The issue at hand is whether questioning of the government makes a society stronger.

This issue is important because one of our society’s goals is growth and beneficial development. I advocate that questioning the government is the better option because it is the catalyst towards growth and development. Questioning the government is not only preferable, but also mandatory, because people make the government, and people are corruptible. It is common sense to say that a person without means of verification and correction shows less efficiency. For example, a worker with no supervisor will tend to become unproductive. Because people constitute a government, it is logical to state that it can become unproductive, and less efficient. Furthermore, questioning the government is better because it represents a strong base of progress. If people are questioned, they tend to improve. For example, whenever we try to change something about us or about our activity, we begin by asking ourselves questions. Thus, verifying the government will ensure our society’s progress. Based on this statement, questioning the government is a better option than not doing so. Finally, I think that questioning a government is the right choice because it is the only way to find better choices for the positions in the government. The society is changing and evolving, therefore it is logical to find the people suitable for government. For example, my country has been ruled for 50 years by a dictator. This longevity brought chaos and destruction. I prefer questioning the government over an absence of such a behavior due to the need of change at all levels in our society. In conclusion, I feel that questioning the government is the correct choice. I believe this because it is the only way to ensure our society’s goal: development.

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