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THE NEWTOWN PIPPIN FAMOUS OLD-TIME APPLES, STILL CAPABLE OF BEING GROWN IN REGIONS THAT ARE SPECIALLY CONGENIAL TO IT. HE tusanat Neroun Pin, which Alte herman, stn De wate acto te epiepeuing oof th Unie imac eee fine op nd Nore Cal td pr Hiei tied Calan ope, Sakae itso Reise act ieceely ee Sa opel, Coxe; cummed Chale, Cog ts fora long time went by the name of the 'Ger- and bewcer keeping quality, Both sorts are ex- grafts. There is little doubt that the first ag carscuey egitth Soterd Bae eek ees me se eae Sey ne atte hi rely ele of aces ONE OF THE

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