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A. Research Design

In this research the writer use Quantitative descriptive, (in research

language is statistic descriptive) using experiment method. Quantitative is

research that stress assemble and processing data in numeric form. Descriptive

research is the research to describe the object. Experiment method is the class

divided into two classes, there are class and free class. The control class is the

student get the good explanation from the teacher as detail as possible and free

class is let them study without detail explanation.

B. Researches Data

To obtain the data needed, the writer conducted population and sample

population is all of object that we take as object of research. In this research as

population are the students at STAI Gajah Putih. If the Population are less

from than 100 persons, we can take all of population as sample, but if the

population more than 100 persons we can take10-15% or 20-25% for sample. 1

Sample is number is less than the population.2 It can be congcluded that not all

of population must be sample and base on this research the writer take 30

Suharsimi Arikunto. Prosedur Penelitian Suatu Pendekatan Praktek. Jakarta. Rineka Cipta.
1998. 120
Sutrisno, Methodology Research (yogyakarta, Fakultas Psikology UGM). 1978. p.221


person from third semester 2007-2008, and 25 from five semesters 2008-2009

and 20 from seven semesters 2009-2010 as a sample.

C. The Technical of Data Collection

In technique of data collection the writer have to use some techniques

in collecting the data. In this research the writer using some techniques such


1. Test Grammatical

The effective way in test grammatical in collecting data is for to know

how many to do error analysis in narrative text.

2. Free Writing

The writer choice in this for collecting data, because the writer ask to

student for make essay in narrative form. Like their experience.

D. Instrument of Data Collection

- The write of narrative paragraph

- Free writing

- The student

E. Data Analysis

Technique data analysis in this research is use analysis method with the

standard deviation”

Mx = ∑ x = 990 = 33
n2 30

(∑x )
X2= ∑X 2 −