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scl~;~) tists In 1971 on the Pinta island, (__:;eorge has spent m.aJ."'1Y years

life at the Charles Darwin Research Station on the island of SaI1t!!. Cruz

. '.

to COB!]nUe rus ge;t,e

these years. If an

:2 C ~.l 0 ~ $ $. ~ e t\ \f 2 O 0 7
• ~ , " the writer, her selection of quotauons creates the overall argumem of her article. the selection of auoranons that Gilbert uses, I fed as

system. Because of writing style, if one were to replace the

quotations used with ones in

of the grading system, it would alter the overall article. My favorite observation that Gilbert made

first came to this school, I was surprised

Crossroads' to-

to body Senior

Roth's - quote that "tattoos [had] to be something that you [wanted] to be a part of forever" made me understand why some teenagers would spend money to go to tattoo parlors and be will-

to withstand the pain and the time necessary to heal. I particularly

Senior Marushka Mujics explanation of

her tattoo, which the

most important

can with

alter their

appearance symbolic tattoos that hold signlnca.t<"jt in their If people plan their tattoo designs and make them lH<:eJ.HU~'ful, to their I can understand the


I lTIU;~t admonish

not to modify their bodies because


fui Although tattoos can' be removed nov {a··

-; ~,

permanent aocu-

Eventually, you

I've come to realize regretting your immature

decision. Statistics show that 50 ~~ of

to have

more resolution to the

the article ends, abruptly wrth one unquote. On the other

that's Gilberes intention, I do like how the ending quote sums up the 'whole idea of the article.

the idea the student's

pressure on the kids.

cle was a very thank you very much for includ-

with tattoos "wish that

have it· removed.

, ,

now leans to nerve

removal of site lTI2.y cause skin

if the hole has closed up.

""'-"J'-".!lC"C",",'VH of timely e.tnergency aid because of the existence of extraneous in your body. hold a specific

to your heart, do time and money on tattoo that you can look like ether appear fearless and COOl. 'These reasons illustrate the


for body art.


11 .. )( 1::0 say that the article "Has not well not believe chaz it was consists of

oe some


and without the ream effort none of it

are very

don't get me ¥lrong) that get all of rJ1(: and.all of the

or !i:n' achievements that other team

members see as a team

thoughts may seem selfish, but my intention, I would like to repeat, is not to put down my other team or to bash the writer of this article, but I do believe that all who pllt in work should reap the benefits.


V1h.en I picked up a copy of the brand new I through the vibrant glossy pages in amazement, As my eyes scanned for an arfound themselves stopped on

Crichton's article "How to Deal

it discusses the children stepmothers) want in the house and which ones do not.

only the ones I The art by Hannah Hahn drew me to article as well. I feel that the art pol'·· trays the


in a humorous

do not have a step-

of how you .. as ~U1 edithe best articles} th~~.t relate fa ~}Jl students,

Crichrons article

-lication to address issues that a.te

J.1Ent to :aJl students,

~ r 0 f!! ~ f f e l~ y i-"p o (\ '7 ~~
s: ~ .. ~ I

e have all been told countless times' that it's what's counts and that our appearance is a surface level define who we are, or how

on the inside that and does not

However, based on our

it seems such

are there to

comfort you, to sugarcoat the harsh reality. First impressions matter, and the way you look does effect the way strangers see YOll. People do judge you based on your appearance, and will treat you accordingly. Assumptions will be made at first sight, and

. .

it seems that a lot of the time, people will not bother to get to know your personality

if you look or dress a certain way.

~~ ttl test UJ!1S h(Jw}?et'1Jie treated us b,qsed

on our assumed WiJtl.ld men in the .

grocery store pay attention to us if we were wearing

suits? 0 • Does it really iHiUl

tnst-toeetber we look?m "

_f. b

We wanted to test was how

\X/ould the men in the store pay attention to us if w« were ''''A''''.''

suits? Would the man up the change I if I was

stead of a dress? \Vould the women still stare us down in the grocery store if we wore

more conservative clothing? Does it really matter how we look?


I~. \{

2 007

Ii" e

clad Senior Dana Harris (FAR LEFT) /;{!d men falling over tbenselues in the aisles the site of a social experiment pedrmned 'Gy Harris and Senior Taylo?' Crichton.

Crichton received less results because of her business ensemble (MIDDLE), arid

Harris fared even worse with her outfit (FAR [([CRT),

TI!;ST NUMI1,!l1{ 'I: DANA

I walked into the \v/hole Foods in Brentwood wearing a short dress and boots. The women did not try to hide their disapproving stares, and the men what they were doing so their eyes could uncomfortably follow me down the aisle. A five-dollar bill that I "dropped" Was returned to me all five times. PJl five times, it

was a who returned it.

'l'~ST Nl!MB~i( 2: lAnOI

I went to the same 'XThole Foods as Dana wearing a black skirt, it button down blouse, and a suit coat. TIle women's faces no longer told me I was doing something wrong as had to Dana, and I even got several compliments on my shoes and purse. I didn't feel like prey down the aisle. A few of the men in the store actually started conversations. This time, when I "dropped" the five-dollar it was returned four out of the five times, and this tirne three of those were 'Nomen.

rssr NUMI!lER 3: DANA

Once I ventured to the Brentwood Whole Foods. this time I had messy smeared makeup, a wife and a Hannel shirt on. The women

once gave me disapproving looks, and some even seemed to usher their children

away me. 1'Jo one started conversation, and no one followed ruy every move,

This time, my five-dollar bill was only returned to me once, the other four times, another shopper merely pointed at the to indicate I had dropped something.

'-.T "

rseecness to

I got a different responSCa

If there's anything to learn from this, it's just to be aware of the fact that people

are always going to judge you, and are always and

treat you based on how you look and what wearing. You may be a

hard-working, and moral individual. But if you present yourself in a man-

ner that suggests else,

'Co me than the color or lny fence, Neither of these scenarios are what 1




\Ylhat ;:0 have a

think Everyone wants IS with SOnleODY~

who cares, who wants the same

do and is


~ l ~ ~~ i ~::~ ~

nove obcnconec Tria ocvs or dmner one]

a movie to match our fclst=paced lifestvies

r:fices if need be



tbrus, di-l~ttli cameras,

"" .

'j "/11"1

ana s s tenes, we


. . '

can meet those requIrements.

the old-fashioned

do not

the of

tolerance tor «ettin« tn

":",,",,: .. fi ""f";1 .b~-"'" '» ;;Ie ..,.'"

kntlW each other. .. N


to want a fence around a rracthouse (\VO kids and a husband who cernes home every afternoon I'm home." This isn't the relationship 1 want. But hooking up with a men' stranger at a kickback doesn't lead to the relationship I want either; having no more

dinner and a movie. Maybe isn't a miracle pili, but there was a time once when just sitting down and talking was enough,

COuld provide the learn about another perare and what they

It possibility to son, who

hey tel! me

is dead.


1 ve

missed the era of the


V/311t to be. The date gives a moment in time to observe, and through that, a sense of vulnerability evolves. Vulner-

is necessary to a relationship, to

allow the to shift from being

means I missed the awkward blind

meeting and blase but also the

conversation, for a glimpse The date gave a into a relationship yet to come, what conversations would sound like, feel like, and the basis of a rapport between people, It offered a chance to see if she blushes from his smile, how he responds to her laugh: a possible insight into the future of the relationship,

may have died because people became too skilled at wining and

dining, because used the date as a

chance to say what think the other

person wanted to hear instead of utilizing it as an instance to create a bond, Or perhaps in our modem world, people have lost their for learning about one another. In a time of driverhrus, digital cameras, and i'Iunes, we have no tolerance for to know

each other,

Many find it easier to go on a group outing, deflecting the nerves and anxiety attached with being with someone new. dates can sometimes evolve into an awkward and uncomfortable situation, serve an undeniable purpose. Dating allows people to

define their wants and

needs, ultimately enabling them

to find a partner

VIt h 0


2 007

If21 social arrangement, :;Tlay nor seem to harbor a "social class system," it does, Most Crossroads students

the boundaries that from the rest of the

Sophomore Klein says,

"I would say the of rny best

friends I have been friends with since five? You would think after such

the sa me

would get

~ ~,

never GO~

friendships developed elementary and middle school tend to mostly because on shared interests and certain levels of comfort kIf 8th graders advanc-

ing into school.

Freshman Olivia Marder has had

come C"

vue says,

"1 carne [to 7th g"ade, and my friends and I became friends on EOE" And I met friends from

and our sense of humor and the

we have in common IS



r ' ~ } T

my rnencs ana 1

friends since pre-school and

ten, "\jle've friends because there

1$ DO reason to stop

never got into ~n-y or any

·We all have shared interests like in sports, rap music, and fighting.j~

Sophomore Boozan says his

friends have remained friends because all like video gan41cs. 'Yet, he did

not come to Crossroads until grade"

have solid

I-Ie says, \r,'\X"fhen I C2.Hl.e here 1 had to find new friends. I first carne to '11,V,,.>1Ua.U>

bunch of

a~ each table and no one moving from table to table.') So axe Crossroads

ethers. She says, cr·I don't think ~n.y grad.e will ever mesh. \ve have 3

I've been here since

seniors break

boundaries and often have

Life SkiDs

trip is to honor this time in a senior's life when they are out in the brave new world and tc provide them with a they can have

It ~,~.'''.~.''c

is such a success, ¥rhy not have it earlier? The 9th' retreat was introduced in 2004, when the

current 11 th SCbt00L The


focuses on forging relatiobetween .incorning Ireshmen and as well

been like that.;"

~ :J!f

."1;:g.~''i.,r.~prejitr a cl~:dse·=

knit group (}ffrieful,,~ and

Marder agrees, She says, "Although it seems like it's gotten less cliquey> I think it still is,"


he IS

as buildling

,. ,

between the

""iIling to branch our, he still tends' to stay within his inner circle. He says,

G(fH out with everyone, it's

that J have the most fun with rny main group of friends."

even bother ,. .. vith others FIe says" "I go to other tables. but I don't go to SCHne

tables there."

some of whom are entering the Crossroads environment for the first time.

Bloch says, "The purpose is to pro-

vide an of bonding and to

see what's ahead 111

. ,

Its a


when students

start to.become friends with

would least expect to befriend" become closer with

the grade as a whole )',',,,,_,,"U r closer-·k .. nit.

Senior Alex

bookend IS ar the

It's absolutely all effective

Many people found the trip provided just another to break into their individual grot!ps. Cal Brisbin says, ({j\Jenjoyed my didn't think that I made ;?,.ny new friends

lacked the serious tone and small size that Ojai boasts.

'TIle Life Skilh does

VV1nt to


and 1






it IS generally too dHncu.h to

schedule due to time constraints,

want to parts of the Life

Skins curriculum for those


in me

contexr of the school year, in attCfl1pt to break. dOVVE the walls students build up between each other,

p ..,
C ,~ 0 ~ S f e
"" > 2007

his year, Student Council is takProm back to its retro roots by holding the event in Crossroads' Grisanti Gym. In ,JJ of Crossroads' history, Prom has never been held

in a gym, but at a hotel ballroom, nightclub, or other off-campus space.

students were by the sudden of plans. The event was moved from the Music Box at the Henry Fonda in HolIywood to the gyrrl because Student Council wanted to save the money to

r~ip grDup Dilated Peoples are confirmed to Student Council wants to get a world renowned

artist" to get

Dogg, but he will be in Miami, and are Even look-

now though

ing forward to the performer, they are

a little put off the location

C~Ut:LJ;U'.V because they have to pay to go to the school's gyrIl.

