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0921 (al <2 a AN (505) 344-2500 + 2901 Candelaria Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107 (on the grounds of the Rio Grande Nature Center) summer clinic hours: winter clinic hours: May - August September - April 7 days aweek Monday to Saturday 9am tos pm to 1 pm closed on sunday injured or orpaned birds Put it in a cardboard box with a lid - Immediately! It is very important to tape the lid shut. Do Not Use A Cage - complete darkness is essential. Do not poke holes in the box. The bird can breath just fine as enough oxygen will come through the seams. Do Not Put Food and Water in the box. More than likely the animal is in shock and will need proper care before food and water can be offered. Place the box in a dark, warm (room temperature), quiet place, The animal can remain this way for several hours, even overnight. Do not leave the animal in your vehicle during Spring and Summer months. The animal will overheat and die. Call us at: (505) 344-2500 Listen to the phone options very carefully and follow the instructions. Ifyou choose to leave a message: 1. Describe the animal 4, If possible, how it occurred 2. Where you found the animal 5. Date, time, your name and phone number 3. If possible, describe the injury AWRINM representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible to instruct you on where to transport the animal. small mammals Please use extreme caution when approaching and securing the animal. Always protect yourself with heavy duty leather gloves. Follow the instructions listed for birds, with one exception. Use a secure container like a cage, kennel, or heavy duty box. Do not forget to tape the lid shut. Drape your kennel or cage with a towel or sheet to provide a dark stress-free place. large mammals Deer, bear, cougar, etc. - contact New Mexico Department of Game and Fish at (505) 841-8881 (Do no transport it to the Wildlife Clinic). reptiles Please use extreme caution when approaching the animal. If you have no experience differentiating venomous reptiles from non-venomous, do not handle the animal. Call Albuquerque Animal Services for removal at: 505-768-1975,