There were many people I was sitting with my brother Kio. ՋJames
are you ok?Ռ Kio asked. ՋYes, theres just this felling that
something is going to happen.ՌJames said. Some Times I wonder why Kio is
so curiose about me. Also why he stayed with me at this dumpy area instead of going with
Annette and my family to go to Rome. ՋKio why did you stay with me and
leave your love?Ռ James asked.
Kio justed staired with his mouth open. ՋUmmmm.ՌKio stuted
ՋBecause I was curiose why would you stayՕՕՕ know I see
because you donՈt want to be around pepole who have Loves.ՌKio
answerd. Ջ HAHAHA that is such a bad answer and resuon to leave
your mate.Ռsaid james
ՋJames.ՌKio said.
Hey tell me what you think.Please if you want me to
continue or not

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