Junior Zach says, "I'm

about it, I'd rather' go to a nice It's kind of lame that we're

I fee!

It's kind of·L~nt?jr

~ r ~ i §" ~ r A y 2 r" 0 7 -
"" ~ ~ \~/ ,1 gyn1;1 and will be taken from the basketball court IfHO a lavish rcorn, comotete with curtains, balloons) cen-

~NO stages, a and other

decorations in the theme of red. Also, 'NiH he free.

The event will take

d .~,

ay, a ... notner Offbeat move.

there will be no school the

with night" on a day


Senior Sara says,

think that it's a disappointment because Prom is supposed to be something that is in a venue outside of school. But at the same time, they can money on and better pointment initially because said. they moved Prom to a Sunday because they Vier;,; trying to get this

venue and 50 had to change

plans, and then now we fed like all of that was a waste of time."

For 5G£1"lC

• y

1110r izaac


that campus] so i guess


y ... Te~H·

res a

ernentary school there.

pay usually goes into hotel, but this ""vay it's a decision and it will feel a Prom should be."


the way


Pollack says .. ~'I :Uke

11. how it's like old-schcol Prom in the gyin} you don't hear abo~l"t this kind Dr

YrOITl anymore. Prom in the gym will be f.~.Hl as as I can wear 1 need to "year heelsl"

i .



in a will be able to "Ill lear fancyshoes.

b SfJlnuel Wtlgreicn . . . . . . .

=-" .- ~~ ... ~:;"~~~~~-~-=,,.~~

I was by rhe Ralphs manager, a and

a security guard while the Ralphs stairs to ground level, TIle manager ex-

plained that Ralphs would be towing all Crossroads students' cars, unless removed immediately,

What spurred our neighbors to finally take action? Acting Head of Upper School David Olds says, "Ralphs felt that there was a fair amount of student misbehavior going on over there:' And as all of us who there know this was true. It was common to hear the of tires, loud rap music, and shoming,We left trash and cigarettes between parking spaces, to show ,my common courtesy; yet most of us still expected to have a free parking spot every Olds also states that there

was an alleged account of students on cars.

The manager he h.2.d

met with [Crossroads} and didn't fed the need to discuss the matter

any iurrher.

"1\ fairly valuable got burned and it will probably take a little while to reo

pair that one," says Olds. \'Virh the demolition of the 22nd Street Edison


could not have come at a 'Norse time.

"Next year is going [0 be prett)' hairy for parking .. .it's to be worse," says

Olds. But as we all should have we have no one to blame but ourselves.

!8l ~ T ~
I ~ i
I i
i!l iii; ~ In


latest fret1Cis for


ttoscate "vests/de bout/que featuring

of the structure for the duration of an entire

of scaring -otT students for good. and towed would routinely send students in to a panic. confirmed.

f' ". - ,

or cars being boo rea

These rumours are yet be








.s I



r· ~ i

ns In



In 2007, the Facilities Department plans to begin building a second story for the 22nd Street lot. The goal of the project is to relieve Alley's congested situation. The lot will allow the school to plant more grass, or to expand

the areas. While these alternatives may sound attractive, construction will -

shut down the 22nd Street lot until January 2008, 70 parking spaces. Director Gayle is trying to find another lot nearby that the school can rent out until the 22nd Street jot is finished. Adding to the conundrum is the fact that as of June 1, Ralphs will prohibit Crossroads students from using its parking garage "CAUGHT IN THE ACT," r, 7). Although Taylor sees VVl"'!''''" environmental benefits in the lack of parking spaces, she realizes most students not able to abandon the luxury of being able to drive themselves to school.

this reason, the possibility of a shuttle that would '-v.''"w''u,,~

\./ 1

~'Il!ll'~!iM"·f!. for what. I dtl, r?

'VOlleyball pla~

Cabaret Shov.J

EMMI Chamber Orchestra

6:00 Plvf-- 7:00 PIlI,


Last for Seniors

Senior Book

Back, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Cadena Gard[~ns

Senior Breakfast, 8:00 AM: -

AM:, Cadena Gardens

Senior Awards Assembly, 8:45 AM - 10:00 AM, Basketball Court

Last Day for Faculty



2 00 ?

i e

oren rves ocen to


b"" r~'t'f;J;"· Pt~dIr!G~

~-.~;""';;X~_::~:;-:L~ _.~-_.=II" 57 . -:.'::~:~-=~~=-~~~~. ~~

Curator David Martino has

for approximarely four years. Martino says, is let people find out what a terrific collection it, is and rhar h}s a great here at Crossroads." 'Z1ppc:rls collected works

'W'o.r II and

of the

, can be taken horne or the '"""1",J[11,<10

inside of the room.

Crossroads' founder and Herbert


Music Chair Mary .AJ1.n Cummins on Va;:1C'ES 'works Music

teacher David sang H\Xlas I Dre2JI_~i1~g?') and the Crossroads i\dul-t (:;-:0·'

rus sang HD!l<::hau <J_ song written

a Naz! concentration C;?,.illF·. Cummins says, "Herbert's a man of

tor the arts, and dedication, to being a I-If said he wanted tn

leave a th8J: life was of some

(31m (310)


E;;;:pert <'r~i~~.;rir;g L~t~~cl;t s~~ Vg(~ Expre;}$ ¥~LP. 5~r~k~ f"i{i("'~JP Irh;;~V7:r:l~nAc~ Su~dE: ~ L~aili~r ": 'YJed~1~ng G;[)~~;n:)

'20(1 7





ue to Director of Upper School Liz Resnick's pregnancy, she plans to spend the fall semester away from school, ':X/hile she will work during to prepare for the 2007-2008 school year, "he will not be on campus until 1. Academic Dean David Olds will continue to serve as Acting Director during her absence next fall. Assistant Directer of the Upper Schoo! and Academic Dean Bernadette Boyle will retire after more than thirty years of service to Crossroads, but has agreed to delay the beginning of her retirement until 'Winter Break. IUter leaves, Olds will resume as 10th grade Academic Dean and Dean of Curriculum.

Boyle's impending retirement also means there will be a new Assistant Director of Upper School, effective january 2008. Dean of Students 'Y,3m Nolan will those duties to his current responsibilities, Olds' title will change to Academic Dean and Dean of Curriculum, giving him additional authority to work with departments to ensure the curriculum serves students as well as possible. Given the current structure to transition students aiter 10th to one of the Ll rh and 12th

deans, Olds would have been back to serve as dean for

his duties as Acting Director would prevent that. Current

Dean Michele Krauthamer will move (0 be the and 10th

of her srrong interest in with younger students. She will

this new position next falL Crossroads has hired a new

Academic Meredith Herrera.

Academic Dean

10th Grade Academic Dean'

e13~ ~$if(!l~~ k'3~, ~,Q~ A.'ltl~I~, CA, 9G-O~111 ~323) 4$1 SaGO

C!4~'?r~.4)~ O~~W~ ;;~ ED ~ 6 ~~ f$!~JfI,;q fI PM:JV OF 2. RND csr

~ .... ill



BRtNC1 iq OF J fiND qEi $20 O~f eACH (If<}

Ii' r1!R SiUI>SNTS SNRCl~teJ) IN l)!tfVEi'{'S SD i OA.IVER'S ED Or~LlNE $76

r e


2 007


UPPER SCHOOL OnlECTDll Liz f!.J:lSN!CK is due to have a


Soon) lJp:l-7er School

Resnick will tl1!tke the SUJitch front »arent ebone i' • tls to makine then

FiT> ~f.. } 0 ... {'" A:.-u;, . " ,· .. !to, ' "fl.

and her and her partner} Jan Nash, wanted a boy because "we are both kind of

tomboys and we if we had a

would be the

wore tu-tus,

A'i far as names go, they have a very dear idea (,f the name, bur are not disclosing, Resnick says, "\f/e have had a name fOr a boy that ,ve both so it was pretty obvious. Both my mom and my mom have passed so we came up

with a middle name that has the letters from both of their names in it. 111e

second middle name be our donor's surname+-so I can tell you that. It's Cole-

man, The last name will be Nash-Resnick,"

~ "The Spef!n

ford business school, where they both graduat.ed 20 years ago. He is

used to say, '1 don't care a or

is ~:. writer, Sf! she really wants a.: ~(tist. l-Ie'U. be wha; he is) ,~;i.) we'I' s:;_"'c/'

direction, 1 know

Rockefeller, ' which ali In the

whole and selt-sufiicienr. My dad used to say, 'You are a Resnick not a wanted to make sure' 'NC could rake care of ourselves as grov.{n-ups~ brothers and sisters and 1 do."

Nash and Resnick's 50D

it's the right fit for him. "Especially with what I'm

now [as Head of the School],

very impressed,"

All in she beams at the thought this new pel'son and can't wait to

find out what his interests will and what he'll love and hate. Resnick says, "I know

that there will be enormous gww1:h for both and I through this because it's

to be like nothing we've ever experienced and push us in ways I'm sure will

. (' .

IS rantasnc,





by D(an~ Ht;:!l'ris, tii1ar! SoioH

. gnd VOi1ess~ VaU@n


ponentially increased-the number of

at lunch. Publications,

JIM: Yeah, we only had Crossfire in '82. And as as at least the mid-'90s, I don't think there were dubs, or if there were, they were very specialized.

are you to miss the most

about Crossroads?

UUt~Y: The students.

ffiIll: Definitely!

i.ARUlf'f: motivated students. Some colleagues, like Arleen and Carol and

Halperin, Hos-

Morrissette, Arleen Weinstock ''!Ilii4!_"""fJfiII' are not returning in the 110 years of experience with them, as wen as personal understanding of Crossroads' philosophy, which they have brought into their classrooms for at least 25 years. They have helped Crossroads become the school it is today, and have made sure that it never lost its heart.

Over the last 25 Years, Halperin, Hosney, Morrissette, and Weinstock have become dose friends, and have shared many experiences mel. Y"lAlWO~~""'" many changes. Crossfire got them together to share their opinions and thoughts in the form of a round table discussion.

guys plan to

How ;:ouch? JIM: At least now, we all live in L.A. Arleen and I live pretty dose to each other

in terms tl.RlJ!~N: I want to take

film class at

API, when I'm in town, at least. CI~itOI.:We're going to have lunch. P.~UjlEN: Definitely lunch dates. We'll

the same book dub or ~VU"CU.HitD' 'Wbat was your favorite moment at the schools

.i!AA: There was a from the

Vi/hat do you think has changed most at Crossroads?

CAROl.: 111e size of the school as far as

students, faculty, the campus.

.11M: And the anxiety about into college, because it. used to be much, much easier, I think that gave students a lot more freedom because they could get in somewhere. Schools that were safety schools for them are now hard to get into.

ARU"IEN: In the old days, there was a bit


meant to be a """'-""_-·-."H~'

shoved Paul [Cummings] out of the. v/ay

was this It "vas

If you wanted to go

you could on

the teachers had to know how to drive a bus. It was a little bit

crazier in the days.

