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CoreConnecting Intensive

Year-long Awareness and Action Program OCP

In-depth support for empowering wellbeing, happiness & spiritual growth

Are you ready to actively live your life?
Join us on a journey to peel away the layers that keep us limited.

Time: Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm Master Teachers Laura Turlington &

Dates: Oct. 23 & Nov. 20, 2010; Luca DiMatteo are pleased to collaborate
Jan. 15, Feb 12, Mar. 12, with Julianne Santini of Living Light Center!
Apr. 9, May 7, June 4, July 16 This year-long program is designed to support
& Sept 10, 2011. participants to engage self-awareness, create
focused action, and inspire purposeful out-
Place: Living Light Center ward expression. The CoreConnecting Intensive
40 S. River Rd. #63, Bedford, NH takes sequential, experiential lessons and
Register: Julianne Santini, RN, PHN grounds them for practical, everyday use.
phone: 603.494.5571 Participants will be:
email: ▪ guided through thresholds of awareness to
Fee: $125 per gathering. develop core energy to heal and make
(Ask about our advanced choices from a place of balanced power;
purchase discount.) ▪ shown how to take these transformational
Deposit & Pre-registration required by 10/2/10. techniques and apply them to create in sus-
tainable alignment with personal aspirations.

Earth-Centered Awareness Programs to Support Personal Growth & Global Balance

For more information please call or email Laura or Luca: 203.215.0070 860.983.4390