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152Strike City Road

Leland, Ms 38756
P. O. Box 166 • Benoit, Ms 38725
Phone (662) 686-2560 or Cell (662) 588-9383


Mississippi Delta Community College Moorhead, MS
Major: Heating & Air Conditioning Degree Earned: Two-Year Certificate
Dates Attended: August 2005 to May 2007
Selected Courses:
Basic Compression Refrigeration Electricity for HVAC/R
Fundamentals of Microcomputers Tools and Piping
Réfrigération Sys. Comp. Commercial Refrigeration
Professional Service Procedures Controls
Air Conditioning I & II Heating Systems
Heat Load & Air Prop. Refrigerant, Retrofit, and Reg.

Greenville High School Greenville, MS

Graduated: June 1990
Degree Earned: Diploma

•1 Ability to work in engineering departments or private firms to install, maintain, and
operate small or medium air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems
•2 Ability to work in a commercial organization performing special tasks relating to
designing ductwork, assembly, installation, servicing, operation, and maintenance
of heating or cooling systems according to the standards of the American Society
of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc. and Air
Conditioning Refrigeration Institute (ARI). Included are air conditioning, heating,
and refrigeration devices; equipment, techniques, and systems; and maintenance
and operation of these systems
Additional Certification: EPA Certification: Universal

Shaw High School
Shaw, Ms
Dates of Employment: July 2009 to March 2010
Job Title: Janitor
Fresenius Medical Care Cleveland, Ms
Dates of Employment: January 2008 to February 2009
Job Title: Bio Med Technician

Farmers' Grain Greenville, Ms

Dates of Employment: September 2007 to October 2007
Job Title: Unloader

Sears Greenville, MS
Dates of Employment: March 2005 to May 2007
Duties: Package pick-up/Warehouse

Subway Greenville, MS
Dates of Employment: January 2005 to February 2005
Duties: Sandwich artist

Manpower Greenville, MS
Dates of Employment: June 2004 to November 2004
Duties: Shipping and Receiving


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