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1. Burn or mount the Application ISO using one of the many ISO utilities.

( i pe
rsonally use PowerISO to mount )
2. Turn off all Anti Virus applications.
3. Install the Application
4. DO NOT let the application run at the end of the install.
5. copy the Rosetta Stone v3.2 - Patch.exe to the install folder and run it
6. click the PATCH button and exit the progam
7. Burn or mount one of the language ISO files
8. Run the Rosetta Stone Application
9. you might see an error at this point. Click OK and continue
10. The application will ask to install a language
11. It should search and find the language disk or mounted ISO
12. continue for all languages and levels you wants installed.
13. when finished the software will ask to update the languages. Its ok to allow
it to update.
Included Languages
Arabic Level 1-3
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1-3
English (American) Level 1-3
English (British) Level 1-3
French Level 1-3
German Level 1-3
Italian Level 1-3
Japanese Level 1-3
Portugese (Brazil) Level 1-2
Russian Level 1-3
Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-3
Spanish (Spain) Level 1-3