJr~B·. lJtiUel 8m,,"! and ICc., ~197'11 p. 14",

...... apo~oon Donapalte made this, smrem'etit:

lin e J ul are iI m rI ~tary cuganlZ1 ~Jon. not B reHglouscMer. 'ftlIaH' dlief is a ge-neral afan ,arm,. fI@t'the mere fatI1BF abbgt ,of a mooa:s:lery. And rhe

im o~ tilTs org IzBtlori Is: POWER. Pc . r 'I n im 1'11'051. despo-Uc B·KSI'dS8. ABsolute po. er I 1U1l1"1f=

r·~~1 i!'U"\'i ... il' ~rfiii" ....... , ........ ' ........... 1 ..... e w ....... d 110.. .1..

,gon_! I'"""""~J. II"'~'F!!'~~ f!I.P!!'"U;,IUfI;,!! LU _YII u"i Ul19

yol rnon' of a simlre mall_ Jesuitism rs mtta mcst absolute 0' des;~tlsmLS; and at the same bme the g~aa' 5t EI nd mast "elm! 0 us 0 abuses,. ~.

11le ge era11 of the Jesuits ~nsis _ 10m being master. sovere n, over !he :5DVBfi81g n, VU'herevef lila Jaluits· re Mlmmed l1ey wiin be [mama_ .• cost whet it, mQ. "Their sccrety is by naDJm dlclatorital' .. and therefore ~I is thSI IfI1lCOncrlabl, enemy (1 II a.mslWted authmifi;y. Every ad evaylcrima, how .. ever alrodous, l:s S men1DnoLIJs WOI'kI If ooliJ'iLm itted fOf 0\ Inlerest Dr Uta aoola lof J&!iUJ1:s .. , c b~ _. Ol"def' 01 'tie general. - Ganeml Mcntholoo, .. morial at ths CB/ltMW 01 NSJlwffIOn at. SJ. H9fena~ (,p. 8,2. 174.

'fh ere ' . as no disgu 1 " 1hey muld net aswme' and tilemJQrB. there' \¥as n 01 placs intD whrch they could no . psn:ermte~ Th-ey oo~l:d en{er u nhea ~ 1tIB ele . t ofth . M Dnareh I or the Cabf et "f1!ne Statesman i Th:ey eQuid sit l!! "seen In convocation .01 BelllHail Assemb~" ood mlng/a LlnSUB-

cred ln the,~ fbemtiOl'1s Bnd debates.

'TIt1em, WE; AD tangui! tti,e,y loou~d nct· !speaJ<, il'ld no t:reed tI1ey could not profess, and !hUB them was n~ pple among whtIfm th~y m1~t nat SOjOWII., and nn enurdl whose membershl):!! thay miD~t 11· . - ED! en gj who se fu"ctloM they might not discharge. They c-ou'td OJmi!:fate ~8 Pope with the ~Ulh8tU1 sooiswear me SolemnlLeaguB th the COVl rnal1tor. - JI. A. Wyl • rna Hmo" of Plots'stanttsm, Vol. III p. 412~ (quotedl n Sydney

oot ha~'i! regu] ar swanms iIllf them herej In maRy ~isgYi as; only a !king Of e gyps~ as can aSSIJ:l'liftB. dressed! as palnlem! pub-

ishemJ II lem Clnd schooTmastem? :1 f . ver there

WI B a body of meJll WhQ mert1ed t'ema! dBm1'lltiorq on earth end tn hell UisthisSode1yofLcyols·s,[the


THE SECREfTERROltJSTS Hunter" Is Albano rw Real? Chh::k Pul:Illm -0 II PQ8 ',3.}

111 the I i'p~ of dlese "stltemenBt sev,eJoIl quest ions arise, Smoe dle Jesui fE, beSaln a ~ asstIIJuh onJ\merica i n ~ liS An d noWm& srands in Ill. ir way I 1;hen an lhe policies cnmed our today j'lrnj America under ~'he co~troil ofth i s desPOl'DfRome'? HI, e the 3S.SMSilUllbOns of eertain presldents, Ijk~ Ablfa~am 'L~ -le'Dh~; Wil~wam McK~nley, james Oarn: 1dt and WiUru~m en')' Harrison! been Jesui.t ipspand? H3'\'f'E 'm~ Itmc1~1~~ 1~ Waeot OJdahcmg City',. and the deswct'lon ofthe _ wm Tow _1'5 jm N . V,ort Crly hem pll1Jlnoo behind 111 . walls of III VlltiCU? \Vhrn abtnn CUr precious COl'lnirutlon and me B i I ~ of RlSh' mR~ ba ve Coo.e und f sueh u nrelenJing attack 'n dl· :past few ~'~'_ des?]lS Iii the ulti- 1.irl;.mh: prize oftJlie Jesurut5 to ann rh Uate our pMeiou5f1'eedems i.hil~ were p-W'\"Fba.sed at SO g_re3~ ,8] oost.! F 0 I awOl g c:b.n, rs win MnI~ some ofthese ~ery.s, - ring qlJ;E'.StiOTI!I.

As irtJh~ ~nm"eSS OfV~enIlB, was tltDt c'!:ear en.od.Jb as '~D the olfU lives· f the uropoo.1!l menarehs and me J. it O,m r, ilI,ere' re fWo more Con ess .. · lh&f were coni'vel!ln~d,-.

Th e fLRt of Ilhese ~ as ludd t £mOB ,j n ~ 822. ~ ing, this COR ~. ~ ,it was decided d~81 America ,v,ould be the ~t of Jesu i1 emissari as Met that Am erica was to be destro'yed at ~ I eosts .. Eva')' principl !ofilia Consrthl~iCln ~\l1S to be Wsso!y .' and new Jesuitical pro 8 ci pIes were tD be put i,mo 1'1 BG. [A orner to examt me' Papacy to duminil1'n in Amnm-ica."

Tha orher m~Ullg was held in Cbi ri, Imlly in rn 125.

Here i. what w, dec ~d d th ON.

~n 1125. sern B e~ewB n years after Ute qvivaJ of the JesuH; o lid'9 f, - sB'efel m ling af le:adintl JB~1:s was, tleJd at th eill" College ,of IChlefiii near T 'n. ~n Nortnem nary, At thBt go fill'lla. lens, wme dlscUfisR 'for the sdvanremeAi or papal


TARG£T~ ,AMERlCA pgwe. 'wf.Uird-~de [, 'for the destabilizing 0: govefift... mantI Who stOOd In tft - way and tm' I'll CI1J _ Ing

of U IO,PJKIsi on to JaSll.llt schBm-- and am tions.~. WMt we aim alII is Ule' Em,ptIe of 'Ole Wand ,.

We 'm ~st swe 'Item [lITe great m-en Iln ea:J to understand that the co USB mf evi~ i the •.

11eBV1 ~ ~111 rems n - IDng' ~fiM - nti _; I

e1dsl~ Uta! Protesumtism must therefore be Ulerty 8oolisl'md.. . BmUcs are the enemies that we am bound to &JteiiITITl'1aie.,.

-u,en the Bible that serpent wkid1 wtth, Ilead eraet and eyes iHBsMll'ltg Uuealalls U I ttl its Venom ¥tfI1~1! it vails merlS the ground. shall be lCltafilged nlo a rod a saon B _ _-_ re able kII !e~ II t.. -lHector aq}h on, The J &U 'Ii In Hlslozy. Ozark 6oo~ P'Ublis~emf 1'997 ~ ,appel1if~x.

The gOl1 of C hi'" 0Ii is c163r;; desb"Oy ProtcsfMtiism ,m!' an,y oo~ and TeSkJre me tem'poraJ. po,wer of Ih-e Papae y ~ 'ORLO FlWE. . As we wamh John IP,8UJ II U1I~ vBmingdt lobe ad being accepted 'odd, jde s th . "man of peace," we ean ses how ~U the J~sui!l plian, iUs<titwlediat C,hJerj_~ is working,

These IhTt}e meeui'lIlgs111 .~Viel1Jln., Veron&, and Cbi~Ei, were h:c1d wrnth as Much secree as possible, Hewever, ene, mu a_tlend~ the first two mGtftinp &at womld note s'I .... meed, B]'~r1.~~l foreign mninjsler Goorge Can:f1irag OtnillLaC;led the U ,S govemmelld r~ 'A'arm them ~hat the rnoaarehs 'of Europe ,,~ planning 10 d~ooy til fre i nstituriens IJ r AJllerjelL

Il was beunif&e' of th~ lco~mcy ,sgaJJlst 'Urle Ame neon R pu'b fCS by Bl'Eur-opeM m nardiE (hat the area En !ish 6~ateam8n Camrrrdngi called U1BI sttSili1tlon of OILU1' 'go~rrunenl !D :il am ow state men ", iOOl u~j fig Th ,J 0 n I who was ,still riving at tha _' tim e. took an acHve pa If to bring abold the' dedarationJ by Pms dent Mo~me In his I" met 31lTIfI\I 1 me a -13ct,o too Coo g - ss of, Unifed ~es tlat: 1he United S~~ wwld rregam

THE SECRET u:JtROUSTS it IS an act of h-ostilily to e gov - mm ent' of the iUnited Sta1a, ami an lUifrienaly eet. ~r lh_ . ,ooaUlion. or if OIly . of Europe ever un del1oc'k to establish upon the American oontinerd any 0011-

tml D', . JJ Am rican 'rRplUblic. or ~D ,aequire' any temtoria]' wi h15

Tbls ~s !tie so-cal l!ed Morvoe Ooclline. 1119

hrea~ wrnl U1 . ere! Ira~' of VeKmD 10 sup..


ere': rfHth . ea y cd d baM _ n

AlQ!WdlJa1 .g1olJemment 'and IPDPulaJi government

nd Ole govemmeJiI1. 0 th _ few as a!lafnst tho govem em It}r. _ 9 man, ........ Burke MaC'arty. n" SUPI'ms;seQ Truth Aboul. tho AssaBSlnation' of Abmhsm UncoJR. ~g 10.

The ~om_ Dacrrine was, Ammiea_1s, rupomse to lhe Jesuit's Cengress of V~enna. ,ud Vern;ma.. Arne' jca wDuld consider it: an act ofwu if any Europe.- nation seught oobmjal e~iaD in tbew~em he~ ilSphere.

IU:: Jesults ful~ve been sble '. . _:: , Uy [0 snack and mfi fSmtc Am eriea to sccom p~ ish exactly what the MonToo D(1£.IHlIle ~ sta~oo .k) pro-m~tapim They b aye been Bh I [Q get WilY", i mhil because it was done with dae u trn nat s~c recy and u nder du: fitadel' of heiR a cbureh.


affairs. Am el'iiea. NI~rt~, and $oLJlljh, has 131 set of II ntef'lls1s distin~ kcm those lof Etlrcp-9 .. and pecu-

II [a rly har DWrI .. S B SMuid tl\erefcr have ~ O'f loor own. separate aM apart ffom 'that of EllliDpe. Wlile 'thel last ~s 'Iabortng to lbecom - the domicile of despd Still ~ curernfruw;gfsholiid surelly

Ibe tOI make cur trtem ~sphere that of freedoml ...

[Ws mus! 00'] ldeclanng 001 pmlesl fill ,nsf Iii ,alrodou-s vlolatfons of the f1gl1ts ofnarlMsJ ,by t s Inr:edelencs af ,an, CJllY In' the IJrlemat atlsJrs at Bnother, SO' f1agflfousfy , un by S'Oluilpada. ,6'00 now CORlin'ued hy the' ff1qMaJ1"SW/eSS AUiance. CBJUng its&l! Holy .. "

We will ~ppo5e. wf1:h 8 of CUF means" 1ft1ie 10 clble rnterposlUon c, .arlll oller power... The

qlLlBStion Inow propose!! iravohl con QIl fl.

so Ilastl ngll- - d sffeds so Idecl swa of our fUb~re d atlm. i . to 'm~ ndle all lhe interest I ha e heFe' 0' ''OIlI 'fen on suc.'h oa;.asl!lllflS I and 10 fl\tju~ ms,tollehazaro oh,wln_oos" wr.id11iVlI~ prove only myh D oonLriblJ1 I II my mit trnvards anything which rna)! be Ili.Imfu to our CDUI'II'by. =; mhl:ves. IM~n[ftt H~lyoke College~

lefferson saw this; as a great crisis in Am~ricats 1~Utlg, history because the wHy and sin ister Jesuits had, b ~n oR! red to mr ett Ammc.ats dasbllcllon.

The M,oDMe Doo~rinl chall,engedl ·Dmy aJt'lA!fict on America b, Europe., However, Monnoo did not really understand Lha~ Ihr,; c~ Jo u~ls wou ~d nat I~n i tJIB_tly use Lho [ome of arms to g.ain 'their· obje(:~~ves~ Th-1 woo~d ~e ICWl11mg" cnd-biness. and utmost ,5eCfeCy~ Thq Vla-UW app-~aI to men I'SI basest !P'DmlS~ nn~,~ would ,pJul tb ir pots in po!;~licm c,f'Wc~ith rid PDW1eJ' and then use th ~if' iuOuen ee b) gain theim' great prize - the SIJb-, \'erniom and destruction o'f eVI!!r)f frot~ L priIJcruptc as autlined in me Con~t~~ulj'on or the Ulliled S IDS.


IIJJ1 fl;UW 10 ident MDJlJ'iDe.} llhom IS Jefferson

mad the rol~Qwin:! ebse atiens:

111B ques:1ion preAe:rrltsd by the l.;lers you have sel'ltt to me. i the 'most momentous whle." ihas ever been oliered to my ~enlph~1!i'rJIIiI si£'JCe at or hldeperufenca. That millde U8 a HtjOI"lI. this ts euree pe. and J)Clnts th - cour&ewhichwa ar9 to ,steer throujh the eeaan Dftime oj)Ming en

u . And nell r eeu d we: amlb. rk 00 It under el reumS~8ncesmom aUG1P clous. OlLlrfirGt antUuJiI'dsmentaJ' rna . m stn;J uJd ~ ne~el t@ efltangle 'CJJLrIS 1'''85 ~n 1h- broils of Europe. Our :s.GQln~! 111 wer

D slllffer IEuro,e '~o rdermed'lle ~ cls-Atlamtic


ndrew lac~m!il a S e~eaed to the Presidency ~m the rear ] 828. His Ibmv~ry ,and m i ~'j tary sl ill ~.n defgt~ in! the Sri i sb in Ih ar of 1812 ~ weU kti:lown. I re mu.g 1 m y b nme in open com at, ~nn now he was facing W1 eflltire rydiffemnt eonnYm This enemy ,c1aimed to b Am~rican just like bim~ claimed to wot ~ OOsL fDr Ametj~J~ ~jk£' h~·m ~d occiiJ)pied ki'gh pDs~!i ns of' ~pant51 bIh ty J us}' like b lm.

11m Jesaits were goiQI te d~1rDY America H de-termined by 11t, sinister Councli[ at Vienn8~ Vg~onaand Chieri, and :it was dUring the Presidency of An~"' Ja~ksolll bl thoy b~ _ 8an to apiP I,Y tJu,ir lI"eac~eJY II1 ru [I fa ree, These J'CSllI moved ameng dl ~ Amen .. can pecple Uid ~oo cd jllSllike Am ertearrs, Th ey WtTC in fact, Amcria,m e iIliZlmS.. bu h 'd~eir IGya I ty was to the po of Rom c. The ir pu rpGS-e , 'A _ m tho " of tile p.!'" " ~y. Til cse peopJ were 1 , irors an d a serious it. t ~D tbe 00]1/6n ued existence of'd1e United SUlk:;.

A nation CiI1i1 slJlNiva!1 fools. and even d1 am:bHious. But it cafilTlot stlrVive b'iea&<Wi 'fm~ WI~h~n. An e amy ill tine gat s ts tess rOmlidablsa for I:'a is knovm a nd came,s hi& bann r _ ope nj,y agEuns! the dty. 8 the u-aU _ mOllie un 0 nSI ~~ wtLl'1I rt Hil gates treat" his 81~ wh P __ mstling tttrough all the all api heard In '~e very halls or gO"lemme.nt tuff'. For tl1e ballmr ,appears,


no traitor; 'Ila '81peaks In ~he aeeen ' fa Ular 1m "is,

IclUm&~ and I:lB w-ear.s their ~ and fhelr §armen ; nd h 8 8 ppea1 S t@ the basernass tIS de'8;j) In the h-earm cf ,allmon. He rots the sow of a na'don~ he works &aoretly and unknown ~nl It'r_ nlgtirtto IJ ndermi'n the pillB19 of a cily~ h infects the bOdy pOmic so thal it can 1"0 1m1ler rs:sist ....._ Mllmus Ch:em. apea king to Ca:&EU CmSS-~8. P;~lmp'Q aoo lOla Rom an Senate,

Two o,f th ese uailD, were John C.. t, lhou n Old 'N'ic'haJu, Bjddffle

Andrew j.8ckscJ~ WOfll the I~idency in 112 S by a ,,~ry wide m-,Rln. His Vice ... Presjden~ wasJohn C. Calhoun OfSDU1h CaroMn8. Callhoun reaUzed thn the loye fcrhedom was very mong m til . hultS, '0 r all

mer-ic.aDSlE He reanzcd lilliE s averry_w6 rapidly _ illS h mme-d j'n 'bkausenearl~r all the territories p~rohased frem Spain and 'f'ranoe were, 'made free~ W'imou a CO[1t-lin~ expansion of slavery, it wou1d eyentuall)' be dl!-

eated, In ,older !to derai ~ tho Olffe nt nnn-s Lavery trends ill Ammca" Calhoun began a new:q:1u",er in Washing~ ten cruled th~ United tlle:graph. l~ tl1!is p~~ri he began to advocate the ide _ called States R~ hIS.

Th,e Dtxtrin DfSta,t~-s Rights WDtlld lead in vimbtl' to lie ,oomplel£ abolishment olthe Umterl States. U pmsu:III" tlw~ state had inll~ rent right LO do whatev it wonted, U'nder the princi les of States Rights'l if a smlewlnted tn secede from the Up i on, i~ could do so., This WGIJ~d. e ,nrua1Jl), ~HlI1illgte 'lhc Umtot ~mmJes~

Cilfhcunmook a femri :I ore and rumoo i:r into the ifie8Son fer the Soutlhem states to ~ fioRi the UniOL The festering sore W,;1S, th(!· bigh tariff placed on fore ign imports! which mad E~rope-an goods m Dre l't n ive, Sine Europe bought marge amolnlts of South em cotton and other eo.J11od~t1es, the 'w-iff meMt. that SouLh em mdJ'lCh.uw m.dt: Is money for the' e pons. 111.1 tax hc~ped Nerthern l1latlumC'ltJrers. becatL~ now I the Soutft.. em metC1UI;n~ wou1d buy m,ore "m hMi1.


, ]

House of 1teprese ra-

Ro lFIeUni

THE SECRET TERRORISTS own life. from tha' ry beginn Rg) she peifHIJrJUsly soWBd the gJFmS aI'dMslDR and h_alred belwHn

ths Iwo gnl8' sedlan& lot rhts ~ounr;y Md __ ;Q= ceeded in dh'iding SOuth froml Nortta 100 tho' btirll-

lng lAuestJon a ~ vel'\'. TI1Sl dJvmlon was her gol-. n OJPO~ nlty' 0' tJIIIJab one by the otherl and re[gn over ltIe broo:l~ ruins 01' 'both. a favored II ~on!1-:s.tand n.~ prJ-llcy. - Charles, ChlnJQuj' .. Filly YOOIS fn t~nl Church Df ROfflfi',. ChTek Ipubl rcafioo$ ..

p. 2;91, emphasis stlppltred-

Calhoun 'W35 n01:'I. loyal crnR offle Unired S~.

He worn;d to adv~ the pope's, agenda. He seemed to be m Amer iean, rill[ Vi IreaJ'ly 8! J esuit in dDJc' pope" Drm)r in the effQrt to desUGy Am ric .

Pri est Phelan mHk~ th ls statem.e.nt.



\Why ~ if the gDvrnment ef the Uf!lltOO S1Btes ~f'8 at war wl U1 the Chu mho we wmu td say tomor'fI.N, To H III .. til the govemment ,of ~h8 United states ~I and iif Ina dturdl and. ]l 'tlira sne:mmen.ts of thE world were e1 waf. 'We would say: 'To He II

vlth ~I the gO\l' ' msof . I e o~d,_'WilIY is It

po~ has sueh lremell1do~s power?' Why the 'pope is the ruler of the world. Ai l'hs Itmp!9ro~ allllts Iflnt}S.i -II t prlnc&s) all tho IlJes/cfent& 0' thFJ wond are 8-5 t/ffJSifJ At TAR SOYS' 0 minl.Pries! Phelan. ~stem Wwc1~m:un.Jun 27. '1912. ernphasls u~plied

J ehn C. C' lheu 11 wu one ,of due papa~ 11m 1JKJ]Ili~ doing as he wa~ told.