I also think it's of the

rn never LARifir: I think in my case, ies the special moment in the sense that ali of a

world that we're

There's just a lot


!.AIUflf: The number of zations over the past

it with each other. An.d I

I'm afraid some people who are showing

families around will arrive think

the whole place is chaotic. But that's when education is going on, when they start arguing about the topic, and I can go in the back and let them talk CA~O!,,: I think for me it's really when students get turned on to that's really exciting to them, Many of the students have continued past Cross-

roads into their careers

what they became F",J0'.V'.'''''.'at Crossroads.

A!U.lEN~ Sometimes when students come back for reunions a later and say, "You really influenced my life and if it weren't fin you I wouldn't

will be some

growth and ueveroprnent. as our society keeps evolving and lng it's reflected in the school. A~i.!EN:. One I hope as change occurs is that [Crossroads] doesn't lose the heart and 'the connections between

people. the growth of the size

of the still feel that there are

dose between students

and teachers and a lot of warmth between them. So changes OC" cur, I hope that heart doesn't get lost. JIM, I think it won't and it's because of students being able to call you by your name. That creates a very, very different atmosphere. On Wednes-

W'"eimto(.:k says, ... n.n~'£.e'f1I.r·iI? a "!flives

have gone to India." There's an awareness that vve really did influence a lot of



that comes



. ,

students HI

s: run into

moment to see "\Vhere do you see Crossroads growing from herei

JIM: For me, it has in the furure

,,-,.,. r'

rsut HI terms 01 ,'C,,,,,,,-,,w

past three to fDB_t years, it has been at a

the APs thai it

some very ex-

day nights, I'm students and

with graduate calling me Mr.

and it's weird to be because But I think it creates an that you really don't have

with any of the other

schools in


""~~Y1 The school has become estabthat's a bit hard to

structures are

think It's easy to academically strong, but the key to the

humanistic aspect of this

harder. hope the

through in

strong structures

past three decades,

the .huraa.nistic not be lost.

the doll

dawn, puts it ever his "1!v,.m""l, leaves. Irs

part of school

the lesson, I hope

its sense ofhumor,

:vrrnat do you hope you. 'SNiH be remembered as or fQ!'?

~~~y~ In lT1Y case, if I could remembered JS a

teacher, I'll be very


to the

I~H be rernern-

to connect the history with the present world and the issues that are !lOW im-

~"'-<C"""h unnecessary wars and involved in politics so ~Ne don't ever get in a situwhere the worse of

really fee! ~'j'v.'.'~'n have to take some.

'This is a re-

group but if they don't do

JIM: I agree with

my students will pursue their own education where they don't need me to read authors


can do it on their OV{l1 and

Years at Crossroads: 32 years. Favorite vacatien spot: San Fran-

sisco area.

Fciv€!>lrite Beth'~ Kitchen entree. The sushi.

Favorite lu.ndl. from home: Salads "I'm a salad

xw§ at Crossroad» 25 years.

Fnture more rime

with my husband, children and grandchildren and friends." Favorite vacation $pct: Hawaii at the Mauna Lani R ... esort,

Years at: Crossrcadss 25 yc~ .. rs. Future Relax, read, travel go to the Ma.rdi Gras in Sydney

Fusure p!ail.&~


ana U'~"t,H"''"

,.iIM: I for ten years at Westlake when it was still a


school and ten

years was maybe liked


F1lvorite vacation spot: "Northern California neat San Fransiscc and the ~1hitc Mountains in I>Je1;v


as well."

ten years

it so much

that it's over 20

hiS[OllYJ Ancient so many quesnons and life and-death." And The

dark chocolate." Favorhe Searbucks beV;orllil'::f;:

will be on my Tap 'Ien



their herbal ice

Firsr book he pia!i1~ ro rea-d ;n The Castle in the Forest Norman Ivlail;;::r.

Faverire Rim: IO.For years, it was Paths


Ai{i,si:i"!I: '::t!e were

Grahall! (~feene.

mitred for





and creativity."

a career

Renaissance "because of [he art

tea and the chocolate blended

19th century:

somewhere else. This was our



· ,

reves In

1 1


Senior Eden Orlando may not believe in God, but she does believe in some other realm of energy. V;7hile Orlando's voice may be she is not afi" to express her views. Whether writing short stories and poetry or getting inuoloed in social causes, Orlando a!wt1pft"nds time to be a voice for what she believes in.

What are your bo!}bilCSi'

I write poetry and short stories. I have about 350 poems and 40 short stories: just been cranking them out, I guess.

Have you written them >lJl in high school?

I started in Sth grade, a year after 1 L It was September 12 and I

started writing. It wasn't necessarily about September II, but I had to write.

usually write about social issues, or my past, or what I think about the world in conjunction to that, and my personal experience, and wants, and love,

I had a. realization that



want to be a writer, but that I want to become really concerned if I would make it and if my

because you have a lot of writers that

OIJ.t into the world ale both very

that can

tne contribute to

was in Animal Rights [dub]

got me

about my as a result of that. 'The

second is 9/11. I was in nev{spaper School, so we were all over

and everything. I started doing articles about it, And "Do you think we should go to the war or not?" 1 was actually pro-invading Iraq. Now, I

sort of got into being velY much anti-war, Last year, I was this film

Loose Change, which is part of the 9/11 truth movement, It's that 9/11 is a

conspiracy. I was king of getting into that. Then' this year, my fervor to convince everybody has dissipated, but I still believe that, made you 'YleU 1 think

evidence from the film

r W.·U,ViotUi\C coverage or

the war made n1.C get more into what on in the world. I mean). to each his

own, but I personally believe that. It makes sense else that's

ing, And even if you

and ':NPR and


about convincing everyone

I think it's kind of 11)), arc,

that and I knew all this stuff. Then about the especially

people." Everybody is so

in their

it's a lot more interesting when yeu wHI.

mom. said that she couldn't find a name" so she was looking in this baby book.

She found my name and she loved it. My dad Saine except rhar

he it. They had to put Alexandra in because we on our Polish side with

my mom name Alex or Alexander or Alexandra that is the first So, my

middle name is Alexandra, does your Miillfll1 do?

She's a muralist and a fine artist. Right now she's four months pregnant so she's not doing anything. She usually does children's murals and her fine art, did this

whole series on her mom. I can't really it. When I was we used to stay

up because I wouldn't go to sleep and blast Neil Young and I'd joke around with

help and everything, I was like or something, and be "this is this color should be,"


1. vc

sense to people, but it makes sense to me, I don't really believe in per se. My mom went to a psychic, the psychic was her all this stuff about our lives, People who died came through, and they were talking about personal things that are to my life, So it W;lS very odd to me, I that there is something, not even the glorious heaven or

that, but some kind of or field of energy, since we're

all made of energy, that we can tap into. But you can't believe everything the

might be projecting for their own life or they might not even know what they're about. there are weird things like that I think up fny mind about.

are interesting or

me. I think her and her use of

Merchant and Safah .Mc1.,achlanwith my earlier

write and what it's about and the

use are

sort of my adolescent age.

Like talks about how the governn1ent, the

all worked to get the electric car off the market,

took them out to the desert didn't even save any of the parts,

smashed all of them down. I have crazy


What would he your perfect to>

I thi nk my Saturday would be to my purposes and then to write

an entire and come with my American novel or poem, That would be

And to feel like I've taken care life is a big

It makes you think the great existential question what's of

And then to hang out with my friends and family and a party for Iny

novel, like, "look at my great American novel."


M /\Y

2 007




~ .-.: '"' - It • .A v I''J 0 0 -~
!i"~ 0 ~ i f' e
~,,;:~ ,,< ~ ~~ ~ l .;;. I
~ Margaux: Ii, lord Sam: A free Flo]o Will: The pari of my heart thol has learned' how 10 love

Iode: The song and /J..!ex Curtis

Zoe: A scrcpbcok I om to make you Vvili H: we can lough oiihCl! no one else can

/\Ii D: Greek side

Annokors: we can lough at

~A'UL"",". I leave the lash outs

You know who! ! leave



Jon/\: ~iJ,,__ new GPS

HPK: Pheifel & a car ride to Malibu Dovid: Handshake

Cods: of us-my 10th grade party


Caroline: my house Leslie & Poti: nights at David: my eel! phone


everlostinc To Brody ;mdPhik lleove this sad world in your bonds

To my Baby Brud: I leave you the apartment door unlocked

And toOlivic. Jen, and Morlane: I leave you everything else


Coco: .l-piv, Hobibi, "boundary box," and

loco loco

Ju: Denny, Brion, phospholipid biloyers, children

/v\orgaux:fax machines, ERIC, fergieierg, ieliies!

Harry: Hlsroire Du Cinema, Virginia Woolf, 4 more years!

Ross: breost stroke

Kyle: Conrad, the ncfuro] world, peanut butler [ornque

Matt poppycock, Adonia

Ash: great Allie: mi omor, lizzie: Storbucks Sophia: speedo tens Kiley: our yurt iv\axine:

Jack: good limes withrhe Digi Coby: a slap in the foce

Ross: dates v/ith

Candice: ccrol tree breakfasts Apo: Dawson's Creek marathons

Hpk: ihe distance from my thumb to my, middle finger

Lizo: my trunk

Kevin: cor rides to rnentorinq my sister

Kiiey & Sophia: (md choco-

late pizza'


Harry: Judcicc. stories, and my Jess): Endless dai1cinf~1

utter h(l"r"n,~<,

(md crquments bver v.rho \vH! drive.

]:orrn ir; so the.'


CTld a rniHion lessons

DOlle: Robin

- --


(7093: uBoozan! if and


Julio: iriangu!or prism-shaped'


,,'\lly: you can have your last name bock A.We: Ii~ love Daisy: mormon Zoe: Gage Marshi: a crown for the

Pcol: unprovoked tickle attacks

Phil: My \Visdom Jake: Happiness

The family: power

Bhandari: DIESEl. Fosler: Pron

Byers: Nin]o Blood Ak: The Best laugh Sammy: My BB Aaron: low Keys

r e

2 007

ilAmushka: getting in trouble . B free, Brits

don't worry I'll memorize it.

Ben: r05SZ kiejlesel

Kyle: money ... and no ugly people

l)A \flD ~Br~AUN

No:dy:T.':Jnnis Sunglasses are fresh Jcce: i alrscidy left you CI rock Cobit: Toronto Biue Jays want you

Boys Varsity Soccer: 2006-07 Champions Sohaili/Milner: Bailev '" Mullet

James: Tenders ISusdnl Better l'!lemori;cer of Numbers than Scali

vVill: My Personal Translator for ~!exi Year Sam: oooh 01 3rd Base standing in (1157 lourent: Next Penrose

Scott: You touch me weird

lindsey: Lobes Forever with leopard Dancing

Zoe: My Soul

Jonny: Can't soy enough Bianca: McFlurry's

Jon: Muffins

Jock: In),'5 Deli jade: Ccrpocl 'rimes

Brion: USC and TALUJJ can


Scott: Squahhh Muhhh Brion: CUSE bound? Sam: Serious Sam

'Nill: DOi1'l rolk to me when you are stlJcly-

1n9 with my brother; I'll get yelled at the


.Iomes: I found your underwear in David's room

David: ,fI, great bro

Cody: A free Big Sausage Pizza Alex: The infamous football post

Sean and An]o: Two of the most genuine girls I know

Stolt: My squad

Kozim: You don't even know dog V{ill1; Thrill?

Carter: I1She/s 'bout to run av/oy and never come beck" ... Do j

sound Black?

Trevor: of ocrcllel

Horriscn Kreiss: \Nhy are you geni'lemon?

.iio: Smack That.

Eloine: To the left to the left. jim lou: iT IS TirIlE ... to Allison: You look Chinese Jin Oil: She's not ... THAT Carols: Sorry obout dozing off in YOiJr

! love you. ~

Af~NAKATE Ali Dukakis: An egg scmdwitch {hot like G biscquil] and car thai turns on.

Zoe Meredith: Pop-stor status and G "sndie" sign

Dayno Tortorici: Pane Fresco reborn Mel.ino Alden: iv\adonna at your Cosey Baird: A dinner party

Max ludWig: A loose fiHing poir of Caroline Kanner: The family legacy \lVill Horowitz: Whipped cream Joce Winter: Tickets to the ballet

Sandra Paglioi & Matias ,"'Ioreno-Bunge:


Zoe Vv'orth & Marushka Fame


KCltherine: oeD pride. screwdriver parties,

RG to yourself, Gild rnv hair.

Julia: ~ICJckrobsf' an intergG-

iactic couple 10 stort 0" cosmic race .



the comer chair Frazier: C! big heart.

Sara, soro and lexi: Mondays in Pythagoras od infinitum, Eddie and Jake.

Marty and olden: permission to keep adorn in his place & keep Flr'\G

DAD stoH: late nights + teen angst ~ darb day

lhal's it. fish: You always got my back, thanks for everything.

VBall Iecrn: Good luck next year.

Zoe ex Thot's not your corl!l (In the


Ally, ,:5. Sean: The :3 cmiqcs.

Iessi & James: I'Aalh help, pleasEd

Coco: mom. You're -thore for

me, no matter when. Lauro: YOIl are

cnring; if II miss you.

\ll(nORIJ\ k!:l"o"i'.iJ\'1d

Ju: winter

leosser vip Kathel'in~: Food


under the pepper


Brochef: The best P'renls: Gratitude support Ashley: All of Candice: i\l\an

Zoe: brother

Alex: heGi'!

S Ydi\ r;'~'r

AMAN!nn ru".:;)! . . 0

Michi: '07 c.k.o. RS will love MM forever &

the glass house

Usa: SlC, Sornto Clause & clothes SLIM:' soul males

Melina: Carl, Grope leaves, The 4th Dimension & love from wee nee

O.H.W.: I forgive you tor backing my car into a fence wahhh

Maras: M.I.S.S.R.f & Halloweens Kiwi':' Giani Balloons & IHOP datos Ryan: A.S.A.P

Sean, Ally & An]c: Let's Gel Nak:ed Wyler & KJ: Donee ~~ow Ali: Boyfriend

Dcyno: Extreme

Girls Soccer: Flash


leslie: birthday parties [Ccroline Nora: fro yo and sushi dates

Patio productive free rouchos besos

J~ck: a personal chauffeur

APO: pudding cups, the m&m you strcn-

gled me over .

Drorh: belly

Koz: my superb (1 Tiro's lunch


lyss: rolling r's, Ross: Asion sensation

and Kevin: car Andrew: Katie

CC;: license to use the name Ccroline

! leove


PHIL: -it Golla love rhnt

haem. U ond are the cud-

dies [orreelz ycddcdo!i. BIG BilL' time, (:;ABE, ADR!AN, .lAKEY, r.Jil'-lJA, jOOOOWWWU.L, CODY Rl\ZZ, l:J..INORD: cuddles. OLIVIA, C."J~lY, HAt'>!·· ALISON:


BlUE'~lhe team. lox. Mi



Nora: A slip end slide for later Sorn: Pointless conversotions

Coo! 0 nine iron, Gnd four pen-

nies (2 Melina: I

you (l rock

Cody: kevin's Jock: Trash Dovki Braun:

Jcco: $140 Scotty: Brovo Airspoce Cleorcnce

.iomes: The Girls

lode: o 3 relationship


Corey Pcdncs:

Olivic-my vote

scrnmie: the & chills &


lisa: someone to wotch over you &

rnargoux: a sweater to fit

around o

me!ino: my ryan: a drive down gf}i to drive n><'()i'ri,ClC of my


mcxine: sermons & wolermelon

;~:~~.~~:i~r,o gelS a spmji of febr2ze.

ing in pas;' 8


~;~~::~~~~ii;;~:~~ltior', o hfl'VGrci,w2siiake

A y 2 ,,., 0 7
<» r mom, Q 'fan

Zoe: b",~",~,-c,

j\ilie: ir.dec£,nt exposvn~ Jade: another sibling

Ior snack


Co: V{ho is going to wosh my dishes next

"'#'~I'~ W . "'!""i.

;~ §\~'.A ! !ARR!ti

Jab Freilich: High School

Femoie Alden and Nick

c linl.) too late, and without you I wouldn't vived the !nst fDur

corner. Sara

Taylor and Max, scissors, Kyle after At'


Stann troopers,

Caroline Gl"Hj Cooper: adoration and love. Maddy: assorted baked goods.

""."",·,,,1;;;,,,, seems so nice \-'Voit until you get where you were gol nfj. For up rhe coast but never

and after thai


BEL There's i could put here that i

hoven't told yQU ThQI,ks for IO\fing

me uncondit!cno!!y, the scme \voy i love



A-Po: lessons

Aaron: Pilotes with

Coroline: David Broun

Noro: yours

Oucsimoto: Alice Ross in your "back': room

/;" nice Jewish (APo)

of oilergy shots


Ali: Beverly Glen Center ~


,i€!E(rlQ;/er Qf my house when I'm ondleb

and geographic


Dona: r\.1sl food Jcde: tetherball court

to pull en all-

'" iv\ /~ v O n ~
~ f @ S ~ i f' e £.. ; J
~ i 1.j 5 \M~,~("'n" bells Somonthc: lhe ability to PIVOT

more room in coach and a shouling


Zoe: Kim ondMi5sy

I'm making a point to leave to Jakob Brugge my knitted beanie rnoy he never need to 'wear it. Just as

I leave Crossroads a of roller blades

-rnov it

rny memories from here.


lourent: late nights ivu so ffluch )"'\"""".",,;< h",re



Hannah: Mular. Ju: TlC

I~Af?R!SOt~ f,REiSS

Ojoi Buddies: Everiasling memories and friendships

David: Trip to Easter lslonds

Culrow: Haircut with Mickey iV\olJse ears James: Date with Peyton Manning

Daisy: Donee parties with TH

Ainley, Nick, Paul, and Marshi: Beach house for c~llege

Coroline: Munchables and younger guys Nero: Kobe Bryant

Bianca: Summers with lagullo Beach marathons

Taylor: Soft top pink Jeep

jack: Windward girl hopefully atiending Tuffs '''Hkko: American Apparel warehouse

Scotty Hole in one

Zoe Iv\eredilh: machine

S n T ~ii ,JJUTI 'if,

\ty'ill: pomegranate, points,

Sam: date \-vith coffee bean twins James: hummus, rernis, "oh whcto night" Coby: Schornthen schweet

Cody: fresh dope flows


Ainlev: tse tse

lindsey: noni's koogle

lGBQ: Boss Lou: South Pole Adanio:


Allison: endless 10'10 David: subtitles, lonny: "give it to me Ross: my style Harry: orange .lell-O

B-dub: milk

Joce: 4 more chootic years Devin:


Hleb: Versailles, Spacey Hleb, Free

\/Veekend minutes

Dice: Summer06, Rcodtrips,

Lesner Shopoopo: Will & Grace, I\'\alching Hoodies, Scary Movies

Tanya: Disney!and

i'loiaiie: Pounded Breaded Chicken Drew: punches ('l.

Hpk: Up the \Nall

Vicki: Kayel, ChinChin

julio: Prada Chrome Hearts Hoodie

Kat: A real college party

Sophio: A fango


Norc: frozen t'-lips

. \fV'oodronch, Aspen, &


Ai: SPeechless

Anja: bey wood drives, dominos, gelling kicked out of doss

lisa: 9th grade slumber parties' Kiley: baskin robins Sunday nights lizzie: Chinese chicken salad

~rlm' IOf!! r>~t nrt~/c,,..,!

babes at

Sophia: midnight soiree's B-dubb: ViSIOi'!

HPK: A lifetime gilt certificate 10 Don .,,','''''"'''' Nora: sparrow

Corolins Gallagher: keep my girly shades Seol! C.: Bruin fame and fortune Chris I.: of fame Jock: Sexo, pudor y 16grimas!!!

lily: The perfect breaststroke swimmer MatI M: Music success

David R: Roman boys

Cameron Dill: much :elVe; respect

"ALLiSON i!E Ally:Unlimiled boo Zoe: Icarus & Doedalus Glenn: Bag of bacon Julia: Permission 10 birth my children r.Aarushka: Handfuls of Morco's Daisy: lOflg-losl !lomir.go-dance videotape Kyle: Beautiful

lizzie: Coed bathrooms

Maraaux: Invites to All mv blrrhdcys

Mar;hi: iuture '

Jamaican me


Sophia: "Ship n' Dales"

Brion: Another parking ticket l!(_~elatoFantosiCl" """r,h,.. .. m-l

{v'.oldo: CD, Hans!: Silvio leslie King:


I leave Cortrire my I'-ilo{: Ore CD, S(;ol\

Corrow 5 chcluoos. three burrito W,~,"p'm"" with an extro tcco, and large lemoncde: the blood diamonds,



Zoe: strokerr.onsier, cor n'-""""'CL


Rolph's ""W-"jV(),WS

Glenn: loving pop

Ailie: my name, boo, dotes

Teddy: the rubber duck and turile in the

Rochael: at famiiy functions

Corole: romantic poetry, fashion, (mel tons hugs

t,t.ilc:h: white board


~L_ , ,

Kiley [poopie]: of my [ewelry that you .

would have stolen eventually. And unlimited, color-coordinated homework schedules A!!ie: i'-ion-siop ort


: A good haircut.

David: The theater. You did everyus bill build it.

occurote mcp of Angeles National

note in Rent. Jess:



Posho: Moreno legacy

VVillie: lore nights and bragging righis

nosh and that "new cor"


my eternal friendship,

love you guys.

in SF

B.LO. and NYC baby subversive dorkiness

Soccer memories and

1. t'lolan: endless gr(~titude ond someone to fill shoes

o replacement for iack Hosney: books and beaches in iclchos: the perisdion of digressions Xi'OS: hsort and soul---Thaf1k you

food Gnd double

dotes Of century

Nikko: islcmds dinners l"lip/Tuck 01 2 am Nom: Memories of Icsi' summer and your Vert slicker stuck in rny rental car

Cheisec: Dos Perras'! and Malibu

011 the stuff I threw ct you if! euro

(moline: mom's pasta and hot chccoiore

Falling out of cars and ,A.f> bio

A real parking space


winter break 91h grade block eye track meets

obi lily 10 rei ox during em rides! no!

unlimited fmnily reunions Bree signlings

l\ My-Size for college, a how-to



Julia: j\Aidnight Activities

Zoe: VVashington Pmk

Ally: A hand-tambourine

Marshi: Thai and Micah's bathroom

Scro]: Pancakes

i'v'\axim: The middle school lockers 59 cents

Free period distractions Alden: Hollywood

Allison; Victoria Minnell

Glenn: Knilling Prowess , Milch: missing bibliographies frO!!' (inspired,


Peggy: A piece of my heort Kemper: Art for orr's sake Kirill: M,y father

OliviaC: Zoe's only maternal instinct SBoo: Zoe's


'v/hai voo then peoce itl

Jeter is ~roud

\"i"","~<' Bdub ~ next Icccoc]

Leo Rofe: great, thai's ail I can say

Kevin Roberts: Storlcx 6.£i, ! iike "hat Schneider: Ihis is Howie do

PhD and Dj Kquik fan # 1 squod squad squod

Dash wenksouce

Daniel Hosek: don'! ihink I


Rasmus: Keponi Adventures in the Valley


100 number fWO'S + 39 number one's+ number two's from in n out +i! years - 2 killed relotionshios ~ ? And

the mk's

Lote night trips, san adventures,

brownle trips, cotter project

in 5anin barbara

Ti9: The squad l\r'\ichoei

___ " Laurent


[sc, french cofe t-bone Shook, the

the BIG P + tropical


Cor.di-lo: sweet erasers muxisimos

vonljlo confeni


Julie: videos, lu Iouro: odventures


TANS laughter

noodle soup ,

t.A"I'!'W,,-,11 sub: the cries of ptercdcctyl ll, sauce $undi: un dictionnuire de """."<1,,,,<

julianne: my room? .. no [k love you- U

!-_ '\/ A.



.~ln"';: E Pedods ~yGn: P/1.i'..JFV{OU Ca5~lY: U(;C) Ross: Kh~Ka!s

Cosmo Datro Nikko: ~\ donee

'1\ !::IJI sv """p. ~ !1lufll;[jj:j<i:H1

io' ..-~_J'[1~~' e _ --~" "",n,~ . ~*.:t2-

l\Jlicna-ei: 4th memories, best fri(~tv)

tolk because we, me EXTRA'D, 011

the food in kitchen; pcsses fO leave


BC)lv\Bness, #2 Fcvorite: 2 beds ~'O jump on! bff ~Aelin(j: retoiners, fire bites

Ross: A broken nose

HPI<: CUlV1BING wall J.~fm(1Sss: jumper cabl'35???

Vicky F: /.\ chonce to your mind

PGti: Hey Tori: Vicky's 1.StoH: Si~u Coby <3.: Haircut

of hand

Scott: fish:

Kczim: guns; a .lessi: trips to

Zoe: on your wiggies correctly

joe: 1 moments

Drew: gropplin~l 7-11; oeriG! skills

Torik: HowClnd rhymes


Shep: ~,tep down

HPK: owesome moves



SUlTHnm" Love Tissue

Y'¥'yle,r: ,-,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,


Por0nrs: i'Jo more Xrds Bi!!s

my impressions Caroline: double-heo memories Bntlndori:

Jcmes: mi omor, sefior

Jirn:- my to never quit


Non.lleeB!oom: 1

~ - ~ ~. ~ "" ' , Ai V 2 0 .t-, '"
;y ~ if "'. ~ ~ ! e :V1 , v i own opinion


Aaron: Pour'd 0 glass of cold "k!rik: Ihrew up (1 T

J{JKe:, Become PHC al!·nite Olivia: Found rho

Got a Is missing a shoe lace Jade: Ok ...


filicic: Is the Scalia legacy

Crossroads: it

piece of gum ... oh wcit at lv\aui Four



V·nice/Veni the pooh: DJ C. . feel free to shore

Florescent: 5 inches, i'he classics ... Ri.ordan: blank CD's, CD mixes, a CD burner

it down]

1\I\icholle: a new Nicole Roche]: o convo with Nicole: FOOD ot elil times

lyss: license, which includes

Russia ... Sov:

MAXiNE Kiley: I.PC Margoux:

Michi: Uncle Melina: Diai soul sisler our 1""'''\(11'001 Sammie: Mopher Jade: The next four years

lisa: The food in your

Wyler: spot end

Nat: Advanced ceramics Will/Dava/iace: Free


tG: Our neighborhood Sorn B: Fling

Sophia: xoxo

PR ski!ls

no hair

Drew: r~ikkc:

HPK: leo kw your Iecchers: Th~


of my ~elJrOSe5

tree to compensate for ali the popel' wosted on late slips letters horne me how rnnny time,s l've


A middle nome

heart fQrever

IIIIfi'; ~ - ~ .._, .. t "'-"I =>
"" ¥ ~ ~ ~> ii, v



Cecil! thing. Ash: My Xrds face

Jio: Scoroio'st


Steph- Yu: YO!!!


Shout outs: Kristina, KOTiney, Jessy, Zellis, BVC, Jin, Rachel. Ima miss yall!!!



Michi: epic powers of irerret girl and Ma!iou Sam: delicious baked pototoea/qoodies and 1\l\alibu

Kiley: biggest giraffe ever Moxine: my kitchen Mmshi: infinite supplies Jon: Spanish hoi girls Paul: favorites

r.!ickZ: a will

Kyle: needed math skills Ryan: future Mexico NickR: 10 rosa

Icrik: ribs and smo music MargQ(lx: death

lizzle: power team

Sean: fire safely

Ally: ccrpoo]

Sophia: pirates

Clay: it's olreody YOUfS

AP Bio: another year without Hoqworts

Everyone else: Mary jones candy)


liI: love always. Juju: Metallic, monkeys and

Maxine: chick + pick» one love

Melina: La femme d'orqent with watermelon Michi: Duran Duran tickets, 51! papa

Sam: my childhood, The morning


Teddy: a driver's license and crooked leeth Coby: 4 more years

Allie: Single?

FuzzyBear: a hammock?

Codes: Big C with the corned-E: peace out. lisa: powerf'oints

Jade: I·he rollercooster

Sophia: los copitonos

Harry: Dodger's game

Co: new Peler Biorn and John album


Vicky: The J 12 watch we will both gel Kat: a sexy boil end GLASSESSS {to put] ONNNN

Ands: 1 st place medal in the Cosmic Race: including an intergalactic couple!

Alyssa: mar beans 'I un esmoquln

Nikko: any sweatshirt of yours I might still have in my closet

Chelsea: a Brozilion women Princess Po: Veronica Mars Nora/Caroline: !\I\ERGHYYY J4x14x: wif ru pix? Chen/Holden: ow in

Daniel: boiled vegetables

Ry- :_)

J <3 j

And their lcmgebs.

Venise: eyeball for dissection. Once I


Roof: Your exes. They're all yours. Kosscdillo: Buttons, buttons, bultons on underwear.

Shcm·Dogg: My brothers. I know you'll lake care of them.

Josh. Tell him I say hi.


Semi: Remember how I told you was Awsome? ... I lied!

Bill Kender: know about


Cobv Greenberg:

OHI~YGOSHDIDUDROPFRO/"~HEAVEN? Jcel lurr.ion: Stay White Inrmrjihl'"

AKA Angelo: The Finn is yours

Jasper: You never took spot

AKA Rycm: You don't hove

to fire me"

HEAD FOR THE CHOPPER! Philanthropist To Brody:


SamN UsaN'Michelle: iDIDN'TFORGETYOUINAtWWILL Con man: TIC/I.Jv\Aft.llLtLU1lU!!!!

Brown: A statue of Zeus, one free , sensual mcsscqe, and eternal shotgun in

my car. I ' 1 • f

Kyle Boots: My greot-grclnofalher s snotcr

Cind tolit, (J chouffer (b/e has

Ross Lazar: The Thai cat and


justin Silverman: An extremely detailed mop or all Cclifornio ccrnpsites

Joke: i leove everyth!ng else to you. Your!! hove an owesome time in High School


Kaiilin: pip nu], ephi"mH, Honnoh: breakfast popsicle Tanya: pigeons, slot #1

Cosey: so much butte

Adam: \lVil! Rose, memory collector Celio: Schuoochs

Ben: Provider of Support, for short \1\lillo: blueberry corn muffin

Olivia: Oblivic, Bolivia, O·"!ivz,o, etc Zoe: Ultimate Cholienge

GV5: srnokin' cces

Ali: a lifetime of eg9 sondwiches

Go gol

Natalie: lobsto smoothie with a Hap A boost, mustoche wox with Dione, mountains

of and a '10

AY 2007


!1li .. p.'.. ~i!h.""U"" u. ~~V~~~



2 00:7


going comfort of knowing

every one around you." Pollack

that friends now she will

contact with "about closest friends."

Chris AJlen had an even

~,. r

or live or .my



touch 'with] I have

their number. do red ready to

move on, but I don't want to li:ave friends.:'

Senior Alex Marshi says, a big

fan of to in touch with

people Also ,.h ,."". cr"

Facebook, Instant Messaging,

'forms of communication. I'm Iorword to see what comes of it."

Senior Hamilton says, "I

think it's so much easier than

it is.

I'm sure I'll be

when new and exert-

ing happens.

convenient ways to promote keeping in couch like iSight and Facebook,"

Many seniors realize mar

life will present an new

ence that could make staying in touch difficult. Senior Harry Tenzer says;

drift too f:ar away from the to now. 1. Knight get too distracted with other things while I'm. there."

In his year at

Baker knows what it

like to keep in touch ·vv1th old friends [rom

kids I hung 'out with in tOLICh

we are

we will always stay a Crossroads


ret rheir database

dress of


of and} or course; requests for

. .


So sure you have



But 1l1CSt impor£YU.i last fevif


2 007

""",nUn'" WOODS

every hot guy in the world who rnyspoce friend requests o\,d

and secrets. Dayno: Cors thol Go Boom Dana: Sbux

Zoe: Me + Dana

Sara: High School, Your "Mix".

Consultation ZochElHs: tv\y entire record collection

Harrison Kreiss: Ghenobloster.

seat in of the 'notion or



Daisy: brecklost-in-bed, sunset j ""'d~;<D,,·j

my love [~dt,infinHy]

Brauns: security corneros. lrleietw",,,,',,,,,,,, Scotty: ishmoel; remis, biceps-triceps Sam: phone-etiquette-lessons, vVill: Chocolate-moll, "1"",,,,_1_<.1., Harrison: "p-- (1i1 lindsey: "best-mom-daughter" Moio/CAllen/fishburn: K.B., girls

"The family": Iron-Vvi!1

Marshi: 12 yeors-Veqos, 12 more-? Zoe: reunions

laurent: post-i! .. lreecor Cob)': dirt·bikes

Poul: botiliub-fun Joce/Devin: Pfl,A"~",,,,"r


Ainley: nmn("_('h(mr,,,,

Cody: Iirvok's car

Taylor: Adoptionoopers

Allison: Scott

Basketball-Boys: strip-dubs

Brian / Litvak / Bellane: the rest -

wonderlul oersor.,

;\!! my· hornies 'thcmx for the invite, ~tm love yo.

.lodey kjer tocion ;l

Maxine Fing n":onuai so you can stop the alarm

accepts Byron Frazier: lots of empty water bottles,

lougQter and blank cds

my brothers and sisters: lois hugs and appreciation counsels

V-Nice: a singing conrroct worth tens of dollars

jokob John:

"Brackin' 3: Nicky I" mtlsi

Eden AOl: my license with

a longer allenfion span.

Sisler Rachel: more hilariolJs parN,ing Chelseo H: ali my French skills Michelle l: Ughi ~s

, <

'"u,'-'''''" e- Yu

expression or love is 10 give without expectinq The highest expression of love is to accept without exception" -Indio Arie [Outre: learning)

Thank you to all my P:EAC.E. & S.O.U.L. hornies over the years for blessing me with

and soul. Continue spreading that


Koitlin: Everyihing; Ron's iungle, Sophie Hornmons, carpool ialks

Bear: Jeff

Chonner, Shannon: baby Shermer

Zo, Bri: Softball

Ally: OUf 8th Sean: Woke up

Anic: lunches


Bi .. podinq, a 'While Knight, Per· manent Shotgun. The Hordes! Goodbye oword.

Tom Kemper: luv Forevs Mitch: Fallles!ic cword.

you to my !'H.O.P

Carters for m)~ I love you


lestiy, l,hcmk you Crossroads for so

mony doors.

"Aax: LPC Zoe i\/t,: Dj Usa: Brovinie bakeoH

Sam: i-hop


Sweetcheeks L()Vf:~ You, DrJniel is VOUr.~f

have fun wifh AC:UR/..\_ ~

Mom lO'lE Y()U have run without me if!! misss you.

tecchers thCH1X

me a new

,;!\Y 2007


of Arizcnc

or Arizono of Arizona of Arizono of AJ!ZOf;O,

~ceo ~~Si,Qi·5~E~ Pirzer ~Y_~~N E:!~~'-{mT~ San Froncisco Star{1 !~~U( 'f.f1.N~l~~. San Froncisco Srote

t~~Rb~ S~N~~~~ Snnta iy\onico College SP!E~a:~R \.~J~~SS -ScnhJ i:"Aonlca

{;A~OiEM~ G!i.!'!.,,9\~1~g_ ~AN~~{:~ ~lt~O~~

~HMNCA ~E~~~i!~ ~~";:H~)k~S l\HAN,t)ffil.~! University of Southern CGI!TOrnio

of Southern Co!itornk1 of Sou~h8rn Cc~i!forniQ of Southst"rt Colifornio

~A~1t!$OrJ K~~~5S of Southern

~U.l,A.&~!;~ MAND~~~ , ""v""'",,, of Southern

co~y Mi~~$ of So'urhnrn Cotifornio

K.~&~M NPA}V~ of Southern California

C(Jt...a~TANTINE SA""''1~~~i of Southern California


of Colorado at Bouk.!er

I<tJ"\:(?foJ.iX "nlINi''' of Colorodo 01 Boulder

.. !t~~ WND of Denver


Ao.;p,iIil GlJNr. .. ~!t Wesleyon University ,;mA HOUA3;im;;< VV,"~I""\jnn !S.I>..AC L!CmlF.II.',W,RC1:: VV"""A'V,"'"

of Chicago




of HCl'vvaii at tv\onoo


UN!),,;gy G!W!l~r Northwestern Universily ;gF~i<"Y u Northwestern e",,,E'f BAmD ' ,r"v,,,r<:nv

",YU11!,~;)1I;; ~iiNJANUN ~~UIAK1:~


A!>H~ i"tlW~!J. Tulane Universi~{

lVt!\n'~F'{.."N~!iJ.~, 1),IMK!1; Botes College


2 o 0 7

College Gt.~N~"; ~OOZk~~ Boston Universilv J~JlL~ STOli.. Boston


ArtSZA. ~~~~~:~

of ,~v\ichrgan

1\i'iN;~ESCrr A

J~~Ge ~A~~ij;::L05 tv\oca!ester


~~OiU~:tc-,N \~COuS Drew

riEw YQ~

Ai~~~~.~W ~o~'mrr~ Bard College M,(;H!',a mS,;;!i: Bord College

'l;O~ ~~~~u,t:~~ Bard College

;\"m~.~s ii':~?:Ai'-JO Bard College MAX!M ~l'DW!G Bmd Coll€ge rAyg_o~~ {;:~~CHT~)~ Barnard College ,I:>", S~klNZ~!Ii

.RA ~~~ -;-n(.; Juilliard S·:hoGI

~r~~HANiE ~-u The Juniiard Schoo! ~NNb~~LAl~ (:HA??~l.l New York ~A~SV ~~§~\~~~!ON i""'tevv York

NORr~~ Gf~ROtn~A

J?~gS \'V~~N!s~R~~R Duke

f;ft~\FSYt VA~J'A

Z;)~ .AA~~Ei:)I'jll Dickinson College

!AtCHA_~L OJO University

~.AA!LY HA!t!il~I<'f Peunsylvonio State U1:i trvr~~1' UniV0f5it{ df Pennsylvania iiA;-";_ANmA B!{©1I'!~~!~~G University of "".nn'SVlV<.lIilU

HAl<!<!5t'J!M of

-l~HODE iSLA~10

!)A.YNA 'i'(~~r()!titl Brown """""""['.1


1>1 es ,>'i $H!i?~2Afl1,'} Vcmderbili University


S~Ar .. Irllli!tl>

of Dollcs



~; i~S;~f4G ffJ~2 -U~G~

!)A\f~!,) I!IRil.t!N The George Washington


JOtfJ,tTIHAN AlNUiY Universily Aitl1dison

N(l~"" " .. OOM Universily of Wisconsin, Madison ,'lmfOIl: J'A~~R University of MQdison 1I'41ll!J\M ~~,)ROWeu: University of Wisconsin, 'v"""""~,, ~!;)TIW.I<Jjff<lM!NGi'l Universi!y of Wisconsin, M'fJ.d"~'~"

liiLI\i>li UlJ\liffl of VVisconsin, Madison

JA!i)~ I"C'I!'I; University !v\odison

COt'':!' iI'"MMU!; Ui1iv~rsity of Wisconsin, Madison MAA!N~ r:os.!!'l of Wisconsin, Madison

J"C,,·t .. iIJ.ON W!Nn;i!:·MORAI.~S of VVisr;onsin" Madison

I .. r

sian, 24 years, brinoino


lot, He mill' his activities 11

true Renaissanc« man.

'\){f11;rlt were you like in I guess I was kind I was ..

bookish from the time I was very young and

chat 'when I

'When I was younger, 1 went to art on the weekend.

had the to go through it, but I was never going to

up with my skill. So I didn't take any more art classes in college. I

I gave it up because I had this idea I was an amateur.'v/e

can't be the best at something, then you is true. I believe in a cultivation of amateurisms. started around inthe garden, and I mean piddle, but it gives me !-"''-'',,'Clh •• There are a lot of people [at Crossroads] who are playing music, drawing, ~!-"""..tUH.~ and I love that about this place. I love that people are doing three sometimes not well.

and certhe place

You have an to history, how 'Were you ta:ngbt?

Even in college, history was always to me as a series of names and dates in chronological order. The idea that it was open to criticism, honest to God, didn't even penetrate my mind until grad school. I entered a class in feminist rI''''"r",m

and I was out of my depth. I remember feeling terrifically out of grad school, which was how I ended

Being out of my depth was The other thing that was

had a number of teachers that were.extraordinarily good,

inadequate because work.

I focused on a life of the mind at an early age and I got into the habit of ~pC".\'HH'"

all of my pocket money on books. \When I was a I would hit up for money:

would shake me down for quarters, came to me

me for my money, and I "No." what do you. mean no?

"I can't, I need it," And their leader says, "So what's this

a dime?" and I said) "I need it. I have to

books," They

they never bothered me

I've been buying and 'reading books ever since~·

how 1 like to my family, I

I listen to music, and I edit. And


of our is that I read to her every night, I still do

'We've made our through the entire collection of children's literature.

to her and Gulliver's which I had never

into musicals now. So, we watch a bunch of

and Mickey vehicles, some of which are sort of appalling, there are scenes

people wearing blackface and we just sit there with our jaws open. For

and bizarre. So we do that, we bicycle stili so she's

but not independent enough where she wants to say, "Bye, mom, dad."

do YOU, choose to ride YlllUi' h~.kc til; Because 'we only have one car and \VC live doesn't make sense. Because my U"cu.r',m,,-, catch a ride with my wife if I'm ""'Ha.,>;

is I did when I firsr srarted m;CH':·---,HiU it's actually why I

Olympic and in

over and fell on my I

flee Ior weeks.

another car

G'Hnpus now, I can

too tired. Plus} to school

that part of my

first men10ry was the ",','L""',;V

1l.18d a sense of disillusionment Lion to '\Xfatergate: the things I wanted to believe about

otic ideas I had as a kid our. The other

was the of the in that I didn't see it coming.

and it made me a lot more

the publicly here.











os Angeles has a few main icons: Hollywood, the ocean, and palm trees. \'7hile Hollywood and the ocean .rernain symbolic of our home city, the palm trees in Los Angeles County are being replaced with other trees native to Southern California.

However, the trees are not being replaced without reason. Many palms in LA, more specifically the Canary Island Date have contracted a fungal disease, which kills the trees, and in tum infects the soil, foiling any plan ro regrow younger

as they contract the disease as-well. The of course, has looked into

replacing the sick palms with ones, but in addition to the plague of disease,

the cost has sky-rocketed since the last

substancial purchase of palms, which W2S ~_~!i1;i!ll_ilmR_OD_i!il!iIlllli!!ll __ g~

in 1932, according to Currently, a single adult palm could cost as much as $20,000, and with about 30 percent of the one million palm population infected with the disease, this purchase would be costly;

To counteract the disease and the dypalms, Board of Public 'Works councilwoman Paula Daniels started a new prograrn with the goal to plant one million trees within the next five years, The prograrTI decided to plant more than 60 breeds across LA., but palm trees did nor

make this list. This would

Sttl'l'ie 'ldt.J-lt palm COUI.{Z cost as mecb as $2(},OOO,1 and with UY;(j';r4~ -hD"'f'",'~t· of the 01'U!


i1~{ected' 141ith disease,

thir; purchase would


'VE S r'r.·\"lT oo fl'

.. ,,~., 1. "" '\,J' ff J1!.


YOUR !'"VTURS IS ftfJ1!fff!. THF. E:A'TliA EFFOR'i7.

Hl93 Broxton Ave, Westwoed Village } lo-g24·4444

Flexible schedules .. Dedic£tec Instructors.

Less expensive than the Internet!

NSCA-Certified Str.ength and Conditioning Specialist

the sick palms with the hope and of younger and more trees. The

the would be such species as Oaks and Sycamores, are

the California climate. also would more shade in the times

of the sweltering hear, and improve the-air quality of L~A", as the did little to

produce effective oxygen to offset the percentage of our atmosphere.

'TIle current trees do not absorb the harmful as well as trees with

fuller such .as the native would not only the

shade in our communities,

Currently, there are no to uproot healthy palms, so a mass uprooting of

trees has not been put inca action. Viet sick seem to be a few In

Santa Monica, some in Beverly Hills, and more in downtown LA.

One question that that the decision is if the loss of the L~~t\.

icon will but In the next few years,

some will look different due to the 10s5 of the tree,

lf you are willing ,0 invest I'III! time into learning to drive safely, give us a caB to start a ~~Ji~_l.~'I'W driving course.


Pt'tSei~t tbis ~he driver e"J',r"j"iio~ p§!dmg~ £m{v $20



OF NEIGHBORHOOD Warren DistribSheet Metal

are two more businesses located Despite the fact that were established long before the maI1Y students have not taken the time to discover what these businesses have to ol-fer.

"'r.r',",'"Prl Q"'"I".~~<H to the 22nd Street seniors are lucky Even though students walk past the business every day, few know what goes

look this

business operates in six locations and has 50 (mostly male) workers who work from 6 AM to 5 PM.

Branch Manager Rich who he "over-

sees the worked here for three years,

W@!<re!i Di:;;~yib",ti~Sl !fli:li:!lrf!@rl;lJt~d

Have you ever wondered what goes on Street parking lot' That is, have you ever ''','''''''Fr,pn what goes on behind the chaos of men orders and trucks hustling in and out that

WDI is a distributor of aftermarket automotive parts, lubricanrs, and sUDtH!I:S located next to our campus. Their mixed inventory covers all makes of automotive parts.


ated trorn the

main desk

send the '"vrong order to the of


'The cornpany "Yvas founded_ in

tornotive p~iTts rhat O .. orne vehicle manu-

the men connrrn the

get the orders _genercome into the the part from the

warehouse, check it, and finally, send it OUI.

}t,.,s far as

Aranda says, "Kids don't come in I

see them 1~1d V'<1e don't get corn-

frOlTI Crossroads.

The incident when iv

with Crossroads was this fall w]


cars. Aranda says, ('.~\Y/e were for One crour trucks didn't have its i

it rolled down the hill, Our .inss

day at \Y~

the best part of his is

em customers workers of di!

~ma!.1w@y Shoo~ i'J!erol 111e metal


of them, I'm sure you have hea them), parents park ille

Sheet Metal do.

metal work "for very L./\. ~)J says 1


'The company in 192{

but it wasn't st

says Merzc],

lvl0Jt C"rossroads students can

knou: its J?1UJU)

rt'COfize Brc t,JC busine

According to Merzel, employees are men except for a of women who work in the office

do rhe restimarion, plans, designs, relations.

Merzel and his men work non-stop.

He says he works all round making

"wonderful using copper, stainless

steel, zinc, and some other

exotic materials. We produce here and then we have about ten crews to

billing} contracts, and public

what we make on the job sites. Our entele comes from mostly Beverly Malibu, Bel Air, and Brentwood."

This business witnessed our school evolve. As a matter of Broadway Sheet Metal helped build Crossroads. 'They built the metal roof on the Middle School 18 years ago.

The WJYS affects

Sheet Metal is with pollution and when parents

the property "Other

we prett'y much have a good

UU'H.',l"i-J with the school. Kids and come in to " says Merzel.

"'iX/ework with them on quite esting projects ;md sometimes

design done quite commercia! projects. Eric Moss has done very wonderful things for Culver City. Michael Graves is a well-known residential archi-

teet and we were

.work with him '011 some landmarks. He

does very

metal work

zinc and titanium," says Merzel,

Merzel to work in the meta!

field because he loves the way it looks and comes out in the end. Merzel doesn't work with the HIC;'_""U>CO, he spends most of his time

and inside

these clays-don't be sure




SJVt t"iorgan~ InC" Tra'l>/el

00 d~~ d ;1.,M. ~~~~ fi~.

PI"!. (31 0) 4l<':::t¥'-(;~,j'l,J (31 459-9282





.A~ few years ago, Donis had his students cover older murals and it became C011-

troversial. Some of murals had been up for three years and the P.;r

vias running out of space, (~I talked to my students about hovv murals have 8 . .life 2J1d

hO\1\[ they are and should exist really for the says Donls,

On an administrative. level, ::111 extent,

Art .3 students.

issues now


GD rnu-

rats next year or ever, 'Ibis might have ended forever,"

g =


you can set: it t1T1H1 far away, and it's re~any strong."

H\f!hat I love about this

ing to

It's the story or his great bear

w~rhis one here is _it s one of rny tavorites. I love hOV.T it's

ofhct in. her she slit open her and her intestines are nold-

up her garter belt. Ie,:.; lund of sick

mouth. I like it because it's a nar-


and then a11 old man

bold. l(}s a few images because with ~ murat if YOt! do it can work

done with


went back and forth on what this can represent or what this can be. I told her

if it were a

space. So

more suecessful that there are these weird [Busic

notes kind of

out of this

e r @ ~ s ~ ~i e
= • 2C)O./

"Kate Glassman ('06) did this one. She knew that her mural would have the grim reaper kind of attacking it, so she a shadow of the grim reaper holding a brush. She did a trompe l' oei! of the itself and documented murals that aren't even here anymore."

and they all disappear. Anna Unman ('06) was so excited aboutit and she wanted it to be about

and wanted the spirit of these kids to wind up in the trees. So, if you notice} the kids aren't in the they

are in the trees themselves,






~11s~r~J ot (~

~ ~ ~., s

me sU,rprismg!y vast 50Ci

ooculor after~hGur5 eatery

• i


17 Gt0£STS, ~LiEfo.,.1,S5 4


back on

:rvIACHINE, the numbers, we

grasp the enormity of our

But what motivated us



Lincoln and Colo-stay for 24 hours

If asked, Nick


prospect such an

immense mental and trial.

We 3:45PM.

start our at

of 11S has brought

a substantial amounr ~j.f

and a level

each will have


our ordeal's end,

We sit down at a cozy

in the western of

the restaurant} up a

kitchenette that houses bever-

Robertson has offered some advice in advance:

when climbing a mountain, you don't look up or down, only a few feet ahead." Taking this to

we engage in


and before we kj10~N it, t\VO nours have

remain with us for the next 22 hours,


At around 9:30PM, a table we'v« been-eyeing an

up, Its situation against one of the restaurant's immense plate glass windows and in between two other booths affords us a better view of the world than did our booth ncar the kitchen door. It also us the ability to

with far more patrons. \1(7e continue to drink coffee and talk excitedly, anticipating the long night ahead of us.

Norms is one. of a

handful of restaurants that serves our city's night owls, often drop in for a slice of pie or plate

to up a long night



came to know

gutsy Korean rhe mourh ofa tables at Norms from 10:00p:0!l

to 5:0tlAlvL peculiar

She possesses a


sphere, and in doing so, nets far tips than any other member of the wair-staff

At 1

into 'NaH!:S past our window, 'Within ten minutes) she has thrown


her rounds, gets to us, we tell her about our present endeavor.

tarly in the morning,

Tom Kemper by Norms tv visit.

people who who \i<7hn',; the ac-


that whole time." She gestures toward the "That's

All that flicked shit

on the walls!"

"People are crazy, we agree, Julie responds, "But look at you talking. TwentyfOUT hours at Norms. Shit." .A few minutes later, two gids-


shew their support. walks over, looks at them both, and says "Bitches."




2:30AM, an influx 20-yearolds fresh out of nightclubs


i:iUI·hll.,i1 C""'>'Ef"",~, h"flt' me 6"'~'~b ........ k>.1 •• ~".", "",.

thil1.k Julie is going

..."" l"~,*"",~, .. ,,., <J~" "

~i.i' ~:,./'w:;.,w .. UJ M~$ile



one of tne men says)

"\XTal1t me to t()[

Someone in


tne restaurant

Everyone in the restaurant away by


200 7

at the booth with him is his cousin, We find out that they picked up the two women, one of whom is a high school English teacher, at some bar. Vile share various details of our lives

(Max even exchanges phone numbers with the singer), and At about

get" group 2:45PM, they leave. could, too,

The late

If only we

rush dissi-

pates as

it came OiL

OUf outlook darkens. has lost amusement in our venture and has ignored us for tV!O and a half hours. The coffees 1Ne ordered never carne, and

without in.


Fading fast, we a

theory Julie has carefully calculated every nuance of her

her abrasive

Yile have watched her the same tricks with each

new set 01' customers J~).r the




her deception,

sits down with us once w« ask for the check

a of our gum, inus that her co-workers

have-harassed her at for

us stay as "\¥e

have. She also says that the



try to

kick us out, but that she has worked out a scheme that will us to stay,



don. involves a fake check and

some tricky table switching techniques. She f~tils to earn our confidence. \){fe scribble down a note in the Captain's log: "Maybe \ve're

we're going crazy, but we think Julie is going to be-



The next eight hours are a blur. The rush forces us to abandon our fa--

verite booth (which remained in, at about nine hours).

we have for 'tIe have

to adopt a new scheme in Ofder to avoid staff: we settle in one booth, eat for

an pay, and

put our names front for another booth.

At around 9:00AM Robertson

on us; at 1


per pops in for a late breakfast.

But our level of

renders us hosts.

the time 3:45pM roils

'The waiter


I' -t\vo ut

numeric candles

out "24" (3.


one of our visitors), and vie as a friend

snaps it picture of L~5


and unfrom the restaurant, each vowing never to return, ough!y CAH"U>U:U, we each feel rhar the

has served

us. \V/e have learned our physiour minds tD draw amusement



and 'with one another and some

"Norms: where life

and prepare to get

back to our own.

leven years ago, Sophomore Kasdan

wrote a new kind of a ride for Crossfire, "Smoking Doubt." The article was so popular that, for the next two years Kasdan wrote a ~egular column for Crossfire. "Killing Time" and then "Perpetual Motion," which documented his problems with girls

among other inspired the script for his first fea-

ture film In the Kasdan's work docu-

mented teen agnst in a way that everyone could relate to and had every on campus to read his latest juice.

Kasden took time out from promoting his movie for this interview, via email.

HoY,," did YOin experience at Crossroads influence the development Of Women? My experience

tbe main


at Crossroads had an enormous

ence on me. Almost hard to For two reasons: first, because the only success I've ever had as a writer has been with extremely (excruciatingly) stuff. The charact~[s 1 write, the protagonists, tend be much closer to rne than I care to admit. Crossroads, and the social of Crossroads, is a big part of


continue to write


characters ")'/111 orten have gon.e tG Cross'The ether reason is that the kind of personal

.' T~

wriung 1m"

columns I "wrote in

began for file- with the It was In)' first stab at

heart of all my writing, and

these ideas has eve:

my relationship to the last decade the ques--

tions pretty much remain the same. "Ihere is a very natprogression. Irom I wrote for Crossfire to

Did. you base the Carter from the hh'11 on


Yes. /,.11 the characters art Ln. some \vay based on myclosest to Carter's

~{1hat message Of m{H';;J (if any) did you. intend for the audience 10 leave with after \~l;ltching your filrn?

No moral. For me, the i1:1.0Vie 111

with the

of your

that notion is

011 any level


~Ihe marketing f(~r the filrn leads the audience to Lucy and a romantic relationship the however, their ilhJ.g is short lived and relatively insigtdficaKll.t to the Did. you choose to marker t..he

.'" ~ '~ ., ~ • t~

n.un nus ""yay ana ir so

I did not choose it but I liked it.

movie thai way, and I suspect though that number was relatively small compared to a truly commercial movie. (Crossfire is the only high school newspaper in the country that would ask about the marketing strategy. I love

How does .it feel to have yOU.I"

name starsr Is Ada."TI

yea....h. It's terrific. Adam is

movie feature big \Vhat's his

Single with a venthat is funny, impossibly

geanC'.:. He is looking for a

and a snappy dresser. Do you know any?

Because this movie is on your personal experienc-

thls movie ~ self-reltlective ""'''''''P'V''



\vl~~].t is tnt! next st~p in yont career?

new. Maybe more Probably not about Crossroads. Nor yet. Not that that wouldn't be entertaining. I think 1tve all know it would.; your }E~ext projec~? I}H let you know when I

it out.

mind games, K_nu'.-vn around C~~l_l1PUS the thrill of crossword

about a year

Brubaker says, HI haven't !a! the school."

Spdng Break~

·~~·C:.-=~ndi('.e ~iloOI\.~


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~ 0, V'Y0rd foiio\Ned rield 0;' shof-t·

·i } • !t conveys info to thiS r~bosome~:- p~bbr. LL /~

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36. _After Rocky come __ ' _

37. i'h·)ither conservotive nor !ibero!

,4:1. women in Cl Searles song

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22. CG. disosfer df.~pt. 28. Thetfl8 ~'J·q;~!"O';""CJ

34. r~, of LA.X

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52. Anti-norcotics

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~'jfL Conclusion to II! think# 39, Dato

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60. ;V\otrimonia! affirmctive 61 . Occurrence


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4?', \,\lord before "miney" -,48. Actor i\t\olthou

62. He discovered ~hC!:t if it continuous

and diff{;renr~0bla en and

thth"tJ is a point c on


54. 55. I'<lld .56. S7.

64. 65 .. Rf11 Gnd l~~T \ ~Jrj\onj;{f)r/' ro Monique above shift

at Bergomol pcrtners, for short


Present th~~ ~ou,pDr~ for off

any on~ ~tenl ~n OLH~ sttH""esg

Not vifith eny otner offer.

*C)fter 03/3'·1/07

"'" r ~ ~ § 4 r ~ J;'" Y ~. o 0 l
... .., ~ 3.

~ll.l!jr~~~ ~ ~

s s





school, The names and locapa:;t 5 awards are as follows:


by Emanuel Briceno

located in the

by Seth

located in Roseanne Ankele's office


Cami Starkman


located behind Rocio


2006: 1-l1'V!lUl~-"<V" Elevate

Evan l\kashi

in Liz Resnick's off-ice

2·9·48 Beverly-Glen (~ircle ~B~:;l Air, 9{){J77

l?ll~ 475;-2-:~J'"77

~ ~

~ =

L~~ .. ~=~ ~_;:::;:=.~~~ • ..- .'"'. ~.~ ............ ~~=~~~,~.,_.J

c .. 0 5· ~ ~ r ~ A v 2 0 (] ~-~ 27
I" !i , y seventh in Clf before the Sea-


son team consecutive

Boys Tennis


over Culver

City on February Monica on

March l, and Malibu on March 2.

. team then lost three out of its next four matches in early March against national powerhouses such as Peninsula, Brent .. wood, and Santa Barbara.

"Our toughest competition is Santa Barbara. They are the number one team in the country," says Sophomore Erich Koenig. "I it's pretty impressive that we play the top teams in the nation."

With a record, Crossroads was

invited to the Corona Del Mar Invitational, which invites 16 teams from the Southern California Although the team failed to win a match,

showed that belong among the

nation's elite.

'With star like Juniors Reese

Milner, Alex Sohaili, Koenig, and Freshman Clay talent is not GL11 issue. California rankings, Koenig ranks 77,




tory. \'1(7alker Kehrer ber in with an injury, Crossroads chances looked better than ever. \Vith the help of unexpected wins from Senior DaCrossroads edged out a 10-8 victory over rival Brentwood.

, ,

(rne num-



Sobail; serues up . team has issues with. doubt overall before the sea. talented singles pwyers.

son has earned them a two seed in the ClF Playoffs.

Singles Thompson, 50-

haili, and Braun qualified for the elF Individual Championship. Thompson eventually lost in the championship. The Koenig-Ainley tandem qualified for elF Doubles and placed fourth.

"If we are playing our best if

are there, we will be a

very dangerous t(

The team pi in their opening match against C ", thei r seco r Redlands East V continued to dor

Harradine s;

to make it to the

ing one of the nation's top reams, then lost to inferior reams like

Milner says, "We are the best sinbut nobody


are the best $'l'J'UZJ:t!s team i1K the cm4nt:ry. " 0" J;O

wary, Sophomore Griffiths, who

was a key component for.

decided to not play team. for per-

sonal reasons. In order to fDr. the

lern, Coaches Scott

and Chris

Harradine to singles

Koenig and Senior Jonathan convert to doubles.

The doubles teams are Alex Nordlinger and

and Juniors Sean

Stamler' and Michael Haber. The partnets did not seem to mesh, until the

Crossroads has won

out matches and

owns a 10-5 overall record

. ,

In tne

CSwiinrnirlQ has the talent - lacks rnmers

11t!;{}ugJ:, tfJt: boys team di,~ ,

teague$ Freshman l'OshZ'1YU1:rU





he Girls Swim team finished the season placing fifth in the 3 Fountain

League Finals and sported a 3-2 overall record, surpassing the number of wins·

it totaled last year (two). The Boys Swim team not win any meets the entire

season, fielding an 0- 5 overall record and finishing last in League Finak

Senior Chris Lee says the challenges of this year have been the team

with what we've got because we lost a lot swimmers last year."

Assistant Coach Tara Shima says, "Unfortunately, we've had a lot of missed workouts, and it's hard to do your best without constantly working out. Some kids aren't available to make a lot of practices because school comes first. It prevents them

from performing their best," .

Even though came in last, the Boys Team is content with how it performed

in the May 3 League Finals, particularly in the 200-meter freestyle relay where they placed second. The Girls Team also had success in their relays, particularly in the

200-meter medley relay, in which the team placed second in Finals.

Freshman Justin Yoshimaru was the swimmer to for eIF Individ-

ual Finals by an excellent time in the individual lOG-mere, backstroke and

the lOO-meter in League' Finak In the ClF Individual Finals, Yoshirnaru

placed 20th in the 1 OO-meter backstroke and 27th in the 1 DO-meter butterfly. Shima says, "Just making Clf as a freshman is difficult. It was quite an accomplishment."

Ultimately, the team was not disappointed with their season, as they the

numbers to make a run in League Finals. \'lVhen a team has more swimmers, able to place more swimmers in each event and get more scoring

did not have swimmers to have an equal chance to win meets versus their

league opponents.

Senior Sophia Pollack says, "The second

the successf .. r1 season that we had. \J(le were about ten swimmers shorter than anyone in our league. The other teams were able to outnumber us in matches, and received more points because they had more swimmers. 'They weren't necessarily better, If we

had the we really could have done well."

if e


2 007

with an overall 6-12 record

in play) and fell

of 2 CIF playoff berth. lost their first league game 1-0 to rival Brenrwood on 10, but they rebounded with a 10-0 victory over non-league 0Fponent New Roads on April 13,

111e team has done well on fense, averaging four' runs in their games this season. But in eight

games, have only been

able to produce a l"neager 1.5 runs

in ten exhibition games, 5.8 rpg.

Baseman Shannon McQueen says, "We have to be more

consistent on defense. Our hitting is better, bur we didr~'t '''-'~'!,q.''''HC

it in game situations."

Coach Shawn Gilbert believes that .offense is key and the rest will faU Into

She says, "We need offensive execution in the gaIne: get fUD11erS

on base, bunt, and hit the ball hard. Put the pressure on the opponents'

defense early> and then keep the remainder the game,"

A r c . 'I 'I 1l" '..._L' ) 0

. fair or the losses were close games~ In trus season S SIX

league losses, three of them have been decided by a single run, Senior Kiley \'Vidditz says, game we preny much could have won, but we made careless errors. \Y/e were so close to runs} but ':lve got anxious

Girls S~f1ban st,rugg le~ in leoq play nd mi

P· la~/"",ll~~~ . IV I;)

he Girls Softball team finished

Junio.~' Starting Pitcher Brianna Golding delivers mikes for the softball team game

when the other team scored."

Gilbert for this subpar evolves from "inconsistent

n,·,..-n,·p due to injuries, academic commitments, school ac-

tivities, and personal appointments . .As a result} Vile have almost every

game with a rul::Terent up. It's

These problems hurt as the team finished the season 6~ 12 overall <'tI1C 0-8

in play, excluding them from the playoffs.


." "" @ s 5 f r ~
... ! "" il/t A Y

THE COED 'ThACK 1EAM HAD A STRONG 11,'Y:;m.AR S,2ASON and seemed to be headed into

the Delphic finals at fun steam, In meets, Freshman Scott Cohen ran the

20D-meter dash in 25.12 seconds and the 40D·<meter dash in 57>42 seconds.

During the April 19 track meet

DylR.'1 ran the lOO-raeter dash in

ahead of his entire heat. In the Delphic League in 5:05.41 minutes.

The commitment of the girls was strong, too. Although Sophomore Zoe Cope in-

herself last year-e-a strained tendon that led to a siightly dislocated which

I'm scared to compete." She was one of the team's greatest assets. in the girls 4xlOO relay and 2,00·meter dash, and through physical therapy, worked to get enough break her own personal records.

fwd then carne the Coachella hurdle, The Delphic finals were held the same

as the popular music festival, and five team members burned for rather

for the oval. Senior Girls Rachel Sussman criticized team members

for "going to Coachella without telling anyone," though Bostick says, "Scott and I wid the

team two weeks in advance" that would miss the league finals.

Even without these runners,' the team well overall. Shan-

placed second in the 200-meters, with a time of

26 Boys Captain Ian Simon

the 200 meters, with a time of 24, 1 seconds, and Ake fourth in the 1600 meters with a time of 5:05 minutes,

Even the boys 4xlOO meter team did well despite

the fact that two of the regular runners-c-Bostick and Co~

'-"JC4'_H'CA'·O., as were the three replace-

ments: Ryza and Sophomores Michel Gomez and Sera] Tannic Distance runners Ake and junior Sean

relayers Simon and Sophomore

second with a time of seconds.

such potential conflicts in the future, Head

Coach to get "serious about commitrnent" and plans to increase the of practices next year, Howard says, "I've know that in past years, before I took over, there were few maintain a

. "

senous team.

Howard thinks the team finally has


ing side of the ball. Ibe rwo alums


on ro rhe second round

The \N~tJTiors de nor have home-court

have lost the first lWO gaxnes of the series, continued to n('rtfW'"" won gan1e three 125~ 1 05 and continue their

the series,


c ~ 0 S £i '" r ~ p~ 'tl "'f t' (J 7 ~ ~
r .: U ~ ~ Seniors icnlre n snldiAd a._.tmo~.phere Crossroads ;l-hle~trt~;~nd lead tecm15

r ~

successrut yeGr

a ... sr year W2S a disastrous ~~~:11' to r Crcssroads sports. is no 'lIds year is d~r

r- '--"', ~ •

rerent. \.._J!.C'ss:!"oSO:-:is te;l;1"~_S nave n~-jt

can count .. )1'.' crucial sh,)ts or ge[ (;0. b'Ise \Vheil r\ft:ded or make a ~T1T[(:i1-


Not only did

member the first rime I realized

Crossroads sports were back on top, It in December

I-HUs Tournament versus

• ~. C>

i.t Delng a '

about ~.!P'! and

and Crossroads

~"'l *'- ~ . .A,/\ P .. \/ -~ 0 ~-'i "-7
.?" r 5 S ~ ~ e ~::
~.k .. .... . e v ;;F


~ff~ _ .... ~

~~~ !!~

l"/1.ost Valuable 11.nish with a 9-1

An d fin aJJy

Senior Scott under par) versus

tian to read tile team to an 3~2


!}_s rh:: seniors exit the