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Because I love You

Ricardo Saúl LaRosa

With all the strength that lives today in me,

I write this poem from my heart for thee,

Remembering that fatefull day when you and I, Embracing gently with tears in our eyes said good bye,

The days have passed by then those lonesome years, Your memories invading me still with no end these tears,

How many supplications on bended knees to a heavenly star, Has this soul endured for your return no matter how far,

Time and space has separated us my only true love, They tell me to move on, but, all I can do is look up above,

Waiting for you from some celestial realm to my loving arms, Waiting for you to adore my life again with your womanly charms,

I refuse to believe that you are gone forever from my life,

My heart does not believe that love has vanished with no strife,

I believe still in us no matter what obstacles are keeping us apart,

My starship is polished and fueled, filled with Hope ready to depart,

To the ends of this world, passed Mars, Jupiter and Pluto too, Beyond the Milky Way far inside Andromeda’s mist looking for you,

Because I love you more than earthly words can ever express, Seeking closure of our dreams our place in the Sun with your sweetness,

Because I love you more than life itself more than you shall ever know, As long as there is life in me; as long as the blood in my veins still flow,

I shall seek you, my love; my spirit seeks your spirit and it cries, It is dying day by day without your love, your smiles and glowing eyes,

I shall never stop looking for you, my love, for nothing else matters to me, For I desire you in my lonely arms knowing the wonders our lives can be,

Because I love you beyond compare; sacredness is our love’s creed, Three, two, one, zero, blastoff; looking for you my love with Godspeed…

© 8 August 2010