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Red-throated Pipit An thus Cervinus

Red-throated Pipits look beautiful in their summer plumage when their throats acquire
various shades of red from pinkish to orangey to cherry-colored. Birds with red throats
are of course easy to identify but less colorful individuals can be told by the extent of
those bold streaks, remaining broad and obvious on the flanks, unlike Tree Pipit and
extending onto the rump unlike the Meadow Pipit. If the rump is obscured look for
almost white lines down the back and on the median coverts since Meadow Pipits lack
these features and generally look much duller.

Breeds on high mountains and tundra and also by the coast in Arctic Norway.

Migratory with birds wintering in the Afro-tropics and south-east Asia. Some birds
winter in Italy, Turkey and North Africa

Adult summer European distribution

My animal report is about the Red- throated Pipit also called a thus Cervinus, which is a
member of the Rallidae Bird family. I chose this animal because it is very beautiful to the
eye. I used books and websites to get information about my animal, most of the
information can be found on and bird guides’ .com. The rails