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CA Drought Contingency Plan-public Review Draft-081010

CA Drought Contingency Plan-public Review Draft-081010

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Published by: groksurf on Aug 08, 2010
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Water transfers are the sale of water from areas with excess water to areas in need of
water. This voluntary change in the way water is usually distributed among water users
is often in response to water scarcity. Many water transfers become a form of flexible
system reoperation linked to many other water management strategies including
surface water and groundwater storage, conjunctive water management, improved
conveyance efficiency, water use efficiency, water quality improvements, and planned
crop shifting or farmland fallowing. These linkages often result in increased beneficial
use and reuse of water overall and are among the most valuable aspects of water
transfers. Transfers also provide a flexible approach to distributing available water
supplies for environmental purposes.

The 2009 DWR Drought Water Bank is an example of the use of transfers in responding
to drought (see below section for further discussion on water transfers).

Please see the recently released 2009 California Water Plan update for additional
information on the above strategies (www.waterplan.water.ca.gov/cwpu2009/index.cfm).

California Drought Contingency Plan

Public Review Draft


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