The Cloud ReCkoneR

is the inflection point where the conscious and the ecstatic collide. Spanning more than a decade, this hybrid collection of poems filled with leaps and questionings traverses a terrain where metaphor is the map. The language is audacious, challenging, and ironic. This range of poetic forms reveal amazing and sometimes hallucinatory imagery; this is a fusion of ecological visions and prosaic abstraction that resists any conventional tagging. In The Cloud Reckoner, the pathologies and joys of reprieved existence are depicted via everyday epiphanies. In these writings is an eclectic alchemy, an experimental exploration, of the thought and imagery that upholds the regeneration and love one finds in the world of the transmundane.

MaTT hill grew up in the Santa Clara Valley of California,

a descendant of ranchers and farmers. In addition to The Cloud Reckoner, he has edited a collection of quotations: Extracts: A Field Guide for Iconoclasts. He continues to live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, pursuing projects of metaphorical significance.