AlIilJdtew Jackson, 'ill his message II'to C...o.o~ in

1132 8 t~d this: .

Thenght of 1he (lOOp'le Qf a sing r-e StaR to

bS.fJ1v th m! 1 WIll, and MthQ the 001\,.

.. sent: of' the oth r &1ates; from, U,eir mast solem n obi L,gat1ans, and haem the! Ubsrties and happiness of mtm on com ~rt ing ,tI1~ no· Dll, can no be acknowledged. Such a!Lithoriw is beUeved'to be

PRESIDENT ANDREW JACKSON' ..nolly repugnant both1 to tim primd,ll1es upon 'Whldl the GmleraJ Government constituted.

and the o~ ed5 whim . Is e~ul., fOrmed to lobtain .. = Joh rill Smith Dye.. 100 AddetcS' Den, II'.


JacboD. be", thlt Calheun 'I S plot was de i ad to destroy tthe u~ imd Stnlas and i ts COnstitutic naJ libcrtics'l ad thi unB.CC ptable to 11im. Jackson was standjmg jell d\e ws:y of the Cm1lfJesses of Vlerul~ V rena, and Chieri, .BImdlh fl JISI!!Iitg had to deal _ i th hlm,

Nicholas Biddl~ another one "ftheir agents, cu-ri~ ,.out e,Mse, .NO of ~Il~ J _ tliL . t~k. 81 die ~as a .. U~Hl flllW1t1CIl', haYEfI~ gradu ted ftom the Uru. 11'''' &ity of Pemsywame at' the a 0 Df thin.I,L He was a muter cf the scimc..e of money~ 8y~e limo Jaeksen _ elo the Pre idency in 1 S28~ Biddle was in &11 (on'11011 artie Foderal gO¥lcnJment 's centml bank. This, 'WaS, net the first. 'me: that a cemtnJ~ ban I. hed been estab"" lished. wi~e. befa-re.l firM und Robm'l MIDni~ d thSJI

nd r ,ArG'XSm,d~ HsmnW'n- had B centml bimk been b'iecL but in both CASes II hid failed ~use offraudu~e9t eli ens 001 the part of tfle banke rs who were irn eenanI. A,IE r die War of 18 t 2., a eentral ank W B hied ,again. ud it was in ... is tbim a'Hempl thstwe nnd M:r ~


MOl w I ~ind Ni,c:hol .. iddle ad tb· lUempt

'ID havu a central tmnk in the United States?


''''8 blwn1lmaJl~ is, the u,. Rothsd11Hd bankr~I'dyM.Sly in Europe \\faS. the dominant foree. bm~ f1 n1M1CiaJ II' and pltltlcaUy! in the 1omta'HQn of e' Bothe Un1ted states, ........ G, Edward IGriffin ~ the CMatum' Imm Jekyll tslanrl. AmeMtan O,lnlcml Pu'blJah:in,g I p, 13, -I.

Over the yearn, sines N.M- fRotnscl'lUcI] I Ule amdlBS1EJl mDre rnanmadUru, - d bought cot .. 'too 'tom too Sm.rthem ,519!es. TIle Rothsal'u ds




d~ ru .



ban ..

ng - u te _ 11' .. . a I ibe.I1iEUi IiJf the

THE SECRET TBRJtO,RlSTS P -, p1' thfl a staOOillg 811T1J.,. ,m ~ 1m our A.dem, [oad us With perpetual debt - J~dl. p. :t2g.

The Jest(ls. ~sed Biddle and Rothschild to gain 1111

tipper thud in AmenClfi blUJkjng. because th~y knew the, eou td lhcnm C ~ I Lhe ~p~c and eR chye~ rewrne the Conshllmon aeccrdto 10 papal hlw. Jackson was. 'rryimg 1.01 smop them.

c.l us trike 0 C eser [ook: olltbe Ufitf'ftm bank nd s \\1hy it is, so dan emu'S. ~O!;1t ~plfe do nOI unde-~d the cenuaJ bank, 'we Fled end R~e: Bank. H ere '1.5. a vefY sira plifti~ir seen Brio that p~t1y much cx,p1aims one or th e c~1 ions of tho r ede II R'~ rve,

It is necessary ®o understand 'that die federal ~g... serve Bu' is not IO'WUed by the Uni[cd .8 tates governmen! as mLmy believe. The centnd ban , the FederaJ Reserve Budi, is a private bank, Q\Woo by some o,fdle richest and mos~ po\\o';Oil1U~ peo,le m the'world- This b ' has ~al mG. (0 d with the 'U-S. go xmD Ill1 oilier th'ln the con neetien ~ w1h ieh alIQW1i the opemtion described Mlow ~ The Fledend 'Resene B .. .k has a, total, sovemm~mt-enforcedl momopo!.y ~ n mo n e". efb_ w had the central bank, -eh IftChVLdu 1 bul' com tied \1fW~ a or banks; tli:e letlStomeJ"S. the ecnsurners, got the best d eoJ, N 01 any mora.

We B II~ know dull Indaythe IJn ited Sta, eB,Dvem'"" mem :OOrnliWS m[7}oey and ope:mriEles under astftlnOR}jcaJ den '-'hy is this? Common nse tha~ a policy of ueh - crmoas d lib will SOOner or ~atur dGstrTJ·y th oFg3'IDiMi iatiOllll that practices ~ ~llS~ 'the interest on its debl ml1lsJ increase beyond Us meome, llllaldng pa.)r= off im possible.

Now to nl r see iarto, Here, roqblYt is bow tbe c p~m~ton proceed , Sups;' th~ United S'ltat~ goverwment wants to bOnlD a billion dollars. The Q\\Iem ... m cnt issues a bDmd for this ameunt, m uah as a waI'c_

~m~MilY does when it wm~ to ~~ mDney !Or '. ne~

plpefine or a new dam. TIll: gov_, ,t dcl~v rs tin


bend for'the billion dollars to (he Federal R rve B I·, The F'etl6ml 'RnG3TVe Bank takes ilDe bond and writes 8ft 0 Ide to Lhe DepW1mel~ of Prlq in~ zu~dngra in, . tel pri IU the bll I ion dol lars" worth of tn If '. Aft a bout fVito weeks. or SOj when 'the b i I is are pri "fed, th e DepartmenJ of P' riD tin,g -d "hgra, ulg ships the bills to tha Fled rEll Itcscrve 8" whjch mhen rrlS, ,11 'ch c far abou~ twe ithoU5Q:Jld do 11at"S tiQ p~ fbr pn'fFring dte b i 1- I ion dD i lars Ii '\\'Orth of b,HI:s~ The ,f',ede~w Reserve Bank, tbt: takes the b~llio", dell fS and! le a'; the bi~1 inn do] ... lars: '10 the U'n [ted Slam OVCM1m ent, pd lh peop'_ of the wlU1tr)'pay int~re52t at an exorbitant T'~lc each )-'ear on lhis mORey, wbich carae out 0 flothil1!.!bf! O~ 'mild ... of the Federal Re eeve Bank put - P nothlmg for 1h1

Jnolltey~ • .'

W' 5~. U1e~1J O~ U tw en the U rulad Stllh~S gov-

ernrnem goes inm,deb~ one dollar, dollar pl~5 the ink:re'st res into the pockets" of dn; (.JWnets of m~ Fed= eral Resenr,e Hank. This is the larg~s~ the most CO]Q5-

01 then. ever perrpetmrcd in the !list,g_ry Drill nkind, and iJ~ i so sHck so S ubtl e, and 50 obfuscated by propa.. ~dB. from the ne"NS med ia dlat the victims, ere mlot even "ware o-fwh t ~ happening. VOlll erm see wlt1 Ole Jesuits W8JltIO k P thi s opemtion 50CfCt.

The Con'st;tull;QmJ of"the Uljjl_ Stlites gives 0 CDDgross the flO'W r to Ituin m~'fI~Y. If~on ~s coined il~ O~ men t:! ~ the COIl s rttu n on d IIlCCt~, It w, II ~d not hO,\f16 to P'a)" '~he handreds cfbUlicnmls of dollars of inter-, est mal j lRO~ pays each y ar to the bankers for ~ the on . o nail debt, !for money that CBIIU; out o,r noimnng.

MJQJ1~;r t~ ined by Con~ w01J~d bedebt free, .

B:ldd~e respended 101 Jacks~n s , f~s~G to aJ to .hun eo lab 1 ish lit central blUlk by shrln ll!Dlgllh n nons fflOACY 15uppJy .. He d~dlhis by refusinG to make ~~~s~ B,y so do i ns~ h e' upended the e:co~omy Wid ~l~n~y d tsappeared. O,oemploynlcnt ~ bL!th. Cu~paIOL~s went bankrupt OOca~se dtey ('oull(! not pay their loans. The nation W~ml1 intn a paaie ld~p ssien, Biddlt: fu~l hI;: GOuld




CHAPTE ',,:3

.' i I,imn Hnry Hamson Wti e ecred to the res ie". dency _. the Un llied Sg~ in ttu~ y~ar W ' ,I ~ fk was

nmrea.rJ~ well UJ in y sat 67! blllft h as very h - ~thy ,and m ust, AI~ VI 01 kn _ w him felt at be would have ~o rprobl-1I1 g.o'. througb his .fuIl~ four ,yean in office.

Iowe ~ err. j ~ min)' fi ~C' I 1s, aH:er ~nl th oath of nffi t: t Pres i den l larri son S 00 an April 4, 184 . Most ifnotall, eney~lopediasil 1~Hyou lhaLh died of lPRcumon i ft~r givinl h· ill ugu I ddress in 111 e '_ ere oold of' ashingtOnt D.C., bUI th.aI is nD COliNa. H, did not die of poeum,omlia.

en Harrisen CJlI1Ie tCD 0 ICC D very tCllSlI:! 1~ I - lion exl , in r'h COUm1 '. T~au."l~l ras ~rewing h - tween the N rth and 'the' cruth ever die ISSU of sla'tHy. 1m [is , ,as cDnnenlliQ~, 0 er theMJu~x..a:tion of

T~ wh ther it would dmm~ted ce orstav ,

ttemp1 had been me de on President J'lIck$On'~s lifejust six year " heM're. Hsrtison took ,ctfffiee a bon twenty 11 ,00(0' th C iv il W at. The mfilllence ofdJe J u· w w~ighillg hea .... lrily upon ,mericn.

As we bave already seea, the Congresses at V~~ V ron, and hi ii ere determined to destroy popu



ar gDvenilElumt wherever it "Wi fDLmd. The p"rim e tarK t as Ihe. U M_~d S' ·s and tie destruction of e\~ry

mte~ p iirnci'~'le. The c -,h:abJ J UJi ' or-

dared to cMr'Y Dul this destn1ct1,g .

_ IfnitV\ J.u:k50n fiwed'llt: onslaught €)If the esuits

. i.l ' ~ i~ical nt ill fi~~ds of John C. " Ito un nad l11

fim3Dcjaj 'wizEmdty of' , '~cho]ftS Biddle, illiam tlen -nS()O h 'abo m1bse.d to AOI aJon,gwitb the Jesaib goals fOJ Am rica. 111 his inaugnral a dre _ h _ mnde these 'oom m ants:


By mal stamm JiLt.. PrBsi ot Harris n bad just hi-

e _ c: dr:adl,), Mb oflh J I [Is.



pa- - c - :s existenc .

eth If' rnlee ho reflU . to dicta· .' lJ· I by U1e



nOO1lnation the Englis ivvemlgn, and thai I1e kingdom should become a fief of Vie clrufth.' -Ibld. iP. 4,'~

The famous: Spanlish Armmb was sem'lQ CIfIJS.h n~ gland because Elizabeth wou,ld nOlgivt h rthrone and kingd em hi me 'pc. f 01' ttl ~ rs, Lh Jesu its iii j to kit I El'izaJ ut f"aiile:ll., fjnaJly, they oons;piJ'ed with PhlH Lp Uu I Second of S,pain m ammi~D ile.te her ¥lilh Lh Arm iii.

r ~ ~, r

pD;PeS D e SlIoeess~Dn

!HI rng the prime mavelfS in tim adult e

BiZahettl 'to dellbetataly demo, her and h8f' kingId' m, fOldng Eng1_ nd's reillJm to d1 ,domtndon of thejr levU. enslaving system. caned the 'Roman Calh_' e CtulIdl_' .Not enly was U'te pope 1t.le prtme lmover~' e _& C ,i _ in E IBnd~ but - was the mai pring 6f the ongoing bieadlefV,

'The pape 'Bled an exerelg absolule

8 urhorlly aOO so:vamlgnly 011 r 1 kfn{1S 8nd IIrmoosj and dared tD assume lie Pl'EIllIalivas of D it, I" wi 1"9 · trit' ~tempo' s\w:rds. - I . d. pel. '98. 9'EI'. (emphaSis aDded}

L iltc -ise 1 liam H Dry ~ ~ 100 ~ h ~

'~o 'becom eo 'the Pres ldent o,f, ~e Un fred SWest, the JEUits saw a 111M that 'Openly o~ them and their plans,

Unfonunarel • Presid nl, I~am 0 poi _ 'j

lhirT)t Ii eM - , into. is Inn of ,)ffice.

Ge _. I on Iff _ no1 01 n t\.1 dis-

ease - nofaflure cf health or simn;t'f e~s1~ - bld 800m elhl ng slJd'den ,anfJ fatal. He did not e of APDplexy~ is a dl s se, e en _ e - utd produce a Sl1l en le1'fe:ctl1 a:nd t \MllI!d also be fatal hom the com en:cemenl lllis '15 tile chl etwe:apon of th . medical assassl n. Orrs llc - d. pruc'rc ddt Dr sa1ts of ,~chninej WOlJL~ be ,alMost IIU'fMt

dBaIt ~ ell u d. ,e bLJI little aovanraga to

esea to Ole murderer~ 111erefbm his was, Ii1O'I a


I~::i~ D',. Me pol nlng~ when d h tsk I ce arm DSt insfantw1emJsly', but of chronic. W'Ilena' the' patient dl es sIOl'all,. He Uvtil ~~ ~b1 days ~er he racelved 1m I rug. - John Si!lfUU'l, Dye I The

AdderS Den, p. 37.

UElired', t _ S'mB[orThomSllS 8cnm!ii cencurs.


There w 'AO faH\lfa of H:hl 0 sinmgth (0

in JC3~:e 5-udl an evant. G'II" to excite ,a,pfQhens~flIn that hs YJOUld nat ~ lhtlhlgh h 'S m:nw the

1ICI'ft~ ..... - 'at' g _ ~th . dl he co~me: -, _ it, Hl_

aHaclit w8ssudden and ,evidently [ateJ ' Om U'Ie oommenremenl ~ se alQl Thomas B IO~j fhilly Years V1D _ . ~ yotu me U1 P 21 (Iquoted'~ Jobn SmiDl [Dye's, baok. The Adde~sDeni pag



Wi~liarn HeJlfY Harrison became tbe first 'p-- ideat to,(dl DJ \·~ctim 0 the Jesuus in - ir iltte~p~ ~o toke over ile Un fled States desttoy the Co~ stiftl JJ~ ud insull] 1Jhe 'Papacy as lJbe slIpmme ruler WID Arne-flC41,. If any U-S. President or any other 1 dClr rerused to.~ _\'; ord.efS fro[W the J~~m. die)' ~OO. would be WgelS .of ~~s'n~tion. za haF)' Taylor refused to gD alnng W llh U . II estructi n of America and he 'UtI th. De· t 10 fal~.

Taylor was known 85 a great militlry man. His fri~nds·ca) led him ,r.O'ld Ro'U,p Wild Ready. t He came to the bjle House in 114 II and jxteen months 1 I he


•... they used the mvastM_Df ~u1Jia as ill t~t

for preslderu Tayl or. and had hl" plans ma:d¥ to I a nm their nefarious scheme in lh est, pa~ a h adm nistrd _ j but from lin vey 9i"nl - PteSidan~' T 1 OT 'muffed ~: a r,ope. of t15 00fF slWIlImstJon __ rilrl'ij his term ....... Bu:ric.e ~cCaf1Y~, Tha SUpptf!ssed TnJ1hAbrndlire A5S~n8lbn 01 ~mham Um;,oIn. Atya Verla Pu~l_shlng. p. 41 ~




- pIC U th ID1)-' from t ~






James l~hlelUID:am dido If hil'Je

out I Jesuits. ul· do I im

THE SECRET TBU,OR1S.TS BMkDnj ChluagD~ EluffahJ'" Aibany'l Tr-oy~ Cindnnaft

Und' r the shadOW's of tho great cillesl 1'10 Af1i1 en eans con de DlemseJves II giant W"tOO~, querabre ra, . ThsJr look PCHII IJle poor ~'rrsh camolles M1b1 sLrpreme"~M_.I. pt, ;islflnfy '~UlOldjg their canals" sweep lheJ r 'sitmuts and WDik rn lhefr kiWhenR._ l .~ no on • 'awake 111 . eepmQ IJ Dn i tof<3y. le' us pra~ God ~t mey continue to sh~'Ep a few ~re rs !onpr, waking,only 0. ftnd ~helr votes III numbel"til as we wil ~ kJ m thaml rowaver, out af every I~~ 00 nf hO'OOf, power andl profit!" .. _ What Mil fros eo-ealled giants tdnk __ h not a ' n;te senator' Dr member Qf' 'Colllgre$5 'Mil be chosen I unless he has to eur hoJy fa'tAe;r the pope!

We Will not only' elect ttn e presfdent, tbuum andl com mand II amii'll ~_ • Ima ~ the navls.s~ and hold ~he ~ey,6 of 1m public treaSUfY! ...

Then, 1I,es,ll1en~ we wiH rUle the United States

nd lay l1em r itt fe a tlh _ Vicar of JB5U Chfis!. ti1a! he ~y put a n1 end to their godless svstem of edueaoon and imlpJous lafNS of Uberty of' consclence, wh~ch are fI 'InsuH to God nd ma-I = Charles, Chlmlquy', Fifty 'Years lh lire Chureh fJf' Aome, ChJck Pub1icalioIlS" pp. 181.261_

. rben 1l11gy my "V'mear ef'J sus Chrisf they memia 111 popU.



~ n lJlS6, a f1lJjl1jWay slave aemed Dred Scott bad, sought to ga;n freeoomn in the Free sun lor Kans . Th,I case \",1IlS so Un porlBnt Q'i01' it went all -dJ· way to til e 5 upl1'em'e Court. The infam,oos Dred Sean Deei S;i on was rendered by the fanatical' RORU!.1 CadU)mC Ju~g Tan "I, the Chief Justice ef'the United States at thot time .. The Tmel' Decision. ron a pd.tshe IiII,was dm~ '[theN ep' had m.origh~ ~aL th_~ wm~ man bad t~ teS~ect. I'hl§ ba:;icany said mlIud the bLackmM was JnfCfJD to d1e white maD and had ae ri ghts. Abmham L i mal 1 n as a chil d had " . a.ltched llie seUb1g of young b lack men and women in f) m 11 f l1i~o'is tnWn~ As he nnd B Friend \'taJJ.kelt Pmi,l B sla\f,c auC'~i,ott, 1-in,oointumed to his friend and said1

"Seme day, 1 aJI!I IOmg to bit it hanU P _

In November ,or ~IS:5; C~arlcs Chim lquy, Cnthn'lie. prie~t of Karnkakee, 11 lineis, hu d been. t eked in a series of eo'Un cases by the B,mshop of the ell iGaga Dille e. Chlruq~)I had ,5 po ,e1) often on the ' bject o f k!nlpe-nm~ and the c~illl.s of liqu rIO Sineeman)' orlhc p ". ts were a.i,coboi~~l arod most of diae olhelliS we~ social dri~r~'I: Cb..ioiquy - s talks on temperaace were Mt a, ... pret i H~d. ell in ~qlliy often qmltef;l the B. ib le llil d~fe~ air eertain po iti ons II . held, Thj, greatly ~nfl am 00 tile, CathoUc bishop ofChiooiO agai,nst.l1im~ fu ordn W' silence him, 'Cbi.niquy was rmmcd~ being accused by an immoral pri 's femal. rr-elatmve ,ofmisctlnduCl towards h .,.

Ch arl es Ch £m i\py I' s case, had been so pu 01 ieized in me U linols press dIat very feW~8,wyers wanted. tn defend hien, Th ~ real i2td.thal' ey we.m n~jLl!St fighting ~insm-,a pnes-l in Chme,8JIO~ IU) y e fightiDIL gainst the C~moHc ChuoolJ .. ChVl es Cbillll:ilClU)' ~~ed of A be' L i nc.olOl a 'I~ry Ioyal and UPfig!lt lawyer i OJ lJ ~ noi Clruin,iquy ent'Lin;oLn wiregkwns. fef"his er\flOG'S Mid, within ~en~y minures ofCJ1iniquy~5 wire., he go' a rep]y tbnt said, "Yes, I will defend your life , d yo ( honar' i' tne next May tenD of tb Court at Urbana, Signed A .. L ineole .. u

Cbiniquy relates,

'The iIj me anived when the Sheriff 0'1 I('ankakea had to drag me agam as :0 mnm ina,1 alld a priSoner hl Urna ai, an d dell er me into the h mts a" the she:IDf gf that ~, I ~mved there on tile 20th of tktober Yiltih mt.v I~j' essrs. Osgooo an~ P d OO'kn and ,8 cloz~n witnesses~ Mr. Abmham Unoolll I'mid pm:cedoo me' cn~, by a few mlnllJtes rtuml Sp- ng e lid. - Challre'S Ch nlqlJY I F~y VeSml in the Chun:hofR(JmJJ~ Chick IPWrrcat'~D 9~ p. 273.

M ~ C ar I~ Chin mqfuy was defended h, Atmdurnm Lincoln, we- read,

H en weltt M ,B d d e,,~ded tl1 e career .of

Father Ch~n [qUiJ, how he "had lbeem unj UJs'" perseooted lln d In oon-cluslon safd, iliA'S kamg ,;;;tS GOOI give me he rl 10· 8~1 a bralrlll to think. Dr a hand eo ia'J"eMe my Vitlll, I 'shaH dBiliote it agaTnsl' that ~we 'wtdch has attempted te use the mBd\IMry cf the rGOUrts tt) des.troy U1EJ' rights and ,ciuracter of an Arne can citizen.. II Andl ttn:ls prom i se made by Abraham L· nCOlnl In It1 m ttl r yea he B~ so

epl - Burke _ Clearty, 'JUs SUpp1&ssed Truth aDDuf the Assassination c!Abmhsm Unoo/n, Arya Varta Publistling, p, 1_

Lincoln realized thai Ch.iniquy bad bee 11 :unju.stly



BC'Cll_ d. Th~ ni~t· b@f~me Chin!quy wa to~ be Qon~ demned to pruon fora crone he did net ~o III m ~~ an ' witness, who had o'terh.eard t'ht:' plot (0 estroy ClUniq 1)' t carne frOOF,' ani .o~d he ~1iil SDN~~

A.hF8b~m Lin~o]n made a let of ellLem lees as a result of the Cb i uiq U)' trial, As I.h~}f left the oow1rOOnDl! Chndes

Ch lDliqu y WRS in ears brnham meo I ~ ked h im ~

Father IChlnlq uy I 'What re ~OLl crying for? -Dear Mr~ Uncolrn. If ~ an ered! -aUow me tomn you' m-at 6:1e: joy I shOUld nsturallyfeeJ. fQ SJ!lJch a 'J~ctory is d.es1;royed In my ml Rd by ~B fe r 0' wha~' n may cost yoo, There were ln L:e epul1: not less "~alii ten Of' twelve J'esui~l from 'Ch cagQ end Sl. Lou~s. who carne to he r mv " nten' 0' ccmdemrnation to the perutenU,sry.", .. ~~Wtiat troubles my soul Just mlW' and dmws rrty tears 1& 118 it IS:f!e mns to m that ~I hav: ~ead ,our se ntente of deaHl ~ n '~e tr fiemfish eyes!" H,w many othe:r noble. victims have a I'read~ fa enl at the r , till - C har1r - ; 'CNnlquy i FlfIV YOOI5' fn rho ClIureli or Rom8~ p. ,2,80, 281.

A brnhiml inceln, as far back ,Ik~ L 8S5 on d IIS6~ was a.Ilread,. 8 maik_ed .mmtl tlml. Rome 5OUr,b' to destroy. Fcur years lI1' r, in l '60~ Ah~ Llnceln ~s elected Pres - dent of ~ tteU'nit~d S tares, As. he made JIm HJ; way from I.U iaeis to Wasbmg~o;nJJ D~ C." h_~ had tD pus through thlJ' c ity of 'DliUD1.0f1e. He tare said UJ Cl aries Chmiquy,

I am sQiglad to meet you ; rrI. . ,. - You see that your Mends the Je'Sy]'19 r tJave fliDl yet kTlleti mer Bu~ U1ey 'WDLL~d ltia1la s uraly clone if when I passed 11ioogh In r mast d c!oo City i EI 11 - rne re, h adl I not passed by "cogn [til a few hOIJr.5 before d'tay upected me. We have prooflhat.the 'comp'.af!l(y wllrl~ch had been se ededl and OFQ,enJzed m murder me was ~ by s,rabid Romen C;g thGtlc cal ~ed Byme~ ~t was all"l1-Ost ntire~y com pose~ of


TIlE SECRET TI:RRORTSTS A~man Calhali, ; mer tit thall, the we-- f.rwQ dIsgUised ests amen I:hem~ ~ rami and et'IcoUTBge themJ .... ~I ,saw Mr, I GlSiII Ut r laam _I

fm - or 01' el e~e mlegEaJlhy: Ihe to~d me 'D1at

.en he WB£! in RtJlme~ not leng ago. he !JOLu,d atill the proofs of Ole m05~ 'f'D~ idabl cc n'spi ey agll~nst '(hl& oo~ and an its hlstitUtif)JilS_ n is avid. Jilt Una' I ~s to ; [ntrtguBs and eml:ssanS9 Of

- pa~- lh ~ 1-- Ifn gm- ,paJtttte hOliTifbleu:lvii

~f. _ lIueatern:ng to cover the ClUlffLtry with

DO:!I lind ~n _ '

F am 'sony fJlat Pmfessorrse h· to tea e

Rome _hl he ooW-d kn0- m -0 tl!ie

cret an s af tho Je uibi 8ga] nst ttl nba~eo and the ~e.'Y BXlstence 0'11 8, COUJI'Itry. -Ibid. p. 29'2~




4ssassfna Ion 0' Abmham Unrofna Va PubUs,hj . I p.' B

Fo'ft'lnlately, me flt"Sf pia, of1tle Jesuitste -.ill Lin-

coln fai~ _.~ - Lh y. IJ. t. to lake l.inrohl s I· f re

h GVIIT fUch d thG Whit~ OU I

\\'n1- e rid m g on HI tnliu J nhn WHites Booth dropped e Jett.:: writte to him - y Charles cWby.' hordiy -. j~j til I r w fo und d

deJ~veMd to ~d,

ng d i wr 0 _ rnati • 8'Cf"O

H~ and ~~'ed it jfi I ts Gffi~ whera i was 'fooncl,afl:er

itt death and was placed in evldenoo ' coLllft exhibit. - lbld: P'_ t31.

is n ,g ee ,1 rom 'he ~C'll.rJr:

Abe mustdJe. and, now~ Yeu eaA choose yOWl . a .n f t~ cup,' . Im_ife~ I1.e b fel. nr cup

fBll9d us once and m rhf- n ... ~ You IQl -

en to rid )rID mM. Your dls.gui me SO

perrd com ~ ."," n S llike fOr your DI'J1 B; smkoe for YOW' co ntry; bide your ~i me. but 5'bri1te SY reo - b d~ ~. 132. (EmplhasIB, suppU 1,

10 is flClwf' was used to he lp eallv _ ct fS. M:ny L Su TW8 'an d some of l~ 0111 r COO i D th trials of the L incoln i lon.

"[11 ey wanted to stnb him. lf that raJ ~ed.. the . were to .shoot h,j w., and blol bim u p~ Those failed, so th y hied (0 - ison hi m. ~ e~ _ re Ihe em iss~ri e5J 0 f - e Pope, th.e Jes uits . J oh I!ll Smilb Dye. Ylhc was a ",tin ess 1.0 mes.e e ems, ileUS us,

I W'85 a rkdayrn reo n1J"y"s his!orywhen

a a.t'1'ned gual1llhad lo Btl nDU th In 01 I

-dl'anfs) I th C ~ f fI k

tOO1poral!J rodglng 'lfJ Iprevam, hiS ;a5S3 ssi natJoo_ And om 1 _I~ a n:hi 41 1881)t of ~s Inaugum-

THE SECRET "rERROR1STS HUII1, he, was esool1:ed up P'eI1T1syhfi nIs AVEmW8 r1l1

a '''OJO~ sqll~lfe lOf ea,v~ry, and the utmost vlgj,..· lance WB- eJ;erdS~ Ga . ScOttD' _' v n~ , s tle1ng rPubtld~ assas ~: nared 'on 'Ute way to the Caph.Q~ll9 delnler his Imauguml Address tFOO1 the east' pol!ti1Dc. _Th 13 I!'B tembl IIj m BS~ .... - John SMith Dyel T~e AckJefs Den; ,. 1'35.

. _"" ~ m you remember ~h£ Council 'of Vienna, ~1etkrlucht, the Po~~ g,d th e Jesui1'01idef' S plans: 10

destroy th~s OOWl.'tlry, to dc-s1l\?y i £Ii. dom, to stroy Pmt smmhSfIilI, rid to kill' Pres,id n i .·hat does dw' (c~'1 rom aoour~ tile evi Iii vie ious, 11Ie] icious tvhatac.ter of ilhe - csui,"'J Men au f!e'me-mMIi tb~ir de-mpls 'on Andrew '_ ek~n s ~ife~ the ~s~ssinam;on of WiUiam I h.H11)'

,HaJ11son, the"5~nan():n IOf Zacila,1FV TaW~Of ~e M=

,. .. _.:I u • J "_,J'.r 'II

I~empu:u ~mabOD. 9' 'am~ JBu.da~ lbe attem~

fi:SctA5~ ~m:i'l~'Dn 0 _ A _ rnham Lincoln and ft n fima1ly his ~assl n bon. whar does that 'It: n you bout me Ca1ilohe Chu~h? It shOW'S ,rou dial lh ir . a~de ~f _ ing.8 C~Uirclm rs just that, f'rtyIldc. They hide behnull wllglOmi mask so lhot Ihey M ~ I not be 51J§lpect of (!he nUiJl1Y a!bomination5.I1\~y eonUnua11y pe,rpetlate in this, oouby an~ nreund 11h~ wcrld.lday God help us k) n ,~, r havea nytfu I mg tn do w~th .n is satan jc orgDl1 imti in,

Abmfuam .lJnoorn rita! il

Sol many plots hBYB already Ibn n made iI!S~ ~ iMJ: Ijre, trlat tt ~ 5 a ~ al 1m lraete tha mer have ~l ~ 'fa~led~1 when W oon siders! the great m8lJofUt, of ~ w,ete i n t~e haJ1ds, 61' the skll UfuJ Ro_ff'I ~~I C~llQl le mLlfti8:~ evtdel1Uy' lm I ned y J SLuts" But can we e~ th at God YJill make a pteIpe!ual m raG to save my lite? ~ believe I. Tho Jetults BreSQ expert ~1'11 those deHBOfbl'DOd' , _'- at Hemry IV :said ., was imposs I Me b escape

t em; and he bee;ame' thelrvtdlm,. th@u~h he· dId 8 I that eQuId ba domB tD proted himself. r escape from lh~r ltarads, sJJf100 the let1er of U'le


~ope to Jefrf Da,vis 'has sharpened l1e milJlon of ~geTS to p erca my ,buaas~ would be mDrB than amimde

ButJ,ust as the I!.!om Ileard no murm LU from the, Ii ps D Mosss wh. rill tD til m that' " t'O ref ~ be10m O1Ossimg the Jordarn. kif ·lIite sins m his peepl ~ &D I _ Qp8 and pra~ that He 'Wi f:I hear flO mW1l'mur from m when I fall fCr my tiooi's a'ke,

TIle (f~!, twa favors I aSk of tIila Lord are, first

that ~ may ,d!e for un acted &au - 'Nhidl!

engaged, and that II am he standard bearEllI" of the rigftfs an_d llbertlu, of my country.

I :' eOOf1dfavor~ kafGOdl, th lmyd f

son" R'cbert. When II am gonsl M11 be one cf 'Me

.. 9 Iti _ tip d',-B.t 1t~1 a liberty whIch ~lll COY ar my tomb" andwm, ffY I With h~CfandfidBlityl foths e-!1d 011 his 11,M. as h & father dld~ sumJUnded by'the mililo Ii wilD ,. II " ,lcal~e with him to Ae ,and d 'fM " {f reAse' ami honor a' OW" country'. - Cftaries eh~q~r ,Fifty VealS in lhe Chureh 01 Ram! Chlck Pu.blh:atio j pp. 302. 303~

Abraham L mCDIn undemoodl at his Lim _ W,' D_


In the I11lldit of unpamJ leled lSUcceSS YlUls all Ul ' ~I~ ~f ltle land re rlngiml9' _with joy I B OiI1armtty feU tlparI _ _ - h:idl G\n~:f\¥helmed the

country tn OOfl1sfi!mamoll aJild awe~ On Friday even ng I' Apn I l' tJ President Unc.ofn ttsnd . IFords Theatra~ ln Wa;shingtoll~ HB was, sith1g q~,J!eU1 ~~ III ts box Umen Ag 'b Ie drama. wilen a

ImSIII e.n~red tie clDOl D thlobby r Png to, th

~I ~s _~g e doorbehtrnd him - DJaWing near' 0' ,!e_ Pre's de~ he drew from his pocket a sma!l IP~s1ol, and sbot m i the bact of tit - head, As the PMsideru fen,_ sensale~s rum mortally wounded a dOle, s1ui ,'of ~ 5 WI, _,' I] w:as seated at h

s d - J pierced evety earl the assassin lea'Poo'tirom _ , 'brut, a perpe~ eulsr heig~t of IfIl a feeti and as h~ nJshed acrns.s '_ stag,s. bare: ea,d _ I. branamheda dagger, exdad ming iSitsiempe ... ttmnnusl~

THE SECRET TERROFUS1'S a~ dfAppeared bell nd the _ 'e scenesl> ........ Ibfd. pp.30 -30Et

N.cmle bmhamii true deseendenlll &Ie fa'h of B JthfYi. honest - 'II JY tnI J~umble

a mUd tEnder hea.ted as, a wmrnaf1jwmo 'aDuld no bear ta ~njure ,e.ven his ,most enve.ft.omed tOes:

who,! in~ DL!n'lQ;fb1umph, w - sadden d I nha ..

fe mtgs ~r hls adv~maries shoUld be by

tha _ ea: til charity fc'1 l. me: u:.e awards

n • &n r . Vl'ittu:om - on &e , t 1""- " _!Ioi"il;jiii

ever Sl..lrpaSsed BAd \Iiill\ powerof'intellemwn'l'll~

~Irl I I ~ fa D pp e l.h most gJg

,gpponerrts m debate d'eveToprl'l all]. ~t;es

state6mM, w,h .' wol1·Uie gratitude ill his coU"tllry'

~~I ttl ., ~~lrBtIc .,,' of 6 I1d" -d with gmms

and iln'lta . liW wh.tch drew ~o h irn un

he ,: die! by th btillet - the BS.:sBssin1

But was that a sassin? Booth was

in; but e tool oltl'ie JeslJuts.. It was Rome dhadBd hi arm r a - corrup- ~ng hi h rt dal1\l1i~ Iljs, SOy]. -- Ibid. p. 3D8.

And, er twenty y ars of eo - n and most dlffirult' researches, I come fearless:, toda, be.. _ ore me Amen _ n :~Ie. to sayanfll pmve Ulat lila president, Abmtitam UrnCQln~ _.- asea 1-

00' by the P es1s arm the JesuitS of R,ome..

rn the bOok of Rle t _ tim onl" Ig; n In e prosecution of 'fa as!aSsinati' _I "" UncoIn" ' Ilsl\ed by Bem Pitfmanl and I n the ~ d WYles fiT

.e ahlf J J1 S 8', ~n 1 7,. vr have th iega~

and lJreM e prDIl 'Iha "fha' p!df of til e assassi s

em - UJlcolFl was m - d, If not &laftedl lin Ole house

of Mary Surratt, S81 H. S1raetl Wa hi nglen" D. C. The:sworn 'tes1ilmmnies ,show tmrt I was, the com. men ~ezvo _ pi oJ ng;tol1. VV'ha~ does tne pliB5m1Cie or soma: - priests tri ' house reveal to lim , ? N'o man 01 torT11nmI

'n' . wno n nythlng abg- the p .

Rome', cam doubt that Imy were t!te advisers. 1~%H'nseID • the 'V fY ,sool 01 'that fn emal IP10l


Those ,priests"o· ere ~ per5(lna! -mlds

and the oonfesso or Booth, JOM ,Su '

rs, an MiS~, S\JrraI; eo - , ' be corrrslantly

there withDut knowing what fNaS gOtn-Q on. p,arMcu-

, y wh n k "'I t e-ry one oHh-_ pri

YlaS; a rabid rebe1J rn heart Every on-e or 'U100e

III i",_ • . ' il;L.; - I hi '-11 Lb' Ie i"IJI\t:\tiI '_"'d eaJl .... ....iII

pnesd311 I'i.III000ng U'lib., S n l'i!:,'I.1 ,~_ I"' ..... ~.' I.G! ~

Jeff D v hi d r n, and had ~kenl the SolJthem COlfl'fooemey u" er his, protection! was bound to berJ e'!tB Uta the most ,holy 1hing a man awld do.

was to !fig -, fur e Scwl:ttem cay - by ,

those w .. -re rts enemles,-

Read 1 ' h~ story or the B5Sa en o! Ad-

miral Dorig ltJ f Henry 111 and Henry IV. and Will [ami the TacitulJi by the himd 1SSS,s;sms ,of Ihe J 8SUl1B; oon pare 'ttl - m wtU1 ' - 8S- s.lnatlon of Ab ,11 ml Uneollli a ftc! YOUl Wfn fi nd tha1: ons resembles tIiI8 other 'Ike Iwo drops 0 - wat r. You .~ J unde

- U - "I II come from the 9aff1esouJi~ -Rome!

- Jbld. p.. 309.

1liIm ar.dh rebel (Jeff DaWs] eould give' am money; but the J1esuit5 mcrae could seled: ' a . - '51' , in ~em, alld' sh . t mi. 'cmvm of 9 roll' in heaVBTI j if 1lhe'J would !kill the lEI uti10r of Ole, lta'rooHhedf - famOlD' reneg;ad nd apostate ........ t e emf of'Die pope ad Hle church - U nnom,

VVlno does fllil i' see e tessons gl~en!bY ' e J sui k1 Booth, In fheir dmly intereoors In M Surratrs house, wh;. he reads those lines written Booth a few rioom bemra s death~ ~I can never "" God mads rna 11 rnstrumen, (Jr' Hi pun~

[Shm-ent. C!! Compare these . 's will the doc-

1'1" and nd las taught by the council' ~ th decrees of ttte pope, and Um ~aws of n oly I~ u 5i<Ho rnl I an yoo vnU find Utal the ,sen1i.rrrtents end beHnf or ~ A'ow frvm thas principles, _ the river OM fium its 'source.

And that piaus Miss S~ wtto~ ttre very

ld: ·DrV ft' ihe m ' fl -Tlcoln! ,said, _ ~tlitout

being rebuked.. n 1he p:r1!:sen09 of S8veml other wttn ess _ : .11 ealtl 01 - -.. Ul1:coln is, no




TN OL ...


ueh [0 m



11k man -ding

I aut hi:s

It as ;is 0' - e plan tilat - ichse! O~La u 1:111 rn IIDn of thB con - ~!ilbJ mm B.a Umom, ' to have murdered General Gra 1 tha ',.J L nt, ", lSI was

n' pGsslbl I ~l to th_ dlans_ 1m t n J'

A rahem Lincoln 'Said D·' barle!1 Chiujquy.,

I' II b _ fomv rgllltahJl '{or til w min -_ - rds

yo ha"s addressoo ItO me -' 'thel dal'il'gers

he d 0 my !if I m Rome. I know "If' rn not

(mil ~nary cia e . I I r fi hUng agal· - -


rns SE'CRET TEltRORffiH Protestan SOIA I as 8 nation. .' woo I d be 110 dang r 0 EsaSSlllnoo. The rnatI.Of\5 who reati1

the eUd@' g' b _ vely on th . battlefield, but (h y

~ 'nm assassl nate til sir eneml .'. 'n; e pope 300 tbeJe5iJlts. __ th their Infemallnqu1sltilcn, are

on ¥ ofgSTIlzed ~ in th . "' w~lah nave reeeorse to - e dagger 10; the assassin m mwrd'el" lihGBe WilD th Y __ .Met cafiiJ. nee With thai r argliJ.. m nts or c-c nauer wfthl t e. oiid.

Ulflfort~na1e1y, I reel mere and 'mo_ 8ve:ry d~

t ~t hi not gal:nst tile Amrlcan ot th . Sou • alene, ~ ami fig;h~l. it ls more agairnstitha pcpe of Rome~ his pemdlo!Js J'E! ults .and their blind and blaoclhlrstj 51 v • A ,longs the" hope to CD Iquer the NorMl, the, will spare 1'JlE!~ but 'Ill e day we r~te'theiJ' armJes, tak ltalr cities and forae them ~ submit. then." tB my_lmpressrondllat.IhB JUlfUs.. 'whO ere the [ rulers Qf the South~ 'III do· 'Nbat they hav.· Imost Inval'1ii1.bJ~y don Ii n Iltae pa· 1 The dagger Of the, p' t~~ wil. do. Yhlat Ute strrong hand S O'r Ilile: w:amors COUld Rot ar;h l-eve. This clvd war b no Ing but a poli cel Bffa~r to thfJse WhD do mot· as ~ dD, the secret 5,prings or th'Bt terri b~' dnuns. ut U ~ me . ,9 , Igl au UI . a CMt war. nil Rom e Who wants '10 rul and (leg mde UaeNOOh. ,H sne he'S ruled and deg raded tlh South. f oml Ole very day 0.' its dISCovery. There i:iI ra only VSTY' few of lie' SrJl.rthem leaders

_ oa.· not mOEeOr~eSB litndslthe InfluenC!H')fU1e J -·_·~i _ mugll1 elr W~vesl famHy' reJa11ons. and Itheirfrte nds. Several mem b1ff'S'·of tile'Jam tI~ of Jeff lDavJ: belong to e Chureh Dr IRome.~ ..

But ft is, ""ery oortaiJ!1 that i the AmeliCB n people 'cQuld learn what I kilo . or Ul;e fierce h:a bred Df the pl'1f ts e Rom gins Dut Ins1ifuUon. . Q U 'Schoo s, eurrnost SBel'lEld rights, a-d crufsodearl oollgh Ubeflies, th~~ wou~d drive them __ a~ to marrow froml among us ~ or tlhfly would hoot them as lmJto 1"5, IBut !Iou aJ'IG~ the onlY' one to whom I reV',ea~ the.fie sad seer .! for I ~iJ1- ~ you ~eamed ·them before me. The h!sfory of tnuQ test thou,sand . ears, leIm us toot' M'ietever mhe Church


otlRome II net a dagger tn !lie-rea lItIe ,bosom 0:' a flieS rna I Ofl she' is a stone to her riOOk. ro fA araJyze her, ,ad :til nt h,or ad\! n _ 'j n VI way of ~Vil i%a; ~ on. scie nteil~rntelligence'j happiness ,and Ilbarty. - I !ltd. pp 2D4~ 295.


Jhls war cuh:! Rave r h ave been possibTe without the s I _ster ln -. uemee of the Jesuits·, We owe ito pop ry that we now our land reddened with me b!rooti· artter nob~mmras ..... , I~ p-tly the prlests-.lI'I _ ,blshqpsand Ule m0J18 0' Rom in til United Stilte . wll 11'1 the peeple reante iI'la they are, in part. II"eSponsibl'e lfnr the lears, an.dlU!8 b'loorlssd In'thHPM~U" - Ii) d. pp. 200,2B1

You are perfedJy cermet. wlum yoo say It was lo·d tach s' Rantanl Catholics w 0 have n~oIl ad 'themsetves ~ r'iil 10UlT army. Stnoo I1e publica1.klr1l 0: thB· [the pops's] eKe" a great ru .. mbe-r of em lIlaVi - d ie . 00 thelr ban nern - d bJm ; tra ltor. , ..

It is true also~ 1M . MeWs has remained wMl us, 3l11d 9 ned tha bloody balle c~· GettySbULrg. S U1 how1could .8Ifj~ lt 'wilen he waasU1'R)llJ1ded b~ such hem-esas Howard! ReynDlds~ 6iJIfolfd, Wadswl:l'rth. CUJll ~ ,SIOCUJllil1I. SldcJ B ! HBn~kl Bames. ate, Bu~: itt ~s evident that hrs Rom illjfl i Sn1 superceded his IP Dtism a' _eI" . ball _ ,~e ~et [11 31T'nY a . L cap when h- IcotJld easily hiaV - wt ttl i s retmat and rcreed h tm ~'Q s~rre nder Bfl:er

les 9 n earl" r of hi .soldiers lEI - I Sit· u· re

cltal's carnage, _

When Meade was to emer h pwrsult after rl11e boWel strang r cams H1 h· rel'~ he _ ctql1arters! andl U1:a, stmn.ger was a disgui's,edl JeSlJ.l After ten mlnute5 conversaUDrTII WlIt1 hlmll Meade mad such 811111'9 _11'1 ents for p raU'lt of tine enemy U~at he eseaped rum :&1 I!.Intoudled with 'ttl 10 of only two gun f - Ibid .I~t 298.

- incolo said





Benld rlg was not _ only business In w" ch

oraan had a an ftnanclallfilte U Rg tB

nlrol over the ITatfo ts r.aU~ ,. fi anoial

_ _ _! h It1 d d an tam ~ 0 I hlp.-




, ... dward 'ml ith was the earrtnil of 'fI, TilM ie. He

. d been trave1 in d1 e N~ A tlu ~ c waters t~ r twenly , !Jlx_y~a.nd w _ ~.I wDrJd's ~ost~"perienced muteli of U1 e North dantu:;;, wilts. He bad worked fOil" Je9D it. J.P. Morgilllt 'fur m mny years.

. Edward . m Ii th was a. loJ esult te.m,pc:r~ eo-adjater - ' TIm means t:l.i.Bc he v.: as nol ,p lest, bruu he was; a esuit IOf the ~hort robe, Jesuits are not necessarily ~riesb. Those ~hQI are nut IPn~sls serve the order mrouah lffileir pmfcssloflL,Anyomc could be a Jcsuilm, and 'thei identity would 101 b known. FAward Smith served tb . Jsuit lOme, in his profession as S S:e8 oopmm ..

,.." my interesting poi~Ls 100111 Ihe TitDic ' dis~uss d jn u vidctlUilpe Rl d by Nafio,nB~ [i.· ogmphi'c in 1198.6. The v~ d oo.~ ;~ elllIlftl ed The Sec re ts of the Ti .. tonIC. When llht TLtanIc departed &orn So uth em En ... glmld om Apri~ '0, 1911.~, Prancis Brewne, the J51O,t mut'ef DfEdward SmKh~ 'boafded the Tflttnic. This maa was the m6S1. power:ml Jesuit, in all of Ireland and ml= sv. red dircl:tly to the gen m1 of th )1 uit 0 er in Rome Th r dootlpe d eelares:

A v tiMing priest F _ er franels BI'OWI'm. caught u,ese poIgna JI1t: 'snepstlots of hi'SI fenaN passemgers,_ most of tinEmn ~ a vo,rag:e, to 'etemUy, The . 1)(1 .' By Ti n~c m ' e alit stop 0 1h9 ceas' of QllUIMStDWlil, I'redan -'. Here tendlefS brolught 001 the I, pass eng ; mos11y htsh

Imml ~ nts tid fer nB homes in Amen~ta

Amdlhere, the~fathmB~dl,semDa~ooL_-~ Fatl1t B llJVfTIe caught Caplalm 1m ~h peering down fRlm ftta nf'C~8 bridgs~ pOiSed on '~e b 'rlk of d:e&tin,~ - The S~ts of the. ntanl~ Naf!cnaJ

G9Gfraphlcj 'rJId tapa, -1 aaa.

Here ~GJesult ~amery at its finest. Th .

PmVioo1 aJ IFath r Francis Browne] lboams 1i tanl e, photographs 'the vidm 9, ('lost. assuredly b .efs U1e_Ca taln concemfng'hts oath as B Jstft. a:oo the fo'lIm.rjng mom1 n bids ill i m Farewell" -


Eric J ,. Phelp I \\Ialicen Assassins. HBlyc.on Un~

fi.--!ll C!'e~~"""""'" p ""27' .

gy ~ ~ ~~~ ., •


BfD:Wne went over wittI-E~ Sm tttl one last, time £XB&tly \vhat ke was s~.pos.Ed Ito dc, in the N orlb. Atlanti~ ~ ~1'5. The esuit G eneral rn~d F cis Drown Wha~ was fD happenl; Brown ,til en te t1s Sm i(h mld tlh rest 'i s history~ Edward Smith believed dtat the JCRlit Gunerai

; . - Is e god 01" file lJeswtij socIety. and nothlmg bu1 his. e!ectrle touch can ga~varrrl21e' their

, ' ell e . . 5 ~ 11 0 life ,and adton~ UnlJl'h lpeB· 9. they are ~~ke &eijlBlilts ~lIed up in their wfnby gr.aVB9~ if:eJesG and Inactive; 1001 .. moment he ! hi 11' -word moommn mci! eaenm mber pringB Ins!a ntal!1oously tf) his feet, ~IVing unfinIshed ~eVRI!' may lha\!e' rangaged m ready to B&sa~ whomsoever he may requ ra b) 'be a sS8i1'egj, antdl te stnke wheresoo:\ier Iteshalll di red; a 'I DW to be cb'i~~nl. - R.W~ ThDm~Dn. J1ls ~tpn"ntso/ lhp .hjI!;UJts. Hunt:antl~! ~p. 1'2~ 13.

\ , rd Smwth was given an om 10 sin the Fitanh: find that is exact~'y wh6Jt he; did..

~,. By th~_cQmn11and D!,Gooj [ihe Je:tUl~ General] it ss lawful to mLJTde r the IlilMoc:sn • to rob, to commd~ 0) ~ clness .Ibemu h [tJ!1e Pope.] I! lClid of ,UIe 1 end des th, rNtI of ,an ~hings; am:! thus to rutfilll hJs mandate lis our duty. - W~ C~ l!fia.NnJee I Seaat instmclltJns of iii 8 JflSU ts~ Am nean aml Foreign Christian lIInl'oot P, 43+

111 I nD curd n hlory of "I . 001. on

0S8 'orgsnttzeHcrn has :s10Dd mr three "unfired vea~5 yrnch3l'fJgedBnd Uitalt1eJed by aTi tie' assaul of men and tlmB, ;0 nd whldh hess exerotsed s . oh an Immense In1luenoo DVeJi the d&stinies of m. nk!lnd"1 ~e ends, jlJi ,]Y t)I me 5,' Is 's ·favorite ~EDd m; and as his only end~ as we have

BNn, tS9 ord~ - I at I~hs bJddlns Ith8 JfiSU , is


m1E SECRET' TERltORI'Sn; mepy fo comnn II:ny clfma' ,.'IJ Isoever. - G. B. Nloo Int. The History uI ,t,lle· Jesuils, Henry G. Bohn. pp. 4 95,~ 496. em phssls added.

Let us' rsmem HJr' the ,odh tOilI e,,~ peeson rakes to IJccomifJ part Q,Flle Jcsu il Oro r:

I shou~d l'iagardl AiJ~se11 as ;if dead boI;I,y. Witfl.lout Ii c . Intelligence" as B lilJe croeJrfb: - ~ JCh 18 tumed about I.mresI:dn ,Iy at the, will lof him who hnl,d:S if as a sta i lillie hands of an olt! rn an. who IU5B ~t 8S hs fequi res It and u it' lul. hIm b st. - RT W. Thompson, The FoolJlfnls o/,t#rs Je51}.Jils,

iJnl and Eaton. p, 54.

When I, person ta kes dIe .lJ esuit Oa~ h _ is bound to his m _ te unti I III e day that he dl· ~ .Edward SmiUli had eeorae a man witihollt 'll or intell w enee, H~ ftUU d eomrn it my ,crlOOfl,eth~ Order wanted him fD ~ommit. £dwlUid Smirh had been Jequlred, ,Or mariymom. On 1m~d th e TItJmic that nlght, Ed'" _ Sml ~lh knew ~is dur.y~ n'e was under lOath. The ship bad bien bul~t fll! 'the enemies 0:' the lcsw_its~ After ~~: ~ys at sea WI(~ onion p ~r of, lasses for ~e bri~~] Edwud 8m W1 prop.: ~I ed h TItan icfUll speed ahead, tv; R1' .. ~ VQkno~ IOn .a m ~D ~es-s dark Dj~llit 'th:r-o~~b a gigDlltic ree fie Id Dearly ~'~gblJ Sqjuare! flules In area, JldwaNi s-.m~fh did' l'hi d~~pil(J alle'osl' 'girl felcrnn,u Wtlrning hrm to be mom CDUtiOUS ,b,emme h.e \VtD going too /{ljt,. _ lD id Ed \\,anj Smilh need 0 e cau ucu:{? NO;J he bad

n a,ve~ in! thcKe' I rs fur h ,mty~ix c . H~ k_new ~ere were iee?eFB5' in 'd\lat miea~ 'But c1itrt eannons dJd Dot stop iliis man W~OI as uHde-r the Jus~i., IOaJ1l" ad un er ON ers 10 deslJooy th e Titan i c.

. The ObPfl1ity c,r warn ID1I1g vetera n Captain Edward ~m uh ~pt:atOO 1, on T,ibnl c's b'agic rught bl s~aw do\\'D IS, roOthllg sheri of pn: po stere us. The fac~ that Smith n~eli listened Of heeded ~e warnin s is ~n$_ane. He h d


been ~iveml md~rn 'fro. hma; God in the'VauCJn, 3 nd nething wo'u~d 'Ium him from his, eeurse,

The ,en~yclope.di ~l1t very (1)"RB~c pi'ctlue of Smith in his lam: hOLIDrs~ Men it came lime 10 gi~e th,· order 'I.n load and hlw8r th lifeboats~ Sm hh \V8.vered WId one of his aids had to' app ae him for ' 10 roel!' to be. given, Sm'lh's legendMJI ski'lls of leadership 'cern to ~av-e reft him; he was, curiously indeei sive and UR'usunUy cauuous on that faml nisb1. ,J\Ji- dI~ words 10 ~~criro, D ID~{;]] Wj! IS ~ captain "ith 26 yc.ftI'S,ofexperiel~ 0 ' are these words: to de~ribe 3 man who ~~ struggJml iu hls mind whether he sho.wcl do hi~ ( as

sea cap1B~n IDr lC,be;y his mas! IF - 0 told him to sink til sh~pl1

J ehn Jacoh Ast'Or'· s wi~e got into ~a l i IE- and

" ' _'~ eel; wh it ,John JUl:ob lOll" peri s ] dJ i mJ th ~ vaters of~he North Atlantic. There 'were not enough lireooab and nIdy of them were omly haff fu 1m with ooly WoIDeD mel child ~1l.

To prevemrt noo:rby frei ht from re pondi"g witlll

help, the distress f1;ID"~ 'were 'white w~en th6)" should have been feet White nBl"l!s to pass i og &eigblcH; slate ~l1D~ :\'cfYbod,y \VIas h [VmS OJ pnny.

OnB of tmG ;rEtest tngedies of the WJentietll eenwry the sinking of the ltame, res ~ the door cf th J sui Order. Tht= lQ]s,inhmb~e ship lh ' flo£uing poJ ee was ere-red to be the tomb far me wcallhYJ '~fu], opposed 'the lFedera' R~ System~ By Apri I, 19 m 2'm' aJ ~ OP,PD iliod to the' Federa~ Reserve \\ s £limllinatcd~ ~~ ~r ~f ,m 013 ~ ~e '~e.dera~. '~e~efVe Syst"am came liIltO be rng rn 'the Ul'lited Su~esr .E~shf monrhs later ~ 'me Jesu ruts had s ufficih~ fund~ng_ through the f ettendR~ SeJ'V blDl~ to gm 'World W r One .


Tho' h<!lr [0 dn. AUSb"i HU:ngariantluDnCIJ reh .. duke Francis Ferdinmdud his wjle, ~ :in Saraj~vo, on July 26~ ~ 9 ] 4. As th£y m ad their way throtmgh the crow - ed tr-ee s in n open, rna e, !ho~ mn nut, and] both of them W~ demL

The ,eoll~e of g,IU'atjevo were p:redoml~lIutJy

fbi S. Their - 1W iousconvlctio w : mdoff'Odh~ dc7}t Christian S., SlQCle Ute yeat 1 054~ tbe CatboUt tbW'dl has been waging . against 'ft .. OrthodOK Christians. Fifty ,YC'W"§ prior UJ the nssassiaatien, the' Crcatianiit who are CatholiC. were b·ecoming ememelty vcad '1OOUt flcir ha.tred for Ike St:fbi~~ wlIto ,,,em a ri\fat~ cdr .Rnm~ amd IT. oded 'to be ext I"1m inared,

Pope Pius x, I n h~s Itab'edl of thel OFtllOOGX ell rf tla n I' was Co nllnus] Iy 1 cl'Ung Em Dlr'C r Fmrads Joseph of usfriaJHtmga- ~o 'cha stise ths Sem ans~1 After Sarajevo", I.IY 261 1914, Baron Rihr, Bavarian re pmsenta1W at the tloly See~ 'WI'Q e {gl "1'5 govemm eli(~ iThe p.ope ap~ro'llf!S of AlJI'strla'g, hamn lmatmtml Qf ,fleltJla r He rI s no grem D~lf'IIon cf llhs ,- rmles of Russia ;:U1(1 France In !he evEm1lef ,a war wItIii Genrnany~ iI'1te C~d lIaJ ,secretary of Stata does not :!8'8' I'n n A . ~a cwlt1 make' war if s. doe s not dedde to do 00 ncw. , ... ,; 11mre" in true eeleurs, I s tho ViGlJ' of Chnis~ [ttns pcps] I ltns' gent ; QCstie of [peacs. ttae Holy Pontiff ~om iplous auhrs fejl1reoon1' as



h vi" (f~ed a SOlTDW at seei11g .8 outb e oJ war.- Edmund Pans. Th9 VallGSIJ BgBinsl lEu-m,pe. The WI~ ~rre Pres. . p. '4.

On-e 1'i'mY~' qWla :slledflcaHy . c at In 1&141

th RJomon C lhol e Ct'nJr&1I'i I1ed the uri a

hellish ~rs. It was then ~I the b1l1bt:Y1e 01' blood

whl~h she hEi .. ken hml s peopl

began to SVle'Il inte B "BritB'b~ torren ~ Ibrel, p~ 48.


Thus we '5 thAt ~e pope rea Liz~d Ih~u if II SU'f3rHUD,gBIY erushed the Sgrbs, fleD the Serbs' Orthodox Christi _ b,Olhem from Rus in wou~d enter the f1ll'ay. Then Germfifl)'t Fmnee DJld orb rs wouM joh, in, and you h ave World· ar One, The papacy was llirilllcd eo secRussil,e'm~. r th conflict Rus ·js was predtnnimwUy Orthodox and Ole papacy wanrtm tfue OJtho~o>1 Christians 'in Russia and momul the world .-mib.i1tned,

The. papacy! s J esuits had molh~1i reason or be ing so hnp py w hen Russ is e tered 'ib e confl ~ct It was pay .. b.atk lime. About 1 DO years befure W'orid War One be~"Ar~der 1, tie' .. emperer, kj~-ked the J~

uits eut ef Russ ia,

'llrJe IRuBS ar! em~ror, AioMander[ was cur .. renHJ 'compe11Ied1 to ~ ssue a lroyal dease In' B 11, by wh leh he luparTed ~tlem [tho Jes !!.Iits] ~m S1. P·eter.d-urg and Moscow. ThJs p~YfJ,;g1 no cb;Jal~ l1e ssued en, er i III 1920. .d udllnQ th~ m 8rl- 1tiwety fntlm the Russian domtiitf.O'rls. - FtW. Thompson. The Fr:KJJpTfnts lof 'he Jesuits" Hunt Bnd Eaton. PI'. 2'4 5 ~ 243.

Five y~MS hue 't A1eNalnde:r 'It as poi.saned lO, death, The Czars. wero M dcr Jesu i~ annek.

, 1exander ~ llllmk!e aJ i ,d_ip~oMaric 'lies wi th Rom ~ in I B 11 fmd '~ven propLiisOO, I COllsti mtion."

AJexander ll~ bad PJDgfessed weill withl his


Amolilgl I nlng at 1922,




yet an o£h r r ~ son fa r _h

irs! .. erld us

o D



of NaLio or lhI: Je.suIts, Wilson w, . nul1lling 0-

d)31!ru Rome's tool ~,o do the;, biddifl "

Another R:aSOD for \\~ uri d War One woo to pay back Germany (or ilii oP~SitiOD to tln~paJm£Y and the Jesufb; im tb~ 1 ItSOs fHld 1170s" IGnmm) 'WD.S the birthp lace of the bated LllIthenms" Twioo du~in8 mi s rime, ChfifJ~Gnor OUJJI vea Bismerek ~,~d G~nnWIJy (knnwn as P1 S1.) to N il ilruy vieteries OY(,.<rT the J esu it-loontJo l'lled countries, of Austria in 18'66 ,Ul'td Frmntce' in ] 110. 8is= mares also outJaw~d ~be Jesuu order witb the Kwl91ukmnpfLBw in 187,2. These icrimes" ognimt Rome and the Jesuit's bad '10 be Toe ~d if] ki n d. Hence, m;ftJny thousand s of ~milms "rere :i!i1a.i n in dIe bf,coobath. of W . rild War I nB~

l(]mmuy WM also the counny m 0 If[eel d]. (the end of th war. The vic rerieus nations of ~pe used the Treaty of -~rsaw1res, bJ phlm,U_- Gentl1u')'. The Treaty f posed &1It:h all UM lr burd '11 ef WOf R]Un ion on Gel'I'flamlY, (fUR when the French Ieadee, Cl ~meJJQm~ mLS asked by th~ presB, wbat me leaden had gtlven ~b:e worl1d by '111 e O'eRry. he sa itt, '·We h v p rnn1'e d an-

orh r "WBi' in rw!:rny rs," The Gl'm.nms ageeed te til

terms beeaus . they W61'e weak and defea_ted, ut they S"if'tly re u'll n altcmptcd ~o ,a. Ie ~ Ir en _ mi - . fo1" lh· debT giv n tD them after Worl!d War One. That payback was orld W,W" T\\'o-

Attm Wodd War One. ended, l.b~ Jestlt lS d rnd not 8el whltlh.ey w nted, 'Woodm 'VUSO,Ti1 and Edward Mandel Hcm~ limM'lag,ad to,~tltbem die League ofN~ 1 to ~ but u :m~edl m.~mbilly becau~ d e UDiLed S~~ did 1101 join, Therefore W10Lhcr wor was necessary, 3 war so de~_pasmtillq that the people you ld cry out for a 11IIliuted JV1I.Uon s, This as one: of the goals ofW>or ld War Two. We '\ ill I I. thls and >other mons 'fm' odd W. Two in OUT next cbaptif! r


WcrJd W Two as the most extensive nnd deva.unngwru-:iml recerded hL to- . H,updrem afmoutSaDds or peop~e dl,ed in ttl i'i war. Most people have PO idea w ~y this war vas fo~t or - hat tile cause of this, war

alL~' . do, lot ,ju h ppen. They nrep~n~Gd aad ex.eculecl br PlQpl Ilii pin, ovemm entsfolfth e~F O~ a.dv.aJ1rtB,!~. President f',rankliJJ D. RooSCVirttl saidr "In peru!! nollim llaPJXDS, by ccid nl.lfi~ l1Dppe~S1 you ~ bet ~ was pJrumed til. \VI)I. 9 leI u· . MIce ,& ~OQ ' ar wila plam.f.ioo World \ ar Two ..

IP,rJ;pss anl1 their Jesuiticai agents hSlfG been andsrstlile 115 gMOrso1wars. and wit Jetheworld is h.avlng lrea! In. Rom Is, having mampaQl'lB, ~,Jemm lah J. Crowl'ey (a former catholic .rlest)~ R:omBnlsm: A MensC8' to Ihe Nalrnn. . e e Publishing, p. 44~

The Pope WS3 Jws' a m f:tn In e Seoond Wo 'd We as _ a: HfU'e1i" and Cathode MUSSDJin and ther-efo. just aa, gu1tty of'l\e murde 0' six mUllcn J'mw, In ct Pope have lin or • , +r~ -t,~, ~-fi;~' rfMta!l ,tM EUffJinAanwars down

mS'li9a.~m.~... _. ~ '.,.._

tt1r:D gh the eenhJries. - F _ Pa u I Pelers.oJ~. Pelsrfs Tomb Rf'Jwfllly DiscavaRKI ;!if J9nJsaJ9m. 'p. &3 (Cuot,etj ~n~ Is Albdfto for Rieal, Sidney Hunter~ C tn ek Publlea ens, Ipage 1 ).


1'HE S eRST rn ..... DIU TS

These om net theOllly rcpb uthers 'W'ho im-

p1 ~ tie papacy IS tlil(~' instW, a,' . rs 0 f Word WarTvm as wei as all Wk. wars. In light oftbeae statemll1fs, it " ic· inS bl h ora reant m_:_ rAg held, in' lsi, 1 .!I wh John P,flul II W lID ted yin ""0-renee never II in I ' MV m! Terreri SUlI neve

- · l ~ .', - .)1 instigated. and is stiH 'Y!!!!' ""'~~

11 ~ d ti • po[ has the .IlJdu: to m e III t


AmBllca is Icurre.m1Jy ,eondJJlcting a war 'on teBnr-

ism, 111, OO\f¢' :. WIlLS indicate Ih . til p8 . "1 i

resptl, ibr _for makin this war em tel"tt1ris I·. .

Goorl~ Bull dec ared in USA ~nday~ Se;pt£mbm] ,- 100 II the! big, rilmifTh1SlratiO!) is preplU'in,1I a C,N de

piltlst fmior'"SFmi). In pm hi lOryl eru .dBs were feU gtOU3 wars fought 011 behalf ofpa;paJ Interests. Was ,~:, id. t "1:Is.h mil j ng us lh ~ his er on terrorism is

OOl!'J I [oUJght b3 furtl1 er paJle I In! "

A' o,lf HiUer was gui ~ty of 11 kjntis of abiDe mes dwin,~ me 'oecoId 'Wo lei War,. W,IS h remI~y rreg,n=

"bl or 1.h 'C I iti ,err W"OB h !limply - inK cut

0Jiden(l CoM,ider who was 'pul ~ in the sbing:i in Hitler~ s GennanYm

n Garmany ~ h' Palsl N, elo I n Benin,. gr.

PacelllW1dl Franz von Papan, p,rivy ChambeJLa~ n [0 the Pope" dvocate N 'n!' nl ,'11 Remel and tCOTiroontmtOO on the averli'lrow of' 'the WBJ mar RepwtJlle. The' G, rman ICmtno cs were h Je to Nazis m I b ware InfOrmed U1 U1- Pope' . rn -I was 'favourably dl'spJSBd towams H ~Uef'_ f CO~


qilenUl,y l1a C ZBntrum, , of. 'I ~ ti3 '

mentary 'rna 0fI -H. wted fuH rig I to H tier on _ Il!JBFY a&l 1 S~3,.

TIll lOpe on W" promptly fbll tta~, I by the ecrrdu ng 0' B CMlOOrd:a - h eh was me adVunJ.ageous tm Ilh Roman church. The Germ all Episcopate SYIBllll afleg1al"KSto rhe F'u~r 8 nd CaUltdJ C ¥OlIUl,orgcu1.lzaJlians combined __ 'Un H1c - 0 ttt N BiZ) '. Eel and Pari I The v n

ph1st IEIJ.JO;pe~ "ftte wtckfiffe PFeSS'i page 115.

Th V. can ~ ped Hitler to , aIm ower and I e I helped ~im mmol.dsle his gnp 'on Ge.nnanl,.

Thl Wi don I "" by. IBlngt Uta Catholic

Party of Germ I bJ vots for NaZi candid too.

The catha e vete ga,va HI er . mEllD~ he n ,'ed to J 9 !y fmm lEI govemme ~n 1933,. Fil;JJ1her to 'this I , . 9lV-atlcafi mdemd Ca.:.' clie mem-bBfS of the Roe dlstag PMl~ elIt to sLlJ)JiOl1leg s-

ion gl1tin HiUer the power to ru e by . .

iRlls mUIU'fe gave HUler the ida· MID 'pov;er fie ed d ~QI d stmy e G. m1 n COmlmun 1_.

TIle w o~e Vaticslil-Hi er bargain ~ad lbeern eoooLitCled in secret before Hit1er became Chafl-. cellar of Germa ., in January 1 33. In Jun _ ofth'Saffll8 ,ear I Hitler ,andl hSI vatican signe~, a ICC"", oon1a~ und r terms 0 'w!fil ctn a chlJl'1Ch SWOJ'ie . JlegiS.09 g ~ , _Ngl rel[~H~ .... -: .,

Soon efter\¥ard. catlhol c.:Fmnz ~6n P.a pernl

e . cond ft COIlmand to Hitler, Ule e , e e

of the HH!er-Vatfoon amal1De VOl\' 5L1t;Cindy fn theu words: --me lin It'l, Relm~ iI he said i ilis the first, , r it: no Qfl y ramg fat . bI!J p1.ns nto pradica'l the rug'h prin'dp!es uf Wie P2pacy. Ii - Avm ManhaltB , The VB,kan Mosco Washln,.. ton Illsnoo, Ozark Booksl (quo ed . n Sy' '&y Hun sr. Is Albedo tOI'ReaI, C h lek,IPl!bliea.tian;s. pp. 42!,3)


WJ!wt an amWnS stal"ement. V'OD hpeJl says lhan o Qtf'ocitie,91 that Hit I r P fJMf' a . , - during the " ccond


1 e-






I tl Je e who


I Ft-s l'

,18 ~,llbli:t pa ,

, ccording - P,iUS;t '-11


o n WAR




inns durin - orl - War Two b,yrh Catholic smshi.

On the cove ofF~lIjjs baok!l W'¥ read

Thls is - ;. record af mnl!l~ and murder com .. mlUed [11 Europe ln 114,11-1"I:W3 by alii srm.y lof Catholic Actionists, _ J10Wl _ 'the IJBtMhl~ led by mDfI~ an~ pnestis, and ev n palticlpat,lHIl in by nuns. "fbe'vtetims, SUffered allld-e]e-d] In the cause 01 Ubeity a nd filmdom or consd nca, The III _ st e Cii n dO is ~o read the reoofd O'f elf 'sufferings and kMP In mind that it hap,~ned~ Ilfit In 100, dark age f- In our own ENLJGHfENED - aratian. Ustasn~ Is another namerD"T' Ca~hdie. Adloo .........

onloo Farren! Rall,snlng ~1v8s, Pmtasftlnt

P,ubl cabon- ,ICOV8lf, -

The ma:s.a ru~l'sl! c - roread canVBl1S on 01 me OrthOO'ox CI1ristian~ 'tD Rmnan Ga'ttoUcf~ was 01'111 the ,a!JOO:f!lB. A1 mea_sures1 aU'nj I1g, at the

Hminaticn 0 Semt10m I Croatia m eamed out

unaerthe slogan enWlCfated by Me oruw O]i'oatian

mlnlste: e -. all mBSSitCIiB the .Ill! U1hd of e

Sa rbs" - , th - sect; cal I. from i1m amn1lY

an d' fQrea tHe fuud thipj to accept the IcathOJic , Itll. wmerab~ they - m Mbed by Ole Catl"Io-. II ie ele1!l1'l eftt· = lazo M. ~ostiCh I-I~OO&Jst in' the lndapentlfJl1l SUIts oJ GmBlia'J' UBerty ~ p. I~

The' papacy was stil11JYin to eerermina 'OOrtho~ Christians in Se ilj in th _ J _ ! 99Us. The papacy

'd lhE Uni I d 8m es -- - eir b~l'Iy m 'that con.t1ict to hem b Sevebia. The mal bU1~-~ of Ole ~ BDmkini~ is the pope and the Ca.tfm,llic Chure~ net S loboian MJlosevic. They are tr}1ng !he wrong person for war crimes.

Arnolhc r j1em:mt al ofWcr d or Two w to m c things so bad for dJe Jewish m~tba. the wo llIl d want ~o rerum to Prugtin ; the ead of World War One, [h . B lfour _ laratien was aigned enabling dL Jews to, n tp'at- hom £0 Palestine. This was, to be -uteir peT'"

(tm~ home. However, many .f~ws had foru1d SMQes5


• - varjOU5 parts 61th. - r1 and did n t 'Mlllt to ~

\Vb Wand W. TYIO and d18 J wiDI. H",lool 0Cn

c.~ lib. peJ'Si:Cw.ed Je - lonp for. a p la£e to ca~ ~ b lD and mwny umW to PM - , .Jn 1 c· IJ _] ~ I - - - Imred to be a sov,eroign nation~ Arccording_ - 0 COOn'Cyjsbaoks rhe~~fl!I.~ope~~ J87"f~is SpeUmlanhad lbeen dle Kid-ng _ct:or to getting 1 s:rae I ~ - . -as sovere i gil . te ..

Why wou~dtl1e Jfiuifb use; Hitler to mUliliiate toe Jew ,pd -then have Jesuit Can!lins1 Franeis Spe1mmd provid - - heme in PAlestine flO . them'? W tell ,com fill Iy . TIl VOQUil has s-crueiht to d~slnly the Jews for iii thousmmd yearsi

.... lbetlhrd the nm - - b,- - . fa

'willi the ancie- t lMe§tanle hope for the earningl or B (l'bal] ~oaacy~ 8 pAKIided by is he 'seers and proplliie!ls of Zirirt n was bJ 00 aU100crae.y f~ Vlhlch J'enJI>vah, no ' Christ. was to be 1(1 rag,

The spectre, g~ tile C'~on of such atheocracy has h aunled tim imner chambers ot e t:athD= H!;. chl.lJ'Ch ffONl' r J t Inc ptlont and snl~ a dam ,n It fear,

'n Vatican eyf}S~ lIerefo~1 tI\e IIiflJlleoon:an yearnimg for 8 _global_ ~bmw Ih~', mp - SEHi1fE a deadJ~'H1fuat'hll-U1e esd1atnl{Jgim~ -_ead"l .. mgs, O'r the cattoUc dnuch. ~n rnmsasted i to mnueta pollUeel '~Bf1mBM 'sllCh a vi - peUa not cmty rivalry, but Impiacab!e enm~. - Avro IMamttattBn. Th. Va 'ean Moscow Washing-1M AlI/SHOO, Omile Boc1ts, pp. 1161 170.

On the s,uruu:e -tb D thJII of lS:rBei in Pal em ne seem cdl to be it grand opportLmi ty for th J ws to be ablem bave theiiio~oohWml1y. H'lIWeVer~ wmalhti been the result o:flio Jew - re.tiU___mJig to _P,~lestlou1 Sirat.fJ_they 'Ill re gI,3fI[ed] sD~ereip 5' hiS in 1948 the Jew,s have beemJ m one ravaging ba1tIe .after ,rulGdler 'Wi1h the Arsbs, MID)' Jews nave di "d, just the Jasuirs ho~d an d kne :p would ha ppen,


With the J lNStremrQ to Jsrael ;1] PaJ§tine the JenIJ~ ts h II • (CJ use ' uch b100dsb~d j n thaL part 0 _ the'

orld Ihru.lhc wQrld would cry out for ra Cern k to

eometo the megion.. AndwnO,l\lJLdd be that ~aker?' The pope of V '. Cjly~.cfMUrSe. The 1 nits have

Ion ,ted to restore the pope!:; tern . ral . VfJ1.

tile pope is given Sol,omon' s throme in le~tmlJ' the: rong-8.woi_ goal wiU be aeeemplished. fJ war 0.0

errcrism that originated ' eptcmher ~ 1. 200 1 which George Bush cans a crusade, could ,ce l inl) a - - te the. rroub.le ill gi4n to bring about lb - '.P Df:t.ile

- ruiff frem JI lem,

The JosUlits fui led in their ttemJmi to ha. e a wo,~d

o\l'eming bod)· ro'l1o\\41 World 'Ylar O'lt"~lt aeeomplishcd Ih~ ir . ~ ~[goal afil]" erld WarT D. Fol101mg the :vrtf'~ the wcal'y~ achi:n world - cendibODed to aeca an internatienal gOlfemJII;mt and the

ni NatiD was born, Sifl,ce ~h creation 0 . the

Un,i1~d Ntuion m 194;1 Ilis 5 caned "peat keeping' body has tailed m iserab~y m keeping pe,ace aretmd 'ltle \ erld, hy? ~ keeping pare ~s no the'" pur-

n OU 1 y- CO ~ t I .. -, i l i . There

are presentl y some Bl diffen:n ''''3R' around U. e wormd. How VU~ it has eertainly beeo mstrumentnl in supp~ i"6 riberLY 0 vin & peopie. -. tan n nd Rhod i lll\; j US1 two examples of J1 Mion s crashed by U ~N. farces. The Un imd Narlons has worked tirelessly to F!S10re the: , pc ra pewe of ih pupae ......... its purpo from th e beginning.

We ""tU ~ook at OlleIlIHJ~ of tile Jcsmls' pm-poses for \~lor.ld ,i!II' Fwo, It was payback time fOT the Japan c.1 ~ fn the lat 1 :;005,,111 Inpan chid welco __ a rI foreigners who wanted 1-0 bll e r1th her~CatbQLic missionaries bad been 'weJOOTIled too. After 8 time, me Cotboli~ missinnai les be - m s intolerant of all mher be~ie". IJnrest ad persecution resulted and Japan beclune a bJ ood bath M,r num)! d~~ Finally, in 16j~I'l

. B.'(c fUS1 n Ed i· - passed .. T L suued:


for the Mllfe. rel n~ so _. g ·3S _~ Sun illuminate 1'1 World. pJiBSume to saU to Ja an I' mot even n the -Qu.aIUy of am bassadoJ'si and thJs d. a ~O·5ne .le'bal :- ad. O!'1I'pB'no'

eafh.-Avro r'4an1mtta ,Vltltnam: IN'hyDJd W8 Go" Chick Pub Ii Qdi 0iiiS. ~- 153_

For nearlytwo hundred 'years~ die pom of Japan wen: I~ I.o&ed to Jemn missieaaries, 'wM tmdl sought te take OV r Japan f r lh . pro u d .' pc .. Througb thIJ 111~r luI1fof the l" eentury, rn i 1 ~wy 1'0\\- F was used a Ul' the is land nation, Th is oofOOned b r UQt1 1 the it \" Iul

b I ODd OO]}nl.~t of \I. odd T 0 in llI1 outh It

cifie, calmlna inQ; in the b.iJIIl'hings or Him5hima Mld Nag~L Japan we; brought ~D her knees - f-c ve r, Pay' bod enm .

C. o. 22, 1 963 ~ the Sovam . ant of

United S :a ken ('1'MI\R 'by sup8fJPOW

9fGUP. th at we ad an !:Neala ~on of !the Wit n8ra in ,~ndOOh.ifilla and a conr:inulfiO III lrlary buHdup fo

9 _ tie. - L ld. p ..

A vro Man h.ll LBn 'Vi as - ri ~ i lh j eurnali SL wh ('I

wol1ked fonr man y DrS rot rill British _8mB C" t'~'I1g Compan.y ~ Htt has, 'NriMeII at 1~1!S1 1 S hoots 0(1 'th . to~e of me }tom_ Cnilio~ i c Chill rch in v..'Orld aDBirs. In his 'book, J'iemam· - if'b, Did We Go? ~ he kJlsus:.

Th _ poUt I d m,llli ry ortgJ n of til _ wa 0 Vietnam hq been descl1bed w"rth mnrc;ns of written B'nd SpOken wofJds. 'V'~ nothtRg has been said about enl" of the mo , slgnifican~ fcrees ttl oonlriblAed tm its promotion, rtamelYi the' m1e pla}ied by re~fglol1. ¥O'tich in I11S ease. m Bans tt1 parit ,p~ BYetI by ttl ethel e Chwch. _!Ind by her diploma1ic oounterpart. the V.can. Their 3a1ve p.del,patijOJl Is not, mere spacuJaI on, I' t<s an h'f5toriWl!~ fact 8S concrete as Ole fJf;BS8rnw of the U. S,.~ or the, masslve 19;u~enJJ Ell feB stance O'f .Aslan OOIIlliinunlsml. llIettlviti. 01 the 1851 tYlO have ooen scruUn ~ed1 by 'dmusands or :books,. but the form er he never been BSSessi3d. not. IBvsn In summ arized form, 11l catholic Cllurr::h' mu,s/ be oon~ldar9d as iii main PRl~_r in Me odgln. sscalsllGn and f!J - S'6CUt: n of UJa VIsfR8RJe.B18 conflif;f. ;Frrcm Ita VB-IV beglnnln tArs rellgiw9 mt1l:iivation rnH'lped set in mo on the i2ntahandile til wa s. to' CHU8B ]'Idles _ agonl In til A'S ttc and American continmti.

The price pa d 'WaS. ImmMse~ 'thcuu;ands of Ibllriona of dD[~am; the mIllS cfsliocaUol11 of entire populations; ~iticall anan:::h~ rmtlt-ary de\t~ ! em on atl Lt . reooderrted sea le; dna, disgrace upon the civirized wo d; U1a ,of UlousarKhi LlpOfti ou:s-arlUS oJ voung Asia nand Am e:noo rli Hv. • LaB~ but not I. ast, 1'1 wDunding, rnu ~B 'on, 'B.H d:ea1h of hundl&ds ai' 'thousands IGf men women. and oh.lldrem. The lr:agedy o''Vishilam w1[1 go dawm In htsWlly! one @t'tJ'rIe mosl p emlcious ~ee:dB of tim contempoI811' lamanoe betWeen poll= tics and organ.iZed mDglan.

Factors of a polffif".a1 ~ ~eo-1Qgical. eCOmom le, and miHta_ry n:ahlre played no mea n m!e fn ilhe' unfordJ R9 of til w r.ib U1 ~ hgJcn 0' th Cal10j le


ChIJ rell W9S one of·m main Instigators .. From the beg,innlng h r roJe has bOOn m n I 1Hd when n 01

, GblUmatBd aUoq6f Cancra acts haw- - "En I

00 IIlflO' be wiped awa~ se easfi;!f, a nd it Is 'rhes;e wh [ell e' shall now sct1Jt:lni2s'l evan lJ· briefly .. - Avm . Manh-attsn! Vll5lmJm.~ \Nhl DId we Go?; Chfuk pubrlgltiQ]TUi\ 1934. P+ 13. fimp'.ha~ls addsd

TIl ,u, ",1 ~ II ~.~ 10' If/11M In tht~· book, pu. J.

Avro nhattan. wcl1'ld muth rity on Vati n

palm cs. has blOWin 'th're COlIer em the real I"&uo:n our bOllS IS JIJ ered W1d died in vrotrumi. He tr~s their dean~ {gl the' Vati&an·s paSsiomate d~iifB to make Asia flo man VatIcan a,gen-~ h&Itch;ed and p ol1'OO ~e Vimsm War Amlerical11 soldiers were' OOM1l9 trnel VaticaJl ,n 'th81r desper= are struggle to slrJNive ina ,~UIlg~esl Ula heil cf w9rf&re~ pain . eath . nd dBStnJct Olr'l. 'l WQS Q/I engineered by ... her Joo:uUs. ~ lib d. p. "af emph:a,..

8 added.

JtlQII'y. ,espRii:dl;rr' OUhnJiu'l' m'll)' Wke ~Iio" ltD'

e fam !l:1IJ1e ilJthe 'pn~ . quo· ,IIMI Wttr us, ~,...--. r I'll fa e; rhq er and tit, append! R7rM this boo ,tllllCs. tmOld' rite Ctdholic Ciur-dt~ Ii d' lIot ~ U.s ifw'foilhful chJlfflt memJH:n WhD MOW flDlhiJt41 do "It ins. like lhi:' It iJ. 'SPaAinll ,!!tll ml~m tJ/rh

tltiCQII' and tit ir aRlo ofth. ~ mll1&

c .. rJing III WD' Q"~ tlte: HJ,M in Pistnam

"4" foue'" 6ecrm..'" lite Vadam tl'ilnJed 1.0 f:nlll. a; po,-. . ... fJlue ,in So/.dheas' ·.viJl from ""hieh rn llllt£' (JWI' II of S-OliMe.as1, As,w IWlil then QJJ 10/ A~·ia. F/Ie following q_u~t -~ re frOM ,tldjl '{I,,,, boDIL

He Chi Minh begen befone World War Two to mansurver ror a oommLmI94 VI~EU1'1l1. He recettv~d help fIiomll'ie U.S. against '!he Japl]n-e5e but IlSOO Hlal a ldl to, ooncUJ:lidate' 1n~:5i, hold en lJ1ie hig:tll.ands O'f


THB SECRET TERRORISTS Ton~'n. In August~ '1.945 he marclM - Into Han

nd set 1lI Pi the ptUlI!J s~Dnall JD Ilmm ill t 0 ·tfle

D metra c Rep bl e tif VJamam. A master t ~ " egist, he OCC~ra' ed ~fli the tmnspiartUngl of til - arty

a miJJlon Camoli~ Nllofttl Vi e1llilame.s,.e J nb ~~ , SOuth ... ~ftaf the !edfo of Pope. Qh n 23~d in 1951 and the tum olthe VGtr _ I'll frDm the 'C01 ~ War

t n:I coo n ith M ~ m I 0 Chi M I

made a - cre1 d 'will Pope JOhn _ I rch B n1u- 81 .!I !ed b fuJJ ~ 01 of the oounlry by Ble - oDft'l_ -Ib~d. p. 1n.

P - dB nt Ng-o Oinlil DI- m So~th \fh~b1am

- s a praclicim C,a!hD~ic iNtlD _I tJ South Vl ~ flam with an iron fist He was iii genl!lEfite believer in In , rv-iI of Ccmm unl BJTl a g' u quenass I" ,t " Ca1holic ChWiCm. He harJ wiginsf1y NO'U planted {n.lAg IJM'sJd9ncy by Caminel and Paf18 ,p;~s '118'1211';. He transform "8 presld nq.' 'IntD a nual Oath Ie dicmrorship, lessl¥ crusniflg [his reU,g loul d poUUcsl oppon, Jlts. Many tid;.. ~hl,t me Ii eemm Hed ufeide by rei bumil1 a me 'nl --:- -"1:e:st aQai~ h S I'8ligJC!lJS

P - ClJJtions. HI eli - rirnlnatouy rs wUon 10

rnOtD~CatIlGlics, pamoulmr1y OLHr. is1l5. caused tIIh dJS1'IJpticn O'f the Qovemme and mass dese:r~j - ,n U1 II 'i~ Thls . ~, nlu lilt eO' to U.S_ Mi~ita_- in erventi'ofl in South ViemBJ11.

In thIs t:e_mlRlatmn he 'a1d 11 lly hl<S two

carno Ie bJro . - . til Chiu' a 01-' c. 'Polie_ ,and 1heArehmho afHue~,~ Ibld. p. ss, femph-~ .6 5 adde~_

CardilWJ fnmcil$ S,pellmml the aFCh bishop of New Y'D~ \ as ih key man Ih[ll brotJ hl America into ~he cnnfTiet

Ii Diem and 9 Vie!nam. He _ s ITlBCiI Vicar GeMmi of'lle U .5- Armed Forces IBft e Ued the G~'!S he 'ScdJe. ,Dr Clnis-f [meanil1Q soldfel"S for" C-athOnc Church]

in h s frequen~, visits, '~n 1.iha 'Vrslrram war front ~ Ibid p~ 71.

A' 8730 a.err, i :Sawrday, e ,23 rd of Nowm~

001", 19iJ3~ Ila llma~ ne carrying CIA dlrectOl John McCow. puHed Into llh Wh lo Heus

'ro nes.. . He -as ,also there to ilransaet ora pleoo of eus lness pnCf to eeorn I n-g I nV{l1 v d n e tho elall en ~l ~f!I pfi sItS ('II I n - ~OI1l ........ lil-e signing Q Na Drlal, Saoon' Memcu'aru;!lum

21',81 tEl Cl'BSSi d dOClLlm_ ntlhlehl trnm l y reversed John K nnedys de~[on 101 ~ a-es~at9

thte w,ar in' Vi,sb1em... The eHiecl !£If M,elficraru:illlm

21,8 would gl~ 'Ut Centml InlglJ~e: ~ Ag -ncr carte blandiie liD JOl, a [:u11-=S&aI'e war ln

the sr East... ~ n Ie _. el, as of N'~ emb- _ If' 23,

, -S3~ I e Far llIfd ral Jacs1 C Cia a th

lh-~m ln America's 8h.1I8. If. 'lMPu'ld aJso creMe iii

ifloie ne SOUFCS o;f nsrco - [al!' tlite Ma u:t's ortdwida m Jtets - Robert Morrcw~ Fim-t Hand Knowledge" SMPOts:ky Publishers - p~ 249.

'It dtJf' er ~ " [v Wll~ killed, th- - Id~cJ. io» lJl





~ e ~ h ,ere that _if die: j es~I~1 orner says th at 8- per~o~ 18 to dU:t II doesn 1,"1 meli,f if is your best rrien~ if It I yourl tit r or ylo.ur bToth~r; Ute} are '£0 be kilred~ What a dULmily, evil ~d Wi!oked 5)'5fem the Je:suiOrder o,f the Rom all! Catholic ChlU(.lI-jS.

'Do you d1in I tl1 ''1,11 Catholie ChW'ch iSTI"~ that po-werlil~? '0 y~l! ,think th[S rna as them ont to be too strong? A VFO Ianhasmn te~ Is us:

Can;Jl~ francis Spellman. of NeYlVom ~ was the mlh tarv \l~ Df the Amerfcan AImed Forms In ~ mem. ti I - 5\ also 1"18 unoffidalltink between the popa ,afid Jot.n Foster Dulles. the U.S Seaeto ry gf State ~,nd til m-fom e Se:eretary's bra e ~ A]am I who was the head of tn e ICLA.. - AY~D, MunrJar In Me Velican" 'Ozartc e~ots, pp. 35131.

Thus, tI~ r-.ough Card inai ranc,lf" peUman., the ,R1),. man C th , tc Ciiureb mud the Jesuits h _ n 1['0 d contral over JDhn ~ es - Du [Ie ) 111 e : ecre'thry of Smw, Bnd JOM Foster Dulles" brother~ A1~ WDl'" ~ Ilh head of lb, C _ n 1 ~,i ~i I!l(: Aggn: r i Those t~o departmeras, I.oug ~ the FBI were 1TI the h ~ds of CW'diom raneis spenmon., rJhe head Cardinal.of the Catbo=

lie ChLm:h ira ~Ne I Yo _ . ---

The CatflDl e ChurCh m the' 'USA. I nancta~ ~y can, stand up . I ~ giant (ru bi of Ame ca. Po Ilj(:Rlly ~ sh e ~~s leY' ~. er ~'" the Wnite House, in the Sa nate and 1m the Congroos- S~e ~:s a '~B n tI PI n· gon~ - .cmt glHu' linl the, F181 and the m at subtly i nmngjb!e pnlTlf:! mgver Of the S_S_ 'whee~ wi~in B wlil I: ~9 Cel'lltnlllnfelllgeJ'le.e Agency. - ~btd. Ip. 211.

Jean Hill w~ a~~ a \V~~n.-e£5 001 me Kenn~y murder, In her book, entHI,ed JF..~ Th ImZ· Dis eming Wirne.u sh e mres th81f during 8 cOr1l~tion beD' fdend.,


PJl£MDENT.lO J .. Bm II who ~ stu! 10/ the' pofjCl!:mlUJ in iII'S molD

thai W(J.Ii w}nh . _ n • told h,",

"Well,. wh re IKennedywas bu sysholng hands wllh B,II the web wish 19 a l the alrpon. Jolln onS"eaet Se rviw peop!e carne ove' to ti1e motor:.. ~cl~l oops and {Java us B. belli i'lli'!'h of instru elton'S. The dama-dest thin; wes they ~old us tho ~a' d rrouta through CHair PlrBm IIN'i1S being changed"1II "Chan9~? H _ ~ Jean H rn as.k5~ "'It was prig I n ~ ~y

upposed to '0 sb'eight down Main Shreat." J.B. .KI, ·but:they said 'for us '10 dl~a-nj allnstead W,B we m told to make tile litl jog en 'Duston and lOut Dver to EIJm1"· Jean fe It her mouth drop open. IIJtf yoo·'d stayed on Main Stnus.l., Ke l1ledy mlght·ys Ib WI com I at r OlJ.t af ng of who 'riel' 'W ' 'S1hcotfng at· hi im. ~ ., 'sJilomef belni nd Uite wooden feJ.lee definIte y wouJdnit . ave had Imuch chance bIt hit hfri'l fmmthem, II J .B.. sttUfOO a har 'With a stralghl fca08~ -Maybe liat·s why they oJ-lBnged the KHl18," he said ~ unUy, • But Ul 's not n. They a'i so ordered us Into the cl!az~ooi eoomt formal1on liva B\f8f'seeil1~ 000 in an1Y,. you braeket the car with fOWl" matorcycl 8, 00 en aiCh fSllder. But hiS lima they Wl~ the four of us a:s'Sigrred to H1a pres~L1enr5 ~lherl/d be no fC-MSfi"d esoorts,. We ware' lostPiY wei f,Q tile' bad' and 11101' le~'lrJllfl'Selvns getahs'ad m l1ke oafs reiir-Vlheels under a nl' cifiCUmslances, 1~'cI 11l9\fer heard of II fDm1a~lo.n n lC:e tha~ much lass ridden! III one ~ u t ~ ey Baid Oley . B,IiIle:d 10 Ie ftrIe artnIVds have an ·u nreSl,tr(clB'd view' of 'Ore PEeS" dBnt Well. I glJ8'P someboOly go 8'n unrestrtcled VI ew of him ,all fighf, II - Jew 11 Hill, JFK: 7ns Last DJsssnl:ing ~Imlss., Pe'llcan ~u b shLmg" p, 13m

gOj tn e mo,o.,.ooae r(Ja.u~ '1hFtJUlfb, Dallas W:Q:5' chtllJlJ,eJ4, WId lit, r£l1!!io. ,l1iW!1I M"W'O' IlluI; the pwp'e wou'd bflllT\ an - !I.,'ellt,n 'Il"'!li,~ 0/ ' I'I'l!:litlent iif,t/f . United' $rate, 'h·e Je»ub' tlStl£ -ill lUre: didl

Orhe,' pet;IJ.'Iiar III ~gs "apPsR)ed "tJ'(J~ L~ndQn

./,-, "~(}"" Me ~l;ce' p - Ulell''I' o/Ih, --: ruled Sill I' 'WW'


. tly h in rerd problem. C ntinuin ""ith Jea

" ] S COR\ _ ;··00 willb her friend = ; mctoreade,

Lyndo John n w' Kliml! 8$ if h knew bullets au ld S-OCn he nyj ng~ duek in doWll repwt~d Il.tP before

(he ·10 CD of[

Tex s r -\I. rmh~bi pet .. ple lhm die in e . 11:: 0 - Texas m Ring. removed ~ horul' an utopsy& Lead= i l doc ton; nt l'3ikJand em erial osp i tal 'i n DatJas

. · . h tdl l un im as the 0 John F ~ KcllD

wu tie oved frmn that hes _ La) "'ilhoUI an &llt·g f"

. ib ? There W'3S overw tudm ffim1g IV raJ '_'ce th II· thm was mere dum on, butlct that killed K The WU510V r-

he.lmi" evi ._ n that Ih W8ll'Cn C mmission _

ptl \y~ n ins b lies, There were many buUets th e doc rs "'TIU Ide cunei Ih.o.t 'oul d h ,.

red til id Lee larv O. Id the ] _

rnman, That j~ - _ -"l 8llI auq ~ not I ~o Lilli exas, That i ~ I KCmlooy r be y '-\~ &hipped hl



Ii n. n" "ill _ oJtlte,




Winston Ch uroll ill J the famous f.:n fiib P ~ me M i nister d~ . \V,orld Waf'Two, onee said,

rI. 0&1 men OCC8siomally stum b!e ovar the tnrth. but Iley ~Gk thernse . as I:Jp·arlld OOrrtil"l!l.!E on as ff rI(lthlng had hap _" I,

W~ DOW understand the f~ eeneereiegone o[1tbe motrtooowvc.rsinJ c· . nlS i'n American his1 ry. 'In y.ou stum b!e ollie r the truth here and 0 On OS if nDmi n .has hsppene ~ or win you beg~n to gaJpe himn' and current c cuts in new i'gbt?'


A r;eligiolJs, group b1mvn as, me Bmnc!ful DavidiM5 ~~v~d ~n the if com po un d they called ML Carmel jl ust ~, tside nco Texas. On prj~ 19.] 9] fJJgcl1J~ of lh,~ Unit d States govemmcnt ottacked 1hci~ compound nd mu;mered he"pJ ess ·w .. D..en a~d chi Id:D'e~ with b~le ta n ks, flame .. 'throwern~ and person g8S~ .. early 100 inDocent ople 105t their ~i'ye.s as II result, Wh t m:~es l1i s a tn~y of th-e most 1amb r~ proportions is tl1~t lh~ Da~ idbuH h d dont nOlhln , (0 provoe UIrI is attack by lh U~llIittd Slat~ II' ¥(JV rrnntnl

The Branch Davidian 5 U;,Ol lon well wi th l"hOSIl of the SUITOUilTItdmg communhy. They ~8._d some ren~ious IxUCR Lblt lad th~ .. ditlcrcnl Iron 0' cr (;1 urehes, b~ thea, many of the se-ealled standard ehlJrehe6, differfmlill each 01mer. Theie re~ i 8i01l5 d i ff'erences W 11) cGrtainly 10 excuse for the Un i Ie S ta geve rum· nt to des ro I 111 ir home and tl1Jc,ir Ii es, cspeciD~ly with~ out a mat The' First M,endmenl. itb the Constftution ,K ' 1_ the rigbl 'to worship G d ~nling, ttl th ~ dictates of'ome"s OMil eoaseienee .. bu th government c mp lek 1Y wgIlored th LS right in 'thema..qsacre at ·W·o : o.

_ .AD e"~mel~ ,i.m.portaBt pl~Jmt. to URdern:~d is 'dlaJt viIftHU,) ."erythlng wille IOiVem.ent d thl! ne ~ med i id a bout tb esc Ie l!\.fcm I [es~ Marly so-ee lled experts d£'~i vered testimeny lliot caused the majority of people ~,o believe th ex set op po ~ i'e of the lrul11. l!~ cause of l~es-e eX11sive ffiies, very few peo ile know




t the Bran h - oe[~ElJ13





thosu' BA Til ents had just en~ red. These man' B' 'TF agents, 'who wm: bodyg,uard.s of B ~II Cl ;nton W(UV kiUed by ~eir O~71 pGoplol.

The:re are mammy-questions i'D "the WsoDttagcdy that ha\1Q. BtY - r been ;iMWerOO. Why ell i d BijJ Clio ton go to S~&n eXU'ilm at Waco? There ~,"'fIB prebl ems I t the Mount Cnnmel compound in 1987. There was a ~MI aut over the Jeadet'Sh~p Olr the Branch Davidians be ~eel1 Oav_i. Kere ,MId his, follDwersand G.:org 'l{'oGcn 8Jmd hi follol\ em. Seven Oa\.fidhms! ~ thai tirO 1 along wi1h David KORiSh, were a11'es.tcd.~ indicted. ,DDd trie fDr,ldempred m~rder. A«o'rding te dle PfOMClJ= lor ~n the C:DS~!I McCIt=llrullum County Distf'kl norm y Vic Feaze II:

We, had na problem . w treated tt1em like Ilwnan ~efngs ram than storTJ'l..;1rooplng tJ\e' plaw 1119y was eWismel~ po!ite peo,16. Aler Ihe trial, although dldnl 8,9r,'6, "th va ryWilng they liJeHe'iloo or 'said, many or 11f!1 s1a.ff were prettY sym paUle c wfth {fiB m. - Hcus!on CtuonieJ' , MiUTCh 1dt 1993,.

TIle gO\l'emm nt's action was power, being met with fear IUld pI 11M'lia, ,01 the pari cf til Davidians. ~fihe ,dieHil ORmmenlhad called and In! ed ID lh D vl j J U. Davidisns 1Wot1ld ha e gi\1 them \\tun ev r they 'Nmted. had another siUlatiOfl i'IIvc1ivigm,g fed~m1 a.u~ thorities .. 0,0 an Apnl 21s~. "3 'l!ewvis,ruon ,inteR.f:lel\Henry M..:' IBhO[1 "' f g owaed a. gum store: ~n Waco. ~dthait

IDa~il d Kc ash ~ p!lrcllased l Ie st. r:iHV

~housalitd dollars wnrEh of rfi:rreafms from me, In July of 1992. BAff officers earns tel my s,lons, asking aoout I(oresh and hrs gun puldlases. I call ed David KoresfI, ~ lie 11m BA TiF "Were slill f:n tR store,. Kore.s~ told me tha~ lith Is ,a p cblam,



len (hem to come out here. ~ offers ~ to Ice th e B~ TF age nts 0U1' to ttm ~DUnt C arm II compol1oo to ae the n - ms that ~(1est; nad pun:ha ;ed, but me BATF age s d!edrned.

Ko~~h_ had ill· n leldrelfne~y coope-rntivo in 19~1. nd then aga'Ln in 1992.. There was ,OO\' IOll.£d)' some smrsrer eeason why P. edem.l,~ge.nts~ under lite l,eadeJS~ i Pi IOf Bill C~into~ P file" ared such em _lty at Ml C~M ii, Le ' U investl gate the rmJJI reasen fOli the W, - eamassacre.

If Davi d Koresb was Iheprime hlrget. of' the gc'v~

mflll,cn~ why w, ,he net amsred ._ ccfuilly so hat D many inn ·onl ~'iv s would not - w . ·n to. n? TIl " e laims OT lies Qf the SA TF were tftl_l Koresh lIever was out of'the compr.nmd Wthero he. could be awested. hul Fann a Branch D vidirut w.ho· oU(lon ~Illldds \\ len the mid!Uuted. made this comment in mMY press reoreBSei~

David KOl1eSn, o:the~·, and ITiFV5e~f~ have 1901'Il eo Jogging down lI'ila mad thNH miles from tie Ir;oi1JiLl= pDlfnd mSJl1y tim vvtn¥ wasn . he ar,rested t . n1 we wem off Ole· pmperily several times;

Why Wllsn'~ t Kores' arres . .. on om of m s JGggill outinlS or when he was in Waoo?

D,j,d the Bran b Day idlans know th~ we;. be ing , ttacked b fadem' age~lS?' Dnv'" d Th ibode 11, n ~ co SnMvor~ 'W'H5 ifi'fterv~ewed en A Crurcrnl.AfIair, a na. onal tW~v is ion 5ho",~~ May Jrd, 1993. He dec lared dm! ene rJlftll ~ members of th Bmneh D~\~· d inns, llyn

1mtiTI" B arvard~trainld ,itfameYt caHed '9] 1 sboFf'l) after th e fcdem:l agents stonn 00 the compound. He was, p u l. 1l1mugh to M the-I" A&~n _,~~. an d th rs n icL ~Wen, h" boy" .hn y", n doiTl' n~. t1l r T' c tJ)TI ar-

. s~s info th ph ne, t,~We're gd1Jn8 sho1 at.. W, 'Ire gdinl! kiHed. W 're gdtimg kllled,"

- Sin~:. atl'1jl11 call arepreserved; it 500Ilm'lS flBl it "v'D~dd be easy to eenfirm tbis pbon cat I, bUI as CUf-


rent AfruLr repol1cii" MIllY IGarafolo StD sd,! " I h eeme a OOmUo1f1eTS1.11 recordinl fiat 'the po,lioe refuse to re I east;; to the press." 111 N W,JBIS ab50~ulel y Q,Q response to th ot em,efge nc:! 9 ~ 1 eal t '\Vhy not? On Iy poop l G worki nil;, 'for ,8 power that ntes OUT' ~i hem es an d freedams oouh1 do Sllch .a, thl~g;. lesuit Bin Clm1.oD~ who roo _ sol m n 'Didl ' (1 be)! the' Censtltu Lion) t ls! iy w,"~ noredthe CoM'tilut·OO [lID die abDminatron 'H1a~ooeun-ed 3ft Wano\o

11 ~s Iilre 111181 the "Mendo s power Df the [CBtl\oUc] dluroh makE itsei fteU. It ls Ihr-o.ugh this [J uft] d I rectiolfl that slfJ'ssmon am GJ:Jmp9I1 r:J to acr, nol (orfha benefil at,M oounhy to which they fw.hJn!11 but for the bensffl af l~19 CIIurr:-h, whiCh oon'mls 'hem. It i - hem tha1 matlsl'S Clf.lle mo t :i!3ecmf Ilabne me dr~ssed and dedded. ~'M .F, Cuoo_elk~ rna BIlla Poprl, MarshBlI RusllleU ,I. eft. p. 1 C'S. ('am ~haBi added)

We sbuJId ~*plwn he~e the! the name, _B~o'fk, Pope, is the nmne"OIf 'fi1re at n tD tlttl.sU'PKmfl JGsu~t geneml, whe ~s probab Ily' the m ~st pm"lterful ma n in t~e wat1d~ H~ renuwns tom! y in the Ilaekgrod~ sad very f.:=w D~n know 3 bou~ himl,

et us m,e. ifR'esti,ga~e the eharges 'Of pbysicnl Of senal aJb use an the l'i110Wii! c.met com po undo Jam

Tom, an ex-Davidian. w, _ ~ ~ laude t cri~ic of lJ1.

'Bran chDwl~di&11s. He staled IhRf David Koresh spoked his (Tom IS,) dimgbter ,for 10 'to 40 m lnates, and Tom, wbo \ya5 • esn ding .m< t tJtell!~ di d not~imK to stepl it, If D1U-.:'d Koresh 1ml,,, _p3 ed his daughter fer]O '10 40 minu., how oolJ.ld it fadter be so ,abafd th:at he Yto"O:w. f.d not in rY Be to [lOp ii'

TOA1 declared th ru: F,{oresh was the i mag ,of Chrrr~ MMMfi. If Koresh as the 'image of Manson, why would Tom j D in m the first. place?

\\'hen 21 chi), W - e allowed LO I cave the Mou:nt

C.Etnmel Cefllte1"ii tlle' Housnon "'ost stated "The 21 chU=


dft]1 were ps,ychologmcaliyiUl gaOO,condiliDn. They II; in ,000, condition ph)l~icaJlly and d1 elf were' ,also VIH)' \VeU edu~ted.~' In rac~, the ,ctbildRto, who We Mou.nt CW"l1t1C~ ~ were not p$lys~~ly ~ mrarnW ry~ m o~l ~ ,.0 r psy ... cbologiesJly abuseH at ,B.11.

,David ltoresh was cremonaed by those mo!n ,g~imty of the mnssaere 10 k some absoJutc'ly c~ monster, Bl, R,'icksili t'he man in charge Df mhe Waco masse:.cne1 stBk'.a thai David Knresh was, ,R c~assi ~ s.oci-opafh .. ,

It was Riwwtlo Iud -_ en in d'ra19B at Waeo , - The (UK) DbseNe1"~ AprU 22. 20D'~

A. 110m ey Genera Janel Reno ca'I~.r h im I~ dM'" g~ro~s c,rim~llmlf' Fort Wortb News oolumnis.t B~IJ Thompson caHed him "n vile 'm'0S5 murd~wr,t d Bin Climon referred ~o him as "dangerous i'n-alioIlSI, OTI-d pFohably mSaD0.

Th ese poop~e practice 'whm: . ~ ~ Lenin d\ isBd~ Ae 'I~ your en em)' whot Y:ou are, 8J1!1d ~wa,ys ten r.h ~ exaet OPt'P051ite of the tfUfth ;'~ Da:vi,d Ko~h w-~s demonWallo try to jrus,tify their heinous crime,

Aneth r most dtip~C3lb1e crime o,r t1lo.e W- CD murd erers was the spmymmll of CS gas i ffirl!o dte compound a.t me women and sm all I cJhildRnm U,.S- Co:lgN man Ron Pau1 stated th ~~

'lies gas I bafiti1e~ ilJllde:r tills Paris CaRvenl"" Horn on en mlcal warfme. TIl u. s. cou'l d nat u

U' I n wa rr-: :~ 'Is megal! but they WQuld use 'i1 againsl thelr CWIfI dbmns: - The Washington 1"imes~ A~12l,1993.

B njamirru Ganett, executlve d_ire~toll" orCI~t:mic' ~ and B,io~DgiOOJ Arm Onnh'O~ smted,

CS e . WOIJ 'd have most har&h~y aJJ .... """""'~ ..... cnil dirBn - 1ihe smaner you a1fe. th soonEr you 'would feeJ tlie response_ -Ibtdl.

cnm te



Dr[d . r T "0 itle

.. The Swis lold him that


w 0 was a ami" n - to Join an irm:i'9 - ndent


109 P ;aeyand· L


s t _.... John PB_ II. Ttl Chafle oft _

Sec's, Exhorh1tlon~ ArUcie 73.


me WACO' ; I~ HE 1 ~

d Jan It di n . S . I i .' · tty is - . it

. a melr d· .ire Umth _ mas5aCR took p lace.




_ I E7(~rC!8iot;l~ demoli hQd the AI'frc.d E. MulifRh fed-

end b~]mdjo$.ln OJrLah~m',fi,<:=~~ of! Aprill t9~ 1995. 16,8 ~ft.nca~ die~ as a rM)lh~~ mdllding:l~l number ,ofUft~e ~h-mldren atle':ld1ng,R dBy~ ,cenre housoo in Il]C buil r"' ing. The U'nhed Stams govammmf ba~ d'oolwred and ~~fuUy mai nbms th t ~l was s fertitJize~ oombj inI~de a _ d er nu ~,parked in front of tlbu b u Hd1L11 that

~aus~ _the ~age: We ~ave ~ in previolllS: rehaptm; iha~, ui blJgrc .sl~ons, like WS~ whac the gO\'emmmt cl8JL1lDl5 ltimpperned liS totally Lm~lie}labl .

Benton X,. Partin~ rolmd Brigadler Gerner, ] nnd ]; I. year veteran of the States A irForoe, is a pre ... In [~re upert 01 lqJ-los,t¥es. He ~eN , .u.s eemmaader of~ _ It, if 'lome Annamen I Tuhlo~o8Y' - b~ ad W s resp~mslllbh~ for mllmnrnOH development fur me armed se~ ~ces;. He . a recognized mtpel1 G a major gwdJng force of our moo _ m, precis [am, gu ~ dd, l\ -apt'll1S sys--

terns, -

G ~ AC ral PAftin did an nte.nB.iJve 8rnI aJys is 'of the bomb 11l~ of lh M urrah Building, In his -POrt. h .. d elares,



buiIdl rig muld have 'fBSUited from sud1 a bomb al@n.9~

lio eause the - m ge pattern U'lat DCQUTOOI to the M umhl IBuih:ling! there 'NOu'd have' to have IDeen demo~itlon charges at severa SUJlpol1fng OO:~ umn bases, at locations not aocessrtlle 1Rlm tiie streeli bJl supplement thetnJek bo1Ilb dalftage. I ndeed~ B oorefu1 examination of phofograph ,snOYriI1gl'the (xMra-psed eelumn bases liwealIS; B fal rum Ruxle podlJeed by demDlhi~n dlargBs arnt 110t bv 8 blast 'rKlm 11 tuck bombl, ••

elas! th~hi air Is a very Jnsfliciel11 ertef9Y cDup1~ng Meehan srn against ~avll. reinforced GOl1cra It beams ,and 001 u-mns. u_

lJy contmst i"teaVi~, reinforced cooomm structLl! __ n be desImyed ·C\IY. U1fiOUghl 0- nation m,elqllosWes hi ccmtact wfth I1a re mforced ooncrete beiuns i1lld mlumns,.., Th9 M:~nnm Fet!J- 01'81 Bulfrlfng MIS Rot d9~ wysd by onssoJe lroclf. bDmlA The ",ffor faclol" In as de.stlilctioR ,appears tel hsLts boon' de ona rlon of &x_ploslves car&fully pJaam al lour enticel 1unctures gn SHppodlng ealumns Iwfthfn the tNiJtJJng.. The only' pD6ibis' r nfereed concrete s1nlclU1'8 falTum 50~ fy tift ufab~e to lis' 'truct bomb was Ole stNpplng out of fle celJln;g>s ofl1e fir--starnfl seoond Roors In lt1e ·plt' are - behln 'COILlI1'm S 64 - nd By. Even un i B may hi!3\l'e !been caused by a I~E1TJolfflOll ICha ~e' a ~umn ea. = a ton K. PerUn. IJmRb Damsgs A.flslysls' Of A"1&d p~ Mutnlh ,Ffide I,S'ufldmg, J u~ 310\ 'I 99S. (emphasis supplied).

111 us ~ 'we see tilat it was i m poss fblef"oll the' D1J,ck bomb to have deslJ'iOyed the Murrah ,gi!d~[fI g~ Other bombs were SU'81egicaUy placed at W~ bottoms, ofth

tmctuml celumns to do ttl . dam 8 e 'thor lWS don .

Smn ebody woo, bad aeeess to th~ M'limm Buitdi~& who knew wbere Ike ifieinforcedl structural ~olwtm5, were. whiJ had llC~m ~h bu;h~in.! plan ~ plHecl Us bombs fh des1rtJyed llhe buildinli.

News re~R DU the scene .shortIDy ~r the 'Lnubt-

II l4


ft _ r the bombin

! I

. BeRET TE·· ,'OlliSTS

:3. Wit has .. inf _ ti· I r - nt· n n

come to th e I iglht of day?

S. Wb WM ~ bli2zri ofdome«ic term ~sm bins rusbed inte Con in a matter of days after the mbmg?

- m v in ~nd t ing of .' I - I i- Jy

ere W8ll:i ii

jus l'rior to th . stalled. RighI aft pas

D TRucn N - _ O·KLAJ-JOPdA, Cl .



would be given for pubJicly en aging in uns~mly s~uI_Blion and. pnJh~ishing 0 b'aHsmit!ling, by wffin: or ~1 ectrenie Imeans b . less CDElSpiffl~)"_ dJ ecries rega .. ,if) 'IiIe federa!1 govl'mmerrl IDf he U'nJJtcd States.

We have seen (ha t in tffi1~ afmrmaih of' the OJda~ homa City bombing, severa I ~ibcI11~-roslrictil1l J' ws \Velie p~d by Congres~ veil! quic JJ~ The bombing ereated a climate ef fear m America. btl ~rus 'setoo.s~ ] w& passed wlLh fe dissenting Yoiu!t 1m the nlidMol: the h m nlJ d~c uneen (jnnjcm~J fuws &ouJ'd be qllilckly passed. The 'people wmtoornfort,lIld security _d th~y did ncl,object. to 'tlmc ,pass,ing of llllesu raws. ThCSJ_' laws se ri'DUS~y emd., th e oo~s i l11t ion I I ibe r1 ies tim 1 ha vc been the COfIJ~T1e (lir AP'Jerie8:1l! pll'Ospcrit) fm lover 2-00 years. h is amazing ltow qui.eldy~, normany slow and e urnbersnrae Congeess can Ie 'wh IfIJ the ' gcn do is

011 s- t, -

A eOlllLdiJionmg prggram got 'we~ i IttldeE way der the 0 ~ahomA C~b' bombing,., How muny freedDms v culd Americm1:S give ,a,way in cm.f,g to feel 511ft" Do W~ nut ~ tJet the pDW'NS running. ~r gQvemmelll( \Wlft~ to (k~y the Ccin-lf1lulion?

'e:o.p1e d I1J n.o~ rea II i.ze 1il (it govern mCrID~al power is extremely dang~u:s_'i Do\VD fhmuglfl his IOf)' peop~es' worst em.t=m), ~:m.s been their O\VD eo ernment. When con srrrufil-on I freedom G tlTiC gene Ut re ig n Il~hi n ~ lei restrict Govemm~nl from doin 'mythiD@ it wants and' gO\l(,WIiUDCD'La[ IXr~ . -UtiOfll is tb~ mi~]l

for Hme lima to come Amemea M ~II Del stnJMllng '1M IctllJesticliliS tha1 . liliFe suppased to dmw FUJ dram Jlerus !em er Bglfast or. at worstl Manhattan, .Jlat how mueh oem they do to make ~If &arer 'l1om terrorist attacks? Pmd tel a~mplis h' lia1.~ how much shou!d the,¥, be willing to giN£!] Llrp in cpn'IJen er1~! mb-I'il.'I!J ~ Bfirllhe flee-doms Un y ta e fOf granted? - lrliilis a g iDl n I IMay 11 j 1 g9'§. page as! fem p~asr 5; SUIlP~1 ed).


mericans just don't realize that as 1!hey gjve. up their bedDDIS Ih Y an: at increasing their secwity~ bu t dee 'i (1 it. They. III utting lh IS lv at .high rjs'k for Q,DYCmm· tal p~rnecutio fl. It fread, tb~ government oonfiscm~ many hun~ of tb ousands ,of dol-

- worth ofpetSnn II pmperny ,eh ear without" Dial.

Already hUl1mJQO UTe i not mnsid red sac~ - any .. ore. Remember' W,HQO?

America would n t be i,·ueh a promlli1enl terraris meg t if II -, govcrrun . nt d'id not make ~,:rr SD a & o. _.

~ollSto~~%e~~~1~~ ~~I:)~:~OnA;!ri~

and WW1(~d run . ClUlIS ~f) '\I'191t III lir counbl"'l • Th8~ c.en:8'inly is netthe ease mlymore.

COn crete nd steel can help Elu OOI.lrIil ng

tefliOrisml at hattie lial\ses the hard quest,on: how 1lI!Je1l s.hDuJd 'sJulffd in cash - and CfIV!J lih8rties? -- N . 6 _ ekj 'May 11 19'95. P 5O"M (em'" phasls, added).

In dmis article, Brem Sea mit fonner nation 1 secufiriy adviser said~ '~U'I s so eSJSY to dlo~ it takes 50 few ~p~e~ 1he mali, rials ~ ~o J\tmdrnJy aY9~Jab~e. _~lIt fa counter i' ls so ,e:xpen -" ~n dQllurs and., mo m nrtandYt In civillibGties."

Is it clear mhalmrror was hlSI;;d, ,nnJi is ,.;~·liI,' b ~ilig

used, to con dli ri mrn Am!lr itml to giv up th j r co n ltutional' ~ibmties? n WHS used successfurnl at W3C"~ Oklaba~ C~ty,~ .dllle World, "rrade Center, Doesn It it 3!ke

you "~nler w ~;;)l ~vilJ be no,,-1'? . _ ~' , .

'\Vho· ,be'hin - me SC8l1es leading "Amer CEl-ftlw polI-

rleiaas to d~,y ciyil ~i~erty in AmCriM? Wio m d ~spised and hat~ eur libcrU. CD ova r 20 YClWS? Who hates ~ibert1 5"0 m ud'l d:urt 111 e UlR' n ate peep l e who stand in dn:=i:r ~y 1ila~ pawns in a !{:hess game'

One ,o(dle popes sbde~


fngs_in defenSfUJfUbariy ofoonscience am - most pestile-ntiaJ trCr,....... a ~- of all a1tIers. nm est tD 'be dJi'eade~ In a !~e- - IPe;pe Pu s IX,- SncycllQJI Lelt-er, August. 15th. 1854·.

_ Lilb_ ny of,cQnse ~encc~ is t o~1Lgh~y d tested _ by 111 e p~a~lI. Llberi1y of roll erene ts '~antqMed Q1Vl r i iii the iFwrm Amendment to *e Constitutiolll, of the Umit£d

States, the B~U ofRig_h.ts. -

In 1864~ in his e.ncye!Ucatltreft Pius IX ansdlema. tized "these whe esserr Uberty of OOlL~j.eJl)OO and 01' reUg&"OlI5 w_-orsllip .. n (pope 'j~ IX EneycUcaJ Letter; ~be r 8 I 864,.) ):Ie 18 sayling '~t ny'bodly who behares ~h _ f a per'SOH is en~t:led to iNedomh) worship God ~oordmg to thc:dictRt~i ofilw~r own eenseienee, ~hould be nflD~heludii71Cd. To ~lJ1_;llhe~,;)t~ s-ol'Ilebody IS too QMmn e ilhemto he~ r; to consider them to be a b~_re~c 'worthy OIf de mORtiOD. 1m Pius' mmd~lhe Constnuuen should bum in ~\_ld~ and ,yon_' who .Io'-v it shou 1 d be ~um,oo ~oo.,

~b _ ~ CI~ eomseleru:e Is prodalmed by the United S1ales a nlOS1 OOCfOO princii e ~ WhlCh elf~e1Y IC~12en Must l.lpholfJ .. -. But Uberty of con-. &ClInes ~s declBI'Bd by arl-d1a pop sand eeu neil s of Rome I a mG-st godless. umhoty. and rfirabcIi eajl lhlng. whldl rrwery good Catholic ml1M abhD! ~md a.estroy at n~ mat - Chal1in 'Chl ~niquy f Fifty 'fss13ln rh8 Church a/Romel Chick Put)lh:sU-OUlS. p~g 28 .

Britisb ,Broad~tiol joumaiisl Avro Manhatum repo ed~

The: Vatican oornjirnrn ed lite Der,mralian or Indepen snce B.S ._ d.tedn. !IS', .. andl can d tri Constihitil)n Dr t.B U nlted State-s i a satal'1li'e dooo[mlsnL i ........ Avro Man.hattan. 1ho ,Dollaf and tho Vel'can I Oza1k e:~ IPlltoH 5 hers~ p:8g8 '28. - -

. I~ the pre rae . to Semue-I B~ Morse.' s wea' boo 14 ft

'IS -. riUenJ

The author urn:lertakes [0 show tnat 8 CORspitar;y a93ilmlfhs libetfies of this Republic is naw In full BCIIOO; und r ~B Idjredian of B wfly Pililnee Me_ttemld'l~ 01' AJJ~al \Yho knowing fhe impossbJt~ of ol}liwliitimg tllrllsJ'truublesome exampls. of a ~l!'8al and rme n 0111 by fg,~ of ann 5, Is attempt .. ~ng fa a~plfsh his otJjeGI. throut/h the .I981u:yof .~ S'l'my of Jesuits .. - ,sam _ I e~ Morse. Fomi ·fI ~rocr' A[J8bisl M:o Unned SftlI,a's~ Cfiookler and IBre-WSter. vo u me 1 ! p~, 4. p,m1ac.e. (emphasis supplied]

Sam,~~~ .B. Morse an d the man who vnote the pref'O" ace to ius great work tmdcrntood thai U1 J ~ui and the Moly A~1ra.nee we~ committed to destroying .1 freedoms ofd1JI:~q¥ean Republ ic of the United S,mes of Ameriea,

A former pri st bas W1ifIlcn,

We V4I1 rule the Ufli~edl Stetes'l utd lay U1ern at Ole feet of 'lie Viearof J1BBILIS Ch fist Ph· . pope)l that Ina may put an '1'1l1d to 'd1etf GoC[!e:5S system of education. andl mplous lows Dr Ilbstty 01 ,oon,. wanoo which 8m 8B insult- '0 God and men. - I~'fles Clliruquy'! Fifty ygan; n H16J1 Chureh' 01' Rome~ Chick pwncatiofi6. p. 26,2. ~ mpha s.upplfed,).

W~lti,8m Jefferson IC~ililli;OIll~ whol Mended Geo~etO'WlR U'n iversit)'!' wn itCh jl5 the Jesuit ooU~ge in ",ashiilgtont D,.C. pu.sllei Congrresstol p.ass the antiterrorism fuill (htl~ \YM to be ,8 di _ assault on rile ~ ihenl s ~hd lYe Elljoy J\mcncans. The 'Ok~ahfl~a Cily oom_buli~ was plann~ carried ou~ and fidly knDwn lby 'me JesUits, the IO~t:munm~~Df tihe United States, and] by the presid m, 111 -. cret p~n rs behind til m U~ who have wanted to o;gstmy the Ii berries erf tb is great





The -emits ha aJlwa~ hat Alnrenea, d ev rythin this c untty tands for, ld lh. ," work tirele .[

o 'Y (hi OWlUy.


12 '






th to find th

John -au1" s wo and [CB~:m

destroy Protestantism, a d_

'U S - and to reste

In 1 eo ~ ,J - " . n'._¥ -- _ t f - Wahl - ton to Ti- xa to aSBJlJI"e Protestan.t plieachers that











12~ the qllle~en was ~ '~Wbat ~na] 'freedoms \vo~ld yeu I-I'IIG 'Up to fight ~riim rr ~ ORe persoa. die nil . dB" w~ole [n Oind said, I;'J hi"e no pmbb;:m with bavmg to live iIIp something for the greater goad of myse~r ~d my brothers an dJ si~tus~" This pe:nu'ln does n01 n:al~ - as ttu.~ go,emm 01 U_!i1lJP' mere ud' more ~r; .nlberty,&eedu[W,. and s-afuty decrnase in direct proporu OD. prJrsotIJ does nol ~.I ize thatwfraen fbe go~~ent ~ aJ11 th _ pGVt',er no one is safe~ and b~oody peT5eeuti(tnl ]5 the Rsull Rlemem hEll' '\V '-D'?

_ Themwn pW'pOR~ftlle ~orld T~de'Ceufer'tnBed~ w~ ~o male AmencaQ C'1(liUtllS wi Urns to ~ ve HlP

hel ~ ms. Th World Tmd Cent r naek w lilLe~~ b6:aust. 'the loombin,g im Oklahoma id 01 ~c the AmmcaD people ettough to g~d m'ON of Ihe d~sln:d - -ealle ~W1timl"nJrism ~BI~'S~ passed,

Vfrg nil! mean reatLted that ff rU1e ~entlfists wantedl fa EIliBC'k Amsl'iCan fmooamJ 'too, had got some 'where, ..

Clvtl IIlbertalians ~ renewed calls, ror a

natiDl'lB IdentffiGltioo card ... L • -

And Ilat reeans stml'!9 all the (acs data coUeeted. SOO1 thing d\lil UHrtMlan flear II aHow fhe gove.mmemt to track ,any 'irldivlduB1. II~ syeterns, were set u p aU over B dly I yoo coo 1101 be ·chiBd(poIntad by caMera ~en you Ibo rd ','n S[OI" at. a oost'1 m amllll8 3Jlrnd enter S Ofi8H or Ina ,facers !!'"OU work. ~ Mag9zlM~ Sa t.

241 2D01~ .

fmm Tuesday's tragedy. The ACW i:ns1ead ls&tied tr-' f tat mellt !lflliJ'l9 lour Ie darB to continue to IJpl10ld 1he prindpta of liberty tho liu~Uorn h(dds dear as they pursue these ~ 5 i ble "or !hl (fe vaita~lng attaCk an AMen canl son. I'

P~vate111" ~bel1:arnm1ls me worried the 9tam-~ pede rot ' drl.· 5 eu nty ~m lmffljJle a::h rlshsd !madams'. ThaV ~",l· out scm af the pro~ . Is mal.inQ the rtuJlndcS already were conSidered and, IiBJ,ected by tlho g,Gvem1m nt ~ n ~ wake or the' 19,9S CHd'alilorna City bonrn b,~ng ....

,An Ap nl 19a5 los Angeles TIm8s ,polilmmedtatsly afte ft1 bombing 'found, 49 peli'CSnt of l110ss &unt&Jed th(nJg,h1 M; Woutd bB ·neoeSSBIJ' for the ,average pers.on ~D ~~e iUll50me cJ, jl ,lllbertl: 43 roenl dis. . . A foUow..up Ipcn, .. 1'1 montns later fo~nd finly 3D pe rcent ~II ttmughtclv i Uberties wourd have ~ III cmLCed "~' 6irmnt :said 'it was unnecessmy. - OdandO S8ntiooJI se,rember 1,3. 2001.

There t.M been, an to/lilBIEllight :c,f media articles ad statements 'S'lUggr-mil1g the gi, ing IJiP ofc.e-rtain clvH liberties j ust as th J i r genda requ i res, On Oc bali 26~ 201l1~ George Bush signed th_ mi~rnomc-d USA Patriot Act of 2100 'm 'I \'\-l1'ich U"BS proposed filJ~ days alter Ute tragedy. Just six " e~ ·s after the World Tmd~ was dutroyed.~ this bill wn.s passed. This is mlly El1TIa1'r im~. It is y intlatl), impDssib~e r?,. ~i I, Ito be cpnceived!. ~~ntb:~ debat~ and.passed tillS quickly, You _J mey already bad th bWl I \VIi'ticn befbre th . tragady OCA;wrred.

De b II e:nt1ancES D't ability of federal authoriti,e S [0 IS P ~hD"M. Inal'9 intenigenoo ~ nfOr .. matlon. biack Jll'ltemet Ul~e. s-malls and (SII phones laF'ui pmted U.S. borel· . - II DJsh Signs SY;ee~ . New .~ '~QCDmbatTmrmfism! RGufsm N9WS servICe, Demar 2,6. 200 1.

Lura Murph)~ of the Am' rffican Civil ibel'rt'ie, Umon mrted UJ tim'at, uticl~ ~~We cannot as, B n.adoo al-

_ .~.~e of th~ cary t:h.m~ about face _mc:ogrution is th It( I t ~ s noto~ OU9 fry wn] falb-fe, Y O~ m ,,gill be id n i_ fi ~d as a terrerist 'beeam~th e mach~lJ1e m de a m is!ta.k£,.

Sam B of th 9 um:hest defi ~ers of Irn.dl,dum nJ1ht~. most notably the ,AniJeTi&sn ClVjl rtie 'Um,on s'@ feJ' have Illesn sHeil! 011 U18 IUU~. The org ~.imtiD.n fbrtJada Ita offiCIis oom pu~ (ely specu~a n9 ~Bl week on POSSlD~B fIIUBJIt




the r in In-




I [ ;98 ChiniquJ !cOM') pan:s th d it '11 e",

,l-UJj'll~n th two],.


4~. ' " 'm:E!1iC:an 100 • I ' on leawEl's every

man fm to Ne God accordJ ng to Lh ',d da\fI, Dr h1s I.' n enc ~ but d1'_ Chu . h of Rcme declare that no man has _ 81 had such ,a ri . htl and at, e



lal theory of' 0 government Bt:1:d of all papillar govemme avo rywtlere, ........ RJ rd nom~i nJB P~p q and ths Civil PoW&t:, quo~d n Fifty YeatS m the IChU~1 af ROO1e. p. 2B5.

~f' ICa1holics aver gain a slllidunt nume cal mBJOI'1i~ in ~15 tfJ!J:n.tfy. ren;~ous freedom R at ani

. nd ......... 1h Sh9phsmofths ~ my" offrclalJournsl ofthB Bishop of st. leu 9, Novem'ber 23rd.1 SS1,

The d~s . ctlo of he W rid Trad Center and lhe

ch~glmQtion ofth~ M~ buildi1?8 in Ok'luoma City were pl,MUled events for the specifie PUfJJO~ of'clea!l:mg" rror in America that erieens, in fear. \ Oil d giv a-YJDy£heir Comniumnnal ~iberties mt~ freedom~. The J8s-wli! phm is;g e; '. m,e'lY we~1. Wiifl poli-

~ci.aJw, schools Md co~le,ies.. dmc media, and Ibig eorperation s ~I!I ~heif ttands, merica iii 0010 '. rapid II)' defeated

by the enemy wi1him-u, ~ I

As American lJiOOpS pMpIU"ld to do battle w1lthoo _1Ctreme MM~cm fl ~tion in fpan i ,1MI)U8A TOd8.Y quoted die Presfden'l as saying. tU;his adm'nnistration a'S I'8idyiog a CFwlJlk ,llghut terrerism." I(U It Toda;y~

eptembcr t~, 2011.) .. ~

Ii. CfU sade? Crusades were Catnol ~c holy wars

fought during tleDwit Age'S against Moslem hordes whQ refllllSed to relinquish Jerusak m LO the pope. ~l til G ~c 'B~ "h ~ Wfl. by a eru sad '1.A lberto RjfV~~l an £X,-Jeslll pnes~ m h.~5 crnsade1!" senes, bas made' d e leM' that she ali can created Irs,lam to dcstIiO,Y Cl:tristian end Jew I pmt>sct Rom - Catholics, and ~D ca]p"" lure JettU8.lem fO~ me [pope. For the firsl fll!\V hundred years of I k. istepoo, ~slllm did jusa til L When ~~t

me' ~m,e ror t!a plwurfu ge em s of tI,e 1 II~ IIC armies 10 surrender Jorusafcftl to the pope. they. rea]lrzing thejr,o\Wf', refiuood !toD.give jl~ ~~IhE: pnpaey cro.alJed die Crusa e:s to tfnve me lslaml.£. rorc" out of JBrusnletliJ~ mad 8Stab1i··h ttl tlimJll ofdle pope ~n Jerusatern.

5)tii~ llte CotISlitutiorn of the U'm!ed S1mes uBmas(he right re _ Bf1IIJbody to punish any Icth8r fOl'cTffenng from rnm In religion;' bLIt me Ctn.nth c1 ,Rio me says tlB ,she has 'l11e nghl, to po nlsm wtItI Ule ctJrrfiscal10n of lneiJ gfJO~s. ~f' the penalty cl de.ath~ thC5~ who diler In fa'i~~ 1fmfiIn the paPB.

erm. The U 11 Red ,StatiS tla\re es1abllshed ,sdloof& ,all ave diteir immense b~mtMes. ~. they In'lilte U1e ,people" tol S iild fle~r chi oren ~ Olaf • ey may' CUUWilfe Ulef.r Wntenlgence '8 nod become ,good and ~sefu clmns. Eiut tim Cnureh Qr Rome has pUD~dy cun:ed n Olo e.chtml, . I aJid rnmlden the co chUmern to attend Ilem ~ under pain of'

\m6I1tft u nlGatton In this wol'ild and dam naUo - in. the ne)CJ't

~. '111 ConatiwU'M e'f'!h United state Is baledl MJ tile priin-d,ple 'itlS' the peap_o ara the' prlrTl8JJ' source of elllO~VU POWIH ~ 8 W h1lll1dreds of

e , Ihe Churr1l Qf Ron has Iproclaimed U"lat dills priJil'cipfe Is impious and her-etical Shel Sliys thai all govemm m must rest upon the foundatiorn of8te Ca'~DI iG . _ ith; with Iha pops alone as the legrlimafe and UlfaUj hie S~UJfCe' and jnte~r of tho' -'1W. - Ilhi. p. 284.

e sa that the ,President ofLhe 11J nitc.d, 'Stat@s, declar in ill W,£Ii,h~ngtoD TImes ~h 1 he is going 10 ebey th pope. if.:)o!, he must des~ '~h ComS11tlltian. In the aftem Mh of 1!ie destrueti BfI1l 6f the Worl d Trade em ... te Bush mtas apparently been Iolluwing Ute pope's ngenda 10 the i~ctblr~

Noth [rIg :~s pml net'llian that. If the pri1!ldple-s of the church offiorme prewar! here. our IC'OnShtuticlil eu d fan. The fiNO Ie;)JlllO'l exlsttogethe • il"hey are In o,pen ,and direct antBgonl s m wm, Ole funma_m " ..

- RISl'S





And I ttl 00 ..... - Rev,ulj

ing up ollt I


sawest~ - . e m.W d ton 17:115



MeU t - ear1h; d he s~keasa

BE beast coming up 0 [Of m ncms lik' 1- D, B ' - Rtnlelatfo I ' 13: 11

Th r ' is . st.


- premu dignity the. pmpmt~ speaJtlng, he has

not Ii1 e - til shed in n)' ri~ Dr 01 n~ty,

raflherhas been pJa-ced UJQrI eveF'y 5L11mm tofaU ranks of d i;rrlties. -~. !He Is J I kewise th.B "Hie ~"arch and sup.rum8 IBmpemr d king of ill ~ lience ~e Pope IS crowned With i[t tri pie crown. as King of Ha en aM ,of Earth - of the ~ Regions,...... tl Fsmms.Pmmp aa, flalilecs, voI1!Jme t9 i PI'. 438, ,442.

fmr lhoo a.11' ttte !;hepherd. U:1ou art

l~. thou ,art the busnandm an; 'firnall:y. thou art BOOth r God en - ttl h IMaJ'C8IlMEfs Ora'llon in Ile Rftb Latoran Co IInei jl I "session J. D. ansi, Sscmrom C'OOc{lJol1Jm.~n Co/}lJet 0, volurn sa, col. 1E1 1. translated

111 po I I &UprBm JIJdg _ of _ law 0

the lanfL r He is 111'8 \llceg ~- nt of 'Cnris11 0 I

nCd G _ya PJrlest fore V eIN tmtaLso KIM of king5 and Lord of lord!L - La CMl/a CgHoIrcB. M' Nthl '~flt 1 B7 I" q~oo ~ n LeooaJid WOOooy Bacon, An Insid V; w 01 rh8 'lIB - an Coon _ ,AIl1!iI can

Timet' Sod ty, p. 2.29, _

Let us GtdlSJ SDn~ 0 rIlle names appJied to Ckisl

~n UJ~ Scripmes nd if ~courd pas Hbl pplyro

th po-; ,~mjgbty' ~od.. Creator, vier, ChriS\ Lord ,[ Holy" Kmlg 0 kJimpJ nd Jle\.ren:nd" W t could

more bl' hemo s tJum rOf man ,0 chum M)' of

th~e liE I ... cs? An~ h~ open~ his mcuth m bb..~phemy - gru,lJ5U God. . ~. (I.e" elarion Il :6).

The ba,1;e quet DIe 0 er III D:5Jlhemy. Jh Raman Cadtiolic po f i ttil fim beast orR v' lntion I]. Rev. -larion I] : 1 wlls us lihal L'Th _ dragen gaye h ~m h"

P ar d his and g ~ 41uJnlrlty~~· Who is Lh

dmg,Dll dmt we til papacy her power and tflulhorit}?

'J'll 11ib ~ tells usthtd lbtdragon lisS~ Ihcdevil.



And he greB~ dragon was esst out tilat old

,58f'P8n~ caB ,D vi II n d sa n, 1ch

d'aceiveth the _ " world~ was ea ~'cut nto

the EWt.h!, and his ~B were CUI QU1, 'th m.

- RevelatiOn 12' 9 -

The devil himsetr gave the ,papacy wb power, i15 Ehrnn~ aad gnml - u on ~. The de 'rI i1 nm the pap C}. The d vi ~ is -Ih ene 'that te 5 her desooy I ibe I in the tanh. The de II is the I~Ul= lhat see to gain hemag. from arth's r.eemi'ns multitudes by ha\im& them bow' fo Ihc po 11ft" orRom . The kiM cfmma'! evernment 1tn~ papacy ran dtrougb tit . Dark AI is t kimld the d wi and me papacy ,mmotes im the earth ~m--

dElY~ At. tanie 0 mment bas Ilh thB 1_ h.:nstlcs:'

~ • 11 is IOODbtd~ed by a [eUiP it is dittBtonat

l~ It _ i\(ti DO freedom 0 ns pea 11: ..

]. i'Ljoins tb.1: ch urc h and t! !OVf!mment ,~cr.

4~ ~ l pc rseeut anyDri e whn m ., s aol eom ply.

Thm·tIle papaqr is die 'first PQy.~trOf Rne_at'i 1]

beyond quesue ~ Hawe"er. who IS me seeond pD\Yef

of Reve1ation 1]? e kn ~r that it rls 10, lh W m

Hemisphere and he had twu hems like a IrJmb. 8J1d II 5p te asa dragon C, erse 11). This veese .d IWBS ltm1 til governm 111 out lAm h-I i e, being f edcrn-

oviDs a~d j ust, but il CI9;ds up resc:mblin I B ~a m Si)1 OF· tan it govemm em,

The Bib~c lliU ' us' t Clui i (he Lamb.

1rhe nut day JIJhn seeth ,esus ~g unto him. and Itfli. Beho d 1he Lsft1' af Goo1·' jdl

tB e" BllSy sin Of the wortd ......... Jotin 1291•



1. lt is, a government of t 'e people .. by the ople,

wuJ ror dI people. '

- ,the churchd fI ov rnment S I ", 'm .


_d h . m _ I


HD . wi] .

_ veals papal ............. iI. ....

how ' C 4p


-d resnen foUo


~n d m;

wee .,






in th' t~N 'WDild .. ', ene side wiU 'k the ~at bulk of hurnani y,aligned _ fth the ,Jegjts ofthu:. VI ieo in dil- . belllon oga~mt die God ofth ~niverse" The Q,t:i;rlr lTOup wi ~ l be a much SfmU\ 1 r r grc up consisting of th~se whQ love Gad and ~ ,ALl. of His, , ... ments, Th . t dividlim,g limo; will beOVI- r'the T~n Commmdrm eOt$, speeifi ea I my th I!' lou rih eommandmen~th£' SlIlbbatn comm.andment

Whi£h 9ide wwll you be ,on?' ._ ill YDU eaibrace du~ pa~j 5 alrim am go 1. Sumdy DbKrvUUJ~ fJf" rj 11 you embrace the areat' sip ofGDd ~ s porwe:r '~ Cleatm an d 'M red m = til e . 'Il~nlh-da~' SliItrlday obse rYM s, homag to ~h !. p=' ad to the Jesuits of the Va ~ can, wi 11 I ead A rneriCl Wild da~n dJ 'world tol d ev,QI,aljon 8Jtd ruin; whenms Sab bath observ8D~ \-~hieb

presents total ubmFsslom rro God's commands" iiU Imd to GVJl:ri!amng life witb the loN Jesus Chri st,

If ny mBn ,rsh p beast Ith Cs'UrloUe

eh Ll'rch] and hieS image I and receiVe Ird'S mark [Sunday abservoncal n his rmeMH. or I n his Iland. The same shall dffnk ef lh "n ,orlm Wl'3th C" Ga~1 wtriw is pourOO Qldt withou1: mlxbJre i"to the !Cup IQf hi Ii mtOg,n lion: am!l he shall be termenteCii wi, I fire arlO] blil m~one i1ll thl pr-e nee of Wle holy angels, arm In the presence of the Lamb: - Rev IIfJI on 14:8. 10~

If you w(!uJ1d I ~kt more, in rO~81ion on till, ~ rnble MId e~;i.any _e book of Rey~J mon~ 'please \WIle to the addfiess 'below foJ' your fret: boo1 "

TllUTII' TRlfJMPI!MNTMlNU~ ,. O~ 80x ~ m1

Bust~ TO F 32127


The United States Is In mure danger today than she has ever been,

,A, s ec r e t tie r r or is, t organlzatlon has been

'W: ,-:-- '0- _ r -- k I~ n g- I W' -~"I·, t h I'·' n t 0- I

,II , ,'~ , _ , __ ' __ , __ ' _ _ '_ ,,__ '

I . - .

destroy Amer ica, its,

Cunst i tut ion , and everything for which

she stands .' This, beok gives all the details, and shows how far 'this,

: terrorist organization 11 ,a,s, b e e n ab le to p ro gre s s in, t he d e st r u c t io n o f

Am- - eriea

I' : ; I 1:-

.,.; "-~ - - - '.'